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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17686

Chapter 17686 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

What price milk in Europe:. Big farm management: 153-155

What price milk in the EEC?.

What price mobile mixing?. Pig farming: 17(8) 80-81

What price municipal water?.

What price parity?.

What price protein?. Spring 1 (3) 30-31

What price public participation?.

What price reconstruction?.

What price shelf space? Theres another way!. Egg industry: 9 (5) 12-13

What price soybean and barley for finishing pigs?. Agriculture in Northern Ireland: 49 (12) 444-446

What price sugarcane?.

What price the tower silo?. Big farm management: 39

What price timeliness?. Power farming magazine: 85 (6) 10-12

What price water?. Big farm management: 131-132

What price your horse?. Queensland agricultural journal 105(5): 478-479

What primary prevention should be used to prevent Lyme disease?. Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses 37(7-8): 456-462

What private organizations have learned about doing technical assistance work.

What private organizations have learned about doing technical cooperation work.

What problems are facing the forest industries of northerntier Pennsylvania?.

What problems are raised from the variation of body weight of cows in milk production with the MK M 691-40. Tierzucht 30 (5) 224-227

What problems must we work out in considering ventilation systems for livestock housing?.

What producers and ginners can do to reduce contamination. Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences(1): 489-490

What produces an improvement of natural meadows and pastures?. Ovtsevodstvo (11) 25-26

What produces quality green matter. Kukuruza 1 12-13

What product for tomorrow?. Vititechnique (73) 49

What professional competencies are needed by beginning teacher educators in agricultural education?. Journal of the American Association of Teacher Educators in Agriculture: 18 (2) 19-24

What profit does swine production bring?. Kraftfutter 60 (3) 86

What profits does increased milk performance bring for individual farms?. Tierzuchter 5, 31(7): 280-282

What program managers and project leaders should know about publications but usually learn the hard way. USDA Forest Service research note PNW: 79 (331)

What programs are we marketing?. Agricultural education magazine 60(8): 19-20

What progress could be expected concerning milk sanitation by the legislation of the European Economic Community. Molk Kaserei zeitung: 23 (9) 294-298

What project management really is about: alternative perspectives on the role and practice of project management. International journal of technology management = Journal international de la gestion technologique2(3-4): 371-387

What promise does solar energy hold for the brewer?. Brauwelt 1, 118(38): 1404-1405

What promises are worth.

What prompted the Nations conscience about its forests?.

What proportion of breast cancers are detected by mammography in the United States?. Cancer Detection and Prevention 31(3): 220-224

What proportion of hospital patients colonized with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus are identified by clinical microbiological cultures?. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 27(2): 116-121

What proposed changes could mean to dairymen in Order 2.

What prospective changes may mean for agriculture and rural America. Special report University of Missouri Columbia Agricultural Experiment Station: 6?] (338) 36-43

What prospects are there for exporting Red Pied cattle?. Tierzuchter 36(1): 20-22

What prospects are there for the tenant farmer?.

What prospects are there in 1981 for the French tractor and agricultural equipment industry in 1980?. Agriculture (451) 167-170

What prospects does grain drying offer the wage contractor?. Lohnunternehmen in Land und Forstwirtschaft: 5, 29 (7) 202-203

What protects Japans dairy industry?. Amber waves: the economics of food farming natural resources and rural America 4(4): 2

What protein will we be eating in 2001 AD?. Autumn 32 (3) 56

What protein will we eat in the year 2001?. Espana ganadera: (69) 37-41

What proteins are involved in learning and memory?. Iubmb Life 59(7): 465-468

What public school teachers teach about preventing pregnancy, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Family Planning Perspectives 21(2): 65-72

What pullet body weight at sexual maturity means to you. Indian poultry review: 8 (9) 22-24

What qualified veterinary service can do for pork producers. Texas veterinary medical journal: 40 (3) 22

What quality can we expect in regard to deciduous trees and small operations?. Tidsskrift for skogbruk7(1): 11-17

What quality requirements should we demand for poultry feed and how can we measure them?. Dansk erhvervsfjerkrae, 9(2): 26-30

What quantitative research is and why it doesnt work. American behavioral scientist 30(1): 58-69

What rabbit sells the best? Analysis of consumer behavior. Levage 45 113

What rate of nitrogen fertilizer?. Journal of agriculture Western Australia9(1): 8-11

What rate of nitrogen may be safe for pastures. Nowe rolnictwo: 31, 22 (10) 14-16

What rates of return on NIPF investments?. Journal of forestry: 76 (7) 411-413

What readers say about news for farmer cooperatives.

