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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16323

Chapter 16323 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Manual for recognizing Lepidoptera.

Manual for refrigerated storage of perishable products (International Institute of Refrigeration, 1976). Kholodil'naia tekhnika: ) 57-58

Manual for rural water supply with many detailed constructional scale-drawings.

Manual for sample survey for implementation of rice production survey in Union of Myanmar.

Manual for sanitary inspectors of slaughter houses and meat processing plants.

Manual for scab and insect control in apple orchards.

Manual for school and institutional lunchrooms.

Manual for seed analysis.

Manual for seed handling.

Manual for small irrigation projects and cattle-watering troughs cabinet instructive.

Manual for small irrigation projects and cattle-watering troughs country instructive.

Manual for small towns and rural areas to develop a hazardous materials emergence plan, with an example application of the methodology in developing a generalized emergency plan for Riley County, Kansas.

Manual for soil analysis.

Manual for soil science with basics of agrochemistry.

Manual for sugar fortification with vitamin A.

Manual for testing agricultural and vegetable seeds.

Manual for the John Henry Retailers guide to foliage plants.

Manual for the North American inventory of research library collections.

Manual for the analysis of must and wine.

Manual for the care of turf grasses in northern Nevada.

Manual for the certification of laboratories analyzing drinking water.

Manual for the cheese industry.

Manual for the chief of the mare covering station.

Manual for the chief stable.

Manual for the codification, storage and retrieval of bibliographic information.

Manual for the collection and handling of pollen grains.

Manual for the conservation officer.

Manual for the control of main crop pests in Minas Gerais, Brazil. 1. Informe agropecuario = Agricultural report Empresa de Pesquisa Agropecuaria de Minas Gerais 5(57): 2-75

Manual for the control of screwworm fly Cochliomyia hominovorax, Coquerel.

Manual for the cultivation of the American oyster, Crassostrea virginica, in Florida.

Manual for the cultivator.

Manual for the culture and use of brine shrimp Artemia in aquaculture, 1986.

Manual for the description of hybrid corn varieties.

Manual for the design and operation of a low budget hatchery for the hard clam Mercenaria mercenaria in Florida.

Manual for the engineer of agricultural electrification.

Manual for the establishment of permanent monitoring plots for tree farms.

Manual for the evaluation of laboratories performing aquatic toxicity tests.

Manual for the farmers about livestock marketing.

Manual for the geranium planter.

Manual for the hunter and freshwater fisherman.

Manual for the identification and abatement of environmental lead hazards.

Manual for the identification of aquatic plants in the Lagunas de Zempoala National Park, Mexico.

Manual for the identification of commercial woods. Manual for the identification of commercial woods.

Manual for the implementation of a project to increase dry field rice production, 1974.

Manual for the inspection of aircraft wood and glue for the United States Navy.

Manual for the integrated work measurement program, United States Navy.

Manual for the management of small fishery enterprises.

Manual for the pig breeder.

Manual for the preparation and sale of fruits and vegetables.

Manual for the preparation of records in development-information systems.

Manual for the preparation of the food balance sheet of the Philippines.

Manual for the prevention and treatment of disease in fish grown in freshwater.

Manual for the propagation of Pacific Northwest native plants. U S Forest Service General Technical Report PNW 0(389): 248-249

Manual for the recognition of macroinvertebrates of Italian freshwaters.

Manual for the revegetation of mine land in the eastern United States using municipal biosolids.

Manual for the rice and pisciculturist.

Manual for the sausage makers, salted meats, sausages and every type of pig product.

Manual for the shoer of horses.

Manual for the technical evaluation and development of irrigation projects.

Manual for the use of the delegates to the fourth Inter-American Conference on Agriculture and the second Latin American Regional Meeting on Food and Agricultural Programs and Outlook, Montevideo, Uruguay, December 1, 1950.

Manual for the veterinary surgeon.

Manual for the veterinary surgeon of the National Public Health Service.

Manual for the zoological laboratory course.

Manual for tractor school.

Manual for training farmer-employers to use inexperienced labor.

Manual for training of extension workers and farmers.

Manual for treatment and control of lameness in cattle.

