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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16871

Chapter 16871 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Reference lists.

Reference manual.

Reference manual for (fire) (safety) regulations 1988, furniture and furnishings.

Reference manual for program and information officials.

Reference manual of LISA Resource Management Strategy crop budgets for the mid-south region. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE or Agriculture in Concert with the Environment ACE research projects: [36]

Reference manual of Latin American commercial treaties.

Reference manual of countermeasures for hazardous substance releases.

Reference manual of fern spores.

Reference manual of the FORTRAN utility library TTUTIL with applications.

Reference manual on tentage.

Reference manual, farm and home development.

Reference manual, foreign animal disease courses, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, ARS, USDA.

Reference material.

Reference material in residue control: assessment of matrix effects. Accreditation and Quality Assurance 12(3/4): 161-166

Reference material on agricultural management.

Reference materials and method validation in allergen detection. Detecting allergens in food: 348-356

Reference materials for ecological analysis. Chemical analysis in environmental research edited by AP Rowland: 1

Reference materials for members of animal care and use committees.

Reference materials for non-affiliated members of animal care and use committees. Special reference briefs National Agricultural Library US: 89 (89-08)

Reference materials for organic nutrient measurement.

Reference materials for the elaboration of Czechoslovak growth tables used by the Forest Management Institute at Brandys and Labem. Lesnictvi 17 (10) 933-944

Reference materials for the elaboration of Czechoslovak growth tables used by the Forest Management Institute at Zvolen. Lesnictvi 17 (10) 945-954

Reference materials for use in technology transfer curriculum on intellectual property rights and technology transfer.

Reference materials in analytical chemistry.

Reference materials on land reform.

Reference materials on sericulture.

Reference measures for use in studies of water requirements in crops. Agronomie: sciences des productions vegetales et de l'environnement(10): 999-1008

Reference method for source testing.

Reference method for the determination of mineral elements in plants: determination of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper by atomic absorption. Oleagineux 28 (2) 87-92

Reference methods for determining water in grains and seeds. Conservation et stockage des grains et graines et produits derives: cereales oleagineux proteagineux aliments pour animaux coordonnateur JL Multon preface E David: 491

Reference methods of determination of certain metals in food products. III. The method of copper determination. Roczniki 6 (3) 365-373

Reference model of concepts on development. Reunion de trabajo sobre organ y gestion adm para el desarrollo rural

Reference monospecific serum against swine transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE) virus, prepared in HPCDIR pigs. Archiva veterinaria6(16): 13-19

Reference notes on the press in European countries participating in the European recovery program.

Reference of 1996 U.S. regional sheep health and management practices.

Reference of 1996 U.S. sheep health and management practices.

Reference of 1996 dairy health and health management.

Reference of 1996 dairy management practices.

Reference of 1997 beef cow-calf health & health management practices.

Reference of 1997 beef cow-calf management practices.

Reference of 1997 beef cow-calf production management and disease control.

Reference of health management for horses and highlighted diseases, 1998.

Reference of swine health and management in the United States, 2000.

Reference on doctor of agricultural and biological sciences E. N. Sinskaia. Biulleten' Vsesoiuznyi institut rastenievodstva: 1) 6-7

Reference on forestry and forest products in Israel - 1980. Leaflet Israel Agricultural Research Organization Division of Forestry Ilanot: (73)

Reference on garden planting.

Reference paterns in rural sociology compared with the major sociological journals, 1965--1966. Rural sociology: 34 (3) 402-407

Reference plant collection of the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, North Carolina.

Reference point.

Reference point dependence for specification bias from quality upgrading.

Reference point: high yield of field crops, Kuibyshev Region, RSFSR-in-Europe.1. Zemledelie (9) 34-35

Reference points for a history of drainage. Bulletin d'information du CEMAGREF Centre national du machinisme agricole: (314 315) 41-49

Reference points for fishery management.

Reference policy and administrative documents.

