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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16278

Chapter 16278 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Lineage-specific clonality analysis of chronic myeloproliferative disorders and myelodysplastic syndrome by human androgen receptor assay. Pathology Oncology Research 13(2): 114-122

Lineage-specific dependency of lung adenocarcinomas on the lung development regulator TTF-1. Cancer Research 67(13): 6007-6011

Lineage-specific expansion of proteins exported to erythrocytes in malaria parasites. Genome Biology 7(2): R12-R12

Lineage-specific expansion of the zinc finger associated domain ZAD. Molecular Biology and Evolution 24(9): 1934-1943

Lineage-specific expression of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and thrombopoietin receptors in terminally differentiated hematopoietic cells. Experimental Hematology 34(12): 1651-1654

Lineage-specific partitions in archaeal transcription. Archaea 2(2): 117-125

Lineages of human history in the forest of the Congo Basin. Vertebres et forets tropicales humides: 315

Lineages of state fragility.


Lineaire programmering in de landbouwbedrijfsleiding.

Lineal programming models for planning land settlements. Revista Alcance: 73 (Pub 1974), 21

Lineament analysis using ERTS-1 images of Alberta. Proceedings of the International Seminar and Exposition on Water Resources Instrumentation: ub 1975), 2 456-459

Lineament techtonics of the Montana mining districts.

Lineamenti di politica agraria.

Lineamenti di zooantropologia.

Lineaments in groundwater exploration: a review of applications and limitations. Hydrogeology journal 15(1): 71-74

Lineamientos para la elaboracion de una estrategia nacional de conservacion y uso sostenible de la biodiversidad.

Linear DNA kiler plasmids in yeast.

Linear Evaluation of Actual Points Program (LEAPP). Texas journal of agriculture and natural resources: a ication of the Agricultural Consortium of Texas3(13): 45-50

Linear IgA dematoses in the dog: bullous pemphigoid, discoid lupus erythematosus and a subcorneal pustular dermatitis Immunoglobulins. Cornell veterinarian 72(4): 394-402

Linear Programming ICL Mark 3 system the best tool for solving the linear programming problems. Roczniki nauk rolniczych Seria C: Technika rolnicza: 2 (3) 37-49

Linear Superposition in Total Maximum Daily Loads Applications: The Steady-State Response Matrix Revisited. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 43(5): 1270-1279

Linear TMC-95-based proteasome inhibitors. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 50(12): 2842-2850

Linear acceleration-evoked cardiovascular responses in awake rats. Journal of Applied Physiology 103(2): 646-654

Linear additivity of multiple concurrent stressors effect on chicks. Livestock environment III: proceedings of the Third International Livestock Environment Symposium April 25-27-1988 Constellation Hotel Toronto Ontario Canada: 398

Linear aggregation of economic relations.

Linear algebra.

Linear alkylbenzene sulfonates and related compounds.

Linear analysis of a physically based model of a distributed surface runoff system.

Linear and geometric morphometric analysis of long bone scaling patterns in Jurassic neosauropod dinosaurs: their functional and paleobiological implications. Anatomical Record 290(9): 1089-1111

Linear and logarithmic data plotting. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 87-3530)

Linear and logistic multilevel models applied to evaluating sources of variation in components of the calving to conception interval of dairy cattle. Proceedings of the 9th Symposium of the International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA, August 6-11-2000: Id 363

Linear and non-linear applications of mathematical programming; relationship to systems engineering.

Linear and nonlinear approaches for short-term runoff estimations in time-invariant open hydrologic systems. Journal of hydrology: 30 (1 2) 63-80

Linear and nonlinear mixed-effects models. Applied statistics in agriculture: proceedings of the Kansas State University Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture: -21

Linear and nonlinear optimization of skidder yarding time. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 88-7524)

Linear and nonlinear runoff from large drainage basins. Journal of hydrology 55(1-4): 267-278

Linear and ponderal growth in Collembola Insecta. Revue d'ecologie et de biologie du sol 17(3): 405-418

Linear and quadratic models--feed formulation software for instruction. NACTA journal 32(1): 22-23

Linear anti-glomerular basement membrane IgG but no glomerular disease: Goodpasture's syndrome restricted to the lung. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation 22(4): 1233-1235

Linear appraisal system for dairy goats.

