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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15742

Chapter 15742 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Evaluating meat qualities of live swine. Genetika Svinei i Teoriia Plemennogo Otbora v Svinovodstve: 3-77

Evaluating meat qualities of swine by size and shape of hind hams. Genetika Svinei i Teoriia Plemennogo Otbora v Svinovodstve: 69-171

Evaluating meat quality in crossbred lambs. Ispol'zovanie Biologicheskikh Zakonomernostei v Povyshenii Produktivnosti Sel'skokhoziaistvennykh Zhivotnykh: 52-256

Evaluating meat quality of slaughter animals in order to introduce new supplements of biofactors and specifically effective substances into livestock feed mixes. Biologizace a chemizace vyzivy zvirat Biological and chemical factors in animal nutrition: 0 (1) 55-62

Evaluating mental health capitation treatment.

Evaluating mercury biomagnification in fish from a tropical marine environment using stable isotopes (delta C-13 and delta N-15). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(8): 1572-1581

Evaluating methanol usage in cotton. Proceedings (1): 39-40

Evaluating method of green tea. Study of tea: 50 63-67

Evaluating methods for determining water use in the High Plains in parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming; 1979.

Evaluating methods for food heating equipment.

Evaluating methods for measuring visitor perceptions of ecological impacts at wilderness campsites.

Evaluating methods for the determination of delta15N in nitrogen fixation studies. Current perspectives in nitrogen fixation: ub 1981) (4th) 482

Evaluating methods of castrating livestock.

Evaluating methods of detecting incomplete antibodies in brucellosis. Veterinariia 108-109

Evaluating methods of diagnosing traumatic reticulitis.

Evaluating methods of poultry housing. Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: 1 103-106

Evaluating methods of preparing feeds for swine. Zhivotnovodstvo 12 41-43

Evaluating methods of quality control of heredity in breeder bulls. Otsenka Proizvoditelei po Kachestvu Potomstva: 0-55

Evaluating methods of removing manure from swine houses.

Evaluating methods of select.

Evaluating methods to enhance microbial degradation of residual soil contaminants. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE research projects Western Region: PROJECT FW95-075

Evaluating milk coagulation with ultrasonics. Seminars in food analysis 4(2): 161-173

Evaluating milk proteins from the view of the Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry. Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch: 29 (20) 542-543

Evaluating mineral resources on forest land. American Christmas tree journal 28(3): 59-60

Evaluating mitochondrial membrane potential in cells. Bioscience Reports 27(1-3): 11-21

Evaluating mixed feeds for poultry according to the sodium chloride content.

Evaluating models to estimate daily solar global radiation values based on air temperature. Revista Brasileira de Agrometeorologia 15(1): 103-108

Evaluating modern beef cattle. Bulletin Cooperative Extension Service Montana State University: 984 (1104,rev)

Evaluating morphological feature.

Evaluating mosquito larvicidal formulations against mosquito larvae. Mosquito control research annual report: 0-71

Evaluating motility disorders of the bovine forestomach. Veterinary medicine 85(6): 634-642

Evaluating mountain lion depredation of domestic sheep. General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: (171) 32-33

Evaluating mourning dove crop gland activity associated with crop milk production. Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station Auburn University Bulletin, 1-11 No. 545

Evaluating mourning dove crop gland activity associated with crop milk production Zenaida macroura, game birds, nesting cycle determination, wildlife management implications. Bulletin Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station: 82 (545)

Evaluating multiple economic effects of forage development and management. Journal of range management: 24 (3) 174-180

Evaluating multiresource benefits of treatments in pinyon-juniper woodlands. General technical report INT US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Intermountain Research Station: (215) 188-191

Evaluating muskmelon as an alternative greenhouse hydroponic crop.

