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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 17973

Chapter 17973 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Introduction to the world conference on the Scientific and Technical Bases for the Sustainability of Fisheries. Bulletin of: 7-9

Introduction to theoretical population genetics (book review). Heredity 70: 9

Introduction to toxicology (book review). Environmental Pollution 61(2 ): 1-2

Introduction to trees of the San Francisco Bay Region (book review. Taxon 53(1): 4

Introduction to tropical soil science (book review). Tropical Agriculture 62: 1

Introduction to veterinary entomology (book review). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 69

Introduction to veterinary medical ethics (book review). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 216(11): 41

Introduction to veterinary pathology (book review). The Veterinary Record 124: 5

Introduction to wildland fire (book review). Journal of Forestry 83: 2-4

Introduction to wildlife and fisheries (book review). The Journal of Wildlife Management 61: 40-1

Introduction to world vegetation (book review). Ecology 70: 60-1

Introduction, recent advances in immunochemistry and their application to agrochemicals. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 55(10): 3749-3749

Introduction. Crop Protection Science at IACR. Pest Management Science 59(2): 5-7

Introduction. Method development in relation to regulatory requirements for detection of GMOs in the food chain. Journal of AOAC International 85(3): 4-6

Introduction. Pest Management Research in Hungary at the Turn of the New Millennium: Evolving with Changes. Pest Management Science 59(4): 5

Introduction. Resistance 2001: meeting the challenge. Pest Management Science 58(9): 7

Introduction: American Elasmobranch Society symposium on elasmobranch genetics. Copeia(3): 5

Introduction: First International Immunonutrition Workshop. The British Journal of Nutrition 98 supp1: S2

Introduction: Fresh From the Garden. 21st Century Gardening Series(171 2002): 6

Introduction: Merging evolutionary and ecological approaches to understanding geographic gradients in species richness. American Naturalist 170 Suppl 2: S1-S4

Introduction: Pest management research in the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. Pest Management Science 59(6 7): 7-9

Introduction: polymerization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103(42): 15288-15288

Introduction: The Sunny Border. 21st Century Gardening Series(172 2002): 7

Introduction: White Papers from the First International Congress on Antioxidant Methods. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(10): 88-9

Introduction: a common-sense approach to plant first aid. 21st Century Gardening Series 164 Natural Disease Control Fall 2000: 5

Introduction: a new look at vegetables. Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record, Plants and Gardens 49 Spring : 7

Introduction: basal and inducible expression of cytochromes P450 and related enzymes. Faseb Journal 10(8): 807-808

Introduction: biodiversity from palaeoecological data. Journal of Biogeography 26(1): 5

Introduction: electrogenic transporters. The Journal of Experimental Zoology 289(4): 3-14

Introduction: environmental sex determination in reptiles: patterns and processes. The Journal of Experimental Zoology 270: 127

Introduction: flavoprotein structure and mechanism. Faseb Journal 9(7): 473-475

Introduction: Fluxes and impacts of atmospheric ammonia on national, landscape and farm scales. Environmental Pollution 119(1): 7-8

Introduction: glittering garments of the rainbow. 21st Century Gardening Series 163 Hummingbird Gardens Summer 2000: 7

Introduction: growing herbs for every occasion. 21st Century Gardening Series 167 Gourmet Herbs Summer 2001: 5

Introduction: intercropping of the potato in the tropics. Field Crops Research 25: 170

Introduction: linkages and research priorities. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 104(2): 5-7

Introduction: living with plants. 21st Century Gardening Series 165 Landscaping Indoors Winter 2000: 5

Introduction: multiple trophic level comparisons of Lakes Michigan and Ontario. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 51: 68-9

Introduction: of people and peppers. 21st Century Gardening Series 161 Chile Peppers Winter : 6

Introduction: optical microscopy in physiological investigations. Faseb Journal 8(9): 571-572

Introduction: physiology of stress. Agricultural Water Management 7: 7-99

Introduction: plant breeding and genetics. Agricultural Water Management 7: 9-236

Introduction: redefining the weed. 21st Century Gardening Series 149 Invasive Plants Winter : 6

Introduction: remote sensing of plant stress and water use. Agricultural Water Management 7: 1-89

Introduction: saving our floral heritage. 21st Century Gardening Series 162 Old Fashioned Flowers Spring 2000: 5

