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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17084

Chapter 17084 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Some pharmacological studies on Vicia faba cotyledons grown in Egypt. Qualitas plantarum et materiae vegetabiles: 22 (1) 99-105

Some pharmacological studies on nitroxynil (4-cyano-2-iodo-6-nitrophenol). Indian journal of animal research: 8 (2) 81-83

Some phases in the evolution of Triticale. Problemy eksperimental'noi biologii: 6-99

Some phases of cotton character.

Some phenolic compounds and the. Lozarstvo vinarstvo0(6): 28-31

Some phenolic compounds enhance nodulation and nitrogen fixation in a soybean. Phyton 3(2): 249-256

Some phenolic constituents of the cotyledon leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris, variety Pinto.

Some phenological data of 100 forest, ornamental, fruit, native or introduced species at the Forest Experimental Station of Saltinho, Pernambuco. Brasil florestal: 7 (25) 42-44

Some phenological observations on. Sumarski pregled = Journal of forestry 31(3-4): 27-40

Some phenomena accompaying the lethal shock caused by Bacillus cereus.

Some phenomena observed in systemic infection of alfalfa mosaic virus. II. The influence of air temperature and shading on symptom appearance.

Some phenomena of multiple folded pollen polarity in the genus Spathiphyllum (Araceae). Beitrage zur Biologie der Pflanzen: ub 1975), 50 (3) 445-456

Some phenotype relations between. Zhivotnovudni nauki = Animal science8(3): 43-48

Some phenotype traits of boar sperm.

Some phenotypic aspects of butter fat yield of Hariana cattle: Lactation curve and prediction equations. Indian veterinary journal: 49 (8) 789-792

Some phenotypic parameters of li. Zhivotnovudni nauki = Animal science1(2): 28-33

Some pheromones controlling honeybee behaviour.

Some philological notes on the pronunciation of Latin mushroom names. Micologia italiana: 6 (3) 11-14

Some philosophical prerequisites for a sustainable agriculture. Global perspectives on agroecology and sustainable agricultural systems: proceedings of the sixth international scientific conference of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements: 1

Some phosphate minerals of soils. 2(Pages 713-723 1968

Some phosphorothionate imported fire ant toxicants with delayed kill Solenopsis richteri, Solenopsis invicta. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 31(4): 730-733

Some photo-reactions of isolated chloroplasts of the wild forms and of two mutants of Melilotus albus and Arabidopsis thaliana; a comparative study. Angewandte Botanik: 45 (5 6) 249-283

Some photochemical properties of monolayers of the chlorophyll a on a water-air interface.

Some photogrammetric techniques of the determination of tree and stand height. Sylwan 118 (8) 46-53

Some photosynthesis-ecological characteristics of forest bryophytes. Symposia biologica Hungarica: 5125-135

Some phthaloyl derivatives of 2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucopyranose. Carbohydrate Research 16(1): 229-231

Some phylogenetic implications of action spectra for photoreactivation of ultraviolet-inactivated yeasts. Archives of Microbiology 104(1): 73-75

Some phylogenetic relationships within the family Heptageniidae. International Conference on Ephemeroptera 1st Floridaagricultural and Mechanical University: oceedings, 1973 82-87

Some physicaL properties of alginates in solution and in the gel state.

Some physical and biochemical properties of cardiac and skeletal muscle post-mortem.

Some physical and biochemical singularities of opaque 2 and floury 2 maize mutants. Vedecke prace: 111-122

Some physical and chemical aspects of water quality under various at Sakaerat Environmental Research Station.

