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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17622

Chapter 17622 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Utilization of bird resistant sorghum for silage and grain. Biennial program: th 10-14

Utilization of bitter materials of hops and their products, and measures for their conservation. Bilten za hmelj sirak i lekovito bilje5(42): 21-33

Utilization of bitter substances of hop. Kvasny prumysl 28(1): 4-7

Utilization of black streaked swine breed.

Utilization of blood as a coloring agent for meat products. NINF informasjon Norsk institutt for naeringsmiddelforskning(6): 436-441

Utilization of blood from slaughter animals in Poland. Veterinarstvi 3(7): 299

Utilization of boars. II. Use for reproduction. Trzoda chlewna: 12 (1) 4-5

Utilization of body reserves by high-producing cows in early lactation; effects of crude protein and amino-acid supply. European Association for Animal Production ication: 9) 18-21

Utilization of bone fat as a cu. Nihon Chikusan Gakkai ho = Japanese journal of zootechnical science 53(11): 774-776

Utilization of bone processing waste as a phosphorus additive to the feed of growing swine and poultry. Mineral'noe pitanie sel'skokhoziaistvennykh Zhivotnykh: 59-162

Utilization of bonus funds. Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: (11) 47-53

Utilization of boron in the cultivation of Golden Delicious. Revue de l'agriculture 33(4): 813-834

Utilization of botanical seeds for the production of potatoes in Rwanda.

Utilization of both benthic macroinvertebrates and physicochemical parameters for evaluating water quality of the stream Cekerek (Tokat, Turkey). Journal of Environmental Biology 28(2): 231-236

Utilization of bovine blood plasma proteins for the production of angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides. Process biochemistry 36(1-2): 65-71

Utilization of brachytic-2 mutant in the modelling of an ideotype of maize plant. Vedecke prace Vyskumneho ustavu kukurice v Trnave: 0) 35-45

Utilization of branched genic complex for increasing productivity in Triticum aestivum ssp. vulgare.

Utilization of branches and logging wastes--an important task of the 1971--1975 year plan.

Utilization of breeds and crosses in New Zealand beef industry.

Utilization of breeds, crossbreeding and selection in dairy cattle.

Utilization of brewers dried grains as animal feed. Developments in food science(9): 477-485

Utilization of brewers dried grains in animal feeding in equatorial and tropical countries. II. Laying hen.

Utilization of brewers dried grains in animal feeding in equatorial and tropical countries. III. Pigs.

Utilization of brewers grains and contents of cattle paunch in laying hen feeding.

Utilization of brewers spent grain in high fiber cookies. Cereal foods world: 22 (9) 470

Utilization of brewers yeast.

Utilization of brewers yeast cells. I. Debittering of brewers yeast cells. Yen chiu pao kao = Memoirs of the College of Agriculture National Taiwan University 27(1): 37-45

Utilization of brewers yeast cells. II. Autolysis of brewers yeast cells. Yen chiu pao kao = Memoirs of the College of Agriculture National Taiwan University 27(1): 46-54

Utilization of brewery waste water sludge for soil improvment. Technical quarterly Master Brewers Association of the Americas7(1): 5-9

Utilization of brewerys activa.

Utilization of broad-leaved tre. Rinsan Shikenjo geppo = Journal of the Hokkaido Forest Products Research Institute: (370) 10-16

Utilization of broiler and turkey litter.

Utilization of broiler housing litter in cattle fattening. Roczniki nauk rolniczych Seria B: Zootechniczna9(3): 31-44

Utilization of broilers head as food. Bulletin 26 179-187

Utilization of broken rice in food industry.

Utilization of brush types on the Rio Grande Plain by white-tailed deer.

Utilization of budworm-killed wood in sulphite pulping. Pulp and paper Canada 88(9): 70-73

Utilization of buffalo and goat stomachs for the production of pharmaceutical grade pepsin. Research and industry: 20 (3) 122-123

Utilization of buffalos milk in blue- and gouda-type cheese production. Proceedings the 5th AAAP Animal Science Congress May 27 June 1-1990 Taipei Taiwan Re ic of China

Utilization of buildings available for preparing, storing and marketing table and seed potatoes.

Utilization of bulk feed resources through up-to-date techniques for the use of non-proteic nitrogen-treated synthetic substances.