Introduction: soil, plant and atmosphere effects. Agricultural Water Management 7: 178

Introduction: starting from seed. 21st Century Gardening Series 157 Starting From Seed Winter : 10

Introduction: summer-blooming bulbs. 21st Century Gardening Series 169 Summer Blooming Bulbs 2001: 6

Introduction: the Med. Oceanus 33 Spring : 12

Introduction: the extracellular matrix in higher plants. The FASEB Journal 8: 3

Introduction: the new American lawn. 21st Century Gardening Series 160 Easy Lawns Fall : 10

Introduction: the potted garden. 21st Century Gardening Series 168 New Plants and New Approaches for Container Gardens Fall 2001: 6

Introduction: transcription and regulation of activities of cytochromes P450 metabolizing endogenous substrates. Faseb Journal 10(13): 1455-1455

Introduction: trends in epithelial transport and control. Journal of Experimental Biology 106: 3-8

Introduction: twenty-five years of increasing glyphosate use: the opportunities ahead. Pest Management Science 56(4): 7

Introduction: weather modification. Agricultural Water Management 7: 52

Introduction: why a special issue of Biological Conservation devoted to coastal plain wetlands?. Biological Conservation 68(3 ): 9-200

Introduction: why compost?. 21st Century Gardening Series 153 Easy Compost Winter : 8

Introductions and transfers of marine species (book review). Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 123: 3

Introductions as factors in diseases of fish and aquatic invertebrates. Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences 48(SUPPL 1): 110-117

Introductions of Anolis species to the island of St. Lucia, West Indies: testing for hybrids using multivariate morphometrics. Journal of Herpetology 31: 6-9

Introductory Mycology - a MycoAlbum CD. Plant Pathology 56(3): 7

Introductory remarks: advances in the molecular ecology of protists. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 52(2): 81-82

Introductory remarks: protozoology (protistology) at the dawn of the 21st century. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 51(1): 3-7

Introductory Speech for David L. Rimoin. American Journal of Human Genetics 81(4): 8-9

Introductory Speech for Dorothy Warburton. American Journal of Human Genetics 81(4): 6-7

Introductory Speech for Joseph D. McInerney. American Journal of Human Genetics 78(3): 3

Introductory Speech for Louis Kunkel. American Journal of Human Genetics 76(2): 3-4

Introductory Speech for Neil Risch. American Journal of Human Genetics 76(2): 9-20

Introductory Speech for Robert J. Gorlin. American Journal of Human Genetics 76(2): 5

Introductory botany (book review). Taxon 46: 2-4

Introductory foods (book review). Food Technology 40: 2

Introductory mycology (book review). Annals of Botany 79: 1

Introductory nutrition (book review). Journal of the American Dietetic Association 84: 3

Introductory nutrition and diet therapy (book review). Journal of the American Dietetic Association 85: 2-3

Introductory plant biology (book review). HortScience 26: 01-2

Introductory readings in geographic information systems (book review). Journal of Agricultural Economics Research 43 Fall : 9

Introductory readings in the philosophy of science (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 75(2): 9-70

Introductory remarks for the Food and Agriculture Organization symposium on dietary fibre. Nutrition Research 18(4): 5-16

Introductory remarks to the special issue. Environmental Pollution 108(1 2000): 2

Introductory statistics for biology students (book review). The Journal of Agricultural Science 123: 6

Introgression and mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy in the Baltic populations of mussels Mytilus trossulus and M. edulis. ine Biology 149(6): 71-85

Introgression from Genetically Modified Plants into Wild Relatives. Experimental Agriculture 41(3): 5

Introgression of chromosome 13 in Dahl salt-sensitive genetic background restores cerebral vascular relaxation. American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology 287(2): H957-H962

Introgression of germplasm from 8(times) to 4(times) smooth bromegrass. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 72: 55-8

Introgressive hybridization between the spadefoot toads Scaphiopus bombifrons and S. multiplicatus (Salientia: Pelobatidae). Copeia(2): 4-32

Introgressive hybridization of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieui) and Guadalupe bass (M. treculi). Copeia(3): 2-9

Intron-containing tRNA genes of Sulfolobus solfataricus. Journal of Molecular Evolution 25(3 ): 8-54

Intron-exon organization of the active human protein S gene PSa and its pseudogene PSb: duplication and silencing during primate evolution. Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 29: 53-61

