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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16277

Chapter 16277 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Limited input farm system.

Limited insurance portability and job mobility.

Limited integrated plant protection. Gb Gw Gartnerborse und Gartenwelt: 80 (7) 164-165

Limited irrigation tests get results.

Limited liability company.

Limited measures in certain coun. Zhivotnovudni nauki: 1 (7) 126-129

Limited mechano-sorptive creep of beech wood Moisture changes in wood while under load, Fagus. Journal of the Institute of Wood Science 9(3): 136-138

Limited milk protein in meat products. Possibilities of use and proof. Gordian 78(12): 356

Limited natural resources and a growing population: challenges for the role of agricultural research. Food security and innovations: successes and lessons learned: international symposium 1996 118

Limited nitrogen supplies and cotton production practices for Delta.

Limited nursing and creep feeding effects on reproductive and gain performance of cows and calves. Livestock producers' day0(20): 153-156

Limited nursing effects on cow and calf performance. Livestock producers' day0(20): 122-124

Limited nursing effects on reproductive and calf gain performance of primiparous and multiparous cows. Livestock producers' day Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station Animal Science Dept1(21): 154-159

Limited occurrence of salmonellosis in a large city. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin: 31 (4) 121-124

Limited opportunities for energy saving in the timber industry. Norsk skogindustri3(12): 319-320

Limited opportunity farm households in 1988.

Limited or unlimited insurance against loss of profit through interruption of operation for the sugar industry.

Limited or varied use of roughage in milk production.

Limited partnerships and investment trusts for real estate ventures.

Limited partnerships in Texas feedlots.

Limited partnerships in Texas feedlots--investor characteristics, investment incentives, and fund arrangements. PR Texas Agricultural Experiment Station: (3594 3644) 63-65

Limited partnerships--an overview. American family 15(1): 11

Limited pepsin digestion of bovine plasma albumin. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 156(2): 509-520

Limited phenotypic and functional maturation of bovine monocyte-derived dendritic cells following Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection in vitro. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 120(3-4): 177-186

Limited photosynthetic plasticity in Sedum pulchellum Michx. Crassulacean acid metabolism. Oecologia 6(2-3): 374-380

Limited phylogeographic structure in the flightless ground beetle, Calathus ruficollis, in southern California. Diversity and Distributions 13(5): 498-509

Limited popularity of soybean cultivation in South and Southest Asia. Tropical agriculture research series: 7) 115-125

Limited potential for chemical weed control in spring oil producing plants. Svensk frotidning, 48(3): 39-40

Limited price decline from crop report. Iowa farm outlook: 3, 1985 (1,438)

Limited price guarantee. Meuhle Mischfuttertechnik: 110 (17) 273-275

Limited price impact from crop report. Iowa farm outlook: 5, (1,462) 1-2

Limited prices and economic evaluation of agricultural machinery. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov: 1 99-105

Limited production purchase description.

Limited prospects for privatization of public lands: Presidio and Valles Caldera may be as good as it gets. Natural resources journalring 44(2): 475-482

Limited proteolysis and phosphorylation of phosphorylase kinase from chicken skeletal muscles. Biochemistry 52(2): 1341-1348

Limited proteolysis in microorganisms.

Limited proteolysis of 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase multienzyme complex from bovine kidney. Febs Letters 127(1): 157-160

Limited proteolysis of antigens E and K from ragweed pollen. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 212(1): 127-135

Limited proteolysis of bovine pepsin. Biokhimiia 42(5): 872-876

Limited proteolysis of chloroplast fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase by subtilisin. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 97(4): 1304-1310

Limited proteolysis of soybean beta-conglycinin Enzymatic digestion of soybean proteins in food. Agricultural and biological chemistry 46(11): 2829-2834

Limited proteolysis of tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase from beef pancreas. European Journal of Biochemistry 61(1): 139-146

Limited proteolysis of yeast phosphofructokinase by subtilisin. Alterations in enzyme activity, subunit composition, and hydrodynamic properties. European Journal of Biochemistry 59(2): 319-325

Limited regulation of Lake Erie.

Limited reports on milk production and fertility.

Limited resource arts and crafts cooperatives in Louisiana. Louisiana rural economist: 39(2) 2-5

Limited resource farmers and participation in agricultural cooperatives.

