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Problems encountered in a TL and ESR study of natural monohydrocalcite

, : Problems encountered in a TL and ESR study of natural monohydrocalcite. Radiation Measurements 32(5-6): 725-729

A natural monohydrocalcite sample from Australia was submitted to -irradiations and analysed by TL and ESR. Spurious TL signals are observed, probably due to the presence of water and organic impurities. TL and ESR dose response curves are presented and discussed. The organic impurities seem responsible for a delay of around 200 Gy in the increase of the TL peaks and the appearance of the ESR carbonate derived radicals (supralinear behaviour). Dating was not possible and no direct correlation exists between the three TL peaks and the ESR signals due to CO−3, CO−2 and SO−2 radicals.


DOI: 10.1016/s1350-4487(00)00042-1

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