Reference ranges and the influence of age and sex on haematological values of the endangered Catalonian donkey. Veterinary Journal 154(2): 163-168

Reference ranges for exhaled nitric oxide derived from a random community survey of adults. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 176(3): 238-242

Reference sample for the evaluation of Salmonella detection. Microbial associations and interactions in food: proceedings of the 12th International IUMS ICFMH Symposium Budapest Hungary 12-15 July 1983 edited by I Kiss T Deak K Incze: 7

Reference samples in geology and geochemistry. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research (Wiley) 10(2): 191-194

Reference scopes of 18 blood values and the importance of some influencing factors on measurement value in female rabbits. Zeitschrift fur Versuchstierkunde2(4): 234-248

Reference seawater. Carbon dioxide effects research and assessment program: workshop on oceanic CO2 standardization LaJolla California November 30 December 1-1979 edited by H Gote Ostlund David Dyrssen

Reference sectors. Points of anchorage with the National Interprofessional Cereal Office and the Minister of Agriculture on drainage. Agriculture (468) 320-325

Reference serum pepsinogen concentrations in dairy cattle not infected with Ostertagia ostertagi. American journal of veterinary research 44(1): 115-117

Reference serum revisited. Contemporary Topics in Laboratory Animal Science 33(6): 61-63

Reference service.

Reference service and bibliography. With a foreword by Sir Maurice Linford Gwyer.

Reference service for publications of intergovernmental organizations.

Reference service in rural public libraries.

Reference service in the small library.

Reference service system of professional literature at the Department of Landscpae and Garden Architecture. A Lippay os Tudomanyos Ulesszak eloadasai(2): 2511-2520

Reference situation for the Imbo-Centre work site.

Reference soil and media diagnostic procedures for the southern region of the United States.

Reference soils of south-western Australia.

Reference sources in Indian agriculture and biology.

Reference sources in agriculture.

Reference sources in library and information services.

Reference sources in science, engineering, medicine, and agriculture.

Reference stages of seed onions. Revue suisse de viticulture et arboriculture: 6 (3) 101-104

Reference substances to measure intestinal absorption in the presence of helminthic infections. Isotopes and radiation in parasitology II: 7-81

Reference sufficiency ranges for plant analysis in the southern region of the United States.

Reference table comparing publication release in Japanese and non-Japanese of reports from the Ohara Agricultural Institute.

Reference tables.

Reference tables on area yield production of all grains.

Reference tables on area-yield-production of all grains. Foreign agriculture circular Grains FG: 1979 (1-80)

Reference tables on rice supply utilization for individual countries.

Reference tables on rice supply-distribution for individual countries.

Reference tables on rice supply-utilization for individual countries. Foreign agriculture circular Grains FG: 79 (20-79)

Reference tables on the major producers and consumers of cottonseed and cottonseed products. Foreign agriculture circular oilseeds and products FOP United States Dept of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service: 81 (7-81)

Reference tables on the major producers and consumers of peanuts and peanut products. Foreign agriculture circular Oilseeds and products FOP United States Dept of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service: 981 (15-81)

Reference tables on the major producers and consumers of sunflowerseed and sunflowerseed products. Foreign agriculture circular oilseeds and products FOP United States Dept of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service: 81 (9-81)

Reference tables on wheat and coarse grain supply-distribution for individual countries.

Reference tables on wheat, corn, and total coarse grains supply-distribtion for individual countries. Foreign agriculture circular grains FG US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service: 1981 (4-81)

Reference tables on wheat, corn, and total coarse grains supply-distribution for individual countries.

Reference tables tables on the major producers and consumers of rapeseed and rapeseed products. Foreign agriculture circular Oilseeds and products FOP United States Dept of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service: 81 (21-81)

Reference tables: Population of South Carolina counties by race and sex, 1920-1970.

Reference tables: net migration, 1960-1970, by age, sex and race for South Carolina counties.

Reference tables: population change of counties and incorporated palces in South Dakota, 1950--1970.

Reference tables: population of South Carolina counties by age, 1940-1970.

Reference terms for ISABU workshops.

Reference terms of international trade.

