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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16353

Chapter 16353 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Meeting for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Polish Society of Soil Science (1937-1977). Roczniki gleboznawcze = Ezhegodnik pochvovedeniia = Soil science annual0(1): 3-9

Meeting forest ecosystem objectives with wildland fire use. Fire management todayll 66(4): 21-24

Meeting future demands for animal care. Advances in pork production: proceedings of the Banff Pork Seminar4(14): 281-285

Meeting future food needs. Amino Acid Fortification of Protein Foods: 1-59

Meeting future food needs: The challenge to agriculture. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 300(none): 17-25

Meeting future food needs: the potential role of potato in South Africa. Outlook on agriculture3(3): 177-183

Meeting future world demands for energy: the role of nuclear power. Exploitation of Siberia's Natural Resources: 55-166

Meeting future world fertilizer requirements. The challenge to the industry. Proceedings of the annual meeting Fertilizer Industry Round Table: 2nd) 1-33

Meeting general education requirements for computing skills by revamping a science-based dairy management course. NACTA journal 35(4): 41-43

Meeting goals for special sector economic development.

Meeting human needs, toward a new public philosophy.

Meeting in Romania of the International Commission of Po plar. Cellulosa e carta: 25 (5) 4-7

Meeting in Torino with the Soviet woman Taisiia Gubina, head editor of Pchelovodstvo. Apicoltore moderno: 67 (3) 73-76

Meeting in Washington, school food advocates push for universal meals. Nutrition week, 23(8): 1-2

Meeting in progress (Motion picture).

Meeting in-state demand for less-than-choice beef. Louisiana agriculture Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Stationer 1991 34(2): 3-5

Meeting information needs for development in developed countries. Papers International Association of Agricultural Librarians and Documentalists World Congress: th,pta) P

Meeting information needs on gender issues in aquaculture.

Meeting job training needs in rural America.

Meeting large regulatory requirements in small institutions. Lab animal 25(9): 35-37

Meeting legitimate public concerns over biotechnology: the need for a special infrastructure. Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 53(1): 28-32

Meeting lifes challenges.

Meeting mans needs through changing concepts in outdoor recreation. Proceedings annual meeting: 8th 113-115

Meeting management.

Meeting manpower needs in science and technology.

Meeting market demand. Veterinary Record 169(17): 431-432

Meeting market demand for high protein lupins.

Meeting market demands. II. Empress chinchilla: 25 (3) 10-11

Meeting market needs through quality assurance.

Meeting military requirements for refrigeration today and providing solutions of tommorrow. Activities report of the R and D Associates99 50(2-1): 60-69

Meeting moisture deficit by ants under arid conditions Formicidae, behavior.1. Entomologicheskie issledovaniia v Kirgizii: 4) 58-60

Meeting municipal discharge standards.

Meeting national demand in timber. Canopy 3 (1) 13-14

Meeting national environmental policy act requirements in forest plan implementation. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 98-300

Meeting needs for water, forage, and minerals. American forests: 82 (3) 10-11

Meeting new kiln drying standards. Canadian forest industries: 95 (9) 33

Meeting nutritional needs. Proceedings Meat in Nutrition and Health: ub 1981) 65-74

Meeting nutritional objectives with soya proteins. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 58(3): 528-529

Meeting of Administrators and Researchers of State of Bahia Agencies that Study the Products of Pineapple, Banana, Citrus, Cassava and Mango.

Meeting of Directors of WHO Collaborating Centres on the Evaluation and Testing of New Pesticides.

Meeting of FAO committee on forestry. Journal of forestry: 75 (4) 214-215

Meeting of FES and ARS to discuss work with RMA advisory committees in 1956-57, August 17, 1956.

Meeting of German-speaking work scientists and forest technical institutes and research institutes.

Meeting of National Coordinators of the Cooperative Program for Andean Technical Integration for Small Animals.

Meeting of Registrars of Cooperative Societies and Chief Executives of State Cooperative Banks to discuss the guidelines on consumption credit, 29th October, 1976.

Meeting of agricultural enterprises specializing in grass seed raising. Uroda 23 (10) 394-396

Meeting of senior officers responsible for agricultural research in West and Central Africa.

Meeting of specialists of the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance as to the problem of technology and technique of resin tapping.

Meeting of task force to discuss a long range plan for state leaders management workshops and the implementation of readiness for change research.

Meeting of the Animal Disease Law and Virology Experts Groups.

