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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16599

Chapter 16599 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Packaging industries and the food-additives amendment--a reprise. ACS Symposium series American Chemical Society: 73) 88-103

Packaging industry in commerce.

Packaging industry must standardize on particular size container for each product and number of containers for each shipper. Food Service Trends C E Eshbach ed: 91-196

Packaging innovations in the U.S. Proceedings World Conference on Emerging Technologies in the Fats and Oils Industry Cannes France November 3-8-1985 edited by AR Baldwin: 3

Packaging inspection.

Packaging irradiated food Tinplate cans, flexible packages. Preservation of food by ionizing radiation editors ES Josephson MS Peterson: 326

Packaging is a component of quality. Prumysl potravin: 26 (7) 415-418

Packaging is the name of the game. Food manufacture: 53 (1) 53

Packaging is the product image. Activities report of the R and D Associates5(1): 69-80

Packaging its influence on ice cream sales. American dairy review: 36 (7) 28B

Packaging kiln dried lumber for the customer. Proceedings 8th) 18-20

Packaging late crop potatoes at shipping point and at terminal market. Oregon Agric Expt Sta Sta Bull 527: 3-19

Packaging lint cotton. Agriculture handbook: (503) 119-142

Packaging makes a difference. Texas agricultural progresser 25(3): 26-27

Packaging marketplace.

Packaging material for evaluation of horticultural products. Productia vegatala: horticultura 32(6): 31-34

Packaging material for milk key to maintaining quality. Science in agricultureng 26(3): 12

Packaging material for our products and their specialities. Baromfiipar 30-40

Packaging materials significance for plant care during the transport and storage of planting material. Arsskrift Norske skogplanteskoler: ub 1980) 51-55

Packaging materials. Fruit belge: 41 (361) 19-20

Packaging materials and food law. Food Australia official journal of CAFTA and AIFST 45(4): 182-183

Packaging materials for food products.

Packaging materials for use during the ionizing irradiation sterilization of prepackaged chicken products.

Packaging materials of our products and their characteristics. iI. Baromfiipar 69-80

Packaging materials used in the beverage industry, their sources and prices. Kvasny prumysl: 21 (6) 134-136

Packaging materials, presentations and conditioning systems. Revue laitiere francaise: 345 469

Packaging meat and meat products for self-service. Verpackungswirtschaft 18 (10) 10-12

Packaging methods and equipment.

Packaging methods and machinery for soil improving peat products. Telma 0, 6 89-104

Packaging methods for sausage and meat products, whole and cut. Fleischerei 34(12): 1002-1004

Packaging methods for the distribution of lamb cuts. Progress report: PR 3445-3470 80-86

Packaging moisture sensitive food. Umschau 72 (15) 496-498

Packaging of Cahort apple (sport of Rome Beauty variety) from Batu Malang. Bulletin penelitian hortikultura: (3) 23-38

Packaging of DNA by bacteriophage epsilon15: structure, forces, and thermodynamics. Structure 15(7): 807-812

Packaging of aseptic products. Principles of aseptic processing and packaging edited by Philip E Nelson James V Chambers Judy H Rodriguez contributors Dane T Howard et al: 9

Packaging of beef loin steaks in 75 percent 02 plus 25 percent CO2. I. Physical and sensory properties. Journal of food protection 44(12): 923-927

Packaging of beef loin steaks in 75 percent 02 plus 25 percent CO2. II. Microbiological properties. Journal of food protection 44(12): 928-933

Packaging of bread and rolls in plastics. Getreide Mehl und Brot 34(5): 137-140

Packaging of brome mosaic virus subgenomic RNA is functionally coupled to replication-dependent transcription and translation of coat protein. Journal of Virology 80(20): 10096-10108

Packaging of carbonated beverages. Modern processing packaging and distribution systems for food edited by Frank A Paine: 131

Packaging of cauliflower.. Gemuse 5 (2) 31-32

Packaging of cheese under a vacuum in a saran film.

Packaging of dahi and yoghurt - a review. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 60(1): 1-11

Packaging of dairy industry products: 14-H advice of the public efficacy and consumer qualification of dairy industry products. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft: 24 (18) 629-630

Packaging of dairy products from the view of the consumer. Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch: 28 (19) 507-508

Packaging of dried green crops into wafers and cobs.

