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The potential of native species aquaculture to achieve conservation objectives: freshwater crayfish in Madagascar

, : The potential of native species aquaculture to achieve conservation objectives: freshwater crayfish in Madagascar. International Journal of Biodiversity Science and Management 3(4): 217-222

Aquaculture of native species appeals to conservation projects in developing countries. It promises to raise local incomes while taking pressure off native stocks, without the risks associated with introducing exotic species into an area of conservation concern. We consider the case of native freshwater crayfish in Madagascar, a proposed target for native species aquaculture. We suggest three questions which should be considered by a conservation programme considering investment in such a project: 1) are the available species likely to be biologically suitable for aquaculture? 2) is aquaculture likely to be profitable relative to other land uses? 3) would successful aquaculture reduce wild harvesting? Using the available information on Malagasy crayfish and the local socio-economic context, we suggest that conservationists should focus limited funds on managing wild crayfish stocks. Research into native species whose characteristics make them suitable candidates for aquaculture should be encouraged. However, native species aquaculture is not a conservation panacea, and we suggest that, by considering available information, projects can avoid investing limited conservation resources in risky aquaculture schemes likely to have little conservation benefit.


DOI: 10.1080/17451590709618175

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