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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16618

Chapter 16618 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Patupilone. Antimitotic drug, microtubule-stabilizing agent, oncolytic. Drugs of the Future 32(4): 323-336

Paturage et intensification o.

Paturages communs.

Paturages et plantes fourrageres en Republique de Cote dIvoire.

Pature legume recommendations for sowing in 1995 and 1996.

Pature recultivation and grass seeds. Freyr 67 (5) 92-98

Patuxent Estuary water quality assessment.

Patuxent Research Refuge.

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.

Pau darco.

Pauatahanui Inlet. Soil and water 16(5): 7-10

Pauatahanui environmental programme.

Paucin, a sesquiterpene lactone glucoside of the genus Baileya (Compositae; tribe Heleniae). Tetrahedron letters: 7 515-517

Paudwar, a village in Nepal. Actuel developpement: 22 20-23



Paul A. Funk Recognition Program.

Paul Aden--hostas at large. American horticulturist 64(10): 4-6

Paul Adler.

Paul Allen Young, 1898-1979. Phytopathology 78(6): 635

Paul Arenz Lemke, 1937-1995. Mycologia 88(6): 1032-1035

Paul Auquier (1939-1980): biographic and bibliographic note. Bulletin de la Societe royale de botanique de Belgique13(2): 129-138

Paul B. Zumbro. Poultry science 59(9): 2163

Paul Benson Moore Orchid growers, United States. American Orchid Society bulletin 51(10): 1062-1063

Paul Berg - Cover People. Yichuan 28(12): 1487-1488

Paul Bluthgen: short summary of his life and list of his works.

Paul Buchner (1886-1978).. Bollettino del Laboratorio di entomologia agraria "Filippo Silvestri" Portici Istituto superiore agrario6(36): 285-296

Paul Bunyans quiz.

Paul Cook--further progenitor work.

Paul Cuynet (1893-1968).. Revue bryologique et lichenologique: new ser) 37 (2) 387-390

Paul Denso, hundredth anniversary of its birth, March 15. Mitteilungen 46 (1 2) 74

Paul E. Slabaugh. Cicindela 12(3): 33-34

Paul Ehrlich no end: antibodies as therapeutic molecules. Pathobiology 74(1): 1-2

Paul Gaarder in memoriam.

Paul George Rothman, 1923-1992. Phytopathology 83(6): 592

Paul Greens plant book.

Paul Gyorgy (1893-1976).. Voeding 5, 41(6): 222-223

Paul H. Williams. Phytopathology 70(6): 578

Paul J. Leibson 1952-2007 - Obituary. Immunity 27(4): 531-532

Paul James Allen, 1914-1976. Phytopathology 67 (11) 1318

Paul Jones, manager of ARPAC Breeders of Corydon, Indiana is interviewed as part of the collection of oral history of the American Poultry Historical Society.

Paul Kulisch, the first and only elected rector of the Technical School for Agriculture and Brewing in Weihenstephan; a contribution to the history of academic agricultural instructors in Bavaria. Bayerisches landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch: 1 (6) 717-767

Paul M. Eide 1906-1980. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America 26(3): 416

Paul Martin (1861-1937) his life and work at the Giessen Veterinary Medical Faculty (1901-1928).

Paul Masson winery operations and management, 1944-1988.

Paul R. Gorham (April 16, 1918-November 9, 2006) - Obituary. Photosynthesis Research 92(1): 3-5

Paul Rossi, 1892-1980.. Bulletin de la Societe des sciences veterinaires et de medecine comparee de Lyon3(1): 7-8

Paul Thyssen, born April 6, 1891 in Krefeld, died March 2, 1974 in Cologne.

Paul Victor Siggers, 1889-1977. Phytopathology 67 (10) 1173

Paul Weatherwax. Proceedings ub 1977), 86 63-65

Paul von Lichtenstein. Tierarztliche Umschau: 27 (9) 456-457

Pauldopia, a new genus of southeast Asian Bignoniaceae.