Evaluating mycoconversions of selected carbon compounds. Developments in industrial microbiology: 8 443-450

Evaluating narrow row cotton in Alabama. Highlights of agricultural research Alabama Agricultural Experiment Stationng 39(1): 15

Evaluating natural attenuation of groundwater pollution from a coal-carbonisation plant: developing a local-scale model using MODFLOW, MODTMR and MT3D. Water and environmental management: journal of the Institution of Water and Environmental Management 14(6): 419-426

Evaluating needs. 2. Arbor age 20(11): 16-17

Evaluating nematicides applied through sprinkler irrigation systems. Methods for evaluating pesticides for control of plant pathogens edited by Kenneth D Hickey prepared jointly by the American Phytopathological Society and the Society of Nematologists: 302

Evaluating new aromatic hop varieties for resistance to downy mildew.

Evaluating new bean genotypes with traders. Annual report0(40): 32-33

Evaluating new business opportunities from food wastes. Food technology: 31 (6) 36

Evaluating new crops and criteri.

Evaluating new ideas for greenhouse, nursery production. Southern florist and nurseryman0, 95(20): 37-38

Evaluating new insecticides for the control of Helicoverpa spp. (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) on capsicum and zucchini. Australian Journal of Entomology 46(Part 4): 339-345

Evaluating new or improved poultry feedstuffs by parametric linear programming techniques. Poultry science: 52 (1) 102-107

Evaluating new pot plant species.

Evaluating new telecommunications services.

Evaluating new types and qualities of lime products. Tidskrift Skogs och lantbruksakademien: 3) 27-30

Evaluating new ventures, new alliances, and expansions. American cooperation: 03-208

Evaluating new, cold-water-only detergents for cleaning milking machines. Proceedings Ruakura Farmers' Conference: 0th) 137-143

Evaluating nitrogen budgets for assessment of the effectiveness of farming systems in limiting nitrate contamination of groundwater. Agricultural research to protect water quality: proceedings of the conference February 21-24-1993 Minneapolis Minnesota USA 235

Evaluating non-field screening techniques for white mold reaction of common bean. Annual report 44(44): 91-92

Evaluating nonindustrial private landowners for forestry assistance programs.

Evaluating nonpoint pollution using remotely sensed data in soil erosion models. Journal of soil and water conservation 40(4): 332-335

Evaluating nonthermal processes. Food technology 59(12): 79-81

Evaluating northern hardwood timber stand improvement opportunities in northern Lower Michigan.

Evaluating nursing home insurance. North Central regional extension ication Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service: 8?] (279)

Evaluating nutrient and sediment losses from agricultural lands.

Evaluating nutrient data banks. Proceedings of the Tenth National Nutrient Data Bank Conference: held at Holiday Inn Golden Gateway San Francisco California on July 22-24-1985 8

Evaluating nutrient supplies for the growth of aquatic plants in natural waters.

Evaluating nutrition education programs on two Caribbean Islands.

Evaluating nutrition information sources. FSHED Cooperative Extension Service University of Arkansas: 84 (33)

Evaluating nutrition teaching.

Evaluating nutritional status. Canadian horse: 38-40

Evaluating oceanic farming of seaweeds as sources of organics and energy. semi-annual progress report December 1, 1974-June 30, 1975.

Evaluating of physiologic indices in mice vaccinated with protein-ergotamine conjugates and fed endophyte-infected fescue diet. American journal of veterinary research 59(10): 1258-1262

Evaluating of the rotary milking plant Roto 9. Mechanizace zemedelstvi: 6 (7) 315-317

Evaluating off-target movement of Xanthomonas campestris pv. poannua following application as a biocontrol agent for Poa annua on golf turf. Proceedings of the XI International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds, Canberra, Australia, 27 April 2 May, 2003: 301-304

Evaluating offspring of bulls..

Evaluating older houses for remodeling.

