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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17478

Chapter 17478 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The short- and long-run effects of the vector grocery store consumer price information program. Working paper series California Agricultural Experiment Station Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics: 982 (240)

The short- and long-term effects of two isomers of DDT and their metabolite DDE on hormone secretion and survival of human choriocarcinoma JEG-3 cells. Pharmacological Reports 59(2): 224-232

The short-bowel syndrome. Nutrition in clinical surgery editor Mervyn Deitel: 275

The short-bowel syndrome and ambulatory home hyperalimentation. Nutrition in clinical surgery: 09-214

The short-cycle pressing method in upgraded coating, its advantages and disadvantages in relation to the conventional coating and the presuppositions of its application. Holzindustrie 27 (10) 298-301

The short-cycle process: its advantages and limits in wood processing. Holztechnologie 15 (1) 40-44

The short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) fishery in eastern Canada Management of the resource. Journal of shellfish research 1(2): 143-152

The short-lived liberal phase in economic thinking in Communist China.

The short-run asymmetry of pollution subsidies and charges. Journal of environmental economics and management 8(4): 395-399

The short-run consequences of increased energy cost: an input-output approach. Fall 1 (1) 65-79

The short-run demand for money.

The short-run shifting of unit taxes with special reference to the processing taxes levied under the Agricultural Adjustment Act.

The short-run socio-economic effects of the termination of Public Law 78 on the California farm labor market for 1965-1967.

The short-tailed fruit bat.

The short-term agricultural credit situation.

The short-term economic effects of environmental constraints on forest industries. Review of marketing and agricultural economics 53(3): 149-156

The short-term effect of seawater dilution on the photosynthetic activity of seaweeds growing in shallow tide pools. Current topics in plant physiology(8): 219-225

The short-term effects of zinc on the growth, anatomy and acid phosphatase activity of pea seedlings Pisum sativum, also a pollutant. Annales botanici Fennici0(2): 197-203

The short-term influence of a Mediterranean-type diet and mild exercise with and without red wine on patients with the metabolic syndrome. South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture 28(1): 44-49

The short-term maintenance of the isolated sheep foetus in the last fifth of pregnancy. Acta endocrinologica: 66 (1) 35-49

The short-term outcomes in selected high-risk patients underwent off-pump or on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting. Zhonghua Xin Xue Guan Bing Za Zhi 35(3): 245-247

The short-term response of soil microorganism number to simulated nitrogen deposition. Guangxi Zhiwu / Guihaia 27(2): 174-179, 202

The short-term toxicity of some feed additives to different freshwater organisms. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 15(6): 720-725

The shortage and high cost of housing in Malaysia. Planter 59(685): 176-182

The shortage of science teachers. Science 317(5837): 450-451

The shortage of short QT intervals. Chest 132(1): 246-249

The shorter British flora.

The shortest path to heaven.

The shortest road to increased sales including a county count of Farm journal an farmers wife circulation, 1941.

The shorthorns of Scotland, Sittyton.

The shot hole borer, Xylosandrus compactus (Eichhoff) on grafted nursery plants of custard apple (Annona squamosa L.). Insect Environment 12(3): 120-121

The shotgun approach to hybridizing. Winter 38 (1) 20-22

The shothole borer: an ambrosia beetle of concern for chestnut orcharding in the Pacific Northwest. Annual report 4(84): 168-177

The shoulder joint. Journal of Small Animal Practice 16(8): 523-526

The shoulder joint in the dog and cat. Positioning and normal radiographic anatomy. Tijdschrift voor diergeneeskunde: 103 (16) 855-860

The shoulder: differential diagnosis and therapeutic strategies. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference4(14): 1075-1076

The show bench a series for judges and exhibitors.

The show bench. 4. Edithcolea grandis. National cactus and succulent journal 33(4): 96

The show bench: aloe longistyla Baker. National cactus and succulent journal 34(3): 62

The show goes on. I. Macdonald journal 47(4): 29-32

The show of the best dairy cows is always successful.

The showman shepherd.

The showmans dilemma: showing animals and keeping them healthy. Dairy goat guide 7(6): 21-25

The showring of the future. Beef cattle science handbook2(22): 506-507

The showy milkweed, Asclepias speciosa: a potential new semi-arid crop for energy and chemicals. Biomass (2): 81-104

The shredder--greater than the sum of its parts.

