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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16549

Chapter 16549 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

On the activity of proteolytic enzymes in Euglena gracilis.

On the activity of ribulosediphosphate carboxylase with CO2 and O2 from leaf extracts of Zea mays. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 57(4): 1180-1185

On the activity of sex attractant for Carpocapsa pomonella.

On the activity of some enzymes.

On the activity of the Belorussian section of the All-Union Botanical Society in 1969.

On the activity of the Europe.

On the activity of the Food and Agriculture Organization study group for mountain meadows.

On the activity of the Teterow intercooperative union for beef production. Tierzucht 29 (3) 103-104

On the activity of the computer center at the All-Union Scientific and Research Institute of Forestry Mensuration.

On the activity of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in erythrocyte hemolysates from pigs of different types and breeds as well as in the livers of rats following administration of varying fat amounts. Archiv fur Tierzucht: 9 (2) 115-122

On the activity of the producers advisory board at the slaughtering plant in Jena. Tierzucht 24 (4) 138-140

On the activity rhythms and in.

On the actual and sublethal water deficit of some plants of the lower layers of plant communities of the southern Taiga. Fitotsenologiia i Biogeotsenologiia Temnokhvoinoi Taigi: 3-92

On the actual atatus and proble. Tottori Daigaku Nogaku bu kenkyu hokoku = Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture Tottori University 32(32): 120-126

On the actual condition of fert. Kanagawa ken Engei Shikenjo kenkyu hokoku = Bulletin of the Kanagawa Horticultural Experiment Station: (27) 75-85

On the actual problems of agrarian structure transformation in Poland.

On the actual quality of Ceylon tea. Soobshchenieiia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoaei SSR: 77 (3) 713-716

On the actual seawater mirror Gerris and the lagoon portland Chresmoda of Solnhofen. Annales des sciences naturelles zoologie et biologie animale 13e serie(3): 111-116

On the actual stand yield table. Bulletin of the Ehime University Forest = Ehime Daigaku Nogaku bu Enshurin hokoku: (16) 193-206

On the adaptability of Salmonella typhimurium to the organism of fleas (Ceratophyllus consimilis Wagn.. Parazitologiia 7 (4) 331-335

On the adaptability significance to phytopathogene Giberella fujikuroi (Saw.) Wr. of the ability to synthesize gibberellins. Plant Growth Regulators: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Plant Growth Regulators: ub 1977), 2d 149-153

On the adaptation of Aphanomyces astaci as a parasite. Physiologia Plantarum 22(2): 221-235

On the adaptation of Solanum lacin.

On the adaptation of algae.

On the adaptation of cultured chick embryo cells to growth in the presence of chloramphenicol. Journal of Cellular Physiology 101(1): 77-88

On the adaptation of emission spectrography as screening method for controlling trace element content of food.

On the adaptation of plants to low temperatures and frost resistance. Rol' Komponentov Protoplazmy v Vodoobmene Rastenii: -37

On the adaptation of skidder tractors to carrying out of currant repairs.

On the adaptive significance of leaf height in forest herbs. American naturalist 120(3): 353-381

On the adaptive significance of the ability for the synthesis of giberellins for the phytopathogenic fungus Gibberella fujikuroi (Saw.) Wr. Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR: 26 (1) 204-207

On the adaptive value of large seeds for tropical moist forest trees: a review and synthesis. Botanical reviewt 52(3): 260-299

On the addition of flavor to li. Nihon Shokuhin Kogyo Gakkai shi 25(9): 515-518

On the additional growth of Fagus stands over the reforestation period in shelterwood and harvest cutting sites. Lesovodstvo i agrolesomelioratsiia: 6 25-34

On the additional milk obtained.

On the additive effect of varied spectral radiation in photosynthesis.

On the adenoid or adenomatoid metaplasia of the mucosa in the renal pelvis and ureter of the horse. Japanese journal of veterinary research: 18 (2) 94-95

On the adherence of insects to smooth surfaces. Derivation of adhesion fluid. Zoologische Jahrbucher: 9 (1) 115-116

On the adhesion of millet flour to operating surfaces of pneumatic conveyor equipment.