Evaluating on-farm irrigation efficiency: PG&Es irrigation system survey. Technical conference proceedings Irrigation Association: 4-103

Evaluating on-line solid-phase extraction coupled to liquid chromatography-ion trap mass spectrometry for reliable quantification and confirmation of several classes of antibiotics in urban wastewaters. Journal of Chromatography. A 1164(1-2): 95-104

Evaluating operational quality of single-seed drills. Zapiski 74 (1) 32-37

Evaluating operational vacuum for landfill biogas extraction. Waste Management 27(10): 1393-1399

Evaluating opinion concerning the planting season for Populus. Populier 15 (3) 64-67

Evaluating opossum poisoning operations by interference with non-toxic baits. Proc. N Z. ecol. Soc.: 17: 118-125,1 p1

Evaluating optical laser disk storage and retrieval systems for non-print access at NAL. Agricultural libraries information notes National Agricultural Library US Science and Education Administration US Department of Agriculture 14(11-12): 1-11

Evaluating optimal product mix using dynamic simulation: a tomato processing case. Journal of food distribution research 32(1): 156-167

Evaluating options for irrigated dairy farm systems in northern Victoria when irrigation water availability decreases and price increases. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 47(9): 1085-1094

Evaluating options vs. futures contracts.

Evaluating orchard performance and practices from packout records. PNW Pacific Northwest Extension Publication Washington Oregon and Idaho State Universities Cooperative Extension Service: 88 (332)

Evaluating organizational training efforts: is ignorance really bliss?.

Evaluating orientation for foreign students.

Evaluating overstory conditions to assess forest health in California. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 27-428

Evaluating ozone as a remedial treatment for removing RDX from unsaturated soils. Journal of Environmental Engineering 132(12): 1580-1588

Evaluating paedomorphic heterochrony in trilobites: the case of the diminutive trilobite Flexicalymene retrorsa minuens from the Cincinnatian Series (Upper Ordovician), Cincinnati region. Evolution & Development 9(5): 483-498

Evaluating panelist bias from grapefruit juice hedonic scores. Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Florida State Horticulture Society 100(100): 53-55

Evaluating paper machine operation. 1. Equipment and operation: key information. Pulp and paper Canada 99(5): 47-51

Evaluating paper machine operation. 1. Equipment and operation: lost efficiency analysis. Pulp and paper Canada 99(5): 43-46

Evaluating paper machine operation. 1. Equipment and operation: principles. Pulp and paper Canada 99(5): 35-42

Evaluating paper machine operation. 2. Control and instrumentation, management issues--outsourcing and self-directed teams. Pulp and paper Canada 100(6): 44-57

Evaluating paper machine press and dryer performance. Proceedings ub 1974), 60th 203-T210

Evaluating parameterizations of aerodynamic resistance to heat transfer using field measurements. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 11(2): 769-783

Evaluating parasitism in sparse spruce budworm populations. USDA Forest Service general technical report NE United States Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: 8) 41-46

Evaluating parent education programs. Handbook on parent education edited by Marvin J Fine: 334

Evaluating particle size.

Evaluating past and prospective future payoffs from public investments to increase agricultural productivity.

Evaluating peanuts for resistance to Cylindrocladium black rot. Peanut science 8(2): 117-120

Evaluating pedigreed value of li.

Evaluating pelvic fractures: indications for surgical correction. VM SAC veterinary medicine and small animal clinician 79(8): 1047-1048

Evaluating pension policies in a model with endogenous contributions.

Evaluating perennial grass. Queensland journal of agricultural and animal sciences: 31 (1) 1-17

Evaluating performance. USGA Green Section record 38(2): 34

Evaluating performance costs of sexually selected traits. Functional ecology 21(4): 676-689

Evaluating performance using ratio tests.

Evaluating pesticide residues and food safety. ACS Symposium series American Chemical Society: 84) 48-58

Evaluating pesticide residues in yard trimmings compost. BioCycle 39(11): 80

Evaluating pesticides: risk versus risk.

