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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 16981

Chapter 16981 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Save the succulents! a practical step to aid conservation.

Save the swarms!. American bee journal 142(3): 174-176

Save the trees in the Himalaya.

Save the tropical forest!.

Save the valley, save the people. Soil conservation: 37 (11) 254-255

Save those clippings!. Farm ranch and home quarterlyer 26(2): 6-7

Save those ears and kernels.

Save those pits! From exotic fruit, exotic plants. New York times: 22

Save those vitamins!. Organic gardening 26(8): 80-82

Save three lives.

Save time & money with tested rams.

Save time and effort with round wool tables. Agricultural gazette of New South Wales 92(5): 12-15

Save time and money.

Save time and money on plantscape maintenance. Florists' review 164(4248): 20-21

Save time, labor.

Save trees before construction damage hits. American nurseryman, 165(4): 88-90

Save valuable protein. 43 percent of haylage samples were heat damaged. South Dakota farm and home research: 25 (3) 7-10

Save vegetable and field crops from cutworm damage. Indian farming: 24 (9) 21

Save vegetable crops from root-knot nematodes. Indian farming 33(3): 35-36

Save vegetable crops from white fly -borne viruses. Progressive farming: 12 (9) 13

Save water and energy with soil moisture depletion irrigation schedule.

Save water--automatically!. USGA Green Section record 29(2): 20-21

Save wheat, save meat, save the peace; the food crusade of 1947. Prologue er 3 (3) 136-152

Save with a large tractor. Fermes modernes: (71) 25-27

Save with band spraying. American vegetable grower 31(4): 44

Save work in feeding cows.

Save work time.

Save your back when lifting. Vegetable views newsletter 3(2): 10-11

Save your birds from Ranikhet disease. Poultry guide: 14 (4) 57-58

Save your birds from roundworms.

Save your breeder raised queens?. Gleanings in bee culture: 104 (10) 373

Save your cattle from bloody protozoa. Indian farming: 22 (9) 24-26

Save your chicks from omphalitis.

Save your crops from hairy caterpillars. Progressive farming 17(2): 7

Save your crops from hairy caterpillars Phytophagous pests, India. Indian farming 32(6): 33-34

Save your crops from the bihar hairy caterpillar.

Save your cucurbits from powdery mildew with new fungicides. Progressive farming: 10 (6) 17

Save your dollar leaks--save energy.

Save your dollars make toys at home. Circular HE Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Auburn University: 989 (372)

Save your fuel. Irish farmers monthly 4(9): 36

Save your garden.

Save your goats from diseases. Livestock adviser 7(1): 21-24

Save your grains from insect pests and rats. Farmer and parliament 16(9): 21-22

Save your grapes from fungal diseases. Indian farmers' digest: 6 (8) 19-21

Save your groundnut crop from insect pests. Indian farmers' digest: 6 (6) 17-20

Save your heart with Susan.

Save your hens in the next heat-wave. Queensland agricultural journal: 100 (10) 450-459

Save your lac crop from pests inexpensively. Indian farming: 27, ie 26 (8) 15-17

Save your livestock and poultry by making your hay, grain, and protein go further, through growing more pastures and more grazing crops.

Save your milch cattle from external parasites. Progressive farming: 11 (4) 18-19

Save your muskmelon crop from mildew. Progressive farming: 11 (6) 23

Save your ornamental shrubs from salt injury. Farm and factory: 6 (11) 21-25

Save your orphan lambs, build a nurser.

Save your own seed.

Save your paddy from bacterial blight.

Save your paddy from these enemies.

Save your potato crop from cutworms.

Save your poultry from large intestinal roundworm (Ascaridia galli) for better returns. Poultry guide 17(7): 65-66

Save your rainfall water. Grounds maintenance: 11 (8) 14

Save your rice crop from rats. Progressive farming: 11 (11) 5-6

Save your rice crop from zinc deficiency.

Save your sheep flocks from stray dogs. Indian farming: 19 (8) 43

Save your sheep from enterotoxaemia.

Save your sight. Diabetes forecast 54(12): 54-58

Save your sight--with good light.

Save your sugarcane crop from shoot-borer to get good yield. Progressive farming: 11 (8) 10

Save your sugarcane from frost damage.

Save yourself from choking to death.

Save, produce and store energy--16 examples from practice. DLZ 32(9): 1155-1160

Saved by Estelles roses--crossing a value gap. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 80-385

Saved from the ashes of Montserrat. Animals international er (56) 15-19

Savery project preference right coal lease applications.

Savery-Pot Hook reclamation project, Colorado-Wyoming.