Reference to Marxism: how it works. Economie rurale: (160) 15-21

Reference to discussions by S. Pannwitz and E. Uecker (-Mh. Vet.-Med. 29, 863) on publication by M. muller with the title Medication for control of leptospirosis (Leptospira tarasso vi) in swine (Mh. vet.-Med. 28 (1973), 825-828). Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin: 29 (22) 864-865

Reference to literature on biological effects of electric field. Effects on plants. Denryoku Chuo Kenkyujo hokoku: 81 (480020)

Reference to some important questions of mink farming. Veterinarski glasnik4(3): 305-310

Reference to the 25th anniversary of work of the Veterinary Institute in Vinkovci (1947-1972). Veterinarski glasnik: 7 (2) 145

Reference to the building of the first veterinary stations in Bosnia. Veterinarski glasnik: 4 (10) 795-796

Reference to the control of American foulbrood and nosemosa disease in bees. Veterinarski glasnik: 0 (3) 279-281

Reference to the new pharmacopeia. Veterinarski glasnik: 8 (3) 215-217

Reference to the value of Whiteside mastitis test. Veterinarski glasnik: 4 (8) 607-610

Reference to the variation of rabies in animals and man in the district of Kosovo and the difficulties in the prevention. Veterinarski glasnik: 0 (2) 189-194

Reference to use of plant protection technique. Feldwirtschaft 10 (4) 172-173

Reference update. Agricultural economics and rural sociology: the contemporary core literature 332

Reference values and standards for expenditures and performance in swine production plants. Kooperation 10 (9) 426-428

Reference values for blood chemistry and haematology in crossbred lactating cattle in Malaysia. Kajian veterinar Malaysia 18(1): 31-40

Reference values for expenses and costs of feeding and milk production in industrial milk production plants. Agrartechnik 28 (3) 125-127

Reference values for the GGT-to-creatinine ratio in urine of cattle.

Reference values for trace element concentrations in whole blood, serum, hair, liver, milk, and urine specimens from human subjects. Trace elements in man and animals 6 edited by Lucille S Hurley et al: 537

Reference values for yields in low-lying grassland. Kooperation 10 (2) 53-56

Reference values in TM echocardiography in the racing horse: (English Thoroughbred, Frenh Saddle Horse). Revue de medecine veterinaire 135(7): 405-418

Reference values in the blood of healthy cats.

Reference values of blood coagulation of healthy horses.

Reference values of ionised calcium in whole blood of normal dogs comparison of selected diseases.

Reference values of metabolizable energy for grains and protein supplements compared with local results. Zootecnica international: (8) 40-42

Reference values of some clinical-chemical parameters of warm-blodded horses. Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde 123(7): 373-382

Reference values of the hemoglobin content, the hematocrit and the mean concentration of corpuscular hemoglobin of rearing calves without iron substitution. 1. Dependence on the rearing period. Archiv fur Tierernahrung = Archives of animal nutrition 31(5-6): 369-386

Reference values of the urea and creatinine serum levels of Jersey breed, raised in the Sao Paulo State. The influence of age, sexual factors and of the infection by the bovine leukosis virus. Arquivos do Instituto Biologico Sao Paulo 71(3): 339-345

Reference weights for placentas delivered before the 28th week of gestation. Placenta 28(10): 987-990

Reference-facilitated phosphoproteomics - Fast and reliable phosphopeptide validation by mu LC-ESI-Q-TOF MS/MS. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 6(8): 1380-1391

Reference-independent ERP old/new effects of auditory and visual word recognition memory: Joint extraction of stimulus- and response-locked neuronal generator patterns. Psychophysiology 44(6): 949-967

References. Bamboo research in Asia proceedings of a workshop held in Singapore 28-30 1980 editors: Gilles Lessard and Amy Chouinard: 228

References and letters of recommendation.

References cited in the foundation report of the national assessment of the potential consequences of climate variability and changes.

References for production nursery operators. Yankee nursery quarterlyer 3(2): 10-11

References for the history of human nutrition in America, 1600 to the present: a selected bibliography. Journal of Nal Associates 5(1-2): 45-61

References in research articles Veterinary research documentation.1. Annales de recherches veterinaires = Annals of veterinary research3(3): 267-291

References on Phlebotomus in China.

References on agriculture for returning veterans interested in farming.

References on cacao.

References on defense, war, and economic effects of war.

References on determination of numbers and environment of soil bacteria.

References on egg handling and grading.

References on egg shell texture.

References on egg size.

References on egg storage.

References on employee relations in the federal service.

References on farm egg-handling practices.

References on forestry and forest products in Israel 1976.

References on forestry and forest products in Israel--1975.

References on forestry and forest products in Israel--1977. Leaflet 978 (66)

References on forestry and forest products, 1968.

References on forestry and forest products--1970.

References on frozen and dried eggs.

