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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17620

Chapter 17620 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Using the private sector for sustainable forestry development.

Using the process dissociation procedure: the meaning and value of comparable base rates. Anesthesiology 107(1): 172-3; Author Reply 174

Using the profit profile. Alabama agribusiness Auburn University Alabama Cooperative Extension Service 28(2): 3

Using the program life cycle can increase your return on time invested. Journal of extension 39(3): n

Using the progression model.

Using the project approach with toddlers. Young children 47(4): 31-35

Using the proteolytic enzymatic preparations for the proteinic stabilization of wines.

Using the public hearing process your opportunity to influence public decisions. Proceedings annual Forest Vegetation Management Conference: (6th) 18-31

Using the pumping wells for Northern Steppe soils drainage.

Using the putative asexual fungus Cenococcum geophilum as a model to test how species concepts influence recombination analyses using sequence data from multiple loci. Current Genetics 52(5-6): 191-201

Using the regulatory framework. Lab animal 31(1): 20

Using the relative maturity rating system for selecting corn hybrid maturity.

Using the residues from red fruits by fermentation Food flavorings and aromatic substances from currants, strawberries, raspberries.1. Parfums cosmetiques aromes: (41) 63-66

Using the results of demonstration holdings in horticulture.

Using the results of inorganic analyses of plants for optimizing the application of nitrogen fertilizers. Vestnik Ceskoslovenske akademie zemedelske 3 (3) 139-141

Using the results of the designation of the hydropneumatic characteristics of rendzina for the determination of initial humidity and size of irrigation doses. Roczniki gleboznawcze Soil science annual: 6 (3) 183-191

Using the right materials can limit barn fire loss. Hoard's dairyman, 124(5): 321

Using the scanning electron microscope Manufacture of pulp and paper. Unasylva 4(136): 20-23

Using the scanning electron microscope in orthopteroid taxonomy. Evolutionary biology of orthopteroid insects editor Baccio M Baccetti: 194

Using the seas harvest. Proceedings Institute of Food Science and Technology UK: 7 (3) 158-161

Using the sediment quality triad to characterize toxic conditions in the Chesapeake Bay (1999).

Using the service economy to relieve the double burden: female labor force participation and service purchases. Journal of family issues 14(3): 438-473

Using the Short Form 6D, as an overall measure of health, to predict damage accrual and mortality in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: XLVII, results from a multiethnic US cohort. Arthritis and Rheumatism 57(6): 986-992

Using the silver lining. Small farm today 13(1): 17-18

Using the simplex method to solve linear programming maximization problems.

Using the slotted fence shelter for beef cows in western North Dakota. North Dakota farm research: 32 (6) 22-24

Using the soil test report form.

Using the State Plan Index to evaluate the quality of state plans to prevent obesity and other chronic diseases. Preventing Chronic Disease 2(2): A10-A10

Using the statistico mathematical method for drawing samples, when taking delivery and paying for sugar beets according to quality.

Using the sun to heat your honey. American bee journal 132(3): 153

Using the symmetry method for energy-saving optimisation in plant production. Mekhanizatsiya i Elektrifikatsiya Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (12): 2-4

Using the systemic fungicide Benomyl in apple culture. Gartenbau 21 (3) 83-85

Using the tachymeter measurement table in forest surveying. Forstarchiv 48 (2) 33-39

Using the techniques of molecular biology to search for novel insecticides. Environmental Health Perspectives 101(7): 594-596

Using the theory of planned behavior to determine factors affecting agricultural use of climate forecasts across three counties in Nebraska.

Using the theory of planned behaviour to understand the motivation to learn about HIV/AIDS prevention among adolescents in Tigray, Ethiopia. Aids Care 19(7): 895-900

Using the theory of reasoned action to model retention in rural primary care physicians. Journal of Rural Health 19(3): 245-251

Using the thermal infrared multispectral scanner (TIMS) to estimate surface thermal responses. Proceedings of International Conference on Measurement of Soil and Plant Water Status: in commemoration of the centennial of Utah State University July 6-10-1987 Logan Utah: 120

Using the three field system for clover farming in Bern.

Using the tiller to make land from sand.