The shrews of the Sorex dispar group: Sorex dispar Batchelder and Sorex gaspensis Anthony and Goodwin. American Museum Novitates, 1-21 No. 2675

The shrimp fishery. Industrial Fishery Technology: 170

The shrimp fishery of the northern region of Brazil. FAO fisheries report Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: ub 1983) (278,suppl) 72-78

The shrimps of Nigeria.

The shrine of the horse.

The shrinkage of apple tree shoots.

The shrinkage performance of wool protective clothing fabrics. Report Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand: 80 (69)

The shrinking forests and the problem of deforestation in Tanzania. Journal of Eastern African research and development8(18): 108-118

The shrinking planet.

The shrinking submarine.

The shrinking timetable for watershed development.

The shrinking world.

The shrinkproofing of wool with the bisulphite adducts of polyisocyanates. Journal of the Textile Institute: 64 (11) 665-667

The shriveling of pollinated pistils as an aid to rapid determination of Chrysanthemum pollen viability Chrysanthemum morifolium. Euphytica 31(2): 519-521

The shrub identification book.

The shrub layer in the ecosystem of the floodplain forest. Developments in agricultural and managed forest ecology: 5A) 121-169

The shrub plantings in the National Garden Show Stuttgart 1977. Garten und Landschaft: 88 (3) 145-151

The shrub-specific visual perceptor-system of the stick insect (Carausius morosus).

The shrublands of Africa. Biology and utilization of shrubs edited by Cyrus M McKell: 143

The shrubs and woody vines of Florida.

The shuttle method in the skidding of a forest.

The shuttle program with Coban and Coyden.

The shuttle-craft book of American hand-weaving.

The shuttling SR protein 9G8 plays a role in translation of unspliced mRNA containing a constitutive transport element. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282(27): 19844-19853

The shy child. Young children 42(4): 54-64

The shys of some fruit problems. Mountaineer grower: 322 16-18

The sialic acids. XVIII. Subcellular distribution of seven glycosyltransferases in embryonic chicken brain. Journal of Biological Chemistry 250(2): 739-746

The sibirica circular letter. Staudengarten 21-22

The sibling bond.

The sibling bond a lifelong love. Psychology today 15(6): 33-47

The sick calf. Tierzuchter 23 (5) 124-125

The sick doctor: the sprayer sprayed. Acta Cardiologica 61(6): 651-657

The sick dog.

The sick forest.

The sick horse.

The sick one is not the one w.

The side bank type of constru.

The side effect of Dimilin on honeybees --investigation in relation to airplane application in forest.

The side effect of vineyard applied fungicides on mite populations based on 4 years of experimental field tests. Proceedings of the 4th International Congress of Acarology Saalfelden Austria edited by Edward Piffl: 230

The side effects of the insecticide action upon the environment. Postepy nauk rolniczych: 17 (1 2) 131-136

The side pass and diagonal: why, when, how. Horseman 23(8): 24

The side reactions taking place in the saponification of acylcardenolides with ammonia. Chemistry of natural compounds 20(3): 374-375

The side-effect of using bactericide AGREPT 25WP in different dose and interval on potato diseases.

The sidetracked sisters catch-up on the kitchen.

The sideweight shoe: correcting some interference problems in the Trotting horse. American farriers' journal 13(7): 28-32

The sidewinder--an improved lagoon sampler. Paper er 1994 (94-4042 94-4082)

The sieve analysis of mixed feedstuffs.

The sieving test after tropical storage of sevin and DDT-LINDANE mixed with different acaricides using different waters.

The sift of bog vegetation under the influence of drying. Interrelation of Forest and Bog: Results of Station Research: ransl 1976) 129-140

The sifting committee.

