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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17049

Chapter 17049 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Small grains & flax.

Small grains AES CES variety demonstration and yield tests.

Small grains Weed control, Wyoming. Research journal University of Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station: (172) 47-59

Small grains add to states centennial. Utah scienceng 57(1): 16-17

Small grains and field peas.

Small grains and legumes for late winter and early spring forage.

Small grains and other field crops.

Small grains for Wyoming.

Small grains for forage Arkansas. Leaflet EL Arkansas University Cooperative Extension Service: 81 (628)

Small grains for forage Growing and harvesting, Arkansas. Leaflet EL Arkansas University Cooperative Extension Service: (628)

Small grains for hay or silage for beef cattle. Beef cattle handb GPE Great Plains States Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service: (2402)

Small grains for pasture.

Small grains forage screening nursery, 1975-76.

Small grains fungicide makes impact. Seed world 129(8): 17

Small grains handbook.

Small grains imperatives.

Small grains in Mississippi.

Small grains in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Small grains in a crop rotation. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: 2 20-22

Small grains in southern Arizona.

Small grains in swine diets. Bulletin Cooperative Extension Service University of Georgia College of Agriculture: 87 (953)

Small grains performance tests.

Small grains research.

Small grains research, Muskogee.

Small grains: 1992 South Dakota test results, characteristics, and yield averages. Extension Circular University of South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service: 92 (774)

Small grains: 1993 South Dakota test results, characteristics, and yield averages. Extension circular: 93 (774)

Small grains: a forage alternative Harvesting, silage preparation, dairy cows, feeding. Dairy herd management 20(1): 14

Small grains: seed size. Bulletin Agricultural Experiment Station South Dakota State University: 0?] (706)

Small grape harvesting machines. Vititechnique (48) 21

Small greenhouses.

Small greenhouses provide year-round pleasure. Yearbook of agriculture: 09-216

Small greenhouses, foils and hotbeds.

Small group farm machinery syndicates. Agricultural gazette of New South Wales: 87 (6) 27-28

Small group sessions focus on prioritizing multicommunity collaboration issues. Rural development news 16(1): 29-30

Small groups.

Small grower: problems and possible remedies.

Small growers need more help from the agriculture colleges.

Small handbook about controling pests of crops.

Small handbook of laboratory animal breeding.

Small handbook of pig farming.

Small handbook on fertilizers.

Small hazardous waste generators in developing countries: use of stabilization/solidification process as an economic tool for metal wastewater treatment and appropriate sludge disposal. Journal of Hazardous Materials 147(3): 986-990

Small heat shock protein Hsp27 prevents heat-induced aggregation of F-actin by forming soluble complexes with denatured actin. Febs Journal 274(22): 5937-5948

Small heat shock proteins in Drosophila may confer thermal tolerance. Experimental Cell Research 147(2): 437-442

Small heat shock proteins of Drosophila associate with the cytoskeleton. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 83(1): 90-94

Small heat shock proteins prevent aggregation of citrate synthase and bind to the N-terminal region which is absent in thermostable forms of citrate synthase. Extremophiles 11(5): 659-666

Small heat-shock protein Hsp20 attenuates beta-agonist-mediated cardiac remodeling through apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1. Circulation Research 99(11): 1233-1242

Small hepatocellular carcinoma presenting with massive metastasis in the peritoneum, mimicking sarcomatous tumor. Hepatology Research 37(10): 885-889

Small herb gardens.

Small high schools that flourish.

Small high technology firms in developing countries.

Small high-voltage source for supply of devices of electron-ion technology in farm production. Nauchnye trudy Stavropol'skii sel'skokhoziaistvennyi institut4(5): 22-27

Small hints for flower cuttings. Gartenpraxis 2 96-98

Small hive beetle in the Mid-Atlantic states. American bee journal 141(11): 776-777

Small hive beetles in the USA--what weve learned in nine years. American bee journal 145(10): 805-807

Small hive beetles in the honey house!. American bee journal 139(12): 934-935

Small holders in Denmark.

Small holders, cottagers and citizens without civic rights .

Small holders, transgenic varieties, and production efficiency.

Small home landscaping.

Small home orchards. Proceedings annual conference Texas Pecan Growers Association: ub 1984) (61st) 30

Small home vegetable gardens.

