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Lithostratigraphy and mapping of metamorphic and volcanic rocks

, : Lithostratigraphy and mapping of metamorphic and volcanic rocks. Spisanie na Bulgarskogo Geologichesko Druzhestvo 66(1-3): 127-142

In relation to the geological mapping of Bulgaria in scale 1:50 000 a subject is discussed, which is not traditional for the stratigraphic classification and terminology. Three approaches for identification of units are compared with respect to the metamorphic rocks: lithostratigraphic (sensu lato)--layered and nonlayered, lithodemic and lithotectonic. The difference in the definition of the mixed rock unit (formal complex) between the Stratigraphic Code of Bulgaria and the International Stratigraphic Guide leads to significant difference in the term scope. There are two approaches for division and mapping of volcanic rocks--traditional lithostratigraphic approach and selection of volcanic complexes around volcanic centres. Some changes in the Stratigraphic code of Bulgaria seem reasonable, in most cases they also differ from the concepts of the International Stratigraphic Guide: 1. Separating of the igneous rocks from the metamorphic rocks and their differentiation in two independent groups within the nonlayered (lithodemic) lithostratigraphic units with a different internal system organization and terminology. 2. Introducing new rank terms for the nonlayered metamorphic units. 3. Correcting or clarifying the definition for the formal complex as a lithographic unit for mixed rocks. 4. Including the volcanic complexes into category of lithostratigraphic units. 5. Presuming the possibility of combining different types (layered and nonlayered) lithostratigraphic units.


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