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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15893

Chapter 15893 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

From Grange to Farm Bureau. Rise of the wheat state: a history of Kansas agriculture 1861-1986 edited by George E Ham and Robin Higham: 181

From Gregor Mendel to genetics.

From Gutenberg to the global information infrastructure.

From Gyorgy Dozsa to Georgius Zekel. Agrartorteneti szemle: 8 (3 4) 539-543

From HGP to HGS: towards objective, economic meat grading by computer-integrated, programmable robotic systems. 29th European Congress of Meat Researcher Workers: Salsomaggiore Parma 298-291983: 2

From Harvard to Smithsonian: the career of botanist Lyman B. Smith (1904-1977). Harvard papers in botany 4(1): 7-10

From Hiroshima to the iceman.

From Hummingbirds to Tropical Forest Restoration: One Womans Story: An Interview with Lynn Carpenter. Ecological restoration 24(1): 5-12

From Hungarian animal breeding. Tierzuchter 23 (11) 312-314

From Indian to farmer changes in colonial Peruvian social structure.

From January 1, 1976, weighing and classification of swine carcasses will be required.

From Kumamoto to Idaho: the influence of Japanese immigrants on the agricultural development of the interior West. Agricultural historyng 74(2): 404-418

From La Tijera to San Luis: farm and faith on the Rio Puerco. Agricultural historyring 78(2): 166-190

From Laurel Hill to Silers Bog.

From Liverpool to Carmona: How will cotton pay next year?.

From Lome to Cotonou.

From Mallory to Mallory-Denk bodies: what, how and why?. Experimental Cell Research 313(10): 2033-2049

From Mammillaria becasana to Backebergia militaris in three years. Cactus and succulent journal of Great Britain: 35 (4) 84-85

From Manzoni to Jacini.

From Marx and Mao to the market.

From Max Weber.

From May to October: the strawberry today. Country life5, 169(4375): 1846

From Mendel to the Green Revolution.

From Miliusa to Miliuseae to Miliusoid.

From Missouri.

From Molecular to One-Dimensional Polychalcogenides: Preparation, Structure, and Reactivity of NaNbS, the First Ternary Alkali Metal Niobium Polychalcogenide Exhibiting Infinite Anionic Chains. Angewandte Chemie02 37(1-2): 133-135

From Monaco to Genes: phytotopography and phytogeography.

From Monomeric tBuLip(R,R)-TMCDA to l-Lithiated (R,R)-TMCDA. Angewandte Chemie05 46(43): 8281-8283

From Negro Academy to Black Land Grant College: the Maryland experience 1886-1910. Agriculture and human valueser 9(1): 15-21

From New York to California, retailers prepare new and traditional Christmas delights.

From New Zealand to Tasmania.

From Newcastle disease to laryngotracheitis, regulated sanitary prevention in poultry rearing. Aviculteur 376 137-139

From Newcastle disease to larynogotracheitis regulated sanitary prevention in poultry rearing.

From Noah to Meuller-Thurgau.

From Norway, good techniques to copy for reforestation work in the Philippines?. Canopy 2 (8) 1

From Ocean to Sky to Land to Ocean. Yearbook of agriculture: 1-51

From Old Main to Pattee, the agricultural library. Science in agriculture: er 21 (4) 4

From Ox to Helitug. Yearbook of agriculture: 57-261

From POSEIDON to NEPTUNE--software for environmental surveys. Soil information systems technology: proceedings of the sixth meeting of the ISSS Working Group on Soil Information Systems Bolkesjo Norway 28 Feb 4 Mar 1983 PA Burrough and SW Bie eds: 5

From Physical to Human Capital Accumulation: Inequality and the Process of Development. Review of economic studies 71(4): 1001-1026

From Plinthic Acrisols to Plinthosols and Gleysols: iron and groundwater dynamics in the tertiary sediments of the upper Amazon basin. European journal of soil science 58(5): 989-1006

From Poa-annua to bentgrass. Proceedings Virginia Turfgrass Conference and Trade Show: (21st) 30-31

From polynucleotide phosphorylase to neurobiology. Journal of Biological Chemistry 280(47): 38889-38897

From RNA to DNA, the construction of DNA libraries from pigeon aortic tissue.

