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First report of oral colonization by Debaryomyces nepalensis in a dog

, : First report of oral colonization by Debaryomyces nepalensis in a dog. Mycopathologia 164(4): 189-192

A stray, young male, wire-haired pointing griffon dog, found in a street of Perugia (Italy), was examined in order to check his health status. Two oropharyngeal swabs were collected in 24 h and streaked onto Sabouraud agar and after 6 days the yeasts colonies were transferred onto Malt agar. Ascospores were observed on Potato Dextrose Agar medium. The major ubiquinone of an isolated yeast was identified as ubiquinone-9 (Q-9), and genetical analyses were performed together with the type strains of Debaryomyces hansenii (var. hansenii and var. fabry), C. psychrophila and D. nepalensis type strain. The base sequences of ITS1 and ITS2, and D1/D2 domains of LSU rDNA completely coincided with those of D. nepalensis. From these results, the isolated yeast was identified as D. nepalensis. RAPD patterns between the two strains were found to be identical. The results indicate the first colonization of D. nepalensis in a dog.


PMID: 17687632

DOI: 10.1007/s11046-007-9044-5

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