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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17467

Chapter 17467 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The role of Arthrobacter and Micrococcus strains in the process of carbon wastes weathering. Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Soil Biology and Conservation of the Biosphere edited by J Szegi: 634

The role of B cells in the development of CD4 effector T cells during a polarized Th2 immune response. Journal of Immunology 179(6): 3821-3830

The role of B cells in the induction of peripheral T cell tolerance. Journal of Leukocyte Biology 82(5): 1033-1039

The role of B complex vitamins and amino acids in the interrelationships of symbiotic bacteria of Carex enervis. Obrazovanie fiziologicheski aktivnykh veshchestv mikroorganizmami I L Klevenskaia ed: 8-65

The role of B-vitamins - gene interactions in colorectal carcinogenesis.

The role of B. B. Polynov in the development of modern soil science (To the 100th birthday).

The role of B1 vitamin supply in the development and prophylaxis of the oesophageal gastric ulcer of pigs. i. the effect of giving B1 vitamin throughout the feeding period. Magyar allatorvosok lapja: 32 (2) 96-98

The role of B1 vitamin supply in the development and prophylaxis of the oesophageal gastric ulcer of pigs. iI. examination on the relative thiamin supply of clinically healthy and sick swine with oesophaeal ulcer by the determination of pyruvic acid level in the serum. Magyar allatorvosok lapja: 32 (5) 317-319

The role of B1 vitamin supply in the development and prophylaxis of the oesophageal gastric ulcer of pigs. iII. economic evaluation of the oesophageal ulcer syndrome and of the combined B1 vitamin treatment to prevent it. Magyar allatorvosok lapja: 32 (8) 525-526

The role of Bacillus cereus in the aetiology of alimentary intoxications in man.

The role of Basidiomycetes in composts: a model system for decomposition studies Fungi. Symposium series British Mycological Society: ) 263-305

The role of Bordetella bronchiseptica in the control of feline sneezing disease in two asylums. Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde 130(22): 699-701

The role of C. Journal of biological chemistry, 273(46): 30057-30060

The role of C-4 grasses in new Zealand pastoral systems. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 50(2): 125-137

The role of C-reactive protein activation of nuclear factor kappa-B in the pathogenesis of unstable angina. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 49(2): 195-197

The role of C2H4 in anaerobic induction of cocklebur seed germination. Plant and cell physiology: 17 (6) 1151-1158

The role of CA controlled atmosphere, including CO carbon monoxide, in prolonging the storage life of tomatoes.

The role of CCK-like peptides in appetite regulation. Advances in Metabolic Disorders 10: 435-456

The role of CD11c(+) hepatic dendritic cells in the induction of innate immune responses. Clinical and Experimental Immunology 149(2): 335-343

The role of CD4+ or CD8+ T cells in the protective immune response of BALB. Veterinary parasitology: 7, 183-191

The role of CD8+CD28 regulatory cells in suppressing myasthenia gravis-associated responses by a dual altered peptide ligand. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104(44): 17459-17464

The role of CDFA in combatting exotic pest plants in California. Proceedings 6(46): 12-15

The role of CIDA in international forestry development: CIDA Forestry and Conservation Sector. Forestry chronicle 66(3): 219-235

The role of CITES as applied to endangered animals. 15th International Conference the Animal Air Transportation Association Inc April 9-12-1989 San Antonio Texas: proceedings: 0

The role of Cl- in photosynthesis. I. The Cl- requirement of electron transport. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 172(2): 277-289

The role of CO2 enrichment of aerating gas in the growth of an estuarine diatom. Aquaculture 17(1): 1-15

The role of CO2 in the regulation of photosynthetic metabolism. Photosynthesis and Solar Energy Utilization: ransl 1977) 238-242

The role of CO2 uptake by roots and CAM in aquisition of inorganic C by plants of the isoetid life-form: a review, with new data on Eriocaulon decangulare L. New phytologist 108(2): 125-148

The role of CXCR2 in systemic neovascularization of the mouse lung. Journal of Applied Physiology 103(2): 594-599

The role of Ca in muscle physiology. Current topics in plant physiology(4): 67-78

The role of Ca++ in Chara K+ state. NATO advanced science institutes series: Series A: Life sciences04(104): 411-412

The role of Ca++ in the excitation of the single membrane samples of Chara. NATO advanced science institutes series: Series A: Life sciences04(104): 413-414

The role of Ca2+ calcium ion in electron transport of spinach chloroplasts Spinacia aleracea; photosynthesis, plastids.

