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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15726

Chapter 15726 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Error on choroplethic maps: definition, measurement, reduction. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 61(2): 217-244

Error prognosis?. Grune 103 (21) 9-22

Error propagation in calculated ratios. Clinical Biochemistry 40(9-10): 728-734

Error recognition in the feed laboratory. Archiv fur Tierernahrung = Archives of animal nutrition 31(7-8): 557-571

Error reduction when prescribing neonatal parenteral nutrition. American Journal of Perinatology 24(7): 417-427

Error sources in original wort analysis of beer. II. Refraction method. Brauwissenschaft 24 (11) 413-419

Error sources in the operation of bench and pilot scale systems used to evaluate the activated sludge process.

Error-checking and editing for vector and raster GIS database. Paper er 1991 (917049)

Error-control coding and applications.

Error-free bypass of 2-hydroxyadenine by human DNA polymerase with Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen and Replication Protein A in different sequence contexts. Nucleic acids research 35(15): 5173-5181

Error-free evisceration. Poultry 2004 10(6): 62

Error-likelihood prediction in the medial frontal cortex: a critical evaluation. Cerebral Cortex 17(7): 1570-1581

Error-pooling-based statistical methods for identifying novel temporal replication profiles of human chromosomes observed by DNA tiling arrays. Nucleic Acids Research 35(9): E69-E69

Errori agricoli del fascismo.

Errors and correction of precipitation measurements in China. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 24(3): 449-458

Errors and deficiencies in the Yugoslav statistics of production, purchase and marketing of wine.

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Errors and parameter estimation in precipitation-runoff modeling. 2. Case study. Water resources research 21(8): 1214-1222

Errors and violations in relation to motorcyclists' crash risk. Accident; Analysis and Prevention 39(3): 491-499

Errors associated with herbage dissection analyses. Proceedings of the New Zealand Grassland Association8(2): 204-212

Errors caused by scattering can be avoided.

Errors committed in horse showing and their consequences. Kon polski: 1 (1) 27-28

Errors due to pH control in the determination of orthophosphate by the molybdenum blue method. Laboratory practice 32(3): 91-93

Errors during enzyme immunoassay. Klinicheskaia Laboratornaia Diagnostika: 42-45

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Errors in GIS. Journal of forestry 90(11): 21-29

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Errors in a stat laboratory: types and frequencies 10 years later. Clinical Chemistry 53(7): 1338-1342

Errors in blood chemistry tests. Practicing veterinarian: ng 48 (2) 13-15

Errors in determination of evaporation from an agricultural field on the basis of asynchronous observations. Soviet agriculture sciences: 48-51

Errors in determining components of the leaf water potential with the aid of a pressure chamber. Soviet plant physiology (pub 1979) 25(2): 689-696

Errors in determining evaporation from a farm field on the basis of asynchronic observations.

Errors in determining the components of the water potential of leaves by a pressure chamber.

Errors in differential infrared carbon dioxide analysis resulting from water vapor. Photosynthesis Research 6(4): 289-294

Errors in employment screening.

Errors in estimated streamflow parameters and storages for ungauged catchments. Water resources bulletin 26(3): 443-450

Errors in estimates of gross rates of nitrogen mineralization due to non-uniform distributions of 15N label. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 27(6): 855-859

Errors in estimating food consu. Journal 9 (4) 229-234

Errors in feeding methods and feed intoxication in animal nutrition.

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Errors in measuring roundwood. Lesnicky casopis7(5): 409-413

Errors in measuring the diameter of drops. Biulleten 9 47-53

Errors in methods for estimating forest herb layer production based on states of biomass.

Errors in output deflators revisited.

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Errors in radiography that interfere with diagnosis. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 76(2): 173-180

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Errors in registration of cattle provenance caused by estrus in pregnant cows.

Errors in self-programming the Hoffer Q formula - Reply to Basu S et al. Eye (Basingstoke) 21(3): 430-431

Errors in soil bulk density and water content measurements with gamma ray attenuation.