Manual for using sheep shearing machine.

Manual for village level workers.

Manual for water level gauging and discharge measurements.

Manual for water plant operators.

Manual for water renovation and reclamation.

Manual for wine analysis and laboratory techniques.

Manual for working with parents of adolescent drug users.

Manual for workshop and conference managers.

Manual for: developing a manure and dead animal management plan.

Manual gardening implements.

Manual handling and noise in the poultry processing industry.

Manual headspace gas-solid chromatographic determination of sub-parts per trillion levels of acrylonitrile in 3% acetic acid. Journal of the Association of Offical Analytical Chemists 65(1): 184-187

Manual hybridization in superior plants. Agronomia en Sinaloa: 4 (8) 2-5

Manual ilustrado de las especies vegetales frecuentes en la zona de Choquetanga.

Manual ilustrado de las plantas silvestres de la region de Bahia Blanca.

Manual implements and machinery for fruit gardening and viticulture.

Manual in clinical dietetics.

Manual in general veterinary surgery.

Manual in special veterinary surgery.

Manual interpretation of Landsat data. Technical description of the Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment LACIE: The LACIE Symposium October 23 to 26-1978 NASA Johnson Space Center sponsored by National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B Johnson Space Center United States Department of Agriculture National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: 143

Manual interpretation of landsat-I imagery for location and estimation of area of the water bodies in Hirakud command area, Orissa India. Proceedings of seminar on "Application of Photo interpretation and Remote Sensing Techniques for Natural Resources Survey and Environmental Analysis" Oct 8-10-1980 A Bhattacharya chief editor: 188

Manual jalan desa proyek pengembangan wilayah Sulawesi.

Manual labor expense in tobacco growing in the light of mechanization: results of farm surveys. Tabakpflanzer Osterreichs: 27 (73) 1-5

Manual laboral agricola.

Manual lymph drainage for equine lymphoedema-treatment strategy and therapist training. Equine Veterinary Education 19(1): 26-31

Manual machines for wood industry.

Manual measurement of beef fat. Queensland agricultural journal 105(1): 54-57

Manual methods are suboptimal compared with automated methods for cleaning of single-use biopsy forceps. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 27(8): 841-846

Manual microbiological turbidimetric analysis of chlortetracycline in feeds. Journal - Association of Official Analytical Chemists 57(3): 527-535

Manual nitrogen control.

Manual of 224 successful solutions to chemical engineering problems.

Manual of Animal Husbandry Department.

Manual of Basmati rice.

Manual of Bolivian agriculture.

Manual of British water engineering practice.

Manual of British water supply practice.

Manual of California field crops.

Manual of Chinese famous tea.

Manual of Emmental cheese manufacture.

Manual of Indian edible mushrooms.

Manual of Indian forest botany.

Manual of Indian forest utilization.

Manual of Indian mangroves.

Manual of Japanese flower arrangement.

Manual of Japanese flowering cherries.

Manual of Kwang-shi fresh-water fishery.

Manual of NEB.

Manual of Toyama agricultural administration.

Manual of accident prevention in construction.

Manual of accounting procedure for Federal credit unions.

Manual of accounts for organizations distributing electric power purchased under contract from the Tennessee Valley Authority (Classes C and D).

Manual of acute toxicity.

Manual of advanced plant microtechnique. Manual of advanced plant microtechnique v+96p

Manual of aerial photography.

Manual of aeronautic sowing for afforestation.

Manual of agricultural accounting.

Manual of agricultural chemicals.

Manual of agricultural enterprise.

Manual of agricultural entomology.

Manual of agricultural institutions in Taiwan, Republic of China.

Manual of agricultural irrigation.

Manual of agricultural machinery maintenance and repair.

Manual of agricultural operations.

Manual of agricultural organizations in Taiwan, Republic of China.

Manual of agricultural pesticides laws.

Manual of agricultural produce market laws.

Manual of agricultural statistics surveyed by estimative techniques.

Manual of agricultural work through the year, vegetable section.

Manual of agriculture.

Manual of allergy for the patient.

Manual of alpine plants.

Manual of anaesthesia for small animal practice.

Manual of animal technology.

