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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16587

Chapter 16587 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Our country state farms.

Our country urgently needs a larger quantity and a sufficiently good quality of cattle products to take care of national consumption and exportation.

Our countrys agricultural geography.

Our countrys agriculture.

Our countrys national parks.

Our countrys present food policy.

Our countrys subtropical agriculture in fifty years-old. Subtropicheskie kul'tury: ) 3-32

Our country, the planet.

Our cow calf operation. Proceedings 0th 131-134

Our creative activities for the famous anniversary.

Our critical wealth in inventories.

Our crops: their ethnic roots. Arboretum bulletin: 9 (2) 27-28

Our crowded prisons.

Our cultural needs, to add zest to life. Yearbook of agriculture: 37-240

Our culture crops, their history and their meaning for mankind.

Our culture plants and their environment.

Our current breeding program. Vcelarstvi 32(7): 147-148

Our daily bread.

Our daily bread and preserving the ecosystem.

Our daily bread: historic evolution of breadmaking in Germany. Molineria y panaderia 75(849): 78-80

Our daily food.

Our daily lead. Ecologist 11(3): 146-147

Our daily poison.

Our dairy cattle farm.

Our dairy goats. La Propriete terrienne: 27 (317) 186

Our dairy operation. Proceedings 0th 127-130

Our deciduous forests.

Our deciduous woods in winter. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Pilzkunde = Bulletin suisse de mycologie 57(12): 178-179

Our democracy and its problems.

Our democracy in action.

Our democratic process.

Our dependence on natural gas. California farmer Central edition979 250(10): 10

Our developing export markets for apples. Proceedings 4th) 140-145

Our development of a productive specialized animal farm. Tierzucht 33(10): 459-460

Our digestible nitrogen matters are surpassed.

Our disappearing domestic breeds.

Our disappearing farmland.

Our disappearing natural environment: the case of Hong Kong.

Our distinguished persons. Len i konoplia: (5) 40

Our dog.

Our dog book.

Our dog; the great illustrated dog book for all.

Our dogs.

Our dogs - healthy through homeopathy.

Our dogs, breeds, care, breeding, hygiene, diseases.

Our dollar.

Our domestic rabbits. Yearbook of agriculture: 90-505

Our dwindling resources.

Our dying fauna.

Our dynamic forests.

Our dynamic tidal marshes, vegetation changes as revealed by peat analysis. Bulletin 77, 22

Our early roots have sprouted. Loggers handbook Pacific Logging Congress1(41): 26-29

Our earths changing land.

Our earth, ourselves.

Our eastern playgrounds.

Our ecological footprint.

Our economic future: a blessing in disguise.

Our economic problems.

Our economic problems and their solution.

Our economic system. Ag in the classroom: [51]

Our economy and its weaknesses.

Our ecosystems. Science and culture: 43 (7) 286-289

Our edible staple grasses. Agricultural research US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service 40(7): 25

Our efforts on the food front.

Our egg marketing job.

Our egg producers are ruined. Agriculture (486) 236-237

Our emulation goal: high production and increase in labour productivity.

Our endangered parks.

Our endangered water supply.

Our enemy the termite. Our enemy the termite Rev ed 257p 84 fig

Our energy, regaining control.

Our environment.

Our environment and bees. Biene 110 (6) 166-169

Our environment and pesticides.

Our environment--its preservation.

Our environment: a home economics issue. Illinois teacher of home economics 34(1): 31-33

Our estuaries and commercial fishing trends. Estuarine Pollution Control and Assessment: Proceedingsof a Conference: eedingsof a Conference, 1 171-176

Our evaluation of 2,4D and 2,4,5T.

Our every day bean. Gleba 18 (205) 16-17

Our everyday potato.

Our examination of edema disease of chickens. Veterinarstvi 5 (6) 256-257

Our expanding agriculture.

Our experience. Veterinarna sbirka: 5 (6) 20-22

Our experience and results of the application of the iron preparations with special reference to the application of Fedex. Veterinarski glasnik: 25 (8) 629-631

Our experience from a school in the German Democratic Republic, at which staff of lower and medium qualification is trained. Mechanizace zemedelstvi: 5 (4) 115-116

Our experience gained in the con.

Our experience harvesting pears by machine. Annual report of the secretary of the State Horticultural Society of Michigan: 04th 47-48

Our experience in Oriental tobac.

Our experience in applying the i. Zhivotnovudstvo 29 (10) 24-28

Our experience in breeding and rearing Romanov sheep. Ovtsevodstvo (6) 10-11

Our experience in calves rearing.

Our experience in control of ect.

Our experience in control of lis.

Our experience in cultivating nectarines.

Our experience in disease preven. Veterinarna sbirka: 4 (6) 6-9

Our experience in early weaning. Zhivotnovudstvo 5(12): 31-33

Our experience in establishing a. Zhivotnovudstvo 29 (4) 22-26

Our experience in fattening calves.

Our experience in freezing bull semen in portions.

Our experience in getting high maize yields.

Our experience in getting high milk yields.

Our experience in greenhouse pro. Gradinarstvo 0(7): 15-17

Our experience in growing grapes infested with Phylloxera.

Our experience in growing high yields of clover seeds.

Our experience in growing nursery plants.

Our experience in growing seedlings of cabbage and leek. Gradinarstvo 9 (5) 25-27

Our experience in highly productive exploitation of tractors and combines.

Our experience in introducing the brigade contract. Zemledelie (7) 32-33

Our experience in planning bacteriological studies.

Our experience in producing grafted grape seedlings. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: 3 7-9

Our experience in producing larger minks. Krolikovodstvo i zverovodstvo: 6 26-27

Our experience in producing more.

Our experience in raising young.

Our experience in rearing strong honeybee colonies in multiple story beehives for the exploitation of the honeydew flow. Slovenski cebelar: 78 (7) 233-236

Our experience in testing pestic.

Our experience in the application of Rapid-Meter for quick determination protein contents in wheat. Prehrambeno tehnoloska revija = Food technology review 18(1): 21-22

Our experience in the application of Xylocain for epidural anaesthesia. Veterinarski glasnik: 6 (7) 539-541

Our experience in the application of detailed norms of feeding. Zhivotnovodstvo 2 47-49

Our experience in the breeding o.

Our experience in the construction of food guides in health work. Philippine journal of nutrition: 27 (1) 38-41

Our experience in the control of.

Our experience in the control of Marek disease in intensive chicken production. Giornale degli allevatori: 21 (8) 28-31

Our experience in the control of blood cell parasites of livestock babesiosis.

Our experience in the control of hygiene in the shops dealing with meat in Skopje. Veterinarski glasnik: 4 (8) 611-616

Our experience in the control of piroplasmosis. Veterinarna sbirka: 5 (5) 32-33

Our experience in the control of the foulbrood diseases. Pchelovodstvo ) 20

Our experience in the cultivatio.