Errors in the acetylene reduction assay: determined using a flow-through system. Advances in agricultural biotechnology(4): 40

Errors in the application of Fleischmanns formula for the estimation of total milk solids. Mljekarstvo 27 (1) 7-10

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Errors in the culture of winter rape in Szczecin Province.

Errors in the description or inserting of new species of Ascomycetes and fungi imperfecti, their causes and prevention.

Errors in the estimation of pre-excision plant water potential with the pressure chamber. Proceedings of International Conference on Measurement of Soil and Plant Water Status: in commemoration of the centennial of Utah State University July 6-10-1987 Logan Utah: 8

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Errors in the presentation of small random samples. Chung hua lin hsueh chi k'an = Quarterly journal of Chinese forestry5, 12(3): 79-84

Errors in the presentation of the ways of nutrition of the population. Hrana i ishrana = Food and nutrition 21(9-12): 251-253

Errors in the science of our days. Soil science and agronomy History, soil classification, fertility, statistical use.1. Cahiers Office de la recherche scientifique et technique outre mer Serie pedologie9(1): 91-104

Errors in vacuum packing of fresh meat, sausage and meat products. Fleischerei 28 (7) 47-50

Errors in work of new managers of state farms in the light of an inquiry. Nowe rolnictwo: 31, 20 (16) 27-29

Errors in working with a device. Selskostopanska tekhnika = Farm machinery8(2): 31-42

Errors incurred in estimating an area of uniform land cover using Landsat. Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing 46(10): 1295-1301

Errors of coagulation and dripping technique. Fromage coordonne par Andre Eck comite de redaction Andre Eck et al: 205

Errors of estimates of post reclamation streamflow changes.

Errors of extrapolating growing stock in management planning.

Errors of measurement in output deflators.

Errors of the method of infrared spectrometry for the study of solid phases of the soil. Vestnik Seriia VI Biologiia pochvovedenie: 6 90-99

Errors of truncation in approximations to expected consumer surplus. Land economics 66(1): 50-55



Erschliessung der Reserven an tierischen Rohstoffen.

Erst Mitte Mai ist der Winter endgeultig vorbei.

Erst besinns, dann beginns.

Erste Anleitung zum Obstbau.

Erste Hilfe bei der Schadlingsbekampfung.

Erste Nachweise sowie Kenntnisse zur Biologie von Cyclosa oculata (Araneae: Araneidae) in der Schweiz. Arachnologische Mitteilungen (33): 11-17

Erster Recycling Weltkongress.

Erstfund von Hahnia picta (Araneae, Hahniidae) in Deutschland - mit Angaben zu Habitatpraferenz und Verbreitung. Arachnologische Mitteilungen (33): 7-10

Erstlaktationsleistungen und Laktationskurven von Fleckviehkuhen in Abhangigkeit von der genetischen Milchleistungsveranlagung des Vaters und der Betriebsintensitat. Zuechtungskunde 79(4): 263-274

Erstnachweis von Sympecma fusca als Wirt parasitischer Wassermilben (Odonata<colfamily> Lestidae; Hydrachnidia). Libellula 26(1-2): 113-117

Erstnachweise von Schmetterlingen fur Tirol sowie erwahnenswerte Beobachtungen von Kleinschmetterlingen aus Nordtirol (Insecta, Lepidoptera). Zeitschrift der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oesterreichischer Entomologen 59(3-4): 85-93


Erthrocyte osmotic fragility in protein-energy malnutrition: cholesterol, phospholipid, and Ca2+ calcium ion, Mg2+ magnesium ion adenosine triphosphatase.

Erthrocytes. Veterinary clinics of North America: Small animal practice 19(4): 627-635

Erthromycin-induced variegation of soybean plants. Cytology and genetics9(4): 40-43

Erthtocyte antigen for rapid intravital diagnosis of poultry typhoid and pullorum disease. Veterinarno meditsinski nauki = Veterinary science0(9): 18-24

Ertragreiche Beerenobst-kulturen.

Ertragreiche Bienenwirtschaft.

Ertragreicher Gemeusebau im Haus- und Schrebergarten.

Ertragreicher Obstbau.