What reading does to people.

What really causes colic in horses? Epidemiology's role in elucidating the ultimate multi-factorial disease. Equine Veterinary Journal 29(6): 413-414

What really causes turkey leg weakness?. Turkey world: 46 (1) 22-24

What really constitutes quality care?. Child care information exchange: (51) 41-47

What really happened to the class of 79?. Agricultural education magazine 63(11): 11

What really happens when you cut chemical?. New farm 11(4): 19-22

What really happens when you cut chemicals?.

What really is--humus?. Soil Association 6(3): 1-2

What record keeping tell about an operation. Lantbrukstidskrift for Dalarna: 6 (2 3) 72-74

What records can do for you. Proceedings of annual meeting American Association of Swine Practitioners: 01-203

What records do cotton growers need?. Cotton gin and oil mill press: 78 (4) 26-27

What regulates placental steroidogenesis in 90-day pregnant ewes?. Prostaglandins & Other Lipid Mediators 84(1-2): 54-65

What regulations are needed to ensure port security?.

What regulations for sheep?. Informatore zootecnico 31, 25(15-16): 24-27

What regulatory agencies are attempting to do in their enforcement activities.

What regulatory reforms will help strengthen agriculture and agribusiness?.

What relations are there between udder diseases and animal production?. Grune 107(41): 20-21

What relationships are there between catalog information and additional price of auction bulls?. Tierzuchter 5, 35(6-7): 208-212

What remains from us?.

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? A phantom in phototropism. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 765-766

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? All, but it is only a partial answer within the larger mechanism of tropism. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 771-772

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? Assymetric redistribution of auxin need only occur over the distance of one cell width. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 775-776

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? IAA in growing and gravireacting maize roots. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 779-780

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? It does not fit the growth pattern of cells during bending of a root. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 789-790

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? It's alive and well in maize. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 763-763

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? Lateral auxin translocation as a key step mediating light-gradient perception and phototropic differential growth. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 773-774

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? Riding the transduction train to the answer. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 783-784

What remains of the Cholodny-Went theory? Some cause and effect relationships in root gravitropism. Plant, Cell & Environment 15(7): 787-788

What remains of the Cholodny-Went? A potential role for changing sensitivity to auxin. Plant cell and environment 15(7): 785-786

What remedy do we in Norway have for protecting valuable natural resources for future generations?.

What renters can do to save energy and money. Plug those leaks!. Publication Virginia Cooperative Extension Service: (356-124)

What reporting to owners did for our co-op.

What reproductive rhythm is more economical?. Rivista di coniglicoltura 17(6): 19-23

What requirements are imposed on soil fertility by crop plants?.

What requirements are placed on horticulture for the quality and quantity of water?. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 3 (7) 725-727

What requirements are suitable for spraying aggregates. Sodobno kmetijstvo: 8 (3) 126-128

What requirements are there in commercial fruit cultivation for orchard planting material?. Mitteilungen des Obstbauversuchsringes des Alten Landes 34(4): 109-118

What research and development can do for logging. Pulp and paper Canada 80(4): 92-94

What research has contributed to the A.I. program.

What research has to say--attitudes toward experiential programs. Agricultural education magazine 52(11): 14-15

What research indicates that Arkansas beef cow - calf producers can do. I. To make most effective use of pasture fertilizer dollars.

What research indicates that Arkansas beef cow - calf producers can do. III. To reduce calving losses.

What research indicates that Arkansas beef cow-calf producers can do. II. To winter animals satisfactorily when pasture and hay supplies are short.

What research is called for?. Reprints United States Forest Service

What research is there in the future for wood?. Revue forestiere francaise: 8 (2) 83-93

What research says about learning. Journal 21 (4) 18-23

What research says about learning in science museums: watch your language! People do read labels. Public garden: journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 5(2): 30

What research says about learning in science museums: what have we discovered about discovery rooms. Public garden: journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 5(2): 31-32

What research says about milking machines and mastitis. Hoard's dairyman, 125(3): 151

What research shows about training needs.