Our experience in the detection and eradication of infectious drying up of the udder in cows on several farms. Veterinarski glasnik5(9): 921-925

Our experience in the exploitati. Pchelarstvo 7(7): 13-15

Our experience in the improvement of seed production Cotton varieties, Kzyl-Ravat Farm, Namangan Region.1. Khlopkovodstvo (2) 15-16

Our experience in the introduction of advanced technology Mechanized cultivation of sugarbeets.1. Sakharnaia svekla: (3) 20-22

Our experience in the introduction of register book-order form of accounting Bookkeeping, farms of the Logoiskii District, Minsk Region.1. Planirovanie i uchet v sel'skokhozkilafistvennykh predprikilatikilakh: (11) 13-16

Our experience in the keeping of starter cultures for sour cream production. Mljekarstvo 0 (10) 218-227

Our experience in the new techni.

Our experience in the nursery planting of grape grafts that have undergone nonsubstrate stratification. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: (3) 14-15

Our experience in the prevention of neonatal diseases of calves with gamma-globulin. Veterinarski glasnik5(4): 343-348

Our experience in the production. Zhivotnovudstvo 25 (7) 45-48

Our experience in the production and use of group specific chlamydial antigens. Veterinarno meditsinski nauki = Veterinary science1(4): 15-25

Our experience in the production of engrafted walnut seedlings. Gorsko stopanstvo: 32 (8) 42-44

Our experience in the prophylact.

Our experience in the prophylaxi. Veterinarna sbirka: 4 (3) 30-32

Our experience in the study of rootstock. Eastern grape grower and winery news: 4 (2) 32-33

Our experience in the sub-district of Parchim with regard to the winter academy and its usefulness for training and further education. Kooperation 4 (11) 39-42

Our experience in the surgical o.

Our experience in the treatment. Veterinarna sbirka: 4 (3) 21-22

Our experience in the treatment of hemorrhagic diathesis in dogs and cats. Veterinarski glasnik2(5): 433-438

Our experience in the treatment of pharingitis in horses. Veterinarski glasnik: 4 (10) 777-779

Our experience in the use of Rumidigest for the treatment of digestment ailments in cattle during intensive rearing. Veterinaria zbornik radova iz oblasti animalne proizvodnje = periodical on the animal production9(3-4): 565-570

Our experience in the use of airc. Rastitelna zashtita = Plant protection9(11): 17-21

Our experience in the use of ashes to combat couchgrass. Bio dynamics: (156) 52-53

Our experience in turkey farming.

Our experience in untethered housing of cows.

Our experience in using herbicid.

Our experience in using the meat.

Our experience in using the skin.

Our experience in voluntary contractual co-operation. Tierzucht 25 (6) 212-214

Our experience in watermelon cultivation. Gradinarstvo 8 (6) 29-31

Our experience in winter wheat growing.

Our experience in working with the new technology. Ovtsevodstvo 5 17-19

Our experience of San Jose scale control.

Our experience of apple powdery mildew control.

Our experience of chemical weeding. Zashchita rastenii: (3) 16-17

Our experience of commercial pot. Gradinarstvo 0(3): 37-38

Our experience of cultivating calves in a collective farm.

Our experience of early weaning of lambs and their rearing on milk substitutes.

Our experience of elite seed production. Khlopkovodstvo (5) 12

Our experience of fermentation To. Bulgarski tiutiun: ) 22-23

Our experience of growing oriental tobacco.

Our experience of growing white lupine. Korma (5) 33-34

Our experience of improving the flock Activities of the 50th Anniversary of the USSR Pedigree Farm, sheep husbandry, Altai Territory.1. Ovtsevodstvo (6) 21-23

Our experience of labor.

Our experience of labor organization in the flow line-shop system of cow maintenance. Molochnoe i miasnoe skotovodstvo: (9) 32-33

Our experience of mycoplasmosis and laryngotracheitis control Nikolaevskoe Production Association of Poultry Farming.1. Ptitsevodstvo (11) 35-36

Our experience of rearing young chickens of the Zaria-17 cross Zabrodnenskoe Production Association, Voronezh Region.1. Ptitsevodstvo (12) 28-29

Our experience of the milk and cheese diet in the treatment of portal systemic encephalopathy and cirrhosis.

Our experience of using a method of continuous-in bulk harvesting of grapes. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: (11) 7-8

Our experience regarding the maize cobs ensilaging.

Our experience with MM stocks. Winter 57 (1) 29-31

Our experience with Vapam..

Our experience with different types of mating beehives. Vcelar 49 (12) 278

Our experience with export markets for berryfruit.

Our experience with interstem plantings Apples, varieties. Compact fruit tree 16(16): 63-64

Our experience with multiple cropping in eastern India. Indian farming: 20 (10) 5-9

Our experience with plug annuals. Canadian florist greenhouse and nursery 77(1): 24-26

Our experience with salmonellosis occurrence in young pheasants. Veterinarstvi 0 (12) 548-550

Our experience with the Fountain Dryer. Proceedings (1): 624

Our experience with the application of sedative Rompun to cattle. Veterinarski glasnik: 25 (10) 753-760

Our experience with the cultivation of Eimeria tenella in tissue cultures.

Our experience with the gypseum complex Nannizzia incurvata, fungus harmful to humans, symptoms.1. Collectanea botanica a Barcinonensi Botanico Instituto edita3(2): 609-616

Our experience with treatment of cases of in vagina broken inseminating pipette. Veterinarstvi 6 (4) 167

Our experiences and results in mechanically harvesting pears.

Our experiences concerning vertical hide pulling for hogs relative to the economic justification. Congress Documentation Proceedings of the European Meeting of Meat Research Workers: 2d (v 1) C4

Our experiences in breeding Digitalis lanata subsp. lanata. Planta medica: uppl 4 166-168

Our experiences in castration of bitches and cats.

Our experiences in clinical diagnosis of early pregnancy in mares.

Our experiences in controlling brucellosis in Camaguey Province, Cuba. Veterinarstvi 6 (12) 551-552

Our experiences in controlling brucellosis in Camaguey province in Cuba.

Our experiences in growing paprika under film covering. Zahradnictvo 2 (3) 119-120

Our experiences in growing peas. Zahradnictvo 4 (1) 27

Our experiences in large-scale technology with tulips. Zahradnictvo 3(4): 166-168

Our experiences in rat control on farms. Veterinarna sbirka: 5 (4) 28-30

Our experiences in surgical treatment for hilar cholangiocarcinoma. Hepato-Gastroenterology 54(75): 669-673

Our experiences in the application of Vetadex in the treatment of dehydration in piglets. Veterinarski glasnik: 9 (8) 609-613

Our experiences in the application of artificial insemination in the bitch. Veterinarski glasnik3(12): 971-973

Our experiences in the application of preparation glucal in the treatment of ketosis in the cow. Veterinarski glasnik: 8 (3) 197-203

Our experiences in the application of vaccine against respiratory diseases in cattle. Veterinarski glasnik3(2): 89-94

Our experiences in the attenuation of enzootic swine pneumonia. Veterinarstvi 7 (4) 168

Our experiences in the campaign against Doyle Hutchings (TGE) disease in swine. Veterinarski glasnik: 0 (5) 441-444

Our experiences in the confirmation of enterotoxin of Staph ylococcus aureus. Veterinarski glasnik: 8 (6) 453-458

Our experiences in the control of anestrus in weaned sows by means of applying preparation Prolan-ol S.

