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Full prestack versus shot record migration; practical aspects

, : Full prestack versus shot record migration; practical aspects. SEG Abstracts 1988(1): 966-968

Migrating a pre-stack data set using the shot record migration concept or alternate downward continuation of sources and receivers produces, in theory, the same result. Selecting one particular method is just a matter of computer efficiency. Full Pre-Stack Migration (FPM) is apparently at a disadvantage because it requires the same fine source and receiver sampling. But this constraint is largely compensated by the fact that the aperture (in terms of the maximum useful offset) steadily decreases with downward continuation depth. Shot Record Migration (SRM) on the contrary requires an increased aperture. For a typical migration down to 5000 m, SRM turns out to be 4 to 6 times less efficient than FPM, depending on the highest propagation angle of the diffraction operator. A way to make SRM as efficient as FPM is to shot-migrate only a fifth of the original data set. It is demonstrated that such an increase of the sampling rate in the shot direction is detrimental to the overall quality of the migration: whatever practical implementation of pre-stack migration is used, sources and receivers play essentially the same role. The reciprocity principle is at the core of pre stack migration. When the original data set consists of 500 records of 200 traces, it is as bad to shot-migrate 100 shots of 200 traces as it is to shot-migrate 500 shots reduced to 40 traces.


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