Evaluating pet facilitated therapy in long term care facilities. Pet connection: its influence on our health and quality of life editors Robert K Anderson Benjamin L Hart Lynette A Hart: 406

Evaluating phytoremediations potential share of the site-remediation market. Genetic engineering news: GEN 17(17): 8

Evaluating phytotoxicity of insecticidal oil sprays on selected container-grown plants. Research report series: (10) 18-19

Evaluating pig carcases.

Evaluating pile-storage of wood chips.

Evaluating plant responses to defoliation: importance, objectives and approaches. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (84) 87-96

Evaluating plant responses to defoliation: quantifying physiological responses in clipped and grazed swards. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (84) 97-102

Evaluating plumbing systems in older Minnesota homes.

Evaluating policy options for management of selenium contaminated drainage and drainage-related problems in the San Joaquin Valley. Toxic substances in agricultural water supply and drainage: an int environ perspective: papers from the Second Pan American Regional Conf of the Int Commission on Irrigation and Drainage Ottawa Canada June 8-9-1989: 424

Evaluating pollen production of plants. American bee journal 141(4): 287-288

Evaluating pollution control: the case of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Journal of development economics 19(1-2): 133-146

Evaluating polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using a yeast bioassay. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(7): 1333-1339

Evaluating population-habitat models using ecological theory. Wildlife Society bulletiner 13(2): 121-130

Evaluating porcine reproductive failure by the use of slaughterchecks. Compendium on continuing education for the practicing veterinarian 14(4): 542-547

Evaluating porcine semen for artificial insemination. I. Standard tests. Compendium on continuing education for the practicing veterinarian: 19S30-S32

Evaluating porcine semen for artificial insemination. II. Assessment of cell membranes and viability. Compendium on continuing education for the practicing veterinarian 19(3): 400-404

Evaluating pork carcasses.

Evaluating pork grade by digital image processing. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering 23(4): 242-278

Evaluating pork producers acceptance of distance education media. Journal of extension 39(3): n

Evaluating post-abortion care in 13 Colombian hospitals. Revista de Salud Publica 9(2): 241-252

Evaluating postemerge herbicides for grass control in watermelons. Louisiana agriculture Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Stationer 29(4): 10-11

Evaluating postharvest injury to fresh market tomatoes. Journal of food distribution research 17(2): 16-25

Evaluating postharvest loss of fresh market tomatoes. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 86-6017)

Evaluating potato varieties for field resistance to virus Y. Kartofelevodstvo Selektsiia i immunitet: 0-62

Evaluating potato varieties for resistance to early dry spot. Kartofelevodstvo Selektsiia i immunitet: 3-55

Evaluating potential applications of faecal sterols in distinguishing sources of faecal contamination from mixed faecal samples. Water Research 41(16): 3691-3700

Evaluating potential marketing.

Evaluating pre-emergence treatments of R6447 (azafenidin) for herbaceous weed control in newly planted pines: year two growth response. Proceedings Southern Weed Science Society2(52): 134-137

Evaluating pre-emergence treatments of R6447 and Velpar DF for herbaceous weed control and pine seedling performance. Proceedings Southern Weed Science Society1(51): 148-151

Evaluating precipitation modification under drought conditions for Utah agriculture. Journal of climate and applied meteorology 25(12): 1918-1925

Evaluating preschool programs when length of exposure to the program varies: a nonparametric approach. Review of economics and statistics 86(1): 108-132

Evaluating prescribed fires. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: (182) 230-238

Evaluating prey switching in wolf-ungulate systems. Ecological Applications 17(6): 1588-1597

Evaluating private forest ecosystems for silvicultural prescriptions and ecosystem management planning.

Evaluating production and marketing alternatives. Illinois agricultural economics staff paper series E agricultural economics Dept of Agricultural Economics University of Illinois: 79 (E-69)

Evaluating production and marketing opportunities using market window and expected value analyses.

Evaluating production losses from mule deer depredation in apple orchards. Wildlife Society Bulletin 17(2): 161-165

Evaluating productivity of cows by segments of lactation. Zhivotnovodstvo 4 38-39

Evaluating productivity of tree-fruit harvesting machines.