Our experiences in the control of foot and mouth disease in Montenegro. Veterinarski glasnik: 0 (3) 231-236

Our experiences in the control of foot-and-mouth disease in Montenegro.

Our experiences in the cultivation of raspberries. Zahradnictvo 4(7): 298-299

Our experiences in the prevention of rabies in the dog within the territory Odzaci in 1971. Veterinarski glasnik: 0 (2) 185-188

Our experiences in the production of graftings for seed plantings.

Our experiences in the therapy of diarrhea in calves. Veterinarski glasnik: 1 (1) 55-58

Our experiences in the transfer of newborn piglets to other litters. Veterinarski glasnik: 7 (9) 661-664

Our experiences in the treatment and saving of hungry hypogl ycemic piglets using Vetadex. Veterinarski glasnik: 8 (5) 399-403

Our experiences in the treatment of chronic endometritis by means of parenteral application of stilbestrol and oxytocin. Veterinarski glasnik2(12): 1067-1071

Our experiences in the treatment of gastroenteritis in dogs and cats with enteroferment. Veterinarski glasnik2(9): 765-767

Our experiences in the utilization of gilts from feedlots for breeding piglets. Veterinarski glasnik: 7 (1) 37-40

Our experiences in treating chronic endometritis in mares with various preparations. Veterinarski glasnik4(10): 949-953

Our experiences of increasing land improvement and sheep raising.

Our experiences of mass rearing. Rastitelna zashtita = Plant protection8(6): 17-21

Our experiences storing and processing machine harvested apples. Annual report of the secretary of the State Horticultural Society of Michigan: 04th 52-55

Our experiences with Ketalar in small domestic animals. Veterinarski glasnik3(11): 919-923

Our experiences with alar on sweet and tart cherries.

Our experiences with apple rootstocks and cultivars. Compact fruit tree0(20): 21-22

Our experiences with apple rootstocks and tree training. Compact fruit tree 17(17): 79-80

Our experiences with cage rearing of swine. Statni statky1(9): 204-205

Our experiences with combined narcosis in the dog (Combelen + Nesdonal). Veterinarski glasnik2(9): 723-727

Our experiences with finishing the cultivation of tree forms of currants and gooseberries. Zahradnictvo 3(8): 348-349

Our experiences with forced molting of parental couples. Veterinaria zbornik radova iz oblasti animalne proizvodnje = periodical on the animal production9(1-2): 26-30

Our experiences with honey bee removal. American bee journal 144(11): 853-855

Our experiences with soil-less potting media. Combined proceedings International Plant Propagators' Society1(31): 183-184

Our experiences with some iron chelates for the control of peach chlorosis. Kongres "Chemia v pol'nohospodarstve" 2d Bratislava 1972(41)

Our experiences with the influence of climatic, hydrological and agropedological conditions in Macedonia for optimum hygiene in livestock production. Veterinaria zbornik radova iz oblasti animalne proizvodnje = periodical on the animal production8(2): 241-257

Our experiences with the package method of apiculture. Vcelarstvi 28 (1) 8-9

Our experiences with the preparation Grawignost-Schweine in the early discovery of pregnancy of sows. Veterinarski glasnik: 6 (10) 757-760

Our experiences with the verification of the system of progr essive plant fertilization.

Our experiences with using legumes profitably. Sheep and goat handbook(4): 241-244

Our experiences with utilization of pathologic morphology in diagnosing Aujeszkys disease in different animals.

Our experiment in cultivating elite winter wheat seeds.

Our experiment in organizing forage production. Ovtsevodstvo (11) 32-33

Our experiment in preparing and feeding pelleted feeds. Ovtsevodstvo 3 28

Our experiment in wool evaluation and its use in breeding. Ovtsevodstvo (9) 25-26

Our experiment of work on swine breeding farms.

Our experiment on raising the young breeding animals in the sheep husbandry.

Our experiment on the cultivation of fine-fleeced sheep.

Our experiment on the cultivation of swine.

Our experiment on the cultivation of thin-fleeced sheep.

Our experiment on work for increasining egg laying in hens.

Our experiment with seed treatment.

Our experiments with Varroa jacobsoni infestations of honeybee colonies, Poland.1. Pszczelarstwo 33(9): 9-11

Our export forests.

Our export of grass seed in present situation of European market.

Our export trade, countrywise analysis.

Our export-import tasks.

Our exports of weaned calves to Italy: a market to be exploited better. Levage bovin: (124) 66-69

Our expreiences in the attenuation of swine dysentery. Veterinarstvi 7 (12) 537-539

Our extension goals for 1946.

Our family goes to war against higher living costs.

Our family meals.

Our familys food.

Our familys room.

Our farm.

Our farm environmental agenda.

Our farm program and foreign trade.

Our farmer.

Our farmers care.

Our farmers fight for the future.

Our farmers, our lands.

Our farming industries in 1965.

Our father the cayman, our mother the gourd: spinden revisited, or a unitary model for the emergence of agriculture in the New World. Origins of Agriculture: 13-751

Our favorite desserts.

Our favorite five gesneriads. Brooklyn Botanic Garden record plants and gardens 36(3): 45-47

Our favorite recipes.

Our federal government and how it functions.

Our female forest workers, as important factor when clean forest conditions are involved.

Our feral medicinal plants in natural and semi-cultivation ecological systems. Herba Hungarica1(2-3): 13-20

Our ferns. Revue horticole suisse 53(8): 311-314

Our field.

Our filthy world--the pollution of land air and water.

Our fire blight control program at Dowd orchards. Annual report Michigan State Horticultural Society: 10th) 78-80

Our first experiences in comparative testing of the use of the synthetic analogue of prostaglandin F2alpha (Estrumate) and intrauterine treatment in the postpartal period of cows. Veterinarski glasnik4(1): 41-46

Our first experiences in growing vegetables under plastic foils. Zahradnictvo 3(1): 26-27

Our first experiences in the elective induction of delivery in cows by the application of corticosteroids.

Our first experiences with the vegetative propagation of spruce plants.

Our first trip abroad. Bulletin American Hosta Society: 80 (11) 21-26

Our first world war Secretary of Agriculture.

