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Role of interactions involving C-terminal nonpolar residues of hirudin in the formation of the thrombin-hirudin complex

, : Role of interactions involving C-terminal nonpolar residues of hirudin in the formation of the thrombin-hirudin complex. Biochemistry 30(41): 9848-9853

The role of interactions involving C-terminal nonpolar residues of hirudin in the formation of the thrombin-hirudin complex has been investigated by site-directed mutagenesis. The residues Phe56, Pro60, and Tyr63 of hirudin were replaced by a number of different amino acids, and the kinetics of the inhibition of thrombin by the mutant proteins were determined. Phe56 could be replaced by aromatic amino acids without significant loss in binding energy. While substitution of Phe56 by alanine decreased the binding energy (delta G degrees b by only 1.9 kJ mol-1, replacement of this residue by amino acids with branched side chains caused larger decreases in delta G degrees b. For example, the mutant Phe56----Val displayed a decrease in delta G degrees b of 10.5 kJ mol-1. Substitution of Pro60 by alanine or glycine resulted in a decrease in delta G degrees b of about 6 kJ mol-1. Tyr63 could be replaced by phenylalanine without any loss in binding energy, and replacement of this residue by alanine caused a decrease of 2.2 kJ mol-1 in delta G degrees b. Substitution of Tyr63 by residues with branched side chains resulted in smaller decreases in delta G degrees b than those seen with the corresponding substitutions of Phe56; for example, the mutant Tyr63----Val showed a decrease in binding energy of 5.1 kJ mol-1. The effects of the mutations are discussed in terms of the crystal structure of the thrombin-hirudin complex.


PMID: 1911777

DOI: 10.1021/bi00105a006

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