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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17369

Chapter 17369 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The effects of changing cotton production technology on farm organization and income, upper coastal plain South Carolina.

The effects of changing flock structure on the amount and type of turn-off from sheep flocks. Journal of agriculture Western Australia: 15 (3, ser 4) 58-62

The effects of changing from a low to a high protein diet on growth, body composition and energy utilization in lambs.

The effects of changing imports and tariffs on the Hawaii papaya industry.

The effects of changing land use on locusts and grasshoppers. International Study Conference on the Current and Future Problems of Acridology London 1970 Proceedings: 99-206

The effects of changing management on seed banks in ancient coppices. Buckley, G P (Ed ) Ecology And Management Of Coppice Woodlands; Meeting Of The British Ecological Society's Forest Ecology Group, Wye, England, Uk, March 1990 Xii+336p Chapman And Hall: London, England, Uk; New York, New York, Usa Illus 147-166

The effects of changing milk price on milk supply and national dairy herd size. Economic issues Department of Agricultural Economics College of Agricultural and Life Sciences University of Wisconsin: 985 (92)

The effects of changing patterns of energy use on sulfur emissions and depositions in Europe. Ambio 1(6): 324-329

The effects of changing photoperiod on the gibberellin content of spinach. Cell Mol Aspects Floral Induction Proc Symp Liege Belg: ublished 1970) 280-284

The effects of changing policies concerning the agricultural structure on legislation governing landed-property transactions.

The effects of changing producer patterns for slaughter livestock on terminal and auction markets.

The effects of changing water flow velocity on the formation of biofilms and water quality in pilot. Water research 40(11): 2151-2160

The effects of channelization on riparian vegetation and wildlife in south central Oklahoma. General technical report WO US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: 9?] (12) 129-138

The effects of chelating agents on the diffusion of zinc in soils.

The effects of chemical and mechanical manipulation of old-field plant populations.

The effects of chemical and organic fertilizers on saffron flowering. Acta Horticulturae (739): 81-86

The effects of chemical and physical properties on dyeing and finishing. Dyeing of cellulosic fibres edited by Clifford Preston: 141

The effects of chemical conditions on newsprint ink detachment and fragmentation. Tappi journal 83(11): N

The effects of chemical control of powdery mildew (Erysiphe betae) on yield and quality of susceptible and tolerant sugar beet varieties. Journal of Turkish Phytopathology 31(1): 15-22

The effects of chemical modification on the pasting characte ristics of a high-protein oat flour (Hinoat). Cereal chemistry: 51 (5) 641-647

The effects of chemical oxidants on the electron transport components of photosystem II and the water-oxidizing complex. Progress in photosynthesis research: proceedings of the VIIth International Congress on Photosynthesis Providence Rhode Island USA August 10-15-1986 edited by J Biggins: 490

The effects of chemical shearing for two years on fleece characteristics.

The effects of chemical weed control on yield and quality of pecans. Proceedings of annual convention of the Southeastern Pecan Growers Association: 7th 35-38

The effects of chemicals on fre. Shido sho geppo Monthly report to be used for guidance: 1 13-16

The effects of chemicals on insect systems.

The effects of chemicals on mammalian fertility. Alternatives to laboratory animals: ATLA 33(4): 391-416

The effects of chemicals upon the growth of Clostridium botulinum.

The effects of chemosterilants on the development and function of insect reproductive organs Pest control substances. Regulation of insect development and behavior: International Conference Karpacz Poland June 23-28-1980 editor in chief Marian Kloza: -1112

The effects of chicken manure and low rate of chemical fertilizer on fresh root yield and starch content of Huay Bong 60 cassava variety. Proceedings of the 45th Kasetsart University Annual Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 30 January 2 February 2007 Subject: Plants: 382-389

The effects of child health on marital status and family structure.

The effects of child-bearing on married womens labor supply and earnings.

The effects of childhood circumstances, adult socioeconomic status, and material circumstances on physical and mental functioning: a structural equation modelling approach. Annals of Epidemiology 17(6): 431-439

The effects of chilling temperatures during seed germination and early seedling growth. Chilling injury of horticultural crops editor Chien Yi Wang: 9

The effects of chilling, light intensity and hydric stress on wood formation of beech. Annales des sciences forestieres1(3): 323-333

The effects of chip size on mechanical pulp properties and energy consumption Thermomechanical pulp, refiner mechanical pulp, Pinus contorta, thickness. TAPPI: journal of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry 66(9): 119-122

The effects of chip size on mechanical pulp properties and energy consumption Wood paper industry.