Our fish are clean before you ever take a knife to them.

Our five years of chemical weed control.

Our flammable vegetation-- are we compelled to live with it?.

Our flower paradise.

Our food.

Our food allies.

Our food and nutrition.

Our food and our farms.

Our food composition, processing, nutrient value.

Our food costs.

Our food crisis.

Our food from farm to table.

Our food problem.

Our food situation in a war emergency.

Our food supplies in the balance. Milk industry 81(5): 34

Our food supply--the passing of the golden age. Proceedings Western Hemisphere Nutrition Congress: ub 1975), 4th 370-375

Our food, our land.

Our food, will there be enough?.

Our food--past and present. Food technology in Australia: 26 (5) 192-193

Our foreign agricultural trade.

Our foreign aid programs.

Our foreign competitors: reports from the no. 2 and 3 ranking prune producing countries. Sunsweet standard: 57 (4) 4-6

Our foreign financial program.

Our forest.

Our forest a relationship and effect system.

Our forest an endangered environment.

Our forest ants , their identification and their importance for the conservation of the Lachnidae. Biene 117(4): 150-153

Our forest birds are disappearing. American forests 91(4): 40-41

Our forest bounty.

Our forest fauna.

Our forest fruit and their use.

Our forest heritage.

Our forest inheritance.

Our forest legacy.

Our forest must not die!.

Our forest of Kwaraae.

Our forest reserves and protected areas.

Our forest resources.

Our forest roads, construction of a forest transportation system. Skogeieren 8 5-10

Our forest trees.

Our forests place in the world.

Our forest, our wood, our raw product.

Our forest, your ecosystem, their timber.

Our forest--a public concern. Allgemeine Forstzeitung 89(9): 292-293

Our foresters working successfully in developing countries.

Our forestry in the first year of the new economic mechanism. Erdo 18 (9) 395-405

Our forests.

Our forests & us. Ontario forestser 1979 19(1): 2-3

Our forests and environment India. Myforest 17(4): 203-207

Our forests are worth preserving.

Our forests in the present. Cultivador moderno: 57 (1) 20-22

Our forests should also be restructured: the situation in the Basque region. Agricultura 51(605): 984-989

Our forgotten past.

Our forgotten rangelands. Rangelands 21(4): 29-30

Our fragile surface for Ohios river, lakes and streams, its a thin line between use and abuse. Ohio 21 College of Agriculture Ohio Cooperative Extension Service Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center Ohio State University 2(2): 11-15

Our fragile world.

Our fragmented community living: can we relate?.

Our fragmented transportation. Yearbook of agriculture: 21-225

Our free minds.

Our freshwater fish.

Our freshwater fisheries problems. Pakistan journal of science 32(1-2): 82-86

Our friend the Sealyham.

Our friend the dachshund.

Our friend the dog.

Our friend the egg.

Our friend the fox-terrier.

Our friend the ladybug. Norsk hagetidend: 91 (11) 347

Our friend, the earthworm.

Our friends the dogs.

Our friends the goats.

Our friends the trees.

Our fruit crops in the San Joaquin Valley.

Our fruit too should be exported in net weight.

Our future food. Food technology in Australia: 26 (5) 198-199

Our future in Asia.

Our future is underground.

Our future lies in education. Australian Veterinary Journal 78(9): 591-591

Our future needs for nonfarm lands. Yearbook of agriculture: 74-479

Our future selection and rearing center for the Carniolan honeybee. Slovenski cebelar 81(10): 324-326

Our future selves.

Our garden.

Our garden book.

Our garden heritage.

Our garden masterly planted.

Our garden pests.

Our garden planning school. 3. Good gardening: 28 56

Our garden soils. Our garden soils 232p Illus

Our gardening school. Parques y jardines: 16 9-11

Our gardens.

Our genetic future.

Our gift from the Indians.

Our global environment.

Our goal for competition: high feed economy in cattle fattening. Tierzucht 33(2): 59-61

Our goal in socialistic competition: Each gives according to quality.

Our goal is highly efficient she. Zhivotnovudstvo 29 (11) 31-32

Our goal is the active participa. Zhivotnovudstvo 32(11): 27-30

Our goal: to be where people work, shop, play. FoodService director: 5, (suppl) 25s

Our goals.

Our golden hands.

Our good cow died in her stanchion. Hoard's dairyman, 125(2): 110-111

Our good land.

Our goose is not cooked. Agricultural education: 47 (5) 113

Our grandchildren and their forests. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff: 32 (6) 205-211

Our grape varieties.

Our grapes grow best on fir trees.

Our graying suburbs: Solving an unusual housing problem. Public interest: (85) 50-57

Our grazing land resources. Grasslands of the United States H B Sprague ed: -14

Our great wines in Germany: Chateau Lafite Rothschild and the neighboring growth in the 1973, 1970 and 1962 vintages. Revue du vin de France: 52 (266) 30-31

Our greatest heritage.

Our greatest risk: the danger that we may quit risking. Proceedings Southern Weed Science Society2(42): 1-4

Our green friend.

Our green is our gold.

Our grosbeaks and their value to agriculture.

Our groundwater research. Taiwan sugar: 23 (2, special issue) 101-103

Our group practice--a decade of change.

Our grow-in-the-dark crop.

Our growing legacy.

Our growing redwoods.

Our growing water problems.

Our growing wood supply.

Our health in our hands: building effective community partnerships for rural health service provision. Rural Society 17(1): 50-65

Our heather border.

Our heating rooms are too warm. Gartenbauliche Versuchsberichte Jahresbericht der Versuchsanstalten und Beispielsbetriebe fur Gartenbau: 6 97-99

Our heritage.

Our heritage from Cattleya labiata. Orchid digest 48(2): 49-54

Our heritage is our land.

Our heritage of land and water resources.

Our heritage of old roses.

Our heritage of trees.

Our heritage of wild nature.

Our heritage of world literature.

Our hexapod enemies (about some insects).

Our history of women in veterinary medicine.

Our home and family.

Our home and native land? Extent and implications of foreign land ownership. Agrologist er 7 (1) 6-7

Our home is safe electrically.

Our honey.

Our honey and persorption.