What restricts effective operation of new machinery. Lesnaia promyshlennost': ) 8-9

What retail store operators expect from employee workshops. Journal of food distribution research 11(1): 80-82

What retailers should know about being licensed under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act.

What retirement income and expenses can you expect?. Hoard's dairyman 25, 125(23): 1571

What returns can the beekeeper get from the field bean?. Revue francaise d'apiculture: 323 354-357

What rhythm in reproducing rabbits?. Rivista di coniglicoltura 18(2): 23

What risk?.

What role can Idaho water play in salmon recovery efforts?. Extension bulletin 94 (462)

What role do trees play in cleansing the air?. Weeds trees and turf: 14 (7) 38-39

What role do wasps play in the honeydew supply?.

What role for Leucaena leucocephala in meeting Kenyas fuelwood demand?.

What role for genomics in fisheries management and aquaculture?. Aquatic Living Resources 20(3): 241-255

What role for organic farming? The USDA takes a close-in look at the organic alternative and likes what it sees. New farm 2(5): 16-20

What role for strain 19 in eradicating brucellosis?.

What role for the Amazon in climate change?. Biofutur (278): 44-45

What role for the United States in world forestry?. Journal of forestry 79(5): 267

What role for tropical forests in climate change mitigation? The case of Costa Rica. Development Discussion Paper Harvard Institute for International Development (675): iii + 39 pp

What role has research within the forest products industry?.

What role water markets?. Journal of soil and water conservation 41(6): 390-392

What role will feed supply co-ops play in 21st century hog industry?. Farmer cooperatives 59(12): 4-8

What rootstock should you use.

What rot?.

What rural education research is of most worth? A reply to Arnold, Newman, Gaddy, and Dean. Journal of research in rural education0(20)

What salad? Lettuce Lettuce production, markets, France.1. Nformation agricole: (530) 22

What sampling is.

What scientists of the Kazakh SSR do for production Control of crop diseases and pests.1. Zashchita rastenii: ) 15-16

What scum is that?.

What seafood processors should know about Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Journal of milk and food technology: 36 (8) 405-408

What seed is that?.

What selected research and literature tell us about rural people. Rural librarieser 1(1): 1-15

What self-reliance is worth. Organic gardening 26(5): 86-88

What separates the winners from the losers in new food product development?. Trends in food science and technology 14(1-2): 58-64

What separates top calf raisers from others?. Hoard's dairyman, 125(16): 1095

What separators of sewage drain are more effective?. Sel'skoe khoziaistvo Moldavii: (12) 50-53

What serious economic danger arises from honeybee diseases?. Bienenwelt 19 (10) 197-199

What services are provided?--Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. Food technology in Australia 39(9): 437-438

What services are provided?--Australian Trade Commission. Food technology in Australia 39(9): 435-436

What services can one expect from agriculturalmeteorology?. Agriculture (465) 227

What services do abusive and neglecting families need?. Social context of child abuse and neglect edited by Leroy H Pelton: 290

What services will colleges of veterinary medicine provide in the future?. Journal of veterinary medical educationng 12(2): 45-46

What shall Germany pay?.

What shall I eat and why.

What shall I feed my baby?.

What shall I feed my baby?: A month-by-month guide. Program aid United States Department of Agriculture: 981 (1281)

What shall I serve.

What shall the practician like to know about the blood disease?.

What shall we do about rice?.

What shall we do with a Danish nutritional policy?. Dansk veterinaertidsskrift, 67(20): 1023-1028

What shall we feed in the future?. Pig farming: 22 (6) 49

What shapes? Your shearing will determine the silhouette of your tree. American Christmas tree journal 23(2): 40

What share of the framing market will timber hold in the future?.

What sheep is that?.

What shell is that?.

What should chris say? The ability of children with specific language impairment to recognize the need to dissemble emotions in social situations. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 50(3): 798-811

What should I charge? Veterinary practice, fees. Norden news topics in veterinary medicineer Spring 57(1): 30-35

What should I do with the income?. American forests 92(3): 50-52

What should I eat?.

What should I feed my child?.

What should I spray with?.