On the adjustment of calcium and strontium absorption in the small intestine of chickens.

On the administration of antiovarial and antitesticular cytotoxic sera for the increasing of the reproductive function in cattle. Int Symp Immunol Spermatozoa and Fert Proc: ub 1969), 1st 547-551

On the administration of hexachloroparaxylol in cases of fascioliasis. Veterinariya Kiev: 9 68-69

On the administration of normal.

On the administration of specific lactoglobulins. Veterinariia 60-61

On the administration of state farms.

On the adrenergic innervation of the rabbit heart.

On the adsorption of cations in the tissues of some softwoods and hardwoods. Holzforschung 32(4): 128-133

On the adsorption of chemicals relevant to the environment in soils. Chemie der Erde1(2): 175-181

On the adsorption of ion triethanolammonium by bentonites; study with conductometry. Agrochimica 16 (4 5) 426-434

On the adsorption of the filterable swine fever virus.

On the adsorption of the pseudop. Veterinarnomedietisinski nauki: (5) 93-97

On the adsorption of urea by soils.

On the advantage of polyvalent over the monovalent vaccine for the prevention of enzootic foot rot. Veterinarski glasnik: 1 (7) 519-522

On the advantage of wide operati. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauki: 9 21-24

On the advantages of earlier tr. Nogyo kisho = Journal of agricultural meteorology 35(4): 229-234

On the advantages of palmette orchards. the efficient technology of fruit production.

On the advantages, in embryogeny, of a rapid observation procedure for extracted embryos.

On the advection of turbidity in the Saint Lawrence middle estuary. Estuaries 4(1): 2-15

On the aeration and gas regime of roots in aeroponics and water culture. Agrokhimiia 4 101-110

On the aerodynamic resistance of. Selskostopanska tekhnika: 0 (6) 49-62

On the aetiology of bovine malignant catarrhal fever (MCF) in Greece: search for the African MCF herpesvirus. Proceedings of the World Veterinary Congress: 0th (v 2) 1365

On the aetiology of salpingitis and salpingo-peritonitis of the domestic fowl.

On the aetiology of the Valsa-(Cytospora-) disease of sweet cherry. a histological study on the mechanisms of entry and growth of Leucostoma persoonii (Nits.) Hohnel in the host tissues.

On the affinities of tropical African woods, tertiary and actual. Bulletin de la Sociaetae botanique de France: 120 (9) 385-395

On the affinity in Saxifragacea.

On the affinity of several prosp.

On the affinity of the orders Schizogoniales and Cylindrocapsales (Chlorophyta). Botanicheskii zhurnal: 59 (5) 650-654

On the afforestation of the flu.

On the aftereffect of fertilizers in a beet rotation on moderately leached Chernozem. Agrokhimiia 4 40-43

On the aftereffects of applying insecticides.

On the age and growth of mahaseer Tor tor (Ham.) by opercular bone. Indian journal of zoology1(1): 13-19

On the age and growth of the c. Acta zoologica sinica9(1): 59-65

On the age and origin of Whixall Moss, Shropshire. North Staffordshire journal of field studies: 5 19-25

On the age and stratigraphic position of the Infrakrols. Journal of palynology0(2): 110-116

On the age and the constitution type of the best Finnish lumbermen.

On the age of Russian Chernozem. Pochvovedenie 7 16-26

On the age of a yew tree at Krompach. Casopis Slezskeho musea Acta Musei Silesiae Series C dendrologie Dendrologia: 4 (1) 69-78

On the age of final cutting in grade i pine stands. Lesovodstvo i agrolesomelioratsiia: 4 78-82

On the age of various types of paludification in central Lapland. Suo 22 (1) 2-7

On the age structure of spruce forests in the European North. Lesovedenie 4 46-53

On the age-class structure of one population of Apodemus tauricus flavicollis (Melchior, 1834) and one population of Clethrionomys glareolus (Schreber, 1780) in the Rabenau Valley and on the slopes of the Weisseritz Valley.

On the agenda of democracy.

On the agenda the wilt problem. Khlopkovodstvo (11) 19-21

On the agenda--specialized clothing.

