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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16715

Chapter 16715 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Potential new crop: kenaf, commercial fiber and pulp source, January 1979-December 1989. Quick bibliography series US Department of Agriculure National Agricultural Library US: 90 (90-33)

Potential new crop: kenaf, commercical fiber & pulp source January 1979-June 1992. Quick bibliography series US Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library US: 992 (92-54)

Potential new crop: rapeseed 1970-85. Quick bibliography series National Agricultural Library US: 86 (86-44)

Potential new crops: Lesquerella, Lunaria, Sapium sebferum, and Stokesia. Quick bibliography series National Agricultural Library US: 85 (86-15)

Potential new crops: crambe, 1970-1987. Quick bibliography series National Agricultural Library US: 87 (88-12)

Potential new instrument to measure fiber length and diameter. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences: 45-548

Potential new mycotoxins in cotton and cottonseed. Highlights of agricultural researcher 26(2): 7

Potential new sites for fungicides. Resistance '91 Achievement and Developments in Combating Pesticide Resistance edited by Ian Denholm Alan L Devonshire and Derek W Hollomon: 339

Potential new sources of resistance to white mold in the Phaseolus core collections. Annual report 45(45): 58-59

Potential new surfactants for the baking industry. Bakers digest: 51 (3) 32-34

Potential new watermelon and cantaloupe varieties. Research report series: (11) 13

Potential nitrate pollution of ground water in limestone terrain by poultry litter, Ozark Region, U.S.A. NATO ASI series: Series G: Ecological sciences0(30): 209-218

Potential nitrification and denitrification and the corresponding composition of the bacterial communities in a compact constructed wetland treating landfill leachates. Water Science and Technology 56(3): 159-166

Potential nitrogen contamination of groundwater as affected by soil, water, and land use relationships.

Potential nontarget hazards associated with the use of toxic baits for controlling blackbirds in southwestern Louisiana. Annual progress report Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station: 0th) 159-162

Potential noxiousness of the entomogenous nematode Neoaplectana carpocapsae Weiser to the Antilan toad Bufo marinus L. Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen Rijksuniversiteit: 0831-838

Potential nuclear and radiological incidents: a summary for clinicians. Health Physics 93(2 Suppl): S134-S138

Potential number and some characterization of mass population of horses of individual breeds and regional types in Poland.

Potential nutrients available from manure to produce added value products. Proceedings, 2000 National Poultry Waste Management Symposium, Ocean City, MD, USA, 16-18 October 2000: 387

Potential nutritional health benefits of tree spinach. Progress in new crops 520

Potential occupational health hazards of livestock producers working in animal confinement units. Conference on Agricultural Health and Safety Proceedings of Symposium: (Pub 1975) 141-152

Potential of 'flat' fibre evanescent wave spectroscopy to discriminate between normal and malignant cells in vitro. Journal of Microscopy 228(Pt 2): 200-210

Potential of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid conjugates as promutagens in the Salmonella. Journal of environmental science and health Part B Pesticides food contaminants and agricultural wastes9(8-9): 689-701

Potential of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens for Control of Alternaria cosmosa and A. patula of Cosmos sulfurous (Yellow Cosmos) and Tagetes patula (French Marigold). Journal of phytopathology 155(11-12): 670-675

Potential of Bacillus sphaericus and related spore-forming bacteria for pest control. Microbial control of pests and plant diseases 1970-1980: 83-298

Potential of Brazilian Eugenia Myrataceae -- as ornamental and as a field crop. Acta Horticulturae 632: 5-68

Potential of Brazilian soybeans. Informacoes economicas Instituto de Economia Agricola 9(8): 19-24

Potential of Burma bamboo for integration with various farming systems in India. APANews (30): 8-10

Potential of Canadian Forage Sorghum in improving fodder supply for small dairy farms in Nepal. APANews (28): 6-7

Potential of Chilopsis linearis for gold phytomining: using XAS to determine gold reduction and nanoparticle formation within plant tissues. International Journal of Phytoremediation 9(2): 133-147

Potential of Chrysoperla externa (Hagen) at B-biotype Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) nymphs control in tomato plants. Acta Scientiarum Agronomy 29(1): 29-32

