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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15597

Chapter 15597 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Effect of deep application of organic fertilizers on the amelioration of sandy soil.

Effect of deep application of phosphoric acid fertilizers on the development of root systems of tea plants and on washing nutritive elements out of the soil. Subtropicheskie kul'tury: 145-149

Effect of deep freezing and freeze-drying on the mechanical properties of split canine patellar tendons. Veterinary and comparative orthopaedics and traumatology: VCOT 2(1): 37-39

Effect of deep freezing techniques on the preservation of buffalo and bovine semen for long periods at minus 196 degrees C. Agricultural research review: 52 (6) 9-19

Effect of deep interrow hoeing on the microflora of the soil and roots of grapes.

Effect of deep litter system on physical properties of eggs from different breeds. iI. chickens.

Effect of deep location of strontium 90 in soil and specific and varietal features of spring wheat on the accumulation of radionuclide in the crop. Agrokhimiia 102-110

Effect of deep loosening and application of fertilizers on the yield of apples. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: (1) 16-18

Effect of deep non moldboard tillage on agrophysical properties of Sod Podzolic soil. Problemy sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki v Moskovskom universitete: 56-159

Effect of deep placement of various organic materials and mineral fertilizers on the content of organic carbon in soil. Zeszyty problemowe postepow nauk rolniczych: 27) 287-293

Effect of deep ploughing on leaching of salts from heavy textured coastal saline soils. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 32(2): 361-363

Effect of deep plouwing on field water consumption by some crops on heavy alluvial soils and clays in the vicinity of Gniew.

Effect of deep plowing and fertilizers on agrochemical properties and microbiological activities of the soil in an apple orchard. Izvestiia Timiriazevskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: (4) 77-82

Effect of deep plowing on the growth of fruit trees.

Effect of deep plowing on the physical characteristics of Hezel soil.

Effect of deep plowing on the weediness of onion crops. Kartofel' i ovoshchi: (10) 27-28

Effect of deep plowing on the weediness of the tobacco plantation with broomrape in the Crimea Orobanche.1. Sbornik Vsesoiuznyi nauchno issledovatel'skii institut tabaka i makhorki: 71) 52-55

Effect of deep plowing on the yield of winter wheat. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov: 8 13-18

Effect of deep plowing on weediness and yield of onion crops.

Effect of deep reclamation plowings on properties and agricultural value of mineral muck soil in valleys. Wiadomosci 2 (3) 63-85

Effect of deep seeding and sowing density on Afalon and Seppis-lin activity used for flax cultivated on two types of soil. Prace Instytutu Krajowych Wlokien Naturalnych5(25): 87-102

Effect of deep soil loosening on some water properties of pseudogley soils. Zemljiste i biljka2(2): 115-120

Effect of deep soil loosening on the productivity of grafted vineyards. Vinodelie i vinogradarstvo SSSR: ) 30-32

Effect of deep strip application of fertilizers on the yield of essential oil rose.

Effect of deep subsurface runoff on salt accumulation in ground water and soils of arid regions.

Effect of deep tillage and chiselling on water storage and yield of rainfed crops on a sandy loam soil. Soil conservation in India editors RK Gupta and ML Khybri: 155

Effect of deep tillage and fertilizers on the properties of Gray podzolized soil and on the yields. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (2) 64-65

Effect of deep tillage on drained lands of the Lvov Region. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 4 74-78

Effect of deep tillage on properties of sandy soils based on fertility dynamics.

Effect of deep tillage on the microflora and enzymatic activity of the clayey-illuvial Podzol soil mixed with the pseudogley.

Effect of deep tillage on the yield of agricultural crops. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov: 7 29-36

Effect of deep-fat frying of potato chips and chicken on the quality of soybean oil. Journal of consumer studies and home economics 24(4): 223-233

Effect of deep-fat frying on sunflower oils. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society: 50 (11) 440-442

Effect of deep-water on rice y. The Research reports of the Office of Rural Development Crops: (24) 75-86

Effect of deepened tillage and differentiated fertilization on yields of plants on sandy soil. Zeszyty problemowe postepow nauk rolniczych: 27) 279-285

Effect of deepened tillage and increased doses of mineral fertilizers on water regime of loess soil and plant yields. Int Sci Symp Probl Soil Cult Varna 1968: 99-407

Effect of deeper ploughing on c.