Some physical and chemical changes in the properties of fresh and preserved orange and apricot juices. Elelmiszervizsgalati kozlemenyek: 2 (1 2) 64-69

Some physical and chemical changes of pressed material in different regimes of producing wood plastics. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Lesnoi zhurnal: ) 96-99

Some physical and chemical characteristics of Gray forest soils in the foothills of the central Stara Planina. Gorskostopanska nauka: 4 (4) 52-58

Some physical and chemical characteristics of Sri Lankan nutmeg oil. Journal of the science of food and agriculture 36(2): 93-100

Some physical and chemical characteristics of a deep, well-drained soil planted to citrus. Proceedings of the annual meeting: ub 15, 1976), 88 23-29

Some physical and chemical characteristics of raw tobacco of the Otlja variety, depending on the microregion and insertion. Tutun = Tobacco3(1-2): 187-212

Some physical and chemical characteristics of rawhumus horizon in pine forest. Proceedings of the II International Conference on Physical Properties of Agricultural Materials and their influence on technological processes organized by the Magyar Agrartudomanyi Egyesuletet al under the auspices of the third section of the of the Hungarian National Committee of the CIGR Commission international du genie rural in Godollo Hungary in the University of Agricultural Sciences on 26-28th August 1980

Some physical and chemical characteristics of the Ataturk University Farm soils in Elazig and their effects upon aggregation.

Some physical and chemical factors influencing quality of mango fruit and nectar. I. Effect of harvest maturity on some physical and chemical properties of mangoes. Sudan journal of food science and technology: 7 18-27

Some physical and chemical factors influencing quality of mango fruit and nectar. II. Effect of harvest maturity on quality of mango nectar. Sudan journal of food science and technology: 7 28-34

Some physical and chemical properties of Nuclease P1. Agricultural and biological chemistry: 39 (10) 1991-1997

Some physical and chemical properties of buffalo semen.

Some physical and chemical properties of dry zone forest soils.

Some physical and chemical properties of hybrid maize grain. Hrana i ishrana Food and nutrition: 19 (1 2) 29-34

Some physical and chemical properties of polyphosphates and ammonium nitrate polyphosphates. Zhurnal prikladnoi khimii: 50 (11) 2432-2440

Some physical and chemical properties of sucrose surfaces. Zeitschrift fur die Zuckerindustrie: 26 (11) 713-718

Some physical and chemical properties of the 73S-unit of the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) virus.

Some physical and chemical properties of the hemoglobin and erythrocytes in leukoses of cattle.

Some physical and chemical properties of the soils of the Bunda College Farm. Research bulletin: 6 1-14

Some physical and chemical properties of the vesicular swine disease virus (VSDV).

Some physical and chemical properties of three varieties of Libyan soft dates. Acta Horticulturae 736: 89-495

Some physical and chemical properties of two reed xylans (Phragmites communis and Arundo donax) in solution. Cellulose chemistry and technology: 7 (6) 703-713

Some physical and chemical specifiations of Argentine wines. Revista ub 1974), 18 (2) 127-144

Some physical and functional characteristics of chloroplast DNA.

Some physical and mechanical characteristics of cranberry and foxberry pulp and juice. Konservnaia i ovoshchesushil'naia promyshlennost': 1 40-42

Some physical and mechanical characteristics of particle boards produced in Mexico and their probable uses in construction. Ciencia forestal: 1 (2) 33-40

Some physical and mechanical pr. Ibaraki Daigaku Nogakubu gakujutsu hokoku: 23 81-87

Some physical and mechanical prop. Godisen zbornik na Sumarskiot fakultet na Universitetot Skopje = Annuaire de la Faculte de sylviculture de l'Universite Skopje83 (pub 1984) 30(30): 129-146

Some physical and mechanical properties of round red lentil grains. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 23(4): 503-508

Some physical and mechanical properties of sugarbeets as a coherent bulk cargo. Sakharnaia promyshlennost': 1 42-44

Some physical and mechanical properties of wood from the Douglas fir coming from the Arboretum at Rogow.

Some physical and physico-chemical properties of calcareous chernozems and their textural fractions.

Some physical and physiological aspects of evapotranspiration from a soybean canopy.

Some physical and physiological aspects of hollow heart in potato, Solanum tuberosum L.

Some physical and rheological properties of strawberries.

Some physical and technological properties of Pinus radiata wood.

Some physical aspects of the inshore environment, particularly as it affects kelp bed fishes.

