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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16025

Chapter 16025 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Honeybee foraging behavior. American bee journal: 117 (4) 222-223

Honeybee foraging strategies at a food source in relation to its distance from the hive and the rate of sugar flow Apis mellifera, behavior, ecologic aspects, Argentina. Journal of apicultural research1(3): 139-150

Honeybee foulbrood. Hellenike kteniatrike Hellenic veterinary medicine: 19 (2) 113-116

Honeybee genetics. Gaceta del colmenar 40(11): 616

Honeybee genetics and its appli. Mitsubachi Kagaku = Honeybee science(1): 1-4

Honeybee health service in Bavaria. Imkerfreund 34(6): 184-185

Honeybee health service in the Federal Republic of Germany. Pchelovodstvo (3) 28-29

Honeybee honey. Apicultura in Romania 55(2): 14-16

Honeybee import and sale. Birokteren 96(1-2): 20-22

Honeybee improvement. Gaceta del colmenar 41(9): 474

Honeybee in Indonesia in the year 2000.

Honeybee in the service of man.. Melissokomike hellas 27(320-321): 243-244

Honeybee inbreeding. Belgique apicole: 41 (4) 64-68

Honeybee increase seed productio. Gorsko stopanstvo 35(4): 33-35

Honeybee language.

Honeybee language. I. Language in honeybee swarms. Tidsskrift for biavl 113(9): 162-165

Honeybee lice and Austria. Bienenvater 95 (8 9) 245-247

Honeybee longevity. American bee journal: 117 (6) 386

Honeybee metabolism. Vcelar 54(2): 34

Honeybee mine. Harrowsmith country life 10(57): 54-59

Honeybee mite threat prompts Georgia quarantine. Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 70(33): 1

Honeybee mites and their control.

Honeybee mortality and pesticides: reality and prospects. Apicoltore moderno 71(3): 87-89

Honeybee mycoses, a serious concern for beekeepers. Revue francaise d'apiculture: (390) 475-477

Honeybee mycoses: investigation of an effective medical treatment. Revue francaise d'apiculture: (392) 565-566

Honeybee navigation. Gazette apicole: 77 (824) 156-157

Honeybee nutrition. Vcelar 54(1): 10

Honeybee nutritional studies at the Beltsville Bee Lab. American bee journal 119(1): 29-31

Honeybee orientation as a learning process. iI. Biene 110 (6) 164-166

Honeybee pasture improvement. Bienenvater 97 (8 9) 243-245

Honeybee pasture in Bulgaria. Vcelar 52(12): 267-268

Honeybee pasture in early spring. Biene 112 (3) 97-98

Honeybee pasture in the vicinity of forests for cooperation of beekeepers with forest management and hunting associations. Vcelarstvi 30 (3) 51

Honeybee pasture on arable land and grassland. Biene 117(7): 297-302

Honeybee pasture throughout the year. Neue Bienenzucht: 5 (1) 6-8

Honeybee pasture, an important c. Pchelarstvo 8(10): 10-12

Honeybee pasture--red ants as our helpers. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 13(11): 339-341

Honeybee pathology. Informations techniques des Directions des services veterinaires: 0 63 103-181

Honeybee pests and predators. CRC handbook of pest management in agriculture1(11): 423-431

Honeybee poisoning. Vcelar 54(3): 68

Honeybee poisonings in 1979. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 14(10): 312-313

Honeybee poisonings.. Pchelarstvo 7(5): 25-27

Honeybee pollen and its production. Vcelarstvi 30 (5) 112-113

Honeybee pollination in Australia. Apiacta (4) 153-156

Honeybee pollination of currants. Vcelar 52 (5) 105

Honeybee pollination of entomphilous crops. Pchelovodstvo (5) 14

Honeybee pollination of oilseed rape, cultivar Midas Brassica napus, Australia. Australian journal of experimental agriculture and animal husbandry 22(114-115): 124-126

Honeybee pollination of some sunflower varieties in Ialomita District. Apicultura in Romania 54(6): 17-18

Honeybee pollination of tomatoes in greenhouses. Pchelovodstvo 9 18-20

Honeybee pollination on a contractual basis. Pchelovodstvo (8) 6-7

Honeybee pollination, an important agricultural means. Pchelovodstvo ) 8-9

Honeybee pollination, crop yields and honey yields. Pchelovodstvo 6 1-3

Honeybee pollinaton of agricultural crops in the Ukraine. Pchelovodstvo 10 4-5

Honeybee populations and fruit set in cranberry. Cranberries 37 (2) 8-9

Honeybee predation by bee-eaters, with economic considerations Birds as honeybee predators, Meropidae, Merops spp. Bee world4(2): 65-68