What should a clever ungulate eat? Optimal foraging theory to large herbivores, potential impact on vegetation, Models, South Africa. American naturalist 119(2): 151-178

What should a good milker know today?. Milch Praxis und Rindermast: 15 (4) 18

What should a judge know and look for when he judges a Camellia show?. American Camellia yearbook4(34): 128-132

What should a manager know about the labour safety testing of machines and equipments. Gazdalkodas 1 (1) 71-74

What should a urologist know about hereditary predisposition to prostate cancer?. Bju International 99(4): 743-7; Discussion 747-8

What should and what could happen to bark in central debarking?. Internationaler Holzmarkt: 61 (23) 24-25

What should barn machinery cost?. Landmaschinen kt: 52 (14) 16-17

What should be changed in the reclamation investment efficacy calculation. Wiadomosci melioracyjne i lakarskie 25(1-3): 3-5

What should be considered in evaluating work space and working conditions on automatic machines?.

What should be demanded in forestry appraisals?. Norsk skogbruk: 21 (2) 34

What should be done about increasing wood consumption?. Im Blickfeld: 7 (44) 17-19

What should be done about part time farming--implications for policy. Proceedings Of The Rural Geography Symposium Part Timefarming: lem Or Resource In Rural Development, (Pub 1976), 1st 198-206

What should be done about the 1974 balance?. Kartoffelbau 25 (12) 358

What should be done for the ag. Skogs Lantbruksakad Tidskr: 07(3 4) 105-121

What should be done in November. Kartoffelbau 25 (11) 333

What should be done in disease outbreak? state compensation and aid figures.

What should be done in glaucoma research in China. Chinese Medical Journal 120(4): 267-268

What should be done to conserve the range resources today?. National Range Conference opportunities for the future: National Range Conference proceedings Oklahoma City Oklahoma ember 6-8-1985: 6

What should be done to improve the seed and seedling material. Wiadomosci zielarskie 20(4-5): 25-28

What should be done to increase proceeds?. Agricultura de las Americas: 24 (11) 8-9

What should be done to mitigate groundwater contamination?. Environmental Health Perspectives 86: 239-243

What should be done when the brood nest is filled with honey before the honeybees are prepared for wintering.

What should be done with brood bulbs and tubers of spring flowering plants?. Gartenpraxis 5 226-227

What should be done with permanent pastures?.

What should be done with straw? Equipment and methods for straw reduction and incorporation in the soil. Lohnunternehmen in Land und Forstwirtschaft: 31 (7) 274-277

What should be done with the brucella skin test.

What should be especially observed in the use of the E684 front loader?. Feldwirtschaft 22(7): 291-293

What should be expected in economical crossings in cattle breeding?.

What should be key features of new bargaining legislation?.

What should be known about honeybee poisonings. Vcelarstvi 32(5): 111-112

What should be known about rabbit myxomatosis. Krolikovodstvo i zverovodstvo: (5) 33-34

What should be known about tractor tires?.

What should be known about varieties and seeds.

What should be known for repairing the To54B tractor.

What should be our national agricultural research policy?.

What should be our national water policy?.

What should be planted at the seashore? (Coastal plants). Foret privee: (124) 35-42

What should be put on milk house and parlor walls?.

What should be remembered in peach tree growing. Zahradnictvo 3(7): 291

What should be researched in soil analysis?. Cultivar (174) 84-85

What should be reviewed by peer groups in the Southern Region?. SRDC series Southern Rural Development Center: (50) 29-31

What should be specially considered in fruit marketing concerning the final consumer?. Erwerbsobstbau 18 (10) 157-158

What should be the aim in breeding Africander cattle. Afrikanerbees joernaal: 19 (1) 47

What should be the energy policy of the United States?. Energy in agriculture collection Michigan State University Department of Agricultural Engineering

What should be the farm credit policy.

What should be the length of field plots?.

What should be the policy of re. Forest economy 34(9): 8-17

What should be the price of milk.

What should be the responsibilities of logging foreman.

What should be the role of government in municipal arboriculture?. Journal of arboriculture: 4 (6) 140-141

What should be the role of resource stewardship in future farm policy. Proceedings of Agricultural Outlook Forum

What should be the role of state government in municipal arboriculture urban forestry?. Journal of arboriculture: 4 (3) 71-72

What should be the size of a largeherd of dairy cattle?.

What should be the university role in technology transfer?. Proceedings Technology Transfer Society International Symposium: 7

What should be the weight of a fattened swine?.

What should be tolerated from forestry in the conservation of natural resources?.