Paulina Kernberg, MD (1935-2006) - In memoriam. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 45(12): 1537-1538

Pauline Haritonidou (1920-1981), botanist. Annales Musei Goulandris(6): 111-115

Paulo Mario del Giudice (1920-1981. Revista ceres 28(160): 527-529

Paulo da Cunha Nobrega: curriculu. Biologico 40 (3) 84-89


Paulownia , a valuable new timber resource. FOR 79 (11)

Paulownia a guide to establishment and cultivation. FOR Kentucky University Cooperative Extension Service: 989 (39)

Paulownia and Japanese lacquer.

Paulownia diseases found in Ta. Bulletin Taiwan Forestry Research Institute: 83 (388)

Paulownia profits. Small farm today 13(4): 52-54

Paulownia species.. Pchelarstvo 1 (11) 9-11

Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb.) Siev. & Zucc.--royal paulownia.

Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb.) Steud. in Ashkhabad.

Paulownia tomentosa Steud. in the Botanical Garden of the Warsaw University. Wiadomosci botaniczne6(3): 135-140

Paulownia trees.

Paulownia witches broom disease. Mycoplasma diseases of trees and shrubs: ub 1981) 135-145

Paulownia: a new forestry cash crop for Georgia?. Georgia forestryng 44(1): 17-19

Paulownia: potential tree crop, 1970-1987. Quick bibliography series National Agricultural Library US: 87 (88-11)

Paulownia: potential tree crop: January 1979 - December 1992. Quick bibliography series US Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library US: 93 (93-25)

Paulsens nursery.

Paunch content-bloodmeal mixture as protein supplement in feedlot rations.

Paunch digestion and ovarial function. Norsk veterinaertidsskrift3(7-8): 522-523

Paunch drying with direct solar energy supplemented by solar-regenerated desiccant. Transactions of the ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers: 79 (79-6505)

Paunch manure as a feed supplement in channel catfish farmin g.

Pauperising agriculture.

Paurocampa from the suensoni Tuxen group in the caves of C entral Europe (Diplura Campodeidae). Revue suisse de zoologie: 81 (2) 561-567

Paurodontus indicus, sp. nov. and Boleodorus teres, sp. nov. (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from India. Bulletin of entomology: (Pub 1972), 11 (2) 138-142

Paurodontus solani sp.n. and Paurodontus citri sp.n. (Nematoda: Neotyenchoidea) with a key to the species of Paurodontus thorne, 1941. Indian journal of nematology 10(2): 182-188

Pauropoda (Myriapoda) from the Seychelles Extracted from soil and litter, includes new taxa. Entomologica scandinavica3(2): 245-265

Pauropoda Myriapoda. Synopsis and classification of living organisms Sybil P Parker editor in chief: 726

Pauropoda from southern Finland Allopauropus, Decapauropus, Pauropus. Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica8(1): 27-31

Pauropodidae (Myriapoda, Pauropoda) from the Canary Islands. Entomologica Scandinavica, 103: 177-186

Pause to appreciate the flowering dogwood. Flower and garden Western edition: 21 (4) 26-27

Pausidae Coleoptera from Africa in the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

Paussidae from Ethiopia (Coleoptera Carabidae Paussinae) (33rd contribution to the monographic study of Paussidae). Revue de zoologie africaine: 8, 88 (2) 377-412

Paussidae from Ethiopia (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Paussinae). Supplement (36th contribution to the monographic study of Paussidae). Revue de zoologie africaine: 0, 91 (2) 506-511

Paussidae from the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania (Coleoptera, Carabidae). Folia entomologica Hungarica Rovartani kozlemenyek3(1): 143-144

Pautas de inocuidad y seguridad para el transporte y la distribucion de carne, aves, y productos de huevo.

Pautas para el analisis de circuitos agroalimentarios.

Pautas para el manejo de los recursos costeros.

Paved canals.

Paved floors and lots for Iowa farmers.

Pavel Abramovich Chirov - 1938-2006 - Obituary. Acarina 14(2): 215-218

Pavel Aleksandrovich Baranov (80th birthday). Khimiia v sel'skom khoziaistve7(2): 62-63

Pavel Andreevich Kostychev.

