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Paleolimnology of three Jackman Sound lakes, southern Baffin Island, based on down-core diatom analyses

, : Paleolimnology of three Jackman Sound lakes, southern Baffin Island, based on down-core diatom analyses. Journal of Paleolimnology 4(3): 203-217

Three lakes, informally named Lakes Inqua, Instaar and Mercer, from the Jackman Sound area in Southern Baffin Island were cored. The elevation of the three lakes are 36 m above high tide (aht), 10 m aht and 1 m aht. The cores from Lakes Inqua and Mercer penetrated the marine/lacustrine boundary; the core from Lake Instaar is estimated to have come within ca. 5 cm of this boundary. In addition, grab samples and water samples were retrieved from the lakes. The cores have been 14C dated (AMS). Emergence of the three lake basins from the sea occurred approximately 8650 BP (Lake Inqua), 8630 BP (Lake Instaar) and 7900 BP (Lake Mercer, averaged date). This suggests a very rapid rate (>5 m/100 yrs) of glacio-isostatic rebound for this area. Down-core analyses of diatom assemblages indicate that the paleolimnology in the three lakes was similar. The diatom analyses suggest a change in climate between approximately 8000 and 6000 BP, which is also reflected in the marine record from the same area, and the onset of the neoglacial period around 4500 to 3800 BP. A decrease in diatom-inferred pH is evident in the lakes' development and can probably be related to the general change of the watershed vegetation with time.


DOI: 10.1007/bf00239695

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