From Richard A. Frank. Fisheries 5(4): 2-6

From Rio de Janeiro to Johnnesburg.

From Rio to Berlin: managing climate change. Environment 36(10): 6-15

From Rio to Rome.

From Russia with plants: beyond and within the Soviet Unions steppes lies a wealth of plant material waiting to be discovered. American nurseryman, 168(1): 84-86

From Russia, with shoes. Equine practice 15(4): 22-26

From S.q.c. program to T.q.c. program of Hsin-ying District Sugar Factory. Taiwan sugar: 20 (6) 239-243

From SGML documents to databases. Computers in agricultural extension programs: proceedings of the 4th international conference 28-31 January 1992 Orlando Florida sponspored by the Florida Cooperative Extension Service University of Florida: 457

From Saby to Lovsta--some glimpses of research activities in poultry improvement. Fjaderfa 68 (1) 10-12

From Sahara to college: realia are necessary. Agricultural education 53(2): 15

From Santa to CEO--temps play all roles. Personnel journal 75(4): 34-44not

From Singapore to Salisbury--orchids on the move.

From Slapneck to Finns Spur. Futures Michigan State University Agricultural Experiment Station 5(4): 14-17

From Slovenia to Bosnia.

From Smoot-Hawley to reciprocal trade agreements.

From Solway to the Firth of Clyde. the development of the agriculture of the southern and south-western areas. Spring 51 (2) 279-287

From Stalin to Brezhnev: Soviet agricultural policy in historical perspective. Soviet rural community: 6-70

From Statens Vaeksthustorsog in Virum to Institut for Vaeksthuskulturer in Arslev, 1929-1979.

From swimming to walking with a salamander robot driven by a spinal cord model. Science 315(5817): 1416-1420

From T-cell activation signals to signaling control of anti-cancer immunity. Immunological Reviews 220: 151-168

From T-tubule to sarcolemma: damage-induced dysferlin translocation in early myogenesis. Faseb Journal 21(8): 1768-1776

From terpenoids to aliphatic acids: further evidence for late-instar switch in osmeterial defense as a characteristic trait of swallowtail butterflies in the tribe papilionini. Journal of Chemical Ecology 32(9): 1999-2012

From Texas vineyards to the final consumer: an economic impact analysis. Texas journal of agriculture and natural resources: a ication of the Agricultural Consortium of Texas1(11): 31-40

From Thaer to Mitscherlich short biographies of important Berlin agricultural scientists.

From Thaer to Tschajanow economic precepts of work intensive agriculture.

From Thai cassava to European animal feed.

From The Jungle to the council: a historic sense of place. Journal of geography 85(5): 237-244

From The Land.

From Trametes quercina to Formes fomentarius. Kosmos 72 (1) 41-44

From Trousseau to angiogenesis: the link between the haemostatic system and cancer. Netherlands Journal of Medicine 64(11): 403-410

From Urus to eelstripe Rare breeds of livestock, cattle, wild ox, Witrikken cattle, Netherlands breed. Ark 2(3): 60-63

From Valladolid: Teaching and experimentation.

From Verona to Monte Baldo with Francesco Calzolari. Natura e montagna: 72, (ser 4) 12 (1)

From Versailles to Helsinki: structural change in the economies of Eastern Europe Macroeconomics, history, agrarian and rural dominance, urbanized industralized system. Acta oeconomica7(3-4): 343-350

From Vietnamese summer rolls to Indonesian curries: the flavors of Southeast Asia. FoodService director, 11(3): 142

From Vizzavona to Monte dOro passing through the Cirque de Tortetto: some aspects of the vegetation. Bulletin de la Societe botanique de France: b 1975), 121 79-82

From Walden to Wall Street.

From Wisconsin--planning building layouts for basic vocational agriculture programs. Agricultural education 53(6)

From Wisley: Tulip trials. Garden Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society 104(9): 366-369

From Xenopus to Oedipus: "Dolly," human cloning, and psychological and social "clone-ness". Cloning and Stem Cells 9(1): 33-39

From a 16th century monastery to a 21st century orthopaedic hospital. Bmj 333(7582): 1328-1330

From a dream to reality. European Journal of Immunology 37 Suppl 1: S134-S137

From a Highland croft.

