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New lake sediment geochemistry surveys in the Nechako Plateau; an exploration tool for buried porphyry copper deposits

, : New lake sediment geochemistry surveys in the Nechako Plateau; an exploration tool for buried porphyry copper deposits. Program with Abstracts - Geological Association of Canada(Mineralogical Association of Canada(Canadian Geophysical Union, Joint Annual Meeting 22: 29


Other references

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Anonymous, 2013: Hydrolysis of Tuber Peels and Sorghum Chaff by Cellulolytic Culture Filtrates of Aspergillus Niger AC4 Isolated from Agricultural Waste Dumpsites. Ix of the twenty strains of <em>Aspergillus niger </em>isolated from tuber peels and sorghum chaff collected from twenty two agricultural waste dumpsites show strong capacity for producing cellulase enzyme using PDA plate supplemented...