Honeybee protection and plant protection. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 14(6): 170-177

Honeybee protection from pesticide treatments. Apicoltore moderno: 66 (2) 49-53

Honeybee protection ordinance. Neue Bienenzucht 7(3): 74-77

Honeybee queen egg-laying system. Vcelar 54(10): 236

Honeybee queen imports and Varroa mites. Birokteren 96(6): 113-114

Honeybee queen mated artificially.

Honeybee queen mating control. Pchelovodstvo ) 6

Honeybee queen mating stations. Imkerfreund 36(5): 154-155

Honeybee queen mating, the key to success. Bienenwelt 23(6): 137-138

Honeybee queen rearing and selection at the Thumenau Apiary. Beille de France et l'apiculteur: (622) 461-463

Honeybee queen rearing as a profession. Neue Bienenzucht 7(7): 197-199

Honeybee queen rearing in Orava. Vcelar 55(5): 105

Honeybee queen rearing in the. E Melissa: 0 (187 204) 103-108

Honeybee queens with natural or artificial in. Melissokomike hellas 27(324): 340-342

Honeybee race regionalization and the creation of pure-line zones in the Soviet Union. Biene 115(8): 336-339

Honeybee races and their crosses: Portuguese bees.

Honeybee races and their crossing. Pchelovodstvo 8 19-21

Honeybee races and zoning of races USSR.1. Pchelovodstvo (9) 26-27

Honeybee races in our canton.

Honeybee races in the Soviet Union and their protection and breeding.

Honeybee radioactivity. Imkerfreund 32 (3) 95-96

Honeybee recruitment: the dance-language controversy explained. Gleanings in bee culture: 104 (9) 331-332

Honeybee research. Gaceta del colmenar: 40 (2) 64-66

Honeybee research now under one roof at new Cornell lab.

Honeybee sectors of multiple-branch collective and state farms. Pchelovodstvo ) 3-4

Honeybee selection and queen breeding. Slovenski cebelar: 77 (3) 73-75

Honeybee selection in the United States.

Honeybee swarm control. Slovenski cebelar 81(5): 160

Honeybee swarming and its suppression. Vcelarstvi 29 (5) 111

Honeybee venom and purulent infections. Gazette apicole: 78 (829) 10-11

Honeybee vision, color and beehi. Pchelarstvo 6(11): 16-18

Honeybee waterer and the watering of honeybees in the beehive. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 15(2): 48-49

Honeybee with colored pollen signs. Bienenpflege 12 238-240

Honeybee year in 1975: causes and effects. Bienenwelt 18 (5) 97-104

Honeybees Waggle dance and its accuracy in dependence on sun position and azimuth-angle velocity. Zoologische beitrage7(2-3): 415-420

Honeybees organs for movement . Pchelovodstvo (6) 31-33

Honeybees organs of sense. Pchelovodstvo (11) 31-32

Honeybee, man and nature. Neue Bienenzucht 7(9): 269-276

Honeybee, the symbol of economy. Bienenvater 94 (3) 77-79

Honeybees & agricultural chemicals on the Darling Downs. Australasian beekeeper: 80 (2) 38-41

Honeybees also take part. Pchelarstvo 4 (7) 6-7

Honeybees and aircraft. Vcelarstvi 30 (7) 157-158

Honeybees and alcoholic fermenta. Pchelarstvo 4 (10) 12-13

Honeybees and antibiotics. Gaceta del colmenar: 39 (10) 426-427

Honeybees and beehive size. Bienenvater 96 (11) 305-307

Honeybees and beehives from abroad. Imkerfreund 32 (6) 184-187

Honeybees and beekeepers in winter. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 14(11): 342

Honeybees and birdsfoot trefoil. Vcelarstvi 27 (9) 196-197

Honeybees and buckwheat. Pchelovodstvo 12 13-15

Honeybees and buckwheat yields. Pchelovodstvo (12) 13

Honeybees and buckwhet yield. Pchelovodstvo ) 13-14

Honeybees and bumblebees taken in light traps. Entomological news: 84 (7) 235-236