The role of Ca2+ calcium ion in signal transduction of higher plants. Plant growth substances 1982: the proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Plant Growth SubstancesAberystwyth12th to 16th July 1982 edited by PF Wareing: 426

The role of Ca2+ calcium isotope and calmodulin in plants. What's new in plant physiology 13(10): 37-40

The role of CaCO3 dissolution as a source of HCO3- for the buffering of hypercapnic acidosis in aquatic and terrestrial decapod crustaceans. Journal of Experimental Biology, 94: 269-274

The role of Canadian universities in development. Development directions 2(1): 7-9

The role of Candida in inflammatory papillary hyperplasia of the palate. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 34(9): 685-692

The role of Chara algae and other aquatic plants in the process of destruction of phenolic compounds.

The role of Chlamydia in the etiology of bronchopneumonia in calves.

The role of Coenzyme Q in mitochondrial electron transport. Mitochondrion 7 Suppl: S8-33

The role of Congress. Family planning perspectives 19(3): 121-122

The role of Congress in regulating the regulators. Food technology: 31 (1) 52-53

The role of Cooperative Extension, USDA, Land Grant Universities, and Rural Development Centers. Local infrastructure investment in rural America edited by Thomas G Johnson Brady J Deaton and Eduardo Segarra: 253

The role of Cotton Incorporated in cotton production, with emphasis on cotton insect control.

The role of CpG ODN in enhancement of immune response and protection in BALB/c mice immunized with recombinant major surface glycoprotein of Leishmania (rgp63) encapsulated in cationic liposome. Vaccine 25(32): 6107-6117

The role of Cryptosporidiosis in neonatal diarrhea and Coccidiosis control. Veterinary professional topics: cattle(3): 8-9

The role of Cu in the regulation of the photosynthetic electron flow. Progress in photosynthesis research: proceedings of the VIIth International Congress on Photosynthesis Providence Rhode Island USA August 10-15-1986 edited by J Biggins: 572

The role of Cu2+ and Zn2+ in the physiological activity of histamine in mice. Search Sci Technol Soc: 6 (4) 134-135

The role of Cynara cupressi (Buckton) infestations on the cypress decline. Informatore fitopatologico 29(1): 7-11

The role of DC-SIGN in HIV-1 transinission through dendritic cells. Zhonghua Weishengwuxue He Mianyixue Zazhi 27(7): 607-611

The role of DHI records in herd health programs.

The role of DNA damage and repair in cell aging.

The role of Dairy Testing, Inc.

The role of Dpp and its inhibitors during eggshell patterning in Drosophila. Development 134(12): 2261-2271

The role of Dr Norman Taylor in the develoment of Soil -Bureau. New Zealand soil news: 4 (1) 27-31

The role of Drosophila in mutagen testing. Mutagenesis in sub mammalian systems: status and significance edited by G E Paget: 0

The role of Dsb proteins of Gram-negative bacteria in the process of pathogenesis. Fems Microbiology Reviews 31(5): 626-636

The role of E vitamin in poultry farming. Baromfitenyesztes 19 (12) 20-21

The role of E-Business in the pulp and paper industry. Tappi journal 83(8): N

The role of ECA in Southeast Asia.

The role of EPA and the states in hazardous waste site cleanups.

The role of ERK activation in the neuronal excitability in the chronically compressed dorsal root ganglia. Neuroscience Letters 419(2): 153-157

The role of ERK in LPS induced TNF-alpha expression on Schwann cells. Zhonghua Weishengwuxue He Mianyixue Zazhi 27(6): 485-489

The role of ERK signaling in protein hydrogel remodeling by vascular smooth muscle cells. Biomaterials 28(26): 3824-3833

The role of EU. Food Australia: official journal of CAFTA and AIFST 47(10): 477-479

The role of Earth observation in improving water governance in Africa: ESAs TIGER initiative. Hydrogeology journal 15(1): 101-104