Our honey and pollen flora: Phacelia tanacetifolia. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(6): 184

Our honey and pollen flora: Robinia pseudoacacia L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(7): 214-215

Our honey and pollen flora: Tilia x vulgaris Hayne. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(8): 248-250

Our honey and pollen flora: peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(7): 226-227

Our honey and pollen flora: white clover (Trifolium repens L.). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(6): 193-194

Our honey flora: Achillea milleflolium L.. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(10): 323

Our honey flora: Impatiens glandulifera L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(11): 346-347

Our honey flora: common St. Johnswort (Hypericum perforatum L.). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(6): 174

Our honey flora: common coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(3): 78

Our honey flora: common comfrey (Symphytum officinale L.). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(12): 365-366

Our honey flora: figroot buttercup (Ranunculus ficaria). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(4): 107

Our honey flora: glossy buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(8): 243

Our honey flora: the European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(5): 150-151

Our honey flora: the Japanese pagodatree (Sophora japonica). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(11): 340

Our honey flora: the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(5): 135

Our honey flora: the great burdock (Arctium lappa). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(10): 300-301

Our honey flora: the mullein (Verbascum). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(7): 206

Our honey flora: yellow sweetclover (Melilotus officinalis). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(9): 275

Our honeybee flora: Artemisia vulgaris L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(9): 289-290

Our honeybee flora: Pinus strobus L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(3): 84

Our honeybee flora: the birch tree. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 16(1): 9-10

Our honeybees and modern industrial society. Biene 115(8): 339-341

Our horse.

Our horse breeds.

Our horses.

Our horses and ponies.

Our horses--healthy through homeopathy.

Our horticultural heritage.

Our house pets modern animal care.

Our hunting dog.

Our hunting wealth.

Our hybrid chickens.

Our improvements and adjustments.

Our increased knowledge of the water mites (Hydrachnellae, Acari) from Africa. Hydrobiologia 5, 35 (1) 65-126

Our indispensable soil must be conserved.

Our industries and our lives: a view from Nigeria. Archives of Environmental Health 45(1): 6-7

Our industry crisis today. American bee journal 123(12): 846-847

Our industry needs a national association of purchasing managers.

Our industrys future and research. Bulletin 3 23-25

Our industry--is it at a crossroads?. Town milk: 22 (1) 5-13

Our inner ape.

Our insect collection.

Our insect friends and foes. Our insect friends and foes xi + 284p Col frontispiece, 1 col pl 46 fig

Our insecticides. Lepidoptera 11 (5) 143-148

Our insects.

Our installation and the general improvement of the critical state.

Our institute in cooperation. Paperi ja puu: 0, 58 (9) 526-527

Our integration in the European Economic Community. Agricultura 51(599): 422-423

Our interdependent world economy and agricultural trade. Proceedings the competitive position of Southern agriculture in a world economy: a regional trade conference Atlanta Georgia Nov 4-6-1986 Sponsored by Southern Ext Marketing and Public Affairs Committees et al

Our international commerce with beef products. Revue de l'agriculture 37(3): 917-933

Our investigations and the application of artificial insemination in swine in Bulgaria. Veterinarski glasnik: 6 (6) 477-479

Our investigators answer six questions of present interest.

Our investment in trees.

Our investment in youth: why all wood scientists should get behind the 4-H Wood Science Awards Program. Wood and fiber science: journal of the Society of Wood Science and Technology 22(2): 133-134

Our investment of service to the future of agriculture. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 8 (4) 345-347

Our islands, our selves.

Our Job Ahead. Science 97(2517): 271-277

Our job in a world at war.

Our job in the Pacific.

Our karakul collective farm.

Our knowledge of mink farming.

Our knowledge of queen breeding. Vcelarstvi 28 (10) 228-229

Our knowledge of treatment of some fertility disturbances in cattle. Veterinarstvi 9(3): 106-108

Our knowledge on coppice stands in short rotation Forestry.1. XVII IUFRO World Congress Japan 1981 International Union of Forest Research Organizations = Internationaler Verband Forstlicher Forschungsanstalten = Union internationale des instituts des recherches forestieres: 431

Our labor for the Great October Revolution. Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 2) 2-4

Our land.

Our land and its care.

Our land and land policy.

Our land and our living.

Our land and water resources.

Our land as it was. Ecologist 7 (7) 242-249

Our land is free and rich.

Our land is our life; conservation of South Carolinas natural resources.

Our land of farms.

Our land, our future.

Our land, our spirit.

Our land, ourselves.

Our land: conservation activities for Camp Fire Girls.

Our land: policy issues. North Dakota farm research: 34 (2) 7-8

Our landed heritage.

Our landscape - a shared and limited resource. GAIA 15(3): 193-194

Our last land frontiers.

Our laws that pertain to seeds. Yearbook of agriculture: 82-492

Our life with birds.

Our limits transgressed.

Our livestock decreased. Levage porcin: (83) 55

Our livestock production in relation to the European Economic Community. Agricultura 50(587): 352-368

Our livestock should not be shipped abroad. Animal Welfare Institute quarterlyng 32(2): 6-7

Our living forest.

Our living forests.

Our living heritage.

Our living legacy.

Our living oceans.

Our living resources.

Our local poisonous plants: how poisonous are they?. Autumn 13 (3) 33-43

Our love-hate relationship with inflation. Agriculture and Food Conference on Inflation Report: 329-333

Our loyal friend maize.

Our mail.. Gradinarstvo 1(11): 46-47

Our main bread cereal. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (8) 2-3

Our main goal is to rear pedigree rabbits State fur animal farms of the RSFSR.1. Krolikovodstvo i zverovodstvo: (5) 10-11

Our main honey plant Small-leaved lime, Tilia cordata, nectar secretion, apiculture, honey production, Bashkir ASSR.1. Pchelovodstvo (6) 14-15

Our man at MARC. Fall 19 (3) 7-8

Our man-Spud Man puppet package.

Our managed landscapes: opinions of what people see. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 23-524

Our mangrove forest in a capsule. Canopy 4 (2) 5

Our many faceted orchid world. Orchid digestt 55(3): 112-114

Our marijuana --problem. Annual conference Manitoba Agronomists: 1-92

Our marine fishes.

Our marketing system.

Our marsh in relation to the environment. Meddelelser 71 (4) 118-125

Our mastitis control program Staphylococcus aureus, cows, Nebraska. Annual meeting National Mastitis Council Inc: 1st) 56-58

Our mathod of cves rearing.

Our measures for carrying out land improvement work without interferring with the plant production. Kooperation 6 (2) 19-23

Our meat supply.

Our meat-pigeon breeding as shown by this years exhibition. Baromfiipar 8 (3) 127-138

Our medicinal and tea plants.

Our medicinal flora.

Our medicinal trees. Virginia forests: er 1975, 29 (4) 11

Our method of determining sheep wool density. Ovtsevodstvo 4 38-39

Our method of grazing yearling cattle on winter pasture.

Our method of preparing a stimulator from feed yeasts. Gidroliznaia i lesokhimicheskaia promyshlennost': ) 23

Our method of rearing bees in multiple-storey hives. Strongcolonies and forest flow. Apiacta 0 (4) 159-169

Our method of swarm control. Neue Bienenzucht 7(5): 131-133

Our method of swarm control. III. A system of management for swarm control. Neue Bienenzucht 7(4): 99-101

Our method of the raising of calves.

Our methods of management and the instincts of honeybees. Bienenvater 99 (5) 132-135

Our migrant shorebirds in southern South America.