On the agenda--the protection of the natural environment. Khlopkovodsto 6 26-28

On the agenda: business administration. II.

On the aggregates and soil manure of Kuroboku soil.

On the aggregational habits of surface dwelling Collembola. Pedobiologia 4 (2 5) 245-249

On the aggressiveness of the pop.

On the aggressivness of strains of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. as agents of the wilt. Biokhimiia Immuniteta I Pokoia Rast: 3-98

On the aging of brandies in enamel tanks.

On the agrarian policy of the CPSU in the present conditions.

On the agrarian regional history of southern Ceylon. Zeitschrift fur Agrargeschichte und Agrarsoziologie: 20 (2) 214-224

On the agrarian-industrial combines of Moldavia.

On the agricultural ecological situation in the Mecklenburg-pre-Pomerania area.

On the agricultural economics and products of the villages in Qasimabad, northern Iran.

On the agricultural economy.

On the agricultural mechanization in Taiwan.

On the agricultural policies of European Economic Community. Gazdalkodas 7(1): 71-74

On the agricultural report of the Federal Government of 1984. Agrarwirtschaft 3(4): 97-104

On the agrochemical contour of tilled lands.

On the agrochemical value of hydrolysis plant wastewater Sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as nutrition base for plants, Gossypium, cotton. Hydrolysis and wood chemistry USSR: ) 11-13

On the agroclimatic zoning of territory of the Far East by probability of the distribution of Phytophthora of tomatoes.

On the agronomic characteristic.

On the agronomic evaluation of compound fertilizers. Udobren osn usloviia ikh eff primen: 06-115

On the agronomic importance of differences in the contents of metabolized potassium determined in raw and air-dried soil samples. Agrokhimiia 6 58-63

On the agrophysical properties of potatoes.

On the agrotechnics of growing Pinus seedlings in northern Kazakhstan. I.

On the agrotechnics of seed onio. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauki: 4 38-40

On the agrotechniques of growing forest crops in the foothill zone. Lesovodstvo i agrolesomelioratsiia: 5 30-35

On the air and soil temperature.

On the air in Minnesota. American nurseryman, 168(10): 98-99

On the alar dimorphism in Anchus obscurus Herbst (Coleoptera, Carabidae).

On the alcohol production by co.

On the algae flora of flooded meadows of the Alai Valley. Flora i Znachenie Sporovykh Rastenii Srednei Azii: 08-109

On the algae flora of rice fields of Gurlenskii District, Khorezm Region. Flora i Znachenie Sporovykh Rastenii Srednei Azii: 5-98

On the algae flora of some waters of Tashkent Region. Flora i Znachenie Sporovykh Rastenii Srednei Azii: 04-107

On the algae of several bodies of water in Orenburg Region.

On the algae: thoughts about physiology and measurements of efficiency. Environmental science research9(19): 1-16

On the algal flora in the jelly of the ciliate Ophrydium versatile. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie: 76 (1) 24-32

On the aliphatic and polyaromatic hydrocarbon levels in urban and background aerosols from Belgium and the Netherlands. Atmospheric environment4(8): 895-910

On the alkali treatment of proteins. I. The behaviour of sullphhydryl and disulphide groups in alkali treated beta lactoglobulin and alpha lactalbumin. Nahrung 1 (8) 697-704

On the alkali treatment of proteins. III. Dephosphorylation of acid casein and casein fractions in an alkaline medium. Nahrung = Food4(3): 317-326

On the alkali treatment of proteins. V. The formation of lysinoalanine in beta-casein and beta-lactoglobulin. Nahrung = Food4(4-5): 351-357

On the alkali treatment of proteins. VI. Deamidation and hydrolytic decomposition. Nahrung = Food5(4): 397-404

On the alkaline degradation of 2-furfurylidene-10-methyl-trans-1-decalone. Canadian journal of chemistry: 53 (22) 3359-3364

On the alkaline proteinase inhi.