Saves $1 million in purchases: Arizona prison system converts to contractors. FoodService director, 11(3): 56

Saves $81,000. Food engineering 53(3): 150

Saves time and money; loose mineral fertilizer chain raises labor productivity. Landmasch markt: 50 (5) 16-18

Saves time, grain and fuel. Arable farming: 4 (9) 71

Saveurs destuaires.

Savez-vous utiliser votre tracteur.

Saviia Suleimanovna Ramazanova (50th birthday). Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: ) 78-79

Savikainos maezinimas kolaukiuose.

Savill & Valley Gardens.

Savill Gardens, Windsor. Yearbook 6-58

Saving $1 million a year: Cincinnati healthcare group serves multiple-site meals. FoodService director, 9(2): 44

Saving -Your- Skin--Insect Repellants. Yearbook of agriculture: 93-296

Saving Africas rainforests.

Saving Americas Rural Housing Act of 2006.

Saving Americas countryside.

Saving Americas wildlife.

Saving American farmland.

Saving Buena Vista County soil with conservation tillage & terraces.

Saving California farmland: the politics of preservation. Landscape planning 9(3-4): 249-269

Saving Central Americas disappearing conifers. American forests 95(3-4): 26-29

Saving Food Values. Yearbook of agriculture: 32-435

Saving Hawaiis native forests. Forestry research west US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: 13-22

Saving Inky.

Saving Little Topashaw: eroded southern creek offers lessons on undoing years of harm to watersheds. Agricultural research 52(5): 4-6

Saving Louisa County soil with terraces.

Saving Louisianas coastal wetlands.

Saving Louisiana?.

Saving Minnesotas natural diversity. Minnesota horticulturist: 106 (8) 228-232

Saving North Americas greatest aquifer by fax. Agricultural research 48(12): 12-13

Saving Sagarmatha. Ambio 2(3-4): 203-205

Saving Sam. Arbor age 18(11): 28

Saving St. James: A case study of farmwomen entrepreneurs. Agriculture and human values 24(4): 425-434

Saving Sterling Forest.

Saving Suffolk County. Extension review United States Department of Agriculture Science and Education Administration 54(4): 36-37

Saving Waldo countys soil.

Saving a Yankee forest. American forests 95(3-4): 17-20

Saving a continent.

Saving a feral colony. American bee journal 143(9): 697-698

Saving a forest: The composition and structure of a deciduous forest under community management in Northeast Thailand. Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society 54(2): 239-260

Saving a lake called Herman. Soil conservation 45(5): 18-19

Saving a place.

Saving a rare bird. Michigan science in action: (36) 4-6

Saving a shelterbelt. South Dakota farm and home research: er 29 (3) 9-12

Saving abused horses. Advocate 2(1): 6-7

Saving agricultural land: environmental issue of the 1980s Soil erosion, altered land use, loss of soil productivity, USA. Environmentalist er 2(4): 321-332

Saving agriculture or saving the environment?. California agriculture 56(1): 9-14

Saving alfalfa for cows; new weapons being developed to win battle against weevil. Dairy herd management: 7 (4) 34-35

Saving all the parts.

Saving an industry. Rural cooperatives 67(3): 4-6

Saving and correctly storing oil products.

Saving and credits on individual holdings. Ekonomika poljoprivrede: 20 (7 8) 31-43

Saving and dissaving in retirement. Family economics review US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service 2(2): 13-17

Saving and economic development, with special reference to India.

Saving and growth.

Saving and innovation in hygiene of milking circuits and equipment. Alimentacion, Equipos y Tecnologia (225): 44-47

Saving and investing in the 80s . Extension bulletin Cooperative Extension Service University of yland: 1986 (303,rev)

Saving and investing today for tomorrow. NDSU Extension Service ication North Dakota State University: 90 (HE-258,rev)

Saving and investing today--for tomorrow. NDSU Extension Service: ication: 95 (HE-258)

Saving and investing two-paycheck families. NDSU Extension Service ication North Dakota State University: 81 (HE-258)

Saving and investment in an open economy with non-traded goods.

Saving and liquidity constraints.

Saving and making assets.

Saving and reusing water. Milk industry: 79 (10) 12-13

Saving and the real interest rate in LDCs. Journal of development economics 18(2-3): 197-217

Saving and using electricity. Milk industry: 79 (10) 10-11

Saving animals caught in disasters since WWI. Advocate 2(2): 12-17

Saving at sales.

Saving attitudes and behaviors.

Saving babies. Health 18(8): 59-63

Saving bays and estuaries.

Saving bee plant seeds. American bee journal 133(1): 43-44

Saving bees: fungus found to attack Varroa mites. Agricultural research 52(10): 18

Saving behaviour of rural and urban families in Ludhiana District (Punjab) India. Journal of research Punjab Agricultural University 19(2): 155-160

Saving behaviours: first wave baby boomers. Journal of consumer studies and home economics 19(1): 57-67

Saving berries for the bears.