Linear barriers to arthropod movements in the landscape. Biological Conservation 54(3): 209-222

Linear body measurements of high and low feed conversion progeny in Angus beef cattle. Ohio beef cattle research and industry report: (90-2) 13-21

Linear carboxylic acid exters from alpha olefins. 3. Catalysis by dispersions of palladium complexes. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society: 55 (5) 496-500

Linear chromosomes in bacteria: no straight edge advantage?. Environmental Microbiology 9(6): 1357-1362

Linear combination of stand variables as a means for site classification of teak (Tectona grandis L.F.) plantations in Java.

Linear computations. Linear computations xi+309p

Linear cultural sequences in primitive systems of agriculture in Africa and their significance. Sols Africains = African soils(2): 14-29

Linear decision rule in reservoir management and design. 4. A rule that minimizes output variance. Water resources research: 11 (2) 197-203

Linear decision rule: a note on control volume being constan t. Water resources research: 10 (4) 637-642

Linear demand-resource programing: Oberstaufen. Garten und Landschaft 89(2): 83-88

Linear dependence (R xy) between body conformation and characters of meat efficiency in slaughter cattle. Zivocisna vyroba Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 27(10): 737-743

Linear dependence (R xy) between the characters of body conformation in slaughter cattle. Zivocisna vyroba Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 29(1): 19-24

Linear derivatives of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome III can be maintained in the absence of autonomously replicating sequence elements. Molecular and Cellular Biology 27(13): 4652-4663

Linear dichroism of bimolecular chlorophyll-lipid membranes. The role of anisotropy and dispersion. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 640(3): 628-639

Linear dichroitic investigations of the DNA organization in sperm heads of Locusta migratoria L. Journal of cell biology: 45 (2) 431-434

Linear differentation of cereal chromosomes : III. Rye, triticale and 'Aurora' variety. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 51(6): 281-288

Linear differential shrinkage and stress in wood during the drying process. Drevarsky vyskum6(3-4): 41-54

Linear differentiation of cereal chromosomes : II. Polyploid wheats. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 51(5): 201-210

Linear dilatometry of Betual wood.

Linear dimensions of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase and amount of the enzyme in Euglena cells Algae. Soviet plant physiology (pub 1983) 29(2): 921-927

Linear discriminant function analysis applied to experiments data in sugarcane.

Linear discriminant functions and the Combretum paniculatum Vent. and Combretum microphyllum Klotzsch complex in the Combretaceae.

Linear dispersion of Glossina palpalis gambiensis and Glossina tachinoides in a forest gallery in Sudano-Guinea area (Burkina). Revue d'elevage et de medecine veterinaire des pays tropicaux Nouvelle serie8(2): 153-172

Linear distance from the locus control region determines epsilon-globin transcriptional activity. Molecular and Cellular Biology 27(16): 5664-5672

Linear dose effect response for mutations in mature oocytes of the wasp (Dahlbominus). Radiation Research 49(1): 190-196

Linear energy losses in portable sprinkler pipelines. Biuletyn prac naukowo badawczych: ub 1976), 18 255-304

Linear erosion of soils and improvement of the methods for ravine fighting in Moldavia.

Linear erosion of soils and the improvement of methods of gully control in Moldavia. Vodnaia eroziia pochv i bor'ba s nei: 209

Linear evaluation of beef cattle. Beef cattle science handbook3(23): 107-113

Linear expansion design theory for COM-PLY panels.

Linear expenditure systems appl.