Limited resource marketing co-ops. Agribusiness news for Kentucky University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service: (63) 1-4

Limited results in the fight against hunger. Ubersicht 23 (4) 291-292

Limited rotation of the mobile-bearing in a rotating platform total knee prosthesis. Journal of Biomechanics 40 Suppl 1: S25-S30

Limited sampling strategy for mycophenolic acid in Japanese heart transplant recipients: comparison of cyclosporin and tacrolimus treatment. Circulation Journal 71(7): 1022-1028

Limited seedbed preparation for cotton in conventional and non conventional row configurations.

Limited space living.

Limited stability in cell culture medium and hydrogen peroxide formation affect the growth inhibitory properties of delphinidin and its degradation product gallic acid. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 51(9): 1163-1172

Limited success against long odds: the black county agent. Agricultural history 57(3): 277-288

Limited success of open field tests to clarify the host range of three species of Lepidoptera of Mimosa pigra. Proceedings of the XI International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds, Canberra, Australia, 27 April 2 May, 2003: 277-282

Limited suppression of the interferon-beta production by hepatitis C virus serine protease in cultured human hepatocytes. Febs Journal 274(16): 4161-4176

Limited susceptibility of Vitis vinifera cv. Kerner for infections with arabis mosaic virus?. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz = Journal of plant diseases and protection 93(4): 356-360

Limited swelling of cellulose in higher temperature. Cellulose chemistry and technology: 12 (1) 111-115

Limited systemic spread of impietratura and psorosis-A in graft-inoculated grapefruit trees thought to be viruses. Plant disease 66(9): 820-821

Limited term inoculation screening of germplasm for resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Annual report 42(42): 53-54

Limited tillage around the world. Monograph series of the Weed Science Society of America: ) 175-210

Limited tillage in cotton production. Monograph series of the Weed Science Society of America: ) 61-76

Limited time meal feeding and avitaminosis A: respiratory exchanges and metabolic adaptation of the rat. Annales de la nutrition et de l'alimentation = Annals of nutrition and food3(3): 363-383

Limited treatment with o-1,3. Poultry science 85(4): 613-618

Limited tryptic digestion of bovine eye lens leucine aminopeptidase. Febs Letters 107(2): 366-370

Limited tryptic proteolysis of pig kidney 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine decarboxylase. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 260(2): 569-576

Limited urea levels may work best in steam-flaked sorghum diets. Feedstuffs 71(34): 9

Limited use for tanned feed cakes. Production laitiere moderne: (72) 45-46

Limited use of commercial fertilizers and plant protection products.

Limited value of morphological assessment at days 1 and 2 to predict blastocyst development potential: a prospective study based on 4042 embryos. Human Reproduction 22(7): 1973-1981

Limited vision. Veterinary record: journal of the British Veterinary Association, 147(25): 697

Limited water supply and crop production.

Limited window of opportunity opens in Argentina for U.S. foods. AgExporter United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 2(5): 16

Limited-equity cooperatives for low-income households: a reveiw of implications. Housing and society7(1): 53-60

Limited-grain feeding and all-year pasture for dairy cows.

Limited-resource farmer loans, more can be done to achieve program goals and reduce costs.

Limited-resource farmers: their risk management needs. Agricultural outlook (240) 23-27

Limited-stage extrapulmonary small cell carcinoma: outcomes after modern chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cancer Journal 13(4): 243-246

Limited-turnover studies on proton translocation in reconstituted cytochrome c oxidase-containing vesicles. Biochemical Journal 182(1): 149-156

Limited-use chemical protective clothing for EPA Superfund activities.

Limites du bilan articulaire clinique chez lenfant IMC. Annales de Readaptation et de Medecine Physique 50(4): 266-267

Limiting accidents to farmers by understanding animal reactions. Sheep and goat handbook(2): 311-316

Limiting agronomic factors in corn production.

Limiting agronomic factors in soybean production.