From a Kansas drift incident to national reorientation. Journal of pesticide reform: a ication of the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticideser 7(4): 20

From a Taiwanese garden to the Arnold. Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta0(3): 36

From a Victorian garden.

From a chemists diary.

From a collection specimen to in. Visnyk Akademii nauk Ukrains'koi RSR: (6) 46-51

From a collectors notebook. Fall 38 (4) 9-13

From a color aerial photograph to a computerized land use map.

From a country village to a residential community.

From a country-artisan society to an industrial society.

From a cutting to an apple tree.

From a dendrological journal.

From a different point of view: Extrastriate cortex integrates information across saccades. Focus on Remapping in human visual cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) 97(2): 961-962

From a dream to reality. European Journal of Immunology 37 Suppl 1: S134-S137

From a face to its category via a few information processing states in the brain. Neuroimage 37(3): 974-984

From a grasshopper to a devastating locust. Plant protection bulletinub 1983) 33(3-4): 95-98

From a group of tradesmen weve inherited a lot of progress. Food production management: 101 (1) 54-55

From a growers perspective.

From a honeybee eager to swarm to a foraging bee. Imkerfreund 38(3): 92-97

From a housewife to range manager. Rangelands 6(1): 5-6

From a judges viewpoint. Bulletin 48(6): 562-565

From a learning laboratory with love.

From a man-made to a natural environment--the landscape of the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting television studios. Garten Landschaft = Landscape architecture planning 92(12): 915-920

From a novice to a trained novice. 3. Bienenpflege (1) 11-12

From a pasture to a silvopasture. Small farm today 2002 19(5): 40-42

From a pheasant hunters notebook.

From a plow to a sub-surface cultivator Erosion control tillage, Volgograd Region.1. Stepnye prostory: (5) 30-31

From a QUAC stick to a compositional assessment of man's nutritional status. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 49(0): 151-164

From a study trip in Poland. Vcelar 52 (3) 62-63

From a successful start to a victorious finish. Veterinariia: 6-8

From a trip in Argentina and Venezuela. Sumarski list 104(7-8): 368-374

From a village in Senegal, to another vision of development. Dynamique des systemes agraires ORSTOM laboratoire de sociologie et geographie africaines: 184

From a way of life to a business: Farm management and the Queensland Department of Primary Industries. Journal of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science0(1): 22-27

From a wooden plow and sickle to. Mekhanizatsiia sil's'koho hospodarstva: (10) 4-5

From abundance to scarcity.

From accounting to information science with a dialog system from the average data technique. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft: 8, 25 (38) 1358-1360

From achievements to new limits of socialist competition. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: ) 2-4

From active ingredients to the discovery of the targets: the cannabinoid receptors. Chemistry & Biodiversity 4(8): 1693-1706

From adaptation to complete vehicle design: a case study of product development capabilities in a carmaker in Brazil. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique6(1-3): 91-107

From adolescence to adulthood: development of psychopathology in kibbutz and town subjects. Journal of youth and adolescence 22(6): 605-621

From adversary to advisor: a new role for environmental officials in the economic development arena. Economic development reviewer 10(3): 27-30

From aerial photograph to orthophotograph. Allgemeine Forstzeitung: 87 (6) 180-181

From agar to zenry.

From agrarian Catholicism to managerial cooperativism.

From agri-science teacher to agriscience facilitator. Agricultural education magazine- 76(2): 22-23

From agricultural cooperatives to agroindustrial cooperatives, factors of success or blockage.

From agricultural education to green knowledge.

From agricultural high school to the agricultural university in Kosice. Agrikultura 7) 115-147

From agricultural market regulations to comprehensive regulations of the agricultural and food economies. Agrarische Rundschau: 4 4-5

From agricultural raw material to food product. Lebensmittel Industrie: 23 (7) 298-302

From agricultural research to medicine. Agricultural research 44(9): 22-23

From agricultural workers movement to employment of labor unions.

From agriculture to food. Bulletin technique d'information: (392 393) 415-424

From agriculture to food economy. Nowe rolnictwo: 31, 23 (13 14) 24-30

From agriculture to services.

From agro technician to engineer technician. Schweizerische landwirtschaftliche Monatshefte: 54 (2) 47-63

From agro-pastoralism to mixed farming.