Small horse an Italian alternate to soybeans. Informatore zootecnico: 1, 20 (14) 8-9

Small house construction in muskeg & bogs. Publication University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service: 91 (400G-01556)

Small hydraulic power stations.

Small hydroelectric generation in rural districts.

Small hydroelectric plants. Michigan State University Energy for Agriculture Series ENR: 78 (80-42)

Small hydrological research basins in Finland. Hydrological research basins and their use in water resources planning: proceedings of the international symposium held in Berne Switzerland September 21-23-1982: 357

Small hydropower for Asian rural development.

Small illustrated flora of the Andean-Patagonian national parks.

Small immunizing subunits in rabies virus. Biology of large RNA viruses: 33-140

Small impoundments of water. Recursos hidraulicos(1): 15-30

Small incidental renal tumors. Evaluation and biological parameters. Der Urologe. Ausg. A 46(5): 478, 480-4

Small incomes open up big questions about U.S. farm policy. Small farm today 1999 15(6): 17-18

Small increase in agricultural profits in 1978 and 1979. Landbrukstidende 85(27): 744-746

Small indoor landscape gardens. Brooklyn Botanic Garden record plants and gardens 36(3): 7-10

Small industry and firm-level efficiency.

Small inquiry on trichinosis and leptospirosis in swine. Anais do Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical: 3 (1 4) 377-380

Small interfering RNA against PTTG: a novel therapy for ovarian cancer. International Journal of Oncology 31(1): 137-143

Small interfering RNA of cyclooxygenase-2 induces growth inhibition and apoptosis independently of Bcl-2 in human myeloma RPMI8226 cells. Acta Pharmacologica Sinica 28(7): 1031-1036

Small interfering RNA profiling reveals key role of clathrin-mediated endocytosis and early endosome formation for infection by respiratory syncytial virus. Journal of Virology 81(14): 7786-7800

Small interfering RNA-mediated silencing induces target-dependent assembly of GW/P bodies. Molecular Biology of the Cell 18(9): 3375-3387

Small interfering RNA-mediated silencing of mitochondrial NADP+-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase enhances the sensitivity of HeLa cells toward tumor necrosis factor-alpha and anticancer drugs. Free Radical Biology & Medicine 43(8): 1197-1207

Small intestinal Chlamydia infection in piglets. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 5(1): 114-117

Small intestinal absorption and secretion in health and disease. Bristol Myers nutrition symposia(3): 119-132

Small intestinal adenocarcinoma in a horse. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 191(7): 845-846

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference2(12): 269-271

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in dogs--less common than you think?. Journal of veterinary internal medicine 17(1): 5-7

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Gut 56(6): 802-808

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in the dog. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference: 59-260

Small intestinal cannulation in the camel (Camelus dromedarius). Indian veterinary journal: 55 (9) 722-724

Small intestinal diarrhea - causes and treatment. 2006 World Congress Proceedings 31st World Small Animal Association Congress, 12th European Congress FECAVA, and 14th Czech Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress, Prague, Czech Re ic, 11-14 October, 2006: 401-403

Small intestinal diseases of horses: diagnosis and surgical intervention. Veterinary medicine 87(10): 1030-1036

Small intestinal incarceration through the lateral ligament of the urinary bladder in a horse. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 202(1): 89-90

Small intestinal manifestations of diabetes mellitus. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 56(3): 189-193

Small intestinal obstruction caused by a mass of feedblock containing molasses in 4 horses. Equine Veterinary Journal 34(5): 532-536

Small intestinal obstruction caused by a persistent round ligament of the liver in a cow. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 180(10): 1234-1236

Small intestinal obstruction due to persistent vitelloumbilical band in a cow. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 173(2): 197-200

Small intestinal strangulation caused by Meckel's diverticulum in a horse. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 194(7): 943-944

Small intestinal sucrase activity during experimental infections with Nippostrongylus brasiliensis and. Zeitschrift fur Parasitenkunde = Parasitology research2(4): 561-564

Small intestinal surgery. 1. Principles. In practice 22(9): 502-517

Small intestinal surgery. 2. Techniques. In practice 22(10): 574-592

Small intestinal volvulus in a dog. Compendium on continuing education for the practicing veterinarian 11(11): 1322

Small intestine. Murat Jean E Precis de Chirurgie Experimentale Abdominale et Thoracique Chez le Chien: 37-166

Small intestine lamina propria dendritic cells promote de novo generation of Foxp3 T reg cells via retinoic acid. Journal of Experimental Medicine 204(8): 1775-1785

Small intestine morphometrics and paracellular absorption in birds and mammals.