Manual of antibiotics and infectious diseases.

Manual of antisense methodology.

Manual of applied field hydrogeology.

Manual of applied nutrition.

Manual of applied statistics.

Manual of applied veterinary therapeutics.

Manual of approved treatment procedures to be used under the Mediterranean fruit fly quarantine.

Manual of approved treatment procedures to be used under the khapra beetle quarantine.

Manual of aquatic sediment sampling. Mudroch, A [Author], Azcue, J M [Author] Manual of aquatic sediment sampling xiv+219p

Manual of arid region animal husbandry.

Manual of avian medicine.

Manual of avian pathology.

Manual of avian practice.

Manual of aviculture and wheat culture.

Manual of bioassessment of aquatic sediment quality.

Manual of biological markers of disease.

Manual of biology.

Manual of bird rearing in the tropical zone.

Manual of bulbs.

Manual of canegrowing.

Manual of canine and feline cardiology.

Manual of canine and feline emergency and critical care.

Manual of carbonate sedimentology.

Manual of cattle artificial insemination; basics, techniques organization and breeding problems of sperm transfer in cattle.

Manual of causes of rice diseases.

Manual of cheese technology.

Manual of chemical methods for pesticides and devices.

Manual of classification of agricultural and forestry research.

Manual of climbers and wall plants.

Manual of clinical chemistry. Manual of clinical chemistry xv + 296p 18 fig

Manual of clinical dietetics.

Manual of clinical dietetics 1978.

Manual of clinical microbiology.

Manual of clinical nutrition.

Manual of clinical procedures in the dog and cat.

Manual of clinical veterinary therapy.

Manual of coastal development planning and management for Thailand.

Manual of coffee soils and fertilizers. Revista cafetalera: (178) 11-22

Manual of collective sprinkler irrigation.

Manual of common wildlife diseases and parasites of Northern British Columbia.

Manual of commonly seen fish diseases and their control.

Manual of cotton spinning.

Manual of crop protection in coffee.

Manual of cultivated broad-leaved trees and shrubs.

Manual of cultivated conifers.

Manual of cultivated conifers hardy in the cold- and warm-temperate zone.

Manual of cultivated plants most commonly grown in the continental United States and Canada.

Manual of cultivated trees and shrubs hardy in North America.

Manual of dairy processing.

Manual of data collection and processing for the development of forest biomass relationships. By J.S. Alemdag, 1980. Information Report PI-X-4, Petawawa National Forestry Institute, Canadian Forestry Service. Forest science 27(3): 476

Manual of dehydrated culture media and reagents.

Manual of descriptive statistics.

Manual of dietetic practice. Manual of dietetic practice (Ed.4): xi + 898 pp

Manual of digests of interpretations of specific price schedules and regulations.

Manual of digital techniques, compiled from recent articles.

Manual of diseases and pests of rice and its control.

Manual of diseases of agricultural crops.

Manual of dog disease control and treatment.

Manual of dog testing techniques.

Manual of duck keeping.

Manual of economic and human sciences.

Manual of economically beneficial plants in Bolivia.

Manual of electric pumping.

Manual of employment interviewing.

Manual of energy saving in existing buildings and plants.

Manual of enlarging.

Manual of enological techniques and registry book of wine products.

Manual of entomology and pest management.

Manual of environmental microbiology.

Manual of equine dentistry.

Manual of equine dermatology.

Manual of equine field surgery.

Manual of equine gastroenterology.

Manual of equine hematology.

Manual of equine neonatal medicine.

Manual of equine practice. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 20(4): 245-0

Manual of equine reproduction. Australian Veterinary Journal 76(8): 570-570

Manual of equipment and design for the foodservice industry.

Manual of erosion control principles and practices during highway construction.

Manual of exercises in veterinary embryology.

Manual of exercises in veterinary physiology.

Manual of experimental statistics.

Manual of extension service organization and methods.

Manual of family gardening.

Manual of farm machinery operation and maintenance.

Manual of farm management.

Manual of farm shop practice.

Manual of farm shop practico.

Manual of feed stuff for poultry.

Manual of feeding stuffs.

Manual of feline and canine hematology.

