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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16467

Chapter 16467 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

New data on the problem of descending and ascending translocation of photosynthesis products of grapes. Vitis 16 (4) 253-262

New data on the problem of protein damage due to heat treatment. Kraftfutter 53 (4) 172

New data on the qualitative determination of the cells during regeneration among the Insecta.

New data on the relationship between honeybees and higher plants. Pollination of Agricultural Crops by Bees: ransl 1977) 90-101

New data on the reverse transport of electrons in the respiratory chain of yeast mitochondria: induction of reverse transport by exogenous NADH Endomyces magnusii. Doklady biochemistry Akademiia nauk SSSR 263(1-6): 66-68

New data on the role of taurine as an inhibiting transmitter in the chicken retina. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances Serie D Sciences naturelles: 1973, 277 (21)

New data on the sexual behavior of Araneus cucurbitinus Cl. (Araneae, Araneidae).

New data on the species Theonina Simon and Meioneta Hull from Central Europe. Vestnik Ceskoslovenske spolecnosti zoologicke 43(1): 30-34

New data on the species of the genus Echinops L.

New data on the spread, diagnosis and control of Varroa mites. Birokteren 96(12): 273-276

New data on the structural geometry of the lineations in the west part pacific ocean and South-East part of the Indian ocean. Doklady Akademii Nauk 414(1): 70-73

New data on the structure and significance of bundles conducting water to the gametophyte of Takakia lepidozioiides Hattori et Inoue (Bryophyta).

New data on the structure and systematic position of some species of the genus Coscinodiscus (Bacillariophyta). Botanicheskii zhurnal 72(2): 245-247

New data on the structure of the cryptal region of the small intestine mucous membrane in rodents and dogs. Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR: 28 (3) 717-719

New data on the structure of the female genitalia of flea beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 104(1): 237-239

New data on the systematics of horseflies (Diptera, Tabanidae).

New data on the systematics of some Palearctic Coreidae (Heteroptera). Entomological reviewt 58(3): 76-79

New data on the taxonomy and biology of the larvae of Pyrochroidae beetles (Coleoptera) of the USSR fauna. Biologicheskie nauki: Nauchnye doklady vysshei shkoly: ) 23-30

New data on the taxonomy and geographic distribution of xylophagid flies (Diptera, Xylophagidae). Vestnik zoologii = Zoological record: (4) 26-30

New data on the taxonomy and origin of some Caucasian Gentiana. Soobshcheniia Bulletin 92(1): 161-164

New data on the taxonomy of anistids (Acariformes, Prostigmata) of the fauna of Uzbekistan. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal, 637: 1004-1011

New data on the taxonomy of cremastine wasps (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) from Kazakhstan and central Asia. Entomological review 69(7): 66-71

New data on the taxonomy of the.

New data on the taxonomy of the Caucasian Campanula species. Zametki po sistematike i geografii rastenii: 6) 44-57

New data on the thysanopterous fauna (Insecta, Thysanoptera) of the Canary Islands.

New data on the toxicity of pyrethroids for beneficial arthropods. Agrokhimiia ) 130-137

New data on the trematodes from fishes of Atlantic coast of Africa. Parazitologiia 17(1): 12-17

New data on the type species of the genus Lixodessa Gozmany, 1957 (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae). Vestnik zoologii: (4) 44-46

New data on the ultrastructure of the valves of Diatomeae algae of genus Cyclotella Kuetz. Biologiia vnutrennikh vod Informatsionnyi biulleten': 1) 25-30

New data on the use of straw for feeding ruminants. Mezhdunarodnyi sel'skokhoziaistvennyi zhurnal: ) 83-87

New data on the utilization of feed in cattle nutrition systems.

New data on the utilization of underground mineralized waters in the increase of soil fertility.

New data on the vectors of Wuchereria bancrofti in Madagascar: the influence of temperature on the rate of development of the parasite and on the vectorial infection rate. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 40(5): 763-769

New data on the vegetation of western regions of Ukraine in the Upper Pleistocene. Ukrains'kyi botanichnyi zhurnal3(1): 47-51

New data on the vernacular names of plants in the Sudan. Adansonia 9(4): 477-494

New data on the virus causing ca.