Pavel Dionisevich IAroshenko (70th birthday and 50 years of scientific and pedagogical activity). Botanicheskii zhurnal: 62 (10) 1541-1543

Pavel Nikolaevich Ovchinnikov--on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Botanicheskii zhurnal: 59 (7) 1071-1074

Pavel Nikolov Stoinov.. Rastitelna zashtita = Plant protection9(8): 34-36

Pavel Panteleimonovich Lukyanenko, 1901--1973.

Pavel Pavlovich Lobanov, a statesman, prominent scientist and organizer of agricultural science; 75th birthday of a Hero of Socialist Labor and academician of the Lenin All Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences Pavel Pavlovich Lobanova.

Pavel Platonovich Dorofeev. Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: (10) 61-63

Pavel Trancik, Ing., in memoriam.

Pavel nikolaevich ovchinnikov (on his 70th birthday).

Pavement ants and their control.

Pavement management rehabilitation programming.

Pavetta villosa (Rubiaceae) in Somalia. Kew bulletin1(2): 312

Pavie peaches for canneries. Their requirements and adaptation in certain regions. Arboriculture fruitiere: 23 (271) 33-36

Pavie peaches--fruits especially adapted to the manufacture of fruits in syrup. Rboriculture fruitiere 31(365): 47-48

Pavies, peaches adapted to preservation.

Pavilon Kartofel i Ovoshchi.

Pavilon Khlopok.

Pavilon Len, konoplia i drugie lubianye ye kultury.

Pavilon Sadovodstvo.

Pavilon Sakharnaia svekla.

Pavilon TSvetovodstvo i ozelenenie.

Pavilon Vinogradarstvo i vinodelie.

Pavilon gidrometsluzhaba.

Pavil* section *on Sadovodstvo i plodovyaei sad.

Pavil* section *on Khlopok.

Pavil* section *on Lesnoe khozeiiaaeistvo.

Pavil* section *on Maslichnye i tekhnicheskie kul* section *tury.

Pavil* section *on Pchelovodstvo.

Pavil* section *on Sakharnaeiia svekla.

Pavil* section *on Shelkovodstvo.

Pavil* section *on Stroitel* section *nye materialy.

Pavil* section *on eIiUnye naturalisty.

Pavil* section *on eTiSentrosoeiiuz.

Pavil* section *on fizkul* section *tura i sport.

Pavilion Estonian SSR.

Pavilion Far East.

Pavilion Farming.

Pavilion Kazakh SSR.

Pavilion Leningrad and North-West.

Pavilion Moldavian SSR.

Pavilion Northern Caucasus.

Pavilion Russian S.F.S.R..

Pavilion Siberia.

Pavilion State Farm.

Pavilion Turkmenistan SSR.

Pavilion Ural.

Pavilion Uzbek SSR.

Pavilion USSR during 1948 Slavic Agricultural Exposition in Prague.

Pavilion apiculture Trailer for transport of honeybee colonies in migratory beekeeping, USSR.1. Pchelovodstvo (10) 9-10

Pavilion for early nesting of bumblebees. Pchelovodstvo 4 20-22

Pavilion of grain and oil crops.

Pavilion of the North-East Region.

Pavillion for sheep breeding.

Pavinane and isopavinane alkaloids. Tetrahedron 4 (2) 241-245

Paving. Pacific horticultureer 47(2): 8-15

Paving and cement-work farmland southern Flevoland.

Paving on the farm.

Paving patterns. American horticulturist 65(4): 4-5

Paving the barnyard may pay big dividends. Hoard's dairyman0, 126(13): 929

Paving the road to prosperity.

Paving the way.

Paving the way for altered crop pests. Agricultural Research (Washington D C) 38(2): 16-17

Paving the way for big price increase. Arable farming 7(12): 15

Paving the way for faster and better agency decisions and possibly fewer regulations. Food product development: 11 (4) 85

Paving the way for genetic improvement of zinc accumulation in Brassica rapa. Paving the way genetic improvement of zinc accumulation in Brassica rapa: 131 pp

Paving the way to easier calvings. Dairy herd management: 15 (7) 26

Pavlodarskaeiia oblast.