Intronic polyadenylation signal sequences and alternate splicing generate human soluble Flt1 variants and regulate the abundance of soluble Flt1 in the placenta. Faseb Journal 21(14): 3885-3895

Intronic sequences modulate the sensitivity of b-lactoglobulin transgenes to position effects. Gene 2 1997): 9-43

Introns as mobile genetic elements. Annual Review of Biochemistry 62: 587-622

Introns play an essential role in splicing-dependent formation of the exon junction complex. Genes & Development 21(16): 1993-1998

Intrusion of saline groundwater into Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, New York. Limnology and Oceanography 40: 1-801

Intuition. The FASEB Journal 21(10): 72

Intuitive biostatistics (book review). Biometrics 53: 59-60

Intussusception calls for exploratory laparotomy. DVM 34(10): S, 18S-19S

Inuit claims hinder NASA Mars project. Science 293(5538): 89

Inulin-125I-tyramine, an improved residualizing label for studies on sites of catabolism of circulating proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry 263(28): 14122-7

Invading the genetic code. Science 292(5516): 3-4

Invagination of the otic placode: normal development and experimental manipulation. Journal of Experimental Zoology 251(2): 253-264

Invalidation of the Wichita spotted bass, Micropterus punctulatus wichitae, subspecies theory. Copeia (2): 487-490

Invariances (book review). Nature 417(6892): 0-1

Invariant NKT cells amplify the innate immune response to lipopolysaccharide. Journal of Immunology 178(5): 2706-2713

Invariant Va14+ NKT Cells Participate in the Early Response to Enteric Listeria monocytogenes Infection. Journal of Immunology 175(2): 37-44

Invariant chain alters the malignant phenotype of MHC class II+ tumor cells. Journal of Immunology 149(7): 2391-2396

Invariant chain association with MHC class I. Preference for HLA class I/b2-microglobulin heterodimers, specificity, and influence of the MHC peptide-binding groove. Journal of Immunology 157: 03-10

Invariant chain can bind MHC class II at a site other than the peptide binding groove. Journal of Immunology 161(9): 4777-4784

Invariant chain induces B cell maturation by activating a TAFII105-NF-kB-dependent transcription program. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 276(29): 203-6

Invariant chain promotes egress of poorly expressed, haplotype-mismatched class II major histocompatibility complex AaAb dimers from the endoplasmic reticulum/cis-Golgi compartment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 88: 46-50

Invariant or highly conserved TCR a are expressed on double-negative (CD3+CD4-CD8-) and CD8+ T cells. Journal of Immunology 163(1): 1-11

Invasion Biology. Journal of Environmental Quality 33(6): 84-5

Invasion biology (book review. Ecology 85(4): 72-3

Invasion by Pittosporum undulatum of the forests of central Victoria: shade tolerance. Australian Journal of Botany 31(2 ): 1-60

Invasion of HeLa cells by b-hemolytic group G streptococci. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 35: 5-17

Invasion of Salmonella typhimurium into the cecal wall of gnotobiotic chickens with Eimeria tenella. Poultry Science 66(4): 760-761

Invasion of new aquatic habitats by male freshwater turtles. Copeia (3): 713-715

Invasion of the French paleolithic painted cave of Lascaux by members of the Fusarium solani species complex. Mycologia 99(4): 526-533

Invasion of the tree snatchers. American Nurseryman 183: 31

Invasion of the trophoblasts. Cell 71(3): 355-357

Invasion patterns inferred from cytochrome oxidase I sequences in three bryozoans, Bugula neritina, Watersipora subtorquata, and Watersipora arcuata. ine Biology Berlin ; 149(2): 285-295

Invasive Exotic Species in the Sonoran Region (book review). Journal of Range Management 56(2): 3-4

Invasive plant suppresses the growth of native tree seedlings by disrupting belowground mutualisms. Plos Biology 4(5): E140-E140

Invasive Shigella flexneri activates NF-kB through a lipopolysaccharide-dependent innate intracellular response and leads to IL-8 expression in epithelial cells. Journal of Immunology 165(2): 3-14

Invasive alien species (book review). Bulletin of Entomological Research 92(2): 1-2