The effects of chitosan on the storage of Sanyuehong Litichi fruits. Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University 22(4): 560-565

The effects of chlorinated hydrocarbons on bird life in West Germany. Kleintier Praxis: 23 (2) 87-90

The effects of chlorinated pool water on the lightfastness properties of fiber reactive dyed cotton knit fabrics. Textile chemist and colorist 23(8): 14-18

The effects of chlorination conditions on the AOX and chlorinated phenol content of kraft bleach plant wastewaters. Water science and technology: a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research and Control4(3-4): 55-63

The effects of chlorination of wastewater on juvenile Dungeness crabs in San Francisco Bay waters. Fish bulletin California Department of Fish and Game: 72) 215-225

The effects of chlormequat chloride and ethephon on agronomic and quality characteristics of South African irrigated wheat. South African Journal of Plant and Soil 24(2): 106-113

The effects of chlorophyll photooxidation on nuclear-encoded plastid ribosomal protein mRNAs in norflurzaon-treated pea seedlings. NATO ASI series: Series H: Cell biology5(55): 207-213

The effects of cholecalciferol on proteins and lipids of muscle membranes. Vitamin D chemical biochemical and clinical endocrinology of calcium metabolism: proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Vitamin D Williamsburg VA USA February 1982 editors AW Norman et al: 605

The effects of cholesterol. Acta pathologica et microbiologica Scandinavica Section A: pathology: 85 (1) 1-18

The effects of cholic acid and cyprinol sulfate on liver damage in rats induced by acetaminophen. Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science 45(3): 133-141

The effects of cholinergic stimulation and of nucleoside transport inhibition on spikes and spike patches in the canine small intestine in vivo. European Journal of Pharmacology 568(1-3): 234-241

The effects of chronic administration of established and putative antipsychotics on natural prepulse inhibition deficits in Brattleboro rats. Behavioural Brain Research 181(2): 278-286

The effects of chronic cadmium toxicity on the hemostatic system. Pathophysiology of Haemostasis and Thrombosis 35(6): 411-416

The effects of chronic cold stress on adrenal hormones and macronutrient choice.

The effects of chronic destruction of the inferior olive upon visual modification of the horizontal vestibulo-ocular reflex of rabbits. Proceedings 51 (9) 716-720

The effects of chronic estradiol treatment on working memory deficits induced by combined infusion of beta-amyloid (1-42) and ibotenic acid. Hormones and Behavior 52(3): 297-306

The effects of chronic load carrying on carcass composition in sheep. Agriculture and forestry bulletin Alberta University Faculty of Extension: (special issue) 30-33

The effects of chronic low concentrations of No. 2 fuel oil on the physiology of a temperate estuarine zooplankton community in the MERL Marine Ecosystems Research Laboratory microcosms. Biological monitoring of marine pollutants: proceedings of a Symposium on Pollution and Physiology of Marine Organisms held in Milford Connecticut November 7-9-1980 edited by F John Vernberg et al: 322

The effects of chronic phenol exposure via diet on developmental stages of Drosophila melanogaster (Diptera: Drosophilidae). Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 16(9a): 991

The effects of chronic stress on hippocampal morphology and function: an evaluation of chronic restraint paradigms. Brain Research 1161: 56-64

The effects of chronic tea intake on platelet activation and inflammation: a double-blind placebo controlled trial. Atherosclerosis 193(2): 277-282

The effects of chronic treatment with Morus bombycis KOIDZUMI in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 30(7): 1278-1283

The effects of chronic treatment with contraceptive steroids on the biological age of ovarian cycles in the rat after the cessation of treatment. Annales de biologie animale biochimie biophysique: 5 (4) 775-783

The effects of chronic trimetazidine treatment on mechanical function and fatty acid oxidation in diabetic rat hearts. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 85(5): 527-535

The effects of chronic zinc deficiency in adult dogs.

The effects of cimaterol and its withdrawal on carcass and muscle characteristics, cathepsin B and L and tenderness of broiler chickens.

