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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 19798

Chapter 19798 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Probing the unknown in the Amazon Basin; a roundup of 21 mineral exploration programs in Brazil. E and MJ, Engineering and Mining Journal 174(5): 72-76

Probing underfoot by looking overhead. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 71(43): 1279

Probing understanding in physical geology using concept maps and clinical interviews. Journal of Geoscience Education 53(3): 263-270

Probing uranium speciation in contaminated Hanford sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 69(10, Suppl

Probing volcanic eruption clouds with the AIRS spectrometer on Aqua; a new tool for quantifying sulfur dioxide and ash emissions. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 84(46, Suppl

Probing zeolite syntheses to determine natural occurrences of zeolites. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 84(46, Suppl

Probiotic activity of a competitive exclusion mixture on productive indicators in broilers.

Probiotic characteristics of lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional fermented milk 'Dahi' in Bangladesh.

Probiotic prophylaxis in predicted severe acute pancreatitis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Lancet 371(9613): 651-659

Probiotic toxicity, any evidence?.

Probiotics as alternative medical treatment in gastrointestinal diseases.

Probiotics in gastrointestinal and liver diseases.

Probiotics in surgery. Surgery 143(1): 1-7

Probiotics in the management of colonic disorders. Current Gastroenterology Reports 9(5): 434-440

Probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 22(8): 357-360

Probiotics, prebiotics and zinc in the therapy and prevention of acute infectious diarrhoea in children: state of the art. Minerva Pediatrica 59(6): 775-786

Probiotics: beneficial bacteria.

Probiotics: compensating for a systemic error in the modern diet.

Probison dehmi n. g. n. sp., a recent find of an upper Sivalik bovid. Mitteilungen der Bayerischen Staatssammlung fuer Palaeontologie und Historische Geologie 8: 247-251

Probit analysis of upper Pleistocene hominids. Journal of Human Evolution, 82: 235-242

Proble ms of the geology teacher and his association. Journal of Geological Education 7(1): 13-17

Problem analyses for planning fisheries extension programs: tools and methods.

Problem and orientation of biostratigraphic studies of Phanerozoic formations of Soviet Far East. Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya = Pacific Geology 1982(5): 49-56

Problem and tendency of developing energy source complexes in the CIS during the past 100 years. Razvedka i Okhrana Nedr 1999(2): 7-9

Problem areas for the seismologist. Geophysics 18(4): 827-843

Problem argonu atmosferycznego. Archiwum Mineralogiczne 20(Pages 259-295

Problem as to structure and formation of Orenburg Swell. Petroleum Geology 38: 58-69

Problem associated with investigation and study of reservoir properties of low porous reservoirs of complex structure; application of geophysical methods; example from Yurubchen and Tokhom zones in Krasnoyarsk. Pages 91-95 1995

Problem associated with the extent of effectiveness when determining rock permeability. Ocherki Fiziko-Khimicheskoy Petrologii 17: 114-119

Problem associated with using interpretation of geological sections to predict petroleum accumulation. Neftyanaya i Gazovaya Promyshlennost' (Kiev, 1960) = Naftova i Gazova Promyslovist' = Oil and Gas Industry 2003(5): 10-13

Problem based learning and the stricto sensu postgraduate education: proposal for the masters in mother and child health curriculum at the Instituto Materno Infantil Professor Fernando Figueira-IMIP, Recife, Brazil, 2007.

Problem concerning the age of the Caledonian Orogeny in Jiujiang area, Jiangxi China. Dicengxue Zazhi = Journal of Stratigraphy 16(3): 235-236

Problem concerning the existence of oceans throughout geologic time. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 276(3): 689-692

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Problem concerning the northeastern closure of the Variscan orogene. Neues Jahrbuch fuer Geologie und Palaeontologie Monatshefte

Problem concerning the origin of clastic quartz in the quartzites of the Hoerre-Gommern-Zone. Neues Jahrbuch fuer Geologie und Palaeontologie Monatshefte

Problem concerning the regional correlation of the Tarkhan Stage using nannoplankton. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 275(2): 440-441

Problem concerning the subdivision of the basement of the western part of the Aldan crystalline massif. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 276(5): 1193-1196

Problem constituents in Australian groundwater drinking-water supplies. BMR Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics 13(1): 83-85

Problem dependent soil water flow models. Pages 309-316 1978

Problem der Granitbildung. Geologie en Mijnbouw 3(Pages 22-24

Problem description in radical chemistries. Applied Geochemistry 3(1): 60

Problem footprints in Magellan altimetry data. LPI Contribution 789: 90-92

Problem gas well build-up tests; a field case illustration of solution through the use of combined techniques. Transactions of the CWLS Formation Evaluation Symposium 8, 1981

Problem in exploitation of deposits with complex geologic evolution with important concentration of installations; Belchatow example. Neue Bergbautechnik 13(3): 136-139

Problem in measuring small gravity differences. International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, 15th General Assembly, Moscow, 1971, Abstracts

Problem in percolation; calculations with limits. Pages 46-53 1983

Problem in percolation; lattice and pseudo-lattice. Pages 39-46 1983

Problem in quantification of natural radioactivity using gamma spectrometry in oil and gas wells. Geologiya Nefti i Gaza 1982(3): 42-46