Effect of deer grazing on the formation of tundra marshes of the Pechora North. Nauchnye doklady vysshei shkoly seriia Biologicheskie nauki: 93-96

Effect of defatted egg powder and whole eggs on serum cholesterol levels of healthy students.

Effect of defatting on amylose contents, viscosity characteristics and organoleptic quality of cassava (Manihot-esculenta Crantz). Journal of food technology 17(6): 761-765

Effect of defaunation on rumen bacterial and fungal population and its relation to fibre digestion. Proceedings the 5th AAAP Animal Science Congress May 27 June 1-1990 Taipei Taiwan Re ic of China

Effect of defaunation on straw digestion in sacco and on particle retention in the rumen. Animal feed science and technology: 84 10165-172

Effect of defects of sunflower seeds on the coloration of extracted oils.

Effect of defects of the quality of swine hides and skins. Miasnaia industriia SSSR: (9) 11-14

Effect of defensins on susceptibility to infection at the mucosal surface. Virulence mechanisms of bacterial pathogens (Ed.4): 265-280

Effect of deferration on the transformation of added soluble phosphate by textural fractions. Journal of Maharashtra agricultural universities 4(1): 95-96

Effect of deferred sowings on bulb production of onion, variety Pusa Red. Punjab horticultural journal: 15 (1 2) 57-58

Effect of deficiency in SREBP cleavage-activating protein on lipid metabolism during intermittent hypoxia. Physiological Genomics 31(2): 273-280

Effect of deficiency in nutrition on the life span of Athalia proxima Klug. Indian journal of entomology: (Pub y 1976), 36 (3) 190-193

Effect of deficiency of N, P and K on the uptake of other nutrients in mango. Indian journal of horticulture 37(4): 338-342

Effect of deficiency of lysine. Nippon Nogei Kagakukai shi = Journal of the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan 56(2): 109-116

Effect of deficiency of macroelements on structure of chloroplasts in parenchyma coating of conducting bundles of maize.

Effect of deficiency of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen on gas exchange in sugar beet leaves.

Effect of deficient nutrition on the occurrence and course of allotriophagy and cannibalism as well as on body gain of chickens and laying hens with special reference to the prophylactic application of sedatives.

Effect of deficient variety genuineness and purity in sour cherries. Mitteilungen des Obstbauversuchsringes des Alten Landes 35(3): 97-105

Effect of deficient zinc supply of dairy cattle on the follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone content in the serum. 18. metabolism of zinc in the animal organism.

Effect of deficit irrigation on apricot fruit quality at harvest and during storage. Journal of the science of food and agriculture 87(13): 2409-2415

Effect of deficit irrigation on yield and water use efficiency of three millets species. Journal of Agricultural Sciences Islamic Azad University 11(4): Pe121-Pe131

Effect of defined motoric stresses on fattening swine. Fleisch 32 (1) 14-17

Effect of deflation on soil formation in Western Siberian tundra. Pochvovedenie 12 23-31

Effect of deflation processes on soil combinations in the desert steppe. Izvestiia Seriia biologicheskaia: (6) 65-71

Effect of deflecting moment on draft-coupling qualities of a wheel tractor. Vestnik sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki Kazakhstana: (9) 80-83

Effect of defloration on the nitrate reductase and glutamine synthetase activities of nodules of Cicer arietinum L. International chickpea newsletter: (8) 31-32

Effect of defluorinated phosphate on cotton productivity depending on the granulometric composition and the content of fluorine in it. Trudy Vsesoiuznyi Ordena Lenina Nauchno Issledovatel'skii Institut Khlopkovodstva: 2) 46-49

Effect of defoamers on the dete. Nihon Shokuhin Kogyo Gakkai shi5(6): 350-353

Effect of defolation on grain yield of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. moench). Journal of Maharashtra agricultural universities: 2 (3) 274-275

Effect of defoliants on adenosine triphosphatase activity in cotton leaves.

Effect of defoliants on oxidative phosphorylation of isolated mitochondria.

Effect of defoliants on pigment content in cotton leaves.