Evaluating products for cleaning watering systems. World Poultry 23(5): 18-19

Evaluating program performance: the case of federally-funded collaborative research. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique0(7-8): 847-852

Evaluating progressive farm potentials.

Evaluating project decisions in forest management. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 8 23-25

Evaluating projects for improving fish and wildlife habitat on National Forests Planning, management. USDA Forest Service general technical report PNW United States Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: 82 (146)

Evaluating promising bermudagrass and zoysiagrass selections for the transition zone. Proceedings Virginia Turfgrass Conference and Trade Show: (21st) 23-27

Evaluating promotion expenditures for agribusiness and food processing firms. OSU extension facts Cooperative Extension Service Oklahoma State University: 92 (534)

Evaluating proposed improvements of public rangelands Forest management, range economics. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: 983 (150)

Evaluating protein quality with EDP. Ugeskrift for agronomer og hortonomer: 3 (26 27) 507-510

Evaluating protein quality: amino acid availability or deficiency.

Evaluating pumping plant efficiency. L Cooperative Extension Service Kansas State University: 993 (885)

Evaluating pumping plant performance. California agriculture California Agricultural Experiment Station 35(3-4): 14-15

Evaluating purebred qualities of.

Evaluating quality of employment growth in Oklahoma, 1970-1974. Research report P: 979 (788)

Evaluating quantitative morphological traits of some groups of ornamental plants.

Evaluating rams according to mea. Zhivotnovodstvo 28 (3) 40-43

Evaluating rams by quality of offspring in the Eleia State Farm of Elgav Region.

Evaluating rangeland sustainability: the evolving technology: the Task Group on Unity and Concepts in Terms. Rangelands 17(3): 85-92

Evaluating reactivity to ecological momentary assessment during smoking cessation. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology 15(4): 382-389

Evaluating readiness and treatment seeking effects in a pharmacotherapy trial for alcohol dependence. Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research 31(9): 1538-1544

Evaluating reading attitudes. Day care and early educationng 14(3): 23-25

Evaluating recent locust research. New strategies in locust control

Evaluating reclamation success.

Evaluating recreational resources of the Connecticut River. Photogrammetric engineering: 35(7) 686-692

Evaluating recycled waters for golf course irrigation. USGA Green Section record 42(6): 25-29

Evaluating red clover varieties in Karelia as breeding stoc k.

Evaluating reed canarygrass clones for palatability.

Evaluating regeneration success. Duryea, M L And P M Dougherty (Ed ) Forest Regeneration Manual Xi+433p Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht, Netherlands; Boston, Massachusetts, Usa Illus Maps 321-331

Evaluating regeneration success in plantations using distance sampling. USDA Forest Service general technical report SE United States Southeastern Forest Experiment Station: (24) 312-314

Evaluating regeneration success in plantations using distance sampling Survey techniques, management cost reduction. USDA Forest Service general technical report SE United States Southeastern Forest Experiment Station: (SE-24) 312-314

Evaluating regional converting services to complement mill finishing and logistical strategies. Tappi journal 80(9): 89-91

Evaluating relationship between some indicators of egg quality in feeding mixtures and various calcium contents in intensive cage rearing of laying hens. Acta zootechnica: 8 45-68

Evaluating relationships between some indicators of egg quality in feeding mixtures containing various phophorus contents in intensive cage rearing of laying hens. Acta zootechnica: 8 21-43

Evaluating relative impacts of conventional and sustainable farming systems on rural communities. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE research projects North Central Region: PROJECT LNC92-048

Evaluating rent dissipation in the Spanish football industry. Journal of Sports Economics 8(5): 468-490

Evaluating research and development.

Evaluating research improvements on livestock feeds through parametric linear programming. Cereal science today: 16 (6) 181-184

Evaluating research on natural resource management.