Small intestine of artificially reared rat pups: effect of caloric intake and dietary composition on growth and disaccharidase activities Nutrition of laboratory animals. Journal of nutrition 113(8): 1496-1502

Small intestine of artificially reared rat pups: weight gain and changes in alkaline phosphatase, lactase and sucrase activities during development Nutrition of laboratory animals. Journal of nutrition 113(8): 1489-1495

Small intestine reabortion in cancer patients and consequences for oral nutrition supply. Ernahrungsforschung: Wissenschaft und Praxis8(2): 42-45

Small intestine strangulation by components of the spermatic cord in two geldings. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 215(6): 824-5, 796

Small intestine transit of pancreatic enzymes and food.

Small intestines. Textbook of small animal surgery edited by Douglas H Slatter: 752

Small irises, rock garden treasures. Yearbook -13

Small irrigation projects for the semi-arid tropics.

Small irrigation projects proposed for North Dakota.

Small irrigation pumping plants.

Small irrigation tanks as a source of malaria mosquito vectors.

Small is appropriate. Zeitschrift fur auslandische Landwirtschaft = Quarterly journal of international agriculture 19(4): 329-330

Small is beautiful. American demographics 20(1): 42-49

Small is beautiful when it comes to apple trees. Agricultural research 42(4): 10-11

Small is beautiful--in action. Big farm management: 140-141

Small is beautiful--technology as if people mattered. Journal of technology transfer 2(1): 77-82

Small is beautiful: the new ideas about farm sizes. Economie rurale: (128) (6) 43-44

Small is best?. Textile Asia 18(7): 36

Small is big business in eastern Tennessee. Appalachia: journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission 30(2): 6-13

Small is big: the microfossil perspective on human-plant interaction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104(9): 3021-3022

Small is bountiful.

Small islands.

Small isolated drainage systems in Pakistan. Paper er 1991 (912165)

Small isolated rural hospitals.

Small kitchens.

Small land animals of New Zealand.

Small land holders are the most precious part of a state. People's Land: a Reader on Land Reform in the United States P Barnes ed: -4

Small landowner problems (relating to pine plantation thinning, harvesting and marketing). Proceedings of Smallwood Seminar Equipment Demonstration: ub 1975?) 16

Small landowners mismanaged woodland--fact or fiction. Consultant 20 (2) 40-42

Small lateral fasciations of Forsythia. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances Serie D: Sciences naturelles, 289(9): 699-703

Small leaved compact bush beans. Annual report: no 14 27-29

Small library in agrochemistry and soil science.

Small livestock development in Vanuatu. Alafua agricultural bulletin 11(1): 145-151

Small livestock husbandry in research and theory. Kleintierzucht in Forschung und Lehre Celler Jahrbuch: 22

Small livestock in the suburbs. New alchemy quarterly: ng (23) 6-7

Small loading cranes for light wood trailers. Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift5, 37(38): 1170

Small log sawing.. Wood industry: 30 (7) 287-290

Small lumber companies in western Oregon.

Small lysimeter evaluation. Paper er 1993 (93-3529)

Small lysimeter experiments on materials from landfill areas. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft 107(Heft 2): 450

Small machinery for fiber flax pulling and threshing in plant breeding. Selektsiia i semenovodstvo: (2) 48-49

Small male branches of Ptychomitrium (Grimmiaceae) arised from the base of vaginula inside the perichaetial leaf circle. Miscellanea bryologica et lichenologica: 7 (9) 177-179

Small mammal (rodents and lagomorphs) European biogeography from the Late Oligocene to the mid Pliocene. Global Ecology and Biogeography 16(4): 529-544

Small mammal and bird use of some unmanaged and managed forest stands in the Mid-South. Proceedings of the annual conference Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies: 4th) 482-491

Small mammal and plant responses to the rehabilitation of a dry prairie grassland association using fire and roller chopping applied in two seasons.