Utilization of bulls of the Angeln breed in the Kherson Region Crossing with Red Steppe cattle.1. Zhivotnovodstvo (4) 41-42

Utilization of bulls of the Angeln breed in the Lithuanian SSR Improvement of the Red Lithuanian cattle.1. Zhivotnovodstvo (4) 40-41

Utilization of bulls of the Angeln breed in the RSFSR Improvement of the Red Steppe cattle.1. Zhivotnovodstvo (4) 42-45

Utilization of bulls of the Angeln breed on the Kirov Pedigree Farm of the Kherson Region Improvement of Red Steppe cattle.1. Zhivotnovodstvo (4) 45-47

Utilization of by products as considerable reserve of increasing production. Gazdalkodas 1 (8) 1-10

Utilization of by products from the ultrafiltration of dairy products. Maelkeritidende 88 (9) 227-240not

Utilization of by products of the preserving industry, with special reference to apple residues. Allattenyesztes 6 (5) 443-454

Utilization of by-product ammonium sulfate. Proceedings 23-132

Utilization of by-product materials by agriculture. Proceedings 15-122

Utilization of by-products and agricultural waste products in ruminant nutrition. I. Digestibility and utilization of dried maize plants, cottonseed hulls, molasses, and cottonseed meal by sheep. Turrialba 19 (2) 215-220

Utilization of by-products and treatment of waste in the food industry.

Utilization of by-products and wastes from sugar factories by cellulosic fermentation.

Utilization of by-products from alcoholic fermentation industry to biomass production of Spirulina maxima. I. Use of the alcoholic fermentation gas. Revista de microbiologiat 16(3): 179-187

Utilization of by-products from alcoholic fermentation industry to biomass production of Spirulina maxima. II. Use of molasses alcohol distillate waste. Revista de microbiologia 17(1): 15-21

Utilization of by-products from the tequila industry. 2. Potential value of Agave tequilana Weber azul leaves. Bioresource technology 77(2): 101-108

Utilization of by-products in m.

Utilization of by-products in ruminant diets in Cyprus. Isotope aided studies on non protein nitrogen and agro industrial by products utilization by ruminants: proceedings held in Vienna from 24 to 26 March 1986 organized by the joint FAO IAEA Division et al: 127

Utilization of by-products of oil industry wastes.

Utilization of byproducts and wastes from dairies. Prumysl potravin: 28 (4) 214-38

Utilization of byproducts as food. Gospodarka miesna978 30(10): 4-6

Utilization of byproducts in beef operations. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference5(15): 49-50

Utilization of byproducts of animal origin. Utilization by the pet food industry. Revue de medecine veterinaire 129(8-9): 1155-1163

Utilization of cacao husks in sheep feeding. Przemysl spozywczy2(4): 150-151

Utilization of caecal digesta by caecotrophy (soft faeces ingestion) in the rabbit. Livestock production science 8(4): 361-366

Utilization of calcium alginate beads as adsorbent for removal of dyes from tannery wastewaters. Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association 101(6): 223-230

Utilization of calcium and phosphorus by highly productive cows according to the level of protein, energy and phosphorus in the ration. Biulleten' Vsesoiuznogo nauchno issledovatel'skogo instituta fiziologii biokhimii i pitaniia sel'skokhoziaistvennykh zhivotnykh: ) 27-30

Utilization of calcium and phosphorus by swine in relation to supplying their feed with amino acids. Mineral'noe pitanie sel'skokhoziaistvennykh Zhivotnykh: 50-155

Utilization of calcium from lime-treated corn.

Utilization of calcium hypochlorite in a CEHO bleach plant.

Utilization of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and protein by pregnant women consuming self-chosen diets with or without vitamin, mineral supplements.

Utilization of calorific energy in dairies. Revue laitiere francaise: special no 319 247

Utilization of calumpit asfood.

Utilization of canal waters.

Utilization of cane and coffee processing byproducts as microbial protein substrates. Single Cell Protein II International Conference on Single Cell Protein: ub 1975) 273-313

Utilization of cane sugar bagasses.

Utilization of cannery fruit waste by continuous fermentation.

Utilization of canola chaff for feed.