Saving biological diversity.

Saving caloriessome ideas to get you started. Home and garden bulletin (253-3) 10

Saving cattle feed costs with dried plant juice.

Saving children.

Saving city water. Arizona land and people8(3): 10-11

Saving clover pastures for winter feed. Agricultural gazette of New South Wales: 82 (6) 381-382

Saving costs in farm fencing. New Zealand journal of agriculture: 133 (3) 20-21

Saving costs in fertilization.

Saving costs in food transportation.

Saving crops from pests..

Saving diesel fuel in soil tillage. Feldwirtschaft 3(1): 13-15

Saving dollars with DHI record. North Carolina dairy extension newsletter: 3-4

Saving dollars with wood chips. Grounds maintenance: 12 (6) 10

Saving electrical current--just in farm lighting?.

Saving electricity with household appliances. Journal of home economics: 67 (6) 20-22

Saving endangered species poses water policy challenge.

Saving endangered whales at no cost. Current Biology 17(1): R10-R11

Saving energy. Tuinbouwberichten 39 (9) 358-360

Saving energy and doing laundry.

Saving energy and dollars on the farm.

Saving energy and money during harvest. Energy in agriculture collection Michigan State University Department of Agricultural Engineering 1(3): 12

Saving energy and state measures for its furtherance. Brauwelt 123(34): 1413-1414

Saving energy by controlling te. Agriculture and horticulture 53(11): 1358-1362

Saving energy by heat protection. DLZ 30(3): 372-375

Saving energy by means of agricultural tires. Macchine e motori agricoli 38(8): 23-28

Saving energy by regaining heat on dairy farms. Landbouwmechanisatie 28 (7) 813-816

Saving energy during dry sausage ripening. Fleischwirtschaft 63(7): 1164-1166

Saving energy for agricultural products. Mechanizacja rolnictwa 31(2): 16-18

Saving energy from wood, a new aspect. Internationaler Holzmarkt 71(5): 15-18

Saving energy in Minnesota: a rose grower uses a rigid double skinned glazing to cut costs. Florists' review984 174(4494): 30-32

Saving energy in U.S. transportation.

Saving energy in animal production, in the area of biology. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft Sonderheft Neue Folge: 95) 168-183

Saving energy in existing houses. PM 94 (789,rev)

Saving energy in farming. Teho 2 32-33

Saving energy in grain maize drying.

Saving energy in mushroom culture with heat recovery. Champignon 200 9-11

Saving energy in older wood frame houses.

Saving energy in plant production, in the area of agricultural engineering. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft Sonderheft Neue Folge: 95) 157-167

Saving energy in plant production, in the area of plant nutrition. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft Sonderheft Neue Folge: 95) 135-141

Saving energy in plant production, in the area of plant protection. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft Sonderheft Neue Folge: 95) 142-156

Saving energy in religious buildings. Publication Cooperative Extension Programs University of Wisconsin Extension: 81 (E3101)

Saving energy in sugar mills. Proceedings New Seriesub e 1978) 7(7): 167-172

Saving energy in swine building Fuel, ventilation. Ohio swine research and industry report Animal science series Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center: 0-2) 40-43

Saving energy in swine confinement housing systems. Macdonald journal 42(9): 12-13

Saving energy in the broiler house. Feed management including feed age Eastern edition: 29 (1) 26-27

Saving energy in the food industry. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft Sonderheft Neue Folge: 95) 201-223

Saving energy in the home: doing the laundry.

Saving energy in the home: using home appliances.

Saving energy in the older home. Publication University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service: 978 (G2911)

Saving energy in the production of mechanical pulp. Paper 1, 194(2): 15-16

Saving energy in transportation. Energy conservation fact sheet Florida Cooperative Extension Service University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science: (40)

Saving energy in water supply operation. Water and Irrigation Review: 18-19

Saving energy means matching power to the job. Minnesota science Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station 41(3): 2-3

Saving energy on the farm. Long Island horticulture news: 6

Saving energy safely with wood.

Saving energy safely with woodburning stoves and fireplaces.

Saving energy with FEA tips.

Saving energy with cyclic lighting. Florists' review 166(4301): 56

Saving energy with gas-fired infrared heating: a new concept in greenhouse heating. Proceedings International Bedding Plant Conference: 5th) 183-187

Saving energy with hot water.