Our milking machines are impr. Landtechnik 24 (9) 278

Our mission: to inform. Extension review United States Department of Agriculture 58(4): 36-37

Our modern banking and monetary system.

Our moss and fern plants.

Our most natural resource. MAFES research highlights Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station 49(4): 11-12

Our most neglected resources are human. Journal of cooperative extension: 18 19-25

Our mother corn.

Our mother earth.

Our motto to work effectively with complete return of input efforts.

Our mountain population.

Our movement and our State.

Our much-maligned native goldenrod. Garden journal: 21 (4) 115-116

Our mushroom, the boletus.

Our mushrooms.

Our nation and its agriculture: the world scene in the year 2005. Special report University of Missouri Columbia Agricultural Experiment Station: 4?] (319) 15-21

Our nations lakes.

Our nations land and water resources.

Our nations path.

Our nations water resources.

Our nations wetlands.

Our nations youth.

Our national attic:.

Our national debt.

Our national forests.

Our national forests at risk.

Our national forests, excerpt from Report of the Chief of the Forest Service, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1948.

Our national park policy.

Our national park system.

Our national parks and nature protection. Hortikultura 7 (3) 71-74

Our national parks in color.

Our national resources.

Our national wetland heritage.

Our nationalized forests.

Our native Sedums. Horticulture 51 (8) 44-45

Our native commercial timber.

Our native fishes.

Our native land a trust to keep.

Our native trees and how to identify them.

Our natural areas. Winter 15 (2) 9

Our natural bent: looking for varroa medication in plants. American bee journal 140(6): 457-458

Our natural heritage. Nature malaysiana: (1) 4-11

Our natural parks in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Our natural resource conservation commitment.

Our natural resources.

Our natural resources--long term impacts and goals. Protecting natural resources with remote sensing: the Third Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Conference held at the University of Arizona and the Doubletree Inn Tucson Arizona April 9-13-1990

Our natural resources; their development and use.

Our nectar and pollen flora: Solidago virgaurea L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(12): 389

Our nectar and pollen flora: the sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(5): 155

Our nectar flora: Origanum vulgare L.. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(11): 359

Our nectar resources. Gleanings in bee culture: 101 (5) 178

Our needs and resources in food and agriculture.

Our neighbours. 2. Fertiliser situation in Kuwait. Fertiliser news: 20 (11) 17-19

Our new product; the broiler goose. Baromfitenyesztes 2 (4) 8-9

Our newer results in research applicable in vegetable forcing.

Our nitrosamine review. Brauwelt 119(3): 39-41

Our northern butterflies. Country life: 156 (4039) 1648-1649

Our notions of epiphytes. Bulletin Fairchild Tropical Garden 38(2): 6-13

Our nursing herd has many faces. Levage bovin: (135) 52-57

Our nut tree heritage--a cause worth working for.

Our nutrition.

Our nutrition and food supply policies. Meieriposten 67 (3) 69-76

Our nutrition mirror of our age. Fette Seifen Anstrichmittel: 79 (11) 457-460

Our nutrition--where are we going?. Bibliotheca nutritio et dieta: 21, 7-10

Our obligation to survive.

Our observations concerning the control of mastitis in the cow using antibiotics at the end of lactation. Veterinarski glasnik: 0 (7) 595-600

Our observations concerning the incidence, control and therapy of edema disease and Escherichia coli enterotoxaemia in piglets after weaning. Veterinarski glasnik: 0 (4) 353-363

Our observations concerning the occurrence, therapy and control of edemic disease in weaned piglets in the private sector. Veterinarski glasnik: 1 (7) 507-512

Our observations of the new varieties.

Our old-fashioned flowers.

Our oldest knowledge of veterinarians.

Our oldest natural resource. Garden 102 (6) 255-258

Our olive oil.

Our olive plantation zones.

Our one hundred years.

Our only hope for survival. California cattleman: 60 (2) 23

Our operations and plans. Ovtsevodstvo 11 32-34

Our orchards and how we do it. Compact fruit tree 17(17): 90-91

Our orchids. Ziva 22 (6) 202-203

Our organization--How do we stand with service?. Landbrukstidende 82 (32 33) 748-749

Our overweight children.

Our own agenda.

Our own agricultural cooperatives.

Our own alpines!.

Our own collective farm.

Our own six-step colleection system. Veterinary economics: 15 (6) 22-26

Our own times, 1913-1939.

Our ozone shield.

Our panel reports. Modern veterinary practice: 50(9) 47-48

Our panel reports: question: what is your procedure for treatment of follicular conjunctivitis in dogs? Do most of your cases respond favorably or is prolonged and repeated therapy often required?. Modern veterinary practice: 50 (10) 56

Our panel reports: what do you consider to be indications for performing a cesarean section in a bitch? Do you perform this surgery prior to onset of labor?. Modern veterinary practice: 51 (8) 38

Our panel reports: what gastrointestinal parasites do you find most commonly in dairy cattle and what control or treatment measures do you recommend?. Modern veterinary practice: 51 (5) 50-51

Our panel reports: what immunization procedures do you use for prevention of swine erysipelas? have you been satisfied with the results?. Modern veterinary practice: 50 (6) 50

Our panel reports: what is your customary treatment for demodectic mange in the dog? Have you found that agents introduced in recent years are more effective?. Modern veterinary practice: 51 (2) 50

Our panel reports: what is your experience in managing dogs with demonstrable intervertebral disc lesions and associated signs by other than surgical procedures?. Modern veterinary practice: 50 (12) 69-70

Our panel reports: what is your preference as an inhalant anesthetic for small animal? In your experience, what are its particular advantages?. Modern veterinary practice: 50 (13) 48

Our panel reports: what preventive and therapeutic measures do you recommend for infectious scours in dairy calves?. Modern veterinary practice: 51 (1) 46-47

Our panel reports; have you seen cases of plant poisoning in cats? If so, what plants were involved, what part of the plant did the cat eat, and what were the signs of the poisoning?. Modern veterinary practice: 51 (6) 42

Our part in the environmental movement. Journal of arboriculture 17(1): 1-7

Our pasture management must b. Ubersicht 20 (3) 198-201

Our pastures in the past and today.

Our pattern.

Our perspective: nutrition education enhances food assistance programs. Journal of nutrition education 28(2): 83-85

Our pet food certification program. Canadian veterinary journal 29(2): 129

Our piece of the pie: Brazilian football and globalization. Soccer and Society 8(4): 524-544

Our pig problems in Europe. Pig farming: 23 (8) 80-81

Our pig prospects in Europe. Pig farming: 26 (5) 37

Our pig-farm. Technique laitiere: 665 27-28

Our pinewood heritage.

Our pinewoods and native pulpwood production. Erdo 18 (6) 274-277

Our place Wisconsin Meadows, Inc. Small farm today 11(3): 36-40

Our place: belties at the fair. Small farm today 17(4): 36-37

Our plains years ago and now.