On the alkaloids from Anisocyclea grandidieri H. bn. (Menispermaceae). Helvetica chimica acta: 5 (6) 2061-2064

On the alkaloids from Catha edulis. Planta Medica 24(1): 61-72

On the alkaloids from Litsea xylanica: occurrence of (+)-reticuline, (+)-isoboldine & (+)-N-norisoboldine. Indian journal of chemistry: 9 (8) 770-771

On the alkaloids of Aconitum gi. Journal 98(10): 1376-1384

On the alkaloids of Aconitum ja. Yakugaku zasshi Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan 99(6): 647-656

On the alkaloids of Fumaria vaillantti Lois.

On the alkaloids of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. studies on the alkaloids of loti embryo.

On the alkaloids of strychnos. XXIX. New indoline alkaloids from Strychnos fendleri (Sprague & Sandwith).

On the alkaloids of strychnos. XXX. The structures of the nigritanins, the alkaloids of Strychnos nigritana Bak. Gazzetta chimica italiana 108(11-12): 615-618

On the alkaloids of strychnos. XXXI. 15-hydroxystrychnine, a new alkaloid from Strychnos nux vomica L. Tetrahedron 35(21): 2545-2549

On the alkaloids of the Rauwo. Phytochemistry 8 (9) 1797-1802

On the alkyl phosphate intoxications and antidote treatment. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin: 28 (2) 45-50

On the alleged absence of fertilization ducts in the genus Polenecia (Araneae, Uloboridae). Journal of arachnologyng 11(1): 95-96

On the allelochemical potency of the marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii against heterotrophic and autotrophic protists. Journal of Plankton Research 29(6): 527-543

On the allelopathic activity of trees and shrubs applied for landscape gardening.

On the allelopathic influence of some species of meadow plants and natural meadow phytocenoses.

On the allocation for funds for material incentives.

On the allocation of livestock industrial complexes with con sideration of the social-economical level of development of agricultural enterprises.

On the allocation of material incentive funds.

On the allocation of prime agricultural land. Journal of soil and water conservation: dec 32(6) 271-275

On the allosteric regulation of polyphosphate metabolism in oscillatoria redekei. Naturwissenschaften 70(12): 617-618

On the allowable unite stress o.

On the alminium salt of geniste. Journal 9 (3) 143-146

On the alpine pastures of France dominates the sheep. Thousand years long relationship between flat land and mountain areas strengthened by development programs. Agrarische Rundschau: 2 20-22

On the alteration of calcareous substance in laterization conditions; experimental study of the evolution of an illitic marl.

On the alteration of microflora.

On the alteration of some biocli.

On the alterations caused by the freezing of the Riems vaccine for active immunization against foot-and-mouth disease.

On the altered conditions of veterinary students after Hungarys liberation.

On the alternation of heteromorphic generations of Neurocaulon grandifolium.

On the amelioration of forest sites in the north-east German lowlands.

On the ameliorative effects of broadleaf trees on soils overlying eolian sands.

On the amine content in homemad.

On the amino acid composition in double mutants of maize.

On the amino acid composition in soil hydrolysates. I. Amino acid compositions in acid hydrolysates of soil types and horizons of their soil profiles. Kenkyu hokoku Bulletin: 4 11-18

On the amino acid composition in soil hydrolysates. II. Amino acid composition in acid hydrolysates of soil organic matter fractionated according to its size and density. Kenkyu hokoku Bulletin: 5 22-29

On the amino acid composition o.

On the amino acid composition of. Rastenievudni nauki Plant science: 0 (7) 35-43

On the amino acid composition of table wines.

On the amino acid content in the culture medium of Phialophora cinerescens (Wr.) v. beyma (blue disease of the eyes).

On the amino acid content of the prickly pear fruit and of the acorn, and possibilities of improving the nutritive quality of their proteins. Agrochimica 13 (6) 530-541

On the amino acid supplementation for poultry. Kongres "Chemia v pol'nohospodarstve" 2d Bratislava 1972

On the amino acids of protein extracted from Lemna minor.

On the amino acids of the bergamot juice. Essenze e derivati agrumari: 43 (1) 11-18

On the amino groups in the cell.