Using the time-out to advantage. Agricultural education magazine 60(10): 3

Using the total agricultural resources of the community in teaching. Agricultural education: 47 (9) 203-204

Using the toxic release inventory to identify firms for technical assistance. Proceedings of the Technology Transfer Society Annual Meeting International Symposium and exhibit: 7th) 184-190

Using the transmission electron microscope in the biological sciences.

Using the triad approach to streamline brownfields site assessment and cleanup.

Using the ultraviolet spectrophotometric method for determinating the nitrate content in inorganic fertilizers. Hua nan nung yeh ta hsueh hsueh pao = Journal of South China Agricultural University 7(3): 38-43

Using the urea fermaldehyde aerated plastic in cultivating the seedlings of fruity vegetables. Pei ching nung yeh ta hsueh hsueh pao = Acta Agriculturae Universitatis Pekinensis1(2): 171-176

Using the urine protein creatinine ratio. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference: 62

Using the vanadate-molybdate technique for phosphorus determination on rapid analysis of soils and earths. Gartenbau 21 (6) 171-172

Using the versatility of forests--How?. Norsk skogbruk: 20 (1) 24-27

Using the waste-products of hydrolysis and pulp factories as fertilizers.

Using the wealth of the world.

Using the web to improve public services. Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 19(1): 16-17

Using the western honey mesquite in a southwest landscape. Fact sheet College of Agriculture University of Nevada Reno Nevada Cooperative Extension: 8?] (88-46)

Using the white amur carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) in irrigation canals. Acta hydrochimica et hydrobiologica: (6) 227-234

Using the wind energy. Productia vegetala mecanizarea agriculturii 26(3): 31-39

Using the wood. the timber industry in Scotland.

Using the work horse on collective farms in Latvia.

Using the world collection of flax for breeding purposes.

Using the world germplasm collection in breeding for disease resistance at ICRISAT. Sorghum and millets diseases: a second world review edited by WAJ de Milliano RA Frederiksen and GD Bengston: 328

Using theater to teach clinical empathy: a pilot study. Journal of General Internal Medicine 22(8): 1114-1118

Using thermal barrier coatings to eliminate overdried paper edges. Tappi journal 82(6): 155-160

Using thermal processing techniques in tractors and agricultural machinery repairing.

Using thin-layer chromatography of fecal bile acids to study the leopard (Panthera pardus ciscaucasica) population. Biology Bulletin 34(4): 361-366

Using thinning as a fire surrogate improves native plant diversity in pine rockland habitat (Florida). Ecological restoration 23(2): 116-117

Using thought mapping and structured stories to decrease HIV risk behaviors among cocaine injectors and crack smokers in the South of Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria 29(3): 233-240

Using tibia fragments from South Africans of European descent to estimate maximum tibia length and stature. Forensic Science International 169(2-3): 145-151

Using time savers. Agricultural education 53(7): 22-23

Using tissue culture for vegetatively propagating and improving asparagus production and quality.

Using tissue culture to produce more insect and disease resistant forage plants for Louisiana. Louisiana agricultureer 37(3): 15-16

Using tissue mineral analysis. Annual report Oregon Horticultural Society7(77): 11-12

Using tobacco as a model system. Research perspectiveser 4(4): 10-11

Using tofu, tempeh & other soyfoods in restaurants, delis & cafeterias.

Using tools.

Using tools available in forage production-utilization. Proceedings 8

Using total quality management principles in making treatment decisions. Annual meeting th 99-109

Using toucan-generated dispersal models to estimate seed dispersal in Amazonian Ecuador. Seed dispersal: theory and its application in a changing world: 300-321

Using tourism and travel as a community and rural revitalization stategy.

Using tours to teach adults. Agricultural education magazine 57(5): 17-19

Using tp#pdC stable isotopes to quantify individual-level diet variation. Oecologia 152(4): 643-654

Using tracer isotope to study t. Chung kuo nung yeh k'o hsueh = Scientia agricultura sinica: ) 63-71

Using tracers to localize nest centers of burdensome household ants (Lasius brunneus Latr., Hymenoptera, Formicidae).

