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Thermochronologic record of pluton emplacement, deformation, and exhumation at Courtright shear zone, central Sierra Nevada, California

, : Thermochronologic record of pluton emplacement, deformation, and exhumation at Courtright shear zone, central Sierra Nevada, California. Geology (Boulder) 21(4): 331-334

Thermochronology and thermobarometry of two plutons and a ductile shear zone at their contact in the central Sierra Nevada, California, as defined over the range 700 to 300 degrees C by (super 40) Ar/ (super 39) Ar dating of hornblende and biotite and U-Pb dating of zircon, indicate that ductile shear coincided closely with dramatically increased cooling and possible decompression of both plutons. Deformation occurred as the younger ( approximately 90 Ma) Mount Givens pluton was emplaced against the older ( approximately 102 Ma) Dinkey Creek pluton, which was softened by conductive heating, during extension. These events coincided with significant regional exhumation, possibly a result of crustal inflation, recorded by a major pulse of rapid sediment accumulation in contemporaneous fore-arc strata of the Great Valley sequence.


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