The role of Enterococcus faecalis in orthopaedic peri-implant infections demonstrated by automated ribotyping and cluster analysis. Biomaterials 28(27): 3987-3995

The role of Erwinia carotovora in the epidemiology of potato blackleg. i. relationship of Erwinia carotorora var. carotovora and Erwinia carotovora var. atroseptica to potato blackleg in Colorado. American potato journal: 54 (12) 587-591

The role of Escherichia coli in calf diarrhea. Proceedings of the World Veterinary Congress: 0th (v 2) 1168-1171

The role of Escherichia coli in the etiology of acute gastrointestinal diseases of lambs. Nauchno proizvodstvennaia konferentsiia po infektsionnym Bolezniam ovets materialy: ub 1976) 57-61

The role of Escherichia coli in the etiology of respiratory diseases of poultry. Veterinariia 8 70-72

The role of Experimental Husbandry Farms (EHFs) in the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (ADAS) and the choice of experimental programmes for them.

The role of Extension Service in energy education. Journal of NAL Associates National Agricultural Library new ser 4(1-2): 17-19

The role of Extension education.

The role of Extension education in a changing community.

The role of Extension in controversial studies: The case of interstate dairy compacts. Journal of extension 40(1): n

The role of Extension in the transfer of biotechnology.

The role of Extension specialists in helping entrepreneurs develop successful food-based businesses. Journal of extension 38(1): n

The role of Extension worker in solving nomadism problem in the Nuba Mountains area of the Rep. of the Sudan.

The role of F.A.O. in vertebrate pest problems. Proceedings Vertebrate Pest Conference: th 144-149

The role of F9 fimbriae of uropathogenic Escherichia coli in biofilm formation. Microbiology 153(Pt 7): 2321-2331

The role of FAO.

The role of FAO in improving plant pathology programmes in developing countries.

The role of FAO in international and regional co-ordination of desert locust research and control. International Study Conference on the Current and Future Problems of Acridology London 1970 Proceedings: 75-485

The role of FHAs farm operating and ownership loan programs as indicated by borrower characteristics.

The role of FID in information for agriculture. International forum on information and documentation 5(3): 3-6

The role of FLO11 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae biofilm development in a laboratory based flow-cell system. Fems Yeast Research 7(3): 372-379

The role of Federal marketing orders.

The role of FmHA in financing agricultural enterprises. Proceedings of the Viticultural Science Symposium: 29-131

The role of Food Safety Commission in the introduction of Positive List System for Agricultural Chemical Residues in Foods. Journal of Pesticide Science 32(1): 57-60

The role of Food for peace in U.S. overseas operations.

The role of Foxg1 and dorsal midline signaling in the generation of Cajal-Retzius subtypes. Journal of Neuroscience 27(41): 11103-11111

The role of G protein-coupled receptor 40 in lipoapoptosis in mouse beta-cell line NIT-1. Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 38(6): 651-661

The role of GABA(B) receptors in intracortical inhibition in the human motor cortex. Experimental Brain Research 173(1): 86-93

The role of GATT in relation to trade and development.

The role of GTP in lutropin-induced desensitization of the GTP regulatory cycle and adenylate cyclase in the rat ovary. Advances in cyclic nucleotide research4(14): 101-109

The role of GW. Journal of cell science15 120(8): 1317-1323

The role of GW/P-bodies in RNA processing and silencing. Journal of Cell Science 120(Pt 8): 1317-1323

The role of Gipromiaso. Miasnaia industriia SSSR: (12) 26-28

The role of GlnD in ammonia assimilation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis 87(4): 384-390

The role of GnRH in dairy herd reproductive management. Bovine reproduction: proceedings of a symposium October 19-1987 held in conjunction with the 13th annual Food Animal Medicine Conference at the Ohio State Univ Columbus Ohio Reuben J Mapletoft et al: 0

The role of Government and policy in modifying exposure to natural disaster risks.

The role of Guanxi in buyer-seller relationships in China: a survey of vegetables supply chains in Jiangsu Province. The role of Guanxi in buyer seller relationships in China: a survey of vegetable supply chains in Jiangsu Province: 240 pp

The role of Gujarat cotton in Indian cotton trade.