References on general information on eggs.

References on interior quality of eggs.

References on long-day, short-day, and neutral-day plants.

References on merchandising eggs.

References on nutritive value of eggs.

References on oil-protecting eggs.

References on poultry by-products.

References on poultry fat.

References on poultry freezing and storage .

References on poultry merchandising.

References on poultry processing.

References on processing shrinkages, weights of parts of raw and cooked poultry meat yield.

References on regional and land use planning.

References on shell egg thermostabilization.

References on smoking poultry.

References on stored products protection 1978-1979. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz = Journal of plant diseases and protection7(10-11): 667-699

References on stored products protection 1980-1981 Insect pests, insecticides, control.1. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz = Journal of plant diseases and protection 89(8-9): 534-554

References on stored products protection 1981-1982. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz = Journal of plant diseases and protection 90(5): 538-558

References on stored products protection, 1983. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz = Journal of plant diseases and protection 92(1): 89-107

References on subjects:.

References on symbols.

References on the industrial utilization of rice by-products.

References on the management of bottomland hardwoods and baldcypress.

References on tissue culture of selected crops. FAO plant production and protection paper: 6) 185-207

References on washing eggs.

References on wild flowers and wild plant life.

References relating to calcite and dolomite minerals in soil (1972--1956).

References technico-economiques et conseil aux exploitations agricoles.

References to agriculture in Tamil literature.

References to fattening palmiped birds.

References to fumigation with methyl bromide.

References to material on food, nutrition and the cost of living in publications of the International Labor Office.

References to scanning electron microscope photographs of seeds of Cactaceae. Cactus and succulent journal of Great Britain 43(4): 114-116

References to scientific literature on fire.

References to the planning and control of groundwater subsidence.

References to the problem of soil erosion.

References, animal production.

References, aquaculture.

References, environment and agriculture.

References, forests.

References, gazon.

References, plant nurseries.

References, plant production.

References, productions animales.

References, productions legumieres.

References, productions vegetales.

References; marketing information for consumers.

Referenciais tecnologicos para a agricultura familiar ecologica.

Referencies bibliografiques sobre la flora briologica hispanica.

Referentenmaterial euber das Thema.

Referential specificity in the alarm calls of the black-tailed prairie dog. Ethology Ecology and Evolution 19(2): 87-99

Referenzwerte fur die Nahrstoffzufuhr.

Refermentation of high-alcohol high-sugar blending wine into distilling material for beverage brandy.

Referral and diagnosis of adolescent substance abusers. Treatment services for adolescent substance abusers editors Alfred S Friedman George M Beschner: 9

Referral and emergency practice design. The North American Veterinary Conference 2003, Small Animal and Exotics Orlando, Florida, USA, 18-22 January, 2003: 449-450

Referral compliance, outcome and predictors of CIN after repeated borderline cervical smears in the Netherlands. Cytopathology 18(2): 96-104

Referral guidelines for the Berkeley Veterinary Medical Group. journal of the American Animal Hospital Association: 12 (2) 221-222

Referral list - nutrition.

Referral of toxic chemical regulation under the Toxic Substances Control Act: EPAs administrative dumping ground. Boston College environmental affairs law review 17(1): 75-122

Referral practice in a university veterinary medical teaching hospital. journal of the American Animal Hospital Association: 12 (2) 242-244

Referral systems and health care seeking behavior of patients: an economic analysis. World development 17(1): 85-91

Referral to nephrologists for chronic kidney disease care: is non-diabetic kidney disease ignored?. Nephron. Clinical Practice 106(3): C113-C118

Referral, assessment, and placement practices used in rural school districts with Native American students in special education. Rural special education quarterlyer 14(1): 11-19

Referral: hospice. Later years: social applications of gerontology edited by Richard A Kalish: 358

Referrals. Veterinary practice management edited by Dennis M McCurnin with-29 contributors: 384

Referrals in veterinary medicine.

Referrals: what, where, and why. Veterinary medicine 92(11): 954-956

Referring in veterinary medicine. California veterinarian: 32 (7) 10-11

Referring the client to an obedience instructor. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 75(4): 591-594

Referring to judos sports injuries in Sao Paulo State Championship. Science et Sports 21(5): 280-284

Refertilization of nitrogen-rich pine swamps; preliminary results. Folia forestalia: (414)

Refinability of oils. VII. Relations between mineral elements of refined oils and analytical characteristics of corresponding raw oils. A. Research of numerical relations. Revue francaise des corps gras 29(3): 117-123

Refinaciaon de azucar crudo.