Ertragreicher eOlfruchtbau nur durch hohe Handelsdeungergaben.


Ertragskundliche Untersuchungen von gedeungten Meahwiesen der subalpinen Stufe bei Davos.

Ertragskundliche und waldbauliche Grundlagen der Forstwirtschaft.

Ertragslenkung mit Vollkorn.

Ertragssteigerung durch Hydromeliorationen.

Ertragssteigerung durch richtige Deungung.

Ertragssteigerung im Futterbau.

Ertragssteigerung im Kartoffelbau.

Ertragsstruktur einiger ausdauernder Greaserarten auf Dauerweiden.

Ertragstafelauszeuge feur den Gebrauch in der Praxis.

Ertragstafeln der wichtigen Holzarten bei verschiedener Durchforstung sowie eineiger Mischbestandsformen.

Ertragstafeln der wichtiger Holzarten bei verschiedener Durchforstung.

Erts i.

Erucamide. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society: 51 (3) 84-87

Erucastrum gallicum and Erucastrum nasturtiifolium in the Czech countries. Zpravy Ceskoslovenske botanicke spolecnosti8(1): 27-42

Erucastrum nasturtifolium (Poiret) Schultz ssp. sudrei Vivant ssp. nov., unrecognized plant from the western and central Pyrenees. Bulletin de la Societe botanique de France: 24 (3 4) 231-236

Erucic acid content and polarity of a glyceride molecule. Acta alimentaria Polonica: (3 4) 333-348

Erucic acid content in rapeseed oils (Jan 72-Feb 84).

Erucic acid content in some rapeseed. Journal of the science of food and agriculture15 86(1): 135-139

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Erucic acid of rapeseed oil in diets of chickens--influence on weight gains and measures at slauthtering; heritability and genetic correlations. Annali dell'Istituto Sperimentale per la Zootecnia2(1): 27-41

Erucic acid synthesis in rocket-salad (Eruca sativa Mill.) during ripening.

Erucic acid testing of rapeseed. Spring 17 (2) 17

Erucic and behenic acids as components of human serum fatty acids in relation to the increase of rapeseed oil intake in Italy. Proceedings of the European Society of Toxicology: 6 290-296

Erucic, behenic: feedstocks of the 21st century. International news on fats oils and related materials 2(5): 449-463

Eructate? Tympany? Hint: both involve alfalfa and air. Utah Science Utah Agricultural Experiment Stationer 53(2): 40-43

Eructation in cattle and its diagnostic value.

Erupcao dental em pacas (Agouti paca) criadas em cativeiro. Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 59(2): 390-394

Eruption gingivitis associated with scorbutism in macaques. Laboratory Animal Science 42(1): 96-97

Eruption of Hekla and livestock diseases. Freyr 67 (20) 416-420

Eruption of incisor teeth in Jamunapari goats. Indian farming 31(10): 27

Eruption of teeth. Bovine medicine and surgery edited by H E Amstutz: 658

Eruption of temporary incisor teeth in lambs. Revista portuguesa de ciencias veterinariast 74(451): 179-183

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Eruptions of Hawaiian volcanoes.

Eruptive form of hog cholera.

Eruptive pseudoangiomatosis: report of an adult case and unifying hypothesis of the pathogenesis of paediatric and adult cases. Dermatology 215(1): 59-62

Eruptive vellus hair cysts presenting as bluish-grey facial discoloration masquering as naevus of Ota. British Journal of Dermatology 157(1): 188-189

Eruthrocytic phosphates and flying activity in birds includes, Gallus gallus domesticus, Coturnix coturnix japonica. Comparative biochemistry and physiology A: Comparative physiology4(4): 849-854


Ervas infestantes das searas de trigo.

Ervin Wurthmann of Valrico. Journal 28(6): 257-260

Erween en boonen.


Erwerbskombination und flachendeckende Landwirtschaft.

Erwin Aichinger. Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft 98(3-4): 477-480

Erwin Bunning plant physiologist, chronobiologist and father of physiological time.

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Erwin Kemmer. Erwerbsobstbau 18 (2) 18

Erwinia amylovora (Burril Winslow et al.)--a new menace to Belgian horticulture; developments and change of spread of infection.

