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Phylogenetic identity, growth-response time and rRNA operon copy number of soil bacteria indicate different stages of community succession

, : Phylogenetic identity, growth-response time and rRNA operon copy number of soil bacteria indicate different stages of community succession. Environmental Microbiology 9(10): 2464-2474

Bacterial community succession corresponds to changes in the phylogenetic identity, growth-response time and rRNA operon (rrn) copy number of culturable populations. To test this hypothesis, we compared the bacterial fractions culturable from the oxic zone of flooded, unplanted paddy soil microcosms after 1-day (early succession) and 70-day (late succession) incubation periods. The proportion of bacteria that was cultivable on solid media corresponded for early and late succession to 37-40% and 31-35% of total DAPI cell counts, which were 7.40 (+/-0.36) x 10(8) and 5.54 (+/-0.28) x 10(8) cells per gram of dry soil, respectively. In colony-forming curve analysis, late successional bacteria showed a significant delay in their growth response compared with those from early succession. A total of 59 early successional isolates grouped into 16 species-level clusters (SLC) plus three Bacilli-like SLC, while 66 late successional isolates formed 25 SLC plus five Bacilli-like SLC. Except Bacilli-like spp., isolates from early succession always belonged to different SLC than those from late succession. Betaproteobacteria and Gammaproteobacteria were typical of the early stage, while Alphaproteobacteria and Actinobacteria prevailed in late succession. Considering all SLC except those assigned to Bacilli, growth-response time and rrn copy number were significantly correlated with successional stage. Isolates of most early successional SLC (14 of 16) formed visible colonies within 1 (11 SLC) or 2 days (three SLC) and contained >or= 4 rrn copies. In contrast, isolates of late successional SLC (23 of 25) formed visible colonies within 2 days (four SLC) or, in most cases, only within 3-15 days (19 SLC) and contained <or= 2 rrn copies. Regardless of whether isolated from early or late succession, Bacilli-like isolates always showed a colony-forming time of 2 days and had 9-11 rrn copies.


PMID: 17803772

DOI: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2007.01364.x

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