Our plane trees are in danger.

Our planet.

Our planets most important chemical reaction: photosynthesis. Bois et forets des tropiques: 168 19-30

Our plans for the further intensification of sheep husbandry. Ovtsevodstvo 3 12-16

Our plans for the spring cultivation.

Our plant friends and foes.

Our plant protection recommendations for 1977 based on research results of the last year.

Our plant resources.

Our plant world.

Our plants on postage stamps. I. Cacti. Cactus and succulent journal 54(6): 267-270

Our plants on postage stamps. II. Other succulents--families A, B, C. Cactus and succulent journal 55(5): 219-226

Our plants ancestors immigrated too. BioScience American Institute of Biological Sciences 31(9): 698

Our poisoned earth and sky.

Our pollen and honey flora: Cichorium intybus L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(9): 287-288

Our pollen and nectar flora: Sorbus aucuparia L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(1): 6

Our pollen flora: Fraxinus excelsior L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 19(1): 14-15

Our pollen flora: Plantago L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(10): 311

Our pollen flora: Tanacetum vulgare. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(8): 258-259

Our pollen flora: Viscum album L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(12): 381

Our pollen flora: pinus sylvestris L. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 18(2): 53-54

Our pork industry. Technique laitiere: 0, 668 33-34

Our post-war homes.

Our potato grading station.. Mekhanizatsiia sil's'koho hospodarstva: (10) 25

Our potential for production of sweetcorn. Norsk landbruk: 6 15-16

Our poultry keeping and poultry breeding in the Common Market. Dansk erhvervsfjerkrae: 1 (2) 40-41

Our practical experience with the computer. Proceedings annual convention American Association of Bovine Practitioners: ub1985) (17th) 159-162

Our prairie heritage.

Our precarious habitat.

Our precarious planet. Environmentalist 26(4): 321-324

Our precious environment.

Our precious groundwater.

Our precious topsoil is wasting away. Canadian geographic 100(2): 50-59

Our preference for nuts in the North. Annual report Northern Nut Growers Association: (74th) 77-79

Our preoccupations within the framework of the parasitic zoonoses. Revista Scientia Parasitologica 3(2): 11-12

Our present situation in fruits and vegetables.

Our present trend in poultry nutrition research. Poultry guide: 13 (1) 35-38

Our present understanding of the fundamentals of pressing.

Our pricing objectives in the reconversion period.

Our primary industries.

Our primary objective in animal. Zhivotnovudstvo 29 (1) 8-10

Our primary production. Ovtsevodstvo 6 28-29

Our primeval forests. Sylwan 14 (8 9) 224-234

Our probate planning seminars: are more needed?.

Our problem in reforestation is getting the people involved. Canopy 3 (5) 5

Our problems and unsolved questions. Ovtsevodstvo (2) 2-6

Our problems are political.

Our problems in fruit growing re. Ovoshtarstvo 7(12): 16-18

Our productive land.

Our professional image--as our clients see it. Veterinary economics: 10(5) 31-33,36

Our professional responsibilities in forest fire management. Air Quality and Smoke from Urban and Forest Fires Proceedings of International Symposium: ub 1976) 3-6

Our program of feedyard environment control. Beef cattle science handbook: 0 444-446

Our progress in developing best management practices for irrigated lands. Agronomy abstracts: 01

Our progressive beekeepers. Slovenski cebelar, 80(7): 238-241

Our protected plants.

Our public image and the natural tree. American Christmas tree journal 28(4): 20-30

Our public lands.

Our public responsibilities.

Our public works experience.

Our public--one key to the success of our programs. Agricultural education 52(4): 75

Our publications and the seven seas.

Our purchases Pedigree stallions, 1979, characteristics.1. Konevodstvo i konnyi sport: (4) 22-24

Our purpose is to serve.

Our queen mating stations--some marginal notes. Slovenski cebelar: 77 (3) 81-83

Our queen producing farm. Pchelarstvo 4 (5) 17-18

Our rabbit as a helper.

Our rabbit breeds, an illustrated handbook of rabbit breeding.

Our rabbits.

Our rabbits. 2. housing. La Propriete terrienne: 26 (311) 413

Our rainforests and the issues.

Our rare Suillus flavidus (Fr. ex Fr. sing) on peat bogs. Mykologicky sbornik: 49 (9 10) 129

Our rare and endangered trees. American forests: 81 (7) 16-21

Our rare plants and environment protection.

Our reaction to the EEC surpluses and price proposals. Milk industry 81(4): 20-23

Our ready-prepared ready-to-eat nation. Nutrition today 37(1): 36-38

Our real job--making government work for you. American cooperation: 41-146

Our real roots. Organic gardening 36(2): 73-78

Our recent experiences with sarin poisoning cases in Japan and pesticide users with references to some selected chemicals. Neurotoxicology 28(2): 364-373

Our reclamation future.

Our recommendations for spraying in 1976.

Our red meat and milk competition.

Our refrigeration industry today and tomorrow.

Our regulations in carrying out basic forest management work.

Our relationships to other scientific societies and organizations in the past 75 years. Challenging problems in plant health edited by Thor Kommendahl and Paul H Williams: 2

Our renewable resources can be sustained; a symposium.

Our renewable wild lands, a challenge.

Our reptiles.

Our request good forest conditions.

Our reserves (from experiences in herd breeding).

Our reserves of beef production.

Our resources.

Our responsibilities towards a vanishing nature. Svensk botanisk tidskrift5(1): 7-18

Our responsibility to youth and range management. Rangelands 1(5): 187-188

Our responsibility with salts for melting snow and ice.

Our results and further tasks for the accomplishment of the breeding program. Tierzucht 35(1): 9-11

Our results and objectives.

Our results and tasks. Ovtsevodstvo 12 4-5

Our results from beet cultivatio. Zhivotnovudstvo 32(3): 18-21

Our results with respect to bacteria isolated from the organs of animals subjected to emergency slaughtering. Veterinarski glasnik3(6): 467-473

Our results with the new liquid combined manure Vegaflor.

Our review of nitrosamines. II. Brauwelt 119(11): 340-341

Our rice industry.

Our rich land:.

Our roadside market. American bee journal 145(1): 30-31

Our robbery of American migrants.

Our role in global warming through ruminants. Proceedings of the Southern Pasture and Forage Crop Improvement Conference: 2nd) 17-30

Our role in implementing variety protection--seed certification.

Our rose varieties and their Malmaison heritage.

Our routine tasks Cotton cultivation policies, yields.1. Khlopkovodstvo (12) 2-4

Our rural communities.

Our rural electric cooperative--democracy in action.

Our rural future.

Our rural problems in their national setting.

Our school life.

Our sea turtles sorely need TEDs help. Animal Welfare Institute quarterly Winter 1987 35(3-4): 8

Our search for answers to the pollination problem.