Using tractor power. Power farming magazine: 87 (2) 11

Using trade or industry organizations to stay current and gain new information. Agricultural education magazine 59(4): 16-18

Using training to enhance animal care and welfare. Animal Welfare Information Center newsletter 4(1): 2

Using transarticular external skeletal fixation devices. Veterinary medicine 93(5): 468-472

Using transfection to study gene expression in trypanosomes. Biochemical Society Transactions 18(5): 714-716

Using transfer of development rights to manage growth and development in Lee County Florida. Small town 22(5): 14-19

Using transgenic mice to study selenium nutrition. Proceedings 1st) 58-64

Using transgenic plants for biochemical and genetic improvement of crops. Frontiers of plant scienceng 46(2): 6-8

Using transportation accident databases to investigate ignition and explosion probabilities of flammable spills. Journal of Hazardous Materials 146(1-2): 106-123

Using trap catch trends to warn of future damage. USDA Forest Service general technical report NE United States Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: 8) 11-12

Using trash fuel saves $, but more research needed.

Using travertine fertilizers for.

Using treated municipal wastewater in a linerboard mill--legal, political, and technical issues. Tappi journal 77(10): 197-202

Using tree bark.

Using tree rings to evaluate acid deposition and other causes of forest decline. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 2-74

Using tree shelters for urban plantings: social implications concerning their use. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 71-474

Using tree-ring data to identify prior large-scale disturbances and subsequent growth trends. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 11-116

Using trees on reclaimed mined lands in southern Illinois. Forest Service general technical report NE United States Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: 1) 17-19

Using trees on the farm in south-western Western Australia.

Using trees to reduce urban energy consumption: transferring technology to users. NE INF United States Forest Service Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: (62-85)

Using trefoil species in meadow-like turf.

Using trifloxysulfuron with glyphosate for cotton weed control. Weed Technology 21(2): 431-436

Using trusts in estate planning.

Using turfgrass and environmental research on the Internet. USGA Green Section record e 43(3): 24-25

Using turnips in preparing sterilized canned vegetables. Productia vegatala: horticultura 32(3): 46-47

Using two-queen colonies.

Using typologies to promote state level rural policy initiatives. Proceedings of the rural people and places: a symposium on typologies October 22-24-1986 Grantville Pennsylvania AE Luloff Editor: 02

Using ultra narrow bandwidth to overcome traditional problems with distribution line carrier. Papers presented at the annual conference: 9th) D3

Using ultra-narrow rows to increase cotton production. Proceedings (1): 653

Using ultra-violet light traps s.

Using ultrafiltration to concentrate and detect Bacillus anthracis, Bacillus atrophaeus subspecies globigii, and Cryptosporidium parvum in 100-liter water samples. Journal of Microbiological Methods 70(3): 484-492

Using ultrasonics for determining the meat productivity of cattle. Zhivotnovodstvo 4 37-39

Using ultrasonography in bovine reproduction. Iowa State University veterinarianng 58(1): 23

Using ultrasonography in broodmare management. 3. Equine practice 15(1): 26

Using ultrasonography in the early diagnosis of pregnancy and in the differential diagnosis of pyometra in the dog.

Using ultrasonography to assist in diagnosing scrotal enlargement in stallions. Compendium on continuing education for the practicing veterinarian 25(8): 634-637

Using ultrasonography to determine bovine fetal sex. Veterinary medicine 91(7): 663-667

Using ultrasound technology in incoming feedlot steers to predict marbling and the effect of anabolic agents on marbling. South Dakota beef report: (94-17) 62-66

Using ultrasound to deink xerographic waste. Tappi journal 78(12): 125-130

Using ultraviolet radiation to reduce pilling of knitted wool and cotton. Textile research journal: ication of Textile Research Institute Inc and the Textile Foundation 68(6): 413-421

Using ultraviolet rays for controlling bacteria.

Using undergraduate students and the Internet to enhance middle school science education. NACTA journal 49(1): 52-56

Using underwater ambient noise levels to measure rainfall rate: a review. Proceedings Precipitation measurements from space: 192-D224

Using unhydrogenated fish oils in margarine. International news on fats oils and related materials 1(8): 731-735

Using unique forage mixtures with addition of a protein vitamin and mineral supplement in feeding dairy cows. Revista de cresterea animalelor: June, 27 (5 6) 63-65

Using university steering committees for conservation tillage programing. Publication Great Plains Agricultural Council: 10) 267

Using unnatural protein fusions to engineer resveratrol biosynthesis in yeast and Mammalian cells. Journal of the American Chemical Society 128(40): 13030-1

Using unregistered bulls. Proceedings Ruakura Farmers' Conference: 0th) 147-153

Using up that last slice of bread.