Refinancing FFB loans to rural electric systems.

Refinancing agriculture. Food and fiber economics Texas Agricultural Extension Service The Texas A and M University System 13(8)

Refinancing farm debt. Soybean digest 45(1): 12

Refinancing of term loans for agricultural development by the Agricultural Refinance Corporation: operational aspects. Financing agriculture: 3 (4) 9-10

Refinancing your home. Information sheet Mississippi State University Cooperative Extension Service: 89 (1391)

Refinancing your home: questions and answers. FSHEC University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service: 91 (59)

Refined 2.5 A Angstrom units X-ray crystal structure of the complex formed by porcine kallikrein A and the bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor--crystallization, Patterson search, structure determination, refinement, structure and comparison with its components and with the bovine trypsin-pancreatic trypsin inhibitor complex. Journal of molecular biology, 164(2): 283-311

Refined X-ray structures of the oxidized, at 1.3 angstrom, and reduced, at 1.17 angstrom, ferredoxin from the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC7119 show redox-linked conformational changes. Biochemistry 38(48): 15764-15773

Refined atomic model of the four-layer aggregate of the tobacco mosaic virus coat protein at 2.4-angstroms resolution. Biophysical journal 74(1): 604-615

Refined carbohydrate increases blood pressure and catecholamine excretion in SHR and WKY. American Journal of Physiology 250(4 Pt 1): E381-E385

Refined defensive mechanisms in Chrysomela scripta. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 62: 503-506

Refined fatty acid of sunflower oil in the rations of fattening swine. Stocarstvo 24 (9 10) 433-438

Refined foods Dietary fiber and disease. Bibliotheca nutritio et dieta: 0) 160-165

Refined foods and nutritional deficiency.

Refined linkage value for pea comb and blue egg: lack of pea comb, blue egg, and naked neck on age at first egg in the domestic fowl. Poultry science 62(2): 235-238

Refined localization of the chicken KITLG, MGP and TYR genes on GGA1 by FISH mapping using BACs. Animal Genetics 35(2): 148-150

Refined oils. Legumes: chemistry technology and human nutrition edited by Ruth H Matthews: 7

Refined papain. Process biochemistry: 9 (6) 21-24

Refined regimes of canned pepper sterilization. Konservnaia i ovoshchesushil'naia promyshlennost': 9 19-20

Refined regulation of flowerings of Christmas begonias (Begonia x cheimantha Everett). Gartneryrket 0, 61 (37) 678

Refined structure of chicken skeletal muscle troponin C in the two-calcium state at 2-Angstrom resolution. Journal of biological chemistry 263(4): 1628-1647

Refined structure of desmodium yellow mottle tymovirus at 2.7 angstrom resolution. Journal of molecular biology, 301(3): 625-642

Refined structure of satellite tobacco mosaic virus at 1.8 angstrom resolution. Journal of molecular biology, 277(1): 37-59

Refined structure of southern bean mosaic virus at 2.9 angstrom resolution. Journal of molecular biology, 197(1): 69-87

Refined structure of spinach glycolate oxidase at 2 Angstrom resolution. Journal of molecular biology, 209(1): 151-166

Refined structure of yeast apo-enolase at 2.25 A resolution. Journal of Molecular Biology 211(1): 235-248

Refined sugar production at Larissa sugar fac. Hellenike biomechania zachareos trimeniaio deltio = Hellenic sugar industry quarterly bulletin New series: t Quarter (44) 340-354

Refined sugar storage trials using various types of 25 kg paper bags. Proceedings of the annual congress South African Sugar Technologists' Association: 0th) 112-115

Refined sugars in Malaya. Sugar journal: 39 (9) 23-24

Refined sulfur for the control of Varroa infestations of honeybees in greenhouses. Pchelovodstvo ) 22-23

Refined tastes.

Refined to real food.

