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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17127

Chapter 17127 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Status of the commercial and recreational fishery. Manual on red drum aquaculture: conference draft second printing edited by George W Chamberlain Russell J Miget and Michael G Haby

Status of the cooperative boll weevil program. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conference: 5-48

Status of the coral reefs of the Samoan Archipelago.

Status of the crayfish stocks in Pine Lake, King County, Washington five years after the discovery of the invasive red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852). Journal of Freshwater Ecology 22(2): 351-353

Status of the creeping alfalfa breeding project. Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: 959 (80)

Status of the current fire ant research program of the United States Department of Agriculture. Proceedings Tall Timbers Conference on Ecological Animal Control by Habitat Management TAllahassee: ) 29-40

Status of the cyprinodontid fish genus Rivulus in Costa Rica, with descriptions of new endemic species. Brenesia (17) 327-364

Status of the development in technology and equipment for particle board production. Drevo 35(10): 304-308

Status of the development of EDS exxon donor solvent coal liquefaction. Science 3, 217(4557): 311-316

Status of the development of calibration cottons for fiber maturity. Proceedings (1): 748-751

Status of the development of mushroom cultivation method with non-composted nutrient substrate (the Huhnke method) and its possibilities for use. Champignon 113 5-14

Status of the economy.

Status of the elderly: an extension of the theory. Journal of marriage and the family 49(2): 413-420

Status of the family farm.

Status of the family farm and prospects for the future.

Status of the family farm: second annual report to the Congress. Agricultural economic report United States Dept of Agriculture Economics Statistics and Cooperatives Service: 979 (434)

Status of the fire ant decapitating fly Pseudacteon tricuspis (Diptera : Phoridae) in Louisiana. Florida Entomologist 90(3): 565-569

Status of the fiscal year 1989 Timber Bridge Initiative in Region 2. Engineering field notes US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Engineering Staff 22(22): 27-30

Status of the fish and wildlife resource in Alberta.

Status of the fishery resources off the northeastern United States for 1990.

Status of the flora of the Los Alamos National Environmental Park.

Status of the food irradiation program.

Status of the food irradiation programme in Israel. Requirements for the Irradiation of Food on a Commercial Scale Proceedings of a Panel: ub 1975) 179

Status of the food supply and residents of New Zealand. Selenium in biology and medicine: proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine held May 27 June 1-1984 Xiangshan Fragrance Hills Hotel Beijing People's Re ic of China: 644

Status of the genera Ungla and Mallada Navas (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). Psyche 82 (2) 167-173

Status of the genetic resources of Pacific rim salmon. NATO ASI series Series A Life sciences48(248): 295-301

Status of the genus Heptagenia Walsh, 1863 (Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae), in India. Reichenbachia 3(2): 131-134

Status of the giant African snail in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. Plant protection bulletin7(4): 130-131

Status of the giant helleborine, Epipactis gigantea (Orchidaceae), in Canada. Canadian field naturalistt 100(3): 414-417

Status of the harbour seal Phoca vitulina populations in Danish waters, 1976-1989, and short-term effects of the epidemic in 1988.

Status of the in vitro collection in IR-1 USDA. Strategies for the conservation of potato: genetic resources IV: XXIX Planning Conference February 9-13-1987: 1

Status of the international global climate change negotiations.

Status of the joint United States-Canada Nosema Disease Committee. American bee journal: 114 (8) 291-292

Status of the literary information in veterinary medicine.

Status of the little cherry disease eradication program in the Kootenay Valley of British Columbia. Canadian Plant Disease Survey 74(1): 115-116

Status of the marbled murrelet in North America.

Status of the model retail food store sanitation ordinance. Journal of food protection 43(4): 321-323

Status of the mosquito fern, Azolla mexicana (Salviniaceae), in Canada. Canadian field naturalistt 100(3): 409-413

Status of the mountain plover.

Status of the nations wetlands and laws related thereto.

Status of the national cooperative soil survey in Missouri.

Status of the nationwide boll weevil cooperative control program environmental impact statement. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences(2): 608

Status of the newer European feeding systems. Feed information and animal production: proceedings of the second symposium of the International Network of Feed Information Centres edited by GE Robards and RG Packham: 321

Status of the northern goshawk in Oregon and Washington.

Status of the ornamental fish industry in the Philippines.

