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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17434

Chapter 17434 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The new azalea cultivar Madame J. Heursel obtained at the Melle Ornamental Plant Station. Revue de l'agriculture 31(3): 445-453

The new azalea cultivar Koli obtained at the ornamental plant station at Melle. Revue de l'agriculture 37(4): 987-997

The new bacterial nomenclature--what to do?. Tropical pest management 28(1): 42-44

The new ball game in size and growth.

The new basset hound.

The new beagle.

The new bee law 1912. Gleanings in bee culture: 104 (10) 376-377

The new beef and pork promotion programs. Proceedings Annual Reciprocal Meat Conference of the American Meat Science Association: 0th) 13-18

The new beef carcass grading system: how the grades were devised and what theyll mean to cattlemen. Cattlemen 35 (8) 16-18

The new beef grades.

The new beef grades: some effects on producers and consumers. Louisiana agriculture: er 19 (4) 14-15

The new beef: review of handling and processing techniques to enhance consumer acceptance. Southern cooperative series: 220 217-231

The new binomial Myrsine helleri (Myrsinaceae). Hawaiian plant studies. 68. Phytologia 39 (2) 107

The new biology. Environmental Science & Technology 23(6): 624-624

The new biology: a union of ecology and molecular biology. Choices: the magazine of food farm and resource issuesth Quarter 5(4): 4-7

The new biology: opportunities for the fermentation industry. Annual reports on fermentation processes(4): 193-208

The new biomimetic chemistry: artificial transcription factors. Acs Chemical Biology 2(9): 599-601

The new biotechnology.

The new biotechnology era.

The new biotechnology: a challenge to governments role in developing countries. Staff paper University of Florida Food and Resource Economics Department Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences: 88 (327)

The new bird exam from a behavioral perspective. Small animal and exotics Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference, Volume 21, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2007: 1486

The new blower cleaning device of the E 516 combine harvester. Agrartechnik 29(8): 343-345

The new bonanza: cotton. Agricultura de las Americas: 9 (75) 20-23

The new book of apples.

The new book of breads.

The new book of dogs.

The new book of lilies.

The new book of saddlery and tack.

The new book of the horse.

The new book of world rankings.

The new botanical garden in Tubingen, West Germany.

The new botanical garden of Cordoba. Proceedings: First International Conference European Mediterranean Division of the International Association of Botanic Gardens: Nancy 1984 edited by Kai Larsen and Peter J Maudsley: 2

The new bread prices: prices authorized by the government for all Spanish provinces. Molineria y panaderia: 72 (813) 59-62

The new breed of biologists. Futures Michigan State University Agricultural Experiment Station 4(1): 8-9

The new breed of blue hollies: they are truly unique in color and hardiness. Flower and garden Southern edition 23(9): 25-27

The new breed of chickens Yerevan.

The new breed of solar devices: the freon-charged collector. Extension bulletin E Cooperative Extension Service Michigan State University: 85 (1901)

The new breed--city forest farmer.

The new breeds. Tresaury of Cats: 14-135

The new brewers of America: microbrewers, pubbrewers and specialty brewers. What are they brewing? Why are they brewing? Where are they going?. Technical quarterly 2(2): 102-108

The new bromeliad house in Frankfurt.

The new building law and beekeepers. Vcelar 51 (11) 257

The new building materials for speeding up the housing construction in forestry.

The new bureau of reclamation: from rhetoric to reality. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference: 3rd) 271-278

The new business encyclopedia.

The new business incubator.

The new business success formula.

The new buying season.

The new buzzword in fly control. New farm 14(5): 18

The new cactus house. Journal 100 (11) 515-517

The new camellia reticulata hybrids: The story of their discovery, importation and propagation. American Camellia yearbook American Camellia Society5(45): 147-152

The new camellias on the West Coast. American Camellia yearbook American Camellia Society: 05-111

The new canary handbook.

The new canned cherry varieties Gamma and Delta, grown by the Wadenswill Federal Research Institute.

The new capitalism.

The new card for judging Braunvieh cattle. Die Grune: 105 (4) 8-12

The new case 1896 and 2096 tractors--tractors for all reasons. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: er 1984 (84-1655)

The new case international model 1822 cotton picker: another breakthrough in productivity. Proceedings of theBeltwide Cotton Production Conference: 01-103

The new cattle regulations.

