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Linkage disequilibrium in two European F(2) flint maize populations under modified recurrent full-sib selection

, : Linkage disequilibrium in two European F(2) flint maize populations under modified recurrent full-sib selection. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 115(2): 289-297

According to quantitative genetic theory, linkage disequilibrium (LD) can hamper the short- and long-term selection response in recurrent selection (RS) programs. We analyzed LD in two European flint maize populations, KW1265 x D146 (A x B) and D145 x KW1292 (C x D), under modified recurrent full-sib selection. Our objectives were to investigate (1) the decay of initial parental LD present in F(2) populations by three generations of intermating, (2) the generation of new LD in four (A x B) and seven (C x D) selection cycles, and (3) the relationship between LD changes and estimates of the additive genetic variance. We analyzed the F(2) and the intermated populations as well as all selection cycles with 104 (A x B) and 101 (C x D) simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers with a uniform coverage of the entire maize genome. The LD coefficient D and the composite LD measure Delta were estimated and significance tests for LD were performed. LD was reduced by intermating as expected from theory. A directional generation of negative LD between favorable alleles could not be observed during the selection cycles. However, considerable undirectional changes in D were observed, which we attributed to genetic sampling due to the finite population size used for recombination. Consequently, a long-term reduction of the additive genetic variance due to negative LD was not observed. Our experimental results support the hypothesis that in practical RS programs with maize, LD generated by selection is not a limiting factor for obtaining a high selection response.


PMID: 17468843

DOI: 10.1007/s00122-007-0544-y

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