Meeting of the Animal Infectious Diseases and Virology Experts Groups.

Meeting of the Animal Protection Rights Expert Group.

Meeting of the Bacteriology and Bacterial Diseases Experts Group.

Meeting of the Bacteriology Experts-Group.

Meeting of the Cattle Diseases Expert Group.

Meeting of the Fish Diseases Experts Group of the German Veterinary Medical Association, in association with the German Section of the European Association of Fish Pathologists.

Meeting of the Fish Diseases Experts Group in association with the German Section of the European Association of Fish Pathologists.

Meeting of the Fish Diseases and Zoo Animal Diseases Specialists Groups at the Hellabrunn Zoo.

Meeting of the Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases Experts Group.

Meeting of the Swine Diseases Specialists Group theme, Vaccinations for controlling infections and diseases in swine..

Meeting of the Zoo Animal Diseases Experts Group.

Meeting of the Austrian Forest Protection specialists on bark beetles - actual situation and discussion results. Forstschutz Aktuell (37): 5-7

Meeting of the EUCARPIA working group Melon. Avignon-Montfavet (France), June 19-22, 1973.

Meeting of the Eucarpia working group Tomato. plovdiv (Bulgaria), July 6-8, 1971.

Meeting of the European Association for the study of the liver, abstracts.

Meeting of the Expert Group Milk Hygiene, the Udder Health Working Group.

Meeting of the Expert Groups on Animal Protection Rights and Legal Veterinary Medicine and Fish Diseases..

Meeting of the Experts Group Animal Protection Rights and Legal Veterinary Medicine..

Meeting of the Experts Group Poultry Diseases in association with the WVPA and the Poultry Diseases Division of the I. Medical Clinic, Veterinary Medical University, Vienna.

Meeting of the Experts Group Small Animal Diseases..

Meeting of the Experts Group on Diseases of Small Ruminants..

Meeting of the Experts Group on Epizooztic Disease Law, Giessen, September 24 and 25, 1992.

Meeting of the Experts Group on Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases.

Meeting of the Experts Group on Small Animal Diseases, Eastern Regional Working Meeting.

Meeting of the Experts Group on Virology and Virus Diseases..

Meeting of the Experts Group on Cattle Diseases.

Meeting of the Food and Agriculture Organization banana groups in Rome. International fruit world: 232

Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Climate Impact Studies Programme, Nairobi, 13-15 April 1988.

Meeting of the Soil Science Society at Szolnok, September 3, 1969.

Meeting of the Special Council for Sheep Rearing.

Meeting of the Swine Diseases and Animal Infectious Diseases Law Expert Groups New aspects of controlling Aujeszkys disease as well as dangers from exotic animal infections.

Meeting of the Work Society for Natural Forestry in the Lauenburg County forests. Forst und Holzwirt: 29 (7) 142

Meeting of the provisional working group on the imporovement of the international system of machines.

Meeting of vegetable growers from socialistic countries.

Meeting on Nutrition and health from 14 to 17 June, 1971, Potsdam (German Democratic Republic). Nahrung 6 (2) 123-134

Meeting on Ontogenesis, preservation and Germination of Seeds, Rome, 22-23 May 1978. Reports and communications. Giornale botanico italiano 112(5-6): 403-477

Meeting on Research on the Durable Development in the Bio-Food Sector.

Meeting on grain storage.

Meeting on interregional cooperation for the development of improved seed programs in central America and Panama: report of Honduras. Serie informes de conferencias cursos y reuniones: 87) 5

Meeting on mountain agronomy, June 26th to 29th, 1958.

Meeting on physiology and biochemistry of digestion, Jouy-en-Josas, 14-15 January 1971. Annales de biologie animale biochimie biophysique: 1 (2) 265-356

Meeting on physiology and biochemistry of digestion, Marseilles, 10-11 May 1973. (Abstracts of papers). Annales de biologie animale biochimie biophysique: 3 (4) 699-796

Meeting on plum at Dro. Frutticoltura 42(1): 51-52

Meeting on rabies vaccine field trial slated. BioEngineering news, 12(22): 3-4

Meeting on the Forest Soil Science at the Forestry Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Science.

Meeting on the Mortality of the Monarch Butterfly in Mexico.

Meeting on the Technology and Application of Forest Resources.

Meeting on the acoustical protection of crops and other means of scaring birds.

Meeting on the breeding of rye, Poznan, June 18-21, 1974.