Limiting amino acid in meat and bone and poultry byproduct meals. MP 2-A) 7-9

Limiting amino acids in an 11% crude protein corn-soybean meal diet for growing pigs. Journal of Animal Science 65(5): 1266-1272

Limiting amino acids in bengal gram (Cicer arietinum) as determined from blood amino acid levels and amino acid supplementation studies in the rat Protein efficiency ratio, protein quality. Annals of nutrition and metabolism 26(6): 353-359

Limiting amino acids in low protein diets for finishing swine. Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (274) 16-17

Limiting amino acids in pumpkin seed meal for the rat. Tecnica pecuaria en Mexico: 32 91-92

Limiting amino acids in rendered animal byproducts for growing ruminants.

Limiting amino acids in wheat for finishing pigs. Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (292) 25-26

Limiting amino acids of Leucaena leaf meal for the growing rat. Leucaena research reports 3(3): 51

Limiting amino acids of triticale for the gorwing rat and pig. Journal of animal science: 38 (5) 941-946

Limiting anaerobic potential and electrode activity of the s ystem as a function of degree of disintegration of the plant cell. Soviet plant physiology: (Trans 1974), 21 (2) 330-332

Limiting applicator exposure to pesticides. WAA the world of agricultural aviation 9(3): 33-37

Limiting characteristics concerning spray irrigation of liquid manure from pigs by means of circular-type irrigation plant Fregat. Agrartechnik 2(1): 16-19

Limiting climate change.

Limiting corrosion in heating installations. Vakblad voor de bloemisterij, 39(13): 32-33

Limiting dilution analysis of cells in the immune system.

Limiting effect of carbon and nitrogen sources on a culture of muscardine fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bals) Vuill. Applied biochemistry and microbiology: (Transl 1977), 13 (2) 198-201

Limiting erosion on frozen ground in northern Utah. Utah Science Utah Agricultural Experiment Stationng 46(1): 14-17

Limiting factors affecting commercial fisheries in the Middle Atlantic estuarine area. Estuarine Pollution Control and Assessment: Proceedingsof a Conference: eedingsof a Conference, 1 149-169

Limiting factors affecting the commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. Estuarine Pollution Control and Assessment: Proceedingsof a Conference: eedingsof a Conference, 1 177-190

Limiting factors and pitfalls of environmental data management: some considerations in developing the information system for the State Natural Heritage Programs. Rare plant conservation geographical data organization edited by Larry E Morse Mary Sue Henifin: 253

Limiting factors and population regulation. Mule and black tailed deer of North America compiled and edited by Olof C Wallmo illustrated by Dean Rocky Barrick technical editors Richard E McCabe and Laurence R Jahn: 285

Limiting factors associated with pasture formation in Tropical Brazil Grasses, legumes, pasture management, phytoecology.1. Revista brasileira de sementes = Brazilian seed journal(1): 85-98

Limiting factors for high strawberry yields. Annual report9(69): 82-85

Limiting factors for mountainous land use study of a zone in the central Galician plateau.

Limiting factors for phytoplankton in the North Sea. North Sea pollution: technical strategies for improvement: proceedings of the IAWPRC International Conference held in Amsterdam the Netherlands 10-14 September 1990 267

Limiting factors for the application of the continuously working planting machine WT 1. Sozialistische Forstwirtschaft 31(3): 82-83

Limiting factors for the formulation of projects in our country.

Limiting factors for tree growth on heath and dunes.

Limiting factors in crop production in coffee.

Limiting factors in forage production on livestock farms. Proceedings of the General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation: th) 7

Limiting factors in nitrogen fixation. What's new in plant physiology 11(11): 41-44

Limiting factors in paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Geobotany Proceedings of Geobotany Conference: ub 1977) 29-42

Limiting factors in photosynthesis--from the chloroplast to the plant canopy. Trends in photobiology edited by C Helene M Charlier Th Montenay Garestier G Laustriat: 643

Limiting factors in photosynthesis. III. Effects of iron nutrition on the activities of three regulatory enzymes of photosynthetic carbon metabolism Beta vulgaris, sugarbeets. Plant physiology 70(5): 1541-1543

Limiting factors in photosynthesis. IV. Iron stress-mediated changes in light-harvesting and electron transport capacity and its effects on photosynthesis in vivo Beta vulgaris, sugarbeets. Plant physiology 71(4): 855-860

Limiting factors in phytoplankton algae: their meaning and measurement. Science 178(4061): 616-617

Limiting factors in saving wood in machine operations in sawmills. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 39(4): 131-133

Limiting factors in the culture of the nightshade. Wiadomosci zielarskie: 18 (4) 7-8

Limiting factors in the field of business activities in rural tourism. Zemedelska Ekonomika Agricultural Economics 53(9): 421-431

Limiting factors in the germination of pecan nuts for rootstocks.