Saving energy with hydrogen peroxide. PIMA Paper Industry Management Association 66(5): 38-40

Saving energy with light, temperature fluctuations and CO2 in some greenhouse cultures. Melding Norges landbrukshogskole Institutt for blomsterdyrking og veksthusforsok: 83 (282)

Saving energy with systematic preventive repair of equipment. Agrartechnik 30(6): 275-277

Saving energy with tillage. DLG Mitteilungen Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft, 94(20): 1147-1148

Saving energy with use of modern plate heat exchangers in dairies. Milchwirtschaftliche Berichte aus den Bundesanstalten Wolfpassing und Rotholz: (62) 13-18

Saving energy with waste gas valves controlled by a motor. Gb Gw Gartnerborse und Gartenwelt, 81(5): 108-109

Saving energy with what you wear.

Saving face in a strategic retreat.

Saving farm labor by harvesting crops with live stock.

Saving farmland, a Canadian program Land use, land tenure, Food Land Guidelines. GeoJournal (6): 539-546

Saving farmland: the King County program. Journal of soil and water conservation 36(1): 19-21

Saving farmland: the Maryland program. Journal of soil and water conservation 34(5): 204-207

Saving farms and farmlands.

Saving farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Proceedings of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture: 93 45-51

Saving food dollars.

Saving for retirement. MAFES research highlights Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station 51(12): 6

Saving forests the natural way. American forests 96(1-2): 31-33

Saving forests with aircraft.

Saving fuel and energy resources in irrigation and drainage construction. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (7) 2-5

Saving fuel costs by forcing tomatoes. Tuinbouwberichten 38 (11) 438-440

Saving fuel in brooding chick. Hassadeh 55 (4) 619

Saving fuel on the farm. Bhagirath the irrigation and power quarterly 26(2): 72-74

Saving fuel through optimum driving methods. Agrartechnik 4(1): 32-34

Saving fuel with agricultural vehicles.

Saving fuel with storm windows and insulation. AEN 74, 27

Saving fuel. 8. Tuinbouwberichten 39 (6) 256-257

Saving gasoline on the farm.

Saving grapes. Agricultural research 47(6): 14-16

Saving ground.

Saving heat exchanges from corrosion by using special steel. Svensk papperstidning = Swedish paper journal 85(5): 12-16

Saving heat with the help of an automatic device for treating short day plants. Gartneryket 7, 64 (39) 727-728

Saving heating and cooling costs. Publication Cooperative Extension Service University of Arizona College of Agriculture: 86 (8636)

Saving high-traffic turf areas with concrete. Grounds maintenance 14(5): 48

Saving in India.

Saving in India, 1950-51 to 1961-62.

Saving input data from FOCAL programs. Notes on soil techniques: 50-55

Saving investment behaviour of rich farmers.

Saving irrigations in crops grown together: arrangement of crops and economy of water Northeastern Brazil.1. Comunicado tecnico EMBRAPA Centro de Pesquisa Agropecuaria do Tropico Semi Arido: 81 (6)

Saving labor in egg production. (Management).

Saving labor on dairy farms.

Saving labour techniques for raising silkworms.

Saving lambs by the thousand.

Saving lives .

Saving lives and livelihoods.

Saving lives and reducing injuries in remote rural areas. SRDC series Southern Rural Development Center: (135) 34-43

Saving lives is a law in Oregon.

Saving lives with an all-hazard warning network.

Saving livestock from starvation on southwestern ranges.

Saving man labor in sugar-beet fields.

Saving material and time in soil cultivation and tillage from the viewpoint of energetics and agriculture. Agrartechnik 26 (1) 9-11

Saving migrant birds.

Saving millions with trials involving poultry slaughtering. Dansk erhvervsfjerkrae: 5 (1) 12-13

Saving minerals and vitamins in fresh vegetables and fruits.

Saving mixed feed in bull fattening by moist cut silage or dry cut silage in a dry silage type ration. Tierzucht 31 (1) 34-35

Saving money by calculating equipment costs. DLZ 30(5): 768-773

Saving money by maximizing energy use efficiency in swine production. Advances in pork production: proceedings of the Banff Pork Seminar3(13): 99-105

Saving money on legal fees. American nurseryman 177(3): 71-73

Saving money while land applying. BioCycle 27(10): 40

Saving money with energy conservation.

Saving money with microclimate design. Grounds maintenance 28(2): 46

Saving money with plant growth regulators. Grounds maintenance 31(10): 30

Saving money, and enjoying some outdoor--therapy. New England gardening magazine: 3 (2) 26-27

Saving more baby pigs by early weaning and fostering. Proceedings yland Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers: 0-52

Saving native dune plants from an oceanfront pest. Coastal heritagering 21(4): 12-13

Saving natures legacy. Defenders. Summer; 693: 17-24

Saving nursery irrigation runoff offers conservation and production advantages. Highlights of agricultural research Alabama Agricultural Experiment Stationng 37(1): 11

Saving nutrients from farm to table.