What should be towed by the T-150K. Mezogazdasagi technika: 6 (6) 10-12

What should be understood by the term soil erosion. Pochvovedenie 9 142-145

What should be used for weeding cereals?. Cultivar (142) 35

What should be used to control blossom beetles in summer oilseed rape?. Vaxtskyddsnotiser Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet7(5-6): 97-103

What should be watched in the direct seeding of vegetables?.

What should become of the farm?. Ubersicht 22 (1) 18-20

What should board policy on risk management contain?. Farmer cooperatives United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Cooperative Service 51(7): 6-8

What should botanists do with their time?. Taxon 37(1): 134

What should directors know about auditors malpractice insurance?. Farmer cooperatives US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Cooperative Service 58(5): 18-19

What should every investor know?. Budownictwo wiejskie: 27 (11) 5-8

What should food safety personnel know on a global basis?. Suomen elainlaakarilehti Finsk veterinartidskrift5(7): 340

What should foresters wear?. Journal of forest history 24(4): 188-199

What should fruit culture of the future expect from the experiment stations?. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 8 (10) 962-963

What should one think of Belgian horticulture?. Pepinieristes horticulteurs maraichers: 161 47-55

What should one think of dairy indexes?.

What should one think of different types of forage silos?.

What should one think of the effects of growth substances on vegetation and fruiting?. Arboriculture fruitiere: 25 (287) 31-33

What should one think of the new development trends?. Paysans 19 (111) 86-97

What should states do to diversify for the new agricultural and rural economies in the south: university extension and research. SRDC series Southern Rural Development Center: (88) 93-98

What should the FFA Alumni do?. Agricultural education: 49 (8) 184-185

What should the G8 do about the biological warfare threat to international food safety?. Food and agricultural security: guarding against natural threats and terrorist attacks affecting health national food supplies and agricultural economics 22-227

What should the Olson family do?.

What should the concentration of sugar syrup be ?. Pchelovodstvo (5) 6-7

What should the farmer know about magnesium fertilizer?.

What should the federal government do to enhance the quality of life for United States citizens over age 65?.

What should the leader of a research institution be like?. Vestnik sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki: (3) 49-53

What should the official document on the condition of cereal crops in the seedling stage look like?. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: 2 9-10

What should the pigeon fanciers be guided by? Recommendations on breeding methods.1. Ptitsevodstvo (10) 38-39

What should the plough of the future look like?. Mezogazdasagi technika: 5 (12) 6-7

What should the role of Norwegian Agricultural College be in bilaterial and multilateral agricultural development?. Landbrukets plass in bistandspolitikken: Hogskoledagene ved Norges landbrukshogskole 5 og 6 November 1981 arrangorer: Norges Landbrukshogskole og Norsk landbruksakademikerforbund: 119

What should the stand density be?.

What should the system of feed production be like?. Kormoproizvodstvo 2) 4-8

What should the unified managing body of the agroindustrial complex be like?. Sel'skoe khoziaistvo Moldavii: ) 37-38

What should we be doing about disease?. Pig farming: 25 (4) 41

What should we do about animal welfare?.

What should we do with greenhouses not used in the winter?. Gartneryrket 4, 69(26): 732-734

What should we do with silage fermentation juice?. DLG Mitteilungen Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft 94(9): 554-555

What should we know about health hazards.

What should we monitor in anesthetized horses? What can the monitoring equipment tell us?. Proceedings of the annual convention1(41): 121-124

What should wholesalers and retailers do ?. Journal of food distribution research: 8 (1) 22-27

What should women agriculturer graduates in the future know about farm accounting?. Grune 104 (14) 31-32

What should you do if delegation doesnt work?. Supervisory management 39(11): 3

What should you eat to stay healthy?. Circular HE Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Auburn University: 987 (551)

What should you know about nutmeg and mace Meat industry, food additives.0. Fleischerei 34(5): 404

What should you put on free stall surfaces?.

What should you use to treat canine Cushings disease?. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference4(14): 272-273

What shy is this?. Equus (43) 46-50

What significance does the bitchs age have for the breeding result?. Dansk pelsdyravl0, 42(9): 349-350

What silviculture to use to reduce fire hazards?. Revue forestiere francaise: (special no) 274-277

What simple and complex cells compute. Journal of Physiology 577(Pt 2): 463-466

What size and shape of container are best for growing seedlings? Plant production, nursery crops. American nurseryman 157(1): 87-93

What size cattle?.

What size farm or ranch for South Dakota.