Refined understanding of sulphur amino acid nutrition in hybrid striped bass, Morone chrysops female xM. saxatilis male. Aquaculture research 37(15): 1546-1555

Refined virgin olive oil and oil cake: oil acidity and sterolic defects. Rivista italiana delle sostanze grasse 57(1): 31-32

Refinement and environmental enrichment for all animals kept in laboratories.

Refinement and extension of farming practices to maximise the productivity of hardsetting grey clay soils.

Refinement and extension of fn. Journal of food science: 38 (4) 726-728

Refinement and hydrogenation of oils clarified by buffer solutions Sunflower oil processing.1. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii pishchevaia tekhnologiia: ) 79-82

Refinement and reduction in animal testing.

Refinement and research improve results at the UKs National Lobster Hatchery. Hatchery international 6(1): 17

Refinement and rodents.

Refinement and verification of predictive models of suspended sediment dispersion and desorption of toxics from dredged sediments.

Refinement of a locus for autosomal dominant hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy with proximal dominancy (HMSN-P) and genetic heterogeneity. Journal of Human Genetics 52(11): 907-914

Refinement of a morphological scoring system for postimplantation rabbit conceptuses. Birth Defects Research. Part B, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology 80(3): 213-222

Refinement of a muscle fragmentation procedure for predicting cooked meat tenderness. Tennessee farm and home science Progress report: (108) 14-15

Refinement of a radioreceptor binding assay for nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate. Analytical Biochemistry 371(1): 26-36

Refinement of a regenerating stand of the Parashorea tomentella. Malaysian forester 45(2): 133-183

Refinement of a transplantation project in the non-human primate by the use of a humane endpoint. Laboratory Animals 41(4): 456-469

Refinement of agricultural statistics in Brazil. Agricultura em Sao Paulo: 18 (9 10) 69-84

Refinement of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detecting sapstain fungi in wood. Biotechnology techniques 4(4): 263-268

Refinement of an orthotopic lung cancer model in the nude rat. Veterinary Pathology 38(5): 483-490

Refinement of anesthetic techniques and pre and post-operative care routines in the development of a new small animal model of skeletal muscle ischemia. Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science newsletter 27(1): 9-10

Refinement of biological metrics in the development of biological criteria for regional biomonitoring and assessment of small streams in Idaho.

Refinement of cellulose and chitin structures. ACS symposium series American Chemical Society41(141): 315-334

Refinement of corvine (Micropogonias furnieri) oil manufactured by means of acid ensilage procedure and thermo treatment processing for meal production. Revista do Instituto Adolfo Lutz 66(1): 50-56

Refinement of cryopreservation techniques for the long-term conservation of citrus & pineapple germplasm.

Refinement of dynamically downscaled precipitation and temperature scenarios. Climatic change 84(3-4): 365-382

Refinement of experimental procedures. Alternatives to laboratory animals: ATLA 14(2): 72-84

Refinement of intrathymic injection in mice. Lab Animal 36(5): 27-32

Refinement of lake evaporation measurements using an ion-balance technique. Papers World Congress on Water Resources(5): 2409-2418

Refinement of peat for non-horticultural applications at home and abroad. Telma 13(13): 127-135

Refinement of population estimation techniques for wild turkeys in Florida.

Refinement of protein structure against non-redundant carbonyl p#pdC NMR relaxation. Journal of biomolecular NMR 38(3): 243-253

Refinement of pulp in paper industry. II. Binary mixture of Eucalyptus pulp and softwood pulp.

Refinement of rice.

Refinement of secondary dairy products.

Refinement of some concepts in scientific studies and designing work for the reconstruction of rural settlements. Trudy Latviiskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 74) 63-71

Refinement of standards for dog breeds.

Refinement of the Citrus tristeza virus resistance gene (Ctv) positional map in Poncirus trifoliata and generation of transgenic grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) plant lines with candidate resistance genes in this region. Plant Molecular Biology 61(3): 399-414

Refinement of the SPG15 candidate interval and phenotypic heterogeneity in three large Arab families. Neurogenetics 8(4): 307-315

Refinement of the duration of storage of average samples of seed used for analysis. Biulleten' nauchno tekhnicheskoi informatsii Vsesoiuznogo nauchno issledovatel'skogo instituta zernobobovykh i krupianykh kul'tur: 143-45

Refinement of the media composition for the in vitro culture of early heart-shaped embryos in Phaseolus vulgaris. Annual report of the Bean Improvement Cooperative4(34): 147-148