The role of H+-ATPases in plant nutrient transport. Frontiers of membrane research in agriculture: symposium May 20-24-1984 at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center Beltsville Md 20705 editors JB St John E Berlin PC Jackson: 256

The role of H1 and H2-receptors in the coronary vascular response to histamine of isolated perfused hearts of guinea-pigs and rabbits. British Journal of Pharmacology 54(4): 511-521

The role of HACCP. Activities report of the R and D Associates98 49(2-1): 311-312

The role of HACCP in processed meat production. Special report New York State Agricultural Experiment Station Geneva: (64) 3-7

The role of HDL apolipoproteins in mediating HDL receptor binding and intracellular cholesterol efflux. NATO ASI series Series H Cell biology3(73): 165-173

The role of HDL in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis. Developments in food science: 1819-824

The role of HEW in the health aspects of water pollution. Man and his Environment the Effects Of Pollution On Man: 7-64

The role of HLA-DRB1 alleles on susceptibility and outcome of a Portuguese Multiple Sclerosis population. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 258(1-2): 69-74

The role of HMGCoA reductase in tomato fruit development. Molecular biology of tomato: fundamental advances and crop improvement 117

The role of Haemophilus somnus in early embryonic. I. The effect of the organism of embryos by day 8 postbreeding. Theriogenology 26(2): 189-198

The role of Haley Nursery Co. Inc., in the fruit tree industry. Proceedings of the annual meeting Arkansas State Horticultural Society: 02nd) 124-126

The role of Hansenula polymorpha MIG1 homologues in catabolite repression and pexophagy. Fems Yeast Research 7(7): 1103-1113

The role of Horace Plunkett in the Irish co-operative mov ement. Biatas The Tillage Farmer: 28 (3) 126-128

The role of Hox hydrogenase in the H2 metabolism of Thiocapsa roseopersicina. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1767(6): 671-676

The role of Hydrotaea armipes Fall. (Diptera, Muscidae) in the transmission of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis Calf eye pest, vector of Moraxella bovis and other pathogens. Folia parasitologica9(1): 79-83

The role of I.C.T.A. in tropical agriculture.

The role of IAA and ABA in the root growth regulation. Physiology and biochemistry of auxins in plants: proceedings of the symposium held at Liblice Czechoslovakia September 28 October 2-1987 edited by Milan Kutacek Robert S Bandurski and Jan Krekule: 340

The role of IAA in the regulation of plant cell division. Physiology and biochemistry of auxins in plants: proceedings of the symposium held at Liblice Czechoslovakia September 28 October 2-1987 edited by Milan Kutacek Robert S Bandurski and Jan Krekule: 157

The role of IAA oxidase, peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase in the fibre initiation on the cotton ovule. Beitrage zur Biologie der Pflanzen2(1): 79-90

The role of ICCVAM in evaluating new and alternative test methods. Lab Animal 31(7): 26-32

The role of ICOS in the development of CD4 T cell help and the reactivation of memory T cells. European Journal of Immunology 37(7): 1796-1808

The role of IFN-c in cattle infected with Theileria sergenti. Veterinary parasitology20 127(2): 105-110

The role of IL-10 in genetic susceptibility to coccidioidomycosis on mice. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1111: 236-244

The role of IL-6 in inhibition of lymphocyte apoptosis by mesenchymal stem cells. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 361(3): 745-750

The role of INFIC in the developing countries. Feed information and animal production: proceedings of the second symposium of the International Network of Feed Information Centres edited by GE Robards and RG Packham: 461

The role of IPM in contemporary agriculture and environmental issues. Leslie, A R [Editor], Cuperus, G W [Editor] Successful implementation of integrated pest management for agricultural crops : 171-179

The role of IS6110 in the evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis 87(5): 393-404

The role of ISO standards in micro and small-scale food ingredient companies. Quality management in food chains: 79-90

The role of IUCN international union for conservation of nature and natural resources and WWF world wildlife fund in Lepidoptera conservation.

The role of IUCW in the development of the rural poor in Bangladesh. ADAB news 9(4): 18-22

The role of IWS in Indian wool product industry. Commerce 135 (3474) 7-8

The role of IgA in the secretory immune response and in the preservation of intestinal homoestasis. International Pig Veterinary Society Proceedings of the International Congress: th 1

The role of IgG4 in food allergy. Food allergy and intolerance edited by Jonathan Brostoff Stephen J Challacombe: 906

The role of Iowa extension council members and their understanding of their responsibilities.