Saving of energy and increasing of drying quality in the gas operated hop drier. Mechanizace zemedelstvi: 6 (11 12) 506-511

Saving of fuel oil in the operation of diesel locomotives. Lesnaia promyshlennost': 0) 12-13

Saving of labor through low installation of heating system. Vakblad voor de bloemisterij5, 36(39): 36-37

Saving of timber raw materials through the more rational utilization of wood.

Saving of water and labor in a rice-wheat system with no-tillage and direct seeding technologies. Agronomy Journal 99(5): 1288-1296

Saving on Cars. Yearbook of agriculture: 73-175

Saving on labor when sorting Gerbera: Working apart requires less labor than working in a team. Vakblad voor de bloemisterij 39(2): 42-43

Saving open space.

Saving open spaces.

Saving our ancient forests.

Saving our children from tobacco. FDA consumer 30(8): 7-8

Saving our fathers land.

Saving our harvest.

Saving our native orchids. American horticulturist 58(5): 20-21

Saving our planet.

Saving our rural hospitals.

Saving our skins.

Saving our soil.

Saving our soils :.

Saving our topsoil. Minnesota science: er 33 (1) 5-7

Saving our watersheds.

Saving place.

Saving place: land trusts as conservators of local and regional landscapes. Small town 26(2): 14-19

Saving potential of household industries in different forms of production. Savings and development4(3): 299-308

Saving potential of the construction of a manure cellar. Norsk landbruk: 7 10-12

Saving primary care. American Journal of Medicine 120(1): 99-102

Saving prime farmland: the Suffolk County experience. MB Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Cooperative Extension Service: (296) 29-33

Saving rain, saving gardens. Organic gardening 54(2): 38

Saving salmon with fishwheels: a bioeconomic analysis. Natural resources journal 37(4): 785-808

Saving search money. Agricultural libraries information notes National Agricultural Library US Science and Education Administration US Department of Agriculture 14(3): 12-13

Saving seed for next year.

Saving seed is fun: heres how.

Saving seeds.

Saving seeds for the long term. Agricultural research 46(9): 12-13

Saving seeds, saving culture: A case study of a heritage seed bank. Society and natural resources 20(8): 739-750

Saving shorelines: dune project wins praise in Maryland. Soil and water conservation news US Deptartment of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service 10(10): 3

Saving snags for woodpeckers.

Saving soil and souls.

Saving soil and water in New York State .

Saving soil and wildlife.

Saving soil with sod in the Ohio Valley region.

Saving steps with spiral carding. Agricultural research 22 (8) 12-13

Saving steps with switches. Leaflet YANR Auburn University Alabama Cooperative Extension Service: 88 (129)

Saving sugarbeet tops. Big farm management: 40

Saving sweet clover seed in Kentucky.

Saving taxes on land sales.

Saving the green corridor: recharging groundwater to restore riparian forest along the lower Tarim River, China. Ecological Restoration 25(2): 112-117

Saving the Bay.

Saving the Chesapeake: Marylands agricultural education program. Journal of soil and water conservation 40(1): 79-81

Saving the Eriskay Pony Rare breed, description, Scotland. Ark 7(8): 271-273

Saving the Great Swamp.

Saving the Italian breeds of swine. Informatore zootecnico5, 26(13): 25-28

Saving the Mediterranean.

Saving the Murray Valley from salt.

Saving the Soil. Science perspectives: mmer 1

Saving the Water Spent by Plants. Yearbook of agriculture: 13-217

Saving the baby pig from day 1 to day 28.1. the sow. Hog farm management: 11 (7) 16-24

Saving the baby pig, day 1 to day 28. 2. Nutritional measur es. Hog farm management: 11 (8) 10

Saving the baby pig. 3. Pharmaceutical measures. Hog farm management: 11 (9) 8

Saving the baby pigs. Research perspectiveser 5(2): 10-11

Saving the best of Texas.

Saving the black farmer: co-op federation strives to keep growers on their land. Farmer cooperatives 60(2): 4-11

Saving the bounty of a harsh and meager land. Audubon 87(1): 100-107

Saving the breeds.

Saving the catchments of Albanys harbours. Journal of agriculture4(4): 137-140

Saving the celery. American vegetable grower and greenhouse grower 28(6): 41-42

Saving the earth.

Saving the family farm and business asset: protection planning. Small farm today- 22(5): 50-51

Saving the farm.

Saving the farm by the sale of land.

Saving the fish creek bridge. Engineering field notes US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Engineering Staff 22(22): 13-16

Saving the forests.