Refinement of the method of forecasting sugarbeet yields in the Middle Volga area and the northwestern part of the USSR. Trudy 74 66-71

Refinement of the procedure of determining the laboratory germination rate of seed of perennial legumes. Selektsiia i semenovodstvo: (9) 41-42

Refinement of the size of the control unit for sampling a subsample of pea, buckwheat and proso seed. Biulleten' nauchno tekhnicheskoi informatsii Vsesoiuznogo nauchno issledovatel'skogo instituta zernobobovykh i krupianykh kul'tur: 5) 76-78

Refinement of the technique of recording powdery mildew of wheat. Izvestiia Seriia biologicheskaia: 5 10-12

Refinement of the use of non-human primates in scientific research. I. The influence of humans. Animal welfare 15(3): 203-213

Refinement of the use of non-human primates in scientific research. II. Housing, husbandry and acquisition. Animal welfare 15(3): 215-238

Refinement of the use of non-human primates in scientific research. III. Refinement of procedures. Animal welfare 15(3): 239-261

Refinement of vitamin spplementation in diets for pond-raised channel catfish.

Refinement, reduction, and replacement of animal use for regulatory testing: current best scientific practices for the evaluation of safety and potency of biologicals. Ilar Journal 43 Suppl: S43-S48

Refinement, reduction, and replacement of animal use for regulatory testing: future improvements and implementation within the regulatory framework. Ilar Journal 43 Suppl: S63-S68

Refinement: the T145H-Re mouse, a replacement for vasectomised mice. Animal technology: journal of the Institute of Animal Technicians 51(1): 63-65

Refinement: training lab staff to work with rats. Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing: newsletter 13(1): 6

Refinements in modeling the passive properties of laryngeal soft tissue. Journal of Applied Physiology 103(1): 206-219

Refinements in pickle brine recycling.

Refinements in rabbit husbandry: second report of the BVAAWF. Laboratory animals 27(4): 301-329

Refinements in the systematics of the Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera) based upon larval and pupal morphology. Entomological review9(6): 89-93

Refinements of cattle hedging--profit or pain!. Beef cattle science handbook7(17): 513-515

Refinements to the Boolean approach to automatic data editing.

Refinements to the Stewart McKinney Act.

Refiner groundwood.

Refiner hydrogen peroxide bleaching of thermomechanical pulps. Tappi journal 71(5): 109-113

Refiner mechanical pulp from chemically pretreated beechwood chips. Holzforschung 34(5): 165-168

Refiner mechanical pulping. Berita selulosa: 10 (4) 163-169

Refiner mechanical pulping for high speed newsprint. International Mechanical Pulping Conference Proceedings: 28

Refiner mechanical pulping in Canada. Information report VP X: 977, 171

Refiner mechanical pulping of chemically pretreated wood. International Mechanical Pulping Conference Proceedings: 8

Refiner mechanical pulps: end use potential.

Refiner mechanical pulps: end-use potential. Technical Papers of the International Mechanical Pulping Conference: t 1 245-264

Refiner pilot plant aids evaluaton of full scale systems for producing mechanical pulps from hardwoods, softwoods.

Refiner pilot plant as a way to evaluate full scale systems. Technical Papers of the International Mechanical Pulping Conference: t 2 97-107

Refiner pulp from Pinus radiata. International Mechanical Pulping Conference Proceedings: 3

Refiner pulp mill effluent. International Mechanical Pulping Conference Proceedings: 15

Refiner pulp mill effluent. 2. Composition of dissolved solids fraction. Paperi ja puu: 60 (8) 435-439

Refiner pulp mill effluent. I. Generation of suspended and dissolved solids fractions. Paperi ja puu: 0, 60 (6 7) 407-410

Refiner pulp mill simulation.

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Refiner system selections: a specific example. TAPPI journal of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry 63(2): 127-129

Refineries and environment: causes of pollution and treatment systems. Atti della Accademia di scienze lettere e arti di Palermo: ub 1976), (ser 4) 34 (1) 63-703

Refinery and laboratory studies on the use of Ecosorb precoat formulations for the clarification and decolorization of cane and beet sugar syrups. Publication of technical papers and proceedings of the annual meeting of Sugar Industry Technologists Inc2(42): 192-210

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