Problem in species of Ordovician trilobites. Special Paper - Geological Society of America Pages 296

Problem in the correlation of erosion surfaces. Proceedings of the Geological Society of America Pages 78-80

Problem method in elementary instruction. Geological Society of America Bulletin 50(12, Part 2): 1977

Problem of Baykalides and the Riphean Complex of the Kanin Peninsula and northern Timan. Geotectonics 23(2): 103-112

Problem of Campanian-Maastrichthian boundary of the Donets Basin. Geologichnyy Zhurnal (1995) = Geological Journal 2001(4): 129-131

Problem of Cascadia. Proceedings of the Geological Society of America Pages 73

Problem of Circum-Pacific and Tethys distribution of marine invertebrates during the Triassic. Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien 83: 285-301

Problem of Deccan basalt magma type and crustal contamination; a geochemical review. Gondwana Geological Magazine Spl

Problem of Evaporites and Basinal Limestones; Discussion and Reply. The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin 57(12): 2457-2459

Problem of Globochaete assignation; remnants of coccoid or siphoneous. Pages 139-148 1989

Problem of H (sub 2) O in the mantle. Kasan = Bulletin of the Volcanological Society of Japan 11(3): 116-126

Problem of Himalayan Orogeny. Bhu-Vidya 41: 48-52

Problem of Late Cenozoic structure of the Basin Ranges. Report of the

Problem of Normapolles Pflug in stratigraphy and paleofloristics. Abstracts - International Palynological Conference 5: 446

Problem of Precambrian crust formation in Phanerozoic fold belts. Pages 129-142 1981

Problem of Precambrian metallogeny at the 27th session of the International geological congress. Geologiya Rudnykh Mestorozhdeniy 27(2): 5-16

Problem of Quaternary earth movements in New Zealand. Journal of Geosciences, Osaka City University 10(19

Problem of Rayleigh waves and shear modes in an anisotropic medium. Gerlands Beitraege zur Geophysik 94(3): 205-217

Problem of Riss sediments in the Wehra Valley; southern Black Forest. Oberrheinische Geologische Abhandlungen 29(1-2): 59-69

Problem of Willamette Sound. Geological Society of America Bulletin 50(12, Part 2): 1945

Problem of a general stratigraphic scale for the Precambrian. International Geology Review 12(4): 464-474

Problem of a hydroxonium in mineralogy. Mineralogicheskiy Sbornik (L'vov) 25, Part 3: 283-286

Problem of a multiple utilization of mineral raw materials; a systematic approach. Pages 3-87 1977

Problem of abyssal abiotic petroleum. Dopovidi Natsional'noyi Akademiyi Nauk Ukrayini Matematika, Prirodoznavstvo, Tekhnichni Nauki

Problem of accounting for the deformations of buildings subject to construction in areas adjacent to them. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering 31(1): 9-11

Problem of age determination, differentiation and correlation of salt-bearing deposits. Litologiya i Poleznyye Iskopayemyye 2): 173-174

Problem of age of Okhotsk-Chukchi volcanic zone. Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya = Pacific Geology 1983(3): 109-114

Problem of age of the main fold-forming movements in the central Pamirs. Geotectonics 24(1): 82-84

Problem of allowing for physiographic fractors when determining the average annual runoff of small rivers. Soviet Hydrology: Selected Papers 2(Pages 161-169

Problem of analytic determination of molybdenum in geological materials. Geologicky Pruzkum 28(11): 315-317

Problem of anisotropy in coal deposits and synthetic apparent resistivity curves. Jeofizik 8(1): 3-59

Problem of applying water and gas stimulation in Belyy Tigr oil field. Neftnaya Promyshlennost' Geologiya, Geofizika i Razrabotka Neftnykh Mestorozhdeniya

Problem of arsenic during mineral resource processing. Khimiya v Interesakh Ustoychivogo Razvitiya 5(3): 221-258

Problem of arsenic in groundwater in West Bengal, India. Gondwana Research 4(4): 619-620

Problem of basement-cover resemblance in the northeastern Aquitaine; case of the Gresigne Massif, Tarn. Reunion Annuelle des Sciences de la Terre 11: 47

Problem of basic unit areas in studies of Polish geographers and cartographers. Geographia Polonica 48: 119-129

Problem of beds with Eumorphotis in Shihchienfeng Formation, Qishan, Shaanxi. Dicengxue Zazhi = Journal of Stratigraphy 7(3): 161-168

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Problem of boundaries between geologic systems. Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists 38(7): 1602-1605

Problem of boundary between lower and middle Pleistocene in the Baltic region. Baltic Stratigraphical Conference Abstracts, Field Conference

Problem of burning coal seams on the southern border of the Tien Shan in the western part of the People's Republic of China; Tielieke, Xinjiang Autonomous Province, People's Republic of China. Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft 17: 72-73

Problem of calculating potential gravity fields on the Moon. Annales Universitatis Scientiarum Budapestinensis de Rolando Eotvos Nominatae Sectio Geologica