Status of the pallid sturgeon Scaphirhynchus albus Taxonomy, ecology, North Central States (USA). Fisheries: A bulletin of the American Fisheries Society 8(1): 3-9

Status of the papilionid types Papilio stewarti Avinoff and P. morrisi Ehrmann. Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 43(1): 66-68

Status of the peatgas pilot plant development program. Peat as an energy alternative II: symposium proceedings presented December 1-3-1981 Arlington Va symp chairman DV Punwani symp director F Suchomel produced by BW Feingold: 525

Status of the pine needle gall midge in Korea. Ecology and evolution of gall forming insects 1

Status of the pollen genus Pollenites. Taxon 28(5-6): 557-561

Status of the population of Tortrix viridana L. in oak for ests of Tellermanov Experimental Forest in 1969-1972 and its biological productivity.. Produktivnost' Organicheskoi i Biologicheskoi Massy Lesa: 62-188

Status of the progesterone and corticoids in the peripheral blood plasma of crossbred cows during lactation. Journal of nuclear agriculture and biology 11(2): 62-63

Status of the radappertization of meats. Journal of milk and food technology: 37 (2) 86-93

Status of the rambutan industry in ASEAN. Rambutan: fruit development postharvest physiology and marketing in ASEAN edited by PF Lam S Kosiyachinda

Status of the recreational fisheries in two Australian coastal estuaries following large fish-kill events. Fisheries Research (Amsterdam) 85(3): 258-269

Status of the reform of tenancy law in the Federal Republic of Germany. Agrarwirtschaft 32(11): 341-346

Status of the regal fritillary (Speyeria idalia) and effects of fire management on its abundance in northeastern Kansas, USA. Journal of insect conservation 11(3): 299-308

Status of the revised soil survey manual. Proceedings of the National Soil Survey Conference: 29-132

Status of the rural abandoned mine program, Virginia.

Status of the screworm outbreak in Mexico. Foreign animal disease report: er (20-2) 5-6

Status of the shellfish industry. Aquaculture magazine 26(6): 64-66

Status of the sitka spruce weevil on Vancouver Island, 1967.

Status of the southern maidenhair fern, Adiantum capillus-veneris (Adiantaceae), in Canada. Canadian field naturalistt 100(3): 404-408

Status of the soybean industry.

Status of the sterile-male technique for mosquito control.

Status of the summer groundwater regimen and its significance in groundwater development and management programme of the Narmada upland alluvial basin of Madhya Pradesh. Indian journal of power and river valley development: 28 (1) 16-22

Status of the swamp rose mallow, Hibiscus moscheutos L. (Malvaceae), in Canada. Michigan botanist 28(2): 81-88

Status of the swine health protection act. Official proceedings: annual meeting Livestock Conservation Institute: 10-211

Status of the systems approach to pest management. Annual review of entomology: 1 27-44

Status of the technique of stable manure removal as well as the storage and spreading of liquid manure. IV. Tierzuchter 21 (1) 19-20

Status of the tillage system-water quality research project at North Carolina A&T State University. Paper er 1994 (2567 2581)

Status of the veterinarian in industrial animal production.

Status of the veterinarians in the evolving agrarian sector.

Status of the virus diseases of yams (Dioscorea spp) in the Commonwealth Caribbean. Les Colloques de l'INRA: ) 85-92

Status of the voluntary cooperative Industry-State-Feferal Salmonella Control Program. Proceedings annual meeting of the United States Animal Health Association: ub1974), 77th 291-296

Status of the weevil resistance breeding program. LAES mimeo series: 9) 47-49

Status of the western false hemlock looper infestation in the upper Flathead Valley, Montana 1974.

Status of the wild and scenic rivers system. Gillette Elizabeth R Action for Wilderness: 134-145

Status of the wild turkey in the United States.

Status of the wolf in the Middle East. Acta zoologica Fennica: 74) 279-280

Status of the world fisheries. T'ai wan nung yeh chi k'an = Taiwan agriculture bimonthly 16(5): 8-22

Status of three tachinid parasites of Diatraea spp. in Guadeloupe (French West Indies). Annales (new ser) 11 (4) 791-807

Status of tick distribution in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Parasitology Research 101 Suppl 2: S207-S216

Status of tick infestation of cattle in the Kayseri region of Turkey. Parasitology Research 101 Suppl 2: S167-S169

Status of timber inventories in the northeastern Great Plains. Publication Great Plains Agricultural Council: 1) 37-41

Status of tissue culture in Pakistan.