Small mammal census and control on a hardwood plantation. Proceedings Vertebrate Pest Conference: th 9-22

Small mammal clinical pathology. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference5(15): 882-883

Small mammal communities of mature pine-hardwood stands in the Ouachita Mountains. General technical report SO (112) 74-81

Small mammal community composition in native dry and wet prairies of southern Wisconsin. Milwaukee Public Museum Contributions in Biology and Geology: 1-26

Small mammal community structure in old growth and logged riparian habitat. General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station United States Forest Service: 20) 505-506

Small mammal damage agents which affect the intensive silviculture of lodgepole pine. Lodgepole pine the species and its management: symposium proceedings May 8-10-1984 Spokane Washington USA repeated May 14-16-1984 Vancouver British Columbia Canada comp ed by DM Baumgartner et al: 05

Small mammal damage in surface mine tree plantings. Proceedings 1983 Symposium on Surface Mining Hydrology Sedimentology and Reclamation November 28 December 2-1983 editor Donald H Graves: 411

Small mammal heavy metal concentrations from mined and control sites Peromyscus maniculatus, Microtus pennsylvanicus. Environmental pollution Series A: Ecological and biological 28(2): 121-134

Small mammal population of rocky habitats in the Greater Caucasus. Soviet journal of ecology (pub 1979) 9(3): 260-265

Small mammal populations in a Larix-Pseudotsuga natural forest and an adjacent clearing in northwestern Montana, USA.

Small mammal productivity and consumption in spruce forest and reforestation in South Sweden. Oikos Acta Oecol Scand: 5 (2) 153-156

Small mammal radiology. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference(9): 674

Small mammal response to the introduction of cattle into a cottonwood floodplain. General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: (166) 432-438

Small mammal responses to roadside habitat management in south central Minnesota. Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Scienceer 53(2): 16-21

Small mammal studies in a SAD baiting area Rabies, oral immunization. Comparative immunology microbiology and infectious diseases(1-3): 173-176

Small mammal studies in the U.S.--IBP grassland Biome. Annales zoologici fennici: (1) 48-53

Small mammal survey of Custer State Park.

Small mammalian herbivore determines vegetation response to patchy nutrient inputs. Oikos acta oecologica Scandinavica 116(7): 1186-1192

Small mammals and habitat structure in lowland rain forest of Peninsular Malaysia. Journal of tropical ecology 1(1): 5-22

Small mammals around a karen village in northern mae hong son province, Thailand: Abundance, distribution and human consumption. Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society 54(2): 195-207

Small mammals as vectors of Hypogeous mycorrhizal fungus spores. North American Conference on Mycorrhizae: d 111

Small mammals as vectors of leptospirosis. Veterinariia 7 68-69

Small mammals associated with rice fields.

Small mammals in a south-east Queensland rainforest: the effects of soil fertility and past logging disturbance. Australian Wildlife Research, 111: 31-39

Small mammals in modified pinyon-juniper woodlands, New Mexico. Journal of range management 39(1): 31-34

Small mammals in pasture biocenoses in eastern Khangai. Biologicheskie resursy i prirodnye usloviia Mongol'skoi Narodnoi Res iki0(10): 124-131

Small mammals in streamside management zones in pine plantations. General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: (166) 375-378

Small mammals in three strata of the South Vietnam tropical forest. Doklady Akademii Nauk 410(2): 281-285

Small mammals increase on recently cleared and seeded juniper rangeland. Journal of range management: 26 (2) 101-103

Small mammals of Howsham Wood. Naturalist t 926 83-86

Small mammals of Kenya.

Small mammals of a bitterbrush-cheatgrass community Purshia tridentata, Artemisia tridentata, Bromus tectorum, burned and unburned parts, Washington. Northwest science 56(1): 1-7

Small mammals of the Amur valley and the Primorskiy kray.

Small mammals of the Baikal basin.

Small mammals of the Bitterroot National Forest.

Small mammals of the Yellowstone ecosystem.

Small mammals on surface-mined land in southwestern Indiana. Ecology and Reclamation of Devastated Land International Symp on Ecol and Reveg of Drastically Disturbed Areas: ub 1973), 1 369-376

Small mammals restraint & handling.