The effects of citric acid cycle intermediates, alpha-glycerophosphate and lactic acid on steroid synthesis in rabbit ovarian homogenates. Journal of endocrinology: 54 (1) 161-169

The effects of class size and composition on student achievement.

The effects of cleaning in the opening room and at the card on rotor residue for open-end machines. Textile research journal 50(8): 507-512

The effects of cleaning the mountain pastures from residual grass n the fodder and animal production. Annali dell'Istituto sperimentale per le colture foraggere: 143-172

The effects of clearcut size on bird species richness and nest predation rates in eastern Maine.

The effects of clearcutting on herbaceous understories are still notfully known. Conservation biology: the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology 7(2): 433-435

The effects of climate change on bracken and its control. Aspects of applied biology: 9) 309-316

The effects of climate change on the phenology of selected Estonian plant, bird and fish populations. International Journal of Biometeorology 51(1): 17-26

The effects of climate change on the vegetation of central European cities. Urban Habitats 1(1): 66-86

The effects of climate on Antarctic plants. Holdgate M W Antarctic ecology: 786-800

The effects of climate on terrestrial and marine populations. Reports California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations 21(21): 85-89

The effects of climate on the grafting of roses.

The effects of climate variability and greenhouse effect.

The effects of climate, acid deposition and their interaction on Lake States forests. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 7-71

The effects of climatic factors and still design on solar earth-water distillation for saturated sand. Special report Agricultural Experiment Station Division of Agriculture University of Arkansas: 84 (114)

The effects of climatic factors on egg survival and fecundity in grasshoppers. International Study Conference on the Current and Future Problems of Acridology London 1970 Proceedings: 57-260

The effects of climatic factors on secretion disturbances as well as quantity and quality of the milk.

The effects of climatic factors on the formation and distribution of the production of permanent grass stands on slopes. Vedecke prace Vyskumneho ustavu luk a pasienkov v Banskej Bystrici3(13): 37-50

The effects of climatic factors on the onset and development of diseases in Catarman, Northern Samar. I. The interrelated effects of some meteorological factors on the onset and development of citrus canker at Catarman, N. samar. Researcher 6 (2) 74-85

The effects of climatic pattern on lichen productivity: Cetraria cucullata (Bell.) Ach. in the arctic tundra of northern Alaska. Oecologia 0(2): 210-216

The effects of clinoptilolite on feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of Holstein calves. Journal of Agricultural Sciences Islamic Azad University 11(2): 193-203

The effects of clipping young. Chung hua nung yeh yen chiu = Journal of agricultural research of China 31(1): 24-34

The effects of clomiphene on the granulosa cells of the domestic fowl. Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 119(2): 188-194

The effects of clover variety, cutting interval and nitrogen application on herbage yields, proportions and heights in perennial ryegrass-white clover swards. Grass and forage science 37(1): 1-13

The effects of coadministration palmitic acid and oleic acid (omega 9) on spatial learning and motor activity in adult male rat. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 10(20): 3650-3655

The effects of coagulation methods on the quality of Rushan, a Chinese traditional stretched-curd cheese. China Dairy Industry 34(11): 23-25...53

The effects of coal combustion and acidification on the cadmium exposure of the Swedish population. Water science and technology5(12): 105-113

The effects of coal fired power plant emissions on vertebrate animals in southeastern Montana. Ecological research series: 600 3-78-021 213-279

The effects of coal mining on the hydrologic environment of selected stream basins in southern West Virginia.

The effects of coal strip-mining and reclamation on land use and land values. Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science9(2): 174-176

The effects of coal-fired power plant emissions on vertebrate animals in southeastern Montana. Ecological research series: 600 3-76-013 140-187

The effects of coastal shrimp farming on birds in Indian mangrove forests and tidal flats. Acta Zoologica Sinica 52(Suppl.1): 541-548

The effects of coated magazines on deinking of newsprint after pulping and flotation. Tappi journal 81(12): 101-110

The effects of coating with wax. Hokoku = Bulletin of the Fruit Tree Research Station Series B Kaju Shikenjo Okitsu Shijo: (7) 85-97

The effects of cobalt additions on soil and herbage cobalt concentrations in some S.E. Scotland pastures. Journal of agricultural science 105(2): 347-363

The effects of cobalt deficiency in calves. Proceedings of the XIIth World Congress on Diseases of Cattle September 7-10-1982 Internationaal Congrescentrum RAI Amsterdam the Netherlands World Association for Buiatrics: -1318

The effects of cocaine and marijuana use on marriage and marital stability.

