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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16812

Chapter 16812 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Public health aspects in relation to beef production. Current topics in veterinary medicine and animal science: ) 502-504

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Public health challenges facing rural Americans over the next decade.

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Public health considerations.

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Public health in Korea.

Public health in Upper-Volta.

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Public health insurance and private savings.

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Public health nutrition.

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Public health pest control.

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Public health reports.

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Public health services.

Public health significance of Newcastle disease. Poultry adviser: 11 (4) 59-60

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Public health statements.

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Public health-- is many things.

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Public hearing preparation necessary to lessen impact. Pulp and paper 68(4): 111-112

Public hearings on light duty motor vehicle emissions standards.

Public hearings on proposed flood plain management regulations.

Public hearings on proposed flood plain management regulations; testimony of David J. Allee.

Public help requested in locating exposed birds. Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 70(23): 1

Public horticulture at the University of Tennessee. Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 13(4): 22-23

Public housing.

Public housing gardens--landscapes for the soul. Yearbook of agriculture: 77-282

Public housing in rural America.

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Public impacts of rural water systems.

Public impacts of rural water systems: a case study. Bulletin Agricultural Experiment Station South Dakota State University: (675)

Public income transfer policies and rural communities: the p oor and the dependent. Focus on Iowa Seminar Papers: -R10

Public information.

Public information about osteoporosis.

Public information and education to counter resource degradation in Scandinavia. Society and natural resources(1): 71-76

Public information and public tolerance of drunk driving. Stop DWI: successful community responses to drunk driving edited by Denis Foley: 149

Public information and the persistence of bond market volatility.

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Public information in forest fire prevention and control. Forest fire prevention and control: proceedings seminar organized by Timber Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Warsaw Poland 20-22 May 1981 edited by T Van Nao: 236

Public information in the national information infrastructure.

Public information on actively burning prescribed natural fires. General technical report INT (320) 131-132

Public information systems for purchasers of breeding products from animal breeders.

Public infrastructure and economic development. Rural economic development in the 1980's: preparing for the future

Public infrastructure and rural development in forested areas of the lake states.

Public infrastructure investment and the market for farmland.

Public infrastructure policy and economic development. Economic review 75(2): 49-59

Public inquiry on tomato consumption in France. CTIFL documents Centre technique interprofessionnel des fruits et legumes: th Quarter (69) 2-9

Public inquiry ordered by the Minister of Agriculture into the disposal of land at Crichel Down.

Public institutions and agricultural growth.

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Public interest and political abuse: public participation in social impact assessment. Journal of the Community Development Society4(2): 67-82

Public interest groups and food safety. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 12(3 Pt 1): 263-269

Public interest in the use of private lands: an overview. Public interest in the use of private lands edited by Benjamin C Dysart III and Marion Clawson

Public interest lobbies.

Public interest perspectives in environmental law.

Public interest profiles, 1988-1989.

Public interest--what it is and how to serve it.

Public interests in private property: conflicts over wood chip mills in North Carolina. Southern Rural Sociology 19(2): 114-131

Public intervention and coordinated action for the improvement of alpine economy within the frame of a global policy on mountainous regions.

Public intervention and guidance of market forces to achieve redistribution. Rural Industrialization Problems and Potentials: 4-60

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Public intervention into agriculture through the state and the regions.

Public intrastructure and change in the agricultural land of the Brindisi territory. Ricostruire l'agricoltura per ricostruire l'ambiente: atti del III Convegno sulla salvaguardia dell'ambiente nel mezzogiorno: Lecce 7-8-9 ottobre 1982: 385

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Public involvement in water management.

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Public involvement is absolutely necessary for markets to be efficient.

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Public irrigation projects, windfall gains, and the distribution of rural income: the case of Milagro, Ecuador.

Public issues education.

Public issues education and the NPPEC. Increasing understanding of ic problems and policies: 63-165

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Public joint ventures in developing countries.

Public knowledge and attitudes to food safety in Ireland.

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Public labor productivity in the new organization of the wage system. Gorsko stopanstvo: 33 (9) 20-22

Public labor supply and its measurement.

Public lakes, Rushcreek and Hunters Run Conservancy District, Fairfield and Perry counties, Ohio.

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Public land in Missouri.

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Public landscape.

Public law 20-80th Congress.

Public law 480.

Public law 480 aid for refugees.

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Public law 480 extension.

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Public law 85-686.

Public law 89-331.

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Public leader and faculty attitudes on university research and extension.

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Public leadership.

Public liability of southern forest owners. Consultant 21 (1) 17-21

Public librarianship.

Public libraries. Rural libraries(1): 7-42

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Public libraries and the Internet.

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Public markets.

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Public meeting.

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Public open spaces in polluted cities; present and future state.

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Public participation.

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