Linear external skeletal fixation basic application. The North American Veterinary Conference 2003, Small Animal and Exotics Orlando, Florida, USA, 18-22 January, 2003: 749

Linear extrachromosomal DNA in the morel Morchella conica. Current Genetics 8(1): 15-18

Linear free energy relationships in C-N bond dissociations in molecular ions of 4-substituted N-(2-furylmethyl)anilines in the gas phase. Journal of Mass Spectrometry 42(11): 1496-1503

Linear furanocoumarins and Apium prostratum. Acta Horticulturae 381: 589-595

Linear furocoumarin accumulation in celery plants infected with Erwinia carotovora pv. carotovora. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 35(3): 406-409

Linear genetic and mathematical models and methods for their analysis. I. Review of linear models from the applied point of view. Selskostopanska nauka2(2): 9-14

Linear genetic and mathematical models and methods for their analysis. II. Evaluation of invariable effects and analysis of variance. Selskostopanska nauka2(2): 15-22

Linear genetic and mathematical models and methods for their analysis. IV. Best linear unbiased prognostication of the breeding value by own productivity. Selskostopanska nauka2(3): 12-19

Linear genetic-and-mathematical models and methods for their analysis. III. Best Linear unbiased prognostication of the breeding value by progeny. Selskostopanska nauka2(3): 3-11

Linear genetic-and-mathematical models and methods of their analysis. V. Evaluation of the components of variation by the method of maximum likelihood. Selskostopanska nauka2(4): 66-71

Linear genetic-and-mathematical models and methods of their analysis. VI. Effect of the genotype-environment interrelationship on the assessment of the Pedigree value of animals in various models of breeding. Selskostopanska nauka2(4): 72-75

Linear granuloma involving the tongue of a cat. Feline practice 14(1): 39-42

Linear growth of Cephalosporium acremonium through soil. Indian journal of mycology and plant pathology: 1 (1) 64-68

Linear growth of strains of Aspergillus fumigatus Fresenius and Aspergillus flavus Link isolated in their parasitic and non-parasitic states. Annales de Recherches Veterinaires. Annals of Veterinary Research 1(2): 253-263

Linear growth retardation in relation to the three phases of growth. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 48 Suppl 1: S25-43; Discussion S43-4

Linear inequalities and related systems.

Linear interpolation at the primary processing of results of the accounting of crop yields under experiment.

Linear intestinal foreign body. Decision making in small animal soft tissue surgery Allen G Binnington Joanne R Cockshutt: 1

Linear irrigation: its development, use and benefits. Technical conference proceedings Irrigation Association: 11-217

Linear kinetic model to estimate protein synthesis rate after [14C]tyrosine infusion in dogs. Febs Letters 79(2): 313-316

Linear least squares prediction for multivariate time series with missing observations.

Linear load-slip relationship of bolted joints of glued-laminated lumber. Mokuzai Gakkaishi = Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society8(10): 609-613

Linear manifold clustering in high dimensional spaces by stochastic search. Pattern Recognition 40(10): 2672-2684

Linear measure of purity in sugar manufacture. Industries alimentaires et agricoles: 93 (7 8) 869-877

Linear measurement of purity in sugarcane. Revue agricole et sucriere de l'Ile Maurice 58(2): 94-102

Linear measurements of medium White Broad-Breast turkeys imported from England. Zeszyty naukowe Zootechnika: 8) 192-198

Linear mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid from the yeast Hansenula mrakii. Molecular and Cellular Biology 1(5): 387-393

Linear model for the determination of the effects of a restrictive agricultural price policy in the European Community on price and quantity.

Linear models are inappropriate to estimate relative parasitic fitness of pathogens in heterogeneous host populations. Phytopathology 86(6): 561-562

Linear models for groundwater management. Journal of hydrology: 28 (2 4) 377-392

Linear models in biology.

Linear models with compatibility of stand biomass based on the forest resource inventory data. Journal of Beijing Forestry University 29(5): 110-113

Linear models. I. The generalized inverse matrix and some theorems on the distribution of quadratic forms. Archiv fur Zuchtungsforschung: (1) 5-13

Linear models. II. The role of the reparametrisation conditions and the concept of estimable functions in analysis of variance model i. Archiv fur Zuchtungsforschung: (1) 15-19

Linear models. III. Some remarks on the estimation and assessment of variance components. Archiv fur Zuchtungsforschung: (1) 21-29

Linear move self-propelled irrigators. Technical conference proceedings Irrigation Association: 18-127

Linear neutralizing epitopes on the peplomer protein of coronaviruses. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 276: 181-188

Linear optimization in fodder planning and the production of feed.