The sight of others' pain modulates motor processing in human cingulate cortex. Cerebral Cortex 17(9): 2214-2222

The sigma virus infection of Drosophila melanogaster. Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 42: 59-93

The signal crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus (Dana, 1852) , in the Brugneto Lake (Liguria, NW Italy). The beginning of the invasion of the River Po watershed?. Aquatic Invasions 2(1): 17-24

The signal of electron paramagnetic resonance of manganese complexes in needles of some species of Coniferales. Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR: 36 (6) 1489-1492

The signal recognition particle (SRP) RNA links conformational changes in the SRP to protein targeting. Molecular Biology of the Cell 18(7): 2728-2734

The signal transduction pathway leading from the toll receptor to nuclear localization of dorsal transcription factor. Biochemical Society Transactions 24(1): 35-38

The signal transduction pathway upstream of CDC24 - RAS - adenylate cyclase in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its relationship to nutrient control of cell cycle progression. NATO ASI series: Series A: Life sciences20(220): 57-66

The signals are clear: what is the message?.

The signifcance of wood orientation when making flakes for waferboard. Proceedings annual meeting Western Dry Kiln Clubs: 6-22

The significanace of variations in feed quality in the nutritional management of horses. Feed information and animal production: proceedings of the second symposium of the International Network of Feed Information Centres edited by GE Robards and RG Packham: 386

The significance and application of Rhizobium in agriculture. International review of cytology supplement: 3) 311-331

The significance and application of several modern research methods.

The significance and change of.

The significance and control of wastewater floatables in coastal waters.

The significance and destruction of mites harmful in the foo d industry.

The significance and development of retail trade.

The significance and development of services in harvesting of cereals.

The significance and dynamics of stray dog populations with special reference to the U.K. and Japan. Journal of Small Animal Practice 10(7): 419-446

The significance and efficacy of Thiram obtained on appletree leaves by mechanical pulverisation and by pneumatic pulverization. Fruit belge: t Quarter 353 25-37

The significance and endangering of Central Mexican conifer forests. Umschau 73 (3) 85-86

The significance and function of comparative jurisprudence in agricultural law.

The significance and future of agriculture in Finland.

The significance and importance of shelterbelts in the Sudan. Sudan silva: ie 11 (20) 4-5

The significance and interpretation of uterine biopsy in the mare.

The significance and measurement of colour in wool.

The significance and mechanism of stomatal movement.

The significance and method of testing the strength of bones. Stocarstvo 29 (9 10) 319-323

The significance and methods in after-harvest health control of seed potatoes. Uroda 0 (9) 340-341

The significance and outcome of continuous positive airway pressure-related central sleep apnea during split-night sleep studies. Chest 132(1): 81-87

The significance and possibilities of shellfishery in the Adriatic. Kongres o proizvodnji ljudske hrane u Jugoslaviji: st (3) 165-173

The significance and problems of production of sunflowers in Yugoslavia. Ekonomika poljoprivrede: 22 (4) 59-63

The significance and regulation of soil biodiversity.

The significance and responsibility of rehabilitating drastically disturbed land. Reclamation of Drastically Disturbed Lands Proceedingsof a Symposium: ub 1978) 1-10

The significance and role of cypress trees (Cupressus) and cypress forests in our tourist business. Narodni sumar: 4 (1 3) 5-12

The significance and role of sectoral-production complexes in the formation and evolution of economic regions.

The significance and some results of studying the efficiency of plants and vegetation. Problemy Biogeotsenologii: 03-213

The significance and spreading of direct seeding and simplified soil tillage in Great Britain. Postepy nauk rolniczych: 4 (4) 193-206

The significance and sustainable utilization plan of biodiversity conservation in West Guangxi Limestone Region. Guangxi Zhiwu / Guihaia 27(2): 211-216

The significance and tasks of production control and the place of forest management in the socialist economic system of the German Democratic Republic.

The significance and use of certain additives in meat products with consideration of human health. Kongres o proizvodnji ljudske hrane u Jugoslaviji: 66-370

The significance and use of herbicides in increasing the yield of grain crops. Kongres o proizvodnji ljudkske hrane u Jugoslaviji: st (4) 195-199

The significance and use of trace components in flavors Confection and food additives. Perfumer and flavorist 1983 7(6): 7-12

The significance for agriculture of flood control in the middle part of Vistula river. Nowe rolnictwo: 15, 25 (9) 14-16

The significance for human health of nitrate, nitrite and N-nitroso compounds. NATO ASI series: Series G: Ecological sciences0(30): 253-266

The significance for world trade of variability in grain imports by the USSR and Canada.

