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Relationships between tectonite and cumulate in ophiolites; the Miyamori ultramafic complex, Kitakami Mountains, Northeast Japan

, : Relationships between tectonite and cumulate in ophiolites; the Miyamori ultramafic complex, Kitakami Mountains, Northeast Japan. Lithos 16(1): 1-16

The Miyamori ultramafic complex forms the basal ultramafic portion of an ophiolite. The complex consists of a tectonic member which is composed dominantly of harzburgite and dunite, and a cumulate member which is composed of interlayered wehrlite, dunite and clinopyroxenite. The tectonite member is overlain by the cumulate member and characterized by tabular granular or porphyroclastic textures, a strong lineation and magnesian olivine (Mg/Mg + Fe = 0.88–0.93). In contrast, the cumulate member exhibits igneous textures and shows no evidence of a penetrative deformation. The olivine is less magnesian than that of the tectonite member (Mg/Mg + Fe = 0.82–0.89). At the boundary of the two members, harzburgite xenoliths have been found in wehrlite of the cumulate member. The minerals at the core of a few large harzburgite xenoliths preserve the compositional characteristics of typical harzburgites in the tectonic member. The occurrence of the harzburgite xenolith in vehrlite and the structural and textural features of the two members indicate that the tectonite member had already been deformed before a magma intruded into the tectonite member and formed a magma chamber in which cumulates were deposited together with harzburgite fragments on the floor of the tectonite. The xenoliths show a fine grained mosaic texture, which may be attributed by the heat of the intruded magma. This hiatus implies that the magma which made the cumulate member did not originate directly from the underlying harzburgite.


DOI: 10.1016/0024-4937(83)90029-4

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