Pavlos Emm. Vallidis, 1901-1974. Annales new ser) 11 (1) 71-72

Pavlovs trout.

Pavlov, a biography.

Pavlova calceolata (Haptophyceae), a new species from the -Tamar estuary, Cornwall, England. Journal 6 (1) 21-30

Pavlova helicata (Haptophyceae), a new species from the Frisian Island Schiermonnigkoog, the Netherlands.

Pavlova mesolychnon (Chrysophyta) a new species from the Tamar estuary, Cornwall.

Pavlovian appetitive contingencies and approach versus withdrawal to conditioned stimuli in pigeons. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology 86(4): 616-627

Pavlovian conditioning of an approach bias in low-dependent smokers. Psychopharmacology 194(1): 33-39

Pavlovian conditioning with heat reinforcement produces stimulus-directed pecking in chicks. Science 181(4102): 875-877

Pavlovsk Russian gardens, Leningrad. Garden: journal of the Royal Horticultural Society 107(6): 219-224


Pavonia Cavanilles (Malvaceae).

Pavonia and Goethea. Gartenpraxis 9 458-459

Pavonia ecostata (Malvaceae), a new species from Jalisco, Mexico. Brittonia 43(1): 24-26

Pavonia melhanioides (Malvaceae), a new species from Ethiopia. Glasra (2): 153-155

Pavophylline, a new saponin from the stem of Pavonia zeylanica. Phytochemistry 9(4): 701-704

Paw Paw Bottoms watershed, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma.

Paw and mouth disease in a cat. Australian Veterinary Journal 48(11): 644-644

Paw grasping Dogs, behavior. Canine practice 10(3): 13

Paw pad trauma: practical repair and replacement. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference5(15): 701-702

Paw timber sale.

Pawcatuck Watershed.

Pawnee Montane Skipper butterfly recovery plan.

Pawnee National Grassland land and resource management plan.

Pawnee National Grassland, Colorado.

Pawnee National Grassland, Colorado, 1990.

Pawnee: USDAs newest pecan release. Pecan south including pecan quarterly 19(1): 10-11

Pawnshops: the consumers lender of last resort. Economic review 75(2): 5-18

Pawpaw and problems. North American pomona: l977, 10 (4) 216-217

Pawpaw production.

Pawpaw taste test at King College. Annual report 4(84): 195-196

Pawpaw tree extract effective against head lice. HerbalGram o 56 18

Pawpaw: an old fruit for new needs. Acta Horticulturae (744): 461-466

Pawpaws. Annual report 4-H 17-18

Pawpaws could become the fruit of the future. Farmline US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service 10(5): 16-17

Pawpaws making a comeback. Agricultural research 45(3): 16


Paws for thought.

Pax americana.

Pax-5 immunoexpression in various types of benign and malignant tumours: a high-throughput tissue microarray analysis. Journal of Clinical Pathology 60(6): 709-714

Pax-6 and c-Maf Functionally Interact with the l-Cell-specific DNA Element G1 in Vivo to Promote Glucagon Gene Expression. Journal of biological chemistry30 282(48): 35024-35034

Pax4 paired domain mediates direct protein transduction into mammalian cells. Endocrinology 148(11): 5558-5565

Pax6 transcription factor is required for the interkinetic nuclear movement of neuroepithelial cells. Genes to Cells 12(9): 983-996

Pax7 identifies neural crest, chromatophore lineages and pigment stem cells during zebrafish development. International Journal of Developmental Biology 51(4): 327-331

Paxillin phosphorylation, actin polymerization, noise temperature, and the sustained phase of swine carotid artery contraction. American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology 293(3): C993-1002

Paxillin-beta-catenin interactions are involved in Rac/Cdc42-mediated endothelial barrier-protective response to oxidized phospholipids. American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 293(1): L199-L211

Paxillus involutis (Batsch) Fr. Mykologicky sbornik: 49 (7 8) 111

Paxillus zerovae S. Wasser sp. n.