From agronomic data to farmer recommendations.

From agronomist to ecologist. Cahiers des ingenieurs agronomes: 374 55-57

From alarm systems to smart houses. Home health care services quarterly3(3-4): 105-122

From alchemy to atoms.

From alfalfa to wool, Taiwan offers opportunities for U.S. exporters. AgExporter United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 3(7): 11-14

From ammonia to cancer and gene expression.

From an Australian garden.

From an academic oriented education towards a training emphasing economic problems of farmers. Economie ruraleApr 136(2): 17-27

From an antediluvian technology. Zhivotnovudstvo 28 (12) 52-56

From an engineering viewpoint. Proc Of The Res Conf On: High Temperature Drying Effects On Mechanical Properties Of Softwood Lumber: -Temperature Drying Effects On Mechanical Properties Of Softwood Lumber, 136-139

From an experiment on large farm. Zhivotnovudstvo 29 (8) 12-14

From an experimental station to scientific-production association. Sel'skoe khoziaistvo Moldavii: ) 39-41

From an investigators notebook. Gaceta del colmenar 41(1): 28-30

From an study trip to Poland, June 1975. Glasnik poljoprivredne proiznodnje prerade i plasmana: 24 (12) 29-30

From an unmentionable to a commodity. Futures Michigan State University Agricultural Experiment Station 8(3): 19-20

From analysis of mutants to genetic engineering. Annual Review of Plant Biology 58: 1-19

From ancient plants to modern medicine. Yearbook of science and the future: 72-187

From ancients to moderns: everyone loves Chrysanthemums. Flower and garden Northern edition: 21 (11) 32-33

From androgynous to diclinous differentiation of oogens and anthenidian filaments in Achlya flagellata Coker.

From anecdotal evidence of cannabinoids in multiple sclerosis to emerging new therapeutical approaches. Multiple Sclerosis 13(1): 133-134

From anesthesia to neuroleptanalgesia. Cahiers de medecine veterinaire 47(47): 189-196

From animal behaviour to animal bioethics.

From animal crackers to wild west beans.

From animal ecology to human ecology: the place and role of humans in ecosystems. Comptes rendus des seances4(9): 690-709

From animal to human being.

From animals to animats.

From animals to animats 2.

From animals to animats 9.

From animals to humans: evidence linking oxidative stress as a causative factor in muscle atrophy. Journal of Physiology 583(Pt 2): 421-422

From annual cultivation to mechanical harvest of strawberry plants. Revue horticole: 146 (2327) 35-38

From annuals to perennials. GC and HTJ: 184 (17) 31-33

From antinutritive to toxic effects of natural foods. Praktische Tierarzt 62(2): 149-150

From aphyllanthes to galanthus, plants of the volcanic area of Olot, Spain.

From apples for dinner to How to get solid nutrition advice. Vegetarian times: (190) 95-96

From apples to wine. Journal American Wine Society 20(3): 75-77

From arboretums to your garden. Agricultural research 49(9): 4-8

From arsenic to DDT.

From art history to public horticulture. Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta0(3): 38-39

From arthritis to zeaxanthin, ENs A-to-Z guide meets the 21st century. Environmental nutrition 23(12): 1

From arthroscopy to gene therapy--30 years of looking in joints. Proceedings of the annual convention1(51): 65-113

From artichoke to zucchini.

From aseptic to zip pouch: Basic packaging material & line control. Foodsafety magazine 11(1): 24

From asparagus to zucchini.

From assets to action. Rural development newsng 23(1): 1-3

From associations to agroindustrial complexes. Sel'skoe khoziaistvo Moldavii: ) 12-13

From atoms to polymers.

From atoms to proteins. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 64(15): 1959-1969

From author to reader.

From autosto bows and arrows. Rural Georgia 41(4): 16-17

From auxotrophic mutants to DNA sequences. Gene manipulations in fungi edited by JW Bennett Linda L Lasure

From awareness to action. Ecology USA 1972: A History of the Year's Important Ecological Events: ub 1973) 851-852

From baby pigs to fattening swine--in cooperatives.