New data on the virus susceptibility of plants. 1. Solanaceae (Capsicum, Datura, Nicotiana, Petunia and Scopolia species). Botanikai kozlemenyekub 1982) 68(3-4): 181-185

New data on the virus susceptibility of plants. 2. Solanaceae (Solanum species). Botanikai kozlemenyekub 1982) 68(3-4): 265-271

New data on the weed Epilobium. Zemledelie 5 58-59

New data on the zoogeography of Hemiptera of mountanious systems of Georgia. Soobshchenieiia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoaei SSR: 67 (2) 469-471

New data on three species of Salticidae (Araneae).

New data on ticks of the genus Ixodes Latr. (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae) which are specific bat parasites. Entomological review: 51 (2) 279-285

New data on vascular flora of the middle part of Enissey Basin. Byulleten' Moskovskogo Obshchestva Ispytatelei Prirody Otdel Biologicheskii 111(Part 6): 76-79

New data on vibrational communication in psyllids from the families Aphalaridae and Triozidae (Homoptera, Psyllinea). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 86(5): 547-553

New data on viral diseases of dogs. Medycyna weterynaryjna 36(12): 713-715

New data on virus inclusions in plant cells, in tissue cultures, and in isolated cell cultures.

New data on ways of rabies virus elimination by infected animals.

New data on xylophilous Diptera (Stratiomyidae, Pachygasterinae), developing in tugal flora of Central Asia.

New data regarding the Sarmatian diatoms in north-eastern Bulgaria. Fitologiia 7(27): 55-68

New data support safety of cyclamate, Abbott Laboratories petitions FDA for acceptance. Food product development: 7 (10) 68

New data system for sensory analysis of food, Norway.1. NINF informasjon Norsk institutt for naeringsmiddelforskning(4): 233-236

New data to the bryophytes flora of the north-eastern Poland. II. Annales Uniwersytet ii Curie Sklodowskiej Sectio C: Biologia4(34): 47-53

New data to the knowledge of the distribution of macrolepidoptera of Hungary. II. (Lepidoptera). Folia entomologica Hungarica Rovartani kozlemenyek Series nova2(2): 219-227

New data to the knowledge of the genus Asolcus Nakagawa, 1900 (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea, Scelionidae). Rovartani kozlemenyek Folia entomologica hungarica series nova: 9 (2) 175-191

New data to the knowledge of the oribatid fauna of the Neogaea. VI. (Acari). Acta zoologica Academiae scientiarum Hungaricae7(1-2): 49-102

New data to the study of Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera) from -Afghanistan.

New data to the study of Thalassiosira Cl. (Bacillariophyta) from the Atlantic Ocean. Botanicheskii zhurnal: 63 (2) 222-225

New data to the study of the genus Thalassiosira Cl. (Thalassiosiraceae) from the Black Sea. Botanicheskii zhurnal: 62 (4) 537-538

New data towards the late Upper.

New database helps monitor food pathogens. Agricultural research 52(2): 18

New databases in human resources. Journal of human resources 21(4): 640-643

New dates on the French Aphidiidae (Hymenoptera). Annales (new ser) 9 (2) 309-329

New datum on the occurrence of Nathrius brevipennis (Muls.) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) damaging wicker in Poland. Przeglad zoologiczny: 9 (3) 325-326

New day dawns on land. Farm journal 112(7): 20-21

New day-neutral strawberries for a three-season harvest. Grower: vegetable and small fruit newsletter 92(3): 1-3

New day-neutral strawberries yield fruit through October. Ag impact 14(9): 6-7

New days, new ways: co-ops, producers find many ways to prepare for the future. Rural cooperatives 70(6): 4-8

New deal for British farm workers.

New deal for Swedish agricultural price policy.

New deal for rural dropouts.

New deal medicine.