The significance of control in the management of forest ecosystems in the mountain region of Sneznik. Gozdarski vestnik: 36 (2) 75-87

The significance of steppe formation and deterioration of natural resources of the landscape in the Wielkopolska-Kuj awy Lowland region.

The significance of 2n gametes in potato breeding and genetics.

The significance of Algae for the life of corals. I. Coral reefs by recycling. Umschau 76 (15) 491-493

The significance of C3-C4 intermediate photosynthesis to the evolution of C4 photosynthesis. Plant cell and environment 12(7): 689-699

The significance of Ca2+ in the morphogenesis of Micrasterias studied with EGTA verapamil, LaCl3 and calcium ionophore A 23187. Plant science letters 33(1): 53-60

The significance of Chenopodium quinoa Willd. in the solution of protein problem in Chilean nutrition. Simiente 2 (1 3) 15-20

The significance of DNA-damage assays in toxicity and carcinogenicity assessment. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 407: 106-118

The significance of Egyptian wetlands for wintering waterbirds.

The significance of Enterococci as causal agent of urogenital tract infections in sows. Proceedings IXth International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals 1995: September 11-14-1995 Free University of Berlin

The significance of Fraxinus americana to lowland sylviculture. Erdo 18 (7) 292-294

The significance of Gramoxon in corn culture.

The significance of K. G. Ramenskiis scientific concepts in theory and practice of arid pastureland reconstruction. Problems of desert development: ) 70-75

The significance of KCl extractable -A1 as an index to lime requirement of soils of the humid tropics. Soil science: 121 (4) 227-233

The significance of L.

The significance of LPG in European vehicular transportation. Nonpetroleum vehicular fuels: symposium papers presented Feb 11-13-1980 Arlington Va symposium chairman Thomas J Joyce: 387

The significance of Leptospira isolated from the kidneys of slaughtered pigs. Australian Veterinary Journal 60(7): 226-227

The significance of Mr. Richard Buckleys exploding trousers: reflections on an aspect of technological change in New Zealand dairy farming between the world wars. Agricultural historymmer 78(3): 346-360

The significance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in cattle: A literature review. APHIS 91 Us Anim Plant Health Insp Serv: 16 36-45

The significance of Niles canyon in the phytogeography of the Coast Ranges of Central California. Madrono (Pub 3, 1972), 21 (4) 177-200

The significance of Nitrazon in legumes.

The significance of Pleospora bjoerlingii Byford (Phoma betae Frank) in the blackleg disease of the sugarbeet. Hodowla roslin aklimatyzacja i nasiennictwo = Plant breeding acclimatization and seed production: 3 (3) 133-175

The significance of PrPSc detection for the diagnosis of insidious scrapie. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 724: 347-349

The significance of Propionibacterium species and Micrococcus lactilyticus to the ensiling process. Journal of applied bacteriology: 39 (3) 301-306

The significance of Prunus brigantiaca Vill. in breeding myrobalan plums for autogamy and later flowering.

The significance of Salmonella identification in fishmeal. Land und forstwirtschaftliche Forschung in Osterreich: 179-189

The significance of Sesbania grandiflora in the goat production system on Lombok Island, Indonesia. Asian Australasian journal of animal sciences: 13269

The significance of Streptococcus suis in swine disease: clinical, pathologic and bacteriologic data from a two year study. Proceedings of annual meeting American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians: 8th) 201-210

The significance of Temik 10G for sugarbeet cultivation. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 6 (3) 225-260

The significance of Trichoderma lignorum Harz in biological control of plant disease causal agents.

The significance of a biologically active soil.

The significance of a changing concept of ownership in social and economic planning.

The significance of a defined germload for the standardisation of research animals.

The significance of a grassy field boundary for the spatial distribution of carabids within two cereal fields. Agriculture ecosystems and environment 122(4): 427-434

The significance of a method fo. Agriculture and horticulture: 49 (6) 19-23

The significance of a root-fungus association in two Carex species of high-alpine plant communities Carex firma, Carex sempevirens, may affect phosphorus nutrition. Oecologia 3(3): 352-354

The significance of a wall-bound, hydroxyproline-containing glycopeptide in lily pollen tube elongation. Pollen: development and physiology: 94-200

The significance of actinomycetes for the odor level of the Rhine and Rhine filtrates.