Honeybees and cancer. Gaceta del colmenar: 40 (7) 340

Honeybees and cruciferous weeds. Vcelarstvi 30 (5) 114

Honeybees and electrical fields. Pchelovodstvo (9) 10-11

Honeybees and electricity. Journal suisse d'apiculture: 72 (7) 179-180

Honeybees and environmental problems. Pchelovodstvo (8) 11-12

Honeybees and equilibrium in nature. Slovenski cebelar: 78 (8) 255-256

Honeybees and faba beans. Vcelarstvi 36(7): 154-155

Honeybees and fiber flax. Pollination of Agricultural Crops by Bees: ransl 1977) 230-235

Honeybees and flowers. Belgique apicole 42(11): 235-240

Honeybees and forest. Bienenvater 97 (6) 175-176

Honeybees and gods from very ancient accounts. Revue francaise d'apiculture: (393) 47-49

Honeybees and honey flora Bee behavior, ecologic aspects, Ryazan Region, RSFSR-in-Europe.1. Pchelovodstvo (10) 16-17

Honeybees and insecticides.

Honeybees and maize. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 14(8): 233

Honeybees and microencapsulated pesticide. Gleanings in bee culture 107(3): 128-129

Honeybees and mythology. Pchelovodstvo (12) 29

Honeybees and other factors in Floridas legume program.

Honeybees and pesticide applications. Revue francaise d'apiculture: 352 204-205

Honeybees and pesticides. Apicoltore moderno 69(4): 123-125

Honeybees and pesticides. I. Plain talk about the past and present USA. American bee journal 123(10): 724

Honeybees and pesticides. II. Facts and common sense Apis mellifera, toxicity. American bee journal 123(11): 797-800

Honeybees and pesticides. III. Misconceptions and an economic analysis viewpoint. American bee journal 123(12): 860-867

Honeybees and pesticides. IV. Guidelines for future honeybee. American bee journal 124(1): 42-45

Honeybees and physical laws. Vcelar 50 (2) 40-41

Honeybees and phytosanitary treatments. Abeille de France et l'apiculteur: 604 133

Honeybees and planned control of cockchafers in the canton of Thurgau during 1973.

Honeybees and plant protection. Biene 117(5): 199-201

Honeybees and plants. Pchelarstvo 4 (6) 21-24

Honeybees and postal stamps. Bienenzucht 25 (11) 331-339

Honeybees and red clover. Pchelovodstvo 7 24-25

Honeybees and reservers for increasing yields per hectare. Vcelar 50 (11) 241-242

Honeybees and smoking. Vcelarstvi 36(9): 200-201

Honeybees and solar eclipses. Pchelarstvo 3 (3) 17-18

Honeybees and solitary bees as pollinators of alfalfa. Pchelovodstvo (12) 12-13

Honeybees and soybean production. II. The situation on Delmarva Peninsula. American bee journal 119(3): 202-203

Honeybees and strawberry indust. Mitsubachi Kagaku = Honeybee science(2): 57-60

Honeybees and sugar. Apicultura in Romania: 53 (1) 11-13

Honeybees and sunflower yield. Pchelovodstvo ) 22-23

Honeybees and the earths magnetic field. Gleanings in bee culture: 103 (4) 119

Honeybees and the environment: honeybees as a cogwheel in natures timepiece. Tidsskrift for biavl: 11 (9) 151-153

Honeybees and the forest. Slovenski cebelar: 77 (11 12) 341-342

Honeybees and the homeowners policy. American bee journal 121(9): 657-659

Honeybees and the pollination of cultivated plants. Slovenski cebelar 81(8): 273-275

Honeybees and their enzymes. Vcelarstvi 30 (12) 265-267

Honeybees and their management.

Honeybees and their venom. Slovenski cebelar: 80 (2) 48-50

Honeybees and water. Vcelar 54(8): 176-177

Honeybees and you. Bulletin 74, 585

Honeybees are intelligent.

Honeybees are remunerative.. Pchelarstvo 8(1): 7-9

Honeybees are the best allies of pomologists even under protection. Apicoltore moderno: 67 (2) 47-50

Honeybees as a factor in fruit production. Abelhas 21(250): 113-114

Honeybees as an aid in the control of environmental pollution.

Honeybees as an endangered animal species also danger for crops they care for. Neue Bienenzucht: 5 (7) 201-203

Honeybees as an endangered animal species: also danger for the plant yields produced by them.