Saving the garden.

Saving the green. Agricultural research 21 (4) 3-5

Saving the hidden treasure.

Saving the large copper butterfly.

Saving the last 2% of Illinois.

Saving the life of farmland soils. Ecos CSIRO (134): 22-27

Saving the masked bobwhite. Endangered species technical bulletin 13(5): 6-7

Saving the modest-sized farm or the case for part-time farming. Choices: the magazine of food farm and resource issuesnd Quarter 2(2): 4-7

Saving the naval stores industry: Charles Holmes Hertys cup-and-gutter experiments 1900-1905 USA. Journal of forest history 26(4): 168-175

Saving the ozone--a challenge for the chemical industry. Naval stores review 100(6): 14-15

Saving the pig crop.

Saving the planet with high feed efficiency. Proceedings 9th) 77-87

Saving the planet with pesticides and plastic.

Saving the prairie. Minnesota science Agricultural Experiment Station University of Minnesotang 43(1): 2

Saving the prairies.

Saving the ranch.

Saving the rarest. Arnoldia er 46(3): 2-16

Saving the redwoods.

Saving the salmon.

Saving the seas.

Saving the seed.

Saving the small cetaceans. Ambio 3(1): 2-13

Saving the small farm: agriculture in Roman literature. Agriculture and human valuesng Summer 4(2-3): 65-74

Saving the soil while pumping oil. Soil and water conservation news United States Dept of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service 2(3): 14-15

Saving the suckers. Red comb journal: 28-29

Saving the sweetgrass. Soil and water conservation news US Deptartment of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service 12(5): 15

Saving the tiger: the need for out of the box thinking!. Tigerpaper 34(2): 14-19

Saving the trees from gypsy moths. Agricultural research US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service 40(4): 8-10

Saving the tropical forests: a beginning. EPA Environmental Protection Agency journal 13(7): 13-14

Saving the tropical forests: some facts which have to be faced. Australian forestry6(4): 241-250

Saving the valuable calf.

Saving the worlds flowers new genebank preserves flower germplasm gathered from the four corners of the globe. Agricultural research 52(8): 12-13

Saving those valuable trees. Grounds maintenance: 12 (8) 38

Saving timber values.

Saving time - a plus to reduced tillage under irrigation. Publication Great Plains Agricultural Council: 10) 251-253

Saving time and money with systematic ploughing.

Saving time and steps in bedmaking.

Saving to serve more.

Saving trees during construction. Publication University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service: 88 (A-00113)

Saving trees in the home landscape.

Saving trees on construction sites. Journal of arboriculture 16(1): 8-11

Saving trees with burlap strips.

Saving trees: conservative construction. Grounds maintenance 31(5): 48

Saving tropical forests--Moving beyond documenting the crisis, a new international plan calls for specific actions to arrest and reverse tropical deforestation. BioScience American Institute of Biological Sciences 36(1): 4-8

Saving vegetable seeds for the home and market garden.

Saving water and saving energy. HE North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service: 90 (251)

Saving water from the ground up.

Saving water in Montana Conservation and efficient use, irrigation scheduling. Extension review United States Department of Agriculture Science and Education Administrationng 54(2): 32-33

Saving water in a desert city.

Saving water in the desert. Organic gardening 32(6): 38-39

Saving water in the home & garden.

Saving water makes energy sense Irrigation scheduling. Extension review United States Department of Agriculture Science and Education Administrationer 53(1): 32-34

Saving water; bathroom, kitchen, laundry.

Saving wetlands for a rainy day.

Saving wetlands: an urgent task. EPA Environmental Protection Agency journal 12(1): 2

Saving with old age aid. DLG Mitteilungen Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft 96(19): 1059-1061

Saving with the right tools.

Saving working time. Korma (2) 16-17

Saving young lives. Appalachia: journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission 33(2): 14-19

Saving your downtown.

Saving zollers dollars. USGA Green Section record 37(3): 13

Saving, growth, and aging in Taiwan.

Saving, investment, and gold.

Savings & investments.

Savings already made!.

Savings and credit banks of Quebec: Financial statistics.

Savings and credit cooperatives facing competition in Quebec.

Savings and development.

Savings and investment vocabulary.

Savings and investments. Circular HE Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Auburn University: 92 (625)

Savings are possible through better management of government-owned dairy products.

Savings associations for financing plans for reforestatations. Reforestation and savings companies.

Savings basics. Family collection: [19]

Savings behavior and satisfaction with savings: a comparison of low- and high-income groups. Home economics research journal 15(4): 247-256

Savings behaviour and debt problems in farm households. Farm finance and agricultural development: report of two seminars on farm credit: 200

Savings by using reinforced comb foundations?. Allgemeine deutsche Imkerzeitung 17(4): 104-106

Savings choices for beginning savers. FSHEC University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service: 91 (50)

Savings deposits and credit activities in South Korean agricultural cooperatives 1961-1975.