Potential of Citrus junos Fruit Waste From the Food Processing Industry for Weed Management. HortScience: a ication of the American Society for Horticultural Science 41(6): 1516-1517

Potential of Cleisthopholis patens Elliot as a maize protectant against the stored product moth, Plodia Interpunctella (Hubner) (Lepidoptera; Pyralidae). African Journal of Biotechnology 5(25): 2510-2515

Potential of Fusilade, Poast and CGA 82725 for control of weedy grasses in woody nursery crops and groundcovers. Journal of environmental horticulture 3(1): 28-32

Potential of HTML-based hypertext for supporting classroom and extension presentations. Annual report9(39): 73-74

Potential of Minas Gerais for production of natural rubber. Informe Agropecuario 28(237): 7-11

Potential of PSA-NCAM in neuron-glial plasticity in the adult hypothalamus: role of noradrenergic and GABAergic neurotransmitters. Brain Research Bulletin 74(5): 317-328

Potential of Pakistani camel for dairy and other uses. Animal science journal 78(5): 467-475

Potential of Pandora neoaphidis (Remaudiere & Hennebert) Humber as a fungal pathogen for the control of tobacco aphid, Myzus nicotianae Blackman, on tobacco.

Potential of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis Barr. and Golf. in Jamaica. Selection and Breeding to Improve Some Tropical Conifers: 235-250

Potential of Saraca indica leaf powder (SILP) for chromium removal from aqueous solution. Archives of Environmental Protection 33(2): 35-44

Potential of selective insecticides for managing Uraba lugens (Lepidoptera: Nolidae) on Eucalypts. Journal of Economic Entomology 99(3): 780-789

Potential of Stylosanthes guianensis as a forage crop in the humid mountain region of Puerto Rico. Journal of agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station 65(3): 232-240

Potential of Thai Wisdom in Northern local foods. Proceedings of the 45th Kasetsart University Annual Conference, Kasetsart, 30 January 2 February, 2007 Subject: Agricultural Extension and Home Economics: 62-69

Potential of Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner (TIMS) data for measurement of urban vegetation characteristics. Remote sensing for resource inventory planning and monitoring: the Second Forest Serv Remote Sensing Applications Conf held at the Natl Space Technology Laboratories MS and the Holiday Inn Slidell LA Apr 11-15-1988: 354

Potential of Toasted Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L) as a substitute for full fat soyabean meal in the diets for Oreochromis niloticus fingerlings. Moor Journal of Agricultural Research 6(1/2): 92-98

Potential of Transgenic Crops in Bangladesh: Findings from a Consultation of Bangladeshi Scientific Experts. Plant cell tissue and organ culture 86(3): 411-415

Potential of Tucuman province in the production of nutritional proteins.

Potential of Vinca rosea extracts in modulating trace element profile. Biological Trace Element Research 117(1-3): 139-151

Potential of Waxy gene microsatellite and single-nucleotide polymorphisms to develop japonica varieties with desired amylose levels in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Journal of cereal science 46(2): 178-186

Potential of Westlands morainic soils for forest management.

Potential of X-ray tomographic methods for packinghouse quality control. Paper er 1992 (92-6041 92-6074)

Potential of a 16S rRNA-based taxonomic microarray for analyzing the rhizosphere effects of maize on Agrobacterium spp. and bacterial communities. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72(6): 4302-4312

Potential of a novel polysaccharide preparation (GLPP) from Anhui-grown Ganoderma lucidum in tumor treatment and immunostimulation. Journal of Food Science 72(6): S435-S442

Potential of a Siberian field. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (7) 2-3

Potential of a simplified p24 assay for early diagnosis of infant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection in Haiti. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 45(10): 3416-3418

Potential of a consortium of biocontrol agents for disease management in small cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton.). Journal of Plantation Crops 34(3): 476-479

Potential of a dried rice. Biocontrol science and technology 8(2): 197-206

Potential of a soluble tetrazolium. International journal for parasitology 20(2): 251-255

Potential of agricultural resources and planning for their utilization. Gazdalkodas 7(7): 31-38

Potential of air conditioning for dairy barns in Missouri. Reprints US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: [486]

Potential of allelopathic weeds for weed control in soybean.