The role of K. Plant Growth Regulators: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Plant Growth Regulators: ub 1977), 2d 707-717

The role of K-ATP channel in the preconditioning effect of magnesium in the rat isolated heart. Daru 15(2): 105-112

The role of Karathane in an integrated mite control program for apples in N. j.

The role of L forms of bacteria in disease. Role of mycoplasmas and L forms of bacteria: 13-323

The role of L-carnitine in nutritional status and echocardiographic parameters in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy in children. Jornal de Pediatria 81(5): 368-372

The role of L-carnitine in pregnancy and disorders of lipid metabolism. Annals of nutrition and metabolism 44(2): 89-91

The role of L-glutamate in neuromuscular transmission in some molluscs. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 603: 619-626

The role of LC liquid chromatography in the elucidation of the mechanism of hydrolysis of an organ specific cytotoxin, precocene I epoxide, and some inactive analogues. Chromatographic science0(20): 111-133

The role of LCAT in cholesterol transport. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 82: 427-431

The role of LGP low-ground-pressure in crop protection Farm equipment that will not compact soil. Autumn 1982

The role of LH in the luteotrophic process of lactating rats. Endocrinology 96(2): 329-334

The role of Lepidoptera in the conditions of a cotton-alfalfa crop rotation in Turkmenia. Ekologiia nasekomykh Turkmenii: 4-73

The role of M.A.F. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in an expanding livestock industry New Zealand.

The role of MDHV in temporary paralysis. Proceedings of Western Poultry Disease Conference: 2d 43-46

The role of MIRCENs in rural development, agricultural training and environmental management. Training for agriculture and rural development: 6) 23-28

The role of Macrophomina phaseolina in mortality of pine seedlings in forest nurseries. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift = Journal of phytopathology 112(2): 161-164

The role of Macroposthonia ornata in predisposing soybean to Phytophthora megasperma var. sojae in field microplots Fungus disease, Glycine max, phytonematode, North Carolina. Publicacao Sociedade Brasileira de Nematologia: ) 257-291

The role of Magnolia and beech in forest processes in the Tallahassee, Florida, Thomasville, Georgia area. Proceedings 3th 363-397

The role of Malaysian Agricultural Research Development Institute in seed technology. Seed Technology in the Tropics National Seed Symposium: ub 1977), 1st 257-263

The role of Management Boards in leading of the technical and social-economic activities of the enterprises.

The role of Mandarin lexical tones in lexical access under different contextual conditions. Language and Cognitive Processes 22(4): 566-594

The role of Mediterranean botanic gardens in the maintenance of living conservation-oriented collections. Geobotany ) 221-236

The role of Mediterranean diet in the epidemiology of metabolic syndrome; converting epidemiology to clinical practice. Lipids in Health and Disease 4: 7-7

The role of MgATP in nitrogenase catalysis.

The role of Milieu Theory in the treatment of sexually abused children. Child and youth care forum 22(2): 111-124

The role of Miscanthus sinensis. Pedologist 17 (2) 16-26

The role of Musca domestica in the spread of the FMD virus.

The role of Mycoplasma genitalium and Ureaplasma urealyticum biovar 2 in postgonococcal urethritis. Clinical Infectious Diseases 45(7): 866-871

The role of Mycoplasma in bovine mastitis. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 181(2): 158-162

The role of mycoplasma in bovine respiratory disease. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 75(2): 297-298

The role of Mycoplasma in pathology (a hypothesis). Biologisches Zentralblatt: 88 (5) 570-574

The role of Mycoplasma in sheep pneumonia in Britain. Proceedings of the World Veterinary Congress: 0th (v 2) 1202-1203

The role of Myxomycetes in the decomposition of bark of conifers. Lesnictvi Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 25(4): 339-348

The role of N-acetyl amines in tetrahydro-beta-carboline and tetrahydroisoquinoline biosynthesis. Phytochemistry 11 (1) 229-234

The role of N-lauroylethanolamine in the regulation of senescence of cut carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus). Journal of Plant Physiology 164(8): 993-1001

The role of N-linked glycans in the protein secretion. Current topics in plant biochemistry and physiology: proceedings of the Plant Biochemistry and Physiology Symposium held at the University of Missouri Columbia: 6th) 127

The role of N-o-alanyldopamine synthase in the innate immune response of two insects. Journal of insect physiology 53(11): 1188-1197

The role of NADH and NADPH in dissimilatory processes in DESAULFOVIBRIO strains.