Utilization of capillary isotachophoresis in the determination of organic acids in food. Journal of Chromatography 509(1): 283-286

Utilization of capital investments (1966-1975). Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: 3 105-109

Utilization of caramel malt to improve beer quality. Brauwelt 123(16): 609-610

Utilization of carbohydrate compounds by the pecan scab fungus, Fusicladium effusum Wint.

Utilization of carbohydrate fractions of awamorin-supplemented silage.

Utilization of carbohydrate in short method Cheddar cheese by mesophilic starters Streptococcus cremoris, Streptococcus lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus. Australian journal of dairy technology 37(3): 104-106

Utilization of carbohydrates administered into the abomasum of wethers. Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (164) 48-49

Utilization of carbohydrates and organic acids from milk whey by Daedaleopsis confragosa (Fr.) Schroet G-115. Applied biochemistry and microbiology 23(1): 21-24

Utilization of carbohydrates by Rhynchosporium secalis. I. Growth and sporulation on glucose, galactose, and galacturonic acid. Physiologia plantarum: 9 (1) 92-96

Utilization of carbohydrates by fungi. Mikologieiia i fitopatologieiia: (1) 21-24

Utilization of carbohydrates by nine isolates of Colletorichum gloeosporioides from citrus. Indian phytopathology: 26 (2) 278-283

Utilization of carbon and nitrogen sources and acid. Plant and soil6(2): 279-282

Utilization of carbon and nitrogenous compounds by dinitrogen fixing Azospirilla strains. Indian journal of microbiology 24(1): 44-47

Utilization of carbon compounds by Helminthosporium maydis and Helminthosporium carbonum. Mycologia 65 (3) 539-547

Utilization of carbon dioxide from pond bottoms for the optimization of water pH values. Zivocisna vyroba Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 24(11): 847-854

Utilization of carbon from shoot photosynthesis and nodule CO2 fixation in the fixation and assimilation of nitrogen by alfalfa root nodules. Canadian journal of botany = Journal canadien de botanique 65(12): 2537-2541

Utilization of carbon substrates during microcycle growth of Aspergillus niger. Transactions Biochemical Society 26(5): 791-792

Utilization of carbonate and silicocarbonate sediments as lime and manganese fertilizers.

Utilization of carob meal with controlled moisture content in diets for pigs. Tecnica agricola 35(2): 115-127

Utilization of carotene by dairy cows at long term feeding of maize, silage. Vedecke prace: 4 83-92

Utilization of carotene from hay.

Utilization of casein and gelatin by wethers when given orally or into the abomasum. Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (138) 35-36

Utilization of casein by adult Drosophila the role of ethanol and a non metabolized phagostimulant. Annales de la nutrition et de l'alimentation = Annals of nutrition and food4(1): 131-137

Utilization of casein in the synthesis metabolism of adult Drosophila females: Importance of other food constituents and hydrogen-ion concentration. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances Serie D Sciences naturelles: 8, 276 (25) 3339-3342

Utilization of casein nitrogen administered per caecum by sheep. Indian journal of animal sciences: 47 (4) 197-199

Utilization of cassava.

Utilization of cassava as a carbohydrate source for pigs. Proceedings of the Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops: ub 1977), 4th 242-246

Utilization of cassava associated with beans Brazil.1. Circular tecnica EMBRAPA Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Mandioca e Fruticultura: 81 (2)

Utilization of cassava based diets in swine feeding. Proceedings of the Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops: ub 1977), 4th 262-266

Utilization of cassava cultivation.

Utilization of cassava fibrous residue for the manufacture of value-added products: an economic alternative to waste treatment. Process biochemistry 25(2): 35-39

Utilization of cassava for production of alcohol.

Utilization of cassava leaf meal in sheep diet. Domba dan kambing di Indonesia = Sheep and goats in Indonesia proceedings: Pertemuan Ilmiah Penelitian Ruminansia Kecil = Mtg Small Ruminant Research Bogor Indonesia Nov 22-23-1983 Ed M Rangkutiet al: 1

Utilization of cattle manure for fertilizer. Sheep and goat handbook(4): 69-84

Utilization of cattle manure in hen nutrition.