Status of tobacco budworm populations parasitism and resistance in the Tamaulipas cotton region. Proceedings 1176-1178

Status of topographic mapping in the United States.

Status of topographic mapping in the United States and its territories and possessions.

Status of trace minerals in different feeds: a survey. Intas Polivet 8(1): 158-160

Status of trade negotiations and trade issues: question period. Outlook Proceedings Agricultural Outlook Conference US Department of Agriculture: 9?] (65th) 613-616

Status of traditional fisheries in Kerala. CMFRI bulletin Central ine Fisheries Research Institute: (30-B) 29-38

Status of tree improvement efforts in the North Central States. Proceedings of the North Central Tree Improvement Conference: st) 59-67

Status of tree improvement research in northern Plains states.

Status of tribal fish and wildlife management programs.

Status of tristeza and other diseases in citrus decline in India. Problems of citrus diseases in India edited by SP Raychaudhuri YS Ahlawat: 0

Status of trout cod Maccullochella macquariensis, Macquarie perch Macquaria australasica, and other fish populations in the upper reaches of Seven Creeks, based on surveys between 1981 and 1987.

Status of tuna fisheries in the SPC area during 1990, with annual catches since 1952.

Status of two endangered Florida species of Chamaesyce (Euphorbiaceae). Florida scientister 42(3): 130-136

Status of understanding of the saturated-zone ground-water flow system at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, as of 1995.

Status of upstream watershed development in Texas.

Status of upstream watershed development, Texas.

Status of uptake of mercury by the fresh water diatom, Synedra ulna. Water research: 9 (10) 889-894

Status of use of organics in crop production in Himachal Pradesh - north western hill state of India. 6th IFOAM Asia Scientific Conference, Yangpyung, Korea, 7-11 September, 2004: "Benign environment and safe food": 142-160

Status of validation projects in Japan. International status of validation of in vitro toxicity tests: a report of the CAAT TCA workshop of e 16-20-1991: 6

Status of various virus diseases of citrus in eastern region of India. Problems of citrus diseases in India edited by SP Raychaudhuri YS Ahlawat: 8

Status of veterinary public health in New Zealand. Kajian veterinar Malaysia 18(2): 225-227

Status of virtual water trade from India. Current Science 93(8): 1093-1099

Status of virus-free, nematode-free strawberry plants.

Status of viruses as biocontrol agents for spruce budworms. USDA Forest Service general technical report NE United States Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: 00) 61-67

Status of wading birds (Ardeids and Ibises) at the north end of Last Mountain Lake in 2006. Blue Jay 65(2): 67-77

Status of water and sewage facilities in communities without public services.

Status of water and sewage facilities in communities without public systems.

Status of water biological reservoirs in the surrounding areas of Poznan.

Status of water hyacinth infestation and management in Malaysia. Proceedings of the International Conference on Water Hyacinth: Hyderabad India February 7-11-1983 Editor: G Thyagarajan: 5

Status of water levels and selected water-quality conditions in the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer in eastern Arkansas, 1994-96.

Status of water levels and selected water-quality conditions in the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer in eastern Arkansas, 1998.

Status of water levels and selected water-quality conditions in the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer in eastern Arkansas, 2000.

Status of water levels and selected water-quality conditions in the Sparta and Memphis aquifers in eastern and south-central Arkansas, 1999.

Status of water levels and selected water-quality conditions in the Sparta-Memphis aquifer in Arkansas and the Sparta aquifer in Louisiana, spring-summer 2001.

Status of water levels in aquifers in the Nacatoch Sand of southwestern and northeastern Arkansas and the Tokio Formation of southwestern Arkansas, 1999.

Status of water levels in aquifers in the Nacatoch sand and Tokio Formation of southwestern Arkansas, 1996.

Status of water quantity and quality program: Agricultural Research Service. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (101) 68-74

Status of water quantity and quality program: Forest Service Research. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (101) 61-65

Status of water quantity and quality program: National Forest Service System. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (101) 66-67

Status of water quantity and quality program: Soil Conservation Service. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (101) 75-78

Status of water resource projects, Connecticut.

Status of water table management research in Georgia. Paper er 1991 (912022)

Status of waterborne diseases in the US and Canada. Journal 67 (2) 95-98

Status of watershed (PL-566) structural measures, Indiana.