Manual of field methods for monitoring land birds.

Manual of field techniques in hydrology.

Manual of fire protection.

Manual of fire-loss prevention.

Manual of fish culture.

Manual of fish eggs and larvae from Asian mangrove waters.

Manual of flood control methods and practices.

Manual of flora of the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Manual of food and nutrition for livestock.

Manual of food codes and weights for use in household food consumption phase of the 1977-78 Nationwide Food Consumption Survey.

Manual of food irradiation dosimetry.

Manual of food preservation.

Manual of food quality control.

Manual of foods.

Manual of foreign languages for the use of librarians, bibliographers, research workers, editors, translators, and printers.

Manual of foreign plant pests.

Manual of forest botany.

Manual of forest fruits, seeds and seedlings.

Manual of forest inventory.

Manual of forest management plan requirements for the Province of Ontario.

Manual of forest road maintenance and soil erosion control.

Manual of forest seed analysis.

Manual of forest valuation.

Manual of forestation on agricultural land.

Manual of forestry nurseries in the Sierra Peruana.

Manual of fresh-water fish culture.

Manual of frog and chick development.

Manual of fruit and vegetable preservation.

Manual of fruit tree cultivation techniques.

Manual of fruit tree culture.

Manual of general silviculture for India.

Manual of government publications, United States and foreign.

Manual of grasses and legumes of tropical grasslands.

Manual of greenhouse management.

Manual of ground-water quality sampling procedures.

Manual of hen breeding.

Manual of herbaceous ornamental plants.

Manual of herbarium taxonomy.

Manual of histologic and special staining technics.

Manual of horse colorations.

Manual of human protozoa. Manual of human protozoa ix + 125p

Manual of hygiene methods for the food and drink industry.

Manual of identification of tropical woods.

Manual of individual and non-public water supply systems.

Manual of individual water supply systems.

Manual of industrial health hazards.

Manual of information about the National archives for government officials.

Manual of insect morphology.

Manual of inspection and sanitation requirements of the federal meat grading service.

Manual of inspection procedures.

Manual of inspection procedures of the Meat Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Manual of instruction.

Manual of instructions for filing application for permit to appropriate water, application for permit to construct reservoir, enlargements.

Manual of instructions for forest disease survey using randomly selected temporary plots.

Manual of instructions for the survey of the public lands of the UnitedStates.

Manual of instructions on experiments, preservation plots, protected trees, statistical sample plots, linear increment plots, and the annual silvicultural report.

Manual of instructions. Emergency information agents in the State, Federal emergency disease eradication program.

Manual of laboratory procedures for the analyses of soil and plants.

Manual of laboratory techniques.

Manual of laboratory techniques and manufacture of sugar cane.

Manual of landscape gardening techniques.

Manual of landscape management.

Manual of law for forest officers.

Manual of logging specifications.

Manual of making coconut shell charcoal for commercial purposes in villages. Kehutanan Indonesia: 1 65-68

Manual of mapping techniques for natural resources inventories.

Manual of maternal infant care and breastfeeding.

Manual of mathematics for students of agriculture.

Manual of meat inspection procedures of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Manual of medical entomology.

Manual of medical parasitology.

Manual of medicinal herb of Kiangsu Province.

Manual of methods for biological studies of fish populations.

Manual of methods for clinical microbiology.

Manual of methods for mountain transect studies.

Manual of methods for the analysis of mycotoxins in grain.

Manual of methods for wheat and flour testing.

Manual of methods in aquatic environment research. 2. Guidelines for the use of biological accumulators in marine pollution monitoring. FAO fisheries technical paper: 976, 150

Manual of microbiologic monitoring of laboratory animals.

Manual of microbiological methods for the food and drinks industry.

Manual of microbiological methods of assaying vitamins and amino acids.

Manual of microscopic analysis of feeding stuffs.

Manual of microsurgery on the laboratory rat.

Manual of milk production.

Manual of milk production cost procedures for standard milk production costs and actual milk production costs.

Manual of mineralogy.

Manual of minor vegetables.

Manual of modern pig housing.

Manual of morphological variety description for wheat and barley with examples from Syria.

Manual of motorization of tropical cultures.