Packaging of dried milk products. International Journal of Dairy Technology 25(3): 148-157

Packaging of fertilisers. Seminar on Recent Advances in Fertiliser Technology New Delhi: oceedings, 1972 221-228

Packaging of foliage plants for shipment. Foliage digest 6(7): 14-15

Packaging of foods.

Packaging of foods and hygiene. Gordian 75 (6) 184

Packaging of foods, a prerequisite for their economic exploitation. Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch: 28 (35) 953-954

Packaging of foodstuffs in sterilisable plastics.

Packaging of fresh meat under protective gas atmosphere. Fleischerei 35(9): 640-641

Packaging of fresh meats and new forms of organization in the profession.

Packaging of germinated seeds for long-distance air transport. Oleagineux 29 (10) 457-458

Packaging of half-prepared and of ready-made foods preserved by quick-freezing.

Packaging of indigenous & imported fertilisers. Seminar on Fertiliser Quality Control and Handling: held at New Delhi December 1982 edited by MR Motsara and KPS Verma: 277

Packaging of irradiation foods. Modern packaging 40(8): 179-183

Packaging of juices using polymeric barrier containers. ACS Symposium series American Chemical Society: 23) 295-317

Packaging of khoa. Indian food industry 2(4): 159-162

Packaging of lint cotton.

Packaging of liquid dairy products in paper containers. Molochnaia promyshlennost': (5) 11-13

Packaging of liquid milk for shelf life extension. Indian Dairyman 59(8): 49-55

Packaging of liquids, bottling.

Packaging of meat and meat products and the food regulations. Fleischwirtschaft 54 (4) 700-702

Packaging of milk and dairy products in the world. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft: 23 (35) 1455-1458

Packaging of milk and dairy products. Works of the International Dairy Federation. Revue laitiere francaise: 340 139-140

Packaging of milk and milk pr.

Packaging of milk products in stiff plastic containers. Prumysl potravin2(6): 325

Packaging of milling products. Muhle 106 (3) 29-32

Packaging of organic and conventional products - a comparison. Journal of Food Distribution Research 35(1): 107-108

Packaging of oxygen sensitive foods. Critical opinions on influx size in packaging without light. Gordian 75 (12) 359-360

Packaging of perishables.

Packaging of pesticides. Improving on target placement of pesticides: a conference: June 13-15-1988 Sheraton International Conference Center Reston VA sponsored by the Agric Res Inst in cooperation with the USDA Science and Education: 123

Packaging of plant protection materials. Aktuelt Norway Landbruksdepartementet Opplysningstjeneste: ) 9-13

Packaging of potatoes, especially in medium and large packs. Kartoffelbau 28 (9) 258

Packaging of profiled milk varieties. Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch: 29 (17) 439

Packaging of rambutans varieties Rapiah and Lebakbulus. Bulletin penelitian hortikultura: (1) 30-47

Packaging of raw products in a vacuum and controlled atmosphere--an updated review. NINF informasjon Norsk institutt for naeringsmiddelforskning(4): 248-272

Packaging of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. Cereal foods world 45(6): 255-260

Packaging of ready-to-eat cereals for retail outlets. Cereal foods world 43(7): 587-589

Packaging of refrigerated foods. Activities report of the R and D Associates5(1): 7-12

Packaging of restructured meats. Advances in meat research(3): 433-468

Packaging of sausage and meat products with special consideration of cooked ham. Fleischerei 26 (6) 31-32

Packaging of sausages and meat products. Fleischerei 33(11): 814-815

Packaging of sausages and sausage products in vacuum shrink bags. Fleischerei 24 (4) 51-52

Packaging of semen--a new technique. Livestock adviser 7(4): 47-48

Packaging of sterilized and concentrated milks. Technique laitiere: special no 862 63-65

Packaging of table grapes.

Packaging of whipped and.

