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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 15995

Chapter 15995 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Heart histological changes in rats long-term exposed to organophosphate. Revista do Instituto Adolfo Lutz 65(3): 213-216

Heart in Anderson-Fabry disease and other lysosomal storage disorders. Heart (London) 93(4): 528-535

Heart in stress.

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Heart lesions in acute swine fever.

Heart medication.

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Heart murmur. Clinical signs and diagnosis in small animal practice edited by Richard B Ford: 170

Heart muscle damages from FMD in animals.

Heart muscle fibrosis of suckling calves in Hungary. Magyar allatorvosok lapja 34(12): 807-812

Heart of America DHIA. MP 95 (65-A) 23

Heart of darkness: reflections on famine and starvation in Africa. Food and nutrition in history and anthropology(9): 23-68

Heart of home.

Heart of stone. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 81(3): 335-335

Heart of the community.

Heart of the milking machine.

Heart or lung: who is the culprit in cough?. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference5(15): 201-202

Heart pathology in chamois and steinbocks Parasitic and non-parasitic heart diseases.1. Annali della Facolta di medicina veterinaria di Torino7(27): 253-274

Heart perfusion, energetics, and ischemia.

Heart period duration and systolic duration of horses during and after trot on a longeing rein.

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Heart rate variability: impact of differences in outlier identification and management strategies on common measures in three clinical populations. Pediatric Research 62(3): 337-342

Heart rates and lactate concentrations in Belgian horses during a standardized exercise test. Equine practice 13(8): 6-7

Heart rates in Japanese quail. Poultry Science 48(2): 744-744

Heart research on animals.

Heart risks.

Heart rot --a virus disease of banana in Marathwada. Indian journal of mycology and plant pathology: (Pub 1977), 6 (1) 23-26

Heart rot and root rot in Acacia mangium: identification and assessment. ACIAR Proceedings Series (124): 26-33

Heart rot and root rot in tropical Acacia plantations. Proceedings of a workshop held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 7-9 February, 2006. ACIAR Proceedings Series (124): 92 pp

Heart rot damages in Fichtelgebirge inventory, statistical analysis and evaluation of root and wound rots of spruce.

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Heart rot on Acacia mangium in SAFODA plantations.

Heart rots.

Heart rots in plantation hardwoods: the background to this ACIAR project. ACIAR Proceedings Series (124): 22-25

Heart rots of Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir in the central Rocky Mountains.

Heart rots of balsam fir.

Heart rots of red and white firs.

Heart rupture and haemopericardium in capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) reared in captivity. Avian Pathology 20(2): 363-366

Heart score and performance ability in the United Kingdom. Equine Veterinary Journal 14(1): 89-90

Heart shots.

Heart smart.

Heart smart. Circular HE 93 (693)

Heart smart: the facts about cholesterol. Extension leaflet University of yland Cooperative Extension Service: 1991 (221)

Heart sounds and murmurs: changes related to severity of chronic valvular disease in the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 9(2): 75-85

Heart to heart.

Heart transplantation in isogenic mice.

Heart transplantation in older candidates. Transplantation Proceedings 39(6): 1963-1966

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Heart water and the control of ticks in the regions of Galla and Sidama.

Heart worm in the United Kingdom. Journal of small animal practice 25(6): 299-305

Hearts message system. Re: Search New Brunswick: er 6 (1) 2-3

Heart- and circulatory disorders in big animals, especially cattle Veterinary medicine, homeopathy.1. Tierarztliche Umschau 37(12): 865-866

Heart- and dry rot of beets.

Heart-artery interaction and cardiac output. Western veterinarian 17(2): 16-20

Heart-bar deer farms: raising the cash crop of the 90s. AgVentures 1998 1(4): 48-52

Heart-friendly corn oil? New high-oleic corn varieties make it possible. Agricultural research 51(8): 18-19

Heart-healthy lessons for children.

Heart-leaf Philodendron. Foliage digest 7(6): 3-6

Heart-leaved silver gum, Eucalyptus cordata Labill.

Heart-rate and blood-pressure variability during psychophysiological tasks involving speech: influence of respiration. Psychophysiology 44(5): 767-778

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Heart-smart advice updated for 2000: more fat, but make it Mono, please. Environmental nutrition 22(7): 1

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HeartCare program.

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Hearted lettuce throughout the summer. Garden journal of the Royal Horticultural Society 107(4): 162-165

Hearth & home, preserving a peoples culture.

Hearth bread production. Proceedings of the annual meeting 4 58-64


Heartland Area Education Agencys Problem Solving Model: an outcomes-driven special education paradigm. Rural special education quarterlyll 22(4): 29-36

Heartland New Mexico.

Heartland Sustainable Agriculture Network. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE research projects North Central Region

Heartland conference discusses common interests and concerns. Rural development news 16(2): 5-6

Heartland horticulture.


Heartnut seed distribution by SONG. Annual report: 9th) 24-26

Heartnuts for profit. Annual report Northern Nut Growers Association: (74th) 99-101

Heartnuts: a fifty year passion. Annual report of the Northern Nut Growers Association: 0th) 155


Heartreach: reaching the hearts of youth before diseases does (a model for school-based heart health education, advocacy, research, and team-building). Journal of health education 29(1): 51-53

Heartrot in Douglas fir caused by Sparassis crispa Wulf. ex Fr.

Hearts of palm. Boletim Instituto de Tecnologia de Alimentost 19(3): 309-324

Heartwater. Infectious diseases of wild mammals: 05-406

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Heartwater in Sudan.

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Heartwood and discolored wood.

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Heartworm disease. Journal of Small Animal Practice 39(8): 407-410

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Heartworm infestation.

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Heartworm symposium.

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Hearty Heart and friends.

Hearty and healthy breakfasts minus cholesterol and calories.

Hearty habits.


Heat & mass transfer during shipment of peanuts. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers: er 1989 (89-6105)

Heat + low oxygen + high carbon dioxide = dead fruit pests. Agricultural research 53(7): 6-7

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