Status of watershed projects, Georgia.

Status of watershed projects, Maine.

Status of watershed projects, Maryland.

Status of watershed projects, West Virginia.

Status of watershed protection and flood prevention program.

Status of watershed protection and flood prevention program and location of river basin studies, Tennessee.

Status of watershed protection and flood prevention programs, Vermont.

Status of watersheds and river basin studies, Florida.

Status of watersheds, Iowa.

Status of watersheds, Kentucky.

Status of watersheds, Louisiana.

Status of watersheds, Mississippi.

Status of watersheds, Ohio.

Status of watersheds, Virginia.

Status of watersheds, watershed protection and flood prevention, Georgia.

Status of wear testing and prediction of fabric performance.

Status of weed control in nurseries. Pflanzenarzt 24 (5) 49-53

Status of weed control in papayas. Miscellaneous ication Hawaii University Cooperative Extension Service: (178) 16

Status of weed control resear. Han'guk Changmul Hakhoe chi = Journal of the Korean Society of Crop Science 23(3): 5-11

Status of weed research in India. Quarter century of agronomic research in India 1955-1980 edited by Rajendra Prasad KS Parashar Riksh Pal Singh: 0

Status of western false hemlock looper infestation in the Upper Flathead Valley, Montana.

Status of western spruce budworm populations following the 1979 Cascade, Idaho control project.

Status of wetlands and riparian program: Agricultural Research Service. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (101) 35-42

Status of wetlands and riparian program: Forest Service Research. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (101) 45-48

Status of wetlands and riparian program: National Forest Service System. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (101) 49-53

Status of wetlands and riparian program: Soil Conservation Service. ARS US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (101) 43-44

Status of wetlands in North Dakota in 1990.

Status of wetlands legislation in the 102nd Congress. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference: 7th) 219-224

Status of wheat production research in Zaire. Fifth Regional Wheat Workshop for Eastern Central and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean: Antsirabe Madagascar October 5-10-1987 Maarten van Ginkel Douglas G Tanner editors: 181

Status of wild American ginseng in Arkansas. Arkansas farm research 29(1): 4

Status of wild and farmed red deer in Xinjiang. Ohtaishi, N [Editor], Sheng, H -I [Editor] Developments in Animal and Veterinary Sciences; Deer of China: Biology and management 159-164

Status of wild horse and burro management on public rangelands. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference: 8th) 116-133

Status of wilderness studies for units of the national park system. Conservation Foundation National Parks for the Future: 93-195

Status of wildland fire prevention evaluation in the United States. Research paper NC US Department of Agriculture Forest Service North Central Forest Experiment Station: (298)

Status of wildlife conservation in states and union territories India, includes legislation. Wildlife in India VB Saharia: 1

Status of wildlife health monitoring in the United Kingdom. Veterinary Record 148(18): 558-563

Status of wildlife in Punjab.

Status of winter populations of pine voles (Microtus pinetorum). Proceedings of the Eastern Pine and Meadow Vole Symposium: th) 62-66

Status of women and fertility in Iran. Journal of comparative family studiesmn 23(3): 361-374

Status of women in Hong Kong. International journal of sociology of the familyng 17(1): 25-40

Status of woody plantings in the southern Great Plains USA. Publication Great Plains Agricultural Council: 02) 151-153

Status of world fisheries in p. T'ai wan nung yeh chi k'an = Taiwan agriculture bimonthly 16(6): 28-31

Status of yield estimation technology: a review of second-generation model development and evaluation. Technical description of the Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment LACIE: The LACIE Symposium October 23 to 26-1978 NASA Johnson Space Center sponsored by National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B Johnson Space Center United States Department of Agriculture National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: 950

Status on development of Codex Alimentarius Standards for vegetable proteins. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 58(3): 439-440

Status on procurement under aid fund.

Status on the course of Aujeszkys disease control. Dansk veterinaertidsskrift 67(23): 1197-1204

Status on the preservation and utilization of vegetable germplasm resources in Jiangsu Province. China Vegetables (Suppl.): 19-22

Status over hesteforskningen i Europe.

Status paper on artificial insemination in buffaloes. Processing and use of buffalo semen: proceedings of a national workshop held at the National Agricultural Research Centre 27-28 May 1984 editors RH Usmani and S Karam Shah

Status paper on infrasture in respect of research and education at the Rajasthan Agriculture University, Bikaner, 1988-1989.