Limiting factors in the identification, formulation and evaluation of agricultural projects.

Limiting factors in the manufacture of pulp and paper from bagasse in the Philippines.

Limiting factors in the multiplication of cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae L.). (Pub ), 8 103-110

Limiting factors in the use of single cell protein in nutrition.

Limiting factors in wheat adaptation.

Limiting factors of climate in fruit culture.

Limiting factors of organic wastes when applied to land, regarding pollutants in plants with special reference to cadmium: a review Sewage sludge.1. Qualitas plantarum = Plant foods for human nutrition1(4): 355-370

Limiting factors of soil fertility in Hungary. Agrokemia es talajtan 27(1-2): 181-202

Limiting factors of the expansion of animal breeding: remedies. Elevage insemination: 119 3-19

Limiting factors that control dredging activities in the estuarine zone. Estuarine Pollution Control and Assessment: Proceedingsof a Conference: eedingsof a Conference, 1 217-223

Limiting factors, high yields, and law of the maximum. Horticultural reviews5(15): 409-448

Limiting feed intake with salt.

Limiting feed reduces feed cost without harming reproductive performance of broiler breeder males. Highlights of agricultural research Alabama Agricultural Experiment Stationng 35(1): 11

Limiting greenhouse effects.

Limiting intake of finishing diets by restricting access time to feed and the interaction with monensin. South Dakota beef report: (92-10) 38-41

Limiting intake of self-fed pigs. Canada agricultureng 24(2): 17-18

Limiting large-scale production of pork and eggs in Finland. Nordisk lantbruksekonomisk tidskrift: 1 !2) 39-40

Limiting lateral load on short rigid pier foundation.

Limiting lead accumulations in cultivated green microalgae. Khidrobiologiia 3(23): 29-34

Limiting liability when private land is used for outdoor recreation.

Limiting liability when private property is used for outdoor recreation. II. Insurance aspects.

Limiting liability when property is used for outdoor recreation.

Limiting mechanisms in the regeneration of the Chilean matorral. Plant ecology: 49-57

Limiting moss and algae in the home lawn. AY Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service: 88 (17,rev)

Limiting net greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Limiting nutrients in olive plantations.

Limiting of potato tuber infection by non-persistent viruses by plant spraying with mineral oils. Zeszyty problemowe postepow nauk rolniczych: 10) 99-110

Limiting pesticide exposure through textile cleaning procedures and selection of clothing. Agriculture and forestry bulletin Alberta University Faculty of Extensioner 10(2): 24-27

Limiting reaction between two photoreactions of system II in Chlorella. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 256(2): 381-384

Limiting reactions in biosolar hydrogen and oxygen production Biomass energy. Third Symposium on Biotechnology in Energy Production and Conservation: proceedings Gatlinburg Tenn May 12-15-1981 sponsored by Dept of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory editor CD Scott: 591

Limiting risks in R and D. Agricultural engineering 69(2): 20-23

Limiting sarcolemmal Na+ entry during resuscitation from ventricular fibrillation prevents excess mitochondrial Ca2+ accumulation and attenuates myocardial injury. Journal of Applied Physiology 103(1): 55-65

Limiting similarity and species assemblages in the short-tailed fruit bats. Journal of zoology 273(3): 249-256

Limiting similarity between invaders and dominant species in herbaceous plant communities?. Journal of Ecology 95(5): 1027-1035

Limiting stage of benzyl ether bond destruction during sulphite cooking. Khimiia drevesiny: (5) 117-118

Limiting steps in photosystem II and water decomposition in Chlorella and spinach chloroplasts. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 292(3): 772-785

Limiting strength of particle board.

Limiting stress of clay soils in cores of high-head dams and foundations of hydraulic structures. Hydrotechnical construction: 4 331-341

Limiting swine stress with evaporative cooling in Kentucky. Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (274) 82-84

Limiting the bids for swine.