Paxistima canbyi. American nurseryman 174(3): 106

Paxton Cone, New Mexico. Natural history 103(1): 23-24

Paxylommatidae: the correct family-group name for Hybrizon fallen (Hymenoptera: Ichenumoniidea), with figures of unusual antennal sensilla. Canadian entomologist 113(5): 427-431

Pay and material stimulation.

Pay attention to flour moths! development, damages and control. Deutsche Muller Zeitung: 72 (7) 113-114

Pay attention to California vineyards. Progres agricole et viticole, 96(11): 225-226

Pay attention to Septoria nodorum in wheat.

Pay attention to Varroa jacobsoni infestations. Apicultura 57(3): 8-10

Pay attention to agricultural industries.

Pay attention to antibiotics in the milk. Better control of mastitis. Levage bovin ovin caprin: (97) 59-61

Pay attention to atrazine residues. Perspectives agricoles: (84) 66

Pay attention to cutworms. Zashchita rastenii: ) 28-29

Pay attention to detail in double-cropping beans. No till farmer 12(5): 11

Pay attention to details. Zemledelie 4 23-24

Pay attention to fungus diseases. Vcelar 51 (1) 14-15

Pay attention to galls, especially on Grenache grapes. Progres agricole et viticole, 96(5): 111-112

Pay attention to package dates when purchasing food products. Farmers and consumers market bulletin 70(49): 1

Pay attention to pasturing. Abreuvoir 81 11-14

Pay attention to pests and diseases during frost protection. Gartenpraxis (12) 592-593

Pay attention to phosphorus for 1974 hay.

Pay attention to pollination for best top fruit crops. Horticulture industry: 328

Pay attention to quarantine diseases. Zashchita rastenii: ) 33

Pay attention to seed quality. Cultivar (158) 31

Pay attention to size of stalls in tie stall housing.

Pay attention to slugs after autumn seeding. Cultivar (168) 53

Pay attention to spring feeding. Revue francaise d'apiculture: (362) 138-139

Pay attention to starlings. Vititechnique (51) 15

Pay attention to substitution products in animal nutrition: the case of cassava. Economie agricole: 31 (6) 27-28

Pay attention to summer pruning of apple trees!. Zahradnictvo 4(8): 347-348

Pay attention to the biological control method. Zashchita rastenii: ) 27-28

Pay attention to the control o.

Pay attention to the holding bar. Schweizer Landtechnik 41(1): 27

Pay attention to the labour protection measures at circular sawing machines. Holzindustrie 27 (10) 304-305

Pay attention to the operating temperature in the diesel motor.

Pay attention to the research on safety and health applications of nanomaterial. Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue Za Zhi 41(2): 83-84

Pay attention to the various di.

Pay attention to undersold products Pesticides, falsifications.1. Cultivar (158) 33

Pay attention to us during our critical age. Indian poultry review: 9 (8) 13-15

Pay attention to wheat diseases. Zashchita rastenii: ) 24-25

Pay attention to yellow dwarf virus of barley. Feldwirtschaft 3(11): 510-511

Pay attention to your dairy equipment! stop errors, take attentive care.

Pay attention to your milking system.

Pay attention when rearing queens in honeybee colonies infested with Varroa jacobsoni mites. Vcelar 56(11): 249

Pay attention: clean water act could change your business. Irrigation business and technology 2(3): 18

Pay careful attential to dehydrated alfalfa. Cultivar (199) 111

Pay close attention to tags when purchasing spring seed. Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 70(13): 1

Pay differences between womens and mens jobs.

Pay dirt.

Pay dirt at the post office. BioCycle 36(6): 77-79

Pay dirt in the greenhouse pea patch. Organic gardening: 25 (9) 65-67

Pay for performance alone cannot drive quality. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine 161(7): 650-655

Pay for performance, quality of care, and outcomes in acute myocardial infarction. JAMA 297(21): 2373-2380

Pay for performance: rationale and potential implications for urology. Journal of Urology 178(2): 402-408

Pay for workers in enterprises, organizations, and institutions supporting agriculture.