Invasive fern threatens plant life in Florida. American Nurseryman 188(6

Invasive plants conference explores preventive measures. American Nurseryman 2

Invasive plants continue to cause controversy. American Nurseryman 9

Invasive plants of California's wildlands (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 76(4): 6

Invasive species in a changing world (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 76(3): 9-40

Invasives roundtable. American Nurseryman 2): 6

Inventaire des oiseaux de France (book review). IBIS 144(1): 5

Inventaire fluoristique de la Reserve Speciale de Manongarivo (nord-ouest de Madagascar) (book review). Taxon 49(2): 8-9

Inventaire phytoecologique des adventices de la betterave sucriere dans le Gharb (Maroc). Weed Research 24: 1-9

Inventing a success. American Vegetable Grower 47(6

Inventing an icon. Nature 437: 38

Inventing ourselves out of jobs? America's debate over technological unemployment, 1929-1981 (book review). Nature 406(6792): 5-6

Inventing science education for the new millennium (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 73(4): 4

Inventing the AIDS virus (book review). Nature 380: 3-4

Inventing the NIH (book review). Journal of the History of Biology 20 Fall : 3-4

Invention and innovation (book review). Nature 427: 9

Invention by design (book review). Nature 386: 7

Inventors take on tillage. Farm Industry News 33(8): 1

Inventory Management. American Nurseryman 7

Inventory Updates and Related Topics: From Special Sampling Techniques to Stochastic Analyses. Forest Science 52(2): 7-18

Inventory control systems in foodservice organizations (book review). Journal of the American Dietetic Association 93: 2

Inventory control: profit vs. cash flow. DVM 33(5

Inventory of benthic macroinvertebrates and zooplankton in several European Bonamia ostreae-endemic areas and their possible role in the life cycle of this parasite. ine Biology Berlin ember; 149(6): 1477-1487

Inventory of rare and endangered vascular plants of California (book review). Taxon 43: 1-2

Inventory-management systems widely available. American Nurseryman 187(9): 1

Inverness centre moves in shadow of cuts. The Veterinary Record 116: 5

Inverse Regulation of Rotation of F1-ATPase by the Mutation at the Regulatory Region on the c Subunit of Chloroplast ATP Synthase. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(16): 272-7

Inverse of an additive (times) additive relationship matrix due to sires and maternal grandsires. Journal of Dairy Science 72: 23-34

Inverse production regimes: Alaska and West Coast Pacific salmon. Fisheries 24(1): 14

Inverse regulation of a- and b-adrenoceptors during trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid (TNB)-induced inflammation in guinea-pig small intestine. Life Sciences 52(18 ): 99-508

Inverse regulation of a-2 and b-2 adrenoceptors in salt-sensitive hypertension: an hypothesis. Life Sciences 45(22 ): 61-76

Inverse relationship between PGC-1a protein expression and triacylglycerol accumulation in rodent skeletal muscle. Journal of Applied Physiology 100(2): 7-83

Inversely density-dependent natal dispersal in brown bears Ursus arctos. Oecologia 148(2): 356-364

Inversion in the lactose region of Escherichia coli K-12: inversion termini map within IS3 elements a3b3 and b5a5. Journal of Bacteriology 155: 3-6

Inversions: the chicken or the egg?. Heredity 99(5): 9-80

Invertebrate Biology. Vol. 121, 2002. Invertebrate Biology 121(4 2002): 9-82

Invertebrate muscles: muscle specific genes and proteins. Physiological Reviews 85(3): 1001-1060

Invertebrate Tissue Culture Methods (book review. Development (Cambridge, England) 130(23): 57-8

Invertebrate anatomy (book review). American Zoologist 37(2 ): 9-10

Invertebrate and fish tissue culture (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 64: 2

Invertebrate blood (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 60: 9

Invertebrate blood cells (book review). The Journal of Parasitology 69: 5

Invertebrate cell culture applications (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 58: 8

Invertebrate community responses to recreational clam digging. ine Biology Berlin ember; 149(6): 1489-1497

Invertebrate epithelial transport. American Journal of Physiology 244(2): R127-R129

Invertebrate introductions in marine habitats: two species of hydromedusae (Cnidaria) native to the Black Sea, Maeotias inexspectata and Blackfordia virginica, invade San Francisco Bay. Marine Biology (Berlin). April; 1222: 279-288

Invertebrate models in aging research (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 61: 3-14