Utilization of cell culture techniques in carbaryl metabolism studies. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 5(4): 287-291

Utilization of cell cultures in the differentiation of the pathogenic Escherichia coli. Veterinariia 2 43-44

Utilization of cellobiose and production of beta-clucosidase by nine yeast species. Acta biotechnologica(2): 163-170

Utilization of cellular DNA and quantitative changes in total organismal DNA to determine cell numbers during development of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae). Annals Of The Entomological Society Of America: 829-834

Utilization of cellulases in ruminant nutrition. Ciencia e cultura Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciencia 32(12): 1668-1673

Utilization of cellulose for the production of glucose and single cell protein. Hindustan antibiotics bulletin 1978 19(1-2): 31-46

Utilization of cellulose from waste paper by Myrothecium verrucaria. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 13(1): 77-97

Utilization of cellulosic agri. T'ai wan yang ku Taiwan mushrooms 1(4): 101-108

Utilization of cellulosic feedstock in the production of fuel grade ethanol. Industrial and engineering chemistry product research and development 19(2): 237-241

Utilization of cellulosic materials through enzymatic hydrolysis. II. Preliminary assessment of an integrated processing scheme. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 18(9): 1315-1323

Utilization of cellulosic wastes for the production of easily digestible feed for ruminants containing single cell protein.

Utilization of cement kiln dust by finishing steers. Journal of animal science7(1): 126-127

Utilization of central Asian and Caucasian species of the genus Microcerarus Webb emend. Spach in breeding of stone fruit crops. Biulleten' Vsesoiuznyi institut rastenievodstva: 23) 12-15

Utilization of cereal processing by-products Wheat protein concentrate, ruminant animal feed. Cereals a renewable resource: theory and practice Y Pomeranz Lars Munck editors: 561

Utilization of cereal protein concentrates in baked products in Central America. Developments in food science: 1069-1074

Utilization of cereal proteins. Utilization of protein resources: ub 1981) 208-226

Utilization of cereals (grains) in nutrition of ruminants.

Utilization of cereals in feeds. Revista de la Bolsa de cereales 107(2947): 2-9

Utilization of cereals today and tomorrow in swine nutrition.

Utilization of certain amino acids and carbohydrates as carbon sources by Achlya heterosexualis. Mycologia 63(6): 1234-1237

Utilization of certain enzymatic preparations and protein concentrates in broilers feed. Lucrarile stiintifice: 255-265

Utilization of certain plant resources for seed treatment. Produkty Pererabotki Drevesiny Sel'skomu Khoziaistvu Tezisy Dokladov Vsesoiuznoi Konferentsii: 80-89

Utilization of certain surface-active bactericides and fungicides in cosmetics.

Utilization of channelized silt for regeneration of lands devastated.

Utilization of cheese whey in Requeson cheese and other products. Alimentacion, Equipos y Tecnologia (225): 48-52

Utilization of cheese whey protein concentrates in meat products. 29th European Congress of Meat Researcher Workers: Salsomaggiore Parma 298-291983: 712

Utilization of chemical fertilizers in Iran and the results obtained rape with the incorporation of sulfur as an element of optimization. ACTES = proceedings Montpellier 2-8 Sept 1984: -1244

Utilization of chemical inducers of resistance and Cryptococcus flavescens OH 182.9 to reduce Fusarium head blight under greenhouse conditions. Biological control: theory and application in pest management 42(3): 308-315

Utilization of chemical mutagens for breeding black currant. Effektivnost' khimicheskikh mutagenov v selektsii: 90-297

Utilization of chemical mutagens for breeding garden roses. Effektivnost' khimicheskikh mutagenov v selektsii: 81-290

Utilization of chemical mutagens in the production of perspective starting materials of the smooth brome (Bromus inermis Leyss). Khimicheskii mutagenez i selektsiia: 27-333

Utilization of chemical mutagens in the selection of buckwheat. Praktika Khimicheskogo Mutageneza Trudy: 60-164

Utilization of chemical mutagens in the selection of buckwheat, forage beans, fiber flax, maize and forage lupine. Khimicheskii mutagenez i selektsiia: 12-316

Utilization of chemical mutagens in the selection of certain medicinal plants. Praktika Khimicheskogo Mutageneza Trudy: 31-238

Utilization of chemical mutagens in the selection of orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata). Praktika Khimicheskogo Mutageneza Trudy: 22-227

Utilization of chemical mutagens in the selection of peas and other legumes. Praktika Khimicheskogo Mutageneza Trudy: 06-111

Utilization of chemical wastes from pulp industry byproducts.1. Cellulose chemistry and technology 16(5): 547-559

Utilization of chemically preserved high moisture corn by weanling pigs. Ohio swine research and industry report: Animal science series Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center: (91-1) 27-31

Utilization of chemicals from wood: retrospect and prospect. Recent advances in phytochemistry: 1 443-515

Utilization of chemiluminescence for the determination of peroxydase activity in plant extracts. II. Kinetics and mechanism of reaction of peroxydase oxidation of purpurogallin.