Status paper on olive cultivation in Pakistan.

Status paper on potato in Pakistan.

Status penyu laut Semenanjung Malaysia.

Status projections and ethnicity: a comparison of Mexican American, Negro, and Anglo youth. Journal of Vocational Behavior 1(2): 0-151

Status quo and social change.

Status quo and solvent of the markets for watershed services worldwide. World Forestry Research 20(2): 16-21

Status quo of animal health of sows and piglets in organic farms. Improving sustainability in organic and low input food production systems Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress of the European Integrated Project Quality Low Input Food QLIF, University of Hohenheim, Germany, 20-23 March, 2007: 366-369

Status quo of animal industry i.

Status quo, the lesser evil.

Status report.

Status report 1969. Forderungsdienst 18 (10) 325-333

Status report March 26, 1973--California VVND eradication program. Proceedings of Western Poultry Disease Conference: 2d 17

Status report USFS. Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing 58(8): 1245-1248

Status report for John Day mitigation at Bonneville Hatchery.

Status report of arecanut in India.

Status report of hops in India Humulus lupulus, breeding, cultivation. Cultivation and utilization of aromatic plants edited by CK Atal and BM Kapur: 606

Status report on Blue Sucker (Cycleptus elongatus), a candidate endangered or threatened species.

Status report on CDC laboratory animal care accreditation. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 55(45): 1228

Status report on FNB proposals for cereal fortification. Cereal foods world: 21 (8) 360-362

Status report on Sicklefin Chub (Macrhybopsis meeki), a candidate endangered or threatened species.

Status report on Sturgeon Chub (Macrhybopsis gelida), a candidate endangered or threatened species.

Status report on Velpar weed killer sugarcane. Reports Annual conference Hawaiian Sugar Technologists: 5th 254-256

Status report on acute toxicity of pesticides in fishes in India. Effects of pesticides on aquatic fauna: proceedings of the seminar held at Government Postgraduate College Mhow 453-441 in June 1983: technical papers edited by SK Kulshrestha V Kumar MC Bhatnagar: 114

Status report on an experimental mango grove. Journal California Rare Fruit Growers8(18): 10-12

Status report on automatic classification of ERTS imagery of Canada. Proceedings of Symposium on Remote Sensing and Photo Interpretation: 733-745

Status report on biological sciences in Indian universities.

Status report on brown stock washing and displacement bleaching.

Status report on city waste in agriculture.

Status report on cultivation of medicinal plants in NAM countries.

Status report on emulsified asphalt pavements in Region 6. Engineering technical report ETR: 77, 7700-10

Status report on existing reserved forests.

Status report on field testing of creosote. Proceedings annual meeting American Wood Preservers' Association9(79): 123-128

Status report on flood warning systems in the United States. Environmental management 13(3): 279-286

Status report on grazing studies on a plutonium contaminated range of the Nevada Test Site. Studies of Environmental Plutonium and Other Transuranics in Desert Ecosystems: 1-45

Status report on heat storage wells. Water resources bulletin: 12 (2) 237-252

Status report on metrication. Proceedings annual meeting: 7th) 24-30

Status report on microfilming land grant agricultural publications. Agricultural libraries information notes: 3 (12) 2-3

Status report on potato growers of Idaho litigation involving the Agricultural Fair Practices Act of 1967. ESCS US Dept of Agriculture Economics Statistics and Cooperatives Service: (65) 28-31

Status report on public transportation in rural America, 1994.

Status report on radioactivity movement from burial grounds in Melton and Bethel valleys.

Status report on sandalwood oil. Current research on medicinal and aromatic plants 5(2): 124-138

Status report on short fiber index and elongation measurements on the high volume instruments. Proceedings (2): 1524-1530

Status report on state implementation of Title V, 1990 Clean Air Act. Proceedings (1): 461-464

Status report on sunflower as an oilseed. Oils and oilseeds journal: t 28 (1) 19-26

Status report on tall fescue. Spring 25 (1) 4

Status report on the CM & E projects.

Status report on the FWPP biomass gasification tests facility. Energy from biomass: proceedings of the EC contractors' meeting held in Brussels 5-7 1982 edited by G Grassi and W Palz: 200

Status report on the University of Idaho insect collection. Proceedings Washington State Entomological Society: (47) 770-772

Status report on the persistent toxic pollutants in the Lake Ontario Basin.