Pay for workers in the repair and servicing of technology in state farms.

Pay great attention to sheepskin quality. Ovtsevodstvo (3) 30-32

Pay lake and live haulers directory. MP University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service: 84 (218)

Pay more attention to grass and clover seed production. Sodobno kmetijstvo 16(10): 402-403

Pay more attention to multiple-story beehives. Pchelovodstvo (6) 25

Pay more attention to nectarines. Origin and distribution.

Pay more attention to the Balbas sheep breed. Ovtsevodstvo (4) 23-24

Pay more attention to the social.

Pay more attention to tobacco cu.

Pay more attention when feeding.

Pay now or pay later.

Pay plans for co-op tank truck salesmen.

Pay rolls for Southern towns.

Pay to play: a rationale for user fees. American forests 97(3-4): 42-54

Pay to spray.

Pay up or plow up. Better crops with plant food: 3 (4) 10-11

Pay yourself savings.

Pay, performance, and turnover of bank CEOs.

Pay-off (Flucythrinate): ovicidal activity on tobacco budworm Heliothis virescens eggs. Proceedings of the Beltwide Cotton Production Mechanization Conference: 8-79

Payback as an investment criterion for sawmill improvement projects Wood processing, costs and returns. General technical report FPL United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory: 83 (34)

Payen, Pass Creek, and English range allotments.


Payette National Forest land & resource management plan.

Payette National Forest travel map.

Payette National Forest, Idaho.

Payette National Forest, forest plan overview map.

Paying attention to detail in the mating area. Pork industry gazette 9(5): 14-15

Paying enough attention to heating the ceiling of the beehive. Vcelar 56(8): 178

Paying fair. Grounds maintenance 40(11): 29

Paying family bills. Extension circular EC Oregon State University Extension Service: 93 (1422)

Paying for biodiversity conservation services: experience in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Mountain Research and Development 25(3): 206-211

Paying for college. PennState agriculture: ng Summer 21-27

Paying for college: financing a post-secondary education. Family collection: [56]

Paying for cooperative education: who, how, why?. American cooperation: 61-164

Paying for farms on rent-plus and product-payment plans.

Paying for forestry research. Journal of forestry- 104(5): 237

Paying for health insurance.

Paying for local community services.

Paying for maternity care in the United States. Family Planning Perspectives 19(5): 190-206

Paying for medical care in the United States.

Paying for milk on protein has several advantages.

Paying for nectar with nectar with wingbeats: a new model of honeybee foraging. Proceedings Biological sciences 22 271(1557): 2595-2603

Paying for permanence: Public preferences for contaminated site cleanup. Journal of risk and uncertainty 34(2): 155-178

Paying for pests. California grower: avocados citrus subtropicals 24(5): 22-23

Paying for progress.

Paying for public schools in Virginia. Horizons 5(1)

Paying for safety: voluntary reduction of residential radon risks. Land economics 67(4): 435-446

Paying for services pays off. Extension review United States Department of Agriculture Science and Education Administration 55(4): 42

Paying for shelf space.

Paying for sustainable environmental systems.

Paying for the forests.

Paying for water quality.

Paying for your equipment through a finance company. Loggers handbook Pacific Logging Congress1(41): 23-24

Paying lip service to nutrition?!.

Paying more attention to bee pasture for increased strength and productivity of honeybee colonies. Apicultura 58(4): 19-20

Paying more attention to the surgical activity. Veterinariia 3 105-106

Paying off. Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift, 39(16): 416

Paying out. Grounds maintenance 39(3): C10

Paying producers for fat & solids-not-fat in milk.

Paying the bill.

Paying the bill for marine recreational fisheries development. Proceedings Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute: (pub 1983) (35th) 197-202

Paying the farm bill.

Paying the nonpoint pollution control bill. Journal of soil and water conservation 40(1): 33-36

Paying the piper.

Paying the price.