New deal of sugar manufacturing technique. Agriculture and agro industries journal: 7 (12) 22-23

New deal regulation and the revolution in American farm productivity: a case study of the diffusion of the tractor in the Corn Belt, 1920-1940. Journal of economic history 51(1): 101-123

New debate on nutraceuticals. Veterinary Times 37(24): 12-14

New deboning line enhances employee accountability. Poultry 2001 8(6): 40

New decipherings of Tibetan names of drug plants. Rastitel'nye resursy: (3) 425-430

New decision tools for rough mill dimension processing. Proceedings annual Hardwood Symposium of the Hardwood Research Council: 3) 69-75

New decision-making tools for managers.

New decisions concerning standardization of fee concentrate mixtures. Norden 6 (10) 337

New decisions for the designs of sheep farms. Ovtsevodstvo 6 12-15

New decisions in eggplant breedi. Nauchni trudove3(3): 21-25

New decisions in the realization of social and economic development of Poland. Wies wspolczesna: 18 (3) 3-8

New decontamination efforts and techniques for elimination of Salmonella from animal protein rendering plants. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 157(11): 1975-1980

New decorated garden.

New decree on the calculation of. Ovoshtarstvo 0(3): 28-30

New deep freeze method for food processing.

New deep-drawing and shrink film for food packaging. Fleischerei 34(11): 942

New deep-water records of cocoons of undescribed species of Fecampiidae from Antarctica to the Bay of Biscay (Platyhelminthes, Turbellaria, Rhabdocoela). Senckenbergiana Biologica 87(1): 1-6

New deer shed design Farm buildings, New Zealand. New Zealand journal of agriculture 145(1): 47

New defenses against the daunting Asian longhorned beetle. Agricultural research 54(5): 14-15

New definition of diabetes.

New definition reflects todays farming.

New definitions for metropolitan areas. Rural development perspectives US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service 1(1): 19-20

New definitions of the European Economic Community sugar marketing decree. Zucker 27 (6) 326-328

New definitions will help, but cultures are critical for resolving unanswered questions about Clostridium difficile. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 28(2): 113-115

New degradation products and a pathway for the degradation of aminocarb in purified water. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 36(1): 185-189

New deink plant forms cornerstone of low-cost production efforts at Coosa Pines. Pulp and paper 76(6): 41-44

New deinking plant at Kaipola, Finland. Pulping Conference: proceedings: ook 1) 351-356

New deinking projects proliferate as industry meets recycling demand. Pulp and paper 65(5): 52-55

New delignification technique of sulfate pulp resulting in uniform cooking degree. Papir a celuloza3(12): 241-242

New demand factors for RV park sites in the 1993 National Electrical Code. Paper er 1992 (923565)

New demand for rape--cultivation. Nye dansk landbrug: 6 (12) 4-6

New demand in quality. Cotton International edition: 4th) 111-112

New demands for biofuels and alternative products. Outlook Proceedings Agricultural Outlook Conference US Department of Agriculture: 8th) 23-29

New demands of captive customers. Food management 31(8): 38

New demands on no-till drills. Farm journal 111(7): 22-23

New dematiaceous species from typha latifolia. Transactions 61 (pt 2) 400-402

New dendrobium cutflower cultivars and selections. Research extension series College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service: (124) 127-128

New denominations for some species of Lithobiomorpha (Chilopoda). Revue roumaine de biologie: 8 (4) 269-270

New depsidones from Lobaria oregana. Phytochemistry 9(2): 328-330

New derivatives and reactions of starch and model compounds.

New derivatives from Rhodanine and Thiohydroxylamine.

New description of Aphaenogaster senilis from samples of the region of Banyuls-sur-Mer (P.o.) France. Vie et milieu Serie C: Biologie terrestre: 4 (1) 97-110

New description of Culicoides vitreipennis Austen. Annales de Parasitologie Humaine et Comparee 49(5): 631-637

New description of Paraiulus olmecus Humbert and Saussure, 1869, a species type of the genus Paraiulus (Diploda), kept at the Museum of Natural History in Geneva. Revue suisse de zoologie: 9 (1) 159-165

New description of some Lycaenidae (Lepidotera) from Afghanistan. Entomologische Zeitschrift: 82 (20) 225-235