Savings for development.

Savings for future needs. Extension home economics: family economics resource management FSHEC University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service: 81 (FSHEC19)

Savings from bulk spreaders. Big farm management: 35-36

Savings from introduction of pulsed concentrated light sources for cotton seeds Gossypium, effect on yield, cost, man-hours. Applied solar energy8(2): 64-68

Savings from using enzilaged maize in fattening swine Costs, liveweight gains, Yugoslavia.1. Krmiva 24(1): 12-14

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Sbornaik referaateu z XI. eCesckoslovenskae konference o ochranee rostlin v Nitere.

Sbornaik z veedeckae konference s mezinaarodnai auecastai ke 30. vayroecai zaloezenai Agronomickae fakulty VeSZ v Praze, 30. 8. - 2. 9. 1982 = Sbornik trudov Nauchnoaei konferenetisii s mezhdunarodnym uchactiem k 30-oaei godovshchine Agronomicheskogo fakulteta Prazhkogo selskokhozeiiaaeistvennogo instituta 30. 8. = 2. 9. 1982 = Proceedings of the Scientific conference with international participation, held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Agronomy, Agricultural Uni.

Sbornaik zaaveereu referaateu z mezinaarodnai veedeckae konference na taema Problaemy chovu prasat ve velkovayrobnaich podmainkaach.


Sbornik V pomoshch* section * masteru bezalkogol* section *nogo proizvodstva.

Sbornik Provozne ekonomicke fakulty v Ceskych Budejovicich.

Sbornik UVTI. Genetika a slechteni.

Sbornik Vysoke skoly chemicko-technologicke v Praze.

Sbornik annotatsiaei nauchno-issledovatel* section *skikh rabot.

Sbornik dokladov.

Sbornik dokladov nauchnoaei konferenetisii.

Sbornik dokumentov po zemel* section *nomu zakonodatel* section *stvu SSSR i RSFSR, 1917-1954.

Sbornik edinichnykh rasetisenok na stroitel* section *nye raboty v sisteme NKSKH SSSR.

Sbornik materialov Respublikanskogo soveshchanieiia po zashchite rasteniaei.

Sbornik materialov konferenetisii, posveiiashchennoaei 100-letieiiu so dneiia rozhdenieiia Akademika N. S. Kurnakova.

Sbornik materialov po operativnoaei otchetnosti zagotovitel* section *nykh organizaetisiaei potrebkooperaetisii.

Sbornik materialov po pishchevoi sanitarii v predpriiatiiakh obshchestvennogo pitaniia i torgovli.

Sbornik materialov po planirovke i zastroaeike sel* section *skikh naselennykh mest Latviaeiskoaei SSR.

Sbornik materialov simpoziuma, posveiiashchennogo M.S. Voroninu i A.A. eIiAchevskomu.

Sbornik nauchno-issledovatel* section *skikh rabot po sel* section *skomu khozeiiaaeistvu.

Sbornik nauchno-issledovatel* section *skikh rabot po seleketisii i semenovodstvu.

Sbornik nauchnykh rabot.

Sbornik nauchnykh rabot po bakhchevym kul* section *turam.

Sbornik nauchnykh rabot po lesovozobnovlenieiiu.

Sbornik nauchnykh rabot za 1944-1948 gg.

Sbornik nauchnykh trudov.

Sbornik nauchnykh trudov po prikladnoaei botanike, genetike i seleketisii.

Sbornik nauchnykh trudov posviashchennyi 100-letiiu V.A. Nevinnykh.

Sbornik normativnykh aktov po voprosam agrarnoi reformy v Rossiiskoi Federatsii.

Sbornik normativov vremeni na raboty, vypolneiiaemye v zhivotnovodstve.

Sbornik ofitsialnykh materialov po kontroliu za iadokhimikatami, primeniaemymi v selskom khoziaistve.

Sbornik organizatsionno-rasporiaditelnykh dokumentov po okhrane lesov ot pozharov.

Sbornik osnovnykh normativnykh i metodicheskikh dokumentov po nauchnomu obespecheniiu i innovatsionnoi deiatelnosti v sisteme agropromyshlennogo kompleksa Rossiiskoi Federatsii.

Sbornik pameiiati Afrikana Nikolaevicha Krishtofovicha.

Sbornik plozheniaei po oplate truda rabotnikov gosudarstvennykh sel* section *skokhozeiiaaeistvennykh predprieiiatiaei.

