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History of tectono-magmatic evolution in the western Kunlun Orogen

, : History of tectono-magmatic evolution in the western Kunlun Orogen. Science in China Series D, Earth Sciences

Based on the statistical and analytical data on more than 170 isotopic ages published since the 1980s of magmatic rocks, metamorphic rocks, tectonites and ores from the Western Kunlun Orogen, and the characteristics of sedimentation, magmatism, metamorphism and tectonic activities in the region studied in conjunction with geological field investigations and necessary supplementary isotope data, five stages of tectono-magmatic evolution, i.e. Ar (super 3) -Pt (super 1) (sub 2) tectono-magmatic active stage (I), Pt (super 2) (sub 2) stable stage (II), Pt (super 1) (sub 3) -P (sub 2) active stage (III), T (sub 1) -T (sub 2) stable stage (IV), and T (sub 3) -Q active stage (V) can be distinguished in the Western Kunlun Orogen. Moreover, the tectono-magmatic active style and general trend, the characteristics of tectonic settings, etc. of each stage and substage in the region studied are also discussed.


DOI: 10.1007/bf02877788

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