From baked Tex-Mex to basic fries: promoting potatoes. FoodService director, 9(10): 104

From baler to stack quickly, cheaply. New Zealand journal of agriculture: 136 (2) 5-6

From bare lands to bread baskets. Feeding a billion: frontiers of Chinese agriculture by Sylvan Wittwer et al: 09

From barley to beer--a mineral study. Brewers digest: 51 (7) 30-32

From barley to beer--as seen under the scanning electron microscope. Proceedings annual meeting: ub 1973) 24-29

From barley--more heart benefits. Agricultural research 44(2): 20

From barn doors to printouts: teaching adults to use computers. Agricultural education magazine 57(10): 16-17

From barnyard flocks to big business. Farmline United States Dept of Agriculture Economic Research Service 5(3): 4-6

From barnyard to field.

From basic agrometeorological science to agrometeorological services and information for agricultural decision makers: A simple conceptual and diagnostic framework. Agricultural and forest meteorology12 142(2-4): 91-95

From basic feed to performance feeding. DLZ 30(4): 598-601

From basic to applied ecology--vegetation science for nature conservation: introduction. Applied vegetation science: official organ of the International Association for Vegetation Science 2(1): 2-6

From basin to hydrocommons.

From beef surplus to deficit?. Betriebswirtschaftliche Mitteilungen fur den Wirtschaftsberater: 262 39-47

From beekeeping notes made by Janko Vodopivec. Slovenski cebelar: 79 (4) 115-119

From beer to molecular biology.

From beet to bowl.

From begging bowl to bread basket--catalysis for transforming traditional agriculture. Indian farming 30(7): 19-23

From beginning to end seeds and nutritional security.

From bench to pilot plant.

From bin to buyer Review of Grain Marketing Economics, co-edited by Gail Cramer, an economist with the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station, and Walter G. Heid, Jr., of the U.S. Grain Marketing Lab. Focus on Montana agriculture Cooperative Extension Service Montana State Universityer 5(3): 5

From biological fundamentals to practice, and back. Theriogenology 68 Suppl 1: S250-S256

From biology to biotop--from natural science to nature protection.

From biomass to furan through decarbonylation of furfural under milk conditions. Biomass (4): 263-274

From biosensor to biochip. Febs Journal 274(21): 5451-5451

From biotechnology to genomes.

From birth to 6 months--fun with your dairy heifer. Hoard's dairyman, 124(4): 302-303

From birth to beef.

From birth to puberty. Advances in dairy technology: proceedings of the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar6(16)

From birth to weaning: how to care for suckling piglets. Revista dos criadores: 45 (550) 65-67

From black to green. An example of mine restoration in the Eastern Coalfield, NL Netherlands, land reclamation. Garten Landschaft = Landscape architecture planning 92(11): 860-864

From blood to brain: amoeboid microglial cell, a nascent macrophage and its functions in developing brain. Acta Pharmacologica Sinica 28(8): 1087-1096

From blueberries to building permits.

From blueberries to wild roses.

From blueprint to implementation: communicating corporate identity for the hotel industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 19(6): 485-494

From bog to bale to bench--a tale of sphagnum peat moss. Florists' review, 167(4328): 46-47

From bondage to contract: ethnic labor in the American West, 1600-1890. Countryside in the age of capitalist transformation: essays in the social history of rural America edited by Steven Hahn and Jonathan Prude: 324

From boom to bust. Western fruit grower 108(6): 14

From boom to bust and back again: a farm family rebuilds.

From botany to biochemistry: riches to rags?. Botanica special issue 3-7

From bourgeois agrarian reforms to socialistic agriculture in German Democratic Republic.

From bourgeois agrarian reforms to socialistic agriculture in the German Democratic Republic.

From branch lines to short lines: some criteria for evaluating and successfully operating former branch lines. Publication Cooperative Extension Programs University of Wisconsin Extension: 81 (I3153)

From broccoli to bananas--it all goes in the dryer.

From broken shaft to soil probe. USGA Green Section record 31(3): 7-8

From brood egg stock. Dansk erhvervsfjerkrae: 5 (19) 366

From brush to fescue. Better crops with plant food: 0 (2) 13-14

From brush to plantation.

From bull path to boulevard. Financing local infrastructure in nonmetropolitan areas edited by David L Chicoine and Norman Walzer: 2

From bullocks to tractors--Rajasthan State Agro Industries Corporation in retrospect.