Meeting on the centenary of the foundation of the first Hungarian veterinary journal. Magyar allatorvosok lapja 33(12): 787-801

Meeting on the protection of soils from erosion. Mezhdunarodnyi sel'skokhoziaistvennyi zhurnal: ) 106

Meeting on veterinary health epizootiology (Lisbon, May 7, 1984) concerning classic epidemiology health modelling.

Meeting our coastal challenges.

Meeting our nations waste-water infrastructure needs.

Meeting our nations water quality goals. Soil conservation: 42 (9) 8-10

Meeting our problems day by day.

Meeting practical challenges of a trial involving a multitude of treatment regimens: an example of a multi-center randomized controlled clinical trial in neuroAIDS. Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology 2(1): 97-104

Meeting present and future consumer requirements. Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production6(16): 95-96

Meeting protein and amino acid requirements of man.

Meeting protein and energy requirements of young dairy cows. Proceedings of the eighteenth annual Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers April 20 and 21-1982 Toronto Ontario Conference committee JG Buchanan Smith et al

Meeting protein requirements of mink. Proceedings of the sixteenth annual Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers April 29 and 30-1980 Toronto Ontario Conference committee GK Macleod et al: 1

Meeting public demands.

Meeting public educational needs through an animal welfare student group. NACTA journal 41(4): 29-32

Meeting recreational, park and wilderness needs. American forests: 82 (3) 12-13

Meeting regional septage disposal needs. BioCycle 35(2): 74-76

Meeting repayment commitments of loans availed from commerical banks--problem of farmers of weaker sections. Agricultural banker 9(2): 19-22

Meeting report of the Society for Nutritional Physiology of Livestock. The 34th meeting in Gottingen from March 12 to 14, 1980. Zeitschrift fur Tierphysiologie Tierernahrung und Futtermittelkunde = Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition4(1): 1-36

Meeting report: 16th Meeting of the International Society for Evolutionary Protistology; Wroclaw, Poland, August 2-5, 2006 (ISEP XVI). Protist 158(1): 5-19

Meeting report: ALTER-Net Workshop about the "Application of Molecular Techniques to Study Biodiversity, Structure and Function of Planktonic Communities in Lakes" at Blanes, Spain, February 15-16, 2007. Protist 158(4): 417-421

Meeting report: alternatives for developmental neurotoxicity testing. Environmental Health Perspectives 115(5): 764-768

Meeting Report: Fifth Annual AACR Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research. Cancer Research 67(19): 8989-8993

Meeting report: second Singapore biologics manufacturing conference. Biotechnology Journal 2(6): 657-658

Meeting report: Signals, sensing, and plant primary metabolism (vol 25, pg 339, 2006). Journal of Plant Growth Regulation 26(2): 210

Meeting report: the role of environmental lighting and circadian disruption in cancer and other diseases. Environmental Health Perspectives 115(9): 1357-1362

Meeting report: second ISHPSSB off-year workshop. Biology and Philosophy 22(3): 473-474

Meeting review: American Genetics Association Symposium on the genetics of speciation. Molecular Ecology 16(14): 2852-2854

Meeting review: the origin of novel features. Molecular Ecology 16(7): 1341-1344

Meeting rural needs through sales and service. Agricultural education magazine 57(1): 5-7

Meeting rural needs: the role of state and local governments. Rural sociologist 4(5): 354-363

Meeting seasonal problem of dairy cooperatives through education.

Meeting societys challenge: value-added products from recycled materials. FRI bulletin Forest Research Institute New Zealand Forest Service: 77) 326-335

Meeting somatic cell count regulations in the European Union. Annual meeting 0th) 47-53

Meeting spotlight: Bio-Europe Spring 2007. Biotechnology Journal 2(6): 658

Meeting student needs in home economics at St. Francis Indian School. Illinois teacher of home economics 30(3): 98-99

Meeting student needs--the personal approach. Agricultural education: 49 (6) 134

Meeting technology needs of enterprises for national competitiveness. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique2(1-2): 112-153

Meeting textbook needs in food engineering education. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 85-5542)

Meeting the Demand for Outdoor Recreation. Yearbook of agriculture: 09-321

Meeting the FDA mandatory HACCP quality assurance program.

Meeting the amino acid needs of growing and finishing swine.

Meeting the bacterial challenge. Dairy herd management 18(9): 42

Meeting the challenge. Cotton International edition: 4th) 89-90

Meeting the challenge.