The new cattle slaughtering operation at the Munich slaughterhouse. Schlacht Viehhof ztg: 70 (9) 339-344

The new central Texas gardener.

The new centralization.

The new century scholars. Appalachia: journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission 34(3): 18-23

The new challenge of science and technology for development in Africa.

The new challenge of womens role in rural Europe.

The new challenge to Americas prosperity.

The new checklist of Dutch liverworts.

The new cheese decree. RLF, Revue Laitiere Francaise (674): 20-29

The new cheese factory at Wilster. Nordisk mejeri tidsskrift: 0 (8) 278-280

The new cheese mould remover from Alfa-Laval. Nordisk mejeri tidsskrift: 0 (9) 304-305

The new chironomid genus Parapsectra (Diptera) of European distribution, with a brachypterous species from moors. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie: 66 (2) 192-211

The new climate in cooperative extension. SRDC series: (179) 25-26

The new cockatiel handbook.

The new cold room method of broiler-fryer production.

The new cold set adhesive for exterior structural applications catalyzed polyvinylacetate emulsion adhesive. Wood industry: 32 (6) 246-251

The new cold storage slaughter--house of the urban community in Dunkerque.

The new collective farm statute and material incentives for labor.

The new combination Leucothoe walteri (Willd.) Melvin. Castanea: 42 (4) 304-308

The new combination Teline segonnei (Maire) Raynaud. Bulletin de la Societe botanique de France: 23 (5 6) 313-316

The new combine thresher E 516. Internationale Zeitschrift der Landwirtschaft: 283-286

The new commerce regulation of seeds and forest plants. Forets de France et action forestiere: 179 34-35

The new common agricultural policy, implications on our farming production. ITEA EXTRA Extra(24(1)): 1-4

The new community.

The new community II.

The new community collaboration manual.

The new competition.

The new competitors.

The new complete Akita.

The new complete Chesapeake Bay retriever.

The new complete English springer spaniel.

The new complete German shepherd dog.

The new complete Great Pyrenees.

The new complete Irish wolfhound.

The new complete Pembroke Welsh corgi.

The new complete Portuguese water dog.

The new complete Shetland sheepdog.

The new complete Siberian husky.

The new complete Yorkshire terrier.

The new complete basset hound.

The new complete bloodhound.

The new complete book of African violets.

The new complete book of food.

The new complete bulldog.

The new complete lhasa apso.

The new complete scottish terrier.

The new complex of La Villette, will it be rentable?.

The new conception of regional economic policy. IKO: Innere Kolonisation Land und Gemeinde: 24 (3) 104-106

The new concepts in egg marketing. Indian poultry review: 7 (7) 15-18

The new concise British flora.

The new connoisseurs handbook of California wines.

The new conservation controls applicable to succulent plants.

The new constitution of the USSR and legal problems in agriculture. Internationale Zeitschrift der Landwirtschaft: 121-124

The new consumers.

The new consumers: food habits and the basis of choice. Sustainable food systems edited by Dietrich Knorr: 4

The new context and evolution of small peasant enterprises in Central America and Andean Countries. Third World peasantry: a continuing saga of deprivation editors RP Misra and Nguyen Tri Dung: 327

The new context of the agricultural policy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The new continous diffusion process.

The new contracts and hops commercial agreements. Hopfenrundschau 5, 25 (14) 353-360

The new cooperative legislation of Brazil--an instrument of state planning policy. First Quarter 21 (1) 43-54

The new cooperative potato distilleries - interesting and useful information.

The new copyright law.

The new copyright law and teaching college level agriculture. Journal 20 (4) 13-16

The new cornucopia of produce. Agricultural outlook (213) 17-18

The new corporate frontier.

The new cost of living indices.

The new cotton program. Summary proceedings Western Cotton Production Conference: -10

The new covenant for agriculture.

The new cow and bull index. Aktuelt Norway Landbruksdepartementet Opplysningstjeneste: ) 97-102

The new cowboy in the Corn Belt. Beef cattle science handbook: 19-21

The new creation.