From bunker to biodiversity. USGA Green Section record 42(1): 25

From bus stop to farm village.

From business development to quality of life - Innovation in rural north-east Germany. Outlook on Agriculture 35(2): 137-142

From butter mountain to butter shortage.

From butter to boysenberries.

From buying clubs to regional networks.

From bytes to bedside: data integration and computational biology for translational cancer research. Plos Computational Biology 3(2): E12-E12

From calf to heifer. Tierzuchter 36(3): 119-121

From calorie to joule. New proportions in measuring energy metabolism and calculating the parameters of feed energy evaluation. Archiv fur Tierernahrung = Archives of animal nutrition 30(10-12): 733-742

From calories to joules, a change for instruction and counseling.

From calving to the first two weeks of life--a critical period. Beef cattle science handbook: 3 431-436

From can see to cant.

From cancer immunosurveillance to cancer immunotherapy. Immunological Reviews 220: 82-101

From carcass to cave: large mammal exploitation during the Aurignacian at Vogelherd, Germany. Journal of Human Evolution 53(4): 362-382

From care to action.

From cash grains to cauliflower. New farm 8(5): 30

From casing to fruiting. Mushroom journal: (92) 299-300

From castle garden to city park on the planning of the National Garden Show 1977 in Stuttgart. Garten und Landschaft: 87 (5) 285-290

From catastrophe to opportunity. Proceedings of the annual meeting Fertilizer Industry Round Table: 9th) 71-74

From cattle range to cotton patch.

From cattle toxin to anti-cancer drug. Agricultural research US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service 40(1): 7

From caveman to chemist. Analytical Chemistry 63(21): 1042A-1042A

From caves to cans; Frances mushroom industry.

From celerifere to tricycle: using national board for professional teaching standards as a tool to steer agricultural education. Agricultural education magazine 76(5): 22-24

From celery to zucchini, its all part of learning.

From cell signaling to cancer therapy. Acta Pharmacologica Sinica 28(9): 1494-1498

From cell to brain.

From cell wall networks to algorithms: the simulation and cytology of cell division patterns in plants. Protoplasma 62(2-3): 69-85

From cells to proteins.

From cells to societies.

From cells to the ocean: satellite ocean color. NATO ASI series: Series G: Ecological sciences7(27): 325-337

From cellulose to a carbohydrate liquid readily available. Hassadeh 57 (8) 1527-1529

From cenesthesias to cenesthopathic schizophrenia: a historical and phenomenological review. Psychopathology 40(5): 361-368

From central business district to central social district: the revitalization of the small Georgia city. Small town 19(5): 4-17

From central kitchens to off-site locations: transporting hot food. FoodService director, 10(4): 166

From centrally-planned to market economies.

From cestodes to nematodes: 15 years of scientific collaboration between the Parasitological Institute SAS and the Section of Parasitology of the Sapienza University of Rome. Helminthologia (Bratislava) 44(3): 145-149

From challenge to opportunity.

From chemical to biological control in Canadian greenhouse crops. Biological control: a global perspective: 118-127

From chemical topology to three-dimensional geometry.

From childhood to adolescence.

From chips to chipping: moving to an orchard. Small farm today 16(1): 40-43

From chloroplasts to chaperones: how one thing led to another. Photosynthesis Research 80(1-3): 333-343

From chocolate mousse to acid drops: an introduction to FSC research. Biological journal of the Linnean Society 32(1): 105-109

From cholesterol to triglyceride?. Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch: 28 (9) 222-223

From city to farm: urban wastes and the American farmer. Agricultural History 49(4): 598-612

From city to field office. Soil conservation 45(2): 6-7

From city waste to country gold. Minnesota scienceer 34(1): 12-14

From classical to modern methods for element localization in plant systems. Physiologie vegetale 22(6): 867-886

From classroom to community and beyond.