Effect of defoliants on quantitative composition of proteins in cotton seed. Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: ) 18-20

Effect of defoliants on sowing qualities of the seed and technological properties of the fiber of cotton. Khimiia v sel'skom khoziaistve: ) 49-50

Effect of defoliants on the content of proteins and fats in radish seeds.

Effect of defoliants on the hydrolytic activity of chlorophyllase.

Effect of defoliants on the inflow and distribution of phosphorus in cotton plants. Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: ) 21-25

Effect of defoliants on the opening of cotton bolls. Doklady (2) 9

Effect of defoliants on the state of pigments and photochemical activity of chloroplasts.

Effect of defoliants on two phases of the process of forming a dividing layer in explants of cotyledonous leaves of cotton plants. Agrokhimiia 2 128-133

Effect of defoliation and depodding on 14 CO2 Carbon dioxide isotope assimilation and photosynthate distribution in Y-shaped soybean plants. Crop science 22(4): 860-867

Effect of defoliation and pruning on tomato yields. Gemuse 12 (10) 296

Effect of defoliation and spacing on vegetative growth and yield of kale (Brassica oleracea, var. acephala, DC). East African agricultural and forestry journal83 (pub 1985) 48(1-4): 35-39

Effect of defoliation frequency on dry matter accumulation and quality of fertilized digit grass. Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 26(Supl. 1): pp 17

Effect of defoliation frequency on growth of improved pasture in western Oregon Lolium perenne, Trifolium subterraneum, leaf area index, forage production efficiency. Special report Agricultural Experiment Station Oregon State University: (663) 13-15

Effect of defoliation frequency on simulated swards of ryegrass, tall fescue, and a 50. New Zealand journal of agricultural research8(3): 307-312

Effect of defoliation immediately during harvest time on different vegetative and generative characteristics of strawberry plants. Archiv fur Gartenbau7(7): 369-375

Effect of defoliation of potatoes and damages caused by Colorado potato beetle on the yields.

Effect of defoliation on Virginia bunch peanuts at Camden, N.S.W. New South Wales, Arachis hypogaea, foliage harvested as forage, peanut yields. Australian journal of agricultural research3(6): 1037-1048

Effect of defoliation on a white varietal hybrid corn (Zea mays L.). Revista Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario 18(1): 1-8

Effect of defoliation on amount of leaf and bract present in visible wastes from the Shirley analyzer.

Effect of defoliation on buckwheat yields in the Olsztyn Province. Roczniki nauk rolniczych Seria A: Produkcja roslinna: 02 (2) 123-135

Effect of defoliation on fruit-bearing branches of the Kentucky coffee tree, Gymnocladus dioicus (Leguminosae). American midland naturalist: 95 (2) 474-478

Effect of defoliation on groundnut Arachis hypogaea, effects of leaf damage, India. Food farming and agriculture 13(7-8): 147-149

Effect of defoliation on maize grain yield in various growth stages. Gewasproduksie = Crop production1(11): 85

Effect of defoliation on maize yield. Savremena poljoprivreda1(11-12): 485-492

Effect of defoliation on maize yield as studied at different standings. Rivista di agronomia 16(2): 85-90

Effect of defoliation on oil percentage of seed. Khlopkovodstvo (8) 35

Effect of defoliation on photosynthetic activity of the leaf apparatus of plants. Soviet plant physiology3(1): 38-41

Effect of defoliation on reproductive behaviour and growth of introduced cenchrus ciliaris populations in central Australian rangelands. Proceedings Grassland Society of Southern Africa8(18): 113-119

Effect of defoliation on sugarcane production. Brasil acucareiro 96(2): 31-38

Effect of defoliation on the carbohydrate level and structure of the annual ring of Scotch pine. Soviet forest sciences: ) 48-54

Effect of defoliation on the gr.