The new creation: an update on animal gene engineering. NABC report ) 49-61

The new creations of oriental varieties.. Tutun = Tobacco 31(1-2): 5-14

The new cultivars of salad cucumbers for growing in field and under protection of polyethylene plastic shelters. Ogrodnictwo 16(2): 43

The new cultivation of plant structure.

The new culture concept for Swiss cheese producers. Deutsche Molkerei Zeitung 101(32): 1186-1189

The new cytological study of Pseudogomphus and its position in the scheme of Basiodiomycetes. Revue de mycologie: 35 (1) 3-21

The new dairy policies are well received.

The new dalmatian.

The new damaging aphid Pterochloroides (Pterochlorus) persicae Cholodk. (Homoptera, Aphididae), on peach trees in Yugoslavia. Zastita bilja: 7 (1) 29-35

The new dasycladacean genus Pseudoclypeina (a preliminary report).

The new data on Tulipa biflora Pall. (Liliaceae) in Crimea. Botanicheskii zhurnal: 63 (5) 700-711

The new data on the Asiatic species of the genus Ameletus Eaton (Ephemeroptera, Siphlonuridae). Vestnik Seriia VI Biologiia pochvovedenie: 5 11-19

The new dawn of Metasequoia.

The new daylily handbook.

The new deal in action, 1933-1939.

The new deal legacy. Farmline United States Dept of Agriculture Economic Research Service 4(8): 7-9

The new decade. Proceedings Southeastern Nurserymen's Conference: -4

The new definition and standard of identity for oleomargarine, adopted by the Food and Drug Administration June 6, 1941.

The new democracy: a formula for consumer representation in the public services. Journal of consumer studies and home economics: 1 (1) 27-39

The new democracy: a structure for consumer representation in the public services. Journal of consumer studies and home economics: 1 (2) 147-159

The new dependencies of women. Family relations 37(4): 379-384

The new desert reader.

The new design handbook.

The new deterministic model for the interaction between predator and prey. Biometrics 26 (3) 387-392

The new developing countries in Central Asia and in Transcaucasia.

The new diabetic cookbook.

The new dietary guidelines.

The new dietary reference intakes and zinc deficiency: is there a dichotomy?. Nutrition today 36(6): 278-280

The new dimensions of warfarin prophylaxis.

The new diplomacy.

The new direction.

The new direction of Chinas cotton policy. Proceedings 322-325

The new direction of the Missouri grape wine industry Viticulture. Proceedings of the annual meeting Arkansas State Horticultural Society: 02nd) 130-133

The new direction: windows-based systems for monitoring and control. Proceedings of the Washington State University International Particleboard Composite Materials Series Symposium: 3) 215-219

The new discipline of expropriations in Trento Province. Genio rurale: 38 (12) 27-28

The new discovery of the female spider Stiphropus ocellatus thorell, 1887 from China (Araneae, Thomisidae). Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 32(4): 913-914

The new distribution gene for a. Ikushugaku zasshi = Japanese journal of breeding 31(1): 49-56

The new dog book.

The new dog book The most important of modern dog breeds, nutrition and fostering, also manner of training of dogs for house pets.

The new dominion.

The new dragonflies from the Jurassic of Karatau and their systematic position. International Congress of Entomology 13th Moscow 1968 Trudy: 284

The new dried milk factory in Gyula.

The new drug legislation. II. Tierzuchter 27 (4) 134-136

The new drying apparatus TsS 153-1. Ovtsevodstvo 8 27-28

The new duck handbook.

The new early potato variety W. Shuho Bulletin: 7 (4) 78-85

The new earth science curricula.

The new economic and financial system on state farms. Nowe rolnictwo: 6 31, 25 (12) 2-4

The new economic environment of French agriculture.

The new economic order in Brazil and private enterpries.

The new economic policy and the profitability of agricultural export crops. Hassadeh 58 (5) 791-793

The new economic policy and what it means to the farmer. Hassadeh 58 (2) 191

The new economic warfare.

The new economics and the Indian rural cooperatives. Indian cooperative review: 10 (1) 585-597

The new economics of Indias Green Revolution.

The new economics of distance.