New descriptions of North American euholognathan stonefly drumming (Plecoptera) and first Nemouridae ancestral call discovered in Soyedina carolinensis (Plecoptera: Nemouridae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America. March; 882: 234-239

New descriptions of species in the genus Dracula Luer. Orquideologia 15(1): 3-47

New descriptions of species of the Pardosa genus group distincta (Araneae, Lycosidae). Folia entomologica Mexicana: (63) 61-68

New descriptions of the genus Coelocraera Marseul and Coproxenus Lewis (Coleoptera, Histeridae). Sociobiology (2): 137-153

New design and use of a fish metabolism chamber. Proceedings Aquatic toxicity and hazard assessment: ub 1981) 436-448

New design criteria for the aerobic digestion of sewage lime sludge. Progress in water technology: 0 (1 2) 615-631

New design for a rice irrigation system. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 1 54-55

New design for electric water heaters. Dairyfarming digest: er 20 (1) 9

New design for fair irrigation water distribution by field outlets. Congress on Irrigation and Drainage 8th Varna 1972transactions: 28

New design for forest fire prevention in the South.

New design for no till planter. Soil conservation: 43 (9) 9-11

New design for old.

New design in mechanical tomato harvester reduces cracks and bruises. Florida grower and rancher 72(7): 16-17

New design in plant packs bring longer shelf life for house plants. Horticulture industry: 14

New design of a periodically operating lumber-drying chamber. Derevoobrabatyvaiushchaia promyshlennost': (3) 3-6

New design of a store house for.

New design of an interfarm factory. Mukomol'no elevatornaia i kombikormovaia promyshlennost': (11) 37-39

New design of chippers for the production of technological chips. Drevo 30 (7) 213-217

New design of farm houses.

New design of fence dropper. New Zealand journal of agriculture: 131 (3) 55

New design of seat and accessories in agricultural tractors. Zagreb Simpozij "Mehanizacija u poljopredi" Zb rad: 83-191

New design of stocks for large animal radiography Horses. Equine veterinary journal 15(1): 76-79

New design or restoration?. Garten Landschaft = Landscape architecture planning 92(5): 362-367

New designation of a feeder Produ. Mekhanizatsiia sil's'koho hospodarstva: (12) 7

New designing and technological decisions for the construction of large pig farms in Belorussia. Intensifikatsiia proizvodstva svininy: 81-393

New designing solution for enterprises for beef production Standard plans of animal husbandry buildings.1. Zhivotnovodstvo (8) 60-61

New designs for farms for industrial fattening of swine.

New designs for grain crop storage facilities. Getreidewirtschaft 11 (4) 81-83

New designs for livestock farm buildings.

New designs for pick-up tractor trailers. Mechanizacja rolnictwa: 15, 23 (21) 14-16

New designs for types of poultry houses.

New designs for youth development.

New designs of flume canal bends. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (3) 31-33

New designs of rural houses. Sel'skoe khoziaistvo Moldavii: ) 52-55

New designs of ships producing mixed feeds.

New designs of small properties.

New desolventizing and toasting techniques. Proceedings World Conference on Emerging Technologies in the Fats and Oils Industry Cannes France November 3-8-1985 edited by AR Baldwin: 235

New desulfatation process for agar-agar. Algal biotechnology edited by T Stadler et al: 508

New details on the constitution and structure of the ovipositor in Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea. International Congress of Entomology 13th Moscow 1968 Trudy: 287

New detection advancement enhances basis weight, coat weight measurement. Pulp and paper 70(1): 45-47

New detection method of viral infection of tobacco and potato plants. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances Serie D Sciences naturelles: 277 (22) 2577-2580

New detection methods improve food safety. Agricultural research 53(1): 15-17

New detector for hidden injuries in fruit. Agricultural research US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service 34(1): 15

New determinant tomato variety f.

New determination of goals of hydrological disciplines in rural areas. Oesterreichische Wasserwirtschaft: 21 (11 12) 269-273

New determination of the sweetening power of saccharin. Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau: 71 (4) 138-139

New developed ways for self made wood construction for ruralcarpenters. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch: 4 (6) 730-739

New developements in the filtration of liquid food.