Packaging opportunities for fruit juices. Special report New York State Agricultural Experiment Station Geneva: (70) 25-29

Packaging paradise. Poultry 2004 10(6): 81

Packaging paradox. Poultry 10(1): 41-43

Packaging performance assessment in beverages by sensory analysis. Proceedings of the Symposium on Recent Developments in Food Packaging: 17-18 January 1985 Mysore sponsored by the Assoc of Food Scientists and Technologists India in collab with the Central Food Tech Res Inst: 114

Packaging perishable produce (fruits and vegetables) in underdeveloped countries. Journal of Socioeconomic Research and Development 3(1): 60-65

Packaging perspective 1910-1985. General technical report FPL United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory: 85 (51)

Packaging picture.

Packaging policies to reform the water sector: The case of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. Water resources research 41(7): W07024

Packaging power.

Packaging principles. Activities report of the R and D Associates98 49(2-1): 362-367

Packaging problems of carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices.

Packaging problems of eastern apple growers. Pennsylvania Agric Exp Sta Bull 409: 1-14

Packaging processes for multi-unit and collective packs. Fleischerei 35(6): 427-429

Packaging produce in trays at the central warehouse.

Packaging product at the central warehouse.

Packaging protection for oxygen-sensitive products. Food technology: 28 (8) 50

Packaging requirements for fried potato chips. Indian food packer 33(3): 3-7

Packaging requirements for snack foods. Food engineering: 46 (10) 70-73

Packaging requirements of foodstuffs. Heiss R Principles of food packaging: 2-31

Packaging research at Battelle.

Packaging review: Wet strength box developments. Horticulture industry: 363-364

Packaging revolution in the German dairy industry.

Packaging ruined during export. Fruit belge: 37 (336) 295-296

Packaging safety issues. Activities report of the R and D Associates5(1): 111-114

Packaging semen in plastic straws Equipment.1. Molochnoe i miasnoe skotovodstvo: (5) 37-38

Packaging short timber. Lesnaia promyshlennost': ) 14-15

Packaging small sized wood for fuel. Gorsko stopanstvo: 33 (6) 12-16

Packaging specifications. Packaging alternatives for food processors: proceedings of the National Food Processors Association Conference April 25-26-1984 Washington DC: 4

Packaging strategy.

Packaging studies on pulses and cereal flours in flexible films. Indian food packer: 31 (4) 25-31

Packaging studies on spray dried whole egg powder in pouches of flexible films and laminates.

Packaging study of food products in humid regions.

Packaging systems considerations. Activities report: 9 (1) 31-36

Packaging systems for chilled foods. Dairy food and environmental sanitation 13(5): 288-290

Packaging systems for extending the storage life of pork cut s. Journal of food science: 39 (6) 1140-1144

Packaging systems for protecting high moisture paddy. Journal of food science and technology 18(4): 163-165

Packaging systems with special reference to lined cartons. Proceedings of the Symposium on Recent Developments in Food Packaging: 17-18 January 1985 Mysore sponsored by the Assoc of Food Scientists and Technologists India in collab with the Central Food Tech Res Inst: 0

Packaging tastes differ, but rationalisation helps everyone. Horticulture industry: 379-380

Packaging technology in a controlled atmosphere and in a modified atmosphere. Alimentaria (379): 52

Packaging tests: second go-round re-affirms pre-sheeting value.

Packaging the male germline in plants. Trends in Genetics 23(10): 503-510

Packaging the specialities to render them attractive and fully protected. i. easter eggs, lollipops and sticks of rock. Confectionery production: 43 (12) 509-510

Packaging under magnifying glass; 12th packaging appraisal of the German Agricultural Society. Molk Kaserei zeitung: 970, 21 (47) 2178

Packaging with film--for food hygiene and visibility of product.

Packaging with paperboard materials. Packaging alternatives for food processors: proceedings of the National Food Processors Association Conference April 25-26-1984 Washington DC: 5

Packaging yearbook 1996 .

Packaging your training materials.

Packagings indispensable role in the food industry. Food technology: 27 (8) 35-36

Packaging, germ count and milk quality, criticism of an unlucky experiment.

Packaging, handling and transport of milk. Revue laitiere francaise: 340 169

Packaging, packaging materials and insects, particularly stored-product pests. A bibliography.