On the aminoacid pattern of a nitrogen fixing strain of Rhodopseudomonas sp. Rivista italiana delle sostanze grasse: 52 (2) 42-43

On the aminoacids, histamine and tyramine variations during ripening of dry sausage (salami). Industrie alimentari: 13 (108) 75-78

On the aminopeptidase- and gram-reaction of bacteria. Milchwissenschaft = Milk science international 35(4): 215-217

On the amount and distribution of nitrogen fertilization in potatoes in the Munich gravel flat land. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch: 0 (1) 59-69

On the amount and feature of wa. Scientific reports: 43 27-37

On the amount of available micronutrients (Mn, Fe, Zn, Cu, B, Mo) in several Guinean mangrove soils and its variation un der theinfluence of agricultural use. Archiv fur Acker und Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde: 8 (8) 583-592

On the amount of carbonic acid in champagne during filtration and bottling.

On the amount of fixed ammonia in Chernozeim soil with systematic fertilizer application or a single application in large dosage. Agrokhimiia 10 20-26

On the amount of glycyrrhizinic acid in roots of Glycyrrhiza grown under various conditions. Materialy po Biologii Vidov Roda Glycyrrhiza L: 88-194

On the amount of lead in soils of the Zenica area. Agrohemija 12 457-462

On the amount of micronutrients in soils of arable lands of Kirghizia and the effectiveness of microfertilizer application.

On the amount of mobile manganese in long-fertilized soils of tea plantations and the effectivesness of manganese fertilizers. Agrokhimiia 12 101-106

On the amount of nicotinic acid in mixed feeds. Vitaminnoe Pitanie Sel'skokhoziaistvennykh Zhivotnykh: 3-87

On the amount of nitrogenous substances in roots and bleeding sap of annual plants. Trudy 8 62-67

On the amount of nutrient conta.

On the amount of oxygen taken up during the induction period of photosynthesis in green algae. Doklady 2(5): 679-682

On the amount of relaxation time. Gorsko stopanstvo: 31 (9) 14-18

On the amount of rubidium and potassium in some soils in Armenia.

On the amount of type E prosta. Zhivotnovudni nauki: 1 (5) 103-108

On the amounts of plant nutrien.

On the amplitude of some physiological processes in Populus euramericana with respect to the soil moisture content.

On the analysis and evaluation of citrus juices. Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau: 70 (7) 248-252

On the analysis and forecast in.

On the analysis and significance of residues of chloride-containing insecticides and fasciolicides.

On the analysis and simulation of mechanical down-the-row plant thinning.

On the analysis of 3-way classification with unequal cell frequencies. Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics 38(2): 133-140

On the analysis of airflow in chambers of wind-grating separ ators. Zapiski 74 (1) 61-64

On the analysis of aroma substances in foods. I. On the proof of strawberry aldehydes substituted glycidic acid ester. Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau: 70 (2) 66-69

On the analysis of boron of fertilized peat moss: the analysis of peat moss. III. Suo 33(2): 51-54

On the analysis of cellulose and hemicellulose through mushroom experiments with straw materials, wood, and cellulose sulfonic acid.

On the analysis of consolidatio. Bulletin 9 (2) 77-87

On the analysis of consumption of feeds.

On the analysis of economic effectiveness of flax industry in collective farms.

On the analysis of extreme rainfalls Poison process, Gumbel method. Journal of hydrology 62(1-4): 107-117

On the analysis of gums used as food additives. I. Review.

On the analysis of hop bitter acid. Journal of the Institute of Brewing 86(1): 9-14

On the analysis of infant foods Egypt. Egyptian journal of pharmaceutical sciences1(3-4): 215-229

On the analysis of meadow plant community borders during their frequent changes.

On the analysis of metabolism i.

On the analysis of methyl carbamate insecticide residues. Pflanzenschutz Nachrichten: 8 (3) 388-395

On the analysis of microbial processes during composting of municipal wastes in a pilot plant.

On the analysis of phytosociological-ecological data of measurements by mathematical statistic methods. Archiv fur Naturschutz und Landschaftsforschung: 5 (2) 77-89

On the analysis of polar lipids in potatoes.