Meeting the challenge for change in the in transit movement of animals. Proceedings of the World Veterinary Congress: 0th (v 3) 2535-2538

Meeting the challenge for sugar beet: magnitude and origin of the problem and possible solutions. Aspects of applied biology: ) 85-102

Meeting the challenge in the Common Market.

Meeting the challenge of Mareks disease--cooperatively. Canada agriculture: er 19 (3) 15-17

Meeting the challenge of Smith-Hughes. Agricultural education magazine 60(1): 21-22

Meeting the challenge of aging in the 21st century. Journal of rural health 17(4): 310-311

Meeting the challenge of change.

Meeting the challenge of change in the international movement of animals. Proceedings of the World Veterinary Congress: 0th (v 3) 2525-2528

Meeting the challenge of conducting community-based instruction in rural settings. Rural special education quarterlyring 22(2): 31-35

Meeting the challenge of diversity. Young children 47(2): 12-17

Meeting the challenge of energy. Indian forester 107(12): 813-817

Meeting the challenge of high feed costs. Research summary: 69 1-7

Meeting the challenge of increased demand for ground cover plants.

Meeting the challenge of inflation and Proposition 13. California turfgrass cultureng 29(2): 12-15

Meeting the challenge of modern agriculture. Official ication: 70-173

Meeting the challenge of peak oil with sustainable agriculture. Small farm today 22(6): 25-26

Meeting the challenge of policy-relevant science: lessons from a water resource project. Water resources bulletin 22(5): 811-815

Meeting the challenge of scaling up processes in the plant-soil-microbe system. Biology and fertility of soils 44(2): 245-257

Meeting the challenge of the changing food marketplace: the MDRD study experience.

Meeting the challenge of the commercial feedlot of tomorrow. Beef cattle science handbook1(21): 409-411

Meeting the challenge of the rice industry.

Meeting the challenge of the world food crisis. Selected Speeches of John C: issioner, Texasdepartment of Agriculture, -1977, 27, 1976 39-44

Meeting the challenge of yellow rust in cereal crops.

Meeting the challenge--the development of a national distance education program in applied horticultural management. Acta Horticulturae 350: 189-196

Meeting the challenge--tomorrows livestock industry. Sheep and goat handbook(5): 81-84

Meeting the challenge: Invasive plants in Pacific Northwest ecosystems. U S Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station General Technical Report PNW GTR (694): 3-9

Meeting the challenge: an overview of the information needs of rural America. Rural libraries4(1): 25-49

Meeting the challenge: co-ops in the 21st century. Rural cooperatives 70(1): 4-6

Meeting the challenge: farm export strategies. Outlook Proceedings Agricultural Outlook Conference US Department of Agriculture: (64th) 461-464

Meeting the challenge: invasive plants in Pacific Northwest ecosystems, Seattle, Washington, USA, 19-20 September 2006. General Technical Report Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service (PNW-GTR-694): v + 166 pp

Meeting the challenge: strengthening agriscience in West Virginia. Agricultural education magazine 74(5): 18-19

Meeting the challenges in 1971.

Meeting the challenges of a changing nursery business. Combined proceedings8(28): 284-287

Meeting the challenges of agriculture.

Meeting the challenges of animal traction.

Meeting the challenges of farm to fork: HACCP. Proceedings 7th) 58-68

Meeting the challenges of process-oriented forest management. Forest Ecology and Management 248(1-2): 1-5

Meeting the challenges of process-oriented management. Outcomes of the e-Conference ForwardFORESTs, 2005. Forest Ecology and Management 248(1/2): v + 118 pp

Meeting the challenges of producing cotton in the United States. Proceedings 317-321

Meeting the challenges of yard trimmings diversion. BioCycle 35(5): 55-59

Meeting the child care needs of low-income families. Child and youth care forum 21(5): 317-334

Meeting the co-op business environment ahead.

Meeting the community in hospital field work. Journal of home economics: 68 (2) 14-16

Meeting the community need for the services of a vector control specialist. Proceedings and papers of the annual conference of the California Mosquito and Vector Control Association: 6th) 6-7

Meeting the competitive challenge.

Meeting the dairy-feed emergency.

Meeting the demand for quality potatoes. Canada agriculture 23(4): 15-18

Meeting the demand for veterinary services in 2000 A.D. Georgia veterinarian: 26 (4) 16-21

Meeting the demand for wood.