Some physical aspects of the phytochrome phototransformation. Phytochrome Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Eretria Greece tember 1971: 7-74

Some physical aspects of the porcine stress syndrome. Iowa State University veterinarian: 2 (1) 9-11

Some physical characteristics and chemical composition of the cashew nut (Anacardium occidentale L.). Turrialba 35(1): 1-3

Some physical characteristics detected with the texturometric technique on carcass muscles of 10 genetic cattle types. Genetica agraria: 29 (1 2) 11-22

Some physical chemical properties of DNA during the development and growth of cotton. Izvestiia Seriia biologicheskaia: 64-65

Some physical concepts in complex terrain meteorology derived from the U.S. Department of Energys ASCOT program.

Some physical effects of acid wet chlorination on wool fiber s in relation to its use as a shrinkproofing treatment for wool.

Some physical effects of postharvest gamma radiation on the fruit of sweet cherry, blueberry, and cranberry. Canadian Institute of Food Technology journal: 3 (4) 152-156

Some physical factors affecting fungal population in stored wheat. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 50(1): 47-51

Some physical factors affecting the formation and. Australian journal of plant physiology: 1 (1) 149-156

Some physical factors in toxicological assessment tests. Environmental Health Perspectives 30: 75-80

Some physical gradients set up in Tullgren funnels during the extraction of mites from poultry litter. Journal of applied ecology: 6 (3) 391-402

Some physical indices and chemical properties of grain of recently developed maize hybrids. Rastenievudni nauki Plant science: 4 (10) 15-20

Some physical parameters for ethanol production from beet molasses by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Y-7. Bioresource technology2(3): 183-189

Some physical properties. Proceedings of the II International Conference on Physical Properties of Agricultural Materials and their influence on technological processes organized by the Magyar Agrartudomanyi Egyesuletet al under the auspices of the third section of the of the Hungarian National Committee of the CIGR Commission international du genie rural in Godollo Hungary in the University of Agricultural Sciences on 26-28th August 1980

Some physical properties of Simmondsia oil. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society: 52 (7) 259-261

Some physical properties of alkali-treated bhindi fiber (Hibiscus esculentus linn.). Journal of applied polymer science0, 36(7): 1601-1605

Some physical properties of aqueous L-ascorbic acid solutions. Australian journal of chemistry 32(10): 2293-2295

Some physical properties of cereals and their products as related to potential industrial utilization.

Some physical properties of coat material from Bacillus stearothermophilus spores. Current microbiology(3): 121-126

Some physical properties of foods. Series in food material science: 357-365

Some physical properties of gilaburu seed. Tarim Bilimleri Dergisi 13(3): 308-311

Some physical properties of horticultural substrates. I. Porosity. PHM Revue horticole: (230) 51-53

Some physical properties of horticultural substrates. III. Characteristics of the main horticultural substrates. PHM Revue horticole: (233) 61-65

Some physical properties of horticultural substrates. IV. Substrate mixes. PHM Revue horticole: (234) 11-13

Some physical properties of hydrocolloids in aqueous solution Food technology. Progress in food and nutrition science(6): 33-43

Some physical properties of leguminous seeds as affected by their moisture content.

Some physical properties of liquid manure. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Facultas Agroeconomica: 0 (14) 347-351

Some physical properties of microaggregate fractions of soils. Nauchnye doklady vysshei shkoly seriia Biologicheskie nauki: 102-106

Some physical properties of paddy profiles in Taihu Lake region. Proceedings Symposium on Paddy Soil Institute of Soil Science Academia Sinica: ub 1981) 311-315

Some physical properties of poultry dung in cage rearing.

Some physical properties of rubber.

Some physical properties of soils at Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria: storage of water and its use by crops. 2. Water storage characteristics. Samaru research bulletin: (118)

Some physical properties of soils at Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria; STORAGE of water and its use by crops. Samaru research bulletin: (126)

Some physical properties of spray liquids. Mitteilungen aus der Biologischen Bundesanstalt feur Land und Forstwirtschaft Berlin Dahlem 151 262-263

Some physical properties of starch pastes which affect their stiffening power on fabrics.

Some physical properties of sugarbeet seed. Journal of stored products research3(2): 149-155

Some physical properties of sweet onions. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers: er 1989 (89-6007)

Some physical properties of the Tsigai wool of sheep from different breeding farms.