Our settlement activities in a period of storm and stress, 1936-1947.

Our share in the home.

Our share in the protection of t.

Our share of the planetary pie. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104(31): 12585-6

Our sheep breeds.

Our sheep industries face up to change. Journal of agriculture Western Australia2(1): 3-4

Our shifting populations.

Our side of the fence.

Our silver anniversary, 1937-1962.

Our simmering planet.

Our smallest rabbit: the Ermine. Tidsskrift for kaninavl: 73 (6) 4-6

Our social world.

Our socialist agriculture--the victory of Lenins cooperative plan. Pol'nohospodarstvo 6 (4) 281-303

Our society--an entomologist's perspective. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 24(3): 375-382

Our soil.

Our soil and our plants.

Our soil and water conservation program.

Our soil is valuable. Journal of soil and water conservation: 32 (6) 258-259

Our soil problem.

Our soil, the last filth?.

Our soils.

Our soils and their management.

Our solar green home.

Our south Australian acacias--their suckering, flowering, and variability during growth.

Our soybean climate. Missouri Botanical Garden bulletin: 58 (1) 18-21

Our special child.

Our spinach loves winter.

Our stake in commercial agriculture, rural poverty and world trade.

Our stake in improving agricultural technology in developing countries. Utah Science Utah Agricultural Experiment Station 50(3): 165-173

Our stake in the world crisis.

Our stand of information on an actual and dangerous complex disease of European silver fir (Abies alba Mill.). Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt: 96 (3) 177-186

Our stolen future.

Our story 1986.

Our strategy for the 1990s.

Our strategy to compete and survive in the fruit industry. Annual report Michigan State Horticultural Society: 16th) 30-39

Our strawberries. Our strawberries: 551 pp

Our streets can be beautiful, and useful.

Our strength is in the land.

Our stubborn farmers: a misconception.

Our studies on starch.. Denpun kagaku = Journal of the Japanese Society of Starch Science5(1): 30-47

Our sugar.

Our sugar industry after the liberation. Cukoripar 23 (4) 121-128

Our sugar supply.

Our sugarbeet of the future. Agricultura 52(607): 120-122

Our sunny region.

Our sustainable future.

Our switch to problem-oriented records. Veterinary economics: 16 (10) 21-25

Our system of beef performance records. Beef cattle science handbook: 4 221-232

Our systems of management and the instincts of honeybees. Bienenvater 99 (5) 132-135

Our target, vegetable production along industrial lines in concentrated cropping areas. Gartenbau 22 (2) 33-37

Our task: production of good quality vegetables and fruits. Kooperation 12 (9) 385-387

Our tasks. Kartoffelbau 23 (10) 263

Our tasks in the development of industrial animal industry. Zhivotnovudstvo 4 6-10

Our techniques to produce large fruit. Compact fruit tree0(20): 46-48

Our teeth and our soils. Annals of Dentistry 6(4): 199-213

Our termite Reticulitermes lucifugus (Rossi): its allies and enemies. Acta entomologica Jugoslavicaub 1982) 17(1-2): 127-130

Our testers report. Organic gardening: 32-37

Our thinking must first be adapted. Proceedings International Congress of Nutrition: th (v 3) 218-224

Our thoughts on urban forest management Cincinnati, Ohio. Proceedings of the second National Urban Forestry Conference October 10-14-1982 Cincinnati Ohio proceedings compiled by DG Gangloff and GH Moeller: 3

Our threatened climate.

Our tidal marshes: What are they made of?.

Our timber.

Our timber economy in the fourth five-year plan. Erdo 20 (1) 7-21

Our timber trees.

Our tractors.

Our trainees must be up to the challenges of the coming decade. Kooperation 4 (8) 30-33

Our tree waste dilemma.

Our trees.

Our trees and shrubs. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Pilzkunde 56(9): 137

Our trees are working too hard.

Our trials with blueberry production. Sodobno kmetijstvo 11(9): 405-407

Our trials with vegetable growing under polyethylene. Zahradnictvo 2 (11) 505

Our trouble: thoughts of a farmer, a non-specialist, on the pesticide problem. Pflanzenarzt 23 (10) 107-108

Our troubled teens.

Our underground water supplies: the sometimes dry facts. Yearbook of agriculture: 48-457

Our undeveloped world.

Our upcoming state legislative program.

Our upkeep in the Oise with a herd of seven hundred bull-calves.

Our urgent tasks. Subtropicheskie kul'tury: 6) 90-91

Our vanishing farm animals.

Our vanishing forests. My forest: 11 (3) 123-136

Our vanishing landscape.

Our vanishing relative.

Our variable timber supply.

Our veld.

Our very famous wines: life story of the Tokaj wines.

Our veterinary medicine must have a greater influence on the production of food in Yugoslavia and abroad. Veterinarski glasnik: 0 (12) 975-982

Our veterinary science department checks new treatments for shipping fever. Research bulletin Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station 38(282): 57-58

Our veterinary support staff. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 199(6): 722-723

Our victory garden.

Our victory over sugarcane top borer. Indian sugar crops journal 9(2): 1-2

Our views on afforestation. Coedwigwr 75, 27 36-41

Our views on the resolution of Chinas rural energy requirements. Biomass (4): 387-312

Our views on thinning. Skogen 61 (3) 72-74

Our village.

Our village before 1900.

Our villages have a future. Agrarsoziologische Orientierungen: Ulrich Planck zum 65 Geburtstag herausgegeben von Dieter Jauch und Franz Kromka: 215

Our villages will become nicer. Balance of the 1961-1979 competition in North Rhine-Westphalia. IKO innere Kolonisation Land und Gemeinde 29(4): 147-150

Our vision of forestry: wood utilization in university programs?. Wood and fiber science: journal of the Society of Wood Science and Technology 36(1): 1-2

Our visit to Dalian--1983 tour to Peoples Republic of China. Compact fruit tree 17(17): 167-169

Our vital private forest lands. Yearbook of agriculture: 86-391

Our waning flora and the saga of the Furbish lousewort. Spring 33 (1) 13-14

Our war economy.

Our water crisis. 1. the overall problem.

Our water quality problems. NSDB technology journal: 1 (4) 27-29

Our water resource.

Our water resources.

Our water rights are archaic and discourage careful conservation state Water Commission controversy.

Our water supply.

Our water, our future.

Our water, our lives.

Our water. III. Water maintenance in the river-basin of the Dommel River.

Our water. IV. The chemical pollution of the Waddenzee. Tijdschrift 85 (11) 383-397

Our water. V. How do we make a river dike secure without permanently damaging the landscape?. Tijdschrift 86 (5) 237-251

Our water. i.

Our waters, our wastes. Michigan water pollution and pollution control.

Our watershed resource.

Our waterways; facts and comments.