The significance of aecidial stage of Puccinia graminis F. tritici Erikss. et Henn. in dynamics of its race composition at the Northern Caucasus.

The significance of aerobic vibrios in the etiology of aborts and infertility in cows. Veterinariya Kiev: 9 97-99

The significance of agrarian reform in the highlands of central Peru. Derecho y reforma agraria revista(8): 129-154

The significance of agricultural by-products. Allattenyesztes Animal breeding7(4): 297-304

The significance of agricultural credit for the structural change in agriculture. Forderungsdienst 19 (1) 1-5

The significance of agricultural development and its prospects. Revista del cafe: 28 (8) 13-14

The significance of agricultural export in the economics of developing countries.

The significance of agrochemical centres in the execution of an effective plant protection in the German Democratic Republic. Gazdalkodas 2 (6) 59-64

The significance of agrometeoro. Nogyo kisho = Journal of agricultural meteorology 36(2): 109-111

The significance of aldehyde groups in hypochlorite oxidized starches. Starke 23 (7) 235-238

The significance of alkaline phosphatase activity in Lough Neagh. Freshwater Biology 7(4): 351-355

The significance of allelopathy in black walnut cultural systems Juglans nigra, silvicultural treatments. Annual report Northern Nut Growers Association: 2nd) 117-134

The significance of allelopathy in black walnut cultural systems Juglans nigra, toxicity, associated forest trees, herbaceous vegetation. USDA Forest Service general technical report NC United States North Central Forest Experiment Station: 4) 73-86

The significance of alternative techniques in biomedical research: an analysis of Nobel Prize awards. Advances in animal welfare science: 87 19-31

The significance of amino acids in fruits: amino acids in bananas and their behavior during ripening. Gordian 73 (1) 12

The significance of animal health to the livestock and animal protein food industries.

The significance of animal products in the spread of diseases. Bulletin 58 (1) 843-852

The significance of antitranspirants and root preservatives for growth results of forest plants.

The significance of aphid monitoring in improving barley yellow dwarf virus control.

The significance of apogamy and apomictic phenomena in lily hybridization. Lily yearbook of the North American Lily Society: 8) 45-46

The significance of application of disinfection in the prevention of etiological factors of mastitis on farms with milking machines. Veterinarski glasnik: 8 (10) 781-786

The significance of applying green grafts in forest tree breeding.

The significance of artificial pneumoperitoneum in roentgenological diagnostics of peritoneal carcinosis in the dog. Veterinarski glasnik: 4 (7) 521-524

The significance of aryl ether cleavage in kraft delignification of softwood. Svensk papperstidning = Swedish paper journal5, 83(13): 363-369

The significance of ascorbic acid and pigments of the bark in the frost resistance of fruit plants. Physiology and biochemistry of cultivated plants: (Transl 1971), 2 (2) 160-164

The significance of ascorbic acid, thiamin and retinol in cancer. International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research. Supplement 24: 105-118

The significance of ash. Proceedings 2nd 263-269

The significance of assimilatory starch for growth in Arabidopsis thaliana wild-type and starchless mutants. Ecological studies: analysis and synthesis00(100): 123-131

The significance of associative effects of feeds on corn silage and corn grain energy values.

The significance of assurance of provenance of seedling material for alpine reforestation.

The significance of asymbiotic dinitrogen fixation by bacteria.

The significance of asymmetrical sexual isolation. Evolutionary biology1(21): 1-43

The significance of bacteria in stationary phase to food microbiology. International Journal of Food Microbiology 28(2): 263-275

The significance of bacterial grazing and mineral cycling for the decomposition of particulate detritus. Symposium of the British Ecological Society: 7th 285-299

The significance of bacterial wilt in the development of potatoes in Kenya. International Symposium on Key Problems and Potentialsfor Greater Use of the Potato in Dev World Lima Peru: ub 1973) 200-205

The significance of balance of motivations for a choice of dogs behavior under conditions of environmental uncertainty. Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deyatel'nosti Imeni Ivlova. 2007; 57(3): 303-312

The significance of beer proteins in relationship to cold break and age related haze formation. Brauwissenschaft 32(6): 167-172

The significance of behaviour research in animal production. Tierzuchter 23 (9) 241-243

The significance of berries and morello cherries in daily supply.