Linear organoid nevus in a dog. Veterinary dermatology 11(1): 69-73

Linear phloem and xylem necrosis of the pear and quince--a symptom transmitted by grafting. Its nature and role in graft incompatibility. Analele Institutului de Cercetari pentru Protectia Plantelor5(15): 51-62

Linear planning for 600 sows: a registration document among others. Levage porcin: (106) 41

Linear planning for knowing where you are. Cultivar (171) 147

Linear planning responds better to the needs of important flocks. Levage porcin: (106) 37

Linear plasmids that integrate into mitochondrial DNA in Neurospora. Genome 1(1): 155-159

Linear polarization and cyclic voltammetry of aluminum.

Linear polarization of light by two wheat canopies measured at many view angles.

Linear polyaldehydes and polyalkenes derived from starch. Journal of the Chemical Society: 13 694-695

Linear polymers.

Linear polymers applied as pseudo-phases in capillary zone electrophoresis of azo compounds used as textile dyes. Journal of chromatography A, 717(1-2): 157-166

Linear polymers from diolefins and dimercaptans.

Linear polymers. xXVII. relation between the specific rotation and the size of the molecules of oligosaccharides. Cellulose chemistry and technology: 4 (3) 245-253

Linear positioners and their electronic controls Lumber sawmill technology. Proceedings Annual Northwest Wood Products Clinic: 6th) 91-101

Linear probability models of the demand for attributes with an empirical application to estimating the preferences of legislators.

Linear programing as a tool in innovation selection for farms in southeast Ghana.

Linear programing for the formulation of plans of cultivation in the irrigation districts of the country. Recursos hidraulicos: (4) 562-577

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Linear programming.

Linear programming agricultural studies in non socialist countries.

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Linear programming and associated techniques.

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Linear programming and farm planning.

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Linear programming and optimal control.

Linear programming and related computations: a guide to USDA LP.

Linear programming applications to economic development and policy analysis.

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Linear programming applied to project evaluation.

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Linear programming controls amino acid balance in food formulation. Food technology: 26 (6) 46

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Linear programming for management decisions.

Linear programming for multiple-use management.

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Linear programming in advisory services?.

Linear programming in agricultural farm management.

Linear programming in agricultural restructure.

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Linear programming methods.

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Linear regression.

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Linear regression analysis with.

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Linear relationship between aggregate stability and microbial biomass in three restored soils. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 27(11): 1499-1501

Linear relationship between the content of mineral substance s in hay and the properties of meadow soil.

Linear relationship of refractive and biometric lenticular changes during accommodation in emmetropic and myopic eyes. British Journal of Ophthalmology 91(3): 360-365

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Linear representations observed on growth curves of dark tobacco.

Linear reproduction of cattle in. Tvarynnytstvo Ukrainy: (8) 52-53

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Linear size and mass of nuts of Pinus sibirica. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii pishchevaia tekhnologiia: ) 137-138

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Linear stochastic two-stage mode.

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Linear theory of hydrologic systems.

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Linearized inversion of reflection traveltimes.

Lineas fundamentales de la filosofaia de John Dewey.

Linebreeding understanding better the reasons when and why!. Empress chinchilla breeder 37(5): 12

Linebreeding with endogamous reproducer.

Linee guida per lagricoltura biologica.

Linee guida per le indagini su epidemie di salmonellosi di origine alimentare.


Linen production: from seed to fiber. Small farm today 13(1): 25-29

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Lines across the land.

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Linetics of temperature changes, water content and dielectric properties of meat at heating in the electric microwave field. Congress Documentation Proceedings of the European Meeting of Meat Research Workers: 2d (v 2) 4

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