Honeybees as an endangered animal species; danger also for the plant crops produced by them. Biene 111 (2) 36-37

Honeybees as an endangered animals species. Bienenwelt 18 (12) 252-253

Honeybees as environmental watchdogs. Arboretum bulletin Arboretum Foundation University of Washingtonng 48(1): 10-11

Honeybees as stimulators and preservers of life. Bienenvater 98 (8) 227-229

Honeybees as thieves of nectar. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 41(2): 46-48

Honeybees bigger than life through photography.

Honeybees economize on cells by packing pollen Apis mellifera, behavior. American bee journal 123(11): 795-796

Honeybees feeding from honeydew exudate of diseased Gambels oak in Colorado Apis mellifera, bacteria infection of Quercus gambeli. Journal of apicultural research2(1): 53-56

Honeybees for pollination of tomatoes in greenhouse conditions. Pchelovodstvo (10) 13

Honeybees from A to Z.

Honeybees from antiquity to our days. Belgique apicole 43(10): 197-205

Honeybees in California: almond pollination 1970-1979. Gleanings in bee culture 107(9): 479-480

Honeybees in Central Africa. Slovenski cebelar: 9 (5) 168-169

Honeybees in Dutch greenhouses. Pchelovodstvo (1) 11-12

Honeybees in Ethiopia. Pchelovodstvo (3) 30-31

Honeybees in Kiev Russia. Pchelovodstvo ) 31-32

Honeybees in Maritime Territory RSFSR-in-Asia.1. Pchelovodstvo (1) 11-12

Honeybees in North Carolina. Circular 75, 512, rev

Honeybees in Pakistan. Tidsskrift for biavl 113(8): 145

Honeybees in Paraguay.. Mitsubachi Kagaku = Honeybee science(3): 113-116

Honeybees in Pskhu. Pchelarstvo 12 41-42

Honeybees in alfalfa pollination. Pchelovodstvo (3) 12-13

Honeybees in almond pollination. Almond facts 49(1): 30-32

Honeybees in an artificial bird nest. Apicoltore moderno 72(4): 153-154

Honeybees in apple orchards. Pszczelarstwo 26 (7 8) 5-6

Honeybees in bee trees Bashkir ASSR.1. Pchelovodstvo (10) 13

Honeybees in cotton fields. Pchelovodstvo (7) 17-18

Honeybees in greenhouses. Pchelovodstvo 3 12-14

Honeybees in greenhouses, their. Mitsubachi Kagaku = Honeybee science(2): 49-56

Honeybees in mixed plantings. Pchelovodstvo ) 14-15

Honeybees in myths and legends. Pchelovodstvo (10) 27

Honeybees in orchards. Pchelovodstvo 4 20-21

Honeybees in relation to environment. Ponencias y comunicaciones del Primer Congreso Nacional de Apicultura edicion preparada por: Jesus B Marquina Olmedo Cesar Carlos Saenz Barrio: 119

Honeybees in seed stands of clover. Vcelarstvi 30 (7) 148-149

Honeybees in snow. Imkerfreund 30 (2) 42-43

Honeybees in the Bible. Revue francaise d'apiculture: 353 253-254

Honeybees in the apiaries of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. Teknologiia proizvodstva produktov pchelovodstva A N Mel'nichenko ed: 7-40

Honeybees in the electric field. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(11): 350-356

Honeybees in the polar region. Pchelovodstvo (1) 12-13

Honeybees in the pollination of clover. Pchelovodstvo (4) 14

Honeybees in the pollination of the strawberry. Apicoltore moderno: 66 (1) 9-15

Honeybees increase clover seed production 15 times. Iowa State Apiarist Rept : 51-53

Honeybees increase seed yields o. Pchelarstvo 7(4): 19-20

Honeybees introduced in the Maritime Territory. Pchelovodstvo ) 5

Honeybees introduced into the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. Teknologiia proizvodstva produktov pchelovodstva A N Mel'nichenko ed: 6-55

Honeybees made to measure. Imkerfreund 38(4): 142-143

Honeybees of Africa.