Some physical properties of the blood of poultry. Veterinarstvi 1 (6) 254-256

Some physical properties of the heterogeneous soil medium. Zeszyty problemowe postepow nauk rolniczych: 20) 347-355

Some physical properties of the soil andthe tillage peculiarities for winter crops depending on preceeding crops.

Some physical properties of two volcanic ash derived soils of Pasto, Colombia, determined by different methods. Turrialba 21 (4) 393-403

Some physical properties of wool fibers in Sjenicka sheep, meliorators and their F1 crossbreds.

Some physical relationships of fine particle smoke. Proceedings 3th 283-294

Some physical, chemical and minerological properties of a series of Chaloupe and Batiscan soil connected to their pedogenetic development. Naturaliste canadien: 100 (4) 407-420

Some physical, chemical and serological properties of Bruce lla immunoglobulin G1 and immunoglobulin G2 antibodies of cattle.

Some physical, pomological and nutritional properties of kiwifruit cv. Hayward. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition 58(6): 411-418

Some physical-chemical and serological properties of Brucella IgG subscript 1 and IgG subscript 2 antibodies of the cattle.

Some physical-chemical characteristics of the fat and fatty acid composition of lipids of camels milk. Voprosy pitaniia: (5) 67-69

Some physical-chemical properties of the cobalamine-peptide complex of cattle liver. Doklady 3(7): 656-659

Some physical-mechanical propert. Khranitelna promishlenost9(7): 23-27

Some physical-mechanical properties of blackcurrant transplants Operation of planting machines.1. IAgodovodstvo v Nechernozem'e: sbornik nauchnykh rabot redaktsionnaia kollegiia: VG Trushechkin: 1

Some physical-mechanical properties of curly-grained wood of Acer pseudoplatanus. Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii: lesnoi zhurnal: ) 56-58

Some physician perceptions of migrant and seasonal farm worker health in 45 rural Georgia counties. Journal of agromedicine(3): 61-77

Some physico chemical and biological properties of a Belgian strain (U 76. Avian pathology: (2) 311-315

Some physico mechanical properties of paddy field soils in the delta of the Kuban River.

Some physico-chemical and physiological changes in Latundan and Lakatan bananas subjected to modified atmosphere storage. ASEAN food journal 3(3-4): 117-123

Some physico-chemical aspects of methyl bromide behaviour in soil. Acta Horticulturae: (152) 267-274

Some physico-chemical basis of food preservation by combined methods. Food Research International 25(5): 389-396

Some physico-chemical characteristics of coastal saline soils (Khar lands) of Maharashtra State. Current agriculture 4(1-2): 57-62

Some physico-chemical characteristics of cocoa beans in Venezuela. Actes Douala Cameroun 4-12 Nov 1979 7 Conference internationale sur la recherche cacaoyere = Proceedings Douala Cameroun 4-12 Nov 1979 7 International Cocoa Research Conference: 615

Some physico-chemical characteristics of forest soils of Kangra India. Food farming and agriculture 13(5): 106-108

Some physico-chemical effects of beaver dams upon Michigan trout streams in the Watersmeet area.

Some physico-chemical factors in the ovule during embryogenesis. Proceedings International Symposium on Fertilization in Higher Plants: 33-240

Some physico-chemical investigations of stratification in Abbots Pool, Somerset: studies on the dissolved oxygen content. Journal of ecology: 58 (2) 435-444

Some physico-chemical investigations of stratification in Abbots Pool, Somerset: the temperature cycle. Journal of ecology: 58 (2) 419-434

Some physico-chemical propertie. Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku Nogaku shuho = Journal of agricultural science 26(2): 149-157

Some physico-chemical properties of L-phenylalanine ammonia-lyase of wheat seedlings. FEBS Letters 23(2): 0-224

Some physico-chemical properties of soils of khadins in western Rajasthan. Indian journal of soil conservation 11(2-3): 5-11

Some physico-chemical properties of starches from cassava, arrowroot and sago. Denpun kagaku = Journal of the Japanese Society of Starch Science1(4): 224-232

Some physico-chemical properties of wheat in Mozambique. Agronomia Mocambicana: 9-22

Some physico-chemical studies on gallium and thallium compounds.

