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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 18800

Chapter 18800 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Economic mineral deposits in impact structures; a review. Pages 479-552 2005

Economic mineral deposits in the Coast Ranges. Bulletin - California, Division of Mines and Geology Pages 315-321

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Economic modelling.

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Economic opportunities in the oceans. Battelle Tech Rev

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Economic perspective. Pages 259-343 1997

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Economic plan for the development of the water of Neusiedler Lake. Vizuegyi Koezlemenyek = Voprosy Gidrotekhniki = Hydraulic Engineering = Revue d'Hydraulique = Wasserbauliche Mitteilungen 1): 114-123

Economic policies for efficient water use in Thailand.

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Economic policy reforms and domestic food supply: a case study of ruminants' meat and milk in West Africa.

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Economic potential for industrial minerals in the Paducah 1 degrees X 2 degrees Quadrangle in southern Illinois and adjacent Kentucky and Missouri; the results of CUSMAP assessment. Open-File Report - U S

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Economic potential of Brazilian continental margin sediments. Anais do Congresso 28, Vol

Economic potential of Calonda Formation basal gravels; future target on diamond mining in Angola. International Geological Congress, Abstracts = Congres Geologique International, Resumes 31: (unpaginated

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Economic potential of Somerset Island, NWT kimberlites. Exploration Overview

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Economic potential of phytoremediation. Pages 15-31 2000

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Economic potential of the Lower Carboniferous; a response to Hercynian tectonics?. Pages 117-118 1984

Economic potential of the Red Sea heavy metal deposits. Pages 535-541 1969

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Economic potential of the carbonatite and alkalic stock at Powderhorn, Gunnison County, Colorado. Pages 32-42 1983

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Economic potentiality of limestone occurrences around Ambabhona, Sambalpur District, Orissa. Indian Minerals 31(2): 37-42

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