Invertebrate neuromuscular organization: peripheral contributions to behavioral variability. American Zoologist 35(6 ): 7-19

Invertebrate populations of the deciduous forest (book review). The Auk 100: 9-70

Invertebrate predation in Lake Michigan: regulation of Bosmina longirostris by Leptodora kindtii. Limnology and Oceanography, 363: 483-495

Invertebrate relationships (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 66: 3

Invertebrate surveys for conservation (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 74(3): 4

Invertebrate zoology (book review). The Quarterly Review of Biology 67

Invertebrate-microbial interactions (book review). The Journal of Applied Ecology 22: 6-17

Invertebrates (book review. Integrative and Comparative Biology 43(3): 8-9

Invertebrates as webmasters in ecosystems (book review). Ecology 82(6): 92-3

Invertebrates in freshwater wetlands of North America (book review). Freshwater Biology 45(1): 3-4

Invertebrates of economic importance in Britain (book review). The Journal of Agricultural Science 114: 3

Invertebres d'eau douce (book review). Freshwater Biology 46(10): 27-8

Inverted immunodominance and impaired cytolytic function of CD8+ T cells during viral persistence in the central nervous system. Journal of Immunology 163(6): 3379-3387

Invertrons, a class of structurally and functionally related genetic elements that includes linear DNA plasmids, transposable elements, and genomes of adeno-type viruses. Microbiological Reviews 54(1): 66-74

Invest in high quality seed. American Vegetable Grower 38: 5

Invest in the Business. American Nurseryman 204(4): 8

Invest in the best and the brightest. Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record, Plants and Gardens 43(1 ): llowing page 44

Invest in your future. American Fruit Grower 120(2

Investigaciones (book review). Taxon 39: 8

Investigaciones sobre la regeneracion de selvas altas en Veracruz, Mexico (book review): V2. Ecology 67: 13

Investigating Local Knowledge. Economic Botany 59(4 Winter 2005): 0

Investigating mitochondrial redox potential with redox-sensitive green fluorescent protein indicators. Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(13): 13044-13053

Investigating Mosaic Virus In Seed Potatoes. American Vegetable Grower 53(5

Investigating and Manipulating Lignin Biosynthesis in the Postgenomic Era. Advances in Botanical Research 41 2004: 106

Investigating and managing chronic large bowel diarrhea in dogs. Veterinary Medicine 86: 0-929

Investigating calf losses takes time. DVM 34(2

Investigating canine personality. The Veterinary Record 161(3): 8

Investigating group-specific clustering in univariate spatial data with many small groups. Biometrics 40: 7-76

Investigating maximum power losses in survival studies with nonstratified randomization. Biometrics 41(2): 497-504

Investigating swine herd problems with congenital low viability. Animal Nutrition and Health 40

Investigating the origin and spread of hepatitis C virus genotype 5a. Journal of Virology 80(9): 4220-4226

Investigating the performance of intensive mammalian cell bioreactor systems using magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy. Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Reviews 15: 499-520

Investigating the role of infectious diseases and toxins in the subfertile dairy herd. Veterinary Medicine 84: 95-9

Investigating the use of the chymosin-sensitive sequence of k-casein as a cleavable linker site in fusion proteins. Journal of Biotechnology 45: 5-41

Investigating xylazine's utility when used with Telazol<(sub) Patent mark> in equine anesthesia. Veterinary Medicine 84: 8-33

Investigation and management of disease in wild animals (book review). Journal of Mammalogy 77: 4-7

Investigation by meta-analysis of the effect of prostaglandin F2a administered post partum on the reproductive performance of dairy cattle. The Veterinary Record 136: 4

Investigation looms over PetMed Express. DVM 32(10): 30

Investigation of American lobster, Homarus americanus, for the presence of chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 39(6): 1069-1075

Investigation of Binding Behavior of a- and b-Ionones to b-Lactoglobulin at Different pH Values Using a Diffusion-Based NOE Pumping Technique. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51(7): 88-93

Investigation of Early Events in FceRI-Mediated Signaling Using a Detailed Mathematical Model. Journal of Immunology 170(7): 69-81

Investigation of Monogeneans in the USSR (book review). The Journal of Parasitology 76: 0

Investigation of Soil Conditioning Index values for Southern High Plains agroecosystems. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 62(6): 3-42