New development and restoration concept for villages. IKO innere Kolonisation Land und Gemeinde 29(6): 215-218

New development and transformat. Nogyo oyobi engei Agriculture and horticulture 56(11): 1333-1339

New development for measuring hydrogen sulfide during brewing--preliminary data. Technical quarterly and the MBAA communicator1(3): 310-316

New development in blackstreak research. Avocado grower 3(6): 18-19

New development in chestnut research. Proceedings ub 1976), 23rd 36-45

New development in electronic recording and processing of field data. Tierzuchter 30 (5) 192-194

New development in hose reel installations for sprinkler irrigation. Landbouwmechanisatie 31(8): 789-790

New development in lactating cow preparations--the efficacy of three blind labeled intramammary infusion formulae in the treatment of clinical mastitis. Annual meeting National Mastitis Council Inc: 1st) 182-189

New development in lettuce varieties United States. Research extension series Hawaii Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources: (019) 53-55

New development in mathematical economics and econometrics.

New development in mechanical pulping. Proceedings of the Symposium on Utilization of the Changing Wood Resource in the Southern United States: e 12-14-1984 sponsored by North Carolina State University et al: 215

New development in non-wood plant fiber pulping--a global perspective. Pulping Conference: proceedings: ook 2) 781-802

New development in pork raising.

New development in poultry processing: simultaneous scalding and plucking. Poultry international: 12 (2) 16-18

New development in rabies vaccines.

New development in record keeping.

New development in the area of continuous milk thickening and curd processing.

New development in the area of energy metabolism of ruminants with emphasis on feed evaluation systems. South African journal of animal science Suid Afrikaanse tydskrif vir veekunde: (2) 213-220

New development in the field of wood harvesting. Internationaler Holzmarkt: 60 (21) 5-8

New development in the selection of 3 lines of rice hybrid, Tien. Yichuan yu yuzhong: 6 18-19

New development of a milking technique for tie stalls in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Agrartechnik 4(2): 66-68

New development of a refrigerator. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Obst und Weinbau 116(17): 457-458

New development of individual pharmacology aiming drug creation in pharmaceutical science. Yakugaku Zasshi 127(4): 719

New development of legislation and organization for the mechanization and maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems. Congress on Irrigation and Drainage 8th Varna 1972transactions: 28

New development of modern Japanese agriculture.

New development of pata pata-sulfonyldianiline-diffusion for sugar beet.

New development of regional com.

New development of rice croppin. Farming mechanization: (3) 5-6

New development of rice culture. Agriculture and horticulture: 48 (9) 20-32

New development of urban dairy.

New development on the mergers.

New development tendencies in food production in the Federal Republic of Germany and their influences on agriculture and consumers.

New development trends in sheep rearing. Tierzuchter 34(11): 457-459

New developments.

New developments and application in chemical reaction engineering.

New developments and challenges in a still uncommon concept: quo vadis public-private partnership?. Entwicklung + Landlicher Raum 41(2): 6-8

New developments and experiences in the area of photometry and spectroscopy in the treatment of water, waste water and sewage.

New developments and experiences in the use of alternative energy sources. Gullebehandlung Energietechnik Futterkonservierung: Dokumentation uber eine Vortragstagung am 91182 in Vilshofen Landtechnischen Vereins in Bayern et al: 4

New developments and experiments with the determination of halogen organic compounds as sum and single material analysis in view of the supplementation of the water laws.

New developments and further action in the field of herbicides. Kongres "Chemia v pol'nohospodarstve" 2d Bratislava 1972(2)

New developments and improvements in cheese manufacture techniques. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft: 27 (13) 362-363

New developments and new applications in animal cell technology.

New developments and problems in the use of pesticides.