Manual of mulberry silkworm technology.

Manual of multiband photography.

Manual of mushroom culture.

Manual of natural veterinary medicine.

Manual of non-wood forest produce plants of Kerala.

Manual of nutrition.

Manual of nutrition and diet therapy.

Manual of nutrition and feeding of livestock.

Manual of nutritional care.

Manual of office administration.

Manual of office reproduction.

Manual of online search strategies.

Manual of operation for the compact farm cluster program.

Manual of orchids.

Manual of outdoor conservation education.

Manual of parrot behavior.

Manual of pastures and forage.

Manual of patent examining procedure.

Manual of pathology methods and histopathologic techniques.

Manual of pesticide use and application laws.

Manual of pesticides.

Manual of pharmacologic calculations with computer programs.

Manual of photographic interpretation.

Manual of phycology.

Manual of physico-chemical analysis of aquatic sediments.

Manual of phytotherapy.

Manual of policies and procedures for group homes.

Manual of post-war planning for cities and towns in Rhode Island.

Manual of poultry breeding.

Manual of practical management for third world rural development associations.

Manual of practical office short cuts.

Manual of practical studies on the breeding of farm animals and specialized animal husbandry.

Manual of practice for country libraries.

Manual of practice, the disposal of combined municipal.

Manual of psittacine birds.

Manual of radioisotope production.

Manual of recommendations for coffee cultivation. Revista cafetalera: (179) 23-29

Manual of remote sensing.

Manual of rope usage.

Manual of rubber planting (Malaya).

Manual of rural accountancy.

Manual of sampling and analytical methods for petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater and soil.

Manual of sanitation standards for certain products of paper, paper board or molded pulp.

Manual of scaling instructions.

Manual of school cafeteria management.

Manual of scientific Russian.

Manual of seeds.

Manual of septic-tank practice.

Manual of sheep raised for meat.

Manual of site management.

Manual of ski mountaineering.

Manual of skin diseases.

Manual of small animal anaesthesia and analgesia.

Manual of small animal anesthesia.

Manual of small animal cardiology.

Manual of small animal internal medicine.

Manual of small animal neurology.

Manual of small animal oncology.

Manual of small animal postoperative care.

Manual of small animal surgery.

Manual of small public water supply systems.

Manual of smart housekeeping.

Manual of soil and water conservation engineering.

Manual of soil conservation for coffee plantations.

Manual of soil laboratory testing.

Manual of soil prospecting.

Manual of special library technique.

Manual of special materials.

Manual of specific zoology.

Manual of specifications for canned fruit and vegetables.

Manual of spectroscopy.

Manual of standardized procedures for spectrophotometric chemistry.

Manual of standards for diagnostic tests and vaccines.

Manual of standards for diagnostic tests and vaccines for lists A and B diseases of mammals, birds and bees.

Manual of state farm agricultural techniques.

Manual of stream channelization impacts on fish and wildlife.

Manual of suggested procedures for the operation of the hospital dietary department.

Manual of surface drainage engineering.

Manual of surgical nutrition.

Manual of survey and laboratory methods used by the Division of Golden Nematode Control.

Manual of swine husbandry. Tierra 28 (4) 284-285

Manual of tabular presentation.

Manual of technical conferences on cattle raising.

Manual of techniques in insect pathology.

Manual of techniques in library organization.

Manual of techniques used in determining human energy expenditures.

Manual of the Forest Fire Service.

Manual of the International Embryo Transfer Society.

Manual of the Korean grasses.

Manual of the Medical Department, United States Navy.

Manual of the New World genera of the family Braconidae (Hymenoptera).

Manual of the agronomical engineer.

Manual of the birds of Ceylon.

Manual of the carices of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Basin.

Manual of the diseases of the eye for students and general practitioners.

Manual of the flowering plants of Hawaii.

Manual of the forest trees of Papua & New Guinea.

Manual of the forest trees of Papua and New Guinea.

Manual of the genus Carex in Mexico and Central America.

Manual of the grasses of the United States.

Manual of the hawthorns of Cook and Du Page Counties of Illinois.

Manual of the international list of causes of death.

Manual of the nutritional inspector.