Sbornik po lesorazvedeniiu.

Sbornik postanovlennaei i rasporeiiazheniaei po trudu dleiia rabotnikov sel* section *skogo khozeiiaaeistva.

Sbornik praci z mezinarodni vedecke konference.

Sbornik proizvodstvennykh norm i rasetisenok (N i R) dleiia rascheta s rabochimi na stroaeikakh v sisteme Ministerstva sel* section *skogo khozeiiaaeistva SSSR.

Sbornik rabot.

Sbornik rabot aspirantov i molodykh nauchn* section *kh sotrudnikov.

Sbornik rabot aspirantov i molodykh nauchnykh rabotnikov posviashchennyi 1500-letiiu g. Tbilisi i 40-letiiu Komsomola.

Sbornik rabot aspirantov i molodykh nauchnykh sotrudnikov, posveiiashchennyaei 40-letieiiu Vsesoeiiuznogo Leninskogo Kommunisticheskogo Soeiiuza Molodezhi.

Sbornik rabot po fiziologii rasteniaei. Pameiiati K. A. Timireiiazeva.

Sbornik rabot po geobotanike.

Sbornik rabot po kul* section *ture kartofeleiia i kukuruzy v zonakh krakhmalo-patochnoaei promyshlennosti.

Sbornik rabot po paleontologii Mongol* section *skoaei Narodnoaei Respubliki.

Sbornik raschetnykh tablietis dleiia MTS.

Sbornik raskladok dlia predpriiatii obshchestvennogo pitaniia.

Sbornik reetiseptur i tekhnologicheskikh ukazaniaei po pererabotke plodov i ovoshcheaei.

Sbornik resheniaei po sel* section *skomu khozeiiaaeistvu.

Sbornik retseptur bliud dlia pitaniia rabochikh i studentov.

Sbornik rukovodeiiashchikh materialov po kolkhoznomu stroitel* section *stvu.

Sbornik rukovodeiiashchikh materialov po zemlepol* section *zovanieiiu, sveiiazannykh s proektnoplanirovochnymi rabotami v sel* section *skikh naselennykh mestakh.

Sbornik stateaei po otdel* section *nym voprosam etiselleiiuloznoaei i bumazhnoaei promyshlennosti.

Sbornik stateaei po voprosam istorii KPSS.

Sbornik stateaei po voprosam kormoproizvodstva.

Sbornik statei po ekonomicheskim voprosam.

Sbornik statei po voprosam Michurinskoi biologii.

Sbornik statei po voprosam ispolzovaniia khimicheskikh sredstv v zashchite rastenii.

Sbornik tekhnicheski obosnovannykh normativov smennoaei proizvoditel* section *nosti na sel* section *skokhozeiiaaeistvennye mekhanizirovannye raboty.

Sbornik tekhnologicheskikh instruketisiaei na khlebobulochnye izdelieiia dleiia sel* section *skogo khlebopechenieiia.

Sbornik tekhnologicheskikh instruketisiaei po khlebo-bulochnym izdelieiiam.

Sbornik tekhnologicheskikh instruketisiaei, reetiseptur i tekhnicheskikh usloviaei na rybnueiiu kulinarieiiu.

Sbornik tekhnologicheskikh instruktsiaei po proizvodstvu vitamnov.

Sbornik tipovykh zadach i uprazhneniaei po sel* section *skokhozeiiaaeistvennoaei statistike.

Sbornik torgovykh dogovorov, torgovykh i platezhnykh soglashenii i dolgosrochnykh torgovykh soglashenii SSSR s inostrannymi gosudarstvami, na 1 ianvara 1961 goda.

Sbornik trudov Netraditsionnye prirodnye resursy, innovatsionnye tekhnologii i produkty.

Sbornik trudov Belorusskogo nauchno-issledovatelskogo instituta rybnogo khoziaistva.

Sbornik vazhneishikh ofitsialnykh materialov po voprosam gigieny pitaniia.

Sbornik vysoke skoly zemedelske, praha, fakulta agronomicka.

Sbornik zadach i metodicheskikh razrabotok po analizu khozeiiaaeistvennoaei deeiiatel* section *nosti sel* section *skokhozeiiaaeistvennykh predprieiiatiaei.

Sbornik zadach i uprazhneniaei po khozeiiaaeistvennym vychislenieiiam.

Sbornik zadach po kolkhoznomu pravu.

Sbornik zadach po kursu statistiki sovetskoaei torgovli.

Sbornik zadach po statistike sel* section *skogo khozeiiaaeistva.

Sbornik zadaniaei dleiia prakticheskikh zaneiiatiaei po cekonomike torgovli.

Sbornik zakonodatelnykh aktov o zemle.

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