Evaluating residual strength and repair of structures Includes wood structures. Structural use of wood in adverse environments edited by RW Meyer RM Kellogg: 450

Evaluating residual tree patches as stepping stones and short-term refugia for red-legged frogs. Journal of Wildlife Management 71(6): 1836-1844

Evaluating residues in meat and meat products. Mitteilung Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Kommission zur Prufung von Ruckstanden in Lebensmitteln: 2

Evaluating resistance to Newcastle disease in immunized fowls (from antibody titers).

Evaluating resource allocation to freight transportation in rural areas.

Evaluating resource allocation to personal transportation in rural areas.

Evaluating resource allocation to rural carpools.

Evaluating results of conservation projects.

Evaluating returns from alternative crop enterprises in eastern Arkansas.

Evaluating returns of individual enterprises. Tropical grasslands: 8 (3) 202-204

Evaluating rhizogenic activity in stem cuttings of promising varieties in common lilac. Doklady Rossiiskoi Akademii Sel'skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk (2): 19-20

Evaluating rice varieties grown in the Federal Territory of Roraima.

Evaluating rices for drought tolerance using field screening and multilocation testing Asia, Africa, and Latin America, for breeding. Drought resistance in crops with emphasis on rice: 263

Evaluating rill headcutting in the field. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 88-2596)

Evaluating riparian habitats from aerial color photography.

Evaluating riprapping and other streambank stabilization techniques Erosion control, California. California agriculture California Agricultural Experiment Station 37(5-6): 7-9

Evaluating risk factors in disease outbreaks. Veterinary Clinics of North America. Food Animal Practice 4(1): 79-95

Evaluating risks to agricultural production from acid deposition.

Evaluating risky consumption paths.

Evaluating rodent vaginal and uterine histology in toxicity studies. Birth Defects Research. Part B, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology 80(3): 246-252

Evaluating rodenticide use impacts on agricultural production. Vertebrate pest control and management materials: 5th volume Stephen A Shumake and Roger W Bullard editors: 127

Evaluating root regeneration potential of bare-root nursery stock. Information report NOR X Northern Forest Research Centre: 41) 83-96

Evaluating roughness of logging haul roads within the Monongahela National Forest Eastern West Virginia, statistical analysis, comparisons of lumber company and Forest Service roads. Bulletin West Virginia University Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station: 82 (677T)

Evaluating rural housing.

Evaluating rural progress in mathematics achievement: threats to the validity of Adequate Yearly Progress. Journal of research in rural educationll 18(2): 67-77

Evaluating saline waters in a plains environment.

Evaluating samples of the corn collection for drought resistance and response to irrigation.

Evaluating sands for athletic turf. Agronomy Journal: 62 (4) 464-467

Evaluating satisfaction in the river recreation experience in Big Bend National Park. Leaflet L Texas Agricultural Extension Service: 78 (1638)

Evaluating scientists in Canada. General technical report NE US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: 11) 107-110

Evaluating sea mussels in the consumer area on the basis of food regulations. Fleischwirtschaft 55 (10) 1463-1465

Evaluating seasonal yield of forages for cattle. Technical bulletin Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station: 85 (127)

Evaluating sediment accretion on a relic oyster reef in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Journal of applied aquaculture0(3): 41-49

Evaluating sediment production by activities related to forest uses--a Pacific Northwest perspective. Technical workshop on Sediments February 3-7-1992 Corvallis Oregon: proceedings 4

Evaluating seed-treatment fungicides. Methods for evaluating pesticides for control of plant pathogens edited by Kenneth D Hickey prepared jointly by the American Phytopathological Society and the Society of Nematologists: 251

Evaluating seedling quality.

Evaluating seedling quality: importance to reforestation. Evaluating seedling quality: principles procedures and predictive abilities of major tests: proceedings of the workshop held October 16-18-1984 Mary L Duryea editor

Evaluating selection results after six series of matings in Japanese quail for growth on protein deficient diet. Indian journal of animal sciences: 48 (3) 198-201

Evaluating semen with test canes. Dairy herd management: 15 (7) 8

Evaluating semi-finished products of the meat of cocks.

