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Mapping of induced polarization using natural fields

, : Mapping of induced polarization using natural fields. Geophysics 66(1): 137-147

The observed electromagnetic response of a finite body is caused by induction and polarization currents in the body and by the distortion of the induction currents in the surrounding medium. At a sufficiently low frequency, there is negligible induction and the measured response is that of the body distorting the background currents just as it would distort a direct current (dc). Because this dc response is not inherently frequency dependent, any observed change in response of the body for frequencies low enough to be in this dc limit must result from frequency-dependent conductivity. Profiles of low-frequency natural electric (telluric) fields have spatial anomalies over finite bodies of fixed conductivity that are independent of frequency and have no associated phase anomaly. If the body is polarizable, the electric field profile over the body becomes frequency dependent and phase shifted with respect to a reference field. The technique was tested on data acquired in a standard continuous profiling magnetotelluric (MT) survey over a strong induced polarization (IP) anomaly previously mapped with a conventional pole-dipole IP survey. The extracted IP response appears in both the apparent resistivity and the normalized electric field profiles.


DOI: 10.1190/1.1444888

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