The new economics of fast food.

The new economics of labor migration. American economic review 75(2): 173-178

The new economics of teachers and education.

The new economics; Keynes influence on theory and public policy.

The new economy.

The new economy and the dollar puzzle.

The new economy of water.

The new edition of irrigation and drainage.

The new editorial team at Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 34(7): 553-554

The new educational concept of the department of horticulture at Humboldt-University in Berlin. Acta Horticulturae 350: 67-72

The new eliticism. Agricultural education magazine 57(4): 3-4

The new elk hunters cookbook and meat care guide.

The new emergence of exercise neurobiology. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 16(6): 379-380

The new empirics of economic growth.

The new employee: the critical adaptation period.

The new encounter concept: centres of origin, host specificity and plant pathogens. Proceedings of the XI International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds, Canberra, Australia, 27 April 2 May, 2003: 42-47

The new encyclopaedia of fly fishing.

The new encyclopedia of aquatic life.

The new encyclopedia of flower remedies.

The new encyclopedia of modern sewing.

The new encyclopedia of snakes.

The new encyclopedia of the horse.

The new energy crisis: food, feed, or fuel? Will ethanol displace gasoline or simply take food off our plates and feed from our animals? How can new technologies help?. Nutritional biotechnology in the feed and food industries: Proceedings of Alltech' s 23rd Annual Symposium The new energy crisis: food, feed or fuel?: 1-10

The new energy feed evaluation for ruminants and the feeding of dairy cows. Mitteilungen Schweizerischer Fleckviehzuchtverband: (5) 50-56

The new energy prospect. Exploitation of Siberia's Natural Resources: 39-149

The new enlarged Scheoffler-Weis German and English dictionary.

The new environment in particleboard plants.

The new environmental law and the dairy industry. Maelkeritidende 88 (6) 135-136

The new environmental protection legislation and its importa nce to agriculture. Tolvmandsbladet 46 (9) 417-426

The new eocene Ipelates (Coleoptera, Agyrtidae) from the Bitterfeldian Amber. Vestnik Zoologii 41(4): 365-367

The new era of American agriculture: uncertainties and constraints. Florida food and resource economics Florida University Cooperative Extension Service: 1980 (36)

The new era of american agriculture: uncertainties and constaints. Virginia agricultural economics Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Cooperative Extension Service: 1981 (324)

The new era of water resources management.

The new era on the range.

The new era shortages mulch. Southeastern Nurserymen's Conferences Eastern Session Western Session: 46-149

The new era? or boom and bust?.

The new estate and gift tax law.

The new ethic for animals and the dairy industry. Annual meeting th 4-18

The new ethic for animals and the equine industry. Proceedings of the annual convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners: 7) 853-860

The new ethnobotany: sharing with those who shared: an interview with Michael Balick and Rosita Arvigo. HerbalGram ng (42) 60-63

The new everyday science explained.

The new exchanges.

The new exodus. Winter 71, 50 (1) 45-48

The new exotic garden.

The new experimental programs, coordinated by the Bank of Southern Italy, Agricultural Division. Incontro di Studio sui Problemi Agronomici dell'Irrigazione Rome 1970 Proceedings: 42-248

The new experimental tunnels are ready!. Champignoncultuur 23(3): 77

The new exploration.

The new face of agricultural development will depend especially on the aptitude and will of elected professionals to take decisions. Paysans 19 (111) 98-106

The new face of cosmeceuticals. NutraCos 6(4): 33-34

The new face of cotton.

The new face of forestry.

The new face of the Clean Water Act.

The new face of the Ecuadorian agricultural industry.

The new face of the cooperative movement in the fishing industry on Mauritius. Revue des etudes cooperatives Institut francais de la cooperation: d quarter, (197) 91-103

The new facilities and equipment of the ITERG-CETIOM French Fats and Oils Research Institute, French Oilseeds Research Center pilot plant for oilseed processing and vegetable oil processing. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 59(12): 946A

The new family cookbook for people with diabetes.