Evaluating service quality in a UK hotel chain: a case study. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 16(6): 380-384

Evaluating several bulls of the Ullor-Rex line and imported Danish Red bulls by genotypic properties.

Evaluating sexual behavior in boars. Journal of animal science6(1): 236

Evaluating short- and long-term effects of herbicides on non-target forest and range biota. FWS OBS United States Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Biological Services: (80 26) 133-144

Evaluating side effects of human exposure to noxious agents. Thescientificworldjournal 6: 1238-1240

Evaluating simulation models.

Evaluating slaughtered products poisoned by trichlorfon.

Evaluating slope stability prior to road construction in the Idaho batholith, mass erosion hazard, need for geophysical and vegetation surveys, methods. USDA Forest Service research paper INT United States Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: 83 (307)

Evaluating sludge demand in Boston.

Evaluating sludge reuse potential in Nebraska. BioCycle 26(2): 44-45

Evaluating small scale community based programs.

Evaluating social costs of different restrictions on managin g recreational forests. Tidsskrift for skogbruk: 2 (2) 179-183

Evaluating social impacts of watershed development in India. World Development Oxford 35(8): 1436-1449

Evaluating social interventions: a conceptual schema. Readings in community organization practice edited by Ralph M Kramer Harry Specht: 327

Evaluating social science research in agriculture. Miscellaneous ication University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station: 2) 177-193

Evaluating soil and water for irrigation.

Evaluating soil conservation alternatives.

Evaluating soil contamination. U S Fish & Wildlife Service Biological Report 90(2): I-VIII, 1-25

Evaluating soil crusting parameters with a rain simulator. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 87-2003)

Evaluating soil texture for a house site. Extension folder Agricultural Extension Service University of Minnesota: (550)

Evaluating soil treatments for control of Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Methods for evaluating pesticides for control of plant pathogens edited by Kenneth D Hickey prepared jointly by the American Phytopathological Society and the Society of Nematologists: 276

Evaluating soils. Current information series Cooperative Extension Service University of Idaho: 83 (717)

Evaluating solar energy for pasteurizing soil. American nurseryman, 155(11): 29-31

Evaluating solar heating and cooling models for a residential dwelling using a personal computer. Proceedings of the Annual Conference American Solar Energy Society Inc: 29-534

Evaluating some aspects of VIS activities in the National Forest.

Evaluating some empirical models for predicting water absorption in African breadfruit (Treculia africana) seeds. International journal of food properties(3): 585-602

Evaluating some methods of determining the current increment in the supply of available young oak stands. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii lesnoi zhurnal: ) 14-17

Evaluating some taxonomic characteristics of Agaricus species.

Evaluating sorghum for insect resistance Varieties. Proceedings of the annual corn and sorghum industry research conference American Seed Trade Association Corn and Sorghum Division Corn and Sorghum Research Conference: 6th) 1-8

Evaluating sources of resistance to Fusarium and Verticillium wilts in chickpea. Arab journal of plant protection 3(2): 91-93

Evaluating sources of water-stress tolerance in common bean. Annual report 38(38): 42-43

Evaluating southern and northern hemisphere white clover for plant development and seed productivity Cultivars, yields, Idaho, New Zealand. Progress report clovers and special purpose legumes research Univ of Wisconsin Dept of Agronomy5(15): 19-21

Evaluating southern and northern hemisphere white clovers for plant development and seed productivity Idaho, New Zealand. Progress report clovers and special purpose legumes research Univ of Wisconsin Dept of Agronomy4(14): 18-21

Evaluating soybean rooting type, pubescence density and pubescence color for improving drought tolerance.