Status report on the range of animal production.

Status report on the sage thrasher, Oreoscoptes montanus, in Canada.

Status report on the sugarcane rootstock borer weevil.

Status report on the use of the Universal Soil Loss Equation by the Bureau of Land Management Soil Surface Factors, monitoring. Agricultural reviews and manuals ARM W United States Dept of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Western Region: (26) 47-49

Status report on walnut seed production research at Carbondale. Annual report of the Northern Nut Growers Association: 5th) 91-93

Status report, energy from biomass.

Status report--certified color. MC the manufacturing confectioner 61(10): 57-58

Status report. II. Recommended international general standard for irradiated food. Combination processes in food irradiation: proceedings of an international symposium jointly organized by International Atomic Energy Agency and FAO of the United Nations Colombo Sri Lanka 24-28 November 1980: 434

Status report. III. Standardization of food irradiation in developing countries. Combination processes in food irradiation: proceedings of an international symposium jointly organized by International Atomic Energy Agency and FAO of the United Nations Colombo Sri Lanka 24-28 November 1980: 441

Status report. IV. Objectives and activities of the international facility for food irradiation technology. Combination processes in food irradiation: proceedings of an international symposium jointly organized by International Atomic Energy Agency and FAO of the United Nations Colombo Sri Lanka 24-28 November 1980: 444

Status report. V. Asian regional co-operative project on food irradiation (RPFI). Combination processes in food irradiation: proceedings of an international symposium jointly organized by International Atomic Energy Agency and FAO of the United Nations Colombo Sri Lanka 24-28 November 1980: 446

Status report. VI. Food irradiation in Japan. Combination processes in food irradiation: proceedings of an international symposium jointly organized by International Atomic Energy Agency and FAO of the United Nations Colombo Sri Lanka 24-28 November 1980: 447

Status report: Italian canned beans. Michigan dry bean digester 6(4): 10

Status report: OSHA in cotton ginning operations. Cotton gin and oil mill press: 76 (9) 7

Status report: Ornamentals Hardiness Program August 1979. Arboretum bulletin Arboretum Foundation University of Washingtoner 42(4): 2-7

Status report: The processing industry today. American vegetable grower: 23 (10) 11-12

Status report: ecological aspects--Demonstration Erosion Control Project in the Yazoo Basin. Reprints US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: [182] 36-43

Status report: numerical modeling of ground-water flow in the Paleozoic formations, western Paradox Basin, Utah .

Status report: pulp bleaching with hydrogen peroxide during refining. Pulp and paper 60(11): 111-115

Status reports. I. Public health acceptance of irradiated food. Combination processes in food irradiation: proceedings of an international symposium jointly organized by International Atomic Energy Agency and FAO of the United Nations Colombo Sri Lanka 24-28 November 1980: 432

Status restricting factors in cattle. Praktische Tierarzt 60(1): 34

Status seminar Predictions of Pollutant Diffusion in Seas--Especially For Oil Spills--With Help of Numeric Simulation, Hamburg, May 18, 1983.

Status survey and habitat requirements of Floridas endemic Schaus swallowtail butterfly.

Status survey of fauna.

Status survey of pteridophytic flora of Rajasthan with special reference to endangered ferns and fern allies. Indian fern journal(1-2): 47-50

Status survey of the Schaus swallowtail in Florida in 1984.

Status update of the worldwide citrus industry. Transactions of the Citrus Engineering Conference7(37): 1-15

Status update, April 1995.

Status yields and trends of nutrients and sediment and methods of analysis for the nontidal data-collection programs, Chesapeake Bay Basin, 1985-96.

Status, aims and organization of.

Status, biology, and alternatives for management of walleye in John Day Reservoir.

Status, characteristics and performance of Red Sindhi cattle. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 77(8): 755-758

Status, development and performance of grasslands with various pasture managements in hill farms.

Status, directions and needs in subtropical orchard weed control. Proceedings California Weed Conference: 118

Status, distribution and habitat requirements of the American swallow-tailed kite (Elanoides forficatus) in Florida.

Status, distribution, and density of white-tailed jackrabbits and black-tailed jackrabbits in South Dakota.

Status, distribution, and monitoring of tiger populations in Terai Arc Landscape (TAL)-Nepal.