Potential of an IgE like response to Bordetella bronchiseptica in pigs following Ascaris suum infection. Veterinary parasitology 16(3-4): 343-345

Potential of an eroding urban soil for the phosphorus enrichment of streams. II. Application of adopted method. Journal of environmental quality: 1 (4) 435-438

Potential of an irrigated cereal field. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (9) 6-7

Potential of anaerobic digestion for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and production of renewable energy from agriculture: barriers and incentives to widespread adoption in Europe. Water Science and Technology 55(10): 165-173

Potential of and goal of food grain and feed grain cultivation in southeastern Norway.

Potential of and significance of weed control in agriculture. Landbouwkundig tijdschrift: 87 (7) 190-193

Potential of antimicrobial agents to inhibit fungi to aid isolation of Campylobacter. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease 3(3): 309-314

Potential of assisted breeding techniques for the conservation of endangered mammalian species in captivity: a review. Veterinary Record 143(6): 159-168

Potential of avian endogenous RNA tumor virus infection or expression. Journal 5 (3) 685-689

Potential of azamethiphos for control of spruce budworm Choristoneura fumiferana, Abies balsamea, insecticides, Canada. Manitoba entomologist3(13): 19-20

Potential of bacterial indoleacetic acid to induce adventitious shoots in plant tissue culture. Letters in Applied Microbiology 45(2): 128-133

Potential of bacteriocins for control of Pseudomonas phaseolicola, causal agent of halo blight of beans. Annual report: 17 92

Potential of better management of water in the grand prairie. Arkansas farm research: 20 (5) 11

Potential of biobased materials for food packaging. Trends in food science and technology 10(2): 52-68

Potential of biological and chemical control of bacterial wilt. Hartman, G L [Editor], Hayward, A C [Editor] ACIAR Proceedings; Bacterial wilt 322-326

Potential of biological controls to reduce U.S. pesticide use. Proceedings of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture: 9-49

Potential of biomass conversion processes for grain drying in Kentucky. Michigan State University Energy for Agriculture Series ENR: (80-30)

Potential of biorational insecticides against aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) infesting potato crop in plains of western indo gangetic region. Journal of Experimental Zoology India 10(2): 491-492

Potential of biotechnology regulation on research. Plant science bulletin 32(4): 1-4

Potential of biowaste from the food industry as a biomass resource. Engineering in Life Sciences 7(5): 457-468

Potential of carvacrol to modify in vitro rumen fermentation as compared with monensin. Animal 1(5): 675-680

Potential of cashmere, Angora and meat goats. Extension bulletin University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Service: 90 (151)

Potential of cattle genetics for improving production on endophyte-infected tall fescue. Proceedings (3): 294-298

Potential of cell and tissue culture techniques as aids in economic plant improvement. Basic Life Sciences 2: 109-128

Potential of certain natural extracts for the control of the red palm weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Oliver). Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 40(4): 233-236

Potential of chaff.

Potential of chrysotherapy in veterinary medicine. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 188(5): 539-542

Potential of coal strip-mine spoils as aquifers in the Powder River Basin.

Potential of computer technology is on the rise. Perspective on aging 16(1): 14-16

Potential of controlled anaerobic wastewater treatment in order to reduce the global emissions of methane and carbon dioxide. Studies in environmental science: 5B) 1143-1146

Potential of controlled traffic farming with automatic guidance on an organic farm in the Netherlands. Precision agriculture ' 07 Papers presented at the 6th European Conference on Precision Agriculture, Skiathos, Greece, 3-6 June, 2007: 473-481

Potential of conventional and nuclear techniques in water resources evaluation in India. Water for Human Needs Proceedings of the World Congress On Water Resources: d (v 5) 203-211

Potential of cost accounting Operation of logging teams.1. Lesnaia promyshlennost': ) 17-18

Potential of costus speciosus as a commercial crop in Uttar Pradesh. Indian drugs 16(11): 257-260

Potential of cottonseed: products, composition, and use. International Congress of Food Science and Technology Proceedings: ub 1971), 3d 248-261

Potential of cover crops for short fallow replacement in low-input systems of maize production in the humid tropics. Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems 5(3): 109-116

