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Igneous rocks of the East Pacific rise

, : Igneous rocks of the East Pacific rise. Science 146(3643): 477-485

Tops of large volcanoes along the East Pacific rise are encrusted with rocks of the alkali volcanic suite (continental), whereas the more submerged parts of the rise are largely composed of tholeiitic basalt (oceanic) which is the predominant (or only) magma generated in the mantle under oceanic ridges and rises, and is at least 1,000-fold more abundant than the alkali suite derived from it by differentiation. Oceanic can be distinguished from continental tholeiites on the basis of total potassium content. The K, U, and Th contents and the K/Rb and K/U ratios in the mantle under the rise are inferred from the composition of the oceanic tholeiites.


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