The new family cow. Small farmer's journal: featuring practical horse farminger Quarter 7(3): 24-25

The new famines: why famines persist in an era of globalization. The new famines: why famines persist in an era of globalization: xxii + 367 pp

The new farm bill: Whats ahead in 1985?. Proceedings Agricultural Outlook Conference US Department of Agriculture: 60-163

The new farm bill: viewpoint from the Congress. Proceedings Agricultural Outlook Conference US Department of Agriculture: 23-128

The new farm bill: viewpoint from the farm sector. Proceedings Agricultural Outlook Conference US Department of Agriculture: 42-159

The new farm bill: what it says about agricultural trade. Foreign agriculture United States Dept of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service 20(2): 20-21

The new farm production branch account.

The new farm program in perspective.

The new farm program in the German Federal Republic. Agrarwirtschaft 19 (11) 345-352

The new farm program payments.

The new farm school in Eschikon-Lindau. Grune 1, 102 (25) 870-871

The new farm structure scheme.

The new farms census of agriculture. New farm 11(1): 9-16

The new farms greenhouse guide. New farm 12(7): 32-36

The new farmers.

The new farmers market.

The new farming.

The new farming production cooperative law.

The new farming with the cultivator.

The new federal bills: what they are & what they mean for animal research. Lab animal 9(4): 25-28

The new federal farm bill.

The new federal farm bill field hearing from Worthington, Minnesota.

The new federal pest control products act.

The new federalism and national flood control programs. Flood control challenge: past present and future: proceedings of a national symposium New Orleans Louisiana September 26-1986 edited by Howard Rosen Martin Reuss: 139

The new feed grain program implications for landlords and tenants.

The new feed law and its definitions of execution. Muhle Mischfuttertechnik: 113 (20) 274,277

The new feed law and its effect on the German milk industry. Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch: 30 (8) 193-196

The new feed law in the Netherlands. Kraftfutter 59 (3) 94

The new feed regulations. Kraftfutter 59 (8) 276

The new feeding plan for dairy cattle. Grune 98 (51) 1789-1796

The new fencing law. New Zealand journal of agriculture 139(1): 18-19

The new fertilizer advisory service.

The new fertilizer law. Veroffentlichungen (435)

The new fertilizer rake slider of the Swiss Union for the Advancement of Farm consultation. Grune 103 (10) 10-15

The new fibers.

The new fiberworks sourcebook.

The new field book of American wild flowers. The new field book of American wild flowers 414p Illus

The new field corn cultivar He. Shuho Bulletin: 7 (4) 31-38

The new field of neuroskeletal biology. Calcified Tissue International 80(5): 337-347

The new field rotary cultivator improves the shock power.

The new finding places of scorpions in Yugoslavia. Vestnik Cesl Spol Zool, 352: 92-102

The new fireblight control policy in the netherlands. Acta Horticulturae: (151) 325-328

The new fish industry in the United States.

The new fit or fat.

The new five year farm law. Economic and policy information for Missouri agriculture Department of Agricultural Economics University of Missouri Columbia 34(2)

The new flower arrangement for everyone.

The new flower arranging from your garden.

The new flower gardener.

The new fodder.

The new food book.

The new food economy: consumers, farms, pharms, and science. American journal of agricultural economics3(5): 1113-1130

The new food industry?. Food engineering 53(3): 7

The new food label. American Journal of Nursing 93(2): 68-72

The new food label from a WIC perspective.

The new food label summaries.

The new food label: Coping with diabetes. FDA consumer 28(9): 20-25

The new food label: here at last. Diabetes forecast 47(6): 79-80

The new food label: making it easier to shed pounds. FDA consumer 28(6): 10-15

The new food labeling law from the view of the European Economic Community. Lebensmittelqualitat und Verbraucherschutz: 23 Tagung des Arbeitsgebietes Lebensmittelhygiene herausgegeben von der Deutschen Veterinarmedizinischen Gesellschaft: 342

The new food labels. L Cooperative Extension Service Kansas State University: 93 (883)

The new food labels are here!. Agfocus: a ication of Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County: 13

The new food law. Wiener tierarztliche Monatsschrift: 63 (5) 171-172

The new food law and its penalties. Milchwirtschaftliche Berichte aus den Bundesanstalten Wolfpassing und Rotholz: 44 175-177

The new food law of January 1, 1975. Zucker 27 (12) 664-666

The new food lovers companion.

