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Phloem loading of sucrose: update and opportunities in molecular biology

, : Phloem loading of sucrose: update and opportunities in molecular biology. Plant molecular biology reporter ISPMB 7(2): 106-115

Sucrose accumulates in the phloem against a concentration gradient via a presumed sucrose-specific carrier protein located at the plasmalemma of the sieve elements/companion cells. Recent evidence suggests that sucrose carrier in soybean is a 62-kDa protein. Immunocytochemical localization has shown the protein to be exclusively at the plasmalemma, which is also the site of sucrose transport. To enhance our understanding of the phenomenon, the structural gene of the sucrose carrier must be cloned and sequenced. Furthermore, development of appropriate probes should help answer long-standing questions relative to the molecular nature of sugar transport and phloem loading, the mechanism of induction/activation of sugar carriers, and developmental regulation of expression of genes encoding such carriers.


DOI: 10.1007/bf02669626

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