Effect of defoliation on the phenological behavior of shaded and unshaded cacao trees. Revista theobromat 13(3): 203-210

Effect of defoliation on the quality of seed. Khlopkovodstvo (8) 40

Effect of defoliation on the resistance of pine to needle-eating pests Pinus sylvestris.1. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: ) 60-61

Effect of defoliation on the sowing qualities of cotton seed. Khlopkovodstvo (7) 8-9

Effect of defoliation on the yield of greenhouse tomatoes. Gemuse 12 (10) 292

Effect of defoliation on yield, maturity and seed size of white beans. Annual report of the Bean Improvement Cooperative3(33): 35-36

Effect of defoliation time on t. Tai wan sheng yen chiu kung mai chu yen yeh shih yen so yen chiu hui pao = Bulletin of the Tobacco Research Institute Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau: (15) 115-123

Effect of defoliation upon performance of the fiber separating equipment.

Effect of defoliation, shading, and tipping of shoots on flower bud development and vegetative growth of Chinese gooseberry (Actinidia chinensis Planch.). New Zealand journal of agricultural research: 18 (4) 365-370

Effect of deforestation on a southwest Ghana dung beetle assemblage (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) at the periphery of Ankasa Conservation Area. Environmental entomology 34(5): 1081-1088

Effect of deformable roll cover on roll coating. Tappi journal 77(5): 201-208

Effect of deformation by thermo-mechanical treatment on resistance to wear Service life of soil-cultivation tools.1. Zemedelska technika Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 28(9): 561-568

Effect of deformation rate and moisture content on rice grain stiffness. Journal of food process engineering(2): 117-121

Effect of degased water on physical-chemical properties of a plant cell. Nauchno tekhnicheskoi biulleten' po agronomicheskoi fizike: 0) 26-32

Effect of degradability of supplements in the rumen on the intake of barley straw by steers. Agriculture and forestry bulletin: 2, (special) 37-39

Effect of degradation in the rumen on dietary protein entering the ruminant duodenum. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 36(3): 153a-153a

Effect of degradative treatments on cotton graft copolymers. I. Behaviour of poly(acrylonitrile) cotton graft copolymers towards hypochlorite treatments. Cellulose chemistry and technology 20(5): 523-534

Effect of degradative treatments on cotton graft copolymers. II. Hypochlorite oxidation of (acrylamide) cotton graft copolymers. Cellulose chemistry and technology 20(6): 626-639

Effect of degradative treatments on cotton graft copolymers. IV. Hydrolytic susceptibility of poly(acrylonitrile)-cotton graft copolymers. Journal of applied polymer science 32(4): 4453-4464

Effect of degrading enzyme of p.

Effect of degree and pressure of milling on the stickiness of milled parboiled rice. Journal of food quality: 1 (4) 349-358

Effect of degree of compression on texture profile parameters of Pelican mango. Journal of texture studies 35(4): 341-352

Effect of degree of concentration and of heat treatment on consistency of tomato pastes after dilution. Journal of food processing and preservation: 1 (4) 340-346

Effect of degree of crushing and soaking with ammonia on nutrition value of dried barley. Roczniki naukowe zootechniki Monografie i rozprawy: 5) 139-144

Effect of degree of initial ripeness on the quality of the processed papaya (Carica candamarcensis). Simiente 53(3-4): 163-168

Effect of degree of marbling and internal temperature of doneness on beef rib steaks. Journal of animal science: 37 (2) 430-434

Effect of degree of pubescence of host-plant on the number and distribution of dorsal spines in pupa of Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) (Hemiptera-Homoptera: Aleyrodidae).

Effect of degree of ripening of fruits and vegetables on their water-retaining capacity. Fiziologiia rastenii 17 (3) 614-615

Effect of degree of self provision of farms on economic risk. Schriften 3 473-476

Effect of degree of sprouting in winter wheat and rye on seed quality and harvest yields. Seed science and technology: (3 4) 851-862

Effect of degummed fraction of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (Guar) on blood sugar India. Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences 44(5): 115-116

Effect of degumming conditions on removal and quality of soybean lecithin. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 58(10): 892-898

Effect of degumming on keeping quality and refinability of indigenous soybean oil India. Journal of food science and technology 19(3): 126-127

Effect of degumming on soybean oil stability. Revista de farmacia e bioquimica da Universidade de Sao Paulo 16(1-2): 112-121

Effect of dehairing process on Iranian cashmere fibre properties. International Journal of Sheep and Wool Science 53(1): paper 5, 57-69

Effect of dehelminthization with nilverm on paratyphoid immunogenesis of piglets infected with strongyloidosis. Parazitologicheskie issledovaniia v Pribaltike K: 25-127

Effect of dehelminthization with thiabendazole on immunogenesis of piglets to salmonellosis and on allergy caused by strongyloids.