Investigation of a peptide responsible for amyloid fibril formation of b2-microglobulin by Achromobacter protease I. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 277(2): 10-15

Investigation of a-Synuclein Fibril Structure by Site-directed Spin Labeling. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 282(34): 970-9

Investigation of adenylate kinase from Escherichia coli and its interaction with nucleotides by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Biochemistry and Cell Biology 67(7): 327-331

Investigation of anion binding to neutral lipid membranes using 2H NMR. Biochemistry 31(4): 1092-1099

Investigation of binding between recA protein and single-stranded polynucleotides with the aid of a fluorescent deoxyribonucleic acid derivative. Biochemistry 22(12): 2860-2866

Investigation of compost (times) fertilizer interactions in sweet potato grown on volcanic ash soils in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Tropical Agriculture 67: 9-42

Investigation of congeneric hybridization in and stock structure of weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) inferred from analyses of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA loci. Fishery Bulletin 101(2): 3-50

Investigation of flavour defects in Asian cocoa liquors. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 39(4 ): 7-68

Investigation of hepatic cytosolic proteins during parr-smolt transformation of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Aquaculture 82: 14

Investigation of immunoadsorbent efficiency and capacity for the isolation of tRNAs containing N6-(d2-isopentenyl)adenosine derivatives. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 258: 92-6

Investigation of isomer specific polychlorinated biphenyls in printing inks. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 48(4): 567-571

Investigation of laser-induced long-lived states of photolyzed MbCO. Biochemistry 30(20): 4886-4895

Investigation of mRNA expression of tumor necrosis factor-a, interleukin-1b, and cyclooxygenase-2 in cultured equine digital artery smooth muscle cells after exposure to endotoxin. American Journal of Veterinary Research 62(12): 57-63

Investigation of shape variations in the antibody binding site by molecular dynamics computerized simulation. Journal of Molecular Biology 236: 86-95

Investigation of the conformational states of Wzz and the Wzz.O-antigen complex under near-physiological conditions. Biochemistry 46(42): 11744-11752

Investigation of the apparent induction of nitrate uptake in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) using NO3- selective microelectrodes. Modulation of coarse regulation of NO3- assimilatory pathway. Plant Physiology 103: 5-92

Investigation of the b-damascenone level in fresh and aged commercial beers. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 50(13): 18-21

Investigation of the cAMP receptor protein secondary structure by Raman spectroscopy. Biochemistry 29(14): 3557-3562

Investigation of the calcium-mediated association between the carbohydrate head groups of galactosylceramide and galactosylceramide I3 sulfate by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(7): 3496-3499

Investigation of the carbon- and sulfur-oxidizing capabilities of microorganisms by active-site modeling. Advances in Applied Microbiology 44: 125-165

Investigation of the constituents and antitumor activity of Spartina cynosuroides. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 46: 6

Investigation of the enzymatic mechanism of yeast orotidine-5'-monophosphate decarboxylase using 13C kinetic isotope effects. Biochemistry 30(25): 6216-6223

Investigation of the instability of plasmids directing the expression of Met-prochymosin in Escherichia coli. Journal of General Microbiology 131(12): 3355-3365

Investigation of the lactate shuttle in skeletal muscle mitochondria. Journal of Physiology 584(Pt 2): 705-6;author Reply 707-8

Investigation of the mechanism and steric course of the reaction catalyzed by 6-methylsalicylic acid synthase from Penicillium patulum using (R)-(1-13C;2-2H)- and (S)-(1-13C;2-2H)malonates. Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 31: 07-16

Investigation of the mechanism of iron acquisition by the marine bacterium Alteromonas luteoviolaceus: characterization of siderophore production. Limnology and Oceanography 36: 83-92

Investigation of the mineral phases of bone by solid-state phosphorus-31 magic angle sample spinning nuclear magnetic resonance. Biochemistry 23(25): 6115-6120

Investigation of the possible vapour action of a-endosulfan on Glossina morsitans morsitans. Pesticide Science 36(3 ): 1-7

Investigation of the reaction between ammonium sulfide, aldehydes, and a-hydroxyketones or a-dicarbonyls to form some lipid-Maillard interaction products found in cooked beef. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 45: 95-602

Investigation of the role of b1 integrins in cell-cell adhesion. Journal of Cell Science 108: 35-44