Utilization of chemiluminescence for the determination of peroxydase activity in plant extracts. III. Determination tests of peroxydase content in fruit and vegetables.

Utilization of chemoluminescence for the determination of peroxidase activity in plant extracts. 1.

Utilization of chicken feces as.

Utilization of chicken manure in cattle fattening. Sodobno kmetijstvo: 8 (5) 250-252

Utilization of chicken shanks in chicken soup. Poultry guide 16(3): 23-25

Utilization of chickpea flour in sausages. Meat Science 11(2): 109-121

Utilization of chitin to control pesticide mobility.

Utilization of chitosan for recovery of coagulated by products from food processing wastes and treatment systems. Environmental protection technology series: 600 2-76-224 22-48

Utilization of chlorinated derivatives of pyridine and pyrimidene as nitrification inhibitors. Doklady TSKHA: 13 14-21

Utilization of chromogenic substrates in determining amylolytic enzymes in the brewing process. Kvasny prumysl 26(8): 169-174

Utilization of chromosome painting as a complementary tool for introgression analysis and chromosome identification in coffee. 21st International Conference on Coffee Science, Montpellier, France, 11-15 September, 2006: 660-664

Utilization of cider fruits and their industrial processing. Bios 10(5): 22-25

Utilization of circular dichroism and fluorometry for the study of the structural changes between horse lier alcohol dehydrogenase and ligands.

Utilization of circular handles of tractors for fruit culture.

Utilization of circular saws with a small number of teeth to reduce energy consumption and also to obtain wood chips. Revista padurilor industria lemnului celuloza si hirtie: industria lemnului 33(3): 129-134

Utilization of circulating capit.

Utilization of circulating funds on collective farms.

Utilization of citric acid production waste products in the feeding of cattle. Zhivotnovodstvo 8 49-50

Utilization of citrus byprodu. Han'guk Ch'uksan Hakhoe chi = Korean journal of animal sciences 26(3): 244-250

Utilization of citrus processin.

Utilization of citrus waste as a source of pectin in jam making. Sudan journal of food science and technology: 9 55-59

Utilization of citrus wastes.

Utilization of classic grafted welded plants and pot plants in the vineyard. Progres agricole et viticole: 91 (24) 788-793

Utilization of climate resources in areas of cereal cultivation. Problemy ispol'zovaniia i okhrany prirodnykh resursov Sibiri otvetstvennyi redaktor V N Saks: 5

Utilization of cocoa husk meal by growing-finishing pigs. Proceedings Lome Togo 12-18 Feb Fev 1984 9 International Cocoa Research Conference = Actes Lome Togo 12-18 Feb Fev 1984 9 Conference internationale sur la recherche cocaoyere: 454

Utilization of coffee by-products.

Utilization of coffee by-products in agriculture, industry and animal feeding.

Utilization of cold during maceration and fermentation. Vino: bevanda ed alimento dell'uomo moderno: atti del secondo Simposio internazionale sul vino 5-7 giugno 1984 Pavia Italia Istituto di enologia Universita cattolica del Sacro Cuore Piacenza: 138

Utilization of collagen fibers in low-fat ground beef patties. MP 1-A) 60-61

Utilization of collagen hydrolysate in keratinase production from Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633. Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association 102(4): 129-134

Utilization of colostrum in feeding. Aktuelt Norway Landbruksdepartementet Opplysningstjeneste: ) 51-56

Utilization of combined fertilizers with pesticides, products of chemical works Zorka in Subotica (Yugoslavia). Acta fytotechnica: 2 49-60

Utilization of combined processes in freeze-drying of shrimps. Food and bioproducts processing: transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers Part C 79(3): 152-159

Utilization of combings in card spinning of cotton.