Status, growth and other facets of the Iranian wolf Canis lupus, livestock predation. Wolves of the world: perspectives of behavior ecology and conservation edited by FH Harrington and PC Paquat: 203

Status, habitat, home range, and notes on the behavior of the red-cockaded woodpecker in Oklahoma.

Status, management, and commercialization of the American black bear (Ursus americanus).

Status, problems, and future of vertical coordination. Symposium: Vertical Coordination in the Pork Industry: 79-182

Status--rice bran stabilization.

Statut des populations de macaque a longue queue (Macaca fascicularis) a Singapour. Mammalia 70(3-4): 300-302

Statut hormonal du cortisol et du sulfate de dehydroepiandrosterone chez une population tunisienne Agee. Comptes Rendus Biologies 330(10): 755-763

Statut juridique des produits alimentaires conservaes.

Statuta scholarum artis et laborantium lanae civitatis Feltri.

Statutary agricultural marketing: an international comparative study, with application of its findings to the reorganization of the Spanish fruit and vegetable subsector. Comunicaciones INIA Serie: Economia y sociologia agrarias: 4

Statute about an agricultural specialist working in collective, state and other farm enterprises. Kadry sel'skogo khoziaistva: (2) 114-117

Statute and legislative history of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act and its impact on agriculture. Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part. B, Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes 15(6): 665-676

Statute of veterinary registration of July 3, 1974 (Gazette GBl. i p. 336), more elaborate legal basis of the veterinary profession in the German Democratic Republic. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin: 30 (10) 361-363

Statute, basic principles, social leadership of the Brazilian statistical system.


Statuten en huishoudelijk reglement.

Statutes and decisions regulating price in the New York milk shed.

Statutes and regulations.

Statutes of manuring.

Statutes, codes, and regulations pertaining to land application of sludge in Massachusetts.

Statutes, internal regulations.

Statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to livestock sanitary control work.

Statuti tip i kooperativave bujqeesore.

Statuto della Societaa ticinese di apicoltura e della Federazione delle societaa svizzere di apicoltura.

Statuto, orari, programmi della Sezione agraria di Istituto tecnico superiore specializzato nellagricoltura coloniale.

Statutory accident insurance in agriculture.

Statutory agricultural liens.

Statutory agricultural liens in North Dakota.

Statutory agricultural liens under Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Statutory and common law liability protection for veterinarians. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 212(1): 34-35

Statutory and other regulations concerning internal traffic in consignments of animals, products, raw materials and waste products of animal origin Yugoslavia.1. Veterinarski glasnik6(8): 649-654

Statutory and other regulations concerning veterinary-sanitary control of consignments for export, import and transport under veterinary supervision Yugoslavia.1. Veterinarski glasnik6(8): 659-666

Statutory and other regulations which concern veterinary-sanitary control in the manufacture of products of animal origin and the checking of equipment and buildings in which the same are produced Foods, Yugoslavia.1. Veterinarski glasnik6(8): 655-657

Statutory and regulatory aspects of mined land reclamation. Reclamation of Western Surface Mined Lands Workshop Proceedings: -10

Statutory authorities for the activities of the Soil Conservation Service.

Statutory boards help solve community drainage problems. Cane growers quarterly bulletin: 41 (3) 78-80

Statutory control in the liquor trade with special reference to quality control measures. Wine spirit and malt: 39 (12) 15-18

Statutory control of veterinary medicines in Ireland. Irish veterinary journal: 31 (11) 157-160

Statutory controls to prevent the establishment of Bemisia tabaci in the United Kingdom. Pesticide science 42(2): 135-137

Statutory marketing organizations: management issues. Government and the food industry: economic and political effects of conflict and co operation 1-105

Statutory marketing organizations: the elasticities trap. Government and the food industry: economic and political effects of conflict and co operation 3-89

Statutory middle age for cooperative legislation. Agribusiness an international journalng 1(1): 53-60

Statutory powers of boards of adjustment to grant variances and special exceptions. PM Iowa State University Cooperative Extension Service: 92 (1471)

Statutory procedural requirements for county zoning administration in Minnesota. Extension bulletin Agricultural Extension Service University of Minnesota: (446)

Statutory protection of biodiversity in the national forests. Michigan academician 22(4): 319-335

Statutory regulations.

Statutory smallholdings in agriculture.

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Stavanger gartnerforening gjennom 50 ear.

Stavby preo skladovaanai zemeedeelskaych produkteu.

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Stay home and make money.

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