The significance of bile acid transport for absorption of xenobiotics in liver cells.

The significance of biological characteristics for systematics of fungi belonging to genus Stereum pers. ex S. f. gray S. lato. Mikologieiia i fitopatologieiia: (2) 78-81

The significance of biospheric carbon pools and fluxes for the atmospheric CO2: a proposed model structure. Progress in biometeorology(3): 253-294

The significance of bird migration to bird pest control strategy. Proceedings of the British Insecticide and Fungicide Conference: th (v 3) 883-889

The significance of blood groups on meat quality and stress resistance in Swiss Landrace and Swiss Large White pigs. 29th European Congress of Meat Researcher Workers: Salsomaggiore Parma 298-291983: 03

The significance of blue-green algae as food for filterfeeding zooplankton: experimental studies on Daphnia spp. fed by Microcystis aeruginosa. Proceedings International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnologyub 1981) 21(1): 477-483

The significance of bone microstructure in mechanotransduction. Journal of Biomechanics 40 Suppl 1: S105-S109

The significance of bone scan readings. Journal of equine veterinary science(1): 27-28

The significance of bovine coccidiosis as a disease in the -United States.

The significance of breeding bull lines in cattle production.

The significance of broilers blood analysis when biolobically deficient rations are fed.

The significance of brucellosis in Ceylon. Ceylon veterinary journal: 19 (4) 119-123

The significance of bubble structures in borehole samples of fine sand. Geotechnique 24(3): 333-344

The significance of cAMP induced alterations in the cellular structure of Phycomyces. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 23(4): 378-388

The significance of cacti in the diet of the Javelina (Tayassu tajacu). Desert plants(1): 3-4

The significance of calcium, phosphorus and manganese in connection with vitamin D and C in poultry nutrition. Veterinarstvi 2 (6) 273-275

The significance of campylobacteriosis in the poultry industry. Proceedings of Western Poultry Disease Conference: 4th) 37-39

The significance of capital and labor for the animal production of the family farmer. Nordisk lantbruksekonomisk tidskrift: 0 (1) 8-10

The significance of cardiac auscultatory findings in horses: insight into the age-old dilemma. Equine Veterinary Journal 25(5): 393-394

The significance of carnivory for the fitness of Drosera in its natural habitat. I. The reactions of Drosera intermedia and D. rotundifolia to supplementary feeding. Oecologia 5(3): 472-480

The significance of case material selection for the survival of caddis larvae. Journal of animal ecology 49(3): 855-865

The significance of certain factors for the determination of maize resistance to smut diseases.

The significance of changes in peroxidase in diseased plants. Molecular and physiological aspects of plant peroxidases edited by H Greppin C Penel Th Gaspar: 418

The significance of changes in the red. New phytologist 116(4): 565-572

The significance of chromosome numbers in ferns. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden: 1 (2) 310-317

The significance of circulating levels of both cardiac troponin I and high-sensitivity C reactive protein for the prediction of intravenous thrombolysis outcome in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. Heart 93(8): 952-956

The significance of climatic factors in the raising of calves according to the animal protection law. Praktische Tierarzt: 55 (3) 130-131

The significance of clip preparation in the marketing of Ne w Zealand wool.

The significance of clostridiosis in the pathology of domestic ruminants. Zooprofilassi 25 (9 10) 349-356

The significance of colloids in the transport of pesticides through Chalk. Science of the Total Environment 385(1-3): 262-271

The significance of combined an.

The significance of combined resistance against diseases for yield stability in cereals.

The significance of communication-patterns for the determination of Euscelis species. Zoologische Jahrbucher Abteilung fur allgemeine Zoologie und Physiologie der Tiere87(2-3): 343-351

The significance of community development to rural economic development initiatives. Rural economic development in the 1980's: preparing for the future

The significance of companion animals in the epidemiology of Campylobacter infection in man.

The significance of competitive.

The significance of compliance for the success of antimicrobial prophylaxis in recurrent lower urinary tract infections: the Greek experience. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 30(1): 40-43

The significance of compounds with amino group content, especially of free amino acid for food of plant origin, above all for fruit products. Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau: 70 (8) 273-279

The significance of concept quality in animal production.