Utilization of combining ability in Gossypium hirsutum L. for seed index towards crop improvement in cotton.

Utilization of commercial oilseed crops Food, feed and nonfeed products. Economic botany 37(4): 459-477

Utilization of common salt (sodium chloride) as a fertilizer and for the control of leaf spot disease of coconut seedlings. Philippine journal of coconut studies: 2 (3) 39-45

Utilization of community leaves for improving orchard soil quality. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education SARE research projects Northeast Region: PROJECT LNE99-129

Utilization of complement testing in clinical medicine. Saudi Medical Journal 27(11): 1775-1777

Utilization of complete feeds by dairy cattle. Proceedings 5-39

Utilization of complete ration feed mixes for feeding dairy cows. Proizvodstvo i ispol'zovanie polnoratsionnykh granulirovannykh i briketirovannykh kormov v zhivotnovodstve: 73-179

Utilization of complete ration granulated feeds by lactating cows. Proizvodstvo i ispol'zovanie polnoratsionnykh granulirovannykh i briketirovannykh kormov v zhivotnovodstve: 4-50

Utilization of complete rations in feeding of dairy cows with respect to production and quality of milk.

Utilization of complex carbohydrate supplements for cows grazing on sown irrigated pastures on lands around Moscow. Izvestiia 6 155-163

Utilization of complex forming substances in wine manufacture. Borgazdasag 4 (2) 68-75

Utilization of compost from ordinary waste as organic fertilizer and bio-fuel. Agrokhimiia 6 145-152

Utilization of compost in agriculture--experiences in Europe and especially in the Middle East. Reuse of solid waste: proceedings of a conference on the practical implications of the reuse of solid waste organized by Institution of Civil Engineers London 11-12 November 1981: 9

Utilization of composted hardwood as a substrate for the cultivation of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana in containers. Mededeling 36 17-33

Utilization of compound carbohydrate additives for feeding cows grazing on cultivated and irrigated pastures located around Moscow. Izvestiia 6 155-163

Utilization of compound hybrids in the breeding of grapes for group resistance. Selektsiia i genetika plodovykh i vinograda v Moldavii: 23-132

Utilization of computation in animal nutrition. II. Theoretical aspects. Veterinarstvi 0(12): 536-540

Utilization of computer communications in agricultural and extension education in Korea. Seoul Taehakkyo nonghak yonku = College of Agriculture bulletin Seoul National University 9(2): 105-113

Utilization of computer programing in strengthening extension marketing programs. Sheep and goat handbook(2): 60-62

Utilization of computerized water monitoring and information system. Water science and technology4(9-11): 1540-1544

Utilization of computers in agriculture. Gazdalkodas 5(10): 65-66

Utilization of computers in the meat industry. Tehnologija mesa: 12 (6) 203-204

Utilization of concentrated ion exchange nonsugar waste on dried beet pulp.

Utilization of conductivity in diagnozing preclinic stages of mastities in dairy cows. Veterinarstvi 0(2): 70-71

Utilization of coniferous needles for feeding cattle. Zhivotnovodstvo 10 45-46

Utilization of constructions for water management.

Utilization of continuous flux for the colorimetric determination of tartric acid in grape musts and wines by the Rebelein method. Annales des falsifications et de l'expertise chimique: 71 (764) 155-158

Utilization of cooked soybean l. Nihon Shokuhin Kogyo Gakkai shi Journal of Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology 26(6): 248-255

Utilization of cooperative production finance: a regression analysis. Agriculture and agro industries journal: 8 (9 10) 8-11

Utilization of copper by terrestrial isopods.

Utilization of copper sulphate as an ergotropic substance in duck fattening (preliminary note). Jahrbuch fur Tierernahrung und Futterung: 8 402-406

Utilization of coppice forests biomass for fuel and other industrial uses Quercus cerris, Quercus farnetto, Quercus pubescens, Italy. Energy from biomass: proceedings of the EC contractors' meeting held in Copenhagen 23-24 June 1981 edited by P Chartier and W Palz: 6

Utilization of core pipe for producing bleached pulp using hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide under different bleaching sequences. Indian pulp and paper 38(5): 5-12

Utilization of cork powder in the preparation of flexible, rigid and expanded agglomerations. III. Expanded agglomerates in the autoclave.

