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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17717

Chapter 17717 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

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Yen chiu chuan pao.

Yen chiu hui pao.

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Yen tsao chih shih.

Yen tsao chung chih chu hua.

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Yes for freshly harvested cereals for meat piglets and swine. Levage porcin: (131) 19-21

Yes for plant protection, but no matter what price!. Economie agricole: 30 (5) 31

Yes or no to the beech? Mothe.

Yes to weaning baby pigs at 21 or 35 days. Levage 22 101

Yes you can!.

Yes! Pumpkins can be grown in Alabama. Progress report Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station: (129) 13-15

Yes, I want to breastfeed! ; !Sai, yo quiero lactar a mi bebae!.

Yes, Santa, there is a Virginia. Alabama forests 21(12): 4-6

Yes, Virginia, the loquat is a member of the rose family. Journal California Rare Fruit Growers7(17): 1-22

Yes, a change agent can evaluate!. Journal of cooperative extension: 13 14-20

Yes, beef producers have become efficient.

Yes, but is weight loss the be-all and the end-all?. Tufts University health and nutrition letter 22(5): 1

Yes, but which supplement?. Tufts University health and nutrition letter01 19(3)

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Yes, frozen foods do have a future. Food manufacture: 52 (1) 19

Yes, it also happens to veterinarians. Modern veterinary practice 62(10): 751-755

Yes, it can be done. Agricultural education magazine 56(4): 7-9

Yes, more lambs--but how?.

Yes, our lives depend on water and energy conservation. Farm and power equipment: 59 (2) 25-27

Yes, plants do suffer from overindulgence. Summer 17 (3) 30

Yes, really--a store-bought tomato with vine-ripened taste!. Agricultural research 47(4): 19

Yes, sprinklers can be used on cotton. World farming: 11(9) 22-23

Yes, the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce has an Agricultural Department and heres why!.

Yes, there are differences between carob and cocoa. Food engineering: 50 (5) 88-89

Yes, there is a treacle mine. South African sugar journal 68(1): 27

Yes, there is grass after overgrazing. Rangelands 7(1): 3-4

Yes, they really did homestead. North Dakota farm research North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station 48(1): 21-24

Yes, we can afford to subsidize small woodlands.

Yes, we can still afford fertilisers. Big farm management: 11-12

Yes, we do have bananas. Farm index: 75

Yes, we had better talk about plant stands.

Yes, what about hog prices?.

Yes, you can grow orchids in Darwin. Australian orchid review: 43 (2) 83-86

Yes, you could grow the peerless pitcher plant. Flower and garden Western edition 23(6): 22-25

Yes, you do need a vapor barrier--sometimes. Energy design update 5(3): 5-7

Yesin my backyard. BioCycle 34(9): 44-47

Yesyou can weigh trainings value. Training 31(7): 54-58

Yes: youth--environment--society. MAPP collection: [46]


Yeshajahu Pomeranz, USDA-Grain Marketing Research Center, named 1980 AOAC Wiley Award Winner. Journal of the Association of Offical Analytical Chemists 63(5): 1169

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Yesterday a great challenge, today conquered.

Yesterday and today.

Yesterday and today in Danish farm buildings. Budownictwo wiejskie: 26 (3) 12-14

Yesterday and today in Louisiana agriculture.

Yesterday and today of the Orawa region. Budownictwo rolnicze: 28 (8 9) 14-16

Yesterday in Hall county, Texas.

Yesterday in the Texas hill country.

Yesterday it was enough to vaccinate, today it is necessary to vaccinate and tatoo. Praticien veterinaire Nouvelle serie20, 22(105): 6-8

Yesterday today.

Yesterday today tomorrow.

Yesterdays barrier islands. Soil conservation: 42 (3) 18-19

Yesterdays mines poison todays rivers. American forests 90(2): 38-41

Yesterdays organization of the production of tomorrow?. Holz und Kunststoffverarbeitung 14(2): 103-109

Yesterdays rations arent enough for todays sows. Hog farm management: 15 (2) 40

Yesterdays setback and tomorrows challenge. Calf health seminar at the veterinary conference 2006. Svensk Veterinartidning 59(3): 36-39

Yesterdays trees, todays jobs. Soil conservation 44(4): 6-7

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow of the Agricultural Academy in Poznan. Nauka polska: 23 (11 12) 70-82

Yesterday, today, tomorrow--Whats behind us and whats ahead for beef production in the U.S. and world. CBCIA Beef "Chow" ference California Beef Cattle Improvement Association: 5-96

Yesterday--today--tomorrow. I. Tillage. Farm and factory: 8 (3) 12-13

Yesterday--today--tomorrow. V. Irrigation. Farm and factory: 8 (7) 3-4

Yesteryears in coffee: The function of spraying in coffee crop production. Journal of coffee research: 7 (2) 29-34

Yet a further example of the operation of the autonym rules--the case of Haworthia margaritifera (Asphodelaceae). Taxon 38(3): 481-483

Yet all will be foresters: curriculum reform at Auburn University. Journal of forestry 93(1): 20-24

Yet another insect pest of soybeans. Lavoura arrozeira 36(344): 43