Using up to date research methods to prepare soil amelioration maps. Archiv fur Acker und Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde: 0 (7) 463-466

Using up-to-date factory-like production techniques in Moldavia. Gartenbau 21 (4) 102-104

Using urban forests for energy efficiency and carbon storage. Journal of forestry 92(10): 36-38

Using urban organics in agriculture. BioCycle 38(4): 86-88

Using urea as fertilizer.

Using urea with sugar beet byproducts for fattening dairy cattle.

Using urine analysis in diary cows. UK Vet: Livestock 12(6): 33-35

Using urine pH to monitor anionic salt programs. Compendium on continuing education for the practicing veterinarian 17(6): 860-862

Using vacuum slot extraction to apply dp finish to cotton and cotton. Textile chemist and colorist 18(11): 29-31

Using vane geometry for measuring the texture of stirred yogurt. Journal of texture studies 36(4): 421-438

Using variational inequalities to solve spatial price equilibrium models with ad valorem tariffs and activity analysis.

Using various phosphatic ferti. Suo 19(6) 104-111

Using various phosphoric acid salts in the feed rations of young cattle. Mineral'noe pitanie sel'skokhoziaistvennykh Zhivotnykh: 3-87

Using veal to mop up wasted resources. Livestock farming 19(2): 64

Using vegetation classifications to guide fire management. General technical report INT US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Intermountain Research Station: (257) 81-86

Using vegetation to control sunlight and shade on windows. Landscape journalng 3(1): 24-35

Using vegetation to stabilize mine tailings. Journal of soil and water conservation: 25 (2) 65-66

Using vegetative filter strips in crop fields.

Using vegetative variability of grapes in selecting for breeding.

Using vermiculite in hydroponics.

Using vertical aerial photographs to estimate the number of perennial fruit bearing trees.

Using vespoid wasps to control injurious caterpillars in cotton fields. Proceedings of the Chinese Academy of Sciences United States National Academy of Sciences Joint Symposium on Biological Control of Insects: Sept 25-28-1982 Beijing China edited by PL Adkisson and Shijun Ma: 372

Using video images to study social recognition in laying hens. Proceedings of the 30th International Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology: 14-17 August 1996 Guelph Ontario Canada

Using video of a master farmer to teach others. Journal of extension 37(2): n

Using video simulation for computer instruction. Agricultural education magazine 60(9): 8-9

Using video surveillance to estimate wildlife use of a highway underpass. Journal of Wildlife Management 71(8): 2792-2800

Using video to communicate with parents. Rural special education quarterlyng 16(2): 42-43

Using videotape cameras to quantify data in primate environmental enrichment studies. Lab animal 19(7): 30-31

Using vinasse in feeding for fattening swine. Wirtschaftseigene Futter6(2): 150-162

Using vinyl guttering to increase growing space. American Orchid Society bulletin 62(2): 166

Using virtual plants for upscaling carbon assimilation from the leaf to the canopy level. Application to coffee agroforestry systems. 21st International Conference on Coffee Science, Montpellier, France, 11-15 September, 2006: 1037-1044

Using viruses causing nuclear polyhedrosis for reducing the population of Neodiprion sertifer. Trudy 2 111-124

Using viruses to protect forests from harmful insects.

Using visual aids to market ideas Veterinary medicine. Lab animal 11(5): 21-23

Using visual illusion to reduce at-level neuropathic pain in paraplegia. Pain 130(3): 294-298

Using visual information for precision farming. California grower: avocados citrus subtropicals 24(5): 18-20

Using visual preferences to understand townscape: lessons derived from the case of Wingham, a small town in Ontario. Small town 28(2): 24-29

Using visual stress signs to irrigate grain corn with limited water. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 83-2588)

Using visuals in agricultural extension programs.

Using vitamin.

Using vitamin pre-mixes in anima. Veterinarna sbirka: 3 (12) 25-28

Using voluntary standards in the federal government.