On the analysis of polysaccharides used as food additives. II. Gaschromatographic identification after methanolysis and trimethylsilylation. Zeitschrift feur Lebensmittel Untersuchung und Forschung: 52 (5) 263-273

On the analysis of polysaccharides used as food additives. III. fractionation of polysaccharides on dextran cellulos e. Zeitschrift feur Lebensmittel Untersuchung und Forschung: 55 (4) 193-202

On the analysis of price and income developments in agriculture.

On the analysis of rates of behaviour. Animal Behaviour 25(2): 364-372

On the analysis of stresses inside soil masses by the finite element method.

On the analysis of the alkaloid. Journal 94 (9) 1149-1153

On the analysis of the citroflavonoids. Plantes medicinales et phytotherapie: 6 (4) 292-298

On the analysis of the growth of agriculture by individual factors.

On the analysis of the longitudinal growth of the primary roots of Zea mays.

On the analysis of the passionsfruit juice. Flussiges Obst: 48189-196

On the analysis of the seepage. Technical bulletin: 26 (1) 53-58

On the analysis of the stress d.

On the analysis of the style of work managers in Unified Agricultural Co-operatives.

On the analysis of thermal infrared imagery: the limited utility of apparent thermal inertia. Remote sensing of environment 18(1): 59-73

On the analysis of three species of Raillietina (Davaineidae, Cestoidea). Sbornik Rabot po Gel'mintologii: 48-258

On the analysis of turbulence w.

On the analysis of unsteady wat. Technical bulletin: 26 (1) 59-66

On the analytic methods in variety research with perennials, and examples from the Agricultural College of Norway.

On the analytic rating of Austrian wines of 1972 vintage. II. Glycerine content.

On the analytic rating of distillation wines and spirits. 2.

On the analytical evaluation of Austrian wines of the 1974 vintage.

On the analytical framework of tariffs and trade policy.

On the analytical methods for essential oils in breeding of Mentha piperita. Planta medica: 18 (2) 150-159

On the analytics of artificial sweeteners. Elelmezesi ipar 37(2): 41-47

On the analytics of of pentachlorphenol and tetrachlorphenol in the air and in urine. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 37(9): 341-344

On the anatomic characters of sm.

On the anatomic structure of melon exocarp.

On the anatomic structure of new taxa of Pteridophyta from Azerbaijan.

On the anatomical structure of Salix reticulata L., as a representative of the subgenus Chamaetia Dum. Biulleten' Otdel biologicheskii: 80 (4) 126-132

On the anatomical structure of the underground organs of bears-foot, Helleborus abchasicus A. br.

On the anatomical study of red clover. Doklady Akademii nauk UzSSR: 1 47-49

On the anatomo-morphological characteristics of the structure and physiological function of the oviduct in camels (Lama and Camelus genera).

On the anatomy and function of.

On the anatomy and function of the conducting system in the leaf of Pelargonium zonale. Planta 92(3): 208-221

On the anatomy and isolated petioles of ferns from Amarjola, Rajmahal Hills, India. Botanical journal of the Linnean Society: 64 (2) 149-156

On the anatomy and morphology of lateral branch systems of Archaeopteris.

On the anatomy and phylogeny of Selaginella Psalisot de Beauvois. Indian fern journal(1-2): 60-69

On the anatomy and systematics of Juga from western North America (Gastropoda : Cerithioidea : Pleuroceridae). Nautilus 121(2): 43-65

On the anatomy of Epiphyllum chrysocardium Alexander (Cactaceae): epidermis and stomatogenesis. Flora Morphologie Geobotanik Oekophysiologie69(1): 1-8

On the anatomy of Formica pratensis Retz. 1783: Histological studies at the fat-body of adult ants. Biologisches Zentralblatt: 93 (3) 325-340

On the anatomy of above-ground vegetative organs of Hypericum hirsutum L.

On the anatomy of dwarf shoots of Pentoxylon sahnii Srivas tava collected from Amarjola in the Rajmahal Hills, Indi a. Acta palaeobotanica: 4 (3) 195-204

On the anatomy of fasciate flax.