Potential of diallyl sulfide bearing pH-sensitive liposomes in chemoprevention against DMBA-induced skin papilloma. Molecular Medicine 13(7-8): 443-451

Potential of diclosulam (Strongarm) for weed control in soybeans. Proceedings Southern Weed Science Society1(51): 61-62

Potential of dual-measurement techniques for accurate determination of instantaneous rainfall rate from space. Proceedings Precipitation measurements from space: 283-D287

Potential of earthworms as biocontrol agents of scab and leafminers in New England apple orchards. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE research projects Northeast Region: PROJECT LNE97-081

Potential of electric energy production by sugar factories. Boletim tecnico Copersucar 10-0 Bol Tec Copersucar: (8) 4-7

Potential of electronic personal health records. Bmj 335(7615): 330-333

Potential of electrospray mass spectrometry for meat pigment identification. Meat Science 33(1): 75-83

Potential of entomopathogenic fungi as biological control agents against the Formosan subterranean termite. Agricultural applications in green chemistry William M Nelson editor sponsored by the ACS Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Inc: 188

Potential of entomopathogenic nematodes for control of orchard and urban tree sawflies. Progress in Plant Protection 46(1): 249-255

Potential of enzymes in continuous cheesemaking. Journal of dairy science: 58 (7) 994-1000

Potential of essential fatty acids as natural therapeutic products for human tumors. Nutrition 19(4): 386-388

Potential of far-ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy as a highly sensitive qualitative and quantitative analysis method for polymer films, part I: classification of commercial food wrap films. Applied Spectroscopy 61(7): 780-783

Potential of filter-vermicomposter for household wastewater pre-treatment and sludge sanitisation on site. Water Science and Technology 55(7): 65-70

Potential of flow injection methodology for beverage analysis. American Journal of Enology & Viticulture 43(1): 93-100

Potential of fluidised bed technology for combustion of oil palm solid by-products. Proceedings of the National Symposium on Oil Palm By products for Agro based Industries organ by Palm Oil Res Inst of Malaysia in collaboration with Univ Pertanian Malaysia UPM and Forest Res Inst of Malaysia FRIM: 154

Potential of food sprays for augmenting green lacewing populations in vineyards. Melsheimer entomological series: (29) 35-42

Potential of forests for energy on agricultural land. AFZ/Der Wald, Allgemeine Forst Zeitschrift fur Waldwirtschaft und Umweltvorsorge 62(14): 749-750

Potential of freeze drying for removal of chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides from eggs. Journal of food science: 36 (1) 87-88

Potential of furan formation in hazelnuts during heat treatment. Food Additives and Contaminants 24 Suppl 1: 136-142

Potential of gamma irradiation of fruits a review. Journal of food technology: 12 (5) 449-457

Potential of garlic as grain protectants against Tyrophagus putrescentiae Schrank and Suidasia nesbitti Hughes in wheat. SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED ACAROLOGY 12(1): 19-25

Potential of genus Gossypium, the basis for developing promising cotton varieties. Khlopkovodstvo (8) 29-31

Potential of glyphosate for weed control in containers. Proceedings of SNA Research Conference annual report: 4th) 253-254

Potential of grassland areas for raising feed. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 6 (3) 232-234

Potential of greenhouse tomato production in the Transvaal Middleveld under uncontrolled conditions. Gewasproduksie Crop production(7): 147-151

Potential of groundnut varieties. Progressive farming 17(10): 21-22

Potential of higher plants and their derived drugs in the treatment of amoebiasis. Proceedings of National Symposium on Applied Biotechnology of Medicinal Aromatic and Timber Yielding Plants: held on 12th and 13th January 1984 chief editor PC Datta: 392

Potential of hill country farming in the King Country.

Potential of horticultural production in SADCC countries.