Manual of the plants of Colorado, for the identification of the ferns and flowering plants of the state.

Manual of the refrigeration industry.

Manual of the trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico).

Manual of the vascular plants of Butte County, California.

Manual of the vascular plants of Texas. I. Additions and corrections.

Manual of town offices: selection, functions and duties with references.

Manual of transportation and post service statistics.

Manual of tropical and subtropical fruits, excluding the banana, coconut, pineapple, citrus fruits, olive, and fig.

Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada li+810p

Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada.

Manual of vegetable pathology.

Manual of vegetable varieties from Ho-fei.

Manual of veterinary bacteriology.

Manual of veterinary echocardiography.

Manual of veterinary homeopathy.

Manual of veterinary parasitological laboratory techniques.

Manual of veterinary sanitation.

Manual of wastewater treatment.

Manual of water supply and equipment.

Manual of water well construction practices.

Manual of wildlife conservation for 4-H club members.

Manual of woody landscape plants.

Manual of yucca production.

Manual on DDT insecticide.

Manual on Spanish pronounciation.

Manual on acute forest damage.

Manual on animal experimentation.

Manual on aquatic ecotoxicology.

Manual on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus production and inoculation techniques.

Manual on asparagus production.

Manual on bivoltine rearing race maintenance and multiplication.

Manual on business-farm days.

Manual on characterization and evaluation of plant genetic resources.

Manual on cold storage of perishable products: designing cold storage warehouses. Kholodil'naia tekhnika: ) 54-56

Manual on contour hedgerow inter-cropping technology.

Manual on corn.

Manual on cotton cultivation.

Manual on document access and delivery for agricultural libraries and documentation centers.

Manual on economic accounts for agriculture and forestry.

Manual on enforcement of food orders administered by Food distribution administration.

Manual on enforcement of food production orders.

Manual on federal auditing procedure.

Manual on feeding infants and young children.

Manual on fertilizer manufacture.

Manual on fertilizer manufacture, prepared for the instruction of candidates chosen for training in supervisory positions in fertilizer plants, and for the not too well technically trained who want to know more about fertilizer manufacturing procedures.

Manual on fish diseases for fish biologists, veterinarians, fish breeders and mariners.

Manual on fund-raising within the Federal service for voluntary health and welfare agencies.

Manual on goats.

Manual on horticultural seed production.

Manual on housing for pigs.

Manual on identification of schedule molluscs from India.

Manual on identifying birds of the USSR.

Manual on improved farm & village-level grain storage methods.

Manual on induction motors used as generators.

Manual on industrial water and industrial waste water.

Manual on injuries of fruits and seeds of trees and shrubs in the steppe zone of the European parts of the U.S.S.R.

Manual on land use survey and capability classification for upland watersheds.

Manual on livestock disease surveillance and information systems.

Manual on management of group feeding programmes.

Manual on measurement of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture.

Manual on meat cold store operation and management.

Manual on medical mycology.

Manual on membrane lipids.

Manual on methodology for food consumption studies.

Manual on mounting harvesting technology.

Manual on mushroom cultivation.

Manual on participatory epidemiology.

Manual on pearl oyster seed production, farming, and pearl culture.

Manual on phosphates.

Manual on phosphates in agriculture.

Manual on pig feeds.

Manual on plant tissue culture.

Manual on practical entomology in malaria.

Manual on pre-emergency planning and disaster recovery.

Manual on presowing row fertilization of wheat with granulated superphosphate and sushtiya preparation.

Manual on producers price indices for industrial goods.

Manual on pumps used as turbines.

Manual on red drum aquaculture.

Manual on rice genetic resources conservation and genebank management.

Manual on right eating.

Manual on rural common disease treatment and control.

Manual on safety for workers in chemical laboratories, pilot plants, chemical storerooms, mechanical shops.

Manual on shark fishing.

Manual on silkworm egg production.

Manual on soil and agricultural chemistry mapping.

Manual on soils chemical analysis.

Manual on storage centers.

Manual on swine alimentation.

Manual on the Robinson-Patman act.

Manual on the chemical protection of plants.

Manual on the choice of industrial technique in developing countries.