On the anatomy of male sexual organs of aphids (Homoptera, Aphidodea). Annales Sect C: 9 133-138

On the anatomy of the genital organs of the female chinchilla.

On the anatomy of the intergalary growth zone leaves of Zeamays L. Botanicheskii zhurnal: 59 (6) 691-693

On the anatomy of the larva of the lemon-butterfly, Papilio demoleus L. (Lepidoptera). II. Skeleto-muscular system of the cervix and thorax. Zoologischer Anzeiger06(5-6): 302-316

On the anatomy of the larva of the lemon-butterfly, Papilio demoleus L. (Lepidoptera). III. Skeleto-muscular system of the abdomen. Zoologischer Anzeiger06(5-6): 317-333

On the anatomy of the larva of the lemon-butterfly, Papilio demoleus L. (Lepidoptera). IV. Anatomy and metamorphosis of the alimentary canal. Zoologischer Anzeiger10(3-4): 239-256

On the anatomy of the locomotor apparatus of the badger (Meles meles L.).

On the anatomy of the male copulatory apparatus in Epermenia illigerella (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Epermeniidae). Beitrage zur Entomologie: 0 (5 6) 429-437

On the anatomy of the male genital system of the one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius). Aspects of reproduction of the one humped camel edited by MD Tingari: 136

On the anatomy of the pancreas of domestic birds.

On the anatomy of the vegetative organs of Ocimum nudicaule Benth. (Labiatae). Anais 4 (3 4) 549-570

On the anatomy of vegetative organs of some succulents of Azerbaijan.

On the aneuploid chromosome number in Charahydropitys Reich from India. Cytologia 40 (3 4) 803-807

On the angle made by the carrying cable in the point of support in the case of great capacity forest skylines. Revista padurilor: 90 (1) 37-40

On the angle of vacuum hose inclination on milking installations.

On the anhydrodehydrofomentariol, new pigment of Fomes fomentarius.

On the anisotropy of permeabili. Gakujutsu hokoku Bulletin: (56) 239-246

On the anniversary of Professor Alexandr Tevevich Markh.

On the anniversary of the foundation of Forestry, Woodworking and Hunting Museum.

On the annual increase of aboveground phytomass of some tundra shrubs.

On the annual variation of phytoplankton biomass in Finnish inland waters. Hydrobiologia 86(1-2): 29-31

On the anomalies in cotton pollen development appeared by radiation action.

On the antagonism of the effect of gibberelline and retardants on the flowering and fruiting of lemon plants.

On the antagonisms between Lent. Journal 24(9): 650-654

On the antagonistic effect of some species of Alternaria Nees and related genera towards Azotobacter chroococcum Beij.

On the antennal sensilla of the house longhorn beetle, Hylotrupes bajulus (L.).

On the antgenic relationship of virus strains of viral gastroenteritis and hog cholera. Immunitet Sel'skhokhoziaistvennykh Zhivotnykh: 01-104

On the anthelmintic efficacy of Terenol against paramphistomes in cattle. Acta parasitologica Iugoslavica: (1) 25-29

On the anthocyanin coloring of leaves of the Persian walnut. Biologiia Nekotorykh Drevesnykh Kustarnikovykh i Plodovykh Rastenii: 5-86

On the anthocyanin containing branched trisaccharide found in fruit skin of Kadsura japonica.

On the anthocyanin pigments of Philippine powdered purple yam.

On the anthropophilic flora of Chukotka. Botanicheskii zhurnal: 63 (2) 246-254

On the anti estrogen activity of. Veterinarnomedietisinski nauki: 1 (8) 19-26

On the anti gibberelline activity of chlorcholine chloride.

On the anti-caking agents for.

On the anti-cholinesterase activity of benomyl. Pesticide science: 5 (2) 211-216

On the anti-erosion effect of se.

On the anti-erosion role of forest stands in Belorussia.

On the anti-ranikhet (Newcastle) disease property of lapinized rinderpest virus.

On the anti-viral action of the.

On the anti-viral activity of some chlorophyll derivatives. I. anti-phage action of phytol and basic non-metal analogs of chlorophyll.

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