Meeting the demand of public catering for food products. Elelmezesi ipar: 2 (5) 184-190

Meeting the demand of todays production environment: the New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program. Proceedings 1st) 133-137

Meeting the demands for new degree programs and course offerings: the experience at Maryland. Journal Northeastern Agricultural Economics Council 7(2): 21-24

Meeting the demands of Kenyas wheat industry. Cereal news: 14 (1) 8-11

Meeting the developmental needs of young children of teen parents: a critique of social policy and implications for advocacy. Child and youth care forum 23(5): 297-314

Meeting the diagnostic challenge in canine and feline allergic skin disease. Veterinary dermatology 9(3): 143

Meeting the diet.

Meeting the directive on transport. Veterinary record: journal of the British Veterinary Association4, 139(11): 245

Meeting the diverse needs of limited-resource producers.

Meeting the early requirements. Feed mix4(1): 30-31

Meeting the educational needs of future animal science students. Journal of Animal Science 29(2): 259-262

Meeting the educational needs of noncrop clientele. Proceedings of the Western Society of Weed Science: 5 21-22

Meeting the educational needs of professional crop advisers using extended workshops. Journal of extension 43(5)

Meeting the educational needs of young people. Major transitions in the human life cycle edited by Alvin C Eurich: 268

Meeting the energetic demands of insect diapause: nutrient storage and utilization. Journal of Insect Physiology 53(8): 760-773

Meeting the energy and protein requirements of the growing animal. Proceedings 3d 255-269

Meeting the energy needs of poultry. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 34(1): 13-19

Meeting the environmental and behavioral needs of zoo animals. Small animal and exotics Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference, Volume 21, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2007: 1713

Meeting the environmental challenge.

Meeting the environmental needs of Marylands citizens. Annual report Agricultural Experiment Station University of yland: 0-13

Meeting the expectations of the land.

Meeting the facial eczema challenge. New Zealand farmer, 104(22): 17-19

Meeting the feed requirements of the hill ewe Sheep nutrition, United Kingdom. Proceedings Easter School in Agricultural Science University of Nottingham: 5) 219-238

Meeting the fertilizer shortage. (Scientific neglect).

Meeting the food additive requirements for new foods--an interdisciplinary approach. PB US National Technical Information Service: 255216 228-242

Meeting the food safety needs of bilingual and low literacy youth.

Meeting the food supply requirements and environmental criticism. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 5 (10) 807-812

Meeting the goals.

Meeting the graduate education needs of Minnesota Extension Educators. Journal of extension 40(4)

Meeting the growing challenges of rural local governments. Rural development perspectives: RDP 9(1): 35-39

Meeting the habitat needs of non-game forest wildlife. Forestry chronicle 64(3): 262-266

Meeting the health care needs of aging veterans.

Meeting the health care needs of underserved children. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 2(1): 147-53; Discussion 154-5

Meeting the higher education needs of Marylands citizens. Annual report Agricultural Experiment Station University of yland: 4-19

Meeting the housing needs of rural residents.

Meeting the impact of crop-yield risks in Great Plains farming.

Meeting the increasing needs of mankind. Proceedings International Congress of Nutrition: th (v 4) 360-363

Meeting the information and education challenge. Journal of soil and water conservation 43(1): 49-50

Meeting the information challenge for agriculture in developed countries. Proceedings of the VIth World Congress of the International Association of the Agricutural Librarians and Documentalists: agricultural information to hasten development: Held 3-7 March 1980 Manila Philippines: 8

Meeting the information requirements of the Animal Welfare Act Workshop.

Meeting the invasive species challenge.

Meeting the inventory challenges of arid lands--an overview. USDA Forest Service general technical report WO: (28) 91-95

Meeting the labour crisis in farming.

Meeting the mammals.

Meeting the mandate. Meat marketing and technology 2(1): 4

Meeting the mandated renewable electricity target.

Meeting the mattress flammability standard with treated cotton batting.

Meeting the meat situation.

Meeting the menace of shifting cultivation. Indian farming 34(10): 5-7

Meeting the mental health needs of severely emotionally disturbed minority children and adolescents: a national perspective. Children Today 16(5): 10-14

Meeting the mineral needs of dairy cows. Advances in dairy technology: proceedings of the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar8(18): 213-234

Meeting the mineral requirements of cattle and sheep.