Manual on the collection of herbaria and the description of plants for students in the agronomy, zoology and veterinary schools.

Manual on the cultivation of cacao. xVI-XIX.

Manual on the development and use of FAO specifications for plant protection products.

Manual on the pathology of peneid shrimp.

Manual on the production of rattan furniture.

Manual on the project of complex electrification.

Manual on the use of state publications.

Manual on treating numerical data.

Manual on tree seedlings.

Manual on tropical pastures and forage crops culture.

Manual on tropical pastures and forage culture.

Manual on urban air quality management.

Manual on vegetational analysis for grassland and forest ecosystems.

Manual on vegetative and micropropagation of mangroves.

Manual on water supply and treatment.

Manual on watershed instrumentation and measurements.

Manual on watershed management.

Manual on wood construction for prefabricated houses.

Manual or mechanical grape harvests?. Vititechnique (77) 29-31

Manual para Agentes de Desarrollo Rural.

Manual para aplicacion de la metodologia de Investigacion Participativa Entre Mujeres, IPEM.

Manual para buscar setas.

Manual para cultivos hidroponicos.

Manual para el cultivo de la caana de azucar.

Manual para el cultivo y plantaciaon de bulbos (cebollas), ), tubaerculos (rizomas) y plantas herbaceas.

Manual para el manejo del magnetaometro vertical.

Manual para el manejo post-cosecha de cebolla.

Manual para evaluacion de la biodiversidad en reservas de la biosfera.

Manual para herbarios.

Manual para interpretacao de analise de solo.

Manual para interpretar la fertilidad de los suelos de Costa Rica.

Manual para la administracion de alimentos.

Manual para la conservacion de la mara o caoba.

Manual para la conservacion de los murcielagos en Castilla y Leon.

Manual para la crianza del emu.

Manual para la elaboracion de ordenanzas en materia ambiental.

Manual para la elaboracion de planes de ordenamiento predial (POP).

Manual para la gestion del fertirriego en los invernaderos enarenados de Almeria.

Manual para la identificacion de variedades de cerezo II.

Manual para la identificacion de variedades de melocotonero.

Manual para la organizacion de los clubes 4-S de Honduras.

Manual para la produccion de frambuesa.

Manual para la propagaciaon de aarboles y el establecimiento de plantaciones forestales en Puerto Rico.

Manual para los agentes de extension relacionado con el desenvolvimiento de las actividades de los clubs 4-C.

Manual para productores de eucaliptos de la Mesopotamia Argentina.

Manual para productores de naranja y mandarina de la region del Rio Uruguay.

Manual plant breeding SR-2M sowing machine. Selektsiia i semenovodstvo: (5) 49-50

Manual planting could be more efficient Forestry production.1. Redogorelse Forskningsstiftelsen skogsarbeten: ) 34-38

Manual planting of container plants with no prior mechanized scarification.

Manual post drivers for 8- to 10-foot-long metal posts.

Manual praactico de clasificaciaon y catalogaciaon de bibliotecas.

Manual praactico de fabricaciaon de azaucar de caana, mieles y siropes invertidos con su control taecnico-quaimico.

Manual praactico de maquinaria y aparatos en los ingenios de azaucar de ca~na.

Manual praactico del campesino, cultivo del ajonjolai.

Manual praactico del mecaanico agraicola.

Manual praactico sobre multiplicaciaon de plantas.

Manual praactico y completo de podo de los arboles y la vid.

Manual praatico del cultivo del cafeto en Maexico.

Manual praatico do enxertador e criador de mudas de aarvores frutaiferas e dos arbustos ornamenteis.

Manual practico del cooperativista ecuatoriano.

Manual practico del cultivo de la papa en la Sierra.

Manual practico del mecaanico agraicola.

Manual practico sobre utilizacion de suelo y fertilizantes.

Manual pratico de malaaria.

Manual preparation of undecalcified bone sections for fluorescent microscopic examination. Tropical veterinarian 2(2): 113-116

Manual pressure distension of the human saphenous vein changes its biomechanical properties - implication for coronary artery bypass grafting. Journal of Biomechanics 40(10): 2268-2276

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