Problem of causes of tectonic movements. Pages 319-324 1967

Problem of cements in classifying carbonate rocks, especially reefs. AAPG Bulletin 67(3): 464

Problem of characteristics and rhythms of evolution of Carboniferous and Permian flora of the Angara area. Trudy Sessii - Vsesoyuznoye Paleontologicheskoye Obshchestvo 23: 44-50

Problem of checking and analyzing the internal homogeneity of a long series of hydrologic information. Soviet Hydrology: Selected Papers 19(2): 156-159

Problem of chemical classification of basalt rocks; systematization by alumina. Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya = Pacific Geology 13(2): 94-99

Problem of classification of reserves of mineral resource deposits according to their degree of geologic assurance. Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Vysoke Skoly Banske - Technicka Univerzita Ostrava, Rada Hornicko-Geologicka = Transactions of the VSB - Technical University Ostrava, Mining and Geological Series 47(1): 89-93

Problem of classification with regard to a possible human fossil. Memoria del

Problem of clastic sialic materials of crustal mafic composition in the West Pacific active margin; example from Kamchatka. Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedeniy Geologiya i Razvedka

Problem of climatologic classification for geomorphologic needs. Zeitschrift fuer Geomorphologie 27(1): 111-114

Problem of closing vertical mine shafts. Pages 383-384 2002

Problem of coalification of coal of Karl-Marx-Stadt Bezirk. Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Geologie 29(8): 385-390

Problem of comparing ancient with recent sedimentary deposit. Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists 46(1): 114-118

Problem of complex beneficiation of mineral raw material on example of sulphate production waste. Mineral'ni Resursi Ukrayini Naukovo-Prosvitniy Zhurnal

Problem of complex evaluation of geologic-geophysical results. Rudoobrazuvatelni Protsesi i Mineralni Nakhodista = Ore-Formation Processes and Mineral Deposits 19: 55-60

Problem of complex use of mineral resources from oil fields in West Siberia. Neftnaya Promyshlennost' Geologiya, Geofizika i Razrabotka Neftnykh Mestorozhdeniya

Problem of composition of Populus populina; Salicaceae. Botanicheskiy Zhurnal 68(4): 441-447

Problem of composition of phosphorites. Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedeniy Geologiya i Razvedka

Problem of concentration of vertical compression at the foot of rocky slopes. Geologicky Pruzkum 26(6): 180-181

Problem of concrete and abstract geological formations. Sovetskaya Geologiya 2: 154-157

Problem of condensate genetic typification. Geologiya Nefti i Gaza 1998(7): 21-25

Problem of conductivity of fractures. Petroleum Geology 8(6): 354-357

Problem of conflict between continental and marine faunas in dating the last Tertiary emergence of eastern Aquitaine. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences, Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 266(15): 1549-1552

Problem of constructing a spring greenhouse on frozen ground. Pages 129-131 1990

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Problem of continental geological correlation. Pan-American Geologist 52(4): 287-316

Problem of core-mantle boundary of Menderes Massif. Geosound (Adana) 20: 314-315

Problem of correlation and distribution of hydrocarbon bearing horizons in the Eocene of Cambay Basin. Bulletin of the Oil and Natural Gas Commission 3(2): 9-13

Problem of creating Lower Jurassic zonal scale in the Far East based on bivalves. Trudy Instituta Geologii i Geofiziki (Novosibirsk) 722: 82-85

Problem of creep in the penstock slope of the Shanan power house, Indian Himalaya. Proceedings - International Congress of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment 8, Vol

Problem of crystalline basement structure in Okhotsk Sea region. Pages 31 1985

Problem of cyclic processes in theoretical geology. Geologicheskiy Zhurnal (Kiev, 1968) 32(6): 3-14

Problem of dating gneissic basement using the Rb (super 87) / Sr (super 87) method; the Bormes gneiss, Hercynian Maures massif, France, as an example. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences, Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 270(1): 18-21

Problem of dating upper Pleistocene sea levels from coral reef areas. Pages 563-571 1974

Problem of dating, correlation and environmental interpretation of the New Zealand Quaternary. Pages 317-337 1984

Problem of decomposed dikes and hydrothermally altered joints at Pine Flat Dam, California. Geological Society of America Bulletin 61(12, Part 2): 1470

Problem of deep gas emission into atmosphere. Kriosfera Zemli 2(4): 42-50

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Problem of desiccation sinking at Clarksdale. Bulletin - Mississippi Geological, Economic and Topographic Survey Pages 60-75

Problem of designing underground mine support and linings of underground structures. Zapiski Sankt-Peterburgskogo Gosudarstvennogo Gornogo Instituta Imeni GV

Problem of detection and tracing of discrepancies and breaks at offshore fringes in East Asia.

Problem of determination of organic constituents of soils. Geotechnik 5(2): 67-73

Problem of determination of the age of several complexes of magmatic rocks of the eastern Bolivian Cordillera. Freiberger Forschungshefte, Reihe B: Metallurgie und Werkstofftechnik 360: 167-179

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Problem of economic evaluation of mineral resources in Kuban region. Razvedka i Okhrana Nedr 1996(10): 32-35

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