The new food regulations in practice. Fleischwirtschaft 55 (2) 195-202

The new food regulations, are they an improvement?. Fleischwirtschaft 55 (4) 500

The new food revolution. courier 3 4-6

The new food standards code--impact on the food industry. Food Australia: official journal of CAFTA and AIFST 52(12): 539-541

The new food trend. Industries alimentaires et agricoles: 91 (9 10) 1155-1160

The new foods.

The new for Azerbaijan species of the genus Septoria.

The new foreign trade position of the European Union and its repercussions in the world sugar market. Sugar Industry / Zuckerindustrie 132(10): 770-777

The new forest and reality. Skogsbruket 44 (5) 104-107

The new forest at Upper Westerwald, with the example of the Rennerod forest district from 1963 to 1982. Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift, 38(33-34): 847-848

The new forest seed control book law and its effects. Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift, 39(9-10): 239-240

The new forestry regulations demand good judgment. Norsk skogbruk: 1 (8) 16-17

The new forestry: an ecosystem approach to land management. BioScience American Institute of Biological Sciences 40(8): 558-562

The new form of ground beetle Carabus (Megodontus) violaceusLinn. from southern Bohemia (Coleoptera, Carabidae).

The new formular fertilizer plan. Betriebswirtschaftliche Mitteilungen fur den Wirtschaftsberater: (312) 37-39

The new fresh seafood buyers guide.

The new frontier.

The new frontier in cancer research: deciphering cancer epigenetics. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 39(7-8): 1450-1461

The new frontier--bovine and equine embryo transfer. Dairy science handbook2(12): 158-164

The new frontier: how international programs help the Nebraska farmer. IANR quarterly87 33(1): 14-16

The new frontiers of ranching.

The new frozen seafood handbook.

The new fruit and vegetalbe regulation.

The new fruit handbook.

The new fruit training forms. La Propriete terrienne: 26 (304) 136-137

The new full disclosure ingredient labeling regulations--what they are and what they arent. Bakers digest: 51 (4) 22-24

The new fumigation laboratory of the Stored Products Protection Institute of the Federal Biological Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry. Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes 33(11): 161-165

The new functional focus: with consumers clamoring for nutrient-rich foods, there could be opportunity for the poultry industry. Poultry - y 11(3): 46-48

The new fungus among us. Extension review US Department of Agricultureng Summer 59(2): 18-20

The new future of Hawaiian agribusiness.

The new futures initiative.

The new games book.

The new gamut of Renault tractors: A new Acometis-New Idea automotor fertilizer spreader.

The new garden encyclopedia.

The new garden paradise.

The new gardener.

The new gardeners handbook and dictionary.

The new generation 1975-1985. With one foot in the furrow: a history of the first seventy five years of the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Wisconsin Madison edited by Paul H Williams Melissa Marosy: 7

The new generation director in the Farm Credit System. American cooperation(6): 158-161

The new generation of American farmers.

The new generation of pea harvesters. Big farm management: 31-32

The new genes giving resistance to downy mildew of sunflowers.

The new genesis.

The new genetics.

The new genus Austrogautieria (Basidiomycotina), segregate from Gautieria. Mycologia 674-687

The new genus Cephalostigmaton (Yakovl.) Yakovl. (Fabaceae).

The new genus Hutufeideria nov. gen. Hirschmann and Hiramatsu, 1977, and stages of 2 new Hutufeideria species from New Guinea (Dinychini, Uropodinae). Acarologie 3 69-71

The new genus Ornichia (Gentianaceae) from Madagascar. Bulletin du Museum national d'histoire naturelle Section B: Adansonia botanique phytochimie(4): 195-206

The new genus Pontodiscus (Bacillariophyta). Botanicheskii zhurnal 66(9): 1308-1311

The new genus Trappea (Basidiomycotina, Hysterangiaceae), a segregate from Hysterangium. Mycotaxon t 38(38): 1-9

The new genus Typhoctoides and a new species of Eotilla (Hymenoptera: Bradynobaenidae; Typhoctinae). Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society: 47 (3) 359-363

The new genus and the new species of a plant-feeder mite from the Pamir. Nauch Doklady Vyssh Shkoly Biol Nauki, (12): 17-18

The new gesneriads. Light garden: 14 (1) 8-10

The new global agriculture. Agrifuture: the outlook for finance and trade and international relations in agribusiness sponsored by Caisse Nationale de Credit Agricole and The First National Bank of Chicago: 9

The new global economy, information technology and restructuring education. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique(3-4): 270-286

The new glucose revolution shoppers guide to GI values 2006.