What size header to handle your crop?. Agricultural gazette of New South Wales 91(3): 22-23

What size is best?.

What size pipeline do you need?.

What size should the beeway be?. Pchelovodstvo 3 41

What size should the beeway between combs be?. Pchelovodstvo 1 27-28

What skills do graduates need?. NACTA journal 35(1): 53-57

What skills should a 4-H Club girl develop?.

What small town public libraries mean to their communities: a consultants perspective. Rural libraries2(1): 49-70

What small towns are doing to lure doctors. Small town 22(5): 26-28

What social security means to New York State farm families.

What society expects of U.S. agriculture Food and fiber production, national goals. Proceedings and minutes annual meeting of the Agricultural Research Institute: 0th) 15-22

What soil analysis allows for definition or fear. Cultivar (134) ii-iii

What soil erosion costs you now. Progressive farmer for the West 93(1): 68B

What soil test ranges means. Inside edge 1(6): 4

What soil tests from Holt Channel indicate. Landbrukstidende 82 (20) 481-483

What soil, forage or water test do you need? Farm management, Oklahoma. OSU extension facts Cooperative Extension Service Oklahoma State University: 983 (2902)

What solution to slurry?.

What solutions are there to simplify the end of milking operations?. Levage bovin ovin caprin: (87) 45-49

What some of the breeders see ahead. Broiler industry 43(6): 16-40not

What some people say about university research and extension.

What sort of milk board?. Dairy farmer and dairy beef producer: 23 (6) 46

What sowing units are the most e. Mekhanizatsiia sil's'koho hospodarstva: (2) 8-9

What speaks for autumn nitrogen fertilizing in viticulture?. Winzer 29 (10) 258-260

What specialization in swine raising does for the disttrict. Zhivotnovodstvo 1 16-20

What specialization of farms of the forest steppe areas produces. Ovtsevodstvo 1 20-21

What specialization yields.

What species composition will be in the forests of Upper Orava?.

What species of predaceous mites exist in Massachusetts commercial apple orchards?. Fruit notesng 59(2): 10-11

What specifications should be placed on packaging?. Maelkeritidende 83 (14) 302-307

What speech contents do people use to detect deceit?. Tohoku Psychologica Folia 65: 37-44

What sprayer should you choose?. Phytoma (369) 43-44

What statehood for Puerto Rico could mean for you. Florida grower and rancher 72(7): 8

What steps for forestry development for farmers?. Actes du Seminaire Agriculture et foret: Nancy 20-21 avril 1983: 315

What stock should i grow?.

What strategies are there for agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa?.

What strategies we should use to earn better returns from our cherries. Proceedings Washington State Horticultural Association: 9th) 181-183

What strategy for the Sahel? The difficult harmonization of the CILSS. Canadian journal of African studies6(3): 443-477

What students in farm management classes think about farming as a career. NACTA journal 22(4): 8-10

What students must know on the applications of chemistry in agriculture. Mendeleev chemistry journal: anslated 1972, 14 (5 6) 84-90

What successful poultrymen are doing.

What sugar has done for modern Turkey.

What sugar means to Puerto Rico in employment, in tax payments, in buying power in living standards.

What sunrise might reveal. Anesthesiology 105(6): 1282-3; Author Reply 1283

What superintendents and engineers need to know about fibre optics. Pulp and paper Canada 99(8): 62-65

What support are lenders willing to give?. Advances in pork production: proceedings of the Banff Pork Seminar5(15): 217-221

What supports the Slovenian cattle breeding industry?.

What surveys have shown. Zashchita rastenii: (12) 33

What system of foating should be used in the Vakhtovyi method of timber procurement.

What tangled webs they weave: Rho-GTPase control of angiogenesis. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 64(16): 2053-2065

What teachers did on summer vacation--thanks to FAS. AgExporter 11(12): 17-18

What teaching devices should you use?.

What teaching is really like while potting, pinching, and propagating. Agricultural education magazine 66(3): 5-6

What teaching is relevant to veterinary epidemiology?. Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics held at Canberra Australia 7-11 May 1979 sponsored by Australian Bureau of Animal Health edited by WA Geering et al: 327

What techniques are there for French livestock producers opposite to Europe?. Revue laitiere francaise: (374) 73

What technological effects spices may have in meat products manufacture. Fleischerei 35(1): 9-10

What technology is better?. Zernovoe khoziaistvo: (9) 24-25

What teenagers need from parents, teachers and other adults.