Packaging, palletization and containerization of canned vegetables and fruits. Productia vegatala horticultura 29(1): 31-33

Packaging, testing, and disseminating a set of indicators for ecological, financial, and social monitoring on farms. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE research projects North Central Region: PROJECT LNC96-109

Packaging, transportation & storage of fertilisers. Seminar on Fertiliser Quality Control and Handling: held at New Delhi December 1982 edited by MR Motsara and KPS Verma: 329

Packaging, transportation and distribution of edible meat by-products. Advances in meat research(5): 357-379

Packaging, wrappings, labels and the like in food legislative violations. Schlacht und Viehhof Zeitung: 74 (4) 150-151

Packaging--a fad or the basis.

Packaging--by definition. Cereal foods world 25(12): 764

Packaging--the next five years. Food manufacture 56(2): 25

Packaging-grade mills boost quality and output with multilayer fabrics. Pulp and paper 64(8): 105-109

Packaging-radiation disinfestation relationships. Radiation disinfestation of food and agricultural products: proceedings of an international conference Honolulu Hawaii November 14-18-1983 edited by James H Moy: 373

Packaging: a key element in added value. Journal of food distribution research 19(1): 6-11

Packaging: buy smarter. Current information series Cooperative Extension Service University of Idaho: 92 (927)

Packaging: delivering products with fewer environmental consequences. International news on fats oils and related materials 2(10): 854-868not

Packaging: drying, canning, freezing, and now--multitherm. Cereal foods world 31(3): 277

Packaging: its role in product development, productivity, and consumer attitudes.

Packaging: maintenance and repair. Feedstuffs 52(48): 21-22

Packaging: selection and installation. Feedstuffs 52(44): 17-25

Packaging: technology produces tougher, brighter, more protective flexible films. Food technology 51(10): 92

Packaging: the end users perspective. Food technology in Australia: 30 (4) 132-134

Packagings and conditioning of bakery and chocolate products. Industries alimentaires et agricoles: 91 (5) 573-585

Packagings and packing materials used in dairy industry.

Packagings for frozen prawn products. 1. Corrugated fibre-board master cartons. Seafood export journal 14(8): 21-24

Packagings for frozen prawn products. II. Waxed duplex cartons. Seafood export journal 14(9): 18-21

Packagings for frozen prawn products. III. Polythene film and box-strappings. Seafood export journal 15(1): 5

Packagings for strawberries for 1974. Owoce warzywa kwiaty: 15, 13 (9) 6

Packagings in socialized marketing. Gospodarka miesna 30(10): 10-14

Packagings must be easy to open!. Fleischerei 25 (11) 34

Packed air heals sick soils. Landmasch markt: 49 (18) 14-16

Packed and ready. You will be if you know the tricks for tying a sawbuch to your animal. Horseman 25(1): 60-61

Packed cell volume of divergent stocks of egg-type chicken at hatching. Indian journal of poultry science 20(3): 225-226

Packed cell volume reference intervals to aid in the diagnosis of anemia a polycythemia in broiler chickens. Proceedings Western Poultry Disease Conference: 1st) 44-45

Packed coffee drink consumption and product attribute preferences of young adults in Taiwan. Food quality and preference 16(4): 361-367

Packed column SFC. Phytochemical analysis: PCA 11(3): 179-183

Packed column for the rectification of tall oil. Gidroliznaia i lesokhimicheskaia promyshlennost': ) 16-19

Packed column supercritical fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry with particle beam interface aided with particle forming solvent. Journal of Chromatography A 703(1-2): 489-501

Packed high-performance GC -columns (about 50 000 HETP ) for profile nalysis of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in foods, mineral oil products, vehicle exhaust- and cigarette smoke condensate etc. Zeitschrift fur analytische Chemie: 79 (2) 139-140

Packed sperm volume versus optical density as a measure of semen concentration. Poultry Science 48(3): 1126-1127

Packed towers.

Packed unitized apples should be cooled before shipment. Postharvest pomology newsletter 1(1): 14-15

Packed with challenges. Poultry 12(1): 44-45

Packed with flavors & nutrients: colleges find sales in juice-based drinks. FoodService director, 10(4): 110


Packer buyer preference Feeder cattle, breeds. Proceedings from the Fifteenth Conference on Artificial Insemination of Beef Cattle January 17-1981 Denver Colorado sponsored by the National Association of Animal Breeders: 5

Packer feeding of cattle.

Packer newsletter.