The effects of cocaine preexposure on cocaine-induced taste aversion learning in Fischer and Lewis rat strains. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 87(1): 198-202

The effects of cocoa inventories on price forecasting. Economics of Cocoa Production and keting Proceedings Cocoa Economics Research Conference: ub 1974) 432-449

The effects of colcemid on the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

The effects of colchicine and gibberellic acid on growth and microtubules in excised lettuce hypocytyls Lactuca sativa. Planta 54(3): 204-211

The effects of colchicine on cells of the volvocal alga Chlamydomonas reinhardi Dang. i. physiological responses of Chlamydomonas reinhardi Dang cells to colchicine.

The effects of colchicine, ethionine, and deuterium oxide on microtubules in young Sphagnum leaflets. a quantative study. Cytobiologie 13 (3) 341-353

The effects of cold and frosty weather conditions on the tolerance of winter cereals to an hydroxybenzonitrile. Proceedings of the 1980 British Crop Protection Conference Weeds: 15th British Weed Control Conference 17-20 Nov 1980 Brighton Eng comps C Wheeler J Holroyd Programme Committee ARC Weed Research Organ: 587

The effects of cold exposure of pregnant sheep on foetal plasma nutrients, hormones and birth weight. British Journal of Nutrition 48(1): 59-64

The effects of cold exposure on neonatal calves. Proceedings annual convention American Association of Bovine Practitioners: ub 1984) (16th) 64-65

The effects of cold on Mallard embryos.

The effects of cold shock on sperm cell membranes. Effects of low temperatures on biological membranes: 89-218

The effects of cold storage on the quality of peeled, raw or heat-treated Greek chestnuts packed under vacuum. Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 82(6): 967-973

The effects of colic on the microbial activity of the equine large intestine.

The effects of collection procedure and freezing on the concentration of some electrolytes and glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase on stallion seminal plasma. Irish veterinary journal 33(4): 55-59

The effects of colleges and universities on local labor markets.

The effects of combination of alendronate and human parathyroid hormone(1-34) on bone strength are synergistic in the lumbar vertebra and additive in the femur of C57BL/6J mice. Endocrinology 148(9): 4466-4474

The effects of combinations of stocking rate and levels of fertilizing with nitrogen on carcass mass gains of steers grazing star grass pastures and on their subsequent performance when fattened for slaughter. Zimbabwe agricultural journal 78(1): 21-24

The effects of combined alpha-tocopherol, ascorbic acid, and selenium against cadmium toxicity in rat intestine. Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology 26(1): 21-27

The effects of combined beta(1) adrenergic receptor antagonist and beta(2) adrenergic receptor agonist therapy on cardiac function and myocardial apoptosis in heart failure rats. Zhonghua Xin Xue Guan Bing Za Zhi 35(7): 615-619

The effects of combined cultural practices on the ecology and epistemiology of potato early dying, and their effect on microbial communities in the central sands of Wsiconsin.

The effects of combining docetaxel and cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors on proliferation and apoptosis in epithelial ovarian cancer. Anti-Cancer Drugs 18(8): 889-896

The effects of commercial clearcut harvesting on the nutrient status of soil.

The effects of commercial logging on a west Malaysian primate community. Current perspectives in primate social dynamics edited by David M Taub and Frederick A King: 211

The effects of commodity program participation on bidding in the Conservation Reserve Program. Northeastern journal of agricultural and resource economics 16(2): 144-152

The effects of commodity programs on soil loss. Agricultural soil loss: processes policies and prospects edited by John M Harlin and Gigi M Berardi: 317

The effects of common air pollutants on plants. Clean air: 8 (2) 44-47

The effects of common anti-inflammatory drugs on the healing rat patellar tendon. American Journal of Sports Medicine 35(8): 1326-1333

The effects of companion animals during conjugal bereavement. Anthrozoos er 1(1): 26-35

The effects of competition from various intensities of Setaria faberii Herrm growing with corn and soybeans.