The new goat handbook.

The new gold rush!. New farm 12(1): 32-37

The new governance and rural development.

The new governmental decisions on forest policy. Revue forestiere francaise1(3): 179-182

The new grading system for meat. Nye dansk landbrug: 4 (10) 13-15

The new grain bins in Cyprus.

The new grassland-livestock handbook.

The new grasslands agriculture.

The new greenhouse gardening for everyone.

The new grower. 2. A different greenhouse. American Orchid Society bulletin: 46 (2) 106-107

The new grower: Cattleya culture. 2. American Orchid Society bulletin: 46 (6) 504-507

The new growth charts.

The new habitat of the Persian ironwood, Parrotia persica (DC.) C. a. mey. (family hamamelidaceae Lindl.) on the Greater Caucasus. Botanicheskii zhurnal: 62 (2) 248-250

The new hamster handbook.

The new heartland.

The new heavy wheel tractors.

The new hedgerows. GC and HTJ: 182 (20) 30-32

The new herb garden at Wisley. Garden 103 (4) 161-163

The new herbal of 1543.

The new herbicides. Grounds maintenance 41(1): 8-10

The new hieroglyphics. Cereal foods world- 51(4): 203-204

The new high-capacity steeper of the Budapest Agricultural Machine Factory. Jarmuvek Mezogazd Gepek: 21 (10) 361-365

The new home economics omnibus.

The new homeless crisis.

The new homesteading schools.

The new honey announcement. Tidsskrift for biavl 112(9): 185-186

The new honeybee disease regulation. Imkerfreund 34(6): 186-187

The new horticultural center of Chatelaine-Lullier near Geneva.

The new horticulture: programming the future. HortScience 20(5): 815-821

The new house plant expert.

The new houseplant.

The new hybrid genus Doriellaopsis. Orchid digest 43(3): 99-101

The new hybrid tomatoes.

The new hybrids of mountain.

The new idea factory.

The new illustrated gardening encyclopaedia.

The new illustrated manual for training German Shepherds.

The new image of agricutlure.

The new immunology: integration into the professional curriculum. Journal of veterinary medical education 11(1): 7-9

The new improved milking program.

The new in the phenomenon of wave kinetics of the radiation mutagenesis. Doklady 1, 246(5): 1235-1238

The new indexing technique for cachexia-xyloporosis: its utilization in Corsica. Fruits 31 (2) 93-96

The new information technologies.

The new initiative of Nikolaaei Manukovskiaei.

The new innovators.

The new insect growth regulator insecticides.

The new insecticides. Grounds maintenance 41(2): 22

The new integrated CPC. Proceedings of the Annual Conference American Solar Energy Society Inc: 20-224

The new intense sweetener acesulfame K. Food chemistry6(3-4): 259-269

The new international law of fisheries.

The new international order: search for common ground. International development review: 0 (1) 6-15

The new international sugar agreement. Gazeta cukrownicza 86(2): 44-45

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The new lands of Elloe.

The new landscape-protection law of North Rhine-Westphalia--a great success for beekeepers. Rheinische Bienenzeitung: 126 (4) 110-112

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The new leader of agricultural machines--the truck.

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The new lunch.

The new making of a cook.

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The new natural cat.

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The new north.

The new northern form and size of the drying board (stretching board) for pelts of female mink.

The new nutrition facts food label.

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The new occupational training law and its significance for agriculture.

The new office etiquette.

The new old age pension, retirement insurance for collective farmers. Chmelarstvi 8 (7) 97-98

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The new order.

The new order in Poland.

The new order: the changing relationship between business and the family. New designs for youth development 2(6): 1-8

The new organic grower.

The new organic growers four season harvest.