Meeting the mineral requirements of sheep. Proceedings Easter School in Agricultural Science University of Nottingham: 5) 167-183

Meeting the need.

Meeting the need for child care.

Meeting the need for robotic handling of food products. Food control 8(4): 185-190

Meeting the need--does Canada do its share?. Agrologist er 10(1): 8-10

Meeting the needs.

Meeting the needs of 4-H teens. Farm ranch and home quarterly Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station85 31(2): 6-7

Meeting the needs of a new market: Australian chilled pork to Singapore. Asian Australasian journal of animal sciences: 1386-90

Meeting the needs of aspiring child nutrition professionals.

Meeting the needs of captive mice and their caretakers. Humane innovations and alternatives(8): 565-568

Meeting the needs of children with emotional problems in a profoundly rural area: a preventive model. Rural special education quarterlyer 13(3): 26-30

Meeting the needs of direct-market customers. Farm economics Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension Service: 1986

Meeting the needs of families with handicapped children. Journal of home economics 71(3): 26-30

Meeting the needs of markets and customers - ensuring the regulatory building blocks are in place. Australian Journal of Dairy Technology 62(2, Sp. Iss. SI): 116-121

Meeting the needs of plants, animals and man through agriculture. Proceedings annual meeting: 8th 109-110

Meeting the needs of rural America.

Meeting the needs of rural elders.

Meeting the needs of rural nonfarm students in the East. Agricultural education magazine 60(2): 5-7

Meeting the needs of rural nonfarm students in the southwest--one states approach. Agricultural education magazine 60(2): 9-12

Meeting the needs of rural youth.

Meeting the needs of stakeholders in UK agriculture: will the Common Agricultural Policy deliver?. Aspects of Applied Biology (80): 93-94

Meeting the needs of students who plan careers in ornamental horticulture occupations. Agricultural education: 50 (6) 130-131

Meeting the needs of students with improved behavioral objectives.

Meeting the needs of the frail elderly.

Meeting the needs of the private householder. GC and HTJ, 185(23): 26-28

Meeting the needs of your landscape-design clients. Grounds maintenance 33(4): c40,c42

Meeting the needs through education: tomorrows forest manager (a student panel).

Meeting the needs through policies and politics; Canada.

Meeting the needs through policies and politics; the United states.

Meeting the niacin need of poultry.

Meeting the nitrogen requirements of crop plants with phyllosphere N2-fixing microorganisms. Science and culture: 42 (6) 329-332

Meeting the nutrient requirements of beef cattle with forage. Southern cooperative series: 220 261-285

Meeting the nutrient requirements of beef cows. Beef cattle science handbook: 2 341-346

Meeting the nutrition and feeding needs of children with disabilities: a training model for health and education personnel in the outer Pacific. Journal of research in rural education 14(2): 76-84

Meeting the nutritional needs of dairy cows using silage made from grass. Aktuelt 220-226

Meeting the nutritional needs of ruminants on pasture.

Meeting the nutritional requirements of brood ewes. Sheep and goat handbook(1): 188-194

Meeting the nutritional requirements of sheep in semi-arid Morocco.

Meeting the nutritional requirements with modified protein corn. Corn Quality in World kets L D Hill ed: 3-29

Meeting the pigs future protein needs. Pig farming: 25 (12) 39

Meeting the preservation challenge.

Meeting the problem of dairy product surpluses.

Meeting the problem of pulverization of the soil. Onderzoek Stichting voor de Akkerbouwproefboerderijin op zand en dalgrond in Middlenoost en Noordoost Nederland: 19-122

Meeting the problems. Proceedings of the Seminar on the Operational Aspects of The Drought of 1975-76

Meeting the problems of the southern pine industry.

Meeting the protein and amino acid requirements of layers. Poultry notes New South Wales Dept of Agriculture: 18-29

Meeting the protein needs of growing and finishing cattle.

Meeting the purebred challenge Beef cattle. Beef cattle science handbook9(19): 353-362

Meeting the raisin standards.

Meeting the rehabilitation needs of rural Americans.

Meeting the requirement of layer and broiler chicks. Indian farming 35(7): 13

Meeting the requirements for erodible land and fugitive dust. Summary proceedings Western Cotton Production Conference: 0-33

Meeting the requirements of cattle in drought conditions.

Meeting the research needs of Michigans fruit industry. Annual report Michigan State Horticultural Society: 13th) 80-87

Meeting the shipping container shortage.