Packer operations and their influence on the states beef industry.

Packer procurement channels for slaughter livestock in Indiana.

Packer procurement policies.

Packerland report.

Packers and Stockyards Act; fair play in the marketplace.

Packers and stockyard issues.

Packers and stockyards act, 1921, as amended; regulations; statments of general policy.

Packers and stockyards administration.

Packers and stockyards programs.

Packers and stockyards resume.

Packers propose discounts for warble damage. Cattlemen 40 (6) 14-15

Packet foods.

Packhams Triumph.. Ovoshtarstvo 8(10): 27-28

Packing. Annual report: 8 52

Packing 10-pound sacks of Idaho potatoes.

Packing California potatoes in fiberboard boxes.

Packing California vine-ripe tomatoes.

Packing Idaho potatoes.

Packing and conditioning of dairy products at the International Agriculutral Exhibition. Technique laitiere: 26 (698) 53

Packing and environmental protection.

Packing and industrialization of mango in Mexico.

Packing and industrialization of strawberry.

Packing and packaging materials aids; materials, methods and appliances designed to assist food and drink manufacturers.

Packing and selling of fruits and vegetables.

Packing and shipping aroids. Aroideana 4(2): 68-69

Packing and wrapping of dairy products before Interal 70. Technique laitiere: 682 93

Packing and wrapping of flour and groats.

Packing apples in boxes.

Packing boxes from synthetic materials. Owoce warzywa kwiaty: 15, 13 (11) 4-5

Packing brewers grains into bags. Brauwelt 119(36): 1288-1289

Packing bromeliads for shipment in cartons.

Packing capacity of tobacco. Tabak 26-28

Packing costs for Arkansas pink tomatoes.

Packing density distribution of cut strip tobacco in curing modules. Tobacco international: 180 (5) 33-37

Packing design--a consideration about decision theory. Ernahrungswirtschaft 3 44-A46

Packing development in canned fresh vegetabels.

Packing eggs on the farm. L Cooperative Extension Service Kansas State University: 987 (770)

Packing farinaceous feed in plastic polyethylene bags. Sodobno kmetijstvo: 8 (9) 487-489

Packing for honey.

Packing fresh grapes for home winemakers. Proceedings of the annual meeting: 22 216-220

Packing guide for single layer plastic trays. Agricultural gazette of New South Wales: 81 (10) 552-553

Packing instructions for pesticides are legally binding. Hassadeh 57 (9) 1713

Packing it out: technological advancements improve productivity. California grower: avocados citrus subtropicals 17(12): 36-37

Packing liquid products in a package of improved cardboard. Molk Kaserei zeitung: 21 (41) 1884-1886

Packing lunch for the shuttle. Food engineering 53(7): 92-94

Packing machine for sausages and small goods.

Packing material as a significant factor of costs of production for some milk products. Mljekarstvo 26 (2) 31-35

Packing material for seedlings Are there suitable alternatives to moss?. Southeastern Nurserymen's Conferences Eastern Session Western Session: 35-137

Packing materials for meat industry. Prumysl potravin1(7): 412-414

Packing materials in the production of acetic acid and acetate solvents. Gidroliznaia i lesokhimicheskaia promyshlennost': ) 7-9

Packing mature green tomatoes.

Packing milk and milk products.

Packing of Czechoslovak hops for export. Chmelarstvi 0 (8) 116-118

Packing of a storing basin with estrofol foil.

Packing of cotton at gins for uniform density.

Packing of food for human consumption.

Packing of fruits in the Netherlands. Fruit belge: 41 (361) 48-51

Packing of orange in Nuevo Leon.

Packing of perishable and stable dairy products in plastic bottles.

Packing of potatoes. Storage of potatoes: post harvest behaviour store design storage practice handling: 37-448

Packing of wine grapes during pi. Lozarstvo i vinarstvo: 24 (1) 34-38

Packing peaches will never be the same in southeast Missouri.

Packing performance of helical Guglielmi detachable coil (GDC) 18 in intracranial aneurysms: a comparison with helical GDC 10 coils and complex Trufill/Orbit coils. Ajnr. American Journal of Neuroradiology 28(7): 1384-1387

Packing pickles with recycled brine.