Using volunteers to get the job done. Grounds maintenance 14(5): 58

Using volunteers to help expectant mothers and their infants. Appalachia 18(6-1): 35-39

Using warm water for forcing greenhouse crops. I. Microclimatic and thermal aspects. Agronomie: sciences des productions vegetales et de l'environnement(3): 213-220

Using warm water for forcing greenhouse crops. II. Effects of soil warming on growth and development of bulb flowers (gladiolus, iris, tulip, lily). Agronomie: sciences des productions vegetales et de l'environnement(3): 221-230

Using wartime canning equipment.

Using waste energy in greenhouse crop production. Hortscience 24(2): 232-233

Using waste heat for vegetable growing in the open, under plastics, and in glass-houses Germany. Acta Horticulturae: (115,PtII) 655-661

Using waste heat to heat greenhouses.

Using waste materials of industry and municipal services as soil amendment and fertilizer. Productia vegetala cereale si plante tehnice 33(6): 14-19

Using waste waters for the irrigation of vegetables.

Using waste waters in irrigation.

Using wastes to replace scarce materials. Proceedings annual meeting: 0th 158-160

Using wastewater digesters to recycle food residuals into energy. BioCycle 41(9): 74-77

Using water and supplemental nutrition for stressed cattle.

Using water for erosion control. Farming in South Africa: 46 (2) 45

Using water hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes L.) to treat municipal wastewater. Arid lands newsletterng Summer 32(32): 6-12

Using water in the home garden Includes irrigation methods, water requirements in Michigan. Extension bulletin E Cooperative Extension Service Michigan State University: 82 (1650)

Using water naturally.

Using water to reduce low temperature damage to cut foliage crops. Foliage digest 8(1): 6-7

Using water with higher mineral content for irrigation. Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: 3 59-66

Using water-quality profiles to characterize seasonal water quality and loading in the upper Animas River basin, southwestern Colorado.

Using water-slurry mixtures for sprinkler irrigation by feeding slurry into the pipe system of the sprinkler equipment. Archiv fur Acker und Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde: 7 (11 12) 987-999

Using wavelets to determine paper formation by light transmission image analysis. Tappi journal 82(7): 153-158

Using wayside plants.

Using wayside plants. Using wayside plants 3rd ed 254 p Illus

Using weaning weight to select sheep for meat production.

Using weather in forest management. Yearbook of agriculture: 50-252

Using weather information to cut the cost of getting a good stand of cotton in southeast Missouri.

Using weather variability to estimate the response of savings to transitory income in Thailand. American economic review 82(1): 15-33

Using web-based information to facilitate inclusion practices in rural communities. Rural special education quarterly 20(4): 3-10

Using weight-of-evidence classification schemes in the assessment of non-cancer health risks. Trace substances in environmental health: proceedings of the University of Missouri's annual conference on Trace Substances in Environmental Health2(22): 13-35

Using welding technique when repairing an agricultural machinery and tractors.

Using western water management tools and techniques in China. Water resources update er (102) 32-37

Using wet corn gluten feed to reduce subacute acidosis. MP 2-A) 34-36

Using wetting agents (nonionic surfactants) on soil. AG 93 (439-25)

Using wheat in the beef feedlot.

Using wheat pasture in cow-calf programs. OSU current report Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service: 89 (3274)

Using wheels to move farm loads. Yearbook of agriculture: 5-51

Using whey on agricultural land--a disposal alternative. Publication Cooperative Extension Programs University of Wisconsin Extension: 81 (A3098)

Using white perch (Morone americana) to study abnormal hepatic copper metabolism. Lab animal 19(5): 48-50

Using whole grains and legumes.

Using whole set of translocati. Journal (new ser104) 5-12

Using wildland residential standards, laws, and regulations for protection now and in the future. General technical report US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Intermountain Research Station: (251) 68-70

Using wildlife and fish to enrich the national forest conservation ethic. Proceedings of theSociety of American Foresters National Convention: 70-174

Using wind-deformed conifers to measure wind patterns in alpine transition at GLEES. General technical report INT (270) 80-84

Using windbreak technology to protect archeological resources. Great Plains Agriculture ie Agricultural Council ication: 17) 223-224

Using windrow technology to compost biosolids. BioCycle 40(8): 72

Using winter annual cover crops for erosion control, biomass production, and nitrogen assimilation in a no-till cotton production system. Proceedings (1): 667

Using wireless handheld computers and tailored text messaging to reduce negative consequences of drinking alcohol. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 68(4): 534-537

Using wood chips for mulch.