Utilization of corm as seed corm in taro, Colocasia antiquorum var. esculenta Engl. I. The effect of corm weight on growth and yield in taro. Han'guk Wonye Hakhoe chi = Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 27(3): 224-230

Utilization of corn and sorghum stovers treated with anhydrous ammonia in rations for feedlot bulls. Proceedings annual meeting Western Section American Society of Animal Science8(38): 317-320

Utilization of corn containing toxin F-2 by microbiological treatment. Acta alimentaria2(4): 249-263

Utilization of corn germ meal as protein source. II. Study of the extrusion conditions and quality of the extruded materials. Rivista italiana delle sostanze grasse 57(5): 240-247

Utilization of corn germ meals as protein source. I. Biological value and production technology. Rivista italiana delle sostanze grasse 57(4): 185-191

Utilization of corn silage by feedlot steers; the role of nitrogenous constituents of silage in animal performance.

Utilization of corn silage in milk production.

Utilization of corn steep precipitation in penicillin fermentation. Egyptian journal of microbiology6(1-2): 79-85

Utilization of corncobs and compensatory increase in beef production Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.1. Revista de ciencias agrarias 1(2): 57-62

Utilization of correspondance analysis method to study pronotal pigmentation of the Malagasy migratory locust in the field. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances Serie D Sciences naturelles: 284 (6) 477-480

Utilization of cottenseed meal.

Utilization of cotton and other materials in cordage and twine.

Utilization of cotton by textile mills in the United States, 1964--65.

Utilization of cotton in the new production systems: Potential of cotton in open end spinning. Revista dos techniques: 25 (258) 4-11

Utilization of cotton seed and its products.

Utilization of cottonseed waste.

Utilization of covariation knowledge in source monitoring: no evidence for implicit processes. Psychological Research 71(5): 524-538

Utilization of cow manure on pastures.

Utilization of cream torula yeast as a sole protein supplement in final molasses diets for fattening pigs. Ciencia y tecnica en la agricultura: Ganado porcino 4(3): 61-73

Utilization of created irrigation potential. Bhagirath 21 (2) 44-48

Utilization of credit received by the farmers from a large size cooperative credit society. Indian journal of extension education: 12 (1 2) 68-69

Utilization of crop residues and highly lignified waste products in wintering rations for beef cows.

Utilization of crop residues by beef cattle. Emerging technology and management for ruminants: 1985 livestock seminars International Stockmen's School edited by Frank H Baker and Mason E Miller: 340

Utilization of cross immunoelectrophoresis for sensibilization of serological reaction when studying trophic relations in insects. Zoologicheskii zhurnal: 54 (7) 1014-1019

Utilization of cross-bred rams of the Lincoln breed for obtaining cross-bred sheep.

Utilization of crushed grape must for winter feeding of ruminants. Bulletin technique d'information: (343 344) 421-428

Utilization of crushed pith of.

Utilization of culled ewes with maximum yield Production of karakulcha pelts, skins of unborn lambs of Karakul breed, Kazakh SSR.1. Ovtsevodstvo (2) 33-34

Utilization of cultivated Saponaria officinalis, gypsophila perfoliata and Glycyrrhiza glabra in the process of the electrolysis of zinc. Perspektivnye Saponinonosnye Rasteniia i Opyt Ikh Kul'tury: 7-91

Utilization of cultivated pastures. Zhivotnovudstvo 5 51-54

Utilization of cultivated pastures at the Semenovskii state farm, Mari ASSR. Sozdanie i Ispol'zovanie Kul'turnykh Pastbishch v RSFSR: 55-160

Utilization of cultures in the systematics of Vararia Karst subg. Cidhostereum (Pilat) Boid. (Basidiomycetes Lachnocladiaceae). Bulletin mensuel de la Sociaetae linnaeenne de Lyon: 42 (7) 167-192

Utilization of cyanobacteria by Brachionus calyciflorus: Anabaena flos-aquae (NRC-44-1) as a sole or complementary food source Rotifer feeding and nutrition. Hydrobiologia 104(104): 373-377

Utilization of cylodextrins for citrus fruit products. Proceedings of the International Society of Citriculture International Citrus Congress November 9-12-1981 Tokyo Japan K Matsumoto editor: 928

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Utilization of dairy by-products and waste in industrial centers of Katowice province.

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