Potential of hybrids among elite clones of eucalypt by microsatellite markers. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 42(7): 1007-1012

Potential of immunoassays in monitoring pesticide residues in foods. Pesticide residues in food: technologies for detection: 181

Potential of in vitro culture techniques for improvement of floricultural crops. Acta Horticulturae 63: 1-66

Potential of in vitro screening of loblolly pine for fusiform rust resistance. Proceedings of the Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference: 3?] (39) 325-331

Potential of increasing grain yields: advantages of soil protection technology. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (12) 20-21

Potential of increasing production and cropping intensity of rainfed wetland rice fields in Asia. Report of a workshop on cropping systems research in Asia: 4

Potential of industrial wood wastes in the Federal Republic of Germany. Forstarchiv 50(1): 1-8

Potential of infected banana parts to transmit Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum. African Crop Science Journal 14(2): 137-142

Potential of infrared emission spectroscopy for on-line analysis. Food control(4): 257-259

Potential of inland fisheries, the five major river systems--one of the richest fisheries of the world. Indian farming: 19 (9) 22-25

Potential of insect pathogens in the tropics. Biological control in the tropics: proceedings of the "First Regional Symposium on Biological Control" held at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia Serdang from 4-6 September 1985 editors: MY Hussein AG Ibrahim: 196

Potential of integrated farming systems in Asia with particular emphasis on use of fresh manure from pigs, chicken and goats for fish ponds. New strategies for improving animal production for human welfare: proceedings the Fifth World Conference on Animal Production August 14-19-1983: 293

Potential of intercropping in the southern part of Monagas State (a statistical approximation). Boletin Sociedad Venezolana de Ciencias Naturales 38(141): 5-16

Potential of intercropping soybeans (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) with sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) in the transition zone of south west Nigeria. Tropical Agricultural Research and Extension 9: 91-102

Potential of intra-crop diversity for the control of Brassica pests. Proceedings of the British Insecticide and Fungicide Conference: th (v 1) 101-107

Potential of introducing protein extraction from green vegetation as nutritional intervention to developing countries in a South-East Asian region. Progress in leaf protein research: proceedings of the International Conference on Leaf Protein Research Aurangabad 5-8 October 1982 edited by Narendra Singh: 472

Potential of ionizing radiation for insect control in the cereal food industry. Insect management for food storage and processing edited by Fred J Baur: 278

Potential of irrigable plains in Brazil.

Potential of label-free detection in high-content-screening applications. Journal of Chromatography. A 1161(1-2): 2-8

Potential of land use mapping in the TVA with hyper-altitude and space photography.

Potential of liquid chromatography. Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 386(4): 987-997

Potential of litter ash as a feed ingredient. Miscellaneous ication University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station: 5) 47-48

Potential of mass-production and field efficacy of isolates of the entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana and Paecilomyces fumosoreus againt Plutella xylostella. International journal of pest managementt 39(3): 288-292

Potential of metam sodium as an herbicide for use by vegetable growers in Alaska.

Potential of methiocarb seed treatment for protection of sprouting rice from Philippine bird pests, Lonchura spp. Philippine agriculturalist 65(4): 363-366

Potential of microfinance for women in fisheries sector. Indian Cooperative Review 44(3): 245-258

Potential of mid-infrared video imagery for use in irrigation management studies. Reprints US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: 65] 248-255

Potential of milk production on a small family farm in Galicia. Agricultura 52(612): 510-516

Potential of minirotation in the cultivation of forest trees. Tidsskrift 63 (1) 1-39

Potential of modern weather data technology for relevant agrometeorology in developing countries. Proceedings Computer techniques and meteorological data applied to problems of agriculture and forestry: 79-183

Potential of modifying poultry products. Journal of applied poultry researcher 2(4): 380-384

Potential of multislice CT in the follow-up of Kawasaki coronary disease. European Heart Journal 27(20): 2384-2384

Potential of native tree species in the semiarid tropics. Silvicultura em Sao Paulo6(2): 766-781

Potential of natural areas and agricultural land use in Darfur, Sudan.

Potential of natural forests in the Netherlands. Nederlands bosbouw tijdschrift: 50 (4) 101-102

Potential of near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy for estimating nutrient content of dehydrated vegetables Cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, asparagus, peas, green beans, squash. Journal of food science 47(5): 1558-1561

Potential of near infrared spectroscopy to quantify boron concentration in treated wood. Forest products journal 57(1-2): 116-117

Potential of neem for control of pyrethroid-resistant Colorado potato beetle. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (86) 57-66

Potential of neotropical and temperate heterorhabditid nematodes as biological control agents for the sweetpotato weevil, Cylas formicarius (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Apionidae).