From cleavage to primitive streak formation: a complementary normal table and a new look at the first stages of the development of the chick. I. General morphology. Developmental Biology 49(2): 321-337

From cleavage to primitive streak formation: a complementary normal table and a new look at the first stages of the development of the chick. II. Microscopic anatomy and cell population dynamics. Developmental Biology 79(2): 296-308

From clinical chemistry to food chemistry: the Pennington experience. 18th National Nutrient Databank Conference proceedings: May 23-26-1993 Crown Sterling Suites Hotel Baton Rouge Louisiana 0

From clinical trials to clinical practice: why the gap?. Hypertension 48(2): 196-197

From clog maker to the clog industry. Populier 14 (4) 76-77

From clonal forestry to bulk propagation of cuttings. Resultat SkogForsk (6): 4 pp

From cloned genes to genomic genetics. Biotechnology for livestock production prepared by the Animal Production and Health Division FAO: 4

From clusters and value chains - promises and pitfalls of integrated marketing concepts in the forest and timber industry. Forst und Holz 62(1): 27-31

From cnidarians to mammals: the use of animals as remedies in fishing communities in NE Brazil. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 107(2): 259-276

From coarse-grain to all-atom: toward multiscale analysis of protein landscapes. Proteins 68(3): 646-661

From coast to coast: the National Grove of State Trees. Journal of forestry 92(10): 29

From coastal wilderness to fruited plain.

From cold dialysis to isothermic dialysis: a twenty-five year voyage. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation 22(4): 1007-1012

From collagen chemistry towards cell therapy - a personal journey. International Journal of Experimental Pathology 88(4): 203-214

From collectives to collective decision-making and action: farmer field schools in Vietnam. Journal of agricultural education and extension 13(3): 245-256

From colonialism to cooperative development. Landliche Entwicklung: Fallstudien aus Lateinamerika Westafrika und Sudostasien Erich Bugmann ed

From colony foundation to dispersal flight in a higher fungus-growing termite, Macrotermes subhyalinus, (Isoptera, Macrotermitinae). Sociobiology 0(3): 219-231

From combinatorial chemistry to cancer-targeting peptides. Molecular Pharmaceutics 4(5): 631-651

From combines to computers.

From commercial cattle raising to pedigreed breeding. Zhivotnovodstvo 11 52-56

From common heritage to divergence: why the transition countries are drifting apart by measures of agricultural performance. American journal of agricultural economics 82(5): 1140-1148

From community ecology to vegetation management: providing a scientific basis for management. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference: 3rd) 463-470

From company to community: agricultural community development in Macon Country, Alabama, 1881 to the New Deal. Agricultural historyng 72(2): 459-486

From competition at home to competing abroad.

From complex traits to complex alleles. Trends in Genetics 15(1): 6-8

From computer to brain.

From concept through market testing: the development of vacuum foam-dried milk. Food technology: 25 (12) 52-54

From concept to application of HACCP principles on the food safety systems. Lucrai Stiintifice Medicina Veterinara, Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iasi 50(9): 537-543

From concept to application: the impact of a community-wide intervention to improve the delivery of preventive services to children. Pediatrics 108(3): E42-E42

From concept to commercialization. Rural cooperatives 73(6): 23

From concept to context.

From concept to form in landscape design.

From concept to market with a meat-soy protein in dry sausage. Journal 56 (3) 414

From conception to consumption--a new type of meat science journal. Journal of agricultural and food information(1): 83-91

From concepts to programs: three decades of progress for veterinary public health and animal health in Latin America and the Caribbean. Bulletin of the Pan American Health Organization 14(4): 356-375

From conference to conference. The summing up of works.

From conflict to collaboration.

From conflict to consensus. Securing the Commons (3): 38 pp

From conflict to cooperation: local development in Nejapa. Grassroots development: journal of the Inter American Foundation2(1): 4-10

From conflicts to wise practice agreement and national strategy: cooperative learning and coastal stewardship in estuarine floodplain management, Tweed River, eastern Australia. Journal of Cleaner Production 15(16): 1545-1558

From consortium to company: the role of technological gatekeeping. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting and International Symposium: 4th) 7-14

From consumer problems to consumer anomie. Journal of consumer policy 10(1): 25-38

From consumer use, pork meats are enriched in omega-3 type lipids. Cahiers Agricultures 16(1): 64-65

From contact protection to functional wrapper. Carnes y mercados: 1 (1) 33-41

From control policies to health policies as a tool for inclusion. International Journal of Public Health 52(2): 73-74

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