Effect of dehulling on zinc availability of field beans. Proceedings symposium on Trace element metabolism in man and animals: ub 1982) (4th) 114-116

Effect of dehydrated coffee pulp in the diets of rats and chickens. Revista cafetalera: 106 (5) 35-37

Effect of dehydrated poultry anaphage on turkey breeder hen egg production.

Effect of dehydrated poultry manure on the performance of breeding ewes and beef cattle during intensive fattening. Krmiva 18 (8) 172-175

Effect of dehydrating temperature--as an ecological factor--on digestibility of alfalfa meal. III. Allattenyesztes = Animal breeding8(4): 315-323

Effect of dehydration and freezing (-196 degrees Celsius) on the ultrastructure of Allium cepa plantlets. Study after osmic fixation. Canadian journal of botany = Journal canadien de botanique 60(8): 1545-1553

Effect of dehydration and heating on bioelectrical reaction of leaves of plants differing in resistance to drought. TSitologiia 28(8): 818-827

Effect of dehydration and overheating on afterglow of the photosynthesis apparatus in poikilohydrous and homeohydrous plants. Soviet plant physiology: (Trans 1978), 24 (6, pt 2) 1016-1022

Effect of dehydration and storage of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) on the physical characteristics. Indian food packer 35(1): 23-26

Effect of dehydration methods and boiling water dip treatments on the recovery and quality of Chhuhara from doka fruits of Halawy, Khadrawy and Shamran, date palm cultivars. Indian journal of horticulture 42(3-4): 199-205

Effect of dehydration of leaves of plants resistant and sensitive to drought on initial and general thermostability of the cells. Botanicheskii zhurnal 69(2): 229-235

Effect of dehydration on adenosine triphosphatase activity in poikilohydrous and homeohydrous plants.

Effect of dehydration on delayed light emission of grape leaves.

Effect of dehydration on functioning of photosystems of higher plants. Molecular biology (pub 1980) 13(2): 723-729

Effect of dehydration on lasting afterglow of grape leaves.

Effect of dehydration on nucleotidase activity and structure of cytoplasmic RNase in leaves of Diamant wheat. Soviet plant physiology 31(1): 37-44

Effect of dehydration on photosynthesis in homeohydrous and poikilohydrous plants. Fiziologiia rastenii 17 (6) 1140-1146

Effect of dehydration on respiration chain and ulrastructure of the cells of wheat roots.

Effect of dehydration on survival, morphology, and ultrastructure of the conidia of atmospheric and collection strains of Aspergillus niger and Penicillium chrysogenum. Microbiology 53(3): 400-404

Effect of dehydration on teh available lysine content in Candida tropicalis C-36. Applied biochemistry and microbiology: Transl 1974, 8 (3) 239-241

Effect of dehydration on the composition of lipids in cinidia of Penicillium chrysogenum. Microbiology 56(4): 559-562

Effect of dehydration on the course of photosynthesis in homeohydrous and poikilohydrous plants.

Effect of dehydration on the mechanism of action and substrate specificity of a protein with ribonuclease activity from cytoplasm of wheat leaves. Soviet plant physiology (pub 1979) 25(2): 959-965

Effect of dehydration on the mechanism of action and substrate specificity of protin with ribonuclease activity isolated from the cytoplasm of wheat leaves. Fiziologiia rastenii 25(6): 1211-1218

Effect of dehydration on the specific heat of cheese whey. Analytical calorimetry: 497-509

Effect of dehydration on the surface structure of the yeast cell wall. Microbiology 52(2): 204-207

Effect of dehydration variables on the quality of freeze-dried cooked sliced beef.

Effect of dehydration, ACTH and adrenalin on electrolyte, enzyme and corticosterone in laying hens following adaptation to various rearing systems.