The effects of competition from wild oat (Avena ludoviciana Dur.) on the wheat in relation to increasing rates of weed infestation and several agronomical factors. Rivista di agronomia: ept 8 (2 3) 116-123

The effects of competitive awards on self-esteem. Illinois teacher of home economics 33(5): 181-184

The effects of complementary epistasis on the inheritance of a quantitative character, seed size in lima beans. Agron Jour 50(6): 298-301

The effects of compost on the.

The effects of concentrate le. Han'guk Ch'uksan Hakhoe chi = Korean journal of animal sciences 19(5): 375-379

The effects of concentrated barley beta-glucan on blood lipids in a population of hypercholesterolaemic men and women. British Journal of Nutrition 97(6): 1162-1168

The effects of concentration and periods of day of application of calcium carbide on the flower induction of Ananas comosus (L) Merr. cultivar smooth Cayenne in Ghana. Acta Horticulturae 53: 73-278

The effects of concentrations an. Bulletin Faculty of Agriculture University of Miyazaki 29(2): 253-258

The effects of concurrent administration of +/-3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine and cocaine on conditioned place preference in the adult male rat. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 88(2): 165-170

The effects of concurrent viruses on the susceptibility of cats to the feline leukemia virus and disease. Feline practice 15(2): 30-31

The effects of conditioning on meat collagen. 1. Evidence for gross in situ proteolysis. Meat science1(4): 249-265

The effects of conditioning on meat collagen. 3. Evidence for proteolytic damage to endomysial collagen after conditioning. Meat science7(1): 41-54

The effects of conditioning strawberry plug plants under altered red. HortScience: a ication of the American Society for Horticultural Science 40(5): 1263-1267

The effects of confier forest design and management on abundance and diversity of rove beetles (Coleoptera: staphylinidae): implications for conservation. Biological conservation4(1): 67-76

The effects of consanguinity in Elaeis guineensis Jacq. Oleagineux 24 (11) 603-607

The effects of conservation bench terrace on dryland crop yi elds.

The effects of conservation bench terraces on dryland crop yields.

The effects of conservation tillage on soil properties. Systems approach to conservation tillage edited by Frank M D'Itri: 10

The effects of consolidated deliveries on convenience store supply: a simulation study. Journal of food distribution research: 5 (1) 127-129

The effects of consolidation in the rail freight industry on rural America. Small town 28(1): 12-17

The effects of constant and fluctuating temperatures on the production of spermatophores and eggs in populations of Orchesella cincta (Linne), Collembola, Entomobryidae). Netherlands journal of zoology: 23 (4) 488-502

The effects of constant tempera. New entomologist 30(3): 68-76

The effects of constant temperatures and temperature fluctuations on the germination of Stylosanthes guyanensis and Sesbania grandiflora seeds. Kajian veterinaire: 10 (1) 1-7

The effects of constructing the clay barrier in sandy & gravel soil. Taiwan sugar: 23 (3) 125-127

The effects of contamination of a potato crop with a thifensulfuron-methylmetsulfuron-methyl herbicide. Brighton Crop Protection Conference Weeds(1): 239-246

The effects of continually recycling dehydrated poultry.

The effects of continued illumination on chloroplast infrastructure of Vaucheria sessilis (Xanthophyceae).

The effects of continuous cucumber cropping on microbial communities structure I - based on quantitative analysis of culturable microbial population. China Vegetables (7): 4-7

The effects of continuous fertilization on nutrient balance and crop yield in the northern nigerian savannah.

The effects of continuous light and light intensity on the reproduction rates of twenty-two species of marine phytoplankton. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 50.2-3: 119-132

The effects of continuous recycling and storage on nutrient quality of dehydrated poultry waste (DPW).

The effects of controlled atmosphere storage on the quality and shelf life of fresh strawberries with special reference to Botrytis cinerea and Rhizopus nigricans.

The effects of controlled burning on arthropod density and biomass in relation to bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) brood habitat.

The effects of controlled burning on three rare plants. Conservation and management of rare and endangered plants: proceedings of a California Conference on the Conservation and Management of Rare and Endangered Plants edited by Thomas S Elias foreward by Jim Nelson: 517

The effects of controlled release Velpar-L and root dips on sycamore growth. Proceedings Southern Weed Science Society1(51): 166-167

The effects of controlled weight placed on the soil.