Packing problems in the food preservation by irradiation.

Packing process of Satsuma oran.

Packing sausage products. Fleischwirtschaft 60(11): 1988-1989

Packing seen as an environmental factor in the eyes of the consumer.

Packing shed layout.

Packing soils and the crops.

Packing sour cream in polyethylene film. Molochnaia promyshlennost': (9) 23-24

Packing structure of MPS SAMs and its influence on oriented deposition of SnO crystal films. AIChE journal 53(11): 2957-2967

Packing table grapes for export. Agnotes Melbourne Dept of Agriculture: 79 (880 79)

Packing techniques manual.

Packing test. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft: 0, 23 (38) 1678-1680

Packing the root system of oaks for roadside landscaping.

Packing time and temperature on the percentage and germination speed of chamomile seeds. Ciencia Rural 37(4): 982-986

Packing tobacco on farms by the method of single pressing. Tabak ) 43-49

Packing vegetables raised under plastic for export. Productia vegatala horticultura 30(12): 24-27

Packing with llamas.

Packing, ingredients and variation in the content of student food. Ernahrungs Umschau: 19 (8) 286-287

Packinghouse operations. Postharvest Physiol Handling and Util of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits and Vegetables E B Pantastico ed: 67-282

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Packinghouse procedures relating to citrus processing. Citrus Science and Technology: 128-140

Packinghouses downgrade avocados damaged by thrips. Avocado grower 8(10): 28

Packingline machinery for Florida citrus packinghouses.

Packings and stationary phases in chromatographic techniques. Trends in Biotechnology 8(none): 273-273

Packings from wood. Cahiers des ingenieurs agronomes: 291 17-21

Packings utilized for transport and commercialization of fruits in France. Fruit belge: 41 (361) 52-54

Packningsskador vid konserveartsheord.

Packrat middens.

Packs in plastic for fruit and vegetables. International Colloquium on Plastics in Agriculture Papers: ub 1971) 113-117


Packsaddle Plains soil survey. Technical bulletin Western Australian Department of Agriculture: (55)

Packsaddle draft environmental impact statement.

Packsaddle final environmental impact statement.

Packstock gear drawings.

Packstock in wilderness.

Paclitaxel (Taxol) found in hazelnut trees. HerbalGram 9) 21

Paclitaxel C-10 carbamates: potential candidates for the treatment of neurodegenerative tauopathies. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 17(13): 3642-3646

Paclitaxel and baccatin III production induced by methyl jasmonate in free and immobilized cells of Taxus baccata. Biologia plantarum 51(4): 647-652

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Pact and impact: ending the Northwest logging wars. American forests 93(5-6): 28-31

Pact with China gives Mixico new market for farm products. Foreign agriculture: 11 (33) 11-12

Pactia, Afghanistan--a German community development model.

Pacto constitutivo, estatutos, reglamento interno.

Pactola Reservoir Reallocation Authorization Act of 2005.

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Pad-bake reactions. I. A new pad-bake reaction of cellulose and aqueous solutions of amic acids.


Padapa anuvansiki paribhasha-kosha.


Padded collecting surfaces for reducing citrus fruit injury.

Paddle fans. Extension circular 86 (323)

Paddle versus wild type: A re-evaluation. Tribolium information bulletin: (5) 23-24

Paddle-wheel days in California.


Paddlefish Polyodon spathula juveniles food searching behaviour evoked by natural food odour. Journal of applied ichthyology Zeitschrift fur angewandte Ichthyology 23(6): 636-639

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Paddlefish reservoir ranching. AgVentures - 9(2): 19-21

Paddlewheels for catfish pond aeration. Summer 22 (2) 3

Paddling on the Potomac. Soil conservation: 41 (4) 4-7

Paddoci feeding of dairy cows.

Paddock and shepherding rearing of sheep.

Paddock grazing . Spring 13 17-19

Paddock grazing for dairy cows.

Paddock management with new electric fences Dairy farms. Dairy topics New South Wales Dept of Agriculture Division of Animal Production Dairying Section: (31) 9-13

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Paddocks for beef.

Paddy Flat vegetation management project.

Paddy IR-8 gives more return under direct seeding without extra expenditure. Farm and factory: 6 (10) 30

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