Effect of dehydration, freezing and freeze-drying on morphological, immunological and biochemical characteristics of enterotoxigenic staphylococci Staphylococcus aureus. Chemie Mikrobiologie Technologie der Lebensmittel = Food chemistry microbiology technology 8(1): 11-14

Effect of dehydrocholic acid on. Bulletin 23 (1) 97-102

Effect of dehydrocholic, chenodeoxycholic, and taurocholic acids on the excretion of bilirubin. American Journal of Veterinary Research 41(3): 355-361

Effect of dehydroproline as a collagen synthetic inhibitor in paraquat-induced pulmonary fibrosis in beagle dogs. Veterinary and Human Toxicology 35(3): 216-222

Effect of deionization on physical properties of gelable protein products recovered from solid tannery waste. Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association 90(12): 365-374

Effect of delay between treatment and drying on toughness of CCA chromated copper arsenate-treated southern pine Wood preservation.

Effect of delay in cooling after harvest, of cooling method and of storage temperature on weight loss and quality of snap beans. Annali dell'Istituto sperimentale per la valorizzazione tecnologica dei prodotti agricoli(9): 119-129

Effect of delay in first irrigation, methods of N application and Cycocel in wheat on mixed Black soils. Indian journal of agronomy: 20 (4) 381-382

Effect of delay on the model of American cutaneous Leishmaniasis. Journal of Biological Systems 15(2): 139-147

Effect of delayed availbility of a site for oviposition on Ceratitis capitata Wied (Diptera, Trypetidae).

Effect of delayed cerebral vasospasm on cerebrovascular endothelin A receptor expression and function. Journal of Neurosurgery 107(1): 121-127

Effect of delayed chilling on the microbiological quality of beef carcasses. Canadian journal of animal science 63(2): 463-467

Effect of delayed colostrum uptake and unfavorable environment on the development of atrophic rhinitis in swine.

Effect of delayed filleting on quality of cod flesh. Journal of food science 49(3): 979-980

Effect of delayed heading on sme quality attributes of Penaeus shrimp. Journal of food protection 42(5): 407-409

Effect of delayed icing on the storage life of rainbow trout. Journal of food technology 21(2): 159-166

Effect of delayed initial feeding on growth and survival of Asian sea bass Lates calcarifer (Bloch) larvae. Aquaculture 3 298-306

Effect of delayed mating on feeding time and fertility in Hyalomma asiaticum kozlovi (Acarina: Ixodidae). K'un ch'ung hsueh pao = Acta entomologica Sinica 27(3): 351-354

Effect of delayed mulch removal on yield and harvest dates of Midway strawberries. Advances in strawberry productionng 7(7): 29-31

Effect of delayed planting on the growth of malting barley.

Effect of delayed planting on yield of linseed. Food farming and agriculture: 8 (6) 15-16

Effect of delayed pulsed-wave ultrasound on local pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of vancomycin-loaded acrylic bone cement in vivo. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 51(9): 3199-3204

Effect of delayed silver thiosulphate pulse treatments on carnation cut flower longevity Dianthus caryophyllus, ethylene, flower preservatives. HortScience 17(4): 600-601

Effect of delaying storage (wrapping) on the temperature, dry matter recovery and quality of bermudagrass ensiled in round bales wrapped with plastic. Paper er 1993 (931585)

Effect of delays in processing blood samples on measured endogenous plasma sex hormone levels in women. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 16(6): 1136-1139

Effect of delinting on physical characteristics of cotton seed. Journal of agricultural engineering 18(3-4): 51-55

Effect of delivered dosage of cigarette smoke toxins on the levels of urinary biomarkers of exposure. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 16(7): 1408-1415

Effect of delta-tetrahydrocannabinol on ATPase of activity of rat liver mitochondria. Biochemical pharmacology: 20 (2) 473-475

Effect of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol on the membrane permeability of bull spermatozoa to potassium. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 42(2): 389-390

Effect of dementia and treatment of dementia on time to discharge from assisted living facilities: the Maryland assisted living study. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 55(7): 1031-1037

Effect of demetallization by potassium ferrocyanide on the stability of multiple treated fortified wines. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 60-62

Effect of demographic situation on the formation of labor resources in the rural area of the Non-Chernozem zone. Trudy Latviiskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 98) 55-59

Effect of demographics on changes in at-home meat consumption.