Some physico-chemical studies on the primary and secondary fibers of low-crimp Merino wool. Textile research journal 50(7): 420-422

Some physico-chemical, immunological and electrophoretic properties of bovine seminal plasma and their implications in the reproductive process.

Some physico-mechanical properties of poplar wood. Sylwan 66 (3) 43-53

Some physicochemical and biological methods of studying plant secretions. Fiziologo biokhimicheskie osnovy vzaimodeistviia rastenii v Fitotsenozakh: 109-114

Some physicochemical and mathematical tools for understanding of living systems.

Some physicochemical and physiological modifications of the blade during the senescence of the leaves. Physiologia plantarum: 3 (3) 188-193

Some physicochemical and technological aspects of the production of soluble chicory. I. Selection of optimal roasting and extraction conditions. Prace instytutow i laboratoriow badawczych przemyslu spozywczego5(35): 113-122

Some physicochemical and technological aspects of the production of soluble chicory. II. Effects of some factors on the course of spray drying of chicory extracts. Prace instytutow i laboratoriow badawczych przemyslu spozywczego5(35): 123-130

Some physicochemical changes in quail egg white during storage. Poultry science 60(6): 1245-1249

Some physicochemical characteristics of horse bean lipoxygenase (Vicia faba L.). Annales de technologie agricole: 6 (2) 119-132

Some physicochemical characteristics of peptides splitted from alphas1 and beta casein by rennin action. Scienza e tecnica lattiero casearia: 28 (6) 405-429

Some physicochemical indicators of the fat and fatty acid composition of the lipids from mares milk and shubat. Voprosy pitaniia: (2) 59-61

Some physicochemical propert.

Some physicochemical properties and substrate specificities of acid proteases A-1 and A-2 of Scytalidium lignicolumn ATCC 24568. Agricultural and biological chemistry: 40 (5) 859-866

Some physicochemical properties and substrate specificity of acid protease isolated from Cladosporium sp. no. 45--2+. Agricultural and biological chemistry: 37 (7) 1723-1729

Some physicochemical properties of Triticum vulgare beta, gamma and omega gliadins. Annales de technologie agricole9(2): 175-190

Some physicochemical properties of a number of blue Actinomycetes. Soobshchenieiia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoaei SSR: 73 (1) 197-199

Some physicochemical properties of a wheat flour hemicellulose in solution. Cereal chemistry: 46(4) 382-390

Some physicochemical properties of compact chromosome in Anabaena variabilis. Biokhimiia 44(2): 252-258

Some physicochemical properties of granulated complex fertilizers.

Some physicochemical properties of invertase of Candida utilis. Agricultural and biological chemistry: 38 (1) 213-215

Some physicochemical properties of starches as affected by changes in atmospheric pressure. Journal of food science: 39 (3) 467-470

Some physicochemical properties of sulfated polysaccharides of several species of seaweeds. Agricultural and biological chemistry 44(3): 673-675

Some physicochemical properties of the nuclear and chloroplastic DNA of cotton. Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: ) 5-7

Some physicochemical properties of the potato virus N. Toim Biol Eesti NSV Tead Akad: 3 (2) 99-103

Some physicochemical properties of the protein of inclusion bodies of the nuclear polyhedrosis and granulosis viruses of Agrotis segetum. Piopolimery i kletka 1(3): 121-124

Some physicochemical properties of the proteins of the cytoplasm and the state of water in the leaves during the period of hardening and dormancy of winter wheat. Physiology and biochemistry of cultivated plants: (Trans 1971), 2 (5) 367-371

Some physicochemical properties of three extracellular proteases of Aspergillus candidus. Mikrobiologicheskii zhurnal 44(6): 37-42

Some physicochemical sensory coefficients of the meat of young pheasants fed concentrated feed with fat added. Przemysl spozywczy: 9 (8 9) 351-352

Some physicomechanical and chemi. Korma i kormlenie sel'skokhoziaistvennykh zhivotnykh: 8 59-63

Some physicomechanical prope.