Potential of neuroprotective antioxidant-based therapeutics from Peltophorum africanum sond.(fabaceae). African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines 4(1): 99-106

Potential of new summer grasses in Northland. III. Laboratory assessments of forage quality. New Zealand journal of agricultural research: 19 (4) 483-488

Potential of nitrogen-fixing symbiotic systems for revegetation strategies of degraded land sites in Mediterranean conditions. Cahiers Agricultures 16(4): 324-329

Potential of nonruminants. Role of Animals in the World Food Situation: A Conference held at the Rockefeller Foundation: nference held at the Rockefeller Foundation, 59-60

Potential of novel chemical approaches for overcoming insecticide resistance. Resistance '91 Achievement and Developments in Combating Pesticide Resistance edited by Ian Denholm Alan L Devonshire and Derek W Hollomon: 365

Potential of ovenable board. Food manufacture 55(2): 43

Potential of pathogen detection technology for management of diseases in glasshouse ornamental crops. Advances in botanical research3(23): 137-170

Potential of peak flood flow reduction by small retarding basins. WasserWirtschaft Hydrologie, Wasserbau, Boden, Okologie 97(6): 10, 12-15

Potential of peat as a domestic fuel in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Proceedings: 7th International Peat Congress Dublin Ireland 18-23 June 1984: 236

Potential of physical and chemical resistance mechanisms for control of potato insect virus vectors Solanum tuberosum, Glycoalkaloids, breeding. Report of the planning conference on the strategy for virus management in potatoes II held at CIP Lima Peru April 21-25-1980: International Potato Center: 3

Potential of pigmented cattle coat to reflect status of manganese supply. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin, 38(2): 69-71

Potential of plant biomass cultivation and use for solid fuels and priority of research the present problems. Zemes Ukio Inzinerija, Mokslo Darbai 38(3): 5-21

Potential of plant cell cultures for pharmaecutical production. Natural products as medicinal agents: ub 1981) 471-507

Potential of plant genetic systems for monitoring and screening mutagens. Environmental Health Perspectives 27: 181-196

Potential of plants as an energy source--production of raw material from second growth biomasses. Landbauforschung Volkenrode: pecial no49) 140-145

Potential of precipitation modification.

Potential of primitive accessions for cotton improvement.

Potential of proteinase inhibitors for enhanced resistance to Populus arthropod and pathogen pests. Micropropagation genetic engineering and molecular biology of Populus 177

Potential of quality. Kartofel' i ovoshchi: (2) 3-4

Potential of radar remote sensors as tools in reconnaissance geomorphic, vegetation and soil mapping. Pages 271-280 1968

Potential of reducing tomato losses. Kartofel' i ovoshchi: (8) 31-32

Potential of ribavirin for tree fruit virus inhibition. Acta Horticulturae: (130) 183-184

Potential of robusta germplasm for improving weeping lovegrass. Proceedings of the Forage and Grassland Conference: 09-113

Potential of rosemary oil to be used in drug-resistant infections. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 13(5): 54-59

Potential of ruminant production in pine plantations and tree legume agroforestry systems. ACIAR proceedings: 5) 62-66

Potential of ruminants. Role of Animals in the World Food Situation: A Conference held at the Rockefeller Foundation: nference held at the Rockefeller Foundation, 61-63

Potential of scanning electron microscopy for the study of seeds. Proceedings Annual meeting: 7th) 342-343

Potential of seed inoculation to select for resistane to common blight in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Annual report of the Bean Improvement Cooperative1(31): 136-137

Potential of seed quality research--geneticists viewpoint. Preprints of papers of the Oilseed Processing Clinic: 8th) 13

Potential of several chemical termination treatments for reducing pink bollworm and boll weevil populations.