Effect of denaturants on the 11S protein of guar seed (Cyamposis tetragonoloba). Journal of biosciences 5(3): 209-217

Effect of denaturants on the oligomeric structure of the 11 S protein of sunflower (Helianthus annuus). Journal of biosciences 3(4): 407-416

Effect of denatured serum proteins on biochemical processes during aging of cheese. Applied biochemistry and microbiology: (Transl 1977), 12 (1) 63-67

Effect of dendrobacillin on the flea Xenopsylla cheopis (Siphonaptera). Parazitologiia 16(2): 165-168

Effect of denervation and tenotomy on slow and fast muscles of the chicken. Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 106(3): 333-347

Effect of denervation on ATP consumption rate of diaphragm muscle fibers. Journal of Applied Physiology 103(3): 858-866

Effect of denervation on increased vascular permeability in turpentine-induced inflammation of the sheep skin. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 11(4): 334-336

Effect of denervation on the isoform transitions of tropomyosin, troponin T, and myosin isozyme in chicken breast muscle. Journal of Biochemistry 95(2): 585-588

Effect of denitrifying bacteria on the nitrogen losses of typical Sierozem soil. Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: 14-16

Effect of dense planting and. Han'guk Wonye Hakhoe chi Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science980 21(2): 135-142

Effect of dense planting on the growing of white willow (Salix alba L.). Topola 15 (83 85) 37-40

Effect of dense spacing of hop plants in rows on stand integrity and yields of hops. Rostlinna vyroba 27(1): 31-38

Effect of density and annual ring width on the swelling behaviour of spruce and pine. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff: 36 (5) 199-202

Effect of density and lighting of hops on the premature dessication of umbels. Chmelarstvi 8 (8) 123-125

Effect of density and yield of the main crop on the seed productivity of grasses. Korma 5 29-30

Effect of density classification on the quality of canned peas.

Effect of density of Kanzawa sp. Nihon Oyo Dobutsu Konchu Gakkai shi = Japanese journal of applied entomology and zoology 23(4): 263-265

Effect of density of Macrophomina phaseoli inoculum on the infection of sesame plants. Agronomia tropical 35(4-6): 133-138

Effect of density of birch stands on growth rate in height. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 3 63-64

Effect of density of colonization on fertility of Ips typographus.

Effect of density of distributio.

Effect of density of fattened chicks in the cage rearing system on their calcium-phoshorus regime. Zeszyty problemowe postepow nauk rolniczych: 64) 197-204

Effect of density of individuals on the copulation and oxygen consumption of Hieroglyphus nigrorepletus Bol.)Orthoptera, Acrididae).

Effect of density of planting and fertilizers on the dynamics of production of irrigated forage maize.

Effect of density of planting on quality of silage corn.

Effect of density of planting on the biological features of geranium development in the Kolkhida lowland. Subtropicheskie kul'tury: 120-123

Effect of density of planting on yields and quality of grain.

Effect of density of plants in the field on yields of field beans and the protein production. Zeszyty problemowe postepow nauk rolniczych: 38) 465-471

Effect of density of sowing and of doses of nitrogen fertilizers on the productivity and on some characteristics of pea photosynthetic activity. Agrokhimiia 1 11-16

Effect of density of spore contamination by Aspergillus flavus on the production of aflatoxin B1 in foods.

Effect of density of stand of orange trees on certain bioecological growth factors. Subtropicheskie kul'tury: 34-38

Effect of density of tree location and the crown height on the efficiency of orchard protection from pests and diseases. Sbornik nauchnykh rabot: 2) 106-109

Effect of density on developmental rhythms in Dermestes vulpinus. Bulletin de l'Academie polonaise des sciences Serie des sciences biologiques7(12): 1053-1057

Effect of density on productivity of Phragmites communis Trin. and Typha latifolia L. Polskie archiwum hydrobiologii: 3 (3) 391-400

Effect of density on rate growth development and mortality o f gnat larvae experimental populations.

Effect of density on the productivity and as sortment structure of Pinus tree stands. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 2) 45-48

Effect of density on the strength properties of cohesionless soils.

Effect of density on the study of moisture in loesses of the German Democratic Republic.

Effect of densonucleosis virus of the mosquito Aedes aegypti L. on vertebrate animals. Meditsinskaia parazitologiia i parazitarnye bolezni: 45 (1) 95-97

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