The role of NADP in the mitochondrial matrix. Trends in plant science 3(1): 21-27

The role of NARS in the changing Global Agricultural Research System. Globalization of science: the place of agricultural research 209

The role of NATA in quality assurance for the food industry. Food technology in Australia 40(4): 141-143

The role of NEPA in the Intermountain States.

The role of NEPA in the Mid-Atlantic States.

The role of NEPA in the Southern States.

The role of NEPA in the Southwestern States.

The role of NEPA in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.

The role of NF-kappaB in 1-3-beta-glucan (Zymosan) induced TNF-alpha production. Proceedings (1): 241-247

The role of NGX6 and its deletion mutants in the proliferation, adhesion and migration of nasopharyngeal carcinoma 5-8F cells. Oncology 71(3-4): 273-281

The role of NH4+ toxicity in the decline of the submersed macrophyte Vallisneria natans in lakes of the Yangtze River basin, China. Marine and Freshwater Research 58(6): 581-587

The role of NMC in mastitis control. Dairy herd management: 15 (8) 16

The role of NSAIDs in managing postoperative pain. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference4(14): 628-630

The role of Na as a determinant of the asymmetric permeability of rabbit ileal brush-border to D-galactose. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 373(3): 453-470

The role of Na2S in anoxygenic photosynthesis and H2 production in the cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 123(3): 1138-1143

The role of National Academies of Science and scientific organizations in the dissemination of scientific information.

The role of National Cooperative Union of India in the international technical assistance. Indian cooperative review: 7 (4) 591-612

The role of National Seeds Corporation. Indian farming: 20 (3) 7-9

The role of Nemeritis canescens Gravenhorst in the infection of Ephestia kuhniella Zeller with Bacillus thuriengiensis Berliner.

The role of Neozygites fumosa in regulation of cassava mealybug populations. Fundamental and applied aspects of invertebrate pathology edited by Robert A Samson Just M Vlak and Dick Peters: 166

The role of New Guinea in the evolution and biogeography of some families of Psocopteran insects. Monographiae biologicae2(2): 621-638

The role of Nigerian food industries in the formulation and implementation of national food and nutrition policy. Nutrition and food policy in Nigeria edited by Tola Atinmo Laolu Akinyele: 253

The role of Nikola Pushkarov in. Pochvoznanie i agrokhimiia: 0 (5) 3-9

The role of noninvasive cellular imaging in developing cell-based therapies for neurodegenerative disorders. Neuro-Degenerative Diseases 4(4): 306-313

The role of Nosema invasion on s. Zhivotnovudni nauki5(2): 106-111

The role of O-acetyl groups in the biosynthesis of alginate by Azotobacter vinelandii. Carbohydrate research, 145(1): 169-174

The role of OIE in regional co-operation. Veterinary viral diseases: their significance in South East Asia and the Western Pacific proceedings Australian National Animal Health Laboratory CSIRO Geelong Australia 27-30 August 1984 ed AJ Della Porta: 564

The role of OMFB in the technical development of the meat industry. Husipar 30(2): 49-52

The role of OVASYN in cotton insect management. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences: 82-283

The role of Ohios herbaria beyond the State. Ohio journal of science 84(4): 197-199

The role of Old World bluestems. Circular E Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service: (901) 1-4

The role of Ommaya reservoir and endoscopic third ventriculostomy in the management of post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus of prematurity. Child's Nervous System 23(7): 765-771

The role of Orius vicinus Ribaut (Heteroptera; Anthocoridae) as a predator of phytophagous and predacious mites in a Dutch orchard. Journal of Applied Entomology, 1024: 391-402