The significance of condensation water for the life of plants in the conditions of the Kara Kum desert.

The significance of conformation in relation to beef carcass merit. South African journal of animal science = Suid Afrikaanse tydskrif vir veekunde1(2): 199-210

The significance of conidiogenesis in pleoanamorphy. Pleomorphic fungi: the diversity and its taxonomic implications edited by J Sugiyama: 262

The significance of context in community-based research: understanding discussions about wildfire in Huslia, Alaska. Ecology and Society 11(1): article 40

The significance of copper in the pathology of sheep and cattle.

The significance of copper metabolism disturbances in the ethiopathogenesis of so-called bronchopneumonia in calves. I. The biological role and metabolism of copper in plants and animals.

The significance of corpus luteum enucleation on the formation of periovarian adhesions. Berliner und Munchener tierarztliche Wochenschrift, 92(6): 105-107

The significance of costs in internal management of agricultural enterprises.

The significance of crop rotati. Agriculture and horticulture: 48 (1) 9-14

The significance of crop rotation in plant protection against diseases.

The significance of crown architecture in Acacia albida in the Sudan. Journal of tropical ecology 2(1): 51-54

The significance of crystalline hydrocarbon chains in aqueous dispersions and emulsions of lipids. Chemistry and physics of lipids: 14 (3) 233-235

The significance of crystalluria. Modern veterinary practice 64(11): 885-888

The significance of cultivating clay soil in the spring for the purpose of growing edible potatoes in the southwest , 1970. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 6 (1) 61-63

The significance of current research on chemical nitrogen fixation. Chemistry and industry: (19) 664-667

The significance of cuticular and epidermal features in taxonomic studies. Plant taxonomy in India: a state of the art report: 4

The significance of cyanide-resistant respiration to carbohydrate metabolism in higher plants. Plant mitochondria: structural functional and physiological aspects edited by AL Moore and RB Beechey: 359

The significance of cytoembryology for genetics and plant br eeding. Embriologiia Pokrytosemiannykh Rastenii: -15

The significance of cytogenetics in the diagnosis of congenital anomalies in cattle. Veterinarski glasnik: 1 (1) 33-40

The significance of cytology for the taxonomy of liverworts Hepaticae.

The significance of dairy price quotations for agriculture and the dairy industry.

The significance of dairy product exchanges for the formation of prices in dairying. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft: 25 (35) 1183

The significance of dairying in the seventies. International Journal of Dairy Technology 25(4): 185-189

The significance of dead wood as an environment in insect evolution. International Congress of Entomology 13th Moscow 1968 Trudy: 269

The significance of denitrification in relation to external loading and nitrogen retention in a mountain reservoir. Marine and Freshwater Research 58(9): 818-826

The significance of denitrification research.

The significance of depression in caged birds: a clinical note. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 75(4): 634-635

The significance of detecting donor-specific IFN-gamma-secreting lymphocytes by ELISPOT assay in early diagnosis of acute rejection. Zhonghua Weishengwuxue He Mianyixue Zazhi 27(9): 860-863

The significance of diagnostic differences of flexion, wedge and plank tests on the lameness of horses.

The significance of diagnostics, principles of the organization and work with special reference to the conditions in a self-governing society. Veterinarski glasnik: 9 (12) 907-915

The significance of dietary fat for metabolic diseases and atherosclerosis in particular. NATO advanced science institutes series: Series A: Life sciences31(131): 27-36

The significance of dietary tannin for locusts and grasshoppers Schistocerca gregaria, Locusta migratoria. Journal of natural history 16(2): 261-266

The significance of disruption and contour-direction for visual form discrimination near the nest entrance in the wasp Dolichovespula saxonica. Zeitschrift fur Tierpsychologie: 27 (8) 881-893

The significance of drainage on the soil structure of loam and light clay soil and the financial consequences of it. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 5 (10) 875-880

The significance of dredging and dredged material disposal as a source of nitrogen and phosphorus for estuarine waters. Estuaries and nutrients: ub 1981) 517-530

The significance of early ploughing for winter rye.

The significance of ecological studies for the systematics of Lepidoptera.

The significance of ecological studies in programs of weed control. Biologico 38 (10) 343-350

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The significance of electronic data processing for an organisation office.

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