New developments and prospective applications for beta (1,3) glucans. Recent Patents on Biotechnology 1(1): 59-73

New developments and results of driving and adjustment of havester-threshers. Landtechnik 0, 28 (9 10) 268-272

New developments and technologies in dermatology. Lasers in Medical Science 22(2): 65-65

New developments are in the coming: Market, price and structural policies in the EEC. Landmaschinen kt: 4, 52 (12) 10-13

New developments at the Agricultural Machinery Exhibition RAI. 2. Landbouwmechanisatie 27 (3) 191-198

New developments at the Autumn Fair in Vienna. Mechanizace zemedelstvi: 3 (3) 103-104

New developments at the XVth International Machinery Fair in Brno. Mechanizace zemedelstvi: 3 (11) 403-411

New developments brought by the Frenkel method.

New developments cut fencing costs.

New developments for Vistar Postemergence soybean herbicide. Weeds today Spring 13(2): 19-20

New developments for controlling cattle lice.

New developments for half of society.

New developments for improving the efficiency of cattle. Beef cattle science handbook2(22): 367-387

New developments for liquid milk?. Technique laitiere: 662 9

New developments for more economical production of flakes, strands, and wafers. Proceedings of the Washington State University International Symposium on Particleboard: 5th) 125-134

New developments for pain control in cats. Feline practice 26(5): 24

New developments for slurry treatment. DLZ 31(8): 1106-1108

New developments for the sugarbeet harvest and consequences for agriculture.

New developments for thinning Forest harvesting. Proceedings of the fourth Northwest Skyline Symposium: held December 4-8-1978 edited by JJ Garland: 148

New developments from Samuel Jackson Mfg Co. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences(1): 512-513

New developments from continuing work on controlled atmomosphere.

New developments from experiments with swine Denmark.1. Tidsskrift for landokonomi 169(5-6): 54-57

New developments from the Paris agricultural equipment show. Landtechnik 30 (4) 181-182

New developments in biological plastic surgery(II). Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association 58(8): 520

New developments in American Cattleya breeding. Proceedings of the Eleventh World Orchid Conference March 1984 Miami Florida USA editor Kiat W Tan: 263

New developments in BCG vaccine: implications for tuberculosis control. Epidemiology and Infection 135(2): 177-180

New developments in Belgian fruit production. Compact fruit tree9(19): 8-21

New developments in British grassland farming.

New developments in Chinas beer industry. Brygmesteren = Scandinavian brewers' review 39(11): 383-389

New developments in Dutch sugarbeet harvesting Equipment, Netherlands.1. Landbouwmechanisatie 34(5): 529-534

New developments in Florida citrus. Citrograph 61 (6) 233-236

New developments in French agricultural machinery. Mechanizace zemedelstvi2(12): 489-492

New developments in French potato starch industry. Starke 26 (8) 270-274

New developments in HVI measurements. Proceedings (1): 719-725

New developments in Lubricating Acrylic Syntans. Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association 88(9): 330-337

New developments in Rosin ester and dimer chemistry. Naval stores review 94(4): 9

New developments in Venezuelan cattleyas. American Orchid Society bulletin 48(12): 1249-1257

New developments in abscisic acid perception and metabolism. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 10(5): 447-452

New developments in agrichemicals. Proceedings (1): 51-52

New developments in agricultural machinery in the German Democratic Republic. Mechanizace zemedelstvi: 3 (3) 110-112

New developments in agricultural technique. Wintertagung 21-132not

New developments in agricultural trade analysis and forecasting Mathematical models. New directions in econometric modeling and forecasting in US agriculture editor GC Rausser: 387

New developments in agriculture.

New developments in air planters. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences: 75-476

New developments in alternative proteins. Aquaculture magazine e 30(3): 56-59

New developments in an ancient land.

New developments in animal reproduction & breeding.