Paying the price for bad habits. Human ecology forumer 25(3): 20-23

Paying the price for old-growth. American forests 97(9-10): 22-27

Paying the price for success. USGA Green Section record 44(1): 26-29

Paying the publicity price. Horticulture industry: 293

Paying their way. American forests 90(2): 34-37

Paying to produce.

Paying tribute to a great scientist Activities of N.I. Vavilov in the Saratov Agricultural Institute, 1917-1921, USSR.1. Stepnye prostory: (4) 28-30

Paying with the consideration of sugar content Procurement prices for sugarbeet roots, RSFSR.1. Sakharnaia svekla: (9) 20

Paying your ad agency. American nurseryman 178(9): 67-69

Paying your bills. FSHEC 993 (90)

Paying-passenger recreational fisheries of the Florida gulf coast and keys.

Paylakes as a catfish marketing opportunity. Arkansas aquafarming t 8(3): 3

Paymaster cottonseed cotton varieties. Proceedings (1): 39

Payment according to protein content from the viewpoint of milk producers. Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch: 30 (1 2) 13-14

Payment according to quality of slaughter animals stimulates delivery. Fleisch 27 (5) 83-84

Payment accuracy and error rate effects of monthly reporting in the food stamp program.

Payment and caseload effects of monthly reporting in the food stamp program.

Payment and currency risks of wood export. Internationaler Holzmarkt: 65 (22) 12-13

Payment and employment of women labor in agriculture. Die Grune: 106 (1) 33

Payment and sale from raw wood stocks.

Payment and stimulation of the work of laborers of industrial-type dairy farms. Zhivotnovodstvo (10) 65-66

Payment by check sometimes saves surprises.

Payment by composition or protein?.

Payment by results for sprinkling teams. Feldwirtschaft 10 (8) 376-378

Payment eligibility and limitations.

Payment for Quality. Yearbook of agriculture: 20-223

Payment for environmental services and land-use changes in cattle dominated landscapes in the sub-humid tropics of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Agroforesteria en las Americas (45): 79-85

Payment for environmental services in El Salvador. Mountain research and development 20(4): 306-309

Payment for hospital capital costs under Medicare.

Payment for information and its facilitation. Journal of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science3(1): 21-24

Payment for milk according to its composition and processing quality. Hassadeh 57 (1) 102

Payment for milk according to quality in Thurgau Kanton. Grune 100 (41) 1505-1507

Payment for milk in Holland according to its quality. Latte 1 (10) 505-511

Payment for milk in relation to its composition and quality.

Payment for piecework in repair and machine shops of forestry enterprises of Latvia.

Payment for products in relation to results of production.

Payment for quality in beef. World animal review: 7-14

Payment for raw milk.

Payment for services in water supplying in irrigated farming and its effect on economic efficiency of farm production. Ekonomika melioratsii zemel = Economics of land melioration: 42-149

Payment for sugar beet according to their sugar content. Feldwirtschaft 10 (9) 413-414

Payment for sugar beets should consider their sugar content.

Payment for sugar content in sugarbeets Remuneration system, Kirghiz SSR.1. Sakharnaia svekla: (5) 22

Payment for sugarbeets on the ba. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauky: (10) 71-76

Payment for sugarcane according to sucrose content. Brasil acucareiro: 87 (6) 19-24

Payment for the output on state farms System of wages.1. Planirovanie i uchet v sel'skokhoziaistvennykh predpriiatiiakh: (11) 41-44

Payment for the work of beekeepers with pollinating, honey-producing apiaries. Pchelovodstvo (3) 14-15

Payment in kind. Food and fiber economics Texas Agricultural Extension Service The Texas AandM University System 12(1)

Payment in kind in Soviet agriculture. II.

Payment in kind--new life for an old idea. National food review NFR United States Dept of Agriculture Economic Research Service: ng (22) 11-13

Payment limitation: effect on supply adjustment and income distribution.

Payment limitation: pros and cons as seen by farm organizations.

Payment limitations: the economic and political feasibility.

Payment limits for farm commodity programs.

Payment of agricultural wages with commodities. Farm economics facts and opinions University of Illinois Department of Agricultural Economics Cooperative Extension Service: 91 (91-5)

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