Honeybees of East Kazakhstan. Pchelovodstvo 1 8-9

Honeybees of India. Pchelovodstvo (2) 25-26

Honeybees of Transcaucasia and their exploitation. Pchelovodstvo 34(2): 11-12

Honeybees of different races with a weak flow. Pchelovodstvo ) 14-16

Honeybees of pure race as the basis of breeding work in the apiary. Pchelovodstvo (3) 24-25

Honeybees of the Samara Bend. Pchelovodstvo (12) 6

Honeybees on Crete. Biene 115(1): 15-17

Honeybees on buckwheat. Pchelovodstvo (2) 10-11

Honeybees on clover. Pchelovodstvo (8) 15

Honeybees on clover crops. Pchelovodstvo (8) 10-11

Honeybees on platforms. Pchelovodstvo ) 6

Honeybees on rape. Pchelovodstvo (5) 9

Honeybees on red clover. Pchelovodstvo (3) 14-15

Honeybees on sainfoin. Pchelovodstvo (4 5) 24

Honeybees outdoors in full nests. Pchelovodstvo ) 7-8

Honeybees outdoors in the multiple-story beehive. Pchelovodstvo ) 23-24

Honeybees overseas diseases and pests. Features and potential damage. Farm production and practice Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Economics Division: (428)

Honeybees prepare for swarming Apis mellifera, biochemical and physiological indices, USSR.1. Pchelovodstvo (6) 17-18

Honeybees require water. Vcelarstvi 35(10): 223

Honeybees under high-voltage power lines. Pchelovodstvo (2) 9-10

Honeybees under the electron microscope. Pchelovodstvo 1 10-11

Honeybees urgently needed. Pchelovodstvo (4) 5-6

Honeybees viewed under the optical microscope. Pchelovodstvo (4 5) 20-21

Honeybees capacity to remove pollen from gathered nectar--a synopsis. Birokteren 95(9): 172-175

Honeybees importance as pollinators and their reward. Tidsskrift for biavl 114(4): 80-81

Honeybees role in pollination of broad bean (Vicia faba). International Apicultural Congress 23d Moscow 1971 Proceedings: ub 1972) 507-508

Honeybees' visual spatial orientation at the feeding site. Lehrer, M [Editor] EXS (Basel); Orientation and communication in arthropods 115-144

Honeybees, an unexploited reserv. Pchelarstvo 1(4): 19-22

Honeybees, and sensible pesticide use Insect pollinators. Arboretum bulletin Arboretum Foundation University of Washingtoner 45(4): 38-41

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Honeybees, flowers & man. American horticulturist: er 56 (6) 10-11

Honeybees, flowers and honeys: biological, agronomical and technological aspects of apiculture. Coltivatore e Giornale vinicolo italiano: 121 (3) 54-55

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Honeybees: natural and artificial reproduction. Tierra 30 (9) 540-543

Honeybush (Cyclopia spp.) response to phosphorus fertilisation and mulching. South African Journal of Plant and Soil 24(3): 176-177

Honeycomb (hexagonal) method of distributing plants in breeding nurseries. Selektsiia i semenovodstvo: (1) 12-14

Honeycomb care and wax works. Biene 109 (12) 367-369

Honeycomb from plastic. Bienenvater 94 (10) 281-282

Honeycomb protection.. Melissokomike hellas 28(328): 112-113

Honeycomb rack with splint. Bienenvater 95 (2) 47-49

Honeycomb selection designs. Janick, J [Editor] Plant Breeding Reviews 87-139

Honeycomb stacking system seeks to save desert water. World water 10(9): 35

Honeycombs with drone cells and Varroa jacobsoni caused disease Apis mellifera.1. Veterinariia (4) 50-51

Honeycraft in theory and practice.

Honeycrisp apple. Minnesota report (225)


Honeydew Nursery: a novice rebuilds a shops image. American nurseryman 164(11): 82-84

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Honeydew and bees.

Honeydew aphids and silver fir dieback.

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Honeydew honey does not belong with the winter stores. Vcelar 53(8): 182

Honeydew honey, a source of health. Apicultura in Romania 55(12): 12-14

Honeydew in the mountain. Abeille de France et l'apiculteur: 557 21-22

Honeydew melons in Spain. Hassadeh 57 (5) 836

Honeydew of Coccoidea as food for hummingbirds and insects. Bonner zoologische Beitrage: 4 (1 2) 15-23

Honeydew on lime trees and its p. Bdzhil'nytstvo 3) 64-69

Honeydew on the oak. Pchelarstvo 4 (8) 20-21

Honeydew producing insects in May. Neue Bienenzucht: 5 (5) 135-136

Honeydew sugar estimates differ among reducing-sugar test methods. Proceedings (2): 1547-1549

Honeydew--an important resource of our forests. Vcelarstvi 27 (6) 128-129

Honeydew-producing Callaphididae of the birch. Biene 115(2): 50-53

Honeydew-secreting insects of Siberia. Pchelovodstvo (3) 19-20

Honeydews: a potential new crop. Vegetable growers news 34(3): 2-3

Honeygold and Red Baron.