Investigation of the solution structure of the human parathyroid hormone fragment (1-34) by 1H NMR spectroscopy, distance geometry, and molecular dynamics calculations. Biochemistry 30(28): 6936-6942

Investigation of the spring thermal regime in Lake Ladoga using field and satellite data. Limnology and Oceanography 39: 33-48

Investigation of the substrate specificity of a b-glycosidase from Spodoptera frugiperda using site-directed mutagenesis and bioenergetics analysis. European Journal of Biochemistry 271(21): 69-77

Investigation of thin filament near-neighbour regulatory unit interactions during force development in skinned cardiac and skeletal muscle. Journal of Physiology 580(Pt. 2): 561-576

Investigation of transition-state stabilization by residues histidine-45 and threonine-40 in the tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase. Biochemistry 26(26): 8524-8528

Investigation of volatiles evolution during the alcoholic fermentation of grape must using free immobilized cells with the help of solid phase microextraction (SPME) headspace sampling. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 50(13): 40-8

Investigation-initiated research- the productive paradox. BioScience 42: 0-5

Investigational procedure shows promise for hip dysplasia-prone puppies. DVM 32(5): , 9S

Investigations (book review). Nature Biotechnology ): 5-6

Investigations continue into cases of congenital blindness in Scottish calves. The Veterinary Record 157(13): 5-8

Investigations into sB-Modulated Regulatory Pathways Governing Extracellular Virulence Determinant Production in Staphylococcus aureus. Journal of Bacteriology 188(17): 70-80

Investigations into the freezing of plants (book review). Journal of Experimental Botany 34: 50

Investigations into the life cycle of Calliobothrium verticillatum, a tapeworm of Mustelus canis. The Biological Bulletin 181: 8

Investigations into the physiological role of muscarinic M2 and M4 muscarinic and M4 receptor subtypes using receptor knockout mice. Life Sciences 68(22-23): 2473-2479

Investigations of 5S rDNA of Vitis vinifera L.: sequence analysis and physical mapping. Genome 50(10): 927-938

Investigations of ancient human tissue (book review). Human Biology 66: 1-4

Investigations of cyanide as an infrared probe of hemeprotein ligand binding sites. Journal of Biological Chemistry 260(6): 3518-3528

Investigations of karyology and hybrids in Triturus boscai and T. vittatus, with a reinterpretation of the species groups within Triturus (Caudata: Salamandridae). Copeia(3): 2-72

Investigations of the D23-, D24(28)- and D25-sterols of Zea mays. Phytochemistry 23(1 ): 82

Investigations of the d13C pattern in leaves of Fagus sylvatica L. Journal of Experimental Botany 41: 5-72

Investigations of the environmental acceptability of fluorocarbon alternatives to chlorofluorocarbons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 89(3): 807-811

Investigations of the interaction of aluminum with bovine plasma monoamine oxidase. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 34(3): 451-458

Investigations of the marine algae of Nova Scotia. The occurrence of small green algae. Canadian Journal of Botany 64: 8-14

Investigations on cephalosporin C adsorption kinetics and equilibria. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 32(6): 680-685

Investigations on the disposition of oral doses of some water-insoluble pigments. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 32(2): 171-174

Investigator disturbance does not influence chick growth or survivorship in the threatened Gould's Petrel Pterodroma leucoptera. IBIS 148(2): 8-72

Investigator perturbation and reproduction of the Cliff Swallow. The Auk 102: 7-70

Investigators hammer New Jersey SPCA. DVM 33(9

Investigators relate experience with bovine somatotropin. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 196(10): 1562-1563

Investigators search for BSE link. Southeast Farm Press 31(6

Investing in a healthy future- shaping the nutrition habits of our children. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 93: 77

Investing in beet. Farmers Weekly 140(12

Investing in natural capital (book review). BioScience 45: 2-5

Investing in people (book review). Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 31: 3-4

Investing in risk management. Nature Biotechnology 15(1): 88-89

Investment in Irrigation Is Key to Profit. Farmers Weekly 139(8): 9, S21

Investment managers can plan financial strategies. American Nurseryman 158: 6

Investment of young tree care. American Fruit Grower 118(4

Investment should lead to profitability on a rented farm. Farmers Weekly 138(7

Investment- a sound basis for a solid future. Poultry World 157(1

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