Evaluating spatial within plot crop variability for different management practices with an optical sensor. Plant and soil 299(1-2): 29-42

Evaluating spatially-variable applicators. Solutions 35(6): 44-45

Evaluating specific and varietal forms of sorghum for resistance to bacterial diseases. Trudy po prikladnoaei botanike genetike i seleketisii: 3 (3) 137-156

Evaluating spoiled meat products. Fleischwirtschaft 51 (3) 278-279

Evaluating spray materials to control fire blight: laboratory, greenhouse, and field techniques. Methods for evaluating pesticides for control of plant pathogens edited by Kenneth D Hickey prepared jointly by the American Phytopathological Society and the Society of Nematologists: 142

Evaluating sprayer performance in deciduous tree fruit and nut crops Pesticides, residues, California. Annual report Oregon Horticultural Society3(73): 104-107

Evaluating sprouts as a means of determining growth strength of seeds.

Evaluating stakeholder involvement in river basin planning: a Scottish case study. Water Policy 9(5): 493-512

Evaluating stallion fertility. Journal of equine veterinary science 14(2): 83-85

Evaluating standing timber using STUMP. Proceedings Annual Hardwood Symposium of the Hardwood Research Council: 7th) 41-51

Evaluating staple fiber processing propensity. I. Processing propensity of cotton fibers. Textile research journal: ication of Textile Research Institute Inc and the Textile Foundation 68(11): 835-840

Evaluating stationary blankets and removable screens for macrophyte control in lakes Pondweeds, benthos, algae, plant biomass, Wisconsin. Journal of aquatic plant management 21(2): 73-77

Evaluating statistical validity of research reports.

Evaluating stem conducting tissue as an estimator of leaf area in four woody angiosperms. Canadian journal of botany: 55 (11) 1474-1477

Evaluating stocking of YOY pike Esox lucius as a tool in the restoration of shallow lakes. Freshwater biology 52(9): 1834-1845

Evaluating strains of paddy straw mushroom (Volvariella spp.) in India. Developments in crop science0(10): 533-543

Evaluating stress in calves weaned at three different ages. MP 9-A) 23-26

Evaluating structural and exterior components in older Minnesota homes.

Evaluating structure and texture effects of methylcellulose gums in microwave-baked cakes. Cereal foods world 36(11): 941-944

Evaluating student evaluations: a preliminary look at a commonly used tool. NACTA journal 39(2): 29-31

Evaluating supplements for dairy cows. Agnotes Melbourne Dept of Agriculture: 79 (462 79)

Evaluating support for the resource-ratio hypothesis: a reply to Wilson et al. American Naturalist 169(5): 707-708

Evaluating susceptibility of red-cockaded woodpecker cavity trees to southern pine beetle in Texas. General technical report SO (93) 547-553

Evaluating sustainability.

Evaluating sustainable and profitable cropping sequences with cassava and four legume crops: Effects on soil fertility and maize yields in the forest. Field crops research30 103(2)

Evaluating sustainable and profitable cropping sequences with cassava and four legume crops: Effects on soil fertility and maize yields in the forest/savannah transitional agro-ecological zone of Ghana. Field Crops Research 103(2): 87-97

Evaluating swine drylot runoff impact on a coastal plain stream.

Evaluating synovial fluid. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference2(12): 525-526

Evaluating systems for organics cocollection. BioCycle 37(1): 60-62

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Evaluating taste of apples. Industrielle Obst und Gemuseverwertung, 67(5-6): 161-163

Evaluating tasters performance in the profiling of foods and beverages. Proceedings Flavour '81: rd) 83-92

Evaluating teacher education. Soil conservation 45(4): 4-6

Evaluating teaching effectiveness of Rutgers community assistants in identifying specific nutrition problems and individualizing nutrition education for families enrolled in the Expanded Food and Nutrition Program.

Evaluating technological systems of cleanings Forestry.1. Lesnictvi Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 28(8): 663-672

Evaluating technology for new farming systems.

Evaluating technology transfer success: a national survey of government laboratories. Proceedings of the Technology Transfer Society Annual Meeting International Symposium and exhibit: 6TH) 138-153

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