Honeygold and Red Baron, two new hardy Minnesota apples.

Honeylate tangor--a new late matured hybrid. Proceedings of the International Citrus Symposium Guangzhou China Nov 5-8-1990 edited by Huang Bangyan Yang Qian: 134


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Honeymoon Lake Snowmobile Trail.

Honeymoon ends, but Irish still value EC membership.

Honeys of Galicia. Ponencias y comunicaciones del Primer Congreso Nacional de Apicultura edicion preparada por: Jesus B Marquina Olmedo Cesar Carlos Saenz Barrio: 131

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Honeysuckle sipping.

Honeysuckle witches broom aphid. Current information series: 992 (956)


Honeysweet pear tree. Plant patent United States Patent Office: 1979 (4379)

Hong Kong.

Hong Kong 2005.

Hong Kong adult dietary survey, 1995. Australian journal of nutrition and dietetics 55(1): S11-S13

Hong Kong as a market for U.S. farm products.

Hong Kong at the crossroads: an interview with LaVerne E. Brabant. AgExporter 9(10): 16-17

Hong Kong bamboos.

Hong Kong continues its love affair with U.S. fruits and vegetables. AgExporter United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 3(10): 16-19

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Hong Kong import trends: more rice, less wheat.

Hong Kong imports and exports classification list.

Hong Kong in its geographical setting.

Hong Kong in the spotlight. Textile Asia 17(1): 98-99

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Hong Kong is Asias no. 2 farm market. Foreign agriculture 17(14): 7-8

Hong Kong is a blooming market for cut flowers. AgExporter United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 3(8): 14-15

Hong Kong is a major transshipment point for Pacific Rim. Foreign agriculture United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 23(6): 10

Hong Kong is dynamic market for U.S. agriculture. Foreign agriculture United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 25(6): 8-9

Hong Kong is lucrative, challenging market for U.S. cotton. AgExporter United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 2(10): 8-11

Hong Kong is sweet on candy imports. AgExporter United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 1(2): 11

Hong Kong market. Foreign Agriculture Circular Horticultural products FHORT United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service: (3-87) 14-17

Hong Kong market atlas.

Hong Kong market: strong, but not to be left alone. AgExporter United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 4(11): 10-11

Hong Kong meat market grows more promising. Foreign agriculture United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 24(1): 18

Hong Kong offers bright prospects for U.S. food exporters. Foreign agriculture United States Dept of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service: 12-14

Hong Kong retail markets offer bright prospects for U.S. consumer products. AgExporter 9(1): 11-13

Hong Kong retailing sector is growing and looking west. Foreign agriculture United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 25(6): 16-17

Hong Kong retains market opportunities. AgExporter 16(2): 10-11

Hong Kong review of overseas trade.

Hong Kong sends out for American food. Foreign agriculture United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 23(5): 7-8

Hong Kong spectacular. Textile Asia 18(3): 150-152

Hong Kong trade statistics.

Hong Kong vegetation map.

Hong Kong wasp control of citrus pest. Citrus industry: 55 (10) 17-18

Hong Kong wasp is controlling snow scale in central Florida groves. Sunshine State agricultural research report: er 20 (1 2) 6-8

Hong Kongs booming fur industry provides market for U.S. mink skins. Foreign agriculture United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 25(6): 18-19

Hong Kongs business regulation in transition.

Hong Kongs changing taste opens way for U.S. wine. Foreign agriculture United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 26(8): 17-18

Hong Kongs currency board and changing monetary regimes.

Hong Kongs fruit market ripe for expansion. AgExporter 9(3): 22

Hong Kongs love of poultry translates into opportunities for U.S. sales. Foreign agriculture United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 25(6): 11-12

Hong Kongs textile fabrics market.

Hong Kongs trade rebounds.

Hong Kong, dependent on imports, is jittery about supply si tuation.

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Hongos de Chile.

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Hongos parasitos de amigdalaceas.

Honig und Trockenmilch.


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