Meeting the solid wood needs of the furniture and cabinet industries.

Meeting the sows reproductive potential. International Pig Topics 22(5): 7-11

Meeting the special needs of migrants.

Meeting the special needs of the urban community. Shelter sense 12(8): 3-5

Meeting the special problems of small business.

Meeting the speech and language needs of minority children in rural settings. Rural special education quarterly1(2): 26-30

Meeting the standard for rodent caging and bedding. Lab animal 27(1): 41-45

Meeting the standards. Feed International 28(4): 26-27

Meeting the test of future relevance. Forestry chronicle 74(4): 517-518

Meeting the test: 8,200 service calls in 24 hours tests mettle of Adams Electric Co-op. Rural cooperatives 71(1): 16-19

Meeting the timber industries market specification. Agricultural engineerer 45(4): 110-111

Meeting the trace elements requirement of dense cultures of microalgae under special consideration of manganese and vanadium. Archiv fur Mikrobiologie: 84 (1) 43-53

Meeting the vitamin requirements during pregnancy. Zur Ernahrungssituation der Schweizerischen Bevolkerung: Erster schweizerischer Ernahrungsbericht: er schweizerischer Ernahrungsbericht, 233-241

Meeting the winter in full readiness. Lesnaia promyshlennost': ) 3

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Meeting their needs.

Meeting timber production needs. American forests: 82 (3) 16-17

Meeting todays economic crises. Highlights of papers prese nted at the Twelfth Agri-Business Day, April 2, 1974.

Meeting tomorrows challenges in forest entomology. Journal of forestry 92(11): 10-15

Meeting tomorrows challenges in silvicultural prescriptions: the Northeast Decision Model. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 22-226

Meeting tomorrows demands for applied research.

Meeting tomorrows global food needs.

Meeting total and trace element requirements of calves and young cattle. Tierzucht 34(1): 41-44

Meeting trade challenges: agribusiness perspective. Outlook Proceedings Agricultural Outlook Conference US Department of Agriculture: (64th) 49-53

Meeting urban and community needs through urban forestry. Proceedings of the second National Urban Forestry Conference October 10-14-1982 Cincinnati Ohio proceedings compiled by DG Gangloff and GH Moeller: 6

Meeting wartime sheep production goals. Circ Oklahoma Agric Exp Sta 114: 1-8

Meeting water requirements of an expanding world population. Greenland, D J [Editor], Gregory, P J [Editor], Nye, P H [Editor] Land resources: On the edge of the Malthusian precipice 69-76

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Meeting wildlife and fisheries needs. American forests: 82 (3) 14-15

Meeting winter. Lesnaia promyshlennost': 1) 12-13

Meeting with the Cooperative Fishery Sector.

Meeting with trees.

Meeting world food needs is shared responsibility. Foreign agriculture 18(2): 3

Meeting your Goal with the new versatile herbicide Registered in California, for use in fruit orchards, vineyards. Proceedings California Weed Conference: 4th) 127-131

Meeting, 23--26 September 1968, Lund, Sweden.

Meeting: Methodological problems of the 1980 World Census of Agriculture. Bulletin de l'Institut international de statistique: ub 1976), 46 (2) 53-178


Meetings and personalities in Hungarian medicine.

Meetings are what you make them!.

Meetings that lead to action.

Meetings with farmers.

Meetings with remarkable trees.

Meetings, exchanges, discoveries thanks to farm camping between country and city people. Paysans 17 (100) 41-49

Meetings, meetings.

Meetings--can you manage without them?. In practice 16(2): 98-100

Meets high-tech. American Orchid Society bulletin 61(8): 758-765

Meeza kulturu tipi.

Mef2s are required for thick filament formation in nascent muscle fibres. Development 134(13): 2511-2519

Mefloquine versus 3-day oral quinine-clindamycin in uncomplicated imported falciparum malaria. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease 5(5): 306-309

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Meiiasnoaei i bekonnyaei otkorm svineaei.

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Mein Betrieb und ich.

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Mein Blumenbuch.

Mein Blumenbuch feur Haus und Garten.

Mein Garten von A-Z.

Mein Garten, meine Welt.

Mein Gemeusegarten.

Mein Landmaschinenbuch.

Mein Pappel-Testament.

Mein Reislaufen feur den Bauernwald.

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Mein Winzerbuch.

Mein eigener Gemeusegarten.

Mein eigner Garten.

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