Limiting the consumption of insecticides for orchard pest control in Nowy Sacz region due to the biological and economic factors. Entomologia a intensyfikacja rolnictwa = Entomology and the intensification of agriculure: 25-228

Limiting the effects of stress on cattle.

Limiting the environment impact of animal production odors. Environment international(5): 247-275

Limiting the oviposition of queen honeybees in relation to their progeny quality. Pchelovodstvo (7) 8

Limiting the spread of virus diseases by spraying the plants with various substances ; a review of literature. Postepy nauk rolniczych: 3 (2) 65-77

Limiting the unfavorable consequences of individual cottage construction in forest milieu.

Limiting unrestricted feeding of swine. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 8 (4) 339-340

Limiting value of the elastic modulus of composite fibres based on flexible-chain polymers. Fibre chemistry 19(3): 171-176

Limiting values and their application from the view of environmental analysis.

Limiting values for final fattening weight of fattening hybrid heifers in view of slaughter yield and carcass quality Includes crossbreeding.1. Tierzucht 36(9): 407-409

Limiting values for stand density of sugarbeets.

Limiting values of throughput and work productivity in rotary milking parlors with 40 stalls. Tierzucht 33(12): 543-545

Limiting valves and observations on risks in environmental hygiene.

Limiting vehicle velocities around circular curves.

Limiting viscosity number--molecular weight relationship of cellulose in N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide. Kyoto Daigaku Nogaku bu Enshurin hokoku = Bulletin of the Kyoto University Forests: (53) 254-260

Limiting your exposure to malpractice. Modern veterinary practice 67(3): 297-298

Limits and conditions of the second career in agriculture.

Limits and conservation of the species diversity of small mammal communities. Tasks for vegetation science: 4) 157-162

Limits and constraints in using high power tractors in agricultural mechanization. Bulletin d'information du CNEEMA: (262) 49-56

Limits and costs of precision line drilling. Cultivar (129) 115

Limits and dangers of environmental mediation: a review essay. Land use and environment law review6(16): 351-374

Limits and energetical conditions of spraying equipment.

Limits and failures of the use of external fasteners in the treatment of fractures in the dog. Nimal de compagnie 17(1): 83-92

Limits and failures of vertebral surgery. Nimal de compagnie 17(1): 21-35

Limits and possibilities in granting agrarian credit to individual farms.

Limits and possibilities of an international agricultural stabilization policy. Schriften 3 253-256

Limits and possibilities of biological plant protection procedures.

Limits and possibilities of high-pressure liquid chromatography. Veroffentlichung Arbeitsgemeinschaft Getreideforschung75(175): 179-184

Limits and possibilities of industrial plant cultivation. Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft6(2-3): 403-426

Limits and possibilities of surgery in the external practice Veterinary medicine.1. Praktische Tierarzt: 6357-58

Limits and possibilities of treating metabolic and puerperal diseases in cows by Glucal. Veterinaria zbornik radova iz oblasti animalne proizvodnje = periodical on the animal production0(2): 263-266

Limits and possibilities of using biological plant protection methods. Nachrichtenblatt fur den Pflanzenschutz in der DDR6(7): 146-148

Limits and practical significance of the immunological variations in the frame of the foot-and-mouth disease virus type.

Limits and prospects of the "incremental approach" and the European legislation on the management of risks related to nanomaterials. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 48(2): 171-183

Limits and stakes in the economic training of farmers. Economie ruraleApr 136(2): 9-16

Limits between insurable atmospheric risks and those that are not (insurance for hail, drought, frost, floods, etc.). Publications de la CEA: 7 67-77

Limits for European agricultural management. Decisions of skim milk powder of European law courts. Kraftfutter 60 (9) 440-441

Limits for interpreting the agglutination reaction on a test slide in the diagnosis of pleuropneumonia.