Small mammals traffic in truffles. Forestry research west: 1-3

Small mammals, a food source for trombiculid mites (Trombiculidae, Acariformes) in the Lesser Caucasus.

Small mammals, habitat components, and fire in southeastern Australia Eucalypt forests. USDA Forest Service general technical report PSW United States Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: (58) 199-206

Small mammals: pests or vital components of the ecosystem. General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: (154) 88-92

Small manufacturers and the structure of technology assistance in the South East: a exploratory case study. Proceedings of the Technology Transfer Society Annual Meeting International Symposium and exhibit: 10-419

Small manufacturing and repair enterprises in Haiti: survey results. MSU rural development working paper Michigan State University Dept of Agricultural Economics: (4)

Small manufacturing enterprises.

Small manufacturing enterprises in Egypt. Economic development and cultural change 40(2): 381-412

Small margins make the difference between success and bankruptcy.

Small marsh willows (Salix lapponum, Salix lapponum, Salix myrtilloides, Salix rosmarinifolia) in the Ukraine. Botanicheskii zhurnal 65(6): 843-848

Small material markets (alternatives to chips). Proceedings annual Forest Vegetation Management Conference: 7) 97-103

Small mathematical models of ecosystems in forecasting the degree of waterbodies eutrophication. Zhurnal obshchei biologii 40(3): 467-470

Small matters in planting and maintaining apple plants with large effects on yield.

Small meat packers wastes treatment systems. II.

Small meat-packers wastes treatment systems.

Small mechanization. Zashchita rastenii: (8) 62-63

Small mechanization in personal plots and farms.

Small mechanized equipment. Zashchita rastenii: ) 56-57

Small mechanized working groups in the forest. Lesnaia promyshlennost': 1) 6-7

Small medicinal herb lexicon.

Small melons for Alabama: cantaloupes and honey dews. Progress report Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station: (130) 8-10

Small melons: cantaloupe, canary melon, honey dew, Spanish melon, and galia. Progress report Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station: (127) 17-19

Small methane generator for waste disposal.

Small millet improvement in Uganda. Small millets: recommendations for a network: proceedings of the Small Millets Steering Committee Meeting Addis Ababa Ethiopia 7-9 October 1987: 7

Small millets.

Small millets - a boon for dry farming areas. Farm and factory(5): 25-27

Small millets in Bihar plateau.

Small millets--their importance, research and developmental status in India and South Asia. Small millets: recommendations for a network: proceedings of the Small Millets Steering Committee Meeting Addis Ababa Ethiopia 7-9 October 1987: 7

Small mills for the production of ethyl alcohol Biomass fuels, Brazil.1. Proceedings of the IV International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels Technology Guaruja SP Brasil 5-8 Oct 1980: 189

Small mines in the Andes region A decade of experience.

Small minority accounts for majority of botanical product sales. HerbalGram o 56 53

Small mitre box.

Small mobile housing for shepherds. Ovtsevodstvo (1) 36

Small molecule RPE65 antagonists limit the visual cycle and prevent lipofuscin formation (vol 45, pg 852, 2006). Biochemistry 46(29): 8700

Small molecule ago-allosteric modulators of the human glucagon-like peptide-1 (hGLP-1) receptor. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 17(19): 5472-5478

Small molecule antagonists of the CC chemokine receptor 4 (CCR4). Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 17(11): 3141-3145

Small molecule inducers of heat-shock response reduce polyQ-mediated huntingtin aggregation. A possible therapeutic strategy. Neuro-Degenerative Diseases 4(2-3): 254-260

Small molecule-based reversible reprogramming of cellular lifespan (vol 2, pg 369, 2006). Nature Chemical Biology 3(2): 126

Small molecules block the polymerization of Z alpha1-antitrypsin and increase the clearance of intracellular aggregates. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 50(22): 5357-5363

Small moss communities and soil conditions in Skane.

Small moth borer (Diatraea spp.) damage in planting material of sugar cane in Trinidad. Journal of the Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago 80(3): 218-221

Small multicopy, non-integrative shuttle vectors based on the plasmid pRN1 for Sulfolobus acidocaldarius and Sulfolobus solfataricus, model organisms of the (cren-)archaea. Nucleic Acids Research 35(12): E88-E88

Small mussels in fresh water in Norway, distribution, ecology, and relation to acidification of lakes.