Using wood fuels efficiently. National maple syrup digest 22(2): 18-19

Using wood preservatives safely.

Using wood stoves and fireplaces. L 77, 495

Using wood stoves and fireplaces safely.

Using wood waste for production of hard fiberboard.

Using woodchips of specific species in composting Application as soil conditioners and low grade fertilizers. BioCycle 23(3): 38-40

Using woodfuelthe new fuel!. Quarterly Journal of Forestry 101(4): 293-295

Using writing in horticultural education. HortTechnology 1(1): 124-126

Using writing to develop critical thinking skills. NACTA journal 43(4): 31-38

Using writing to promote thinking in a first year agriculture course. NACTA journal 49(3): 17-23

Using written and oral communication of field trips to enhance student learning in an introductory plant science class. NACTA journal 44(1): 11-17

Using yeast culture and lactic acid bacteria in broiler breeder diets. Biotechnology in the feed industry Proceedings of Alltech' s 11th Annual Symposium: 371-378

Using yeast to study exchange of macromolecules between the cytoplasm and the nucleus. NATO ASI series Series H Cell biology1(71): 245-255

Using yield trial data to analyze the physiological genetics of yield accumulation and the genotype X environment interaction effects on yield. Annual report of the Bean Improvement Cooperative1(31): vii-xxiv

Using your TV and radio. Fact sheet Cooperative Extension Service University of yland: (253)

Using your accountant for tax and management planning Farm level economics. Agricultural technologist 11(3): 7-9

Using your cassette recorder?.

Using your digital camera.

Using your hands and legs. Horseman 23(5): 48-51

Using your head and the golfers feet for better grass on small tees. USGA Green Section record 29(2): 32-33

Using your land for pleasant living.

Using your medicines wisely.

Using your microwave oven.

Using your pay system to improve employees performance: how you pay makes a difference. Cornell Hospitality Report 6(13): 4-20

Using your ultrasound in small ruminant and lama practice. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference 15(15): 190

Using zeolites in agriculture. Innovative biological technologies for lesser developed countries: workshop proceedings: 158

Using zoysiagrass on sand bunker slopes. USGA Green Section record 39(2): 9-11

Usisna snaga nekih sorti ozime psenice u fazi ni.

Uskorenie sozrevanieiia plodov.

Uskorenie sozrevanieiia pomidorov kislorodom.

Uskorennaeiia propitka shchepy pri sul* section *fitnoaei varke.

Uskorennoe plodonoshenie molodykh vinogradnikov.

Uskorennoe razmnozhenie pchel.

Uskorennoe razmnozhenie semeiian lugopastbishchnykh trav.

Uskorennoe vyrashchivanie drevostoev i optimizatsiia ispolzovaniia poluchennykh lesomaterialov.

Uskorennye sposoby skleivanieiia drevesiny.

Usle p-factors for subsurface drainage in a hot, humid climate. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Microfiche collection: (fiche no 88-2122)

Uslovieiia i poreiiadok otvoda zemelnykh uchastkov rabochim i sluzhashchim, prozhivaeiiushchim v selskoaei mestnosti.

Uslovieiia i poreiiadok priema zerna, semeiian bobovykh i maslichnykh kul* section *tur ot kolkhozov i sovkhozov.

Uslovieiia primenenieiia vodnoaei energii dleiia obmolota khlebov.

Uslovieiia truda i sistemy zarabotnoaei platy v lesnom khozeiiaaeistve.

Usnea longissima Ach. in the Tatra Mountains.

Usng bottom heat. Garden 102 (10) 429-430

Usnic, norstictic and salazinic acids from Usnea densirostra and Usnea angulata. Phytochemistry 11 (1) 424

Uso De Estiercol Liquido De Bovino Acidulado En La Produccion De Pimiento Morron. Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura 13(1): 5-11

Uso De Habitat E Interacciones Entre La Vicuna Y La Alpaca En La Reserva Nacional De Fauna Ulla Ulla, Bolivia.