Limits for survivability in frontal collisions: theory and real-life data combined. Accident; Analysis and Prevention 39(4): 679-687

Limits for the incline of run-of. Pochvoznanie i agrokhimieiia: (1) 121-125

Limits for the production of milk from basic fodder. Vortrage Hochschultagung der Landwirtschaftlichen Fakultat der Universitat Bonn: 6th) 119-122

Limits imposed by biological factors: pests. ACIAR proceedings series: 8) 128-137

Limits imposed by management in rainfed farming systems. ACIAR proceedings series: 8) 72-82

Limits in differential thermoanalysis of waxes. Fette Seifen Anstrichmittel 82(2): 76-86

Limits in the intensification of field crop production. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch9(8): 939-945

Limits in the reconstruction of phylogonetic trees exemplified with 5S rRNA sequences. Conceptual and numerical analysis of data: proceedings of the 13th Conference of the Gesellschaft fur Klassifikation eV University of Augsburg April 10-12-1989 OH Opitz editor: 469

Limits in the use of allometry in the study of plant growth. Postepy nauk rolniczych0(5): 11-22

Limits in the use of credit plans. II Congreso Nacional sobre Estadisticas Agropecuarias y Forestales Memoria: 291

Limits of Soviet plant breeding.

Limits of acceptable change: a new framework for managing the Bob Marshall Wilderness complex. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT Intermountain Research Station: (212) 526-530

Limits of adaptation of a burr medic selection naturalized in South Texas. Proceedings (7): 148-152

Limits of aerial photography for multiresource inventories. USDA Forest Service general technical report WO: (28) 221-229

Limits of an increase in industrial consumption of wood raw-material. Sylwan 114 (3) 39-56

Limits of applying the method of diffusion in agar in determining lysozyme titer in insect hemolymph. Biulletin' Vsesoiuznyi nauchno issledovatel'skii institut zashchity rastenii: 8) 72-75

Limits of beer flavour analysis. Developments in food science7(17): 109-121

Limits of beer quality. Modification of beer quality and its assessment by the consumer. Brauwelt 124(43): 1871-1874

Limits of capacity in production of animals.

Limits of care: a students view. Ethics welfare law and market forces: the veterinary interface: proceedings of a symposium organised on behalf of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare and held at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 14th-15th November 1996 222

Limits of classic regression models.

Limits of concentration of the dairy industry?. Economie agricole: 28 (11) 21-23

Limits of data analysis in scientific inference: Reply to sleep et al. Journal of Wildlife Management 71(7): 2122-2124

Limits of deciduous forests in Europe. Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft: 9 (2 3) 371-380

Limits of detection and determination of some components of essential oils by thin-layer chromatography. Prehrambeno tehnoloska revija = Food technology review 20(3-4): 157-161

Limits of efficiency in transporting logs.

Limits of evaluation of milk fat and milk protein. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft: 26 (15) 476-477

Limits of exposure to heavy metals in breathing air, based on health effects. Landwirtschaftliche Forschung Sonderheft: ub 1983) (39) 28-34

Limits of extensive use of meadows. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch: 2 (5) 573-577

Limits of feeding with hay!. Forderungsdienst 21 (11) 375-377

Limits of fertilization for yield and quality. Bodenkultur 31(3): 246-256

Limits of green-cut pastures--grazing pastures--forests in the light of newest ideas on mountain land management. Postepy nauk rolniczych: 17 (5) 67-75

Limits of growth?. Fette Seifen Anstrichmittel 81(3): 97-104

Limits of horsepower and collective utilization. Fermes modernes: 62 45

Limits of intensification. Fourrages actualites: 14 1-2

Limits of intensive meadow fertilization, especially with the use of nitrogen. Bodenkultur 20 (4) 395-412

Limits of interventionism in Swiss agricultural policy. Revue suisse d'agriculture 14(5): 253-256

Limits of knowledge, shortcomings in scientific journalism. Zeitschrift fur auslandische Landwirtschaft: t 14 (3) 203-204

Limits of length of time of storage of foods by cold. Revue des fermentations et des industries alimentaires: 2 (2) 40-45

Limits of life.

Limits of low pressure sprinklers and spray nozzles on center pivot applications. Technical conference proceedings: 04-115

Limits of lung percussion in large animals. A critical survey on the basis of new studies. Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde: 118 (7) 285-293

Limits of mechanization in forests.

Limits of microbial productivity in the ocean. Soc For Gen Microbiol 21st Symp Microbes And Biol Prod: 55-366

Limits of milk performance.

Limits of milk production from the point of digestive physiology.