What teens should know about divorce in the family.

What temperature?. Proceedings Institute of Food Science and Technology UK 11(4): 207-210

What testing can teach us. Pig farming: 23 (6) 49

What tests should a clinician ask for?. Food allergy and intolerance edited by Jonathan Brostoff Stephen J Challacombe: 916

What textile processors need to know about cotton production. Proceedings (3): 1397-1398

What the contract with America wont tell you. Nutrition week 25(3): 4-5

What the 1950 census means to us.

What the 1974 Horticultural Statistics tell about developmental trends in Norwegian berry culture. Gartneryket 1975, 65 (38) 610

What the 1983 farm records show. CES paper Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service: 11-12

What the ABCs of herd health mean. Land O'Lakes mirror: 8 (6) 11

What the Agricultural Security Fund has done. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 7 (7 8) 513-517

What the American press is saying about the suit to destroy A & P.

What the Americans learned on control of agricultural production. Cultivar (200) 60

What the Armed Forces expect from the food and packaging industries. Activities report of the R and D Associates1(2): 1-4

What the Armed Forces expect from the food and packaging industries in research, development, and testing. Activities report of the R and D Associates1(2): 7-12

What the Armed Forces expect from the food and packaging industries in the areas of quality assurance and inspections. Activities report of the R and D Associates1(2): 21-23

What the Australian dairy adjustment programme means to you.

What the Brahman can contribute. Cattleman 55 (9) 42-43

What the Census Bureau about veterinarians. Veterinary economics: 72, 13 (11)

What the Chains Did. Yearbook of agriculture: 4-67

What the Department of Agriculture has done and needs to do to improve agricultural commodity forecasting and reports.

What the Dutch are doing with cages. Pig farming: 21 (6) 63

What the Dutch make out of fattening. Pig farming: 21 (8) 51-52

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What the world wears.

What these young farmers say. I. We--and they--need more cooperative education.

What these young farmers say. II. Become involved? Just ask us.

What these young farmers say. III. Lets get the services, but were particular.

What these young farmers say. IV. Were getting our moneys worth.

What these young farmers say. V. Satisfaction with cooperative image tepid at best.

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What to eat in war-time.

What to eat now.

What to eat when youre expecting.

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What to pay for feeder steers.

What to pay for having dairy heifers raised.

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What to say about wool.

What to say and how to say it for all occasions.

What to say on the food label.

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What to see at the zoo.

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What trainers should know about movie cameras.

What training can we offer the youth who wish to go into the industry?. Frugtavleren 6 (1) 30-33

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What tree is that?.

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What turns employees on today?.

What type 2,4-D to use?. Weeds trees and turf: 8(7) 16-18

What type of animal is that? List of established terestrial, wild-life mammals in Northwest and Central Europe.

What type of cage to choose for rabbits?.

What type of credit for what purpose?. DLZ 30(1): 12-15

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What type of silage additive for you?. Dairy herd management 17(8): 31

What type of swine operation for me? Swine production in Arizona. 1.

What type of unloading terminal for logs should be used?.

What type traits should we select for in the future?.

What types of WTO-compatible trade policies are appropriate for different stages of development?. WTO rules for agriculture compatible with development: 59-78

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What use is the SBN nature protection areas?.

What useful purpose is served by quantitative ingredient labeling?.

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What was the virus strain used for the production of the CVV.

What waste fired heating can do for your fuel bill. Horticulture industry: 38

What way for cereals cooperatives?. Autumn 4-5

What we are attempting to control, mastitis or udder infection?.

What we are doing about agricultural surpluses.

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What we as cotton growers consider to be major production problems: in the Southeast.

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What we eat.

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What we have read of major interest at present on--bedsoniasis.

What we have seeen in England.

What we have seen in the neighboring Moldavia.

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What we should do for the reconstruction of our economy.

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What we should know about tractor and farm machine tires.

What we should understand by a good pollinating colony. Gaceta del colmenar 43(12): 395

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What we will build.

What were learning about some difficult disease problems of peaches and apples.

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What went before.

What went wrong at farmers home?. Farm journal 113(3): 14-15

What went wrong? a look at foresters and forestry in Alabama.

What were the prices paid by the state grain elevators and mills in the first half of 1972?.