The effects of conventional soil sampling methods on the engineering properties of cohesive soils in Louisiana. Engineering research bulletin: 977, 117

The effects of cooking methods and sample size on shear values of cornish birds.

The effects of cooking on residues of malachite green and leucomalachite green in carp muscles. Analytica Chimica Acta 586(1-2): 420-425

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The effects of cooling to 5 degrees Celsius and freezing and thawing on the ultrastructure of bull spermatozoa. Journal of reproduction and fertility 56(1): 233-238

The effects of cooling water discharge into streams on the biocenosis and fishery. Oesterreichische Wasserwirtschaft 36(7-8): 156-163

The effects of cooperativity and growth yield variation on the kinetics of nitrogen or phosphate limited growth of Chlorella in a chemostat culture. Journal of general microbiology: 108 (2) 295-303

The effects of copayments on medication adherence during the first two years of prescription drug treatment. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 49(6): 597-609

The effects of copper and chlorine on the growth of the coon stripe shrimp, Pandalus danae.

The effects of copper and penicillamine on human and canine osteosarcomas in tissue culture.

The effects of copper and zinc on the fatty acids and carotenoids in the marine diatom Asterionella japonica. Botanica marina 26(5): 255-257

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The effects of coppicing and neglect on the performance of the perennial ground flora. Buckley, G P (Ed ) Ecology And Management Of Coppice Woodlands; Meeting Of The British Ecological Society's Forest Ecology Group, Wye, England, Uk, March 1990 Xii+336p Chapman And Hall: London, England, Uk; New York, New York, Usa Illus 115-146

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The effects of cotton variety, gin type, and cleaning levels on cloth imperfections: a progress report. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences: 24-425

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The effects of credit policies on U.S. agriculture.

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The effects of crop type and production systems on the activity of beneficial invertebrates. Improving sustainability in organic and low input food production systems Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress of the European Integrated Project Quality Low Input Food QLIF, University of Hohenheim, Germany, 20-23 March, 2007: 193-196

The effects of cropping system and nitrogen fertilizer on no-tillage grain sorghum. Report of progress: (734) 50-53

The effects of cross and self fertilization in the vegetable kingdom.

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The effects of crude on dissolved oxygen levels. Proceedings of the annual conference: 7th 336-338

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The effects of cultivation and age of meadows on carbon, nitrogen and the structure of some soils in Quebec. Canadian journal of soil science: 56 (4) 373-383

The effects of cultivation on the vertical distribution of Microtermes spp. (Isoptera: Termitidae: Macrotermitinae) in soil at Mokwa, Nigeria. Sociobiology 5(2): 133-138

The effects of cultural conditions on the production of protein and amino acids by certain fungi.

The effects of cultural factors on yield and curd quality of autumn cauliflower.

The effects of culture filtrate on sporulation of the green alga Stigeoclonium pascheri (Vischer) Cox and Bold. Current science, 50(17): 777-778

The effects of culture medium rigidity on adventitious bud production and tissue vitrification in needle cultures of Sitka spruce. New phytologist 113(2): 203-210

The effects of culture temperature, age and growth rate on protein and energy utilization in eels (Anguilla sp.).

The effects of curare in the cockroach. I. dTC-induced failure of leg contraction. Journal of Experimental Biology 52(3): 583-592

The effects of curare in the cockroach. II. Blockage of nerve impulses by dTC. Journal of Experimental Biology 52(3): 593-601

The effects of curing, room temperature, and refrigerator storages followed by microwave and freezing treatments on centennial sweet potato quality.

The effects of current government policy on imports and exports of dairy products.

The effects of cutting and asulam on the frond and rhizome characteristics of bracken (Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn). Aspects of applied biology: 75-281

The effects of cutting frequenc.

The effects of cutting management on forage yield, quality, distribution of growth, and persistence of crownvetch.

The effects of cyclic AMP , hormones and ions on the conversion of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol (25-HCC) to 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol (1,25-DHCC) in isolated chick kidney tubules. Calcium Metabolism Bone and Metabolic Bone Diseases Proceedings of the European Symposium on Calcified Tissues: ub 1975), 10th 91-96

The effects of cyclic dynamics and mating system on the effective size of an island mouflon population. Molecular Ecology 16(21): 4482-4492

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