Uso Do Paclitaxel Como Potencializador Da Radioterapia No Tratamento Dos Gliomas Malignos Cerebrais. Medicina (Ribeirao Preto) 40(1): 101-102

Uso agricola dos solos brasileiros.

Uso campesino de especies arbustivas y arboreas forrajeras en Bolivia.

Uso correto e seguro de defensivos agricolas.

Uso cronico de diazepam em idosos atendidos na rede publica em Tatui-SP. Revista de Ciencias Farmaceuticas Basica e Aplicada 27(3): 259-267

Uso da LIPE (R) como indicador externo na determinacao da energia metabolizavel de alimentos em frangos de corte. Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 59(2): 459-465

Uso da regiao intergenica 16S-23S do rDNA para diferenciacao de isolados de Enterococcus de origem humana e nao-humana. Biociencias (Porto Alegre) 14(2): 150-155

Uso de aditivos na dieta de bovinos de corte.

Uso de agrotoxicos no sistema de producao de hortalicas no municipio de Camocim de Sao Felix, Pernambuco.

Uso de barbechos en el sistema de agricultura indigena en zonas guarayas.

Uso de bioreator de coluna para otimizacao da producao de pectinases por cultivo semi-solido. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 38(3): 557-562

Uso de clopidogrel en un hospital general. Atencion Farmaceutica 9(1): 53-57

Uso de herbicidas en la agricultura del siglo XXI.

Uso de macrofitas acuaticas en el tratamiento de aguas para el cultivo de maiz y sorgo. Hidrobiologica 17(1, Suppl. S): 7-15

Uso de microbiota cecal congelada com crioprotetores em pintos infectados experimentalmente com Salmonella enterica sorovar Enteritidis. Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 59(3): 647-653

Uso de n-alcanos na estimativa da composicao botanica da dieta em ovinos alimentados corn diferentes proporcoes de Brachiaria decumbens Stapf e Arachis pintoi Koprov e Gregory. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 36(4, Suppl. S): 1147-1154

Uso de plantas medicinales y alimenticias segun caracteristicas socioculturales en Villa Los Aromos (Cordoba, Argentina). Kurtziana 33(1): 79-88

Uso de polimorfismo de proteinas no estudo genetico de caprinos da raca moxoto. Archivos de Zootecnia 56(215): 287-298

Uso de proteinas recombinantes para o estudo da resposta ige a alergenos de baratas (blattella germanica e periplaneta americana) em pacientes com asma e/ou rinite. Medicina (Ribeirao Preto) 39(4): 613-614

Uso de softwares para gerenciamento de rebanhos bovinos leiteiros. Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 59(2): 547-549

Uso de tecnologia silvicola en Mexico.

Uso de un solo canal para la conduccion optima de claves de periodicidad temporal con implantes cocleares. Efectos en la percepcion de la prosodia V en la identificacion de vocales. International Journal of Audiology 46(5): 244-253

Uso dei bagni solfo calcici contro la rogna degli ovini.

Uso do estimulante de colonia de granulocitos nas neutropenias em caes e gatos. Ciencia Rural 37(3): 915-920

Uso do fixador esqueletico, externo Tipo II para osteossintese de tibiotarso em galinhas da raca Plymouth Rock Branca: modelo experimental para uso em aves selvagens. Pesquisa Veterinaria Brasileira 27(5): 199-204

Uso do la harina de Spirulina plantensis como atrayente en el alimento para el camaron Litopenaeus schmitti. Hidrobiologica 17(2): 113-117

Uso do solo como referencial para o planejamento e ordenacao territorial do municipio de Sao Gabriel do Oeste, MS.

Uso eficiente del agua.

Uso multiple de los recursos naturales de la cuenca binacional del puelo.

Uso seguro de pesticidas y desinfectantes en la industria avicola.

Uso terapeutico de las esencias de flores y orquideas de Venezuela.

Uso topico do amitraz em concentracao terapeutica em gatos. Ciencia Rural 37(4): 1027-1032

Uso y aprovechamiento tradicional de productos forestales no maderables en la region andina de Bolivia.

Uso y manejo del agua.

Uso, manejo e conservacao do solo.

Usofila pecki n. sp., a cavernicolous spider from New Caledonia (Araneae, Telemidae). Revue suisse de zoologie7(2): 605-609

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Usos y coberturas vegetales del suelo en Andalucia.

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