Small negligences, heavy consequences.

Small non-industrial forest owners in northern Idaho.

Small nuclear RNAs and RNA processing. Progress in Nucleic Acid Research and Molecular Biology 30: 127-162

Small nursery operations in Florida. American nurseryman: 145 (1) 14-15

Small nutrition primer.

Small oceans.

Small ocellar interneurons in the brain of the cabbage looper moth Trichoplusia ni (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). International journal of insect morphology and embryology(4): 337-345

Small olive lexicon.

Small or large isolation areas around the pulmonary veins for the treatment of atrial fibrillation? Results from a prospective randomized study. Circulation 115(24): 3057-3063

Small or limited resource farmer.

Small orb-weavers of the genus Araneus north of Mexico (Araneae: Araneidae).

Small organic molecular imprinted materials: their preparation and application. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 389(2): 355-368

Small packages. Fruit belge: 41 (361) 60

Small pancreatic lipoma: case report and literature review. Hepato-Gastroenterology 54(77): 1582-1584

Small particle emissions from kraft are studied. Pulp and paper Canada 81(6): 135-136

Small pathogenic RNA in plants--the viroids. Annual review of phytopathology7(17): 461-484

Small peasant farms in France.

Small pelagic fishes and fisheries in African inland waters.

Small peptides.

Small peptides with antipathogenic activity, treated plants and methods for treating same. Official Gazette of the United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents 1243(1), Feb 6

Small percentage of military families eligible for food stamps.

Small period gardens.

Small pest causes big trouble for tomato growers. Sunshine State agricultural research report: 19 (3 4) 14-15

Small petrified seeds from the Pennsylvanian of Illinois. Bot Gaz 113(2): 165-179

Small petrol engines.

Small pickings: the doughty botanicals industry. Garden New York 4(6): 4-5

Small piece of the vine.

Small pig raising.

Small pituitary size in children with Fanconi anemia. Pediatric Blood & Cancer 49(2): 166-170

Small places.

Small places: Grinnell, Iowa. Harrowsmith 2(9): 35-39

Small plant bonsai.

Small plant for production of Trichoplusia NPV.

Small plants with a big impact. Country life: 158 (4070) 10-11

Small plastic greenhouses.

Small plates for evaluating small wood. Bulletin d'information du CNEEMA Centre national d'etudes et d'experimentation de machinisme agricole: (273) 55-66

Small pleasures. Pacific horticultureng 55(1): 25-26

Small plot and container vegetable gardening. PM Iowa State University Cooperative Extension Service: 92 (870,rev)

Small plot and intensive gardening. HO Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service: 985 (124,rev)

Small plot drip irrigation for third world countries. Proceedings of the National Agricultural Plastics Congress: 9th) 72-79

Small plot evaluations of Matua resuegrass, Puna chicory, and Georgia-5 tall fescue. Research progress report: 09-111

Small plot evaluations of the toxicity of an experiment IGR insect growth regulator to salt marsh mosquitoes and non-target organisms Aedes sollicitans, Culex salinarius, Delaware.

Small plot evaluations of various nematicidal agents. ARS (122) 110-115

Small plot gardener.

Small plot gardening.

Small plot hydraulic sprayer and granule applicator. Aspects of applied biology: 0) 477-486

Small plot studies of Desmodium intortum (Mill.) Urb. cv. Greenleaf, Desmondium uncinatum (Jacq.) D.C. cv. Silverleaf, and Lotononis bainessi Baker cv. Miles, inNorthland, New Zealand. New Zealand journal of experimental agriculture: 6 (1) 23-28

Small plot studies of low volume water sprays containing herbicides. Rostlinna vyroba: 24 (2) 141-146

Small plot testing of a radiation resistant strain of boll weevil. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences(2): 680-681

Small plot tests of insecticidal sprays for bollworm-budworm control on cotton.

Small plot trials and sheep performance on sod-seeded Brassicas in southern Illinois. Agronomy abstracts: 28

Small plots of land in Iztapalapa.

Small ponds and lakes: big resource in Georgia. Extension review United States Department of Agriculture Science and Education Administration: er (101) 4-5

Small ponds and their management.