Limits of mineral fertilization. Wintertagung 0-84

Limits of parasitic capacity of Gonia cinerascens Rond.(Diptera, Tachinidae). Bollettino Bolgna Universita Istituto di entomologia6(36): 83-90

Limits of pasture feeding intake of dairy cattle. Tierzuchter 24 (22) 663-664

Limits of performance ability.

Limits of production and of productivity.

Limits of profitability and the intensity of mineral fertilization of vegetables. Roczniki 10) 109-118

Limits of profitability in conversion of small-dimension sawtimber using chipper-canter headrigs. Roczniki Akademia Rolnicza w Poznaniu25(15): 35-38

Limits of profitability in milk production. DLG Mitteilungen 93(23): 1326-1327

Limits of profitability in swine rearing. Forderungsdienst 23 (11, suppl 2) 1-6

Limits of propidium iodide as a cell viability indicator for environmental bacteria. Cytometry. Part A 71(8): 592-598

Limits of public policy education. Increasing understanding of ic problems and policies: 7-39

Limits of rational mechanization in viticulture.

Limits of realization of fast hydraulic control.

Limits of requirements and evaluation of standards. Praktische Tierarzt 62(2): 166

Limits of scientific inquiry.

Limits of sheep farmers in Krasnoyarsk Territory. Ovtsevodstvo (3) 7-10

Limits of silviculture.

Limits of smoke gas purification from the view of a manufacturer. Mullverbrennung und Umwelt Karl J Thome Kozmiensky Hrsg: 137

Limits of social liability of properties. Agrarrecht 10(7): 177-183

Limits of social obligation of forest property. Forst und Holzwirt: 0, 31 (13) 237-238

Limits of soil purifying capacity and hazard of pollution in the application of waste water from potato starch and beet sugar factories. Environment and quality of life: second environmental research programme 1976-80 indirect action: reports on research sponsored under the first phase 1976-78: 697

Limits of some constituents and food additives in alcoholic drinks.

Limits of specificity in brucellosis sow agglutination test.

Limits of stability of heat-treated milk. Praktische Tierarzt, 66(6): 484

Limits of stand density of grain maize.

Limits of sugarbeet mechanization. Fermes modernes: 35 9-14

Limits of survival.

Limits of technological development in the food industry. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch6(1): 122-130

Limits of technology.

Limits of temperature allowed in heating rice grain during drying.

Limits of the Ukraina collective farm in the tenth Five Year Plan. Zhivotnovodstvo 4 20-22

Limits of the detection possibilities of different antibiotics and chemotherapeutics in serum and urine of suckling pigs and their significance to the metaphylaxe program.

Limits of the dynamic recursive irrigation model in the determination of timely optimal use of limited water supply. Zeitschrift fur Bewasserungswirtschaft: 11 (1) 3-11

Limits of the use of models of enterprise research in planning profit oriented systems. Schriften 5 503-508

Limits of toxicity and fertility with copper-stressed alpine plants from habitats differing in soil copper pollution. Flora: Morphologie Geobotanik Oekophysiologie77(5-6): 377-386

Limits of uncertainty.

Limits of utilization of chemical castration by spraying substances presumed to be gametocides. Bulletin des recherches agronomiques de Gembloux3(1): 13-24

Limits of utilization of the infrastructure in rural areas.

Limits of varietal tolerances to sodicity in rice. International Symposium on Salt Affected Soils: 18 to 21 February 1980: 507

Limits of vegetation acceptance capacity. Berichte 5) 134-155

Limits of water ingredients in the recommendations, standards and norms of the World Health Organization of the United Nations and of the various countries. Schriftenreihe 0 209-219

Limits on a role for calmodulin in chloroplast metabolism. NATO advanced science institutes series: Series A: Life sciences04(104): 431-432

Limits on price analysis. American journal of agricultural economics 67(5): 905-915

Limits on regeneration processes in southwestern riverine wetlands. General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station United States Forest Service: 20) 139-143

Limits on replenishment of the resting CD4+ T cell reservoir for HIV in patients on HAART. Plos Pathogens 3(8): E122-E122

Limits on state power to manage water resources: introduction. Water resources update mn (105) 1-3

Limits on the extension of the theoretical base for soil science. Moscow University soil science bulletin9(2): 60-62

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Lin yeh k* degrees *o hseueh yen chiu.

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