Some physio-ecological aspects of wheat under cycocel treatment Plant growth regulator, Triticum. Bangladesh journal of agricultural sciences 8(2): 195-199

Some physio-pathological studies on Corticium salmoni-color causing pink disease of apple. Indian phytopathology 37(3): 441-445

Some physiobiochemical peculiarities of soft wheat mutants induced by chemical mutagens. Uspekhi khimicheskogo mutageneza v selektsii I A Rapoport and others eds: 57-171

Some physiochemical characteristics of the compact chromosome of Anabaena variabilis. Biochemistry 44(1): 198-204

Some physiochemical tests of sunflower oil and No. 2 diesel oil as fuels. North Dakota farm research North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station 39(6): 12-14

Some physiocochemical and biological parameters taken in the Medellin River and its main tributaries. Actualidades biologicas 12(46): 106-117

Some physiocochemical aspects of oligosaccharide binding to concanavalin A and wheat germ agglutinin. Journal of biosciences 5(1): 105-120

Some physiologic bases of root and sugar yield of sugarbeets. Agrohemija 8) 251-258

Some physiologic changes during inhalation of 1%-6% CO2 carbon dioxide in man and pony. Effect of COP on mammalian organisms: report of a workshop June 5-6-1980 Bethesda Maryland ed EB Brown CD Gull CB Carlston organized by Undersea Medical Society Inc prepared for US Dept of Energy

Some physiologic control mechanisms of plant modificative variability (hypothesis). Trudy po prikladnoi botanike genetike i selektsii: 7 (2) 35-45

Some physiologic modifications of leucocytes in dogs.

Some physiologica studies of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn. associated with root rot of linseed. Journal of agricultural research 21(3): 107-114

Some physiological and anatomical characteristics associated with differential ozone sensitivity among pea cultivars Pisum sativum, pollutants. Environmental and experimental botany 22(4): 395-402

Some physiological and biochemical adaptations to diving in three species of ducks. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Physiology 57(2): 227-228

Some physiological and biochemical aspects of ammonia toxicity in cow calves. Protein and NPN utilization in ruminants: proceedings of the all India symposium UNDP ICAR at Karnal iln May 1979 edited by BN Gupta and SP Arora: 154

Some physiological and biochemical aspects of symptomatic sterility of cattle. Voprosy veterinarnoi farmatsii i farmakoterapii: tezisy dokladov Vsesoiuznoi nauchno prakticheskoi konferentsii oktiabr' 1982 goda g Riga red kollegiia: AIA Burkina i dr: 132

Some physiological and biochemical aspects of the chilling syndrome in tropical and subtropical fruits.

Some physiological and biochemical aspects of vitamin A deficiency. Postepy nauk rolniczych: 2 (6) 61-67

Some physiological and biochemical changes caused by Nicotiana virus l Smith in pepper and Cucumis virus l (Doolittle) Smith in celery.

Some physiological and biochemical changes in irradiated mangoes.

Some physiological and biochemical changes in leaves and shoots of apricot, infected by Clasterosporium carpophilum (Lev.) Aderh.

Some physiological and biochemical characteristics of the mutant Aspergillus fumaricus 128-2, a producer of acid proteinase. Applied biochemistry and microbiology: (Transl 1974), 9 (1) 28-30

Some physiological and biochemical characters of tomatoes grown in plastic greenhouses in Azerbaijan.

Some physiological and biochemical features of actinomycetes and fungi in their culture on media with hydrocarbons. Fiziologiia Mikroorganizmov: 45-147

Some physiological and biochemical features of greenhouse tomatoes.

Some physiological and biochemical properties of denitrification by Azospirillum brasilense. Azospirillum III: genetics physiology ecology: proceedings of the 3rd Bayreuth azospirillum workshop edited by Walter Klingmuller: 138

Some physiological and ecologic. Tottori Daigaku Nogaku bu kenkyu hokoku Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture Tottori University 30(30): 218-225

Some physiological and genetic aspects of biomass production. Sucrerie francaise 124(75): 331-335

Some physiological and genetic aspects of peach. Acta Horticulturae 315: 177-186

Some physiological and genetic implications of the effect of temperature on the photoperiodic response in beans. Annual report: no 10 8-10

Some physiological and ultrastructural aspects of systemic toxemia in soybean.

Some physiological and ultrastructural responses of chlorella pyrenoidosa, strain #11-8a, to 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.