Small poplar longicorn (Saperda populnea L.--Cerambycidae, Coleoptera): economic importance, methods of prophylaxis and control.

Small populations of relict and endemic plant species of the Pieniny range (West Carpathians Mountains), their endangerment and conservation. Ochrona przyrody: ub 1977), 41 7-75

Small potent ligands to the insulin-regulated aminopeptidase (IRAP)/AT(4) receptor. Journal of Peptide Science 13(7): 434-444

Small poultry flocks.

Small poultry holder.

Small poultry keeper.

Small poultry producers, cooperatives did not adopt technologies fast enough. Feedstuffs 52(14): 28-29

Small power production. Transactions of the ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers: 980 (80-3040)

Small practical encyclopedia for breeders.

Small prey size offers immunity to predation: a case study on two species of Asplanchna and three brachionid prey (Rotifera). Hydrobiologia 593(1): 67-76

Small primary schools in rural Wales: frameworks of collaboration. Journal of research in rural educationer 14(3): 161-171

Small produce growers marketing behaviors: a case study of Tennessee. Journal of food distribution research 35(1): 57-64

Small producer hs to sell eggs closer to consumer for survival.

Small producers of the coastal countryside.

Small profession, big issues. Veterinary record: journal of the British Veterinary Association0, 141(12): 289

Small profits in the mini-exploitation of swine breeding.

Small programmable calculators for computing statistical tests. Fungicide and nematicide tests results: 2 267-270

Small projects first is the policy of the government and the practice for millions of peasants in the communes. Ceres 8 (4) 38-40

Small projects, distribution systems.

Small pulp mill survey.

Small pulp mills.

Small purchase procedures.

Small races of Gomphonema angustatum.

Small rain simulator: conditions of use and guidelines for data analysis. Cahiers ORSTOM Serie hydrologie9(4): 207-227

Small ranch projects guide.

Small refrigerators.

Small renal tumors: correlation of clinical and pathological features with tumor size. Journal of Urology 178(2): 414-7; Discussion 416-7

Small research basins--a tool for comprehensive hydrological mapping. Hydrological research basins and their use in water resources planning: proceedings of the international symposium held in Berne Switzerland September 21-23-1982: 5

Small research grants and academic fellowships: how students can compete. Family relations 42(4): 416-421

Small research on the situation of our horticultural exports to Berlin. Frutticoltura 33 (4 5) 41-49

Small reservoir and dam enginee.

Small reservoir cleans runoff. Agricultural research 25 (8) 11

Small reservoir investigation.

Small retailers with big objectives: film and camera dealers recapturing the Quebec market. OSE: Operation solidarite economique Quebec Province Operation Solidarite economique 4(4): 26-29

Small retention--an improvement of the water balance for agricultural purposes Poland, water reserves.1. Wiadomosci melioracyjne i lakarskie 24(11): 321-323

Small ribonucleic acid molecules produced during ribosome biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Journal of Biological Chemistry 250(6): 2003-2007

Small ring compounds in organic synthesis.

Small ring heterocycles.

Small rise and small annual variation in use of pesticides.

Small rise in food prices this year. Agricultural outlook AO US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service: (178) 26-28

Small river basin development in eastern North America.

Small rivers.

Small rivers in the Ukraine and. Visnyk Akademii nauk Ukrains'koi RSR: (12) 64-68

Small rock buttresses--useful for some forest road slump failures. Journal of forestry: 74 (10) 688-689

Small rodent biology and medicine: current topics. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference: 07-909

Small rodents. Pet Medicine: 18-232

Small rodents--forecasting. Norsk skogbruk: 19 (9 10) 185-187

Small root rot of the pine Cylindrocarpon destructans, Pythium spp., Scholten spp., West Germany.1. Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift, 37(15): 448

Small round bales are time savers Mechanization of haymaking, New Zealand. New Zealand journal of agriculture 146(3): 2-3

Small ruminant and lama parasite management. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference 16(16): 191-192

Small ruminant breed productivity in Africa.

Small ruminant clinical diagnosis and therapy.

Small ruminant clinical pharmacology: antibiotic use and resistance. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference6(16): 169-171

Small ruminant geriatrics. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference6(16): 183-184

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