Potential of silver carp in New Zealand aquaculture. Occassional ication Fisheries Research Division: 7) 73-74

Potential of soil solarization in the management of seedling diseases of vegetable nurseries. Ecofriendly management of plant diseases: 80-94

Potential of solar domestic hot water systems in rural areas for greenhouse gas emission reduction in Poland. Environmental management0(1): S95-S100

Potential of some Brassica species as host plants of the Brassica pod midge (Dasineura brassicae Winn.) (Diptera, Cecidiomyiidae). Entomologisk tidskrift02(4): 111-119

Potential of some Nigerian plants as mosquito larvicides. Journal of Pharmacy and Bioresources 3(1): 46-48

Potential of some alternate fuels for internal combustion engines. Agricultural engineering today 10(5): 27-32

Potential of some species for recovery of soils with degraded physical properties. Revista brasileira de ciencia do solo 7(2): 197-201

Potential of sorghum and millet production in Sudan. Food crisis and agricultural production in Africa: problems policies and solutions proc 3rd Gen Conf Assn for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences in Africa held at Univ of Ibadan Ibadan Nigeria 9-15 April 1978: 0

Potential of soya-production in the world; with special reference to India.

Potential of spent tea leaves for animal feeds and composting. Compost science: 15 (2) 28-30

Potential of spruce seed yields in the Estonian SSR. Metsanduslikud uurimused9(19): 18-27

Potential of spunbonded row covers on transplanted broccoli, celery, and direct seeded summer squash in Ohio. Proceedings of the National Agricultural Plastics Congress: 9th) 134-147

Potential of stem and root forma. Visnyk sil's'kohospodars'koi nauky: (6) 17-20

Potential of sterile moth releases for pink bollworm management. Agricultural reviews and manuals ARM W United States Dept of Agriculture Science and Education Administration Western Region: (16) 52-66

Potential of subterranean clover pastures sown on cleared shrublands in the french mediterranean Pyrenees. Progress report clovers and special purpose legumes research University of Wisconsin Department of Agronomy3(23): 13-16

Potential of summer rain augmentation by cloud seeding in the Mid-Atlantic States. Virginia journal of science 29(3): 146-156

Potential of surface water from various land use patterns in the SERS.

Potential of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the rapid identification of Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes cultures on silver colloidal nanoparticles. Applied Spectroscopy 61(8): 824-831

Potential of temporal bone CT in the study of external acoustic meatus in health and pathology. Vestnik Otorinolaringologii: 7-13

Potential of the Central Weather Service of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 8 (2) 113-115

Potential of the Don spike. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (1) 19-20

Potential of the ELISA in detecting carriers of swine dysentery. Highlights of agricultural research Alabama Agricultural Experiment Stationer 31(4): 5

Potential of the artificial fallows on Andropogon spp. in the improvement of the chemical and biological properties of soil in Sudanian zone (Burkina Faso). Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Societe et Environnement 11(3): 245-252

Potential of the cryoplane technology to reduce aircraft climate impact: A state-of-the-art assessment (vol 40, pg 6928, 2006). Atmospheric Environment 41(13): 2893

Potential of the dairy industry to obtain better milk prices. Meieriposten 68(23): 679-680

Potential of the fertilizer industry in Brazil. Lavoura 82(82): 51-55

Potential of the in situ wedge shear test in landslide forecasting. Proceedings Engineering for protection from natural disasters: 93-604

Potential of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus isolated from celery looper for corn earworm and tobacco budworm control. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences(2): 896-899

Potential of the oxidation-reduction state of the cortex in the rabbit brain during hypnosis (immobilization stress). Doklady: biological sciences Akademiia nauk SSSR 315(1-6): 769-771

Potential of the pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) as a forage plant. Zootecnia 17(2): 73-100

Potential of the portfolio development in rural schools. Rural special education quarterlyer 15(1): 18-23

Potential of the private woodlot.

Potential of the sterile male technique for the control or eradication of stable flies, Stomoxus calcitrans (L.). Proceedings Symposium on the Sterility Principle for Insect Control: ub 1975) 449-460

Potential of the sterile-male technique in integrated insect control programs.

Potential of the utilization of poultry manure as a source of nitrogen in composting bark. Forest products journal: 27 (1) 37-40

Potential of the volatile-producing fungus Muscodor albus for control of building molds. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 53(3): 404-410

Potential of the worlds forages for ruminant animal production.

Potential of transfected muscle cells to contribute to DNA vaccine immunogenicity. Journal of Immunology 179(1): 329-336

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