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Erwinia amylovora (Burrill) Winslow et al., a dangerous disease.

Erwinia amylovora (Burrill) Winslow et al.: its appearance in Belgium, hosts and damages. Parasitica 9(2): 49-53

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Erwinia amylovora in the German-Danish border area on the west coast.

Erwinia amylovora with special reference to the taxonomic position of genus and species; a review.

Erwinia amylovora. Distribution map. Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases (October): Map 2 (Edition 8)

Erwinia blight--a troublesome disease. Foliage digest 3(4): 12-13

Erwinia carotovora carotovora and Erwinia carotovora atroseptica in potatoes. Pootaardappelhandel 26 (5) 28-32

Erwinia carotovora elicitors and Botrytis cinerea activate defense responses in Physcomitrella patens. Bmc Plant Biology 7: 52-52

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Erwinia carotovora in the lupine.

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Erwinia carotovora--the cause of soft rot and black leg in the potato: Characteristic of the pathogen, mechanism of infection and development of the disease. Biuletyn ub 1978) (20) 159-182

Erwinia chrysanthemi chromosome in the formation of Hfr-like donors. Soviet genetics(pub 1986) 21(11): 1401-1406

Erwinia chrysanthemi polyamines. Mikrobiologicheskii zhurnal 46(3): 34-37

Erwinia dissolvens, a new corn d.

Erwinia horticola sp. nova, a ne.

Erwinia metalloprotease permease: aspects of secretion pathway and secretion functions. Methods in Enzymology 292: 67-81

Erwinia nulandii, a new bacterium pathogenic for beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Annual report of the Bean Improvement Cooperative5(25): 23

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Erwinia spp.--symptoms and foliage plant hosts. Foliage digest 6(7): 10-11

Erwinia strains isolated from drinking water. Bulletin 30 13-16

Erwinia toxica sp. nova--an agen.

Erwinila: new designation for an unknown interomatidial appendix in the compound eyes of the genus Rhodnius Stal. Acta cientifica venezolana0(3): 331-334

Erwinina cellulases. Current plant science and biotechnology in agriculture(4): 150-159

Eryldene--an international treasure. American Camellia yearbook American Camellia Society: 1-32

Eryna chironomis, comb. nov. (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales). Mycotaxon 53(53): 369

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Eryngium yuccifolium. Public garden: journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 5(1): 39

Eryngyothrips n. gen., with three species including a new one from Turkey (Insecta: Thysanoptera: Thripidae). Senckenbergiana biologica9(5-6): 389-397

Erynia (= Entomophthora) aquatica in a salt-marsh mosquito, Aedes cantator Produce mycoses in adult mosquitoes. Journal of invertebrate pathology 42(2): 277-279

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Erysimum capitatum f. pallidum Cruciferae.

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Erysimum helveticum (Cruciferae).

Erysimum hungaricum Zapal. in the Velka Fatra Mountains. Biologia Seria A: Botanika1(9): 937-938

Erysimum hungaricum Zapal.--also in the eastern Alps.

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Erysimum michaelis Adylov, a new name for Erysimum popovii Botsch. et Vved. Doklady Akademiia nauk Uzbekskoi SSR: ) 58

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Erzeugung und Erfassung.

Erziehung und Unterricht in den landwirtschaftlichen Berufs- und Fachschulen.

Es Bluht in den Dolomiten.

Es Suki pump irrigation scheme.

Es bleuht in Stadt und Land.

Es chaevere comer a la moda antigua.

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Es un paais lejano.

Es weachst und bleuht feur Dich.

Esablishment of regular enrichment indices for macaroni based on the analysis of the content of riboflavine and calcium.

Esame della situazione attuale e prospettive per iuct e per il segretario agricolo.

Esaus Plant anatomy.

Esbao* eth *co de um guia da literatura botaanica.

Esbao* eth *co de uma lista de cabe* eth *calhos de assunto para agricultura e ciaencias afins.

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Escalamiento de arboles para la recoleccion de semilla.

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