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Modelling of glaciotectonic deformation in an ice marginal environmental with ground penetrating radar

, : Modelling of glaciotectonic deformation in an ice marginal environmental with ground penetrating radar. SPIE Proceedings Series 4084(Pages 778-782

A series of closely spaced parallel ground penetrating radar (GPR) profiles have been measured in an ice marginal environment in Northwest Zealand, Denmark. The measurements were performed on glaciotectonic deformed glacio-fluvial sediments in the rim of a composite ridge. The radar profiles can be differentiated into several radar facies with distinct reflection characteristics. The lithology and depositional environment of the radar facies is interpreted by correlating with information from profiles in gravel pits, geological maps and drill hole data. The recorded radar facies include glaciotectonic disturbed glacio-fluvial sediments, sediments deposited penecontemporaneous with the deformations and sediments deposited post-tectonically. Several thrust planes with dip angles between 25 degrees and 30 degrees as well as major folds and minor faults have been interpreted from the GPR data. The deformation style of the tectonised glacio-fluvial sediments is a pro-glacial thin skinned thrust complex, with associated folding. The deformations have resulted in the present ridge morphology seen in the rim of the composite ridge. On top of the deformed sediments and in front of them syn- and post-tectonic sediments are deposited, smoothing the ridge relief created by the thin skinned thrust complex. A structural geological map with dimensions of approximately 160X75 metres has been constructed from the GPR data revealing the extension of the individual radar facies in the thrust complex. Tectonic features like thrust planes and folds can be followed throughout the modelled area.


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