The role of Orosius cellulosus Lindberg (Homoptera: Cicadelloidae) as a vector of the floral virescence of cotton in Upper Volta. Coton et fibres tropicales: 27 (4) 393-394

The role of P-glycoproteins and other ABC transporters in physiological and pathological processes. Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 76(3): 177-185

The role of P. G. Shitts work in the development of commercial fruit growing in Kuban. Sovremennye problemy plodovodstva: 3-44

The role of P501S and PSA in the diagnosis of metastatic adenocarcinoma of the prostate. American Journal of Surgical Pathology 31(9): 1351-1355

The role of PGF-2 alpha in embryonic loss following systemic infusion of Salmonella typhimurium endotoxin in the mare and the protective action of altrenogest and flunixin meglumine. Proceedings of the annual convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners: 4th) 169-171

The role of PGR5 in the redox poising of photosynthetic electron transport. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1767(10): 1252-1259

The role of PSO and SNM genes in DNA repair of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Current Genetics 18(5): 387-393

The role of PT. Bina Mulya Ternak on the livestock development.

The role of PTEN in prostate cancer cell tropism to the bone micro-environment. Carcinogenesis 28(7): 1393-1400

The role of Pasteurella haemolytica in the bovine respiratory disease complex. Veterinary medicine 81(9): 838

The role of Pavlovian conditioning in the acquisition of food likes and dislikes. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 443: 189-202

The role of Petunia inflata S-proteins in self-incompatibility. Pollen pistil interactions and pollen tube growth: proceedings ninth annual Penn State Symposium in Plant Physiology May 19-21-1994 219

The role of Pex3p in early events of peroxisome biogenesis in Hansenula polymorpha.

The role of PhD research in developing sustainable land use.

The role of Phytocoptella avellanae (Nal.) and Cecidophyopsis vermiformis (Nal.) (Eriophyoidea) in big bud of filbert. Proceedings of the 4th International Congress of Acarology Saalfelden Austria edited by Edward Piffl: 208

The role of Phytophthora cinnamomi in Australian and New Zealand forests. Annual review of phytopathology: 0 299-326

The role of Phytophthora cinnamomi in dieback diseases of -Australian eucalypt forests. Biology and Control of Soil Borne Plant Pathogens International Symposium: ub 1975), 3d 27-36

The role of Phytophthora-infected potatoes in the disease development in tomatoes.

The role of Pityrosporum pachydermatis in otitis of the external ear in the dog. Assessment of treatment with Miconazole. Nimal de compagnie = The Animal companion 16(4): 331-345

The role of Pleurotus ostreatus in the reforestation of Populus stands and the use of waste woods.

The role of Populus deltoides in New Zealand. Proceedings: Symposium on Eastern Cottonwood and Related Species: osium on Eastern Cottonwood and Related Species, 176-188

The role of Populus in the planning of new forests on state land. I. Populier 16(3): 51-55

The role of Protozoa in producing vitamins in joint cultures with Azotobacter. Uzbekskii biologicheskii zhurnal: 69-70

The role of Prunus pensylvanica L. in the rapid revegetation of disturbed sites.

The role of Prunus spinosa L. in epidemiology of plum pox virus in the Czech Republic. Diagnosis and identification of plant pathogens: proceedings of the 4th International Symposium of the European Foundation for Plant Pathology September 9-12-1996 Bonn Germany 530

The role of Pseudomonas in canine ear disease. Compendium on continuing education for the practicing veterinarian 20(8): 909-919

The role of Pseudomonas syringae and Erwinia chrysanthemi hrp gene products in plant interactions. Current plant science and biotechnology in agriculture1(21): 49-56

The role of Puget Sound and Washington coastal estuaries in the life history of Pacific salmon: an unappreciated function Oncorhynchus spp. Estuarine comparisons: proceedings of the Sixth Biennial International Estuarine Research Conference Gleneden Beach Oregon November 1-6-1981 edited by Victor S Kennedy: 364

The role of Puna Papaya in the papaya industry Food processing, aseptic puree products, economic outlook, development of new independent grower base, Hawaii. Research extension series Hawaii Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources: (020) 27-29

The role of Pythium species in the spinach damping-off complex.

The role of RNA processing in viroid replication. UCLA symposia on molecular and cellular biology8(48): 319-334

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