Some physiological aspects of Cinchona. Warta BPTK Bulletin of the Research Institute for Tea and Cinchona: 1 (2 3) 143-148

Some physiological aspects of alpha amino nitrogen metabolism in the uterus of the pregnant and non-pregnant ewe. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology and Cognate Medical Sciences 55(3): 253-262

Some physiological aspects of cellulose-decomposing micromycetes.

Some physiological aspects of crop yields. Postepy nauk rolniczych: 18 (3) 21-32

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Some physiological aspects of the stress cycle in relation to muscle function and meat quality. Acta agriculturae scandinavica Supplementum: 1) 281-288

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Some physiological attributes of small birds. Diseases of cage and aviary birds 2nd ed Margaret L Petrak editor: 212

Some physiological backgrounds, important for adequate feeding of high-yielding cows. Festskrift til Knut Breirem: 1-59

Some physiological basis of ethylene and elicitors mediated stimulation of secondary metabolites synthesis: The Hevea model and the Catharanthus alkaloids situation. Proceedings of the first Thai French Symposium on Plant Gene Regulation and Expression Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand 19-21 December 1991: 245

Some physiological behaviour of. Rastenievudni nauki Plant science: (2) 9-14

Some physiological changes in the organism of agricultural workers Harmful effect of working conditions on machine operators.1. Doklady Akademiia nauk Azerbaidzhanskoi SSR7(9): 75-78

Some physiological changes occurring during the senescence of auxin-deprived pear cell in culture Pyrus communis. Plant physiology 69(6): 1339-1343

Some physiological changes of rice plants damaged by striped stem borer, Chilo suppressalis. Zhongguo Shuidao Kexue 21(3): 316-318

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Some physiological characteristics of fungal pathogens belonging to Verticillium Wallr. Mikologieiia i fitopatologieiia: (6) 536-53

Some physiological characteristics of maize lines and hybrids in relation to protein accumulation in grain. Itogi rabot po selektsii i genetike kukuruzy: sbornik statei k 80 letiiu akademika VASKhNIL M I Khadzhinova Vserossii skoe otdelenie VASKhNIL Krasnodarskii nauchno issledovatel'skii institut sel'skogo khoziaistva im P P Luk'ianenko pod obshchei redaktsiei I V Kalashnikova: 269

Some physiological characteristics of mushroom mycelium grown in compost extracts. Mushroom science: ub 1969), 7 37-49

Some physiological characteristics of radioresistant plants. Radiobiologiia 14 (3) 453-456

Some physiological characteristics of the apple tree as affected by different methods of irrigation.

Some physiological characteristics of the progeny of l- and d-bioforms of sugar beet.

Some physiological characters of drought resistance in spring wheat in the Middle and Lower Volga area. Doklady (2) 6-8

Some physiological characters of four Cytospora spp. occurring on apple bark. Archiv fur Phytopathologie und Pflanzenschutz1(3): 199-213

Some physiological charqcteristics of tomato varieties attacked by Orobanche aegyptica. Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: ) 20-22

Some physiological consequences of mutation affecting reproduction of Penicillium baarnense Van Beyma.

Some physiological consequences of polychlorinated biphenyl- and salinity-stress in penaeid shrimp. Pollution and Physiology of ine Organisms F J Vernberg and W B Vernberg eds: 27-443

Some physiological costs of cold climates.

Some physiological data in rats exposed to cadmium. Trace element analytical chemistry in medicine and biology: proceedings of the first international workshop Neuherberg Federal Re ic of Germany April 1980 editors Peter Bratter Peter Schramel: 6

Some physiological differences in tissues of carrot root fulfilling different functions. Fiziologiia rastenii 17 (5) 1076-1082

Some physiological differences o.

Some physiological disturbances produced by coccidiosis.

Some physiological disturbances taken at the intestinal level in sheep experimentally infested with Ostertagia circumcincta. Bulletin de l'Academie veterinarie de France6(2): 235-242

Some physiological diurnal changes in drought tolerant and susceptible bean species and varieties. Annual report: no 7 10-11

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Some physiological factors affecting the nodulation of leguminous plants.

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