New developments in applying individual seal-packaging for improved handling of fruits and vegetables. Proceedings of the International Citrus Symposium Guangzhou China Nov 5-8-1990 edited by Huang Bangyan Yang Qian: 771

New developments in aquaculture. Food engineering international 5(7): 36-37

New developments in automated biosensing from remote water quality stations and satellite data retrieval for resource management. Papers World Congress on Water Resources(7): 3534-3541

New developments in automated continuous analysis for water, wastewater, and industrial applications. Instrumentation in food water and wastewater industries: programmed by ISA's Industries and Sciences Department Divisions Bloomington Minn May 1-2-1980 on "Instrumentation for people": 3

New developments in bacteriaphage research and protection against them. Tejipar 8(4): 80-83

New developments in beef artificial insemination. Beef cattle science handbook: 219-224

New developments in beef cattle genetics. Beef cattle science handbook6(16): 224-227

New developments in beet sowing. Landmasch markt: 969, 4(48) 16-18

New developments in big game repellents. Wildlife and Forest Management in the Pacific Northwest Proceedings of a Symposium: ub 1974) 103-112

New developments in biochemical 15N application. Isotopes and radiation in research on soil plant relationships proceedings of an International Symposium on the Use of Isotopes and Radiation in Research on Soil Plant Relationships jointly organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and held in Colombo 11-15 December 1978: 550

New developments in biosciences.

New developments in biotechnology.

New developments in biotechnology--field-testing engineered organisms: genetic and ecological issues. Biotechnology: professional issues and social concerns editors Paul DeForest et al: 11

New developments in bleached cotton for nonwovens. Proceedings (1): 758-761

New developments in brewing. Bio Expo 85 organized and presented by Cahners Exposition Group: 06

New developments in broiler feeding. Drobiarstwo 21 (8) 8-9

New developments in butter and in uses of butterfat. 2. Milk industry: 79 (10) 19-20

New developments in calf nutrition and management. Dairy science handbook: 220-226

New developments in camellias. Horticulture 49 (9) 22-23

New developments in can making for meat industry by using domestic lacquered aluminium plate. Tehnologija mesa 25(1): 7-9

New developments in carrageenan products. Alimentaria (378): 28-31

New developments in cell apoptosis research.

New developments in cereal based foods in southeast Asia. Food technology in Australia: 28 (11) 423-426 Ref

New developments in cereal crop breeding. Food technology in Australia: 29 (6) 221-226

New developments in cereal processing. Food technology in Australia: 29 (5) 189-192

New developments in cheese packaging.

New developments in cheese packing. Milchwirtschaftliche Berichte aus den Bundesanstalten Wolfpassing und Rotholz: 27 107-115

New developments in chemical control of Phytophthora. Phytophthora: its biology taxonomy ecology and pathology DC Erwin S Bartnicki Garcia and PH Tsao editors: 334

New developments in chemical control of weeds. Chemistry and world food supplies: the new frontiers Chemrawn II invited papers presented at the International Conference on Chemistry and World Food Supplies Manila Philippines 6-10 December 1982 ed W Shemilt: 8

New developments in chemical site preparation. Proceedings of the Western Forestry Conference: 7th 78

New developments in chemistry and biochemistry.

New developments in cherries. North American pomona: er 10 (3) 153-155

New developments in chocolate and confectionery in Europe.

New developments in citrus fragrance ingredients: the aroma chemical aspects and new discoveries in both natural and synthetic citrus ingredients. Perfumer and Flavorist 32(6): 22-26

New developments in cleaning of seed grain. Getreide Mehl und Brot 33(10): 253-256

New developments in clothing and textiles. ARS NE: er 36 3-6

New developments in coastal environment research: results from the national coastal environment program. Aquatic Living Resources 20(1): 1-2

New developments in combating fatty liver syndrome.

New developments in construction and functions of organic thin films.

New developments in continuous pressing of panel products. Proceedings of the Washington State University International Particleboard Composite Materials Series Symposium0(20): 255-272

New developments in corporate finance and tax avoidance.

New developments in cultures for cultured products industry.

New developments in cytoplasmic male sterility in Vicia faba L. World crops: production utilization description0(10): 255-260

New developments in dairy for 2001. Proceedings of Agricultural Outlook Forum

New developments in dietary fiber.

New developments in double cropping tools that help you grow two crops on one plastic mulch.

New developments in eastern United States apple and pear production. Annual report0(70): 77-79

New developments in ecology research.

New developments in econometric valuations of price stabilizing and destabilizing policies. Working paper Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics California Agricultural Experiment Station: 79 (77)

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