The new orientation of the European Community with reference to food harmonization: the next-to-last result of the Cassis de Dijon verdict?. Alimentaria (173) 81-86

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The new perennial garden.

The new perennials preferred.

The new pesticide applicator regulations.

The new pesticide users guide.

The new philosophy of public debt .

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The new printing methods.

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The new professionals: changing the face of food service.

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The new question. Journal of forestry 97(5): 23

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The new rancher.

The new realities.

The new recommended food rations fo the CSSR.

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The new redeemers.

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The new role of Canadian banks in agriculture.

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The new role of health care in economic development.

The new role of management. Kraftfutter 54 (9) 457-458

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The new science of food.

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The new sire summaries for type in Guernseys. Reprints

The new slaughterhouse and market of Tours.

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The new small garden.

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The new south comes to Wiregrass Georgia, 1860-1910.

The new southern export markets.

The new soybean variety Okushi.

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The new speakers treasury of wit and wisdom.

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The new stage of social and economic development of the village.

The new standard book of dog care and training.

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The new strategy for livestock development.

The new strategy in Indian agriculture.

The new strategy of development in village India.

The new structure of power services.

The new study of forestry and lumber industry in the College of Soil Cultivation.

The new sub-scald method of dressing poultry for the quick-frozen trade.

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The new system of wages for state farms. Nowe rolnictwo: 6 30, 21 (18) 1-4

The new system to cope with Japans sugar industry.

The new table of mineral substances. Useful results of interest to several areas.

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The new tractor prices.

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The new trees of Christmas. American forests 91(12): 30-32

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The new unmarried law in relation to special agricultural separation.

The new value of promotion and methods of advertising in the 1980s. Livestock producers' day0(20): 29-32

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The new variety of forage turni.

The new variety of grapevine of Professor Dalmasso.

The new variety situation in perspective in South Africa. South African sugar year book: 8) 22-23

The new vegetable & herb expert.

The new vegetable growers handbook.

The new vegetarian.

The new vegetarian, building your health through natural eating.

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The new view of the Earth.

The new view of the property tax.

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The new way of cucumber cultivation.

The new way of rough fish elimination.

The new way to sugar-free recipes.

The new way with soups and sauces?. Food flavourings ingredients packaging and processing 2(3): 26-27

The new ways of Central Asia.

The new ways of lamb feeding.

The new weed-killer, 2,4-D, in 1946.

The new whole foods encyclopedia.

The new why weight to shape up?.

The new wild flowers and how to grow them.

The new wind power.

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The newest way of weeding by chemical substance; the paddy field and the second crop.

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The news is bad, but not quite as bad as first reported: a correction. Journal of marriage and the family 55(1): 242-243

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The newsletter.

The newsletter Timothy plus. Spring 18 (1) 14-15

The newsletter as an animal care and use program communication and training tool. Lab animal 27(6): 37

The newsletter of Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom.

The newsletter of the Minnesota Agri-Women.

The newsletter--an adult educators tool.

The newspaper between city and country. Agrarische Rundschau: 6 8-9

The newsprint paper industry:.

The newsprint problem.

The newsprint situation in the Western Region of North America.

The newsworthiness of suicide. Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior 37(3): 278-283

The next 15 years in New Zealand agriculture.

The next 20 years in agriculture.

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The next 200 years.

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The next 5 years in dairying.

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The next American frontier.

The next GATT Round: setting the stage for the 21st century. Choices: the magazine of food farm and resource issuesd Quarter 7(3): 48

The next West.

The next agricultural revolution.

The next ascent.

The next battleground: advertising versus the first amendment. Food product development: 11 (10) 65

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The next bottom line.

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The next crisis?.

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The next decade.

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The next five years.

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The next flu pandemic.

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The next generation of limited-service rural hospitals.

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The next green revolution.

The next hundred years:.

The next level: where Maryland grape growers need to go.

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The next million years.

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The next one hundred years.

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The next please from the speech hour of veterinarians.

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The next stage in Sao Paulo for poultry industry.

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The next step in biology: a periodic table?. Journal of Biosciences 